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Radford & Johnson
We will tell you (arm in Christian and . adjoin -v
inff counties.
We know the farm lands of this community and
Will do our best to sell you a good farm or wi'I sell I
you a nice house- and lot in the city.
We hare several attractive farms in our hands
for sale. Prices reasonable.
;205screa t miles of Fairvtewon rural roule. Writ
proved and wall walerorf, about 70 arret of fine bottom land.
Iwinln at tia,OOO.iia Tertne rekennable.
2l5acrea4mi.uthof Hfikinsvtlle on Main Streets
i me, ina lira well, o.mn1 improvement. A nka aliowy pwee,
xioa mme in line community.
Come to ice vt and we will show you somHhmtf
interesting. J
'ennyroyal Building,
ft OfficeVF
Pork! Pork!
Ul ' 47IZ r Via 3 . I
V. Jl 1- -i..- If-.,
J Ha1'.' ' '-: I 1 1 hn-i'l
i. .,- I .i ...,-..: I i I I ......
! I-., rs - M I jl fl f
I :''" :,; L ji
r u r . ki i i tarn mi a .a k a aa'n
Ji ir.iu Ui,; ,
IISw If r 'f Helm
" lj www r , X J
T " ;" ii 0 am ' ,"; li '
"i niajtoao
The Age of
Mirntnm on anfihlni h-r lnlkttlre
lrotnrr in ) ,
Afr j-ntma SKinfnn hud t-mr. tUa
lo nf thmi mtiMf hr In fhi m4
and lnrrtH mra. otlif ullrntly.
Th thjr turned wlihmil a rnn n4
walkH bark la th kicpa of tha rlab
Arm yim rnnilnt InT aha akt
"Not tmillit." ba aalil. "It would
p-ill II all. IVrhKpa tomorrow. Will
Jo he hrrt tomorrow afl'rnoonf
"I Un l knw, I anpMiae an," aha an
aworM nhwniljr.
Tfrhapa r"t tlilnk I owe jrn aa
eoaat an1 In I ha Itrlrat. Rndflr had P"'" " Tn " nrtJ.
a a
i , ' Aoi Business ' of (tioJfoin&i
Corr1kt. 01. ky lha MrClara Hawapa
par ajMnaaw.)
Aftar aaarlj ta yaara it tha Waal
roma hotne. Thai frarloaa trrWng of
hHonrfnf anniawhm anrnl thrmiib
-an rarjr wall np..lala. (an If
"I aitpimaa Bof. aha urml with a
uo not neglect vour
' i i i f i .i 1 1 .. . , . ,
and push them to maturity.
In this way you help our gov- ', ; ::
ernmcnt, our army, our navy,
bur allies and yourself most iof
all. tnV -ijfj
. "liicie Mil
fBear-In Mind
.ii.. j i M if i
Ik... JII V 1 v
' -a
A pure non-Intoxicating drinL
Banishes thirst. Helps digestion.
Ha tha refreshing taste of hops.
Bear la mind COW "and ask for
it at grocers', at druggists', etc.
in fact, at all places when
sold, i '
. . i ., v.
Forty United Pro ill
Sharing Coupon (2
coupon each da-,
nomination 20) are
pacha ( aver?
raaa. tithinifMhk
lorvaJuabk praniMiTm.
LEMP, Manufacturer.
bl. LrUUlS
aw as . I
"V .
hla haart aa ha atrollad down lha drl hru- ", a mlataha.
of hla mooMf aatare- unnarnaath rha "m' wwiW ba tcrrlhla fne
etart. It waa good l ba bark aula, I ,rl to nsr ' face the fart that
and ha amlled aa ba leaned ataloal thai nt"'4 kl"" agalaat hla will."
tana rotanin of the fata listening la' An ml,h ""Kh' '""s11 hB aklpiwd
lha muale thai arompatad throiiah tha ,n ""P u" llaapared within,
aigni iron tna country noh aoraa
thraa hundred yard down tha road.1
They wera dancing ! The youogatara
had probably orartun rha ptara after
all thaaa year, and than ha laughed
to hlmaelf. foe ha had beaa one af lha
youngatere at the lima of hla leering,
and thoaa w-bo ware klda then, were
the youngatere of today.
