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"ttAT norm.
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i; 13 rou."
Dtablithed 1879 VoL XU-D.ily Vol. 1. No. 148
M.W ef
7 - - - : : "ce 3 fV
t Thursday and Friday. CooUr
Sdi'tonal Comment
Walter Hince Pan, An
to England, hai resigned en arcoant
f 111 health.
John Boynton, a soldier from
Denver, at Camp Sherman, following
quarrel ahot and wiunded hla wife
and tn killed himself.
Vilhjalmur 8tefaaeon. Arctic ex
plorer and discoverer of the "blond
eekimoe," la at Circle City on hla
way up Ui Tukoa and on the out
side yU Juneau and aoatheaatarn
. Alaska, according to advieea received
Fifty American cowboys and other
.eWniani got Into the Nofalea fight
wilVM-Ua.hn the scrap devol-
Pd teal skirmish. We now
aoo rA President la keeping
trained aeMlern at Camp Shelby and
other soot hern rampa.
The fight at Nor lea waa really a
matter of shooting acroee the street.
.which la the boundary lino between
Nogalee, Arii.ona, and Negates, 800-
ora. International street waa Uo
battle (round until the Mexicans
were pursued.
. In the north the British are al
ready acroee the upper end of the
old Hindenburg Una and If their pro-
rreaa continues they soon will be able
to operate to tha east of the lino an
unscarred ground on which tanks
and ravalry can be brought into the
fray with good results.
Behind the lines everywhere
French and British airmen are har
air5 tha Germans in retreat, but in
this work they are being met by
Urge forces of enemy airmen, who
sre fighting hard in a endeavor to
r ie secure the retrograde movs-
t of their foot soldiers.
Judging of Hereford and Angus
Grand champion, any beef brood.
Polled Durham special, offered by
K. n. McGaughey.
Poland China Hogs, special by R.
H. M'Gaughey.
man-power bill, bringing with
srmy draft all men from 19
are old, waa paaaed Monday
.Senate and a modified work
clause. All efforts to change
limits or to direct separate
i.ion of youths under 21 fail
e m rasa re now goes to con
en the House and Senate
Terence for serious contra
ct the work or light provia-
t at all unlikely that the
i In Mexico waa something
' a mere clash Caranxa
it America and Mexicans
-. unfriendly and many
e openly pro-German. It
.,. t. Caranxa, who wished the
Kauur i ".y more happy birthdays,
is try!'', to "help soma" by doing
sonvthi'K to stop tha ateady stream
i f Aim" in who are going over ov
v to take part in the
Rhine. If so, it may
to make another choice
plea and furninsh Villa
d amunition.
of Senator OUia M.
' very prims of his use-
I ublic calamity at this
; and vigorous, a gaint
I tha most powerful po-
in Kentucky or the
of the leaders In
xtic prty in tha nation,
ue he stepped at onra In
hip without tha usual pr
!ubailon, and was tha rlgnt
ti or President Wilson In all
t legislation. At tha early
I yer, ha has fallen at his
'i an endorsement given him
I. . il.sthlxd without tha atking.
To him came tha exceptional honor of
presiding over two conventions that
nominating a president His death will
cause eal sorrow all ever Kentucky,
for ha was without doubt tha most
pvpu'u- man in public life in Ken
lucky, liis place will be haid in
deed to fill, because ha was a sis tee
ms n and not mere successful poli
tician. ii i IMWI .
Fenton S. Cunningham, ona of the
young men in the list of aelectivea
'who lefi yesterday waa a linotype
operator In the) Kentucklan omce. The names of forty-eeven AmaT'j.
I.s waa a member ol to. u. and aaw, M Midiera killed on tha French
tervkt on tha Mexican border. Last front Sre Included in tha 'casualty
isii na wen uivauaea ana aiscnsrgca ut announced by the
Afternoon Race.
2:25 trot, mile beat. S la I, parte
1:1 pace, mile heaU, I la I, pane
Running, t-4 mOa dash, pom flfto
Running, 7-1 sail dash, puree $100
Metropolitan 8howi on the mid
With the passing of tha cloud and
tha re-appearing of Uic tan, the Pen
nyroyal Fair give prom tee of being
tha best in the history of tha ass
tion. Tha exhiblta, which war not
sll on band for tha opening day, ware
all In place for yesterday and great
'a, ona or tna largest m years
waa on hand. Tha Metropolitan
hows are proving a hit. Many new
and attractive devirea are causing
lot of favorable comment among
those present Among theaa are tha
whip. Thia la an entirely new at
traction to thia region and was the
center of attraction last night It
la a riding device, which gets Ha name
from the Jerky motion which It has.
