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Thla new bu.t (if Hpeaker Champ Dark liu )u-t Icon i-oiii.eted hy )!-
A. Waloer Iiykaar. a hiimlan Jew . who ban loeo In America only a year. That
Hhe boat In a food llkeurM may le aren from Itir inwrtrU phutof ra'h of Mr.
Clark takro while be waa poaing tu Ih sculptor.
Paris ProTests Against Neglect c!
Art Treasures.
Anew1 1e Stand ExpoMd la Air RaU
era from las of Aid
Parle. rrotrat haa arlwn Id many
Quarter here araluat lb deliberate
neglect of many of the prtceleae Mat
ure aail wrrk of art In laii. which
have been permitted to stand unpro
tected agnlut pontile damage fnan
eoetny air raid and bomliardmcota.
The apectal couinilnelon charged with
the daijr of providing protection for
pnhltr monnmenta of art baa been ae
, veeely criticised.
Lairt jrr whew the danger of air
raid aceincd comparatively retiiote a
doton or nw re n iminenii, ami tntii
were ordered to I e T'itc l d wl'h rami
I.Kv Seme time aftrrward "loaded"
ml. wrr i !i.n il at u distance fr in
the moiiuimnt rr itr'U' ni!Tir to
finl In 'Im". There they r !
! wed to M i.'n. i.o-Ma further
log dine. The In to Istjr hi '.it t'
!utue'rr wit'.
In the iori.kUie tlnre wire Mt.ml
air raid, fortunately no monument
or etalne waa hit. tbo laltlatl
of a irroup of -ttlrn work ti tb in
trrtlis of "tr of tho luawtilOfa
waa tofiin and lunnT liltrl- Imy
like tli aed'itao folumn. tho !ik.
ilia Km TirK Monumrnt and trw art
! In th t.urtiibonr irardn
vtrr rlvrn tmur a)Hiuiito rntwtlin
We will make Special Price
Friday 12th and Saturday 13th
on Brown Cured Bacon, by the
side. 100-pound lots or box.
Pure Hog Lard
50-Pound Tins
No. 2 RuTCoffee
. In bags of 25 lb. to 50 lb.
Lard and Bacon and Cofiec have advanced con
siderably within rbe lest two weeks. It will pay you to
get our pricts.
I C. R. CLARK & C0.
Big Main Street Grocery
Mivl iir tilii aniloiia In plaf "In
tb trrnilwV rllmhul up anH'tir lw
haca. ratiolng a looao nnr to ll, Mth
tli rritlt thitt tlioninil of lmr f II
In an ar1nnl Im.ii manr of tliv
MattiM. It waa tlir-ni.n fonnd tlta
tlir trc rr flld lih ft-'na or
Art lo r rotitil ami m !! h
attinlloii 1'f tin -mnil-loii to tl.t ,
fnrt Hint Monw atil rllnkirii affonlid
do promflun alnt Rrrmun N'li.i.s.
Th Pari" fiHiiil-Ipal roumil ttn
taklni nii'aurM In r nMly thr prrriit
omilltloD anil primil-a that o-rjf ala
able )lw i t tati.iirjr anil blMnrUui
art will ! r awiiuilily trotrrtl.
Ramarkabl Oparatlen ftrfarmd n i
rltlah olfltr ProvM tuo
uf uL
tmln.-A mnnrkahl oorratlot
haa Iw-ii rrfiirn1 on aoliIUr a'
I.'.'. Infi rninry. A pUro of hmpn
Wf'.tl'iti: PI crHln waa ntrartl fn ti
the i.nt'rlor wrtl of tlio hrart.
Thr Mi'W -it la 1'iivnlo J.hn Hrlf
l;.t'?. h.i n wminliil nt Arr ot
Arnl II li'-t vonr. Aftr rcfllnt
trr, in nt !n mtiiI hopltal b" u'
W i ,i tn 1. 1 nl Inl'rn.nry. hr i
t . . it.ii ! -i:;lili-'i'il tlir fait thut h'
j,;. . r of mi l.il lii llir mall of tin
lix'f. !! l maklnf "I'-fu;
n'-r to twiiTPry.
P 1 1 Mil MW MiHSMfMI y i anwo' SMt(
Wanted A Wife to
Leave Behind Him
I (Copyright, J lr ft Mn lm hiaara
tn (yalrat4
! Jrnn t o! ii,i,n Itifkril up a Thonir."
Wnrliu' fatiM' li.to ttw off.-. II
(hnlf un boor 1at" m.'I tlnr n annK-
1 1 1 1 n r uniiiial In bla nmiinor.
