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Jul 1. Kid -1
, - ' at THE HOME Ol' HER
Brief mention mnde yesterday
if the drsth t " I'"" Friday
night of Mm Sun Vn Puller, (
the Stiinrt She had re
cently nndrrcnne n mm mid iipcrntinn
to relieve a eonipln ;i'nn of diseases.
Mrs. Butler was in the 2'lrd ywf
of her ape. She n dimghter of
Mr. snH Mm. May Mw nl a grand
daughter of Mr. K M. Anderson.
Then rrbUivri nirvivc her a well as
her huhan.. Mr Kill y K. Butler and
their infnol son Shr was a member
of the Firt H..n-t t'hiinh.
KunrrHl wivm-c-. will he held at 3
oVIim tMi iiflPiii'Min lit the residence
nf Tlr. An.li r-.'M. iwidiHted by Dr.
C M. Thump .'ii The following gen-j
tleimn v .11 ,u( H bcarere: J. J.!
Metcalfe. T. I Metcalfe, A. W.
Wood. J li t ook. K. II. Higgina and
Clyde Smith. The remaina will he1
Interred in Riverside cemetery.
A n, niilliiitrv Kture mill flfcrltv'
be. opened in the mum vjimted by
BlHkey. H.' & Haintlt to In- known
Millinery Co. ,
as t'i Annie I'iivie
' A the n our implicit Mi.ji Annio
Cayre will he nt fie bend und
eiateH with hir will U- Mm. R. J
Car-)thm. .Ir Mi- Cayre is now in
Chir.ic i hrrr I..' ui lr wih the
D. H. I' ( iiuipHiiv for five week . ,
.. ...,' . i fdumbu
in thr inftr of !! new lore. Ml-' . .
Cay? Hunoiimiii thut she will rater!
to every rlt of n-illinery trade snd, jjjju,,.
In addition to the lines she has been,y( pBU
Iinir. will add some more, and:" '
. i'i mndurt a thoroagn.lv uii-to-dste'
'.Ri w.!i.Jir"'"t Kur several years she.
jj""totl been in i Imrpe of a department'
VJn t Ap. lemon Store. j
All hoy come on the cmp will
see tbeir I ot porn I nr some oflii er
nd rive Mm t"" names. All sronts
wfll. bt exoetted to obey all orders
iwtn en th bile Any Scoot not
obeyine. the i onu in j will be sent
back. bK Pr.KP RED.
By order of A S. An.on.oii, S. M
C. W. Wakelietd, A S M.
Senator W. (.. I.or.r., of tjuthric,
K)., han bern named hy . Chairman
M M. Lokmii a nieinlier of the State
Tax ( nminthion t a salary of t.l,
000 per year. Si nator Itoiter's du
ties will hi- to kiip traik of allror
porations and merruntilo estalilii'h
menln thoufhotit the stale and see
that tiiry ate ron rly Imted for tax
ation . Ho i mIm, suerviM the
listms Hiol In 1'iiMiiit of automobiles
in the weMi m half of the state.
Ver.:an Wr tcir tn-lail Soldier Re
cci.it fOKi Imurance When
I an la Kill.
V"Tsda. ".i . - I .
t r . f :i to" II I...
bS ri i l e. . ;
psi'mi-nt hlii- xiil ik
s.rrjn.i- ou the uir
K. II. M-llet.
Imkery here,
a the wsr de
an no.niio ln
r Tli.. mas H.
I'rliT. f Liter k hi rr.ntily ill
the n '' IHhI ii.-i-lttii'K of
I frnia
i con
ainr'i :i . i.i. .n'i i.
I'rtr i hum h. . ornl y" ir nn. III
SD'I peiim!"! Mi M II. t L him
ta her Imme, biulH imd rauit f-it
him unill ho un aril, ntnl tli. n h l,t
huu MMiire a J h. --li'iiln of li i
ar ilk liiMiriini v I.. I,,.r win, li . - on't
way ke eonlil show hla hi -til u lf, h'
told ber. Just bvlore lram;
eeught Up Many Families.
The rr elns'or h..v in the Mg
kotel mas slims his views to s pns-
eager on the pr...r i .ii.ii. t f olttl
Iren "what rto you know
laughed the asM nVr.
sisrrled. sre youf"
aliout It?"