Tha races were again very cloaa
In the 2 J trot W. C. Jenkins, Fast
Tramp wow handily it) 349 & taking
alt three heata. Sievero't Victor
Muscovite waa second in each heat.
Rittiaa Morine won tha 255 pare
In straight heata cloaely pushed by
Joe Direct owned by Fitxgerald. The
time waa 2:194.
Mrs. Hubbard who won both run
ning races Monday duplicated thia
feat hy' taking tha S-8 mile dash
with Patriotic Mary In 1.08. and the
7-8 mile dash with Dengro in 1:34.
These were tha same two horses
which won Monday.
Following are tha awards in tha
cattle rings:
. Shortkeras and Polled Durkaass.
Bull, three years and ever. Ham
ner A Meacham, 1st, McGaughey 2d.
Bull, 1 year and under 3, McGaug
hey 1st, Hsmner aY Meacham 2nd and
Senior Bull Calf. Hamner A Meach
am 1st, Holland Garnett, 2nd, Mo-
Gaughey 3rd.
Junior Calf, McGaughey 1st, H
ner A Meacham, 2nd.
Champion Bull, any ago, Hamner
A Meacham.
Cow 3 years old and over, Mc
Gaughey 1st and 2nd, Hamner A Mea
chain 3rd.
Cow, one year old and under three,
McGaughey 1st, Hamner A Meacham,
Senior Heifer Calf, Hamner A
Meacham 1st
Junior Heifer. McGaughey let,
Hsmner A Meacham 2nd.
Champion Cow, any ago, Hamanr
A Meacham herd, bull and I females,
McGaughey 1st, Hsmner A Meacham
Senator OllierM. James
Most Prominent Leader
- . . 'T
In Kentucky
Passes Away
t aaaawtuaj m n i a swwiannain ta sasasaaJ,ssi.sM ojqsw ss.
The steamer trie, of 600 tons, has
been (fnk by shell Are, presumable
by the same submarine which tent
four fishing schonera to the bottom
on Sunday off tha Atlantic coast
The ainking of tha four schooners
by a German submarine off Point
Platte, Miquelon, " apparently Indi
cates that the U-boat la working east
mariner said. Tha point where the
vessels went down in tha farthest
east that tha submarine has yet oper
ated in its attacks on tha Ashing
Gets the Deasoerali Neeaiaetioa foe
U. S. Senate la Mkhigaa.
(By Associated Preee.)
Detroit, Mich-, Aug. -28. Incom
plete returns today show Command-
Henry Ford, Democrat, have been
nominated by their respective parties
Baltimore, Md., Aug. 28 Senator
OWei M. James, of Kentucky, died at
John Hopkina Hoepital her today of
acuta affection of tha kidney.
Mrs. Jaatea and the Senator's
brother, E. H Jam, war with him
when tha and came at 8:45 o'clock.
Tha senator bad boon a patient in
tha hoepital about lis month.
Olll M. Jamea, on of tha leaden
of the Democratic party and long a
dominant Agar la Kentucky poli'.im,
eerved Ave consecutive term ss a
msmber of Congress front tha First
Kentucky District, waa elected Unit
ed 8tte Senator by tha General As
sembly i ;12, and was renominated
for that oAc by a large vote at the
StsU priorary ea Aug. 3, last
Bora in Crittenden county, K., Ju
ly 27, 1RT1. aad educated in public
and ecedemtr-erhooh) tn that taction.
Jaawa took a early interest in poli
tics and at tha rloaa af a legislative
ion, during which h served as, .
page, ne began In study ot taw in. Kentucky's crop Drosnocta at are
the office of his father. Judge L. H.tnt may be eummarised an bevag i
Jamea, and was admitted to the barihcat crop of approximately 12.192.
(By Associated Press.)
Washington, Aug. 28. Senate and
House Coflfrcnee on the Man-Power
Bill reached a complete agreemnt to-.
day, eliminating the Senate "Work
or Fight" amendment
II FlfEC.'" lie.
(By Associated Press.)
