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Mar 21. 1918
Daily Kentuckian
Pabliahed Every Morning Ezcpt
Monday by
Editor, Cnae. M. Moacham,
H. A. Robinson, Ass't Editor.
Cntered at the Hopklneville Poet
fee M Second CUaa Mall Metter.
CeUbliahed aa Hopkinsville Conser
veUve In 1866. Succeeded by Hop
kinsville Democret 187S. Published
a the Booth Ksntuckian 1ST U
IMS. From IMS to 117 M tri
weekly Kentuckiaa.
fifty ee.oai d Tear al Pahtloatioow
.On rr by
Dm year by eerrier S.Ot
lUrtar Imm at aana pi.sMiaae
Aareertleirg Rataa aa ApvtiaatWa
um, rensw promptly, and not miss
nombar. Tba Postal regulation
require fubacriptiona ta ba paid In
$ S
Tha Kantnckian will need a
good linotype operator an or
aboot May 25th or June 16th,
aa ita mechaniat-operator la In
tha calU on thoaa date. Moat.
' .ba abla to car for hta awn m-
, china and man who ia a good
printer aa wall aa an oparator is
preferred. Permanent place and
good wagea to tha right man.
Tha Americana and Britiah are
now fighting together In Prance.
rTTiu paper has enlisted
Mththe government in the
txxnc of America for the
of the war
Large numbers of American troopa
are putting finishing tonchee to their
preparations for active fighting be
hind tha British line In a beautiful
rolling country which resembles
' , western New York in full bloom.
Tho Americana started Sunday
morning on maneuvers an which they
took their flrst long hike In heavy
marching order under a broiling aun.
After six hours tha Americana were
still full of go when a long-lino af
infantrymen were seen resting in
the shade of a hedge. Soma were
footeore but tho operations were
going to the satisfaction of tha offi
cers "They have covered a good deal of
ground before it waa cool,' said the
colonel In commend. "This hi their
first trial nnder heat and they are
standing it WelL"
The men are pictures of health
and appear to be trained to tha hour
for hard fighting. All wars la good
humor, even thoaa with blistered
"Hail, hail, tha gang'a all hare,"
failed one who, outdistanced by his
company, came limping along down
the dusty road nnder a heavy pack.
Besides ma never and regular ex
' erriae tha boys are being coached ta
the last minute ia Britihsh schools
In all the tactics of modern warfare.
All over tha region where the
Americans are billeted along with the
British there are evidences of how
well the Americans are getting on
with the British.
For several weeks past the Huns
have been engaged aaaiduoualy In
bringing up guns and supplies of alt
ainas and also new forces to recon
, etitute the unit which tha Am.rL
cans, British and French gens tut ta
pieces as tbey tried at various point
to break the allied line and tha feel
ing now ia that the work ia fairly wall
dona and that any day may witneaa
j tha commencement of another great
offensive on the Western front The
allies, reinforced by many Ameri
cana, are ready for tha issue.
That tha Germans have the cap
ture of Petrograd m prospect Seems
evident front their latest epenrUon
ia tha gulf af Finland. Here tbey
have taken tha island af Bjerko,
which lies only 80 miles northwest
of the Russia a capital fc
fnm Tare Tear' Suffering. Says
Cards. Made Her WelL
TlxM City, Ttx.-la an Interesting
statement, Mrs. 0. II. Schlll. of this town,
gfytt Tor three yean I suttcred untold
irony wttn my bead. I waa onsble to
do aay ot my work.
I Jost wanted to sleep all the time, for
that was ma only eaaa I could get, when
I was asleep. I became nervous wreck
uat trees tha awful suffering with my
I was so nervoua that the least aosx
would msJcS ma Jump out of my bed. I
bad wo tnerfy, and waa unable to do
aaythmg. My son, a young boy, bad to
do all my household duties.
I waa not able to do anything until i
took CarduL I took three bottle ia aD,
end R surely cured me of those awful
headaches. That has been three yeai
ago, and I know the cure b) permanent,
tor I hart never had any headache since
king CarduL . .
Nothing relieved me unto I took cardial.
It did wonders tor me."