Tha lure of tha muale draw hlpj
down tha road and ba an tared the club
grtmaoe Sod atood la lha ahadowa M
the great tree. ' Tha awaylng rouplea
circled paat tha long window, tba
light dreeae of tba girt a awinglng wide
on lha turn.' The innate raeed, thar
waa a ripple of epplaoee ami thaa
the mnale atarted again. A white flg
are allppd out of lha door, atood heat.
tantly at lb top of tha etepe aad thaa
drarended. 8b pauaed for a moment
at lha drive and then acuddad down
through the trea toward tha place
w tiara Enderty atood agalaat tha wall.
8urtdenly aba atopped, peering Into
the ahadowa end Ihea dlacerned Eav
derly la the gloom. "
"Oh." ah laughed lightly. -There
yoa are, Charley boy r ' Tm ao gtad to
aee you and ao proad of you r And
ah dancad forward, - throatlig
eager young arma anoat Endarly'a
berk. "I knew you'd make good," aha
nitirmarad. patting hla rhrak, Aad
they've all beeo ao hateful t"
Kndariy was aurptlaed. but aotblng
daunted, be permitted hlmaelf to
earhraeed by tbia affectionate yiwnl
woman. He eeea encouraged ber
little and returned four or five of bar
ktaeee, but the la at one had been girea
with a much fervor and had laated
aurh a length of time that Ibe girl Ml
euddealy Blleat. Than the oM moon
ovnrad .r a bit and apllled a ahaft
of allver down through lha tree right
a the two of them aa they atood there
Buy the Dcjt
nI Keep ricascd v
rwith Your
Every woman wants to be as attractive
as possible. 'And It's perfectly right that ahe
shcTuidbe. eriAii;)kii adthu
Actresses are more envied and admired,
?erhaps. than any other class of women. '
et they are not always the most beautiful.
They attributethetrl charms ina i measure to
the regular use of aod creams, lotions, eta t
We rave a line of the latest and most effect
tve beauty -aids, perfumes, etc, to please lhe-
most exacting. ,
FN . . m ma ... t . i ... '.
L'ajy rnoao laa pnon fuu-l
MadhMJAvinc.' Ky., Auk. 22 Ed
word lea Maatere. of, vneville and
f faery Land more o, 1'rankaU. Ind..
wera arm. tad at'liertana , Gap and
brought her that morning, the o Ul
cer belie.irr tha boy havmg da-
: eertod from Camp MMb, Mim. They
; war en a freight trahv when arreat-
ad. They claim to be member of
company F, 113th auRply train and
t Mid they were off oa a furloiigh.
caUminc thSyad tat iV (Tba aa
Vtoritiea at tsmp Shelby ha bean
iotlflad but ao aKWer haa bem ra-
j calved yet m 1
Lincoln,! Neb., Aug. 21. Rcturaa
! from yeatetday'a primary election re-
casvad tonighi 'khow Uniud Sutaa
Senator George V.'Norria leading hia
opponcoU y about 1(000. eotea for
tha republican nomination of the
United State aenat. ; j ' i j
John 11. f Morehead, former gover
por, ha ptobablje-woa in tba demo
cratic race! for nomination aa United
State aenstor.
In the jdemrcratic gubernatorial
conUat Governor Keith Neville con
tinue to hold a commanding lord
ovr Charlt W Bryan while Samuel
R. MfKelvie 1 running far ahead
of Walter IJohnaoa for the republi
inatlon for governor."
Sitting aa a Lea.
M W If -2. UvJV II 11
No time ii better than tha prcier.tfor emancipa t e
ing the home from the coal dust and the housewife
from the drudgery of thev ccl pl!i ..id ash heap.
Kcntucliy Public Gtr.':ibCd;-
heart lo heart, aud the girl atared la
Endarly'a eye with a wild, wondering
i"Tu, you. li murmured Wealhr
leaaly. You era not Charley, at all r
and aha moved to releaae herarlf.
"Oh, yea I am." amlled Kndariy, W
ting her go, reluctantly.
.."Hut not my Charley!. You aee I
waa eiertlng my brother!" And her
tllia head crept up and preaaed light
over her mouth. - -
Juat then there a a a aarlft atep on
the gravel drive and they turned oa
the lulruder quickly.