You aren't
-Well, on.- rrpllid the boy. as ha
long fH-ra the gat nn the top fl,a,P
for fcla pa-einr to step out. Tint
' fve brought a gnud oianr families, ud
w my time. suoimlna fkUtella
EEX Theatre
Wm. Fox presents TIIEDA BARA in s super prod mi ion
Jho forbidden Path"
Shows Miss Bars in sll (he vividness and (xiwrr of the patt
she is so noted for, trusting in her lover she civrs her all only to
be forsaken. SHE MAKES HIM PAY.
Admission for this Fox Standard Production wifa be, children
10, Adulls 15c Wsr Tsx included. Colored Boiler 5c snd lOo.
National LmM.
Bunion .
( huago
American Leafae.
Chicago. . .
New York
Louis .
11, .1 Ipl.ia.
tin eland.
Assarkaa Astaii.
. I
A Uauliful wedding ceremony was
solemnised reeently at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Hogh Henry, when their
oldest daurhter, Kathrjn Clenn, was
united in marriage with Mr. Edward
Porter Harned. Rev. G. F. McNaugh-
len. pastor of the M. K. rhureh of
tirsiulview. oflirialed in the presence
a i . I ' . I ..
of a company oi reieuvea una irrcnua
Pret-eding the ceremony, which took
place upon the lawn, Schubert's Sere
nade was sung by Mrs. L. E. Foster
and J. Wilson Henry. The wedding
marrh hy Mendelssohn was played by
Mrs. I.. E. Eohter. The attendants
were Mr. George 8haw and Miss
Eleanor Henry, sister of the bride,
the bride wss beautifully gowned in
white crepe-de-ehine snd carried s
bouquet of bride roses. Later refresh
menu of ices and cakes were served.
carrying out the color scheme of
white and pink. The heart shaped
individual cakes were ornamented
with pink sweet peas as was also the
beautiful bride'a eake which afforded
much merriment hy the drawing of
pink and white ribbons for the usual
wedding rake emblems.
Mrs. Harned is a graduate of the
llupkinsville High School. The first I
two years of the course having been
taken in the Evansville, Ind., High
School before the removal of the fam
ily to thia city. Since her graduation
she has been an efficient teacher in
the Christian county schools.
Mr. E. P. Hamad is a well known
citixen of Christian county snd is en
gaged in the general mercantile bus
iness st Honey Grove, Ky. Many
beautiful wedding presents were re
ceived from relatives snd friends in
Kentucky snd Indians.
The young couple went st once to
their home, their address being Hop-
kinsville. R. F. D. No. .
(furnished by Wbttasld Bros-,
Odd Fellows Bldg )
July 20.
..151 152k 148 149
..152 163 14 160
.153 154 150 163
July 74 74 73 73
Aug 70 71 70
Sep 6 70 8 8
Sept 46.41 45.41
Sept 2t5 28.25 24 16 28.20
Sept 24.70 24.76 24 80 21 76
LaolavUle Live Sesaa.
. CatUe Receipts .360; bast steady,
other slow, unchanged.
Hogs ieceipte 1300;. 10 higher.
tops f 11.36
ipta 2I09J sisdr,'
Jheda Qara at
t 1
VvM LlaiasA
Mrs. Jnuell Henry.
Mm. J V. Uowner.
Mrs. M. H. Nebon.
. "I
. 1
Mia tiune Stitej,
Mrs. Garner Daltun.
Mrs. R K. Cooper,
Mrs. James II. Ware,
Mrs. K. M. Wimldndge,
Mrs. J. I.. Harvey,
Miss Mary Rice,
Mrs. I.ut lan liavis,
Mrs. Kuford Jones, ' i
Mrs. W. T. Tandy, v
Mrs. Mattie Roper,
Mrs. T. C. Underwood, '
Mrs, E. C. Frye,
Mrs. J. Claude King, -
Mrs. P. W. Kitchen,
Mrs. Cora Mhiimoii,
Mrs. I'lmhur Wonldruige,
Mrs. tleo. T. Callis.
Mrs. J. L. Freedman, '
Misa Mury Cloud,
Miss Mary Cook,
Mrs. J. C. Johnson.
Five new annual memberships hsve
come in from the county today. As,
old fashioned spinning wheel and
brass kettle were distributed by Mr.
S. E. Lloyd. These things, along with
numerous other donations, will be
sold to the beat Misaihie advantage
and the proceeds will go to the Red
Cross Fund.