Washington, Aug. 28. The arriv
al of Gen. Elias Callea Military Cover
nor of Sonora, at Negates, to pre
sent tha profound regrets of the Mex
ican government for tha clash today
between Mexicana and American
troops, in ths border town, it sxpect-
Th adoption of tha conferees ed to put an official close to the mat
er Truman Newberry. Republican and T"m oy ootn tne senate and.ter. Tha action of Proaident Caran
u r i n 1 , l i Houee immediately after they con-l xa in ordering Ceneral Callaa to ara.
vane tomorrow la regarded as cer- ceed on a special train to tha scene
in yesterday' primary at candidate U,in- 0nly th diPO' of one or two
for United States enatora. . i",ln" ndmsnts remains to be ac
Ford, who waa a Candidate on both '""l ""lorro on
ticket, received thirteen thousand ,nine cf th' two hou,,,
leaa than NewberryJ I
of the disturbance for thia purpose
wss accepted here a a formal admis
sion that blame for th affair rested
upon the Mexicana.
At the state department it ia aaid
that no official notice hat been taken
of tha clash until military authorities
have made a complete Investigation.
It is believed Ceneral Callea' apoli
gies will be supplemented by expres
sions, through th Mexlcsn ambassa
dor In Washington.
Br Associated Pre?.)
British Headquarter In Franc.
Aug. 28 "Eeuter" sar hard Ar
Ing continued fday. Th C'
troop delivered another ttU
tha court f the morning on Vk
Ilk front af Av miles flanking
Arraa CamKral road. Th Aght
is rarrmg ihem right into th V
artTTy U U Hinderburg Una. ,
French Armiea la FWId, An
The French Thirty army todi
turod Divert and poshing ano.
tha autskirts of Noyon. French c '
ahry thit morning entered Ker,i;.
French infantry took th town o
C reset, two and a half miles auTL
cast ef Neatl.
Mr. J. W. Wade, one of the moot
Paris, Aug. 28 In a swift ad
vene today covering mors than six
mile at certain point th Frruch
troop oouth of tha Sonsino recap
tured forty villages, th war offlc an
nounced tonight.
a full year before he reached hi ma-'nnn Kn.hrl. Mnunj t a non nnn orominent ritixens nf PnkMi
Jority. . ' ' bushels last year; corn 10,T7 4,000 stricktn with heart failure and died1
During the next four year he bushel, compared to 122.860.000 almost instantly Monday afternoon.
leaped Into political prominence in, bushels in 1917; oat 8.029.000 bash! Hi health had been poor for om
the western aection of tha State, and
h was not yet twenty-five when he
wss selected a a delegate to tha Na
tional Democratic Convention at Chi
cago in 1898 which nominated Wm.
J. Bryan for th presidency.
Out of tha memorable campaign
that followed tha Chicago conven
tion grew a close friendship between
Mr. Jam and Mr. Bryan that con
tinued through life, despite tha fact
that their view war not always In
accord. !
els, compared to 8,080,000 bushels time and he waa unable to engage' OF MRS. JENNIE EDWARDS, WHO
last year; rye 449.000 bushels, com-1 In any activ business. DIED YESTERDAY MORN
pared to 428.600,000 !bo grown last, Mr. Wade waa eighty-four years ITid.
barley 138,00ft bushels, compared to. of age and a nstivs of Trigg county.
MO.OUU busnets last year; Iran po-ne was one oi tne most nigniy -; Mrfc J,nni. Edward, who for sev-
tatoes. ,u,oou Dusneia. comstrtdi cium pi on community inn ; ,i kM ! ..,. u,,.,,,.
an active member of the Methodist' p.,d ,way yterdey morning at
wt viiiot via ovuui w iiinw osiri w
to 6,720,000 bushel last year; and
361,171,000 pouns of tobacco com
pared to 426,600,00 lebs. grown last
Corn haa been badly damaged by
tha drouth in some sections, but ths
late corn" may be able very largely
to overcome tha damage if tha rest
He waa twic married and ia aur-
t Her condition had been critical for
It was tha ringing speeches in da-
fen of th Chicago platform that 0f the aeason be favorable.
Arot attracted nation-wide attention! Although th tobacco crop ia ap-
ta th young Kentuckian and placed ' p.rently seriously cut. In thia tat.
hint at a eingla bound into the Inner by th drouth it should be remember
counciU of th Democratic party of j that tobacco can grow out wonder
hia homo ttat. fuiiy fmm drouth daman In a very
Big Dills." ai James waa familiar1 ,hort time Ute In the aeason. and
ly known to thousands, attended Ave former reports of great drouth dam
democratic national conventiona aa tg9 to tha tobacco crop have often
a delegate from Kentucky subsequ- proven deceptive because of quick
nt U th Chicago convention and e-rowth Ute in th season. However,
served a permanent chairman of the, the crop in Kentucky haa apparently
conventiona or 1911 and 1818 which been seriously damaged.