Hetlot That you. HI" he aaked
aaerly Then, h reachad oul and
caim hi hrf about the ahouldara, hug
ging bar with a laugh, aa he Inapartad
Kmkrly curiously. "Vhy, li e toiler
ly," he aald, extending hla hand.
"'Metubeay not 'Uemlwr t'harly
Rtanton. the kid you coached oa the
whand drivel Hm wa only twelve
lJUeur-aaful akluuy legal 'WruibarT"
he chuckled on.
And Ibea It wee that l.'mierly ra
uivmliered tha Htantoos and tha two
Stanton children. "Hut why lha secret
retidertwwa.--tmher--and - tterr't
aaked Kmh-rly rurloualy.
Young Wanton grinned al hla (later
a little ehnnieracedly. "Too va beaa
ewey aad 'dlilu t hear; I gueaa, anoat
youre truly, thira foo awful me .
kicked our by Dad aud all Unit. Sort
of thing. Bui Mis here eturk to ma and
I rnii away and mad good. yut lo
ap'.te em. I Uolng through Iowa and
ut bad tif aee ibe loyal lady for a ts:
nient. IU4 to go lo Boetoa tonight.
Tell down the road what do yoa aay
to wal.lnjg dowa with mel"
So Kmlarly eauntered along with
them. Ilatetilng to their chatter. Th
hoy waa fall of hla and hla rtaing
aacceaa. hig the girl wa alien! for tba
The next afternonn Knderly found
Htanton aetitor In Ibe linker room at
. the cluli, i
"Well, Oir1f," eirlalmed that ln
dUldual genlany, "hack among your'
own arfnlnf - Na more lo dwell la
heathen lamia, ehl IUd any golf,
lately r '!.'! -
"lioi aoraa neae for you. Rtaoton.,
Met Charley In town yealerday. What
do yoa think of thatT"
Stanton frowned. "That cub die-
traced the Suntoo. ' forever.
auxed up witb a rhoroa girl to
tan of fifteen tbouftaud dollar, aad I
couldn't afford It, either. Thought hla
BHitber'd never be able lo bold up ber
bead agalnl" He looked around
etealtblly. "How' Ue boy looklaT
be aaked.' .
"Fine aad making good la every
way. He' working with Rodger
Weak, competitor of your. Bald It
might be a good thlrg to know the
baelnea om day la case you might
aeed him."
"lid he eay thatT demanded Stan
ton. "That and a lot mora. U'a a Una
boy, Bianton. Good blood la him."
"By. George. Knderly, I've mlaaed
that biy." aald Ibe older man. alttlag
down heavily oa the bench. Uuaky, ;
good-lookrog young davit, and Juat eo ;
full of pep he dldu't know what to do 1 JJ
with It all." !
"Why ifciot you eend for MmT" per- !B
an acted Knderly, with hla hand on tho'aj
other'! (boulder. He bad hi leaaon. t
Let me telegraph for him to come
I'p In the halt Etxtetiy nnlahed tele-
phoning and atepped from the booth
Juat aa Grace Htautou and ber daugh
ter entered.
Why. Charley Knderly t" eiclnlmrd
lira. Htanton. rafrhlue hla two ha mis
eagerly. "Ada, dear, ttilw 1 the young I ' yOU.
man w ho need to h yoa out nf iho i!
creek yo naed positively' to adore I
ld IT" said Ulaa Htantow Um tin" se
en tly, looking out of the window.
"Ada Stanton, If you aren't nice' to
Charley Kmlerly, I'll shake yoa." atil.
her mother Impatiently. '
"My goodnaaa, ma'am." exclaimed
that ywuag lady grimly, "what do yon
want ma to do htaa hlmr
"It Vouldn't be the first time,
laughed her hiolbrr. recalling the
ful past of Ada's childhood.
"Nor the last, maybe," grinned
derly, leading the reluctant Ada
toward thai veranda, .