Try Cardul tor your trouble made
from medicinal Ingredients recommended
ta medical hooka as being ol benefit la
Irmsle troubles, and 40 years ol use ha
prove) that the books are right Begin
IskmgCardui today. NC-134
While no large settle actions are
recorded every indication ia that the
Germans are making final prepara
tion for a resumption of the great
drive. Allied forces have taken up
stronger positions and Improved
their linea every where since the
German failed to more than bend
their linea in the March offensive.
It la impossible for the Huns to ever
muster superior numbers again, with
a million American reserves in France
snd on the way.
Sunday's American casualty list
i: Killed in action four; died of
wounds four; died of accident two;
died of disease three. Wounded se
verely thirty-six; wounded sliirhtly
six; missing in action four. Officer
named In the list were Lieut. Jeffer
son D. Vincent, of Buffalo, N. Y.,
who died of an accident, and Lieut
Robert B. Thett, of Summerville, S.
C, who previously waa reported as
missing and is now found to be a
prisoner in Germany .
Tha city b awarming these days
with superintendents, principal of
schools, and college men, all appli-
eanta for tho place of Superinten
dent of City School of Hopkinsville
and each one believing he ia the best
man for the place. Just what they
will ba abla to make a majority of
tha members of the board believe
will probably be known Thursday
night, when the board meeta to pass
upon the qualification of 40 or 60
Joe Jackton, baseball atar and
Chicago American League outfielder,
went to work in shipyard in Wil
mington, DcL, May 13, after he had
been put in class one of the army
draft and successfully passed the
physicial examination. Saturday he
waa ordered by the local board at
Greenville, 8. C, hi home, to report
there at once for active army ser
vice. Advices from Amsterdam say that
fourteen people were killed and a
large number injured in the bombing
raid carried out by allied aviators on
Cologne last Saturday.
Conatipation causes headache, indi
gestion, diuine, drowsiness. For
a mild, opening medicine, uss Doan's
Reguleta. .30c a box at all stores.
Berna reports that Constantinople
ia reduced to econmic ruin. The
Germans, with tha consent of prom
inent young Turks, have requisi
tioned the food, while uncontrolled
speculation makea tha city tha moat
expenaive in the world to live In. A
two-pound loaf of bread coats 16;
meat 4 a pound; flour 15; potatoes
$2; butter f 16 and sugsr 110. Eggs
are rare at 60c apiece; chickens are
19 each and shoes from $10 to 200
a pair. A man a suit of clothes costs
from f 100 to $4,000.
Children Cry
Solene Fights Huns.
Electric welding, according to pres
ent promises, will play a must Impor
tant part la Aniertca'a fl-ht sgalnst
the German euhmerlua. This process,
aloce Ma note-worthy result la repair
ing the Interned Oerroau ships, has bev
notes a factor la the naval aud ahiiw
Wilding profratua of (hi country. It
is Being ueru y sii tbu shlpiiulldlug
snd steel mmiimiiiIwi In Hil inuntry.
Children Ory
Marcel Gets His
Barn Mended
Red Cross Helps This 15 Ysar
Old French Boy and His
Marcel I a man. Da la Jnat fifteen
jeers old. but yet ha Is a man. I say
be la a nian bees use ta the Isst four
yesrs' time has burned Into bis eh II 4
heart mark that should wslt for stern
er maturity. He Is a man because he
bsa the responsibility of a woman. Ha
bss no fsther. Tba Germans saw to
that slarcet has hsd to stsad by and
see his smsll brothers and baby sister
est In vsln for food while he fought
off the pressing call from his growing
boys stomscb. Its has hsd to see
tesrs from his mother's eyes drop oa
ths plowed ground ss she worked tba
soil bis fsther would have titled had
be not gone away out of the peaceful
neea of the Mama valley Into the Iron
hall of tha Alaue and oa Into tha here
after. The boy, who was now a man, work
ed herd. yes. too hard. With his heir
less hsnds sod his boy's strength be
fought s I most slone the unequal fight
scalnst want with what little help hi
trail mother could give.
Mother Can Keep Children.
