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yDi no 7tr hopkinsville ky Monday
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Not With The Captain
of the Seiuica
Officers at Siboney To
Blame For Negligence
New York July 25 Special Jean
nette Jennings a nurse on the Senaca makes
a statement concerning the alleged negligence
of the officers in caring for the wounded She
says the ships captain was not to blame nor
responsible for the over crowded condition
Qthe boats The fault was with the officers
at Silponey She alleges that the Senaca was
not inspected before the wounded were or
dered 0dard Says they were transferred
ithoutclothing except the night clothes
they wpre No provision whatever was
v fiV
made to clothe them They were placed in
ill smelled cattle pens and it is a miracle that
none died
ui KiKi Sri i iSv
Reasons Eor the Postponement
New Yorkp July 25 Special The Heralds Washington dispatch
says theailing of Watsons squadron has been postponed indefinitely
i Decause ot ucrmany s reiteration ot ner declaration 01 neutrality wnicn
encourages the belief that Spain has no hope of assistance from that
quarter and for the further reason that several of our warships need
rvopairinf antl cleaning r
Gen King Will Command
Formerly Capfc King the Author
SqjhbiJuSpecml The Manila expedition due to
lave h6ro this week willbein charge of Gen Chas King who will sail
onthe Arizona or Scandia Gen King thinks Gen Merritt will need
f 53000 men before the end of the campaign
Cwnmlttee to Receive Bids
An ordir was made in the County
coujt appointing Messrs J K
Siajort L X Harris and S R Boyd
as cdinmlftBloofcrsrto contract for
tlie opening of a ditch on the
inceton rojin n uowlings hill
- Jfy4kmlMUl6rWMyd an
Brick Church RcvlvnI
A protracted meeting commenced
at the Brick Church near Sinking
Fork Saturday and will last for
about two weeks The meeting is
being conducted by Key U L
Ransom the pastor assisted by
Rev J G Bow of Pembroke Ser
vices arc being held both morning
and evening and large croVd are
jn ftueiumnee especmuy t
Gen Shatter Did Not Have tlie
Correspondent Shot
Embarkation Spanish Prisoners
Expected to Begin Ncxt ii
i j -I
Washington July 25 Specip
At midnight last night a dispatch
from Gen Shaftcr was posted stat
ing that 3005 Spanish troops and
350 volunteer guerrillas had been
surrendered at San Luis and Pjilr
ma Estriano They were infja
starving condition and
lighted at the prospect of gettirig
home f
No yellow fever has appearedjfcin
the cavalry at Santiago whiclFasi
now camped at the base of the
the mountains two miles from El
Caney Malarial fever is prevalent
but there have been no fatalities
The cavalry is anxious to go to
Porto Rico but will be obliged to
remain near Santiago until 4he
Spanish prisoners are removed 4f
It is expected that the first
barkation of Spanish troops wifi
take place at Santiago Thtirs
day and as soon as the Spanish
soldiers leave the Cubans will vbe
allowed to enter the city All i un
armed persons are however now
allowed free access to the city J
Maj Gen Shaftcr reports 396
new cases of fever of all kinds at
his camp Saturday and four deaths
with none from yellow fever in four
Gen Shaftcr reports that he is
now feeding 11000 Spanish prison
ers He has expelled from Cuba
Sylvester Scovel and three corre
spondents of a rival journal whom
he found it necessary to arrest for
violations of the military laws and
for issuipg incendiary circulars
In the case of SylveslerScovel it
was decreed that he ghajl never
again enter United States military
lines or board United states war
ships ivic
Gen Shaftcr still makes no men-
tion of friction with Garcia or of
the latter s withdrawal
As soon as the Spanishprisoners
leave Santiago Mai Gen Shatter
and the entire Fifth army corps
will be returned to the United
States They will then beallowed
to rest until fall when tliey will be
sent agianst Havana The Porto
Rican army when it returns will
also rest until fall and both will be
depended on for the Havana cam
paign being re enforced by Maj
Gen Lees corps andenough of
other volunteers to make an artny
of 150000 men Maj Gen Miles
will command the Havana cam
No change has been made in the
policy of the Government in send
ing supplies and arms to the Cu
bans except in the case of Garcias
command which will propnbly re
ceive no more assistance Until his
prnt attitude is Hbftndond
rid advices say rioting has occurr
ed at Grenada
A Bank Wrecker Who 3tole 640
000 in cash
The most important arrest made
in Louisville for years was effected
Saturday afternoon by Chief of De
tectives Sullivan and Detectives
Mahcr Hickey and Donahue
Lewis Warner the Massachu
setts bank wrecker who embezzled
640000 in cash from the Northamp