Lat potatoes will probably yield
i. a u .lii i i ,
. - . cnnuren, mciuaing; tim, ,,, de.th WM BK
John T. Wade who ia now serving' ct, , . 0
with th American expeditionary - Mr- Edwad waa about 79 year
force in Franca. I of age and was a lady af lovabl
runer.1 aervlces.- conducted by' on,Ut, ,nd her death causes
Rsv. W. P. Gordon, were held at the de,p r.Kret ,,,. her tarf, elrcl
home yeaterday morning. The bur- of r.n,i. she ... . life.lon.- m.m.
by the ber of the Methodist church.
ial aervicea were conducted
Masons and interment was in Rose
dsl cemetery.
nominated President Wilson.
II waa largely instrumental in
having tha Kentucky delegation to
th Baltiiaor convention vot for
Champ Clark ' and waa himself a
staunch supporter of the Mlssourian,
but aftsr tlie nomination of Presi
dent Wilson ha became an ardent
supporter af tha latter and frequent
ly eerved at bit tpoketmin in the
legislative chamber.
Jamea' boyhood ambition to serve
in Congress wtt realised ia 1902,
when th age of 81 ha began the first
of hia Ave consecutive term from
th First Kentucky District Short
ly after hia election to the United
Congress, be cams a law.
Bit re-notntnetlou at tha state
wide primary on August 8, after hia
opponent had virtually eliminated
himself by asking hi friend to no,n-
War DaoarUl Insta Jamas, cams while ha waa ill
and came home and registered and wet Tuesday. Ninety-thre are mis ! at John Hopkins tt BaKtmor. where
waa pieced in CUua Ona. His health ,-. iB ,ctio- i30 wounded severely' he had haea confined almost eontin-
bly, the constitutions! amendment
providing for the election of senators
better thsn tht early crop. Tha buck
wheat crop, near Somerset, la report
ed in good condition, with an incr
td acreage.
The crop reports for tha entire
United States Indicate about 878,-
H37.000 bushela of spring and winter
wheat together, (tha spring whest
yield helping cut the drouth-damaged
winter wheat crop) compared to an
averago of 809.345.000 bushels, 1912
-18 inclusive; corn 2,989,975,000 bu
shels compared to an average of 2,-
761, 252,000 bushels, 1912-16 Inch
?vs; outs 1,427,778,000 bushsls, com
pared to an average of 1.296,406,000
SUU Senate by the General Assena-otmshels; barley 231,876,000 bushels.
compared to an average of 201,625,-
000 bushsb; rye 76.6J4.000 bushels,
by popular vot, a measure which compared to an average of 44,547,
naving laiprovea. no waa arawu wim ,nd ,iteen died of wounds, one d ed ' since Tab. 1
C Urt ot nis cis.s and sent to Csmp 0f sn airplane accident, seven died
vlcr. He leaves a yeung wife to ot du.e and thirty two were Wound
V t married i:ty day tgo j,d tht degTt"udtenaiH, '
Id th dramatic eventa that led up
000 bushels; Irish potatoes 391,065,
000 bushels, compared to an average
of 361,753.000 bushela and tobacco
l,227,ti3l,OO0 lha.fumpared to an
aveiage of 1,033,357,000 pounds
19 12-If inclusive.
Field Agent -
Mrs. Lillian Gillock haa compiled
the following list of 34 white and
eleven colored new registrant who
registered Aug. 24.
Herbert Lea Adams, Frank Bryan
Bowie, Leonard Henus Boyd, Rob
ert Nathaniel Brumfteld, Harry Can
non, Luther Knox Cansler, Robert
McKinley Cox, Raleigh Morgan Dick
arson, Charley Dover, Elmer Agan
Gerard, Taylor Procter Gilkey, Har
ry Douglas Goods, Clarence Eugene
Hammonds, William Wallace Hen
derson, William Thomaa JacLvn.
Clarence Elmer Jones, Jim Wesley
Jonea, John Leslie Jones, Willie Jonee
Aaron Kilgore, George Alfred Long,
Wesley Mabry, William Thomaa May
ton, Garvey Edgar McCord, Terry
Edward McGee, John W. Minor, Jr.,
G. Bryan Owen, Ben Perdue, An
drew Rabold Quarlea, Walter Morton
Thompson, Otis Turner, Louis - E.
