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. lie 1.
J. H.-i'i ItUo.
f 2 VJ..
m H it U
i Li u
j'r(iuld glance at
the wall." .
- r
, J.ekers are now at liber
more millions.-
cc says the Huns will
k'jvhine awhile and then
fckian -waked up from
just in time for the
an subs are enroute to
e used in tin; Victory
li, Alphonse," seems to
ji of all in starting tte
(living expenses. ' '
nd men are now en-
O i - "ling and registering the
0r . 5,-nericans in France.
' '' 1
(V, ; -jheading is delayed -by a
y' ' 4 foundry, but that is a
' fill Boon be adjusted.
.' . .
J and rejuvenated and
X fa two-year-old, The Ken-
;ady for another 40-year
i aft, the biggest living Re-
ill speak in Louisville May
nterest of the League of
wo years tomorrow since
started and the Kaiser is
most oi our army aemo-
hundred war correspon-
went with the armies to
Vtlve were killed and fifty
Jw Knvo craned in fl hunch
v ""J j --
yie Lexington Reform ScnooL
-eylnight have stayed and 'leavened,
the whole lump.
' -.
If any farmer in CI ietian county
will make affidavit that he is not able,
this year, to take his home paper,
we'll give it to him. -,-",
i , '
Thieves broked in. and ttole Misa
Alitrie HV'olf'g .wedding outfit just be
fore ihe'put it on in Evansville. No
wonder;. Miss Marie howled. - ,
..' t.V'T ; :""'' ;.-
.Tos.-H. Major, one of our "char
,Xmibers" in 1879 was. the' first
"youngster to pay his' entrance fee in
1010- And 'he ie' a Republican at
! h.:t. - . ; . .
The K'aiser is reported to" have
sawed S"0 worth of co-rd wood Emce
he has. ben hiding in Holand, -And
the m pre wood he saws the less he
has to say. . t
' ' . '
The War is over but four avjators
ere killed last Monday, three by. a
ollision at Pensacola and one. by a
all in Cali? .)rnia. Two others escaped
with injuries." . ; .
v .. .
"Uncle Joe" Cannoh got his valise
"swapped", with f drummer on the
train -the other ; cay, and lost hLs
"nighties," There is no telling what
!.e found in th) drummer's grip.
; .r!ce C. H. Bush of thef Strd.'iJudi-'
r L-tr' ', has ,a batting, average
7p i Court of Appeals, of
i.en cl . cases tried on appe:,
teen have been affirmed.
, : ; ' '' - ".
' rs. , Prir hard Baker,' wife of . a
:.foit .uistillejr,:. offered "to. pay
l.fe of every impounded dog for
.h a home was found and saved
' .lives of' !"1 awaiting execution.
;- ' ; ;t.
A Louisvilje girl whose hands
t-e crippledT in the machinery of a
-'ry was awarded $5,250 by a
And yet there are women who
. pr less willing to 'give their
away. ' ''..".'":'
' . York has fixed the price of
. s'op profiteering. The Mvot
: f rixtc-en cents a quart at re
, ... be reduced 1 cent a month
;t reaches, twelve cents on July
1 vYrch will .then become the law-
;'id English
va recently
300 years
thrt 1 h
. . i -
Its New Force Is Mace Up Almost
Entirely of Returned
. Soldier.
: tV Vr
iz 'ir ft ft
ft ft ft ft ft ft
Capt. J. Frank Logan, 1916, Shelby.
A. William Jones, 1917, France.
Oscar Jenkins, .1917,, France.
Harry Tunks, 1917, Austin, Texas.
Vernon Hovrard, 1918, Sherman.
Jolly B, Jones,' 1918, Auburn, Ala.
Fenton Cunningham,, 1918, Taylor.
Robt N. Brumfield, 1918, . Gordon.
J. Mack Newman, 1917, Owen Byrne.
Former Employes. ,
Sam. Ezell, 1917, Taylor.
Ear Broaddus, France.
Harold Weaver, France. :
Elvin Riggins, Germany.
Wallace McCormack, France.
ERNEST' PURSLEY, France, killed.
Luther Gresham, France.
Present Staff
Lieut. Thos. D. Roberts, France
Lieut. Herschel A. Long, still in Ger
many. ' ; . ;
The last ' issue of the Daily Ken
tuckian contained the names of 17
young men who represented the of
fice in the service of their country.
The list in this issue as revised and
added tof contains twenty stars. Ten
were printers who left the office to
enter the service, one the local edi
tor, five former printers and two for
mer carrjer boys. To this list off18,
may now be aJded the name cf Lieut.