"M: i ltiii." !. li-ao ulTtiptly
,"!'m gi'Ii.n to rrl marrlrd. I'm fnln
tn l nll1 In ilv lint ilmft and )
' want aomvtMiif tn Irav brblml nto
MHiitonr, I boiild arT."
' Tb tiMii;rii ln r .kt1 up ipilrkl
ami "inlV.l l wt.ily.
"Mi-r fi r irtrl," h r. innrkK
"1 rdll7- that, otit b do-irt ha
tn do If urilvaa l want tn. I Inland
tn rmilr It rrfi-f!y r!-r. Anil thai"'
why I rt:ir- to yn for adin almnl
thr fi.iittfr ,V"i nrr an ai'nillr. I
knrw toii r"i;M hi ip mr. Tn jnlrs
tn artvi-rMM- In u ia!rlm.r.lal limm
anil 1 1! i u t- "Ik- i I limn'
I ll.l-ili il.. N l.tfi.r I am If h-r
will your
If r r.!:i'i tno mu-h. hut ,taa
wa ni'ii.l ! tr nr' ulon. H r arn
of hutinr rrnd Itarlf i.ihI h
landifd in rr :.
"I II do all 1 rtn." hr anr.-d him
"Urnort to n; In a wnii and tall m
yoor nfr Ok d lock tn you. I
hnr tn f ' ! k to work row ao yon'ilj
IfitiT n.i, nil : f." I
Totn M'ariif vnf.t tn h! nun drk'
ami t r.i'.i rM r. jmllnrttlr ot
woii.tr,. He ktr .t.n would hrlp hltnl
hut h :).! li n Itht ha boon
a lifll- i.i-irf !i;n-rtod and no! '
ma'fi. II.- i y --Miitorfi:l ry
hv t . 1 . TUM.kliM all thrl
tln:r 'i ..!!. no:' l:r waa millySvryl
arr!on. Il n tlno T-ry lonrly mi
hl Horv I.' i : ni.tlt.f aomoonc t"
lor lnMi:t !.! hii! l-ru ptit ralhi'r;
mill M.U.r t n rr h Old not find
It rav in ny n!.'t!y atmt bn mint:
to J-n. j.ntul.ly thnnirht him
fillli nov.r.'i tilmidy. Ho ho wrotri
a aarlfr!orT advrrtlarniont of hli
Intrnliun. i.l 't In fl.r
alti-d for iVvl I iuBta
N.ri'trrnatloti. -
Ilirli g thr w tl.at followed be hai '
allty five 1 1 1 1 ;: !.. Widow, or
phnti and tm.Ultn rt-tnl the wlrimr
notice, i.r.d !.e f rrii'l hy thin
wi!i;.n. fit we r. ".cly women and
fm.Mni) w-!in: bi.t tho chartr.lni
creature for
Ptrfect Vcung creature.
whom h Ion v . 1
uji'.orlry cf
I an f v lit III' Si
I rut il'inir.
wi I.' n.i M'.-i.
1 inoi.:i.t.
liSc illlii- i! :i.ni
tiri'i i. .if nt
i i.i! of thri c .lr hi il?.f.. li
chuir Ihi.u1 Jivii Ci ! nuin'fc ilfL,
after rive n'lknk, Thrro wjm tin
elre In tho ofnit'.
-Well, wtuit luckr- he u-k.d
h'm '
cheerfully, notn'i'i; til. doW-cted nlr.
"I'm dl'Utl Mlti -ly il.vucleil.
mioM Ml Uever te tniirrii!. I dliln'i
know there .m an iiniy women in
thla city who wiinteil hnthunde. There
ln't a alligle one I could ever learu tn
loe. even If niy life dion.iln! ,u It."
"rHiile don't yruerally have to leurn
to love," ventured Ji'lin.
"How do you know m much iiliouf
It. tllKa t'oli tnunT"
; Jean hltmhed und I'H'i.n to afrulj.'ht
en up her dek.
"1 learn a lot by otiaervattoa. Kir
Benedict, and Junt now I a.aat leave
yon and a dinner. Year week
Ixn't up and I told you tn come to mc
at the end of a week and we'd
about the bride. Thie Ouys U lo t
half long enooth, and now you've
started It. you've cot to see thla uiutrl.
MMlal venture throush, Juat to abow
M'a not a ke."
Warlns agreed amdiclngly, and to
re ther they left Ibe. office. Juat ou
aide he had a sudden limplrelloo.