One of the TO or 80 local aocletlee
la France, handicapped by lack of
funds becsuae deluged by calls for
help, tried to relelve the family by tak
ing away tha children. But to tha tor
ture twisted brain of the woman this
seemed like losing sit she hsd.
And then when everything seemed
lost and desjialr came they beard the
new: "No, It could not bo true.
They would help them with food and
clothlngl They would till tba soil!
Mend the herns snd stsy nenr by to
see thnt thins went Weill" Yes, snd
ths children could stsy. ssld ths Red
Croea, aa they had Bald to hundreds
of others.
That waa two years ago. Today this
family La aelt supporting and baa some
to spare for the more needy ones, who
till see being helped. Little Jesn la
taller, lie looks well fed and be Is
well fed. The baby Is so roily poly
thst the dimples bsve come again.
They are In good spirit on their feet
once more.
And MarccL lie baa finished the
course tlist ths lied Cross gsve blra
In an agricultural school. It Is he who
bss been running the farm so wsIL He
did It all. At least tbey let him think
so, for hesven knows be bss seen the
bottom of the bitter cop. And I know
that the Ited Cross will want me. to
aay he did It, for that la the way tney
work quietly, earnestly, efficiently,
without stint, without waste, without
Timidly she entered the Bed Cross
Bureau and stood Just within the door
wsy. Her poor, dimmed old eyes spoke so
eloquently: "I'm friendly, Is dies, but
a little afraid."
Hereral of na roae, but Mrs. Craw
ford reached her first and asked her
to come In snd sit down.
"Oh. thank you so much." quavered
the old lady aa aha sst down. "You
see, my boy my grandson baa gone
and" with Spartan fortitude she re
strained the tears that glistened in her
eyea "gone with bla regiment. Now
I'm all alone tn my little cottage in
I'ansy Square. And, oh, ladles, do soy
of you know tba dreary louvlluesa
when there la no one who comes home
st sight r
We almost hugged the dear old lady,
so forlorn, yet so brave. We drew up
our chair closer, and aba told ua her
The little old lady owoed a vine
embowered cottage tn Paniy Square.
There alia kept house for her grand
son, who worked In a downtown office.
When America took up cudgels for de
mocracy ths id. In patriotic fervor,
wss snioug the first to sullst
"Ah, bow 1 loved blra snd needed
him P wliUlwred the old Isdy broken
ly. "Hut my dear couotry needed bin
more. So I told him to go. 'But
whst will you do, granny T be asked.
I told hi hi 1 bsd enough, and so he
went, llrsvs, brave besrtl My hus
band waa a soldier, and I have hie
pension. But It ta small. After pay
ing the taxea on my cottage there was
little left, and now it Is gone. I'm old,
but I'm willing All I ask la a rsaore
to esra tuy breed till till he returns."
Through the Home Service workers
of her community ths little old lady
of Panay Square baa been provided
With simple tasks, such ss Disking pre
serve aud dVllcloua cakee and jellies,
a labor of love for bar and an aufsU
tog source of revenue.
Home day, pleaae Ood, her soldier
boy will come back to tba little old
lady of I'ansy Square, aad be will find
ber as he left he happy, cuuifurtabie
aud self rellaut,
Maay Hewklaeville People Knew the
latswrtsnee af Healthy Kidneys.
The kidneys filter ths blood.
They work night and day. .
Well kidneys remove Impurities.
Wsak kidneys allow Impurities to
No kidney ill ahould be neglected.
There is possible danger in delay.
If you have backache or urinary
If you are nervous, disxy or worn
Begin tresting your kidneys at
Use a proven kidney remedy.
None endorsed like Doan's Kidney
Recommended by thousands.
Proved by Hopkinsville testimony.
Mrs. Jsmsa Moore, 612 Jessup Ave.
Hopkinsville, says: "My kidneys were
weak and I waa greatly bothered on
this account I felt dull and had
ditxy spells. I. finally need Doan's
Kidney Pills and they relieved all the
above symptom of kidney and blad
der trouble. I aura can recommend
Doan's Kidney Pills."