Thos. D. Roberts, city editor, and of
Lieut. Hejschel A. Long, one of the
new owners of the present paper.
Of the list of twenty, . more than
half saw service in France and Lieut.
Long is still with the army of occu
pation, at present in Berlin. Of the
two young men who served the pa
per as carriers, Ernest Pursier died. in
battle in the closing days of the war,
November 2. The other, Wm. Ogles
by Soyars, now city prosecuting at-
ftorriey, served as a corporal 'in the
Marines and was recently discharged
and has resurried his law practice.
William Jones,who. entered the
Coast Artillery as a volunteer, was
twice wounded, first on1 Feb. 26 and
later in .June 1918. He is still in
France or at least has not yet return
ed home. '
Lieut. Roberts was wounded in'the
Argonne battle, being hit by a ma
chine gun bullet wjiile - leading a
charge, and was afterwards gassed.
He spent eight weeks in a hospital,
then returned to duty and was lately
discharged. ,V . -
Oscar Jenkins volunteered under
the draft age and served throughout
the war, a part of the time in France.
He was for a year in the Mounted
Police and was promoted to Corporr'.
He is bacV at his old. job with the
Kentuckian. .
. J. Mack Nev. nan served for two
years pn the Mexican border as s
volunteer and was .mustered " out in
May, 1918, and ' returned, to work
fbr the Kentuckian during the sum
mer while waiting for his new "call
from Logan county in "September.
He 'was called out but not sent to
camp on account of the flu. He has
been witli the Kentuckian in the job
depament all the, v'inter and is now
the linotype operator.
. Vernon Howard, who has been dis
charged, has also workfcd some in the
office but is- now partially incapaci
tated by an ear trouble.'
.. Jolly ,r'. Jc-.es, who V nded a
technical school at Aubur !a is
now working at his trap's a. t Al
ton, 111.
San. Ezell, since being discharged,
ha-, been wo. "ifo.;; at-Howling Green,
Kj. -''-'' .'
Luther Gresham has returned home
tut has not of late years been work
ing at the trade. He is a nra ian
in Lebkeucher's band. . '
Earl Broaddus,. though', si , a
printer, or rather a linotype opeitor,
has not lived here or several years.
He entered from New York. . .
'The, other young men' are either
still in the Scrv e, or, if discharged,
have t returned to Hopkinsville.
Th, .-(.-.Huckian is justly proud
of the recor-1 its young men iftade in
tho piTat war. Their service forced
)!, t -:.er ta t'jrr.w vr, i.'s han-.W, bat
v ''':: r-.'e t'.C (:!'-
Bavarians Claim Supply From En.
tecte Is Insufficient and Inade
puately Assured.
Paris, April 4. President Wilson
and Premiers Lloyd-George, Clemen
ceau and Orlando continued their dis
suasion at President Wilson's resi
dence. Other peace conference or
ganizations also met. All the con
ferences tended to unravel the tang
led issues still standing in the way
of peace.
The meeting proceeded amid an
other wave of apprehension, spread
ing through the conference over lack
of any tangible results after the coun
cil of four labored continuously for
ten days. . - -. - ' '.-'., . " -
This was accompanied . . by well
founded reports that those close in
touch with the council of four show
ing that situation,, while not desper
ate, was at least serious- because of
radical differences on some funda
mentals in the settlement of Ger
many's western,' the Franco-German
and the eastern Polish frontiers.
President Wilson, in a conciliatory
spirit has been willing to do most
anything to assure French security
short of the stultification of engage
ments made at the time of the armis
tice. , '. -'
Wilson Opposes Territory Grab
"The French have been assured of
every military protection along the
Rhine and for 50 kilometers east of
that riyer, even to tfre extent of con
sidering that any military activity in
that section shall be looked upon as
o Ve-tili & Puf KJo ia Tint. pnnRin1.
ered" enough and additional .claims R- E. Golden, who was one of the
lead to the conviction that they aieL" prisoners who dug through the
open to construction as to meaning
something more than military secur
it,r n-nrf vprHno on tectorial control. I
. "TV nri1nt. in not. willinc to '
that far ia creating more -Alsace-I
Lorraine 'situations, and it Is thU;
stand againat 'these claims which .is
causing the delay until some middle
ground is found." .' ,
Concerning reparations, it was ad-
ded that there was good prospects
for an early agreement. '.;v;
Psvaria and Russia.
Berlin, Via copejr.agen, Apm 4.