"Wont yon so to dlunar with mY
ha' naked her. "We rould fO aoiuo
arhora where tbry da ace If yon llkr
to It woald be (rent fun If yoa
would r
For a aeeiMut Jen aremed to heat
tale, and then replied aaaiewhat
brlKkly :
"Ta sorry, hot I Kara an ennre
uieuL You o and -r If you've had
any mora anawm and rotor to niej
afain In four uUiya. !ovd n'vht "
Warlnf KU ita nJrlK t nk below
aero, til.f talki-d Kke s doctor toly
ki atioie aatai ueditlae," he aaid ts
i Wert (.lit ! r: ". yi .3g
1 I 1 1) i ' 1 ' '
Hr m rrrrnr of bit atthatantlal attr
I didn't wo how ynit rould help Ilkm
r, bit I nrr ilarod bono you wonld
i ar tn in h aa that." And of tm'
I a not Tom alatrr'a way tn aay
m il in. thlnga wlibnat a rrarra.
"Shr l a Mivily Klrl. Tom, a.Kl not
thr kind of a t'rl tn trlfla with." hh
lonkoil Intent!) ft him ra a to tlrlka
mntrltlon In In hoiirt. hrt apprirotly '
Ibrra wa no uh rrrult.
' Tbero wrro 'ornl otlo r nnvtlna
Iwtwiwn tlir nl'trr and thr (Inner, nnd ,
on mh our thr litr waa mo rr farnr
i.l'lr ln'.r.-el than op tlir laat. Tnm
.vi, working hardrr In hi .iffl.-r tlmn
ho hrrt rrr workrl brfor. lie lold
hi aloti'r that thr rraull of br'n
nigiifrd to Miidirr. Hhr a lnp!m
tloo Mouth tn inaka iny man da M
hrt, and of thla tb IMr rnUrrly
apprnvrd. No allly llttlo flrl' whO'W
brad waa In hi r lo'H rnnld have tbla
etTrrt on a man. that wan rortaln.
Th ui.dantliJ MMvr rrmalnod la
thr rl'v twn rrk and no Inkllni did
hr irrl of thr i iidarrt duurrr frlrud of
In r limther'a hnra hr had oner Intro
dur.il ii !il flamw. Wrll. porhap bo
bnd thouKht U tier of bla folly. Mir ;
would not fon-o a confidrnr nit of
him. hut olir would not (o hark home
till hr had "r'n.-lird"' the niatlrr i'h
Mailer llrmnoii. With thla rnd In v.rw
hr uiri-d Tit. tn mako a fnruial un-
ii'iini' mi i t of trie riuacrtornt.
Wr lii.d banlly wanted to do th it
Toui .roi.tml. A frw peojilr Lonw of
It, I. hi U.wiiiM- Madge la working 'he
ilian't want to wear an entugvo
ring or bat It announced till Jut br
fore wr are married."
"Tlirro la no reaaon why you can't
he timrrird in n Tory little mblle," nalil
the hIhIi r. "In the iiwajtlme the rry
fart thut rhe l working l n-m
i-noucb hv he abntilif havo thr rn-
.'Baeiiinit nmioiim-oil. It la aotnotlifnc
iht l diu- to every itlrl who ba given
hrr .r"inl"e tn mnrry. Tom, I really
lnlt that It he announced. I won't
fn boine until yo do."
I'erhni " Hil- I""' tllultloti had
aouiefliiiu; to do with It. for the n It
day Tom told hl "Uirr tliat Mailga
had roti.rnted lo announce their en
gagement. In fact, they had gone ao
frr at to nd mnall note to the va
rioii" piiniT making the annoum-e-ni.nt.
and Madge had written tn all
her clone friend telling thrm of It
The aUter waa a Untied and had ac
paper, andj tually made rem-nratlooa for her re
whli aouie turn trip, when lir i han.-ed to bay oar
of the pnpera to which the announce-.
lueiTt hiiJ fn rent and there oeitied
afiiuething that made her Immediately
countcnuand her onlcr for tuo
riitlniK and tmpM'-k her bog prepara
tiv to a pruli iiiri d lay. .
In c i if roi. I oil licr tirolhcr that eve
nii;,; v Ith ii uh-ttintlnl wnl upon hrr
f.'i-e M:d ( nimncr of determination.
"Nomt I ki ow." i.hc ald. MYon hr.vr
l.i-n tntl.ii.' witli thut lovely tflrL Th'
ir'.rl you nr r.-iilly gnltii: to marry l
llllit ml.ant dolicer tlmt I'lte Hrettct
lold pic i.l't.Kt. mid thut." Mild the '
ter, with u l.:m irec uiUi, "that N why
I rnn.r i.li the wu Iroin home to Me
nlHiiit tliii.gH, Toui. you are uolng to
timrry Madye Hi-moa If I bate to
take you." t
-lu:l n. Mile yoii think that I
ninn'ir an Id Toni, with a placidity1
that wu Irrllutiiit; tn the foraged ala
ler. i '
-Thl." khi' raid LTundly. pmduclnt:
a neinvui r f . I ! 1 carefully to' ahow
a liort enti. iiiiia nnuouni-emoiit.