Wada, John Jonea Word.
Otho Anderson Brinkley, N'oten
Bronston, Edward Caldwell, William
Clark. Paul Dicksrson, Willie Doug
las, Hubert Given. W. B. Hooks,
Robert Jamison, Lee llillon Smith.
Willie Weaver. Alvin Wright.
Sha wss a nativa of Montgomery
county, Tenn., but had lived in this
city for tht past tight year. She
ia turvivtd by two children, Nick
Edwards and Mrs. Fannie Cheatham;
and by two slaters, Mra. Mary Cole
lint, of thia city, and Mrs. Martha
McCulloch Williama, of New York.
Funeral aervicea will be held thia
morning at 10 o'clock. Interment
will be in Riverside cemetery.
Mr. Hirry T., Johnson and Mise
Lillisn McKenxie were msrrisd at
2 :30 yesterday afternoon at the home
f the bride's parent, Mr. and Mra.
W. A. McKansi. near Oak Grove. It
was a quiet home wadding with only
a few intimate frienda present Mra.
G. T. Smith, of Clarkavllle, sang.
"Bcllve Me If A 'Thoae Enduring
Young Charms." Miss Julia Henryl
played Mendelseohn'a Wedding March
Rev. Lewia Powell pronounced the
After the wedding Mr. and Mrs.
Johnson motored to Nashville, where
the groom ia connected with the Du
Pont Powder Plant He ie a eon of
the Ute John Johnson of thia city.
Tha pretty brine ia ona af South
Christian's most charming and popu-,
lar girl.
Two' hundred Kentucky postmat
ure from all parts of tn J'.e Tues
day bi.-n a Iw-d4)fs convention t
H tel Henry Watterson. Tke obis.
Three nums loesl boys have arriv
ed safely overseas.- Thuv are Herbert Joe kellv. who has been ln tha rftv
1 Ji'h;'.an. j,kn f.sc? and James Miller er inn,, lima nn a fnr!t!,-K 1fr !. ' f IKa ha. c.a t. ia aiii'i
IJ iatttr f Cracer. i'' "' -,New Tork tu iom V s!v" ' " " " ' "
v- x v "
Biitish Headquarter in France,
Aug. 28. Tha British have carried
Croaille Isnvourt nd Fly aad tha
French hav taken Marchelpot
TTief Germans factn the nttleit
forces from Arras to Soissona tvery
where are in dire peril. j
On almost every sector of tha bat
tle front, the enemy lino continued I
to crumble before th allied attack.
notwithstanding th violence born c
desperation with which th German
ar countering.
Near Arraa th old Hindenburg
lino ia rtow well out flanked. From
th Scarp river to th Somme, th
hostile line la generally retreating
and from tha Somma, south of Sola
sons, th enemy front has literally
been tmtshed with th German hosts
apparently caught in two distinct
trap. Their escap without heavy
loasea in guns, prisoners and mater
ials aeema almost impossible.
The first trap ia a triangle formed
by tha sharp curve of tha
with Perrono at tha appex. Thia tri
angla a a little mora than thrwa
miles wide and eix mile deep. Tha
Germane In It are fighting with their
back to tha river on both th nonet
and the east
The French troops sprung their
second trap when they penetrated
th Carman front, over a front of 19
milea to a depth of teven miles, short
ly after tha fall of Chaulna. They
are Mill going forward.
Tha Americana are Aghting with
tha French northwest of Soiaaona in
an effort to outflank Chemin-dee-Da
Th Germane hav triad to cross
th vesle aoutn or Bechoehea un
successfully. Berlin stye that 2it
Americana war taken prisoners.
and heavy loss Inflicted., f . '
"Tha next few weka will be a r,
betwen Hindenburg and Wilson."
said Lloyd George, tha British Prima
Minister, in a speech delivered t
fcd.titurgh. May 24.
In view of tha outcome of tha sec
ond battle of tha Marne, there can
bo no doubt that Wilson won the
The AU-lligheat may issue procla
mations .to hia depressed and disheert
nd troops, telling him that . the
Americaa armies and numerical su
periority do not frighten as," and
that "the desperate sfforta ef the en
emy will, aa hitherto, be fiuled by
your bravery." but nevertheless and
notwithstanding, Wilson won. and
Germany la beginning to rerlue that
Wilson won. New York Wt.il.1
The Empress f Germany is i'l i
ki conditio it bV v' J '.
,Ceatiaud ot Fourth Pag.)

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