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July 27. IM
I sfY "V V M i 1 -V
ed Nervous Mothers
Should Profit by the Experience
of These Two Women
V. "I am tho mother of four children, and for
n-.- vraifl I snfCrrrd frnin a female trouble with paint
Uu unl side, ami a general weaknews, 1 had pro
i.il nltnUm moat of that IUtm hut did not seem to
wi ll. An a la-st resort I ilnridcd to try Lydia & .
klnm YcgetahlA Compmind which ' I had aeen
vriM d in thn nwwapaiwnLand in two weeks nntkd
marked improvement. I continued It tine and am
now frco from pnln and abli to do all my bona.
rk." Mm. 11. U. ZiauRSKa, 903 Weiss Street,
;mraio, n. y.
Portland, Ind. "I had dUplarme4itnrtacnVir4 ,
no laiy (mm it at times I could not no on my left .
i mi. was an run uown ami an weak I rouid not
jo my housework, waa nervous and onukl not lie
down at night took treatment Irom a phyaiciau -
nicy um ihh, neip m. aiy Aunt reonmmerxlerl ;
l.vtlia rl link ham's Vm.i.u ri.M,.i i
il and now J am strong and well again and do
my own work and I give l.ydia K. Itnkhama
ompound the credit." Mrs. Jotarn i n -Km
nut, V39 West JUce Street, l'urUaod, lad,, .,
Woman Should Try
THE FEDERAL EXPLOSIVE LAW. lord showing the nam and address!
The Federal Explosive Art prohib-
of purchaser, hm license number,
kind and quantity of explosives pur-
it the manufacture, sale, purchase 'ehased, and purpose for which it ia
and possession of all explosives snlto e used. This ak compels prac
their ingredients, in time nf war. ! tirally every drug store in tha Unit
withnut a license. In other words. ' "I Stairs to have a license permit
the dealer must have a license, ami tint; them to have in possession and
the purchaser must have a license, lae-ll explosives inirredients, and the
The Healer must keep an itemized rec- ' buyer must have a license when pur-
Radford & Johnson
We will sell you a (arm in Christian and adjoin
ing counties.
We know the farm lands of thin community and
Will do our best to sell you a good farm or will sell
you a nice house and lot in the city.
We have several attractive farms in our hands
or sale, t rices reasonable.
. 'JtiO acre I i milca of I'.irvie w on rurr.l route. Well im
proved and wi ll watered, about 70 acre of line bottom land. A
kMryun at f lo.lHki.iM. Terms reasonable.
2ir acres 4 miles south of llopkinsvillc on Main Street
Tike, Jjinil lira well, chhI iinprovrmrnlx. A nice showy place,
Ui'od home in fine roimmimly.
i Come to see us and we will show you something
. Office: Pennyroyal Building.
Tb Trmbls Tains in Sack and
Sides. CVrctai Cave Rr!itL
v Marktvltl. Ij. Mr. Alice Jhnton
of thin plre, .rit5: Tnt ore y.-a- '
ulferft wtihaia-vlii mitrry in my Ink
and sales. Sly Jeff tide was hurtinr n-.r
Tho m sery was somrtMr,;
Rlrminirham. Ala., June H. "Th
newspaper of thia country are f ee-1 Sit Die lime.
ine, the most aerirus eriset of their1"
exIMenre." aaid.Virter H. llenwn.J I "uld aot doanylhina, not t len
publisher of the Birmingham. News,!-' night. It krrl me Sake mosl ol the
and chairman of the eaecattv eom-1 aiEht 1 look dillefessS mediclaea, but
mlUee of tha Southern ewsaer40.u,,Bllc,, "ny Ixl Of relieved mc
ruhlishera association.
"I have Just coma back rata Asha
villa, N. C, where the Southaaw Newa-
paper Publishers' aeaociatioaw Jteld its
annual meeting aad I want to tell
you the situation la really serious.
"For three solid days nearly a hun
dred newspaper men it was the most
largely attended meeting in the his
tory of the association debated and
discussed and resolved, trying to Sad
the .-solution for the problem. The
newspapers are np against the props
sition of vastly increased expenses
along every sine, a price for white
pa per whiesii is .-greatest eaaie
expanse ia sarnlns)
hit you -anatd. Thousands ot womea
rwHtttimta Blattered la thia wait mrtm rw-aiia
n.r,rdiT:h.,,t ir:!
nearly douhk. what tt was two yaarsf RltruU. NC-10J
ago.lncreaaad la boa aeet ksghat prices
for metal and soachinanirtex aak. ail J
aad everything elae that gasa lasaijlss
making of newspaper. u -
"On July 1, the new. peatai-law.
which placea f righUal tax a news.
m mm l.t. u .
f a ' lr-"t ' M .urn, niiinv ibmii
aukhava just kweadvaaeed W asxr-aeaLJ
ana so inreaiga us an,
"What to do about it all waa the
burden of the Asheville meeting. . It
waa recognised that newspapers that
chasing these ingredients in quanti
ties of an ounce or more, and the
dealer must keep the same record h b'B ""'T h".,?T
an the party ha sells aynamite.
