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March I I.
'-J Itzntuckian
A Fvcry Morning Except
Mnndny by
.1 e
at th
Ilonkinsvill Post-
Class Mail Mutter.
''-t.il.liFtitrt as Hopkinivill Con.er
) n'.ive in 8r,(J. Succeeded by HP
'VimvilU Democrat 1878. Published
- I Hi South Kentutkisn 1879 to
h. Krom 1HH9 to 1SM7 as tri
'"rekly Kentuckian.
ad Year f raliatiea.
Ob year by nail J
0 fur by carrier 00
SWtar Imi at mum propartloaat
Advertiaiag Rale Aplietiow
nam, renew promptly, aim not miss
number. The 1'onUl regulation
require ubcription to he paid in
advance. .
Ail Soar Stomach Canitd Tku
Ltif Mod Suffering. Bladt
Draught Refiered.
IfeadorevUl, Ky Mr. Isrt pa
irk. of thla place, write: "I tu
very constipated. I bad sour stomach
anil was to uncomfortaMa. I want to
th doctor. Ho gar m on pill.
They weakened me and seemed to
tear np my d I rent Ion. Tbey wonld
trip in and afterwarda It aeemed
I waa mor eonrtlpated thao before.
I Heard of DUck-Draught and de
cided to try IL I found It juat what f
needed. It waa an eaay Uxatlra, and
not bad to wallow. My digestion soon
Improved. I got wall of th aoar stom
ach, my bowels aoon seemed normal,
no more irlplnc. and I would tak a
dosa now and then, and waa In rood
I cannot aay too morn for Black
Draught for It la the finest laxative
Oaa can nee.
Thedfnrd Ulsck Irui;ht baa for
anany year been found of -treat Talu
In the treatment of stomach. Ilrer and
bowel troubles. Kaay to take, geoll
and reliable In Its action, leafing no
bad after-effects. It hue won the prals
f thouaanda of people who bar need
It N0-1JI
"Over the Top"
By At Aacricti Soldier
Wit Wt.t
Mkt Caaaer Sitting Is Fraac
(Vaernssa mi, kf im war iiim
fHrTIH I rir1 ky th MVS Of tt
ainains ni ina lAiinania l a Uerwrna
euHmaHria, Arthur Otis Km-f, an Amofi-
can, wave nta tinr-a jarT t'lt and
f" to Kn laad wbar a anUau (m la
tirttlah army.
rilAPTRN n-tt a Pr4v1 f train.
In. Km par voluntaar for lmmadlal aw.
Ira and eon) flnle hlmaelf In rest blllt
"enmewhara. In Kranea," whar he flrai
malias h acquaintance of tha erac-pr I
ant "iw.n-a
flAITFK Ilt-Rmper ltenr)s M nrat
church rlca al lha front whllo a Oor
man Fokkee elrclae over th eonraatloB.
Clf APTFR TV-rmn-T'i Miil
Into th front-Mn trench i4 la tinder
0r for tha flrat ttma.
I' II APT Kit V-Kninae I- - .
th motto of th rlrtlari Tom me. "If ,y
ar. rln to get II, you'll gvt It, a r
t IIAPTKR TI-naHi tn rest mink. Km.
per ft hi flrat aip.rl.noe
riiAprm vrt ri.. i .
Brltlah avMler r M
IfZThu vzver has enlisted
i HlTthc government in the I
jisc of America for the
aiodot the war
l Tlis second (iertnan nir raid
I Pn was at a time when Secretary
fulier was supposed tu h in the city.
Kritiah aviator hnvc dropetl a
ton of bomls on the Cublena, eapiul
of the Rhines province of I'ruMm.
acconling to an official communica
tion insurd.
n the three-hour ccch in the
Seinile, Senntnr IJccil, of Missouri,
heiniK-rnt, i-rncwrcl li in nttuck on
Kool Aihiiitiislriitor Hoover, rharV'
that never in tlu.i country's his
tory hti tlu-re Im i ii hid Ii wnnteful-
new in the expemliture of money
lie in iii.'iii'Ii i i nal n coinplt'te c-
--Icoiinliiifr he imnle liforo nnuther
dulhir in ep ropriateU.
Preferred Locals
Apply to .Mrs.
in the lVnnyroyal.