Ths ice cream and strawberry sup
per held at the Howell High School
last Friday night waa a decided suc
cess. They realised $18.60. The
Bsssett Msndolin Club, of Hopkins
ville, was at IU best and the people
were loud in their praise of the girls'
efforts to plesse them. The base
ball game between the Howell High
School and Belmont resulted in IS to
IS in favor of the visitors. An
eleven inning gsme wss played
To feel strong, hsve good appe
tite and digestion, sleep soundly and
enjoy life, use Burdock Blood Bitters,
the fsmily system tonic Price,
Christian Circuit Court, Kentucky.
A. L. Burkholder and L.
B. Burkholder, partners,
doing business under
the firm of Burkholder
Brothers I
Against EQUITY
Jim Lantrip, and
Onia Lantrip, I
By virtue of a Judgment and or
der of sale of the Christian Circuit
Court, rendered at .the February
term thereof, 1918, in the above
cauae, I shall proceed to offer for
sale at the court house door In Hop
kinsville, Ky., to ths highest and best
bidder, at Public Auction, on Mon
day, the 3rd day of June, 1918, be
tween the hours of 11 o clock a. m.
and S o'clock p. m. (being county
court day.) upon a credit of els
(6) months, the following described
property, to-wit:
"On Besr Wsllow branch, a tri
butary of Tredewater river, being
the aame tract of land that waa willed
to George W. Lantrip, by hia father
E. W. Lantrip, by will dated January
13, 1908, recorded In will book No.
7, page No. 95, in the office of the
Clerk of County Court of County
aforesaid, deeded to said George W.
Lantrip. by Willie Lantrip by deed
dated November 18, 1914, recorded
in deed book No. 138. page 882, in
the office aforesaid, and bounded as
follows: Beginning at two old merg
ed poet oaks, corner with Jsrk Cm-
nor survey; thence with line of
ssme N. 0Si W. 12 H poles to a
staks; thence with another line of
aame N. U E. 1094 poles to a
stake and pointer, Junis Cranors cor
ner, and for further description and
boundary, aea deed book 138, page
382, and will book No. 1, page 95,
recorded in County Clerk'a office, at
Hopkinsville, Christian county, Ken
tucky, containing 113 acres."
Or sufficient thereof to produce the
sums of money ordered to be made,
amounting to $23). 69. for the pur
chase price, the purchaser must exe
cute bond with spprovsd surety er
sureties, bearing legal Interest from
tha day of aale until paid and having
the force and effect of a Replevin
Bidders will be prepared to comply
promptly with those terms.
Master Commissioner.
Breathitt, AUensworth A Breathitt,
Kelly T. Petrie won the medal Frl
day morning in the sophomore de
clamation contest at the Boys' High
School Hs recited Secretary Prank'
Ua Lanes addrsaa, "Why Are We
Fighting Germany." He was one of
is in the conteat The medal is glv
ea by the class of '17. Young Petri
is the son of Dr. C. B. Petrie and
Mrs. Petrie. Courier-Journal.
When baby suffers with ecsema or
some itching skin trouble, use Doan's
Ointment A little of it goes a long
way and it ia safe for children. 80
a bog at all stores.
Advertisement j i . .
The young people who are now
taking a course in journalism, and
there are many of them, are to bo
congratulated. They will enter the
profession along about tha time the
war end, and they will find it the
most conspiruoue of all professions.
Whstever the part played by the
newspapers in the past, or during
war, they will play a atill more im
portant part when peace again romea
to tha world.
Many of the promiaing young peo
ple of the pre have gone Into the
ranks. The press has contributed aa
largely to the fighting force of thia
nation as any other trade or profes
sion. Every newspaper office in the
land Is suffering to some extent from
having lost a part of ita editorial
Then, the wsr is rapidly wearing
out thoaa who are now upon the
staffs of the papers. Newspaper men
are getting old more rapidly than
ever before, under the stress and
strain of the contest, so when peace
comes, the newer lights of the pre
will find plenty of room for their
genius; the ambitious young people
who are now fitting themselves for
the profession will find themselves In
greater demand and their services of
taeeatd appiy-ea-
18c 80s SI .00
Summers' Building:
Phone 331
Hopkinsville, Kentucky
Oftee Percy Smitlwoa'a Stable.