The Bavarian governement has begun
negotiations ior.:uie cuiciubiji ui an
alliance witn Kussia, accoramg toaa- Bffm to Mrs. and Mrs. g. tj. Wool
jce8 from Munich. , dridge Martj, 30 son, Harry Mont-
vThe Bavarian Volks Zeitung ex- ' . " ,,.
plains that the government's action
is due to the fa tt that the food sup-.
ply from the 'entente is, insufficient,
and inadequately assured, where
grain is obtainable from Russia. . j
' Bolshevike Lose Ground.
New York, April, 4,-The northern ,
Caucasus from the Black sea to the
Saspian sea hhs been entirely clear-j
ed of the Bolsheviki as the result oi
the successful campaign of the' army
of Gen. . Deneliine irt that region in
Januaiy-and February, according to
an official report issued here.
Lieut.' Ware At Home.
Lieut, HaTry Ware is in Hopkrn&r
ville on a fifteen days' furlough, vis
iting his parents, Mr. and "Mrs.. J. H,
Ware. .'".' ' . ,"
..Lieut. Ware is stationed at Camp
Taylor for the present. . '
Lieut. "Waller Visits 'Parents.
Lieut, and -Mrs.' Herndon Waller
are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Bailey Wal
ler; Lieut. Waller has lately return,
ed front France where he was a mem
ber of the A. E. F. for several months
He was discharged ecently and af
ter' the Visit here will '.leave for
Georgetown, Ky., with hi wife,
where they will reside. . .
' Back Frt Franc.
Willie Keef, who entered the' ser
vice' from the Kentuckian office,' has
returned home from France and re
ceived his discharge and is now at
hcme.-A " . ; ' '-.' ':
C. A! Knoble, .74, credited . with
havfng captured JeffTson Davis in
1S65, Jied at the Tennessee Soldiers'
Home Tuesday. , ,.' .
ing to the front twenty valiant young
Kentuckians, three of whom fell on
the field of battle and one sleeps his
last sleep in far-away France.
Now that we are bat'k in business
at he same old stand, ready to take
up the' woik-laid dow, is it asking
too ijch cf our patriotic patrons
that they extend to our returning
Sv-lJier boys the welcome they deserve
We tie starting all over again and
wnnt .s''ribefs. Ally ask of
vou is a for Mfh si. .- on o:ir
Chevrolet Automobile to be Given
Away Free to Holder of Lucky
' Number.
The carnival which has been the
center of s attraction for the past
week, held under the auspices of the
Elk's Club, concludes its stay in the
city today,, after a very successful
six-day run. : : --.
There were the usual attractions
including the Ferris wheel, merry-go-rqund,
the whip, side shows of all
descriptions, the darktown follies and
athlectic show, in which local box
ers and wrestlers participated with
nrach credit to themselves.
One of the main features was the
country store, supervised and run by
members of the local Elks' Lodge.
Articles of various description,
ninging from chickens, ducks and
country , hams to cut glass tableware
were contributed" to the store by
friends from the city and county and
all have found a ready demand.
The carnival will close tonight with
the giving away of a Chevrolet-Six
automobile to the person holding the
lucky number. Thousands of chan
ces have been sold and any one can
be a prospective owner of the car by
paving twenty-five cents, the price
of a ballot. The ballots will be plac
ed in a barrel and well shaken up and
a lucky one drawn by a young lady
carefully blindfolded. '
In spite of the inclement weather
at times, crowds have' flocked daily
to the carnival grounds' on Fourth
Street and today's attendance is ex
pected to be the greatest of the week.
wall -of the .county jail and escaped
recently, has been captured in Louis-
V11,e according to a report ironi tne
jailor of that city. ', ' ' ...
.Sheriff Cliborne well leave today
tQ.ing Golden back to Hopkins-
rnrn fA Mr. nnj vT tohf. M
jjj.jgjg March 29, a son, Robert
j jr
- .
Composed of Two Hustling Youag
.Business Merf, To Open Garage
Plans have been drawn' up for a
isew garage in- Hopkinsville. to be op
erated by Ellis J. Melton and Louis
Ellis. The garage will be a twp-story
brick building and will be located on
the comer of Clay and Ninth streets,
on the' site ' of the old . Methodist
The firm twill be know as the "Mel
ton-Ellis Motors Co., and will have
the agency for the Mi-swell, Chal
mes .and Studebaker cars. .,
Lieut.- Meltor : has only recently
"received, his discharge from, the army,
in which he was commissioned at the
First Rserve Officers' Training
Camp on Aug. 15, 1917 as . 2nd
Lieutenant , He was; ,,soon after
wards commissioned as First