Ths Presiilrnt's wife ia selecting I
tha names for the ships that lire le
InB Coiwlructed as one of the flmt
"'Tfls in winning th war. This tank
will grow in importance with the
completion of construction of many
vessels now on the buihlinft Wuy.
Normal commercial traffic soon
will be handled by the railroad. Di
rector General McAdt.u mini. He ap
pointed a number of assistant to
John Skelton William, Director of
- , Finsne anil Purchanes Itetween $1.
UOurOau,000 and $.OOu."UO,l00 will
ba spent
jr mov
I aft.
(eorir Gravca writes his father,
Talmer Craves, from Camp Taylor
that ha mm luu.ii n.u.U m "K l '
Later ha explained that "K. I'."
meant that ha had been put to work
with the "Kitchen Police:" in an ov
erulls uniform. Hut the bright side
of good eating tn the kitehan.
The Huns a few aiphtn am made
an air raid on a hospital filled with
l. . l i : i ' . .
r- " cii iiiNiiiiiiij
rase " t Naney-hoKpital were re
in ovi ; 'r ' i the hoxpitul by the
imi.!.-" Ked Croas in rrulck time
ftnr ii rin ul 'r mid on Nancy. I
Un boT'.u lroiM t i n the roof of the
materniM nrwpiiul, (ill between two
occupied beds. It fuiled to explode.
Tha George R offers Clark Centen
nial editions of both the Courier
Journal and Tunes were mammoth
affair Tuesday of five sections filled
with all manner of pedal articles
. of historical intercut. It waa a jrrcat
advertisement of Louisville and sur
. rounding territory. Some of the cop
ies printed on calendered paper are
beign sold as souvenirs at $1 each.
Tha Mayfield Daily Times begun
publication Monday as an afternoon
paper, giving May field twa after
noon dailies, lltrt S. lierry ia editor
and publisher, and (ieorgit llingham
of lloirwallow fame M the city edit
or.. Th paper is four-page six
column aheet, uiiiik the Internation
j al New day svrvic. Typhogruphi
.; rally it ia attractive and starts out
with liberal advertising patronage.
Air fighting is aiuming tremend
ous proportions. T, tiermana are
making raids aluioat every night.
They raided Tans en Kriduy ami
again on Monday mirlit, the last
tin; with 60 machines. (In luesduy
niKl't thy turned up with another
a i ....
raiu on .uonuou. ine lritish on
th aama nik'ht raided th town of
Cobleni in Irussia, but the allies do
not aeem to be doing much raiding
in comparison wiui the Hurt.
ooo -
Tlie death of Mrs. Lena (iuilhert
'oril, the American woinan, who
wrote "Keep th Home Kires Burn-
i-;:," one of the moat popular march
i. r tont;a of tha British army and her
cr . led aun Walter, was a pathetic
(i ! r.t of tho German air raid on
lr' in. They did under th wreck
it if their hum. Mr. Ford and
r son wer in bed at th time
ti e riid in adjoirluK rooms on
.on I floor of a four story hous
a I blmk of aubatantial brick
res Th two upper floors f
were occufied by another
!1 of whom were killed.
KOK S.l.i:-l)aik Cornish cci;s
fur hiiti'liing. :i fur 1 r.
DK. ('. II. TANDY.
VANTI!I Yiiunu n iin with some
exjiericiice In Irani Lusines of
prinler-iieMMu in, under draft age
and if pnssililo without military as
I-'AUMS KOIt SALE : One small
farm two ri.iK.s nut; two 1100 acre
farm:., Ii.ith on rood pikes, one five
milu.n out nml oilier two miles. All
of tlie.e ure l.arir.iniH. We also
have so.i.e town proper! v for sale.
rhonc 217. Cherokvo Illdg,
LAND iVNKi:.S:-lf you want
to mil your f irm list It with us im
mediately. We lire in touch with
men who are anxious to buy land
at j-nod price. We ure likely to
have a buyer waiting for ju.st such
a place in yuur.t.
Phone J 17. Cherokee Illdg.
At 104 West 17th street, 7 rooms,
Iwtll, aS, ll t tl 11' liolils ;i, fKy
water, (i.irden and fruit trees. Im
incdi.il.' is;t .ssiiti. (JiKia year.
Simthitin bter delivered Tuet
daya and Stunlay. I'hor e C33 1.
Good Morning. Have
You Seen The Courier?