Half an hour later, SUanton senliar
bad driven wild Into a small clump of
woods Juat beyond the third green,
and while hunting for Ihe ball he ob
served lo hla dismay a girl and a man
sitting' oa a log. Th party of the
first part was hla daughter and she
waa being klaeed and seemed to like
It, whereat Stanton puabed Ihe eager
raddle out snd hurried away. "Loak
ball." he chuckled.
And that night be confldot lo hla
spouse as they prepared fur bed. Im
atedlafelr Mrs. Htantun marched Into
ber daughter's room for sa Interview.
Hut she found Ada quite unahamed
though full of airy-eyed wonder at the
love that had attrprlsed her, an Crnce
Stanton returned to her huaband lo
awe. I f
"My word!" she murmured. Till
la ihe age of eeed. Those two are
engaged V ' i- '
And then alia cried beraaae, well
nwitliers are queer, sometimes.
Yoa run yoar business with a check
book. Is your horn run on a bust-'
ncss baoia with a check book?
Women are realising more ami
more that many of tha convenience
bf business life can b used to great ,
advantage in tha management of the
home. The number of oar lady com
positors la large and constantly grow.
Ing. W appreciate tba patronage
ef women and we make tfce-if trans
action with this bank pleaaa.it
Open yoar household checking ac
count toils y.
S Per Ceat lateraat oa Time CartiftV
eatae of Dapoalt. '
: ftopkirisvillei "KyJ' 5-
J. E.
McPHERSON, President .
CHAS. F. McKEE. Cashier. S
5';. L H. DAVIS, Vice-President J
H. L, McPH ERSONAggt. CasbirrT T
Sal fe ataf 2
1 n
j Belter Banking service for Farmers-- r;
... f-i
as I fi
The Federal Reserve-Banking System, with com- 2 ""J'f
bined resources ot a thoasand million dollars,' hal been"'T7! 1a
' r
established by Act of Congress to aland back bf 'the ! ' J
farming and business interest of the country.
' ' SI 3
. We are members of ihia system whib' enablcs its,'
better than ever before, to supply our faimeis with the"
credit and currency ihey heed for producing crops and.
to protect them against disorganized marketsl""' u' 5
If you aro nut linked up with this system as one of:
our depositurs'come in and, let us tell you how H help 2
fl '
rl ii- , : .-
raaiaAL aaarwwJ
ft .
- RrM National Baiikrs
S.O M ,
out I jf e; ,
k's: .
Roofing, Guttering and Repairing-
Plat Bed Steam Boxjes;"; -s
, Country Woik a SpeciaUyv";
t A
K i -1
' Si
Rear I. O. O. F. Building!
t 'S
li: '
! t.
a-- i-o-o --i ttn - a -
UPRPe r.nriT ruiwrc f
Manchester, Conn. James
Velrfe baa a ben which laya
freak egg once a week. They
are usually of largo also. Tba
la leal one, a doable egg, me- O
ured ' 8V I ache la cireumfer
euce and Incbea around the
center, la th center of the
larger egg waa a smaller one,1
the ahell of which waa harder
.1... .k. i .i.
i in il i ii w uiwt vviau i
v- o a
4 (..l,-.-
shah ati J
livciy 2:3 Board St
' Hopkinsville, Ky.
Ay (.u.
if "
J V' s.f.CJ r cr"
afitaji l an. .. . ,
-a a-4- --?---
Phona 32: Virginia Street, Between 7th nd 8th. Ji c
i.'. t ,: t-t
i t - j
North I.TiniJ Opposita -t
Court House, -,
. Prtctkal Jeweler and CradaaJ, OptotaL J ,
7 , . . I , ,
TV. INTELLIGENT, awat WISS aaaaJa alwava aoiraaiao
kaalMaa awwaa af aatabllabaal repwtattea Jf baiaa aa4 HHH
slaalUa. aaal tW (vtlaaJa woetMsoaahip wkUAia aaqairaal awry ff.
laag tear of osaarlaaaa. Sai lis tba kaaao M. D. KaOy. Sa
i s.
la HaoklaavUla as I A J.
I "Watchmaker of Acknowledgeupawlofity1. '
&rial '
ns e C 4
"'" a
".! 1 I
i t
i Bfl. m eouldat "rnh nuf t
1 -yj
erf of KmU'T'.f'n k ! long enough '
I t-

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