The Ladies' Morning Jackets are
being made, and work for the Coun
ty Auxiliariea will be ready the first
of next week.
Mr. Buford Jones, of the Ford Mot
or Company, haa very kindly offered
to receive old automobile tires that
will be brought to his garago, and
will sell them where they will brine-
the bent prices, and give the money
to the Rrd t runa. Owners of tars
can help greatly hy sending their
worn out tires tn Mr. Jones fur this
Nice 10-ru4iin house on Campbell
street, stable, auto sliaxl, cistern, city
water and light, large lut, good con
veniences. Essy ternis.
Il5-4t Apply to Ir. J. II. Kouthall
Pennyroyal builduig.
116-31 Dr. Austin Bell.
1 Eyas tasted, lenses ground.
If .
1 8 r
Rex Tuesday
Wm. Fox presents Turn Mix in .i
Ithr illmtJ WiMrrn Slory
This photoplay is jiibt as full t pum h
speed snd action sm Timii Mix him
self snd you know licit in ri.inh .mil
manly prowess, Tom Mix it. unguis
tionsbly the create! ruwbov tppfar
ing in pictures. Don't mis-s it Tucsd.iy.
Children Matinee Adults 11c, war
tax included. NniM Children, nduils
15c, wsr tax im-linled. Gallery re
served lor colored. Admission lc
and 10c, war tax Included. -
ex Monday
P R- 0D p CT I O M .
Mr. tin. I Mrs. L. E. Van'l.'.;nfT snd
little ii. Kseene, of N:i Imlle, and
'Zrs Juintr E. Smith, nf Elkton, re
turned to their homes this morning.
after s week's visit with re It Uvea in
Hopkir.isville and South Christian.
Miss Elixslheth Daniel has been
visiting friends at St, Bethlehem snd
Clarkavillc, Tenn., for several days.
Miss Anna M. Trice has gone to
Montetif-'e, Tcnn., to upend several
Dr. J. At Southall has returned
'r'.f a !np t Baltimore. Md., and
other pomls in the East, including
Washington, D. C.
Miss Florence Southall, daughter
of Dr. J. A. Southall, received a
message yesterday informine her that
she had b.en appointed to a clerk
ship in the Bureau of War Risk In
surance at Washington, I). ('.
Mm. W. P. Vickers has returned
from a viit to friends snd rela
tives in Madisonville.
Mr. snd Mrs. W. A. Lsrmnuth and
children will leave to-day for Her
rin. III., to visit relatives.
Sergt. Mark Cunningham, of the
Meilirnn Reserve Corps, after a brief
visit to Ms brother, I'enton 8. Cun
ningham, lift yesterday for Cadis,
sciompanir.l by Mr. and Mrs. Fenton
.Mrs. W. J. Powell, of MrPhersoa
Ave., was operatftd upon Friday at
the Stuart Hospital. She was but
reported sa dorm nicety.
Mr and Mrs. Jaa. I). Mrtiowan
have returned from a trip to Chicago.
Mrs. George Howell snd sons. Ceo.,
Jr., snd Edgar, reached llupkinsville
Kii.lav night from Richmond, Va., to
vinit frivols and relatives. Mrs,
Howell is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
J. K. MiTherMon and George is a son
of Ci.L Wm. R. Howell, of this city.
Mi s Klixabeth Elgin h visiting
relatives for several days in Paducah,
Dyersburg, Ripley snd Memphis.
Mrs. Roht E. Witt, of Dallas, Tax,
:s the euest of her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Walter Cook, oa 8. Virginia St
Miss Edith Hawkins is visiting ber
sister. Miss Hasel Hawkins, and her
brother, Sergt Jewell Hawkins, Id
Battle Creek, Mich.
Mr. ThiUip , Sim moos, ef Allens-
villo, has arrpi4 a position with the
Cejee-Yostt , Company as saleeman-
Mr. Simmon $ a coasia oX Mrs. 1.
M. Keblert, on Alumni Ave. .
Rex Wednesday
World Company Presenting Kthel
CUyhm in
"Jhe Man
A high class production that will
please everyone.
Admission Matinee snd night, 5c
10c. Wsr tsx included.
We publish below s list of the
namea of those from Christian county
who have arrived overseas. This
"honor roll" will be published week
ly, or ss often as necessary, with all
additions that may be reported,
la The Arsay.
Lieut Col Logan Feland,
Bayard Vaaey,
Earl Broaddus,
A. William Jones,
Joseph G. Stites,
Jsmes Stites,
Oscar White.