These ingredients are: Bichromates,
Chlorate, Chromates, Nitrates. Ni
tric Acid. Perchlorates", Perborates,
are going to show a deficit, while
those that have been just a little bet"
ter than making expenses will have
hard sledding to get through it all.
"The wisest publishers in the land
are racking their brains about how
to maintain the oualit f Utair Ban.
- . , - .( - w-r
ims ww win do rigiaiy enforced ,re and atill manage to ahow a fair
in tha (future; it having been in margin of eepfit withowt raiaing the
fet since November 15, 1917. and; price beyond th. reset af the aver-
Prrmanga nates. Peroxides and Phoa
phorus, in their various forms.
every dealer has had time U fami
liarise himself with the law and all
its details, and no excuse will be
arrepted in the future. Violation of
thia aot carries a penalty of 13,000
Ane ol imprisonment in a Federnl were S47.824.42. while for
IS IS. it paased the S50.000
prison, or both. A careful and sys
tematic check ia being made, by Fed
eral Authorities, of every dealer in
the State who handles exploeivea or
ingredients, regardless ot.lucatioa or
sixe. Aa inspector or some deputy
may drop in any day, and dealers
should aot allow themselves to be
caught, .unprepared.
There la a United States Explosives
ileeneing Officer in every County,
id such dealers as alreadv
procured their license should take
immediate steps to do so.
' This is considered one of the most
important war measures enacted by
our Congress, and dealers can not be
tpo careful in making ssles of explo
ajves or their ingredients.
age citixen.
I'You take our own case with the
News. The operatiag e peases for
the News for May, 117, were $3.-
740. SI, while for May, 1918. they
until I took Csrdui .
, I was not sble to do any ol my wok
(or one year and I got worse s!l the time,
wss confined to my bed oil snd on. I got
to bad with my back that when I stooped
down I wss not able to straighten up
again ... I decided I would try Cardui
. . . By time I had takes the entire bottle
I was feeling pretty good and could
rlraijhten up and my pains wens nearly
til gone.
I shall slwsys praist Cardui, 1 coa
Inued taking it until I waa strong and
wen." (I you sutler from pains da to
VWlle'tomptaints. Csrdui may be Just
( A d vertisemeatt mm
have met with the government's con
servation of paper orders, and I am
goinvo. da everything in my power
U Maintain the quality of the News,
and. If tha price has to bo Increased,
it will bo only under the stress of
necessity.''' 1
Christian Circuit Court, Kentucky. .
A. L. Burkholder L.
B. Burkholder, partners, i
doing business under j
the Arm name of Burk- !
holder Bros. I I
Against i
Jim Lantrip and Onie I I
Lent rip. j
BY VIRTUE of a judgment and
order of Sale of the Christian Cir
cuit Court, rendered at tha February
term thereof, 1918, and an order
of resale dated in the above cause,'
I shall proceed to offer for sale at
the court-house door in Hopkinsville,
Ky., to the highest and best bidder,
LvVii U, QJ
At Prices You Can! -Afford
Pints - - - 80c per dozen
Quarts - - 90c
1-2 Pints -Pints
' Quarts
1-2 Gallon
Get our Sptcial Prices on Oil Cook Stoves.-
Phone No. 249 Phonei No.. 249
$1.00 per dozen -$1.20.,
$1.40 44
There is an iacraase ot nearly SI 1-3 1,1 PLBUt. ALiLTION. on Monday,
per renL for May thia yar. and more l jCh dv of August, 1918. between
than 40 oer cent, inrreaaa for Jona lhe hours of II o'clock a. m. and
l "In the meantime, a 10 per cent. 2 o'elm-k p. m. (being
advance In advertising rates had gone
into effect Mar I. 1918. but IS per
cent, lacks a lot of making up for an
increase cost of more than 40 per
In . 19 IS the newspapers of the
country were paying under 1 cents
at the mill for white paper. During
the greater part of 1917 the average
price was around 2 Vi cents. Far the
first six months of this year the fed
eral government Axed the price at
three and ten one-hundreds cents,
but the manufacturers of paper
have appealed from thia decision and
hfcva also been granted a rehearing
before the federal trade commission.