Evansville's Oest paper
White Wysndiitti. ttr- f,,r hatch
ing. JIK.S. (i. K. 1IUKWKR.
Clarkiiville Pike.
Dr. T. W. Perkins
Office Over City Bank, formerly
occupied by Dr. trim.
Ollicc Plume lL'M -KcKidence 124-2
The Little Wood Creac
After remaining In rest blllett for
eluht darn, we received the onwelcome
tiding that th next morning w would
-go in" to "take orer." At all In the
morning onr march started and, after
a mng march down the dotty road, wa
again arrived at reaerre billet.
I wa No. 1 In th leading eat of
four. The man on my left wa named
"Pete Walling," a cheery aort of fel
low. He laughed and Joked all the
way on the march, buoying up my
drooping spirit. I could not figure oat
anything attractive In again oeenpytng
the front line, but Pete did not aeem to
mind, anld It wa all In a lifetime, lly
left heel wa blistered from the rob
bing of my heavy marching boot Iete
noticed that I wa limping and offered
to carry my rifle, but by thla time I bad
learned the ethlre of the march tn the
nrttisb army and courteously refused
hla offer.
We bad gotten half-way through the
communication trench, Pete In my Im
mediate rear. Tie had hla bind on my
annuider, aa men In commnnlcatlon
trench have to do to keep in touch with
each other. We had Jnat climbed orer
a bashed In part of the trench when
In onr reor a man tripped over loose
algnat wire, and let out an oath. Ai
usual. Pet rushed to hi help. To
reach th fallen man be had to cross
thla banned I o part. A bullet cracked
In the air and t ducked. Then a moan
from the rear. My heart tond tl!L
I went bach and Pet wss lying oo th
ground. Ity the aid of my flashlight
I nw that he had hi hand pressed to
lit right breast. The finger were Cov
ered with blood. I flashed the light
on hla face and In Ita glow a grayish
blue color waa stealing over hie coun
tenance, pete looked up at me and
aid : "Well, Tank, they've done me In.
I can feel myself going West" III
voice waa getting fainter and I had to
kneel dowa to get hi words. Then he
gave me message to write bom to
hi mother and bj aweet heart, and I
like a great big boob, cried Ilk a baby.
I wa losing my first friend of the
Word wss pasaed to the rear for a
tretcher. He died before It arrived.
Two of us put the body on the
stretcher and carried It to the nearest
first-aid post, where the doctor took
an official record of Pete'a name, num
ber, rnnk and reglmeDt from his Iden
tity disk, this to be used la the eas
unity lists and notification to hi
We left Pete there, but It broke our
heart to do ao. The doctor Informed
us thut we could bury Mm the next
morning. That afternoon five of the
boy of our section, myself Included,
went to the little ruined village In the
rear and from the deserted gsrden of
the French chateaux gathered grass
and flowers. From these we made
While the boy were making Oils
wreath, I aat under a shot scarred
apple tree and carved out the follow
ing verse on a little wooden shield
which we nnlled on Pete'a cross.
How to Make Oatmeal Bread
Healthful to Eat Saves the Wheat
1 fbjaar
I rna aars)
I faafiaai
Reral Bkkg PawaW
1 cap cawfcaal MbnaaJ roIUd
I taUascwMMM s!a-taslng
IVemTMWHik i
Blfl tngather Soar, com mast, tall, baking pnwdaf and sngsr.
Add oatmeal, awlied short anlna and milk. Bak in grassed
hallow pan In moderate own 40 to 45 minute.
This wholesome bread is easily and quickly made with the aid of
If used thrco times a week in placo of whito bread by the
22 million families in the United States, it would save more
than 900,000 barrels of flour a month.
Oar new Ked, Whin mni Btmt hoolM, "Bett War Tim AWvs".
roafaiaiaf many elhr rtiptt for making dtliciomt and wktUtom
wktat $aring foods, mxaiUd fr0addrt
ROYAL BAKING POWDER CO, Dept. IL 135 William St, New York
t'oor fete waa receiving tne 01117 sa
lute a private la entitled to "some
where In rrance."
Now and again a shell from the Ger
man line would go whittling over the
village to bnrst In our artillery llnea
In the rear.
When we reached the cemetery we
halted In front of an open grave, and
laid the stretcher beside it Forming
k hollow square around th opening of
the grave, the chaplain read the burial
German machine-gun bullet were
"cracking" In the air above us, but
Pete didn't mind, and neither did we.