ton Savings Bank and the Nor
thampton National Bank was cap
tured and placed in jail
Warner was President of both
the banks and was one of the most
influential Democrats in Massa
chusetts He left Northampton
three months ago and has since
been hiding in that city The ar
rest was made after days and nights
of vigilant work by Capt Sullivan
and his men
Novel by Miss Davis
New York July 25 MissVarina
Anne Jefferson Davis better and
more affectionately known to the
American people as Winnie
vis has written
which the Harpers hav
attractively It is called A Rc
mance of Summer Seas
Tts KCono of action is a vovaire
in hi
Oil Every Pie
We Set The Pace
Three Places Selected to
bark the Porto Rico Troops
First Battle May Take Place at
San Plcdras in the
Washington July 25 Special
-So far as can be learned the plans
for the Porto Rico invasion are
First Landing place to be Fajar
do Gen Miles believed to be dis
embarking men there to day
Second Landing place of Gen
Brooke either Luverall east Porto
Rico or Guami on the South coast
and march to a junction with
Gen Miles at San Piedras where
the first battle will probably
Third Landing place of Gens
Wilson and Ernst at Barcelona
advancing towards San Juan af
ter Miles and Brooke have united
their forces
Rioting in Spain
Paris July 25 Special Mad-
v -
mm I i Wi whiii MaM
Report Will Be Given
Out Wednesday
Gen Luque Evacuates Holguin
With 10100 Soldiers
Washington July 25-Special-The
Navy Department is again considering the
establishment of a naval station in Hawaii
The cost is estimated at 150000 for im
provements which would make the island
very valuable to the United States Secre
tary Long this morning completed the exam
ination of Sampsons report of the destruc
tion of Oerveras fleet It will be given to the
press to night for publication Wednesday
From Santiago it is reported that G en
Luque with 10000 Spanish soldiers who
have been holding Holguin has evacuated
the town If true it indicates a desire to sur
render the entire east end of the island Their
plan is probably to concentrate their forces
and make a determined staniii the western
provinces and finally in Havana
Gen Wood Not Governor-
Only Actihgacili
Washington July 23 Special It is said atthe War Dew
follows -
Gen McKibbin as senior officer of the detail of America troopsinl
through the Straits settlement fca tbuBlastlc Americans
Hong Kong and Yokohama
story is pure romance
Key VpBttJuly 25 Special There are 8000 Cubans here arid
the turn affair
Cubans would bp put
in charge immediately after thejfall of the city They received the news
of the American victory wjjth UJlon indifference and sneered at the en-
Some even declared their preference for Cuba
Thte to remain Under Spanish rather than American rule
tween Americans and Cubans is somewhat strained
The feeling
that Gen Leonard Wood is not the GoycrnonGerteral ofSaijtiatroIPlCi5t H
been erroneously repdrted and iifj9t1iieve is no such officer As u2Si if
nor General or Military Governor It is explained that the statusisAsiSi
Santiago proper was the commanding officer He fell ill and as Gen
Wood was the second in ranks by virtue of that fact he assumed com
mand of all the American troops in Santiago city not very numerous
according to Shafters report The garrison lias been kept down from a
desire to minimize the number of men exposed to contagion It happens
fortunately for Santiago that Gen Wood is a most competent medical
officer and he is above all of the officers with Shafter the best qualified
to relieve the city from the unhealthful conditions that are said to exist
there and to put it in good sanitary order It is said to be surprising
how much can be accomplished by an army officer acting with full pow
ers in this direction The medical officers here recall the fact that dur
ing the civil war by the adoption ot rigid sanitary precautions and in
sistence upon keeping the city clean Gen Butler while in command of
the Federal forces at New Orleans managed to exclude yellow fever ab
solutely from that place while the other Gulf ports suffered severely
Procuring More Transports
The Harvard Fumigated
New York July -25 Special The -steamer Minawaska has 1 ar
rived and will be turned over to the government for a transport as soon
as she is unloaded
The auxiliary cruiser Harvard has been fumigated and will be Used
as a transport in a few day s The Buffalo formerly the Nichtheroy
has been taken out of commission to be remodlctl and refitted It is said
it will cost a lortunc to put her in conditiono
Cubans are Sour
In tlie City of Key West
a new novel they make nb effort to conceal their dissatisfaction at
published have taken at Santiago They were confident the

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