Arthur 8. Reedef,
Dudley Stamps,
Tom Wooton,
John T. Smith,
Lakin Duckrr,
Clyde Wolfe.
Sergt. John B .Sergeant
Fenton Holioman,
Caldwell Feland. ,
J. C. Johnson, Jr.,
Will A. Owen,
Frank W. Dabney. Jr.,
Edward N. Penirk.
Walter F. Humphrey,
John M. Burkholder,
Frank L. Summers,
James Long,
O. H. Henderson, '
Henry V. Barefietd.
Sam D. Page,
Lieut. R. Ilerden Waller,
Lieut. Wesley Dalton.
Rogers Goodrich, colored.
George Southall,
Philip Redd.
Pettue Baker.
Lieut. Randolph Dade, M. R. C.
('apt. Preston Thosnss, M. R. C.
Albert Wilson.
Rex Hanbery.
Lieut Joe A. Walt. M. R. C.
Edward Breathitt
Jack Rollow,
(i. D. Shaw.
Lieut. Jaa. II. Coleman.
Fred Higgles.
Caldwell Feland.
(ordim Shepherd.
James Clsrk Fuqua,
Bryan Pace.
Chas. A. Robertson.
Vernon Pepper.
Cyrus M. Williams.
Malcom Quarles.
Guy Smithson.
Asa E. Stinnett
Ulysses W. Jenkins.
Capt. F. P. Tlwrnias.
Rufus W. Keeling.
Edgar Wade.
Richard Wade.
Charlie B. tang.
Ha B. Weat
Joe Buckley.
Herman Huekley.
Horace Lyon.
Fairleigh Ware.
Ernest Winfreo.
Edwsrd Breathitt.
Sergt T. T. Wlnfree.
Robert Winfreo.
Luther Wolfe, Jr.
J. H. Wolfs.
In Tba Navy. ,
Edgar Carey,
Joe Kelly.
H. D. Wsltrip,
Ruel Hsnbery,
William Rsgsdale,
E. L. Hsndrick,
Ira Wast
Ennis Wiley,'
Red Craea Narsea.
Miss Emma Hunt
The Home Investment Agency aas
dcsirsblo tracts large and small for
sale, at prices and terms vary roasc
able. Buy some of this land and grow
independent while the opportunity Is
yours. Bee CUAS. r. SH ELTON,
Mgr., for location, prieo and terms.
Office No. 1. Court street sooth aide.
116 If
s .
Ijt, lu, Vi r-i Tbtri
Rex Thursday
Fox presents Thetis tiara in her
Jhe ood ed
This is undoubtedly one of the best
ever made . 1 rs w your own conclu
sion. See It Thursday. Admission mat
inee ami night, 10c snd 15c, war tax
. . i
The Several Churches Whose Announcements Appear
Below I ivite You To Attend Their Service. Strang
ert Ar Welcome. ;
; est
WeatsaiBistev PrMbyleeiaa Chars k.
Rev. A. 8. Anderson, Tastor.
t:U0 a. m. -Sunday School.
10:00 a. m- Woman's Bible Class
10:00 a. m. Men's Bible Class
1 1 :00 a. m. Morning Service.
7:16 p. as. Christian Endeavor.
8:00 p. at. Evening service.
8:00 p. m. Wednesdsy Prayer
Rev. W C. Willisms will preach at
Guthrie at 1 1 :00 a. m. tomorrow and
3:30 at Newstead.
Methodist Church.
Dr. ). lis Powell. Taator.
0:30. m. Sunday School.
10:4 I. m. Preaching Services
7:00 p. m. Eiworth tesgue.
8i0 p. m. Evening Service.
8:00 p. m. Wednesdsy Mid-week
Prayer Service.
Preaching st both services by Psul
S. Powell.
Morning: "Taking God's Name in
Evening: "Interest on Endow
Visitors are cordially invited to at
tend our services.
Baptist Cbwrcb, Petaorehe.
O. C. Peylew, Pasta.
Worship, with preaching, every
Sunday a. m. and p. ss.
Bible school at IMS . as.
Prayer meeting Wednesday p. m.
A cordial invitation U all services.
Caasberlaad Presbyleriaa Charsb.
Rev. J. W. Stiles, Tsstor.
t:45 a. m. Sunday School.
1 1 :P0 a. m. Morning Worship.