Hopkinsville, Ky.
DayFhone32. Night 1107 2
R. T. JETT, D. V. EL
7th and Railroad St.
Cowherd k Allschclor Sale Barn.
Phone 19. Hopkinsville, Ky.
Hotel Latham
Barber Shop
Fine Bath Rooms. Four First-
class Artists.
Electric Heater
' Iron
" Machine Motor
" Stove
14 Vacuum Cleaner
" Portable
" Fixtures
" Curling Iron
" Hot Pad
" Lights for Home
Telephone 361-2
These cool
take the edge off the room.
We have the famous "Hot Spot" heaters. : None
better. A call at our office will convince you.
Kentuclty Public Service Co.
Stomach Troubles
Since Childhood
I Now
The Best
greater worth than ha been the case
in the past
Ths newspsper business ia being
refined and recreated. Weak paper
are being forced out of business.
New papers are being started. Un- j
reliable papers are having a hard
time now, and they wiM continue te
have a hard time. Solid, substantial.
heavily capitalised newspapers only
ran hope to succeed, and that means
that the people in charge of them
will have to measure up to the re
quirement. The day of Irrespon
sible Journalism are past The time
when an aggrieved subscriber could
stop taking the paper and start one
of hia own ia at an end. The political
organa, launched by the professional
politicians, will not be heard of in the
future. So these young people who
are seriously fitting thsmselves for
a serious business are going ta find
a greater field than has ever been the
caae with those aspiring to be Jour-
naliata. Evanavillo Courier.
Eyes tested, lenses ground.
..ALSO.. 9
in endless variety and fresh from the
growers. .
Tomatoes, Onions, Beets, Fears, Green Peppers, Lettuce,
Cauliflower, Asparagus, Squash.Greens, Carrots, Spinach, Mus
tard, Par Jey, Pie Plant, &c, &c
Let's have your orders we will appre
ciate them.
W. T. Cooper & Co.
Radford & Johnson
We will sell you a farm in Christian and adjoin
ing counties.
We know the farm lands of this community and
Will do our best to sell you a good farm or will sell
you a nice house and lot in the city.
We have several attractive farms in our hands
for sale.
Can give possession of a very fine, well im
proved farm if sold quickly. Price reasonable.
265 acres 1 1 miles of Fairvlew cm rural route. Well bo
proved and well watered, about 70 acres of fine bottom land. A
bargain al 19,000.00. Terms reasonable.
200 acres 5 milea southwest of Hopkinsville on pike, well Im
proved. All good tillable land, red clay foundation and Has welL
Price $05.00.
Office 1st Floor in Pennyroyal
mornings by using
Mr. Wnv W. Eveety. IHI Itnrtls
Hancock Street, rblladelphka, Paw
1 have been tronnted WMk staensett
disorder since childhood, but after
taking als kettles of year Perewa, I
new enjoy te beet of health. I skm
had eatareh In the head, which prao
tlcslly has dlsapsesred, thanks t
the Parana Co. for their good work.
These who ee)ect e HovM wtedl-
elnes sea) proofs reruns Ta
In the June Woman's Horn Com
panion ia given the a mating result of
the Dime Drive for "blinding the
wounda of a soldier" thirty thous
and dimes, which kept the mailing
department snowed nnder for days.
This Issue also contains Margaret
Delands second article en the life
in France today, and the first part
of Alexins Heyland'a charming and
amusing story, "Oh, Annies T The
second installment ia jw appear aext
month. Then there is the conclusion
of "Ths Msn from the Air," by fred-
erick Orin Bartlett, and abort stor
ies by Elsie Bingmaster, Maria
Thompson Daviess, Evelyn Gill Khhr
and Eve Strong. William A. Par
telle aboot The "Movm-8trwck Grrl"
Thomas L. Maaaon has an. interest
ing article en "What m Tojg Scale of
Living? and Mrs. Anna Steese Rich
ardson writes aboot ber visit to ear
sailor boys asar Cape Wsy.
There are other good departments
and a splendid picture section.
a Gas Jieater to

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