When the body rs lowered Into the
grave the flag having been removed,
w clicked our bee la together and
enme to the mint.
I left before the grave was filled In.
I could not bear to aee the dirt thrown
on the blnnket-covered face of my com
rade.. On the western front there are
no coffins, and you are lucky to get a
blanket to protect yon from the wet
and the worms. Rcvcral of the sec
tion stayed and decorated the crave
with white stone.
That nlizht. In the light of a lonely
esntlle In the muchlne gunner' dugout
of the front-line trench I wrote two
letters, (me to Pete'a mother, the
other to hla sweetheart. While d'tlnf
this I cursed the I'nnwlnn war goo
with all my heart, and I tliluk that SI
Teter noted same.
The machine gunners In the dugout
were laughing sad Jttklng. To them
Pete was unknown. Iretty aoon. In the
warmth of their merriment, my blues
disappeared. One soon forgets on the
western front
(Price at Retail)
Kgga per doien , 8 Oc
Butter per pound COc
rjreakfaat bacon, pound 56c
Bacon, extras, pound 38c
Country hams, large, pound.... 36c
Country hama, small, pound.. 37 He
hard, pure leaf, pound 36c
Lard, 60 lb. tins $14.00
Lard, compound, pound 30c
Cabbage, perpound 7c
Irish potatoes 60c per peck
Sweet potatoes 60c per peck
Lemons, per doien 40c
Cheese, cream, per lb ........ 40c
Flour, 24-lb aack 11.70
Corn meal, bushel $ 2.60
Oranges, per dozen 30c to 60c
Cooking apples, per peck 60c
Onions, per pound 8c
Navy beans, pound 16c
Navy beans, pound , ...le
Ulack-eyed peas, pound 15c
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat
(By laUrnatiowal Naws Service.)
Nw Haven, Conn., March 12
First Lieutenant L. J. Maloney, of
thia city, who la with the 102d U.
S. Infantry somewhere in Prance,
ia due to receive aoon th longest
letter ever sent to soldier abroad.
Maloney complained in his letters
that hia friends did not write him
and said he would like a "good long
letter from home." About 12S of
hia frienda combined to compose a
letter which ia ovr one hundred
feet in length.
The physicians of Pembroke have
made an increase in their charges
for profesional services. In the city
the charge for a call on and after
March 1 ia $2.00. The charge for
visit in the country have been raised
proportionately. Pembroke Journal.
Children Cry
Mrs. M. E. Henderson, Is visiting
her sister, Mrs. L. V. Adams, in llop
kinsville, this week.
Mrs. Dixie Fruit who hss been
very sick, is some better, we are glad
to report.
Miase Kbtie Worahan, Lucil and
Fuin Hendenon tt-nt fumlny with
Mrs. James Jenkins.
Mr. Matti Forties visited Mrs. P.
U Henderson Monday.
Mrs. Ruby Carpenter ia suffering
from an attack of measles.
Madams riallie Shaw and Henry
Dulin apent Monday afternoon' with
Mr. V. C. Fruits.
Miesea Lucile end Fuin Henderson
left Monday to attend school at
Mr. Jim Marion Wilkins spent Sun
day with Mr. G. I- Dulin'a family.
Misses Funa Shaw and Isabella
Rutland visited at Mr. E. E. Hen
derson's Fritlsy.
Madams A. A. Rutland and Lela
Carpenter, spent Friday at Mrs. G.
L. Dulin'a.
Mrs. Mary Estes haa bought the
Ed Forbea farm from Mr. G. W.
Brown and will move there in a
short while.
Miss Edna West, of the Fruit's
Chapel community, left Monday
morning for Bowling Green to at
tend school. She will take a busi
ness course.
Messrs. E. E. Henderson and Geo
Vernon Shaw have each purchased
a new Henry rord. We are ex
pecting a ride.
A representative of the State Fire
Marshal's Department wns in Win
chester yesterday to institute an in
vestigation into the cause of the
falling of a brick wall, crashing into
a theater and killing eleven persons
and injuring many others. At a
masa meeting held $3,600 was sub
scribed to defray buriul expenses.
The churches held memorial services
for the dead.
Catarrh Cannot De Cured 4
cannot ranch th siM of tlta dlaeaaa.