"Toung Inwy.r to wed dancer," luv
r'i.L "Thotua 11. Itawdon, one of .bj
pr.ii:.!li.f yoiit.g Imvyera of the Brm,
of r.nl '-ock A I'artoti. and the clever I
eniing iltincrr, Mnr.ia LHiW, have an
nuiimiiS tl.eir enKugctuent. Marrlai
Iiuw l bow iiini'.il In rliiHolc ilntic-
1 1, tu tii- nl utvt of the Terrace gnr !
!' n of the ltniiin ri hotel nud la re
curiloil n mil' i f the oleven-M yotihf,
ilunor in !he c.y. Therv." rned
Ma nlner. "l-ii I
Won t ii r.
t ealllull,"
i'l of the la.ni'iini'e-
i.ii'lln r.
i " -. id tin- lter
.' i !'. ilif i: I
I -he l I.m rt
. 'I IT I t. 1." " '
I'll urn- ll e
i.it.t(" al.
'.Illi t;..Y-
i r- d T"
. i ; : i
ii. n.
In I
''Hit. -.'liMt
Jlle ll. jll'i
Tile "t
Ililn t yt u
"ho t'lin. II."
; i, , iicr . "M:.ri ;.i l'i. l
I.i i,t-n.. n iliim'Kir of tin
j Item-' a of thin city."
r wit iee'h'iea. "Why
t!l l:i': ' M- I he vorir
111 tent'..
"Ibvtui-c I kuew your in l.i,l ie re
uSl.e it.i.i.-i a cal tliat i-mlc b.-r
livlne flitii-liiK. I wunted you to niukr
up your uilnd cot that I ahould marry
Maile. the kteiiovrupher, and yon
know you roviilly reviatered tlie de
termination that I ahouid do that. Is
rather ttruet tenna."
"But why didn't ya trll n.e i-he wat
a iluniTr wlu n you tlmt wrote nieT"
"liei-aune I diiln't know aha waa,"
anld Tmo. "M.e worked very tjiactly
away at the oltice and It waa not till
I knew h. r well thut aba tuld we. 8kr
la a slrl of ruoriuoua streustlt and
l-erneveraui-e It la her exaiule that
Iiiim hi uie to oi kins ao hard. Kbr
.lur ali.us at the office every da)
from ulna till Ave and then Cancer
from nine till twelve and aba's froab 1
or every morning when aha starts Is1
at work tbaa the other girls that bav
ao other work to So."
Then yon are going to marry!
Madgef" laidfted the at Mar, wbo still
wanted to feel that her trip to U
city bad been very oeceaxary and tbal
aomrow aha had had her Sngar In tn
pie of Ti ui'a harplneaa.
"It ee.un aa If I'd have to," said
Tom . t.ercualv. -alnce yua have set
your lietitt on It."
They S'een.
A'kifctkt'v I rlJua-vf (Vorlne taili
u Ik vUm i-itu-il :tu law with his
i.rt n-clutc.
Con stunt Maw. 1 gaaaaS St
I 'United States'
: Cayce-Yost Co.
lacoracretaal. "
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: .j
: Better Banking Service for Farmers
The Federal Reserve Banking System, with com
bined resources of a thousand million dollars, has been
established by Act o( Congress to stand back of the
farming and business interest of the country.
We are members of this system which enaMes u.
bei!er than ever tefoe, to supply our farmers vith tlt
credit and currency they need for producing crops and
to protect them against disorganized markets.
If you aro nut linked up with this system as one of
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waenai. uasavaj
Sayt V a TB Mtm
... i-1 . . i . , .
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Roofing, Guttering and Repairing.
Plat Bed Steam Boxea.' '
Country Work a Specialty.
. Rear L" 0. O. F. Buildinf.
A Furnace With
No. Pipes
Think of it I
Staada in th aillr
oioatny aainar an rtiliur anal
paw boat ap tkroacb aU tha kmtm,
Warma aa tka lanlMat oaraar aa4
riatav amfl
ilama a taammafta thara but
two or thraa oVgwiaa kwa tbaa m too
aaaaa wbara too inmii ia.
Very EctdMnkkai pTJt
mm m Urn airf mm fadi,mt ar
lid. lm
Phone 14-1 Hopkirmville. Ky.
National Bank
mwm tawf
CToa mm,
'. ?
i w
a SalMly
w a. iJ-
Saw.'ftp.v! SEE

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