7:00 p. m. Christian Endeavor.
7:30 p. m. Evening Worship.
7:30 p. nt. Wedneaday Mid week
Prayer Service.
Our Father invites you. The rhureh
invites you. It is your duty and priv
Hedge to come to His alter.
Preaching morning and evening.
Morning: "The Reconstruction of
Evening: The Call of God."
Pun to attend prayer meeting
Wednesday evening. Our services are
growing in interest and attendance.
UaivereaUst Ckarek.
309 N. Main Street
Rev. Thomas Chapman, Pastor.
Residence. 311 N. Main Street
0:45 a. ss. Sunday School.
11:00 a. m. First Sunday's
Preaching. 8 K0 p. m First and 3rd Sundays
Radford & Johnson
We will sell you a, farm in Christian and adjoin-v
ing counties.
We know the (arm lands of thia community and
Will do our best to sell you a good farm or will sell
you a nice house and lot in the city.
We have several attractive farms in our hands
for sale. Prkes reasonable.
2tl5 acres II miles of Fsirview on rural route.' Well iin-'
proved and well watered, about 70 acres of flue but turn land. A'
bargain at $ 10,000. OU Torms reasonable. t
215 acres 4 miles south of HopkinsviHe on Main Street .
Pike, Land boa well, good Improvements. A nice showy p fates,
good home In fiiio community. . '
Come to see us and we will show you something
interesting.' . i' .
Office: Pennyroyal Buildinj., v
Rex Friday
Uoklwyn Presents In her second
Triumphant Ooldwyn Production
"Jhe floor jelo"
A drsmalic. Pathetic snd Beautiful
MAHLK NOKMAND-s story ofLove
snd Ijiiichirr, and with the solution
of the mystery ssvrd for the last
minute. You don't wsnt to miss
Admission- Matinee, Children 6c,
Adults I lc, Wsr Tsx Included.
. Night Prices-Children l"c, Adults
ISc, Wsr Tsx Included.
Colored Gallery, Mstinee and
Night 5c and 10c.
Niath Street Christina Cessna.
Rev. Everett 8. Smith, Minister. .
Bible School 1:30.
Christian Endeavor 7:16.
Morning service 18:46.
8:00 p. ra. Eveeiag Service.
8:000 p. m. Wednesdsy Mid-week
Prayer Service.
First P. bfteriea Chare. ,
Rev. Cha s Brevard, Pastor.
:30 a. m -Sunday School
1 1 :00 a. Preaching Service.
7:15 p. m. Christina Eadeaver.
8:00 p. m. Evening Service.
8:00 p. m. Wednesday Mid week
Trayer Meeting.
No prra ng on third Sundays.
First i itiet Cbarek.
C. M. Then .- sn, D. D., Pastor.
8:30 a. as Sunday School.
1 1 :00 a. sa Morning Worship.
7:00 p. m. B. Y.T. U.
8:00 p. an. Evening Worship. .
8:00 p. m. Wednesday Mid-wfek
Prayer Meet . :
At night the paster's subject will
be "The Dark Line in God's Fsce."
Sc.U CtstllxlV.
W. R. Goodman, rst"r.
0:30 i . Sunday School.
11:00 sn. Morning Service.
8:38 t. B. T. P. U.
8:00 p. sa. Evening Wsrship. .
8:00 p. as. Wedaesday-And-week
Prayer ' ting.
Morning subject "Comfort fa the
Shepherd's Staff." Evening, "The
Transfiguration." ,
Ca Episcopal Chare b.
Dr .G. ( tbhitt. Paater. .
:3tt a. Sunday School.
0:46 a. Men's Bible CUsa.
10:45 a. Morning Service. '
80 p. at. Evening Service.
Miss Addie Belle Gary will accept
the position of voice, teacher in Sim
mons College st Abilene, Tex- a
school with 600 students. She la the
youngest dsughter ef Mr. hnd lfrs.
Geo. E. Gary and is one of Hbpkins-
ville s most talented young ladies.
whose singing haa charmed and de
lighted hearers in some of the larger
cities. In sddition to her rare gifts
ss a musician, she has bsd the advan
tage of ths very best instruction in
lending conservatories.
1 -i
l ii
r ' J) Hty oftKUewJbM 40 I Bhaap Beeeip
I e Y-ur1o ariscerns. , changed.
j tuajllt.- -- t - - - - m
I H.i

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