I "The manufacturers are practically
a unit In declaring mat four cents
County Court
Day I, upon a credit of six months.
following described property, to-wit:
"On Brsr Wallow branch, a tri
butary of Tradewater river, being
the same tract of land that waa willed
to George Vi. Lantrip, by his fath
er, . E. , W. Lantrip, by will dated
January 13. 1908, recorded in Will
Book No. 7, page No. 95, in the!
office of the Clerk of County Court!
of County aforesaid, deeded to said
(eorge W. Lantrip, by Willie Lantrip!
by deed dated November 18, 1914.
recorded in Deed Book No. ISA page;
382. in the office aforesaid, and
bounded as follows: Beginning at I
twg old marked pott oaks, corner
with Jack Cranor'a survey; thence.
with line of same N. 40 W
40V. W. Ittt
more will be the price for the P" 10 "! ,nenc w,ln snowerj
half of this year. lin of "" N- E- 109 ! i
Now, the Agures I have quoted t0 ,tjk nd P'nters Junis Cran-
above as to ths ooerstine exnenses on torn" ior lunner aescrip-
ri tho News for Msy and June were tion nd boundary, see deed book;
made under advantageoua paper eon- ,J0 JB na wl" w
tract. With the probability of paper j7- 95- 'co'dsd in County j
casting ua four cenU or mere. weCIer,,', mc Hopkinsville, Chria-j
must look sbout us. The News1'"" county. Kentucky. conUining,
white-paper bill, buying paper around 1 ,'
three cenU. has been averaeine about , Qr sufficient
f 20.004 a month. Increase tha orice " of money ordered to be
ta 4 cehU, as seems very likely. sndlm,d' Hnting to S2S1.2S. For
ttkere is added about 17.900 per
nionth for paper alone... without al
lowing for the25 per. cent, advance
in freight rates.
"Now, that is tha situation. Ws
thereof to produce
Preferred Loeali
fOR TAXI Call J. H. Reese. S79.
t Eyea teaud.. lansss grooaSU .
BARD WlCXa,s4A4tome s.
Furnished rooms lot light
keepings Modern convenieneaa.
Qosa in. Ceil S87-ris S. 74 tf.
For wall paper from to to 80 per
roll, see Mrs. Emma, aUe4 aad eoa,
3,1 1 Walnut street, Phono 7UO. . S8tf
FOR SALE Several lard cars.
ia goor condition, at a bargaia. Pheaaiu t (
COMPANY. : 11 9-3 1
$25 00 achoUrahia,JHirusWMi's
Practical Business Colkgo.- Naasw
ville. Teas., good fot twenty va aWi.
tare eaah In payasaaA ed-Saillasi W1U
maks liberal diacous . laaatasa at
Daily Kaatuckiaa eg. . .m
the purchass price, the purchaser
must execute bond with approved
surety or sureties, besring legal ia-1
terest from the day of aale until'
paid and having the force and effect I
At,4wRsplcvm Bond. I
Bidders will he nreoared ta sons- 1
tply promptly with these terms.
Master Commissioner.
Bresthitt, Allensworth 4 Breathitt,
Electric Heater
rr.'. '
' " 41
m '
Machine Motor
Portable .
Curling Iron
Hot Pad
Ligbti Fbft'Hosie
Ws havo Jiut lisksd o( aak aavor-l. .
al farms at prieoa sad ssx lessn aiwtes
wa consider extra ioul, ai . seat, are I .,.
in tha market foe land th unit w Tstlophona 3012
to see tt, W also hawawaams Jwy.
desirable city yropsrty fef aaisv .t:4
m ir
QIasses at 30
I. id Mcv,-, .
LiUettcr -Vision
al 60.
Don't take chances -with your eyes.- "
Let our eye specialist examine
them and grind .the lenses to
suit you. Don't wear cheap -. S
S. W. HARDWICK, Manager. 5
Among the many monuments to General Sherman, the one situa
ted in Calvary Cemetery, St. Louis, is a must unique, compelling de
sign. The very character of its architecture seems to emphasize tha
faithful and honorable spirit of this old warrior.
rj .
m a at as stss
r iv"o f-
We believe in being
faithful to a trust. 1
We believe in being,
honorable in our
'dealings. We do a
high- characte r ed
work at a reasona
ble price.
SOD N. Main SL, Jlopkiiwvillc, Ky.
Telephone 4!K).
Capital, Surplus and Undivided Profits
Deposits Over
OneJVlillion Dollars
The Largest of Any Bank in Christian County
The Long and Successful Career of This
Bank Recommends It As a Safe Depository.
W. T. TANDY, President
JNO. D. TRICE. Vice-Pres.
IRA L SMITH. Caohiur
J. A. BROWNING. Jr., Aaal Cashier
JOE sIcCAKKOLL, JR., Ass't Cashier.
Roofing, Guttering and Repairing.
Plat Bed Steam Boxes.
Country Work a Specialty,
Rear L O. O. F. Building.
Brings Result ;
UM0L eui'LHIN TATS " 1
Chorokoa B!dg.

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