Catarrh la a !M-aJ nieeaaa, irrf'allr In
fluenrsd br eonalltutlonal conditions, ,nt
In erdar to cura It you muni talia aJl
Internal ramady Hall's C'siarrh Mxll
etna I taJtan Internally and acts thru
tha blood on fh mucous surfaces of tha
srslam. Hulls Catarrh Medtrlna waa
araacrtbad by oo of til bast physicians
la thla country for yasra. It Is enm
eos4 of soma of lit brt tonics known.
eomMnad with soma of tha brst blood
inarm, Th perraet omhtnatlon or
Ingredients In Hall's Catarrh Medi
cine Is what produce suth wonderful
results In catarrhal eoudlUon. Bsnd fur
testimonials, free.
F. t. nitNKT aV CO., Prop. Toledo. O.
An Ilrusslata. the.
UaU's family Jill for coastlpaUoa,
R. T. JETT, D. V. M.
7tli and Kailruad SU.
Cowherd A: Altsclieler Sulu Ilarn.
Phone 11). Hopkinsville, Ky.
Hotel Latham
Barber Shop
Fine Bath Room. Four First-
class Artists.
Tru to Ms Ood; true to Britain,
IViln hi duty to th laat.
Juat one mor nam to be written
On th Itoll of Honor of hero pasaad-.
Pasaad to Ih.ir Ood. nshrtnd In glory,
Kntarln Ufa of stamal reat,
On mor chapter In England's story
Of bar eon doing thalr bast
Rest, you anMl.r, rnata so tru.
Never furolten by us below;
Know that wa ar thinking of you,
Kr to our rest w ar bidden to go.
NVt morning the whole section went
over to say good by to Pete, and laid
hlin away to rest.
After each one had a look at the face,
of the dead, corporal of the R. A.
M. C. aewed up the remain In a blan
ket. Then placing two heavy rope
cross the stretcher (to be Used In low
ering the body Into the grave), w lift
ed I'ete onto the tretcher. and rev
erently covered hlin with a large union
Jack, the flag be had died for.
The chaplain led the way, then came
the officer of the section, followed by
two of th men carrying a wreath. Im
mediately after cam poor I'ete on the
fJsg-draped tretcher, carried by four
ulillera. I waa one of the four. lie
bind the atretrhrr. In column of four.
cam th reiualuder of the section.
To get to tha cemetery, w bad to
pM through th little shell-destroyed
village, where troop Were hurrying
to end fro.
A the funeral proceaslim passed
the troopa came tu th "alteuttoa"
ad auiirtis Mimed Ust VA
Wondar-FscU About a Daughter of
Th Gods.
The actual cost of the picture
just in excess of $1,100,000.
Total number of persons appear
ing in the picture: 21,218.
Largest number used in a single
scene: 10,744.
Number of children in the gnome
city scenes: 1,200.
More than two hundred mermaid;
Three hundred dancing girls and wo
men of the Sultan a harem.
Number of feet of film taken:
Number of feet shown to
10.000 feet in ten reels
Seven camera men photographed
th picture, as many aa four photo
graphing the same scene simultan
eously from different angles.
A Moorish city built at a coat
of (350,000, and destroyed to make
one of the "big scenes" of the pic
ture. An entire Caribbean island and all
of its population utilized by William
Fox to assist his actor principals in
the making of the picture.
Time required to build the tropical
city and equip if. three months. Then
eight months more of work in mak
ing the picture.
A special municipality created and
governed by William Fox for hia
thousand of employees. Special
refrigerating and laboratory plant
built and maintained for th devel
opment of the film.
There waa no loss of human lif
in tha making of even th most
hazardous scenes.
Children Ory
Let Us
Buy Your
fjidea VJJriLM
Poultry V,,,
w e
llaydon Produce Co.
No doubt you've been thinking about
and wishing for a nice set of china, but
haven't purchased it because my, my, how
high China has been' since Kaiser Bill went
up the hill.
kaiser or no kaiser
we have a few patterns of high grade china
that we are going to throw-on the market
at prices that will soon sweep us clean.
DONT WAIT, get in on the ground floor.
These cool mornings by using a Gas Heater to
take the edge off the room.
We have the famous "Hot Spot" heaters,
better. A call a our office will convince you.
Kentucky Public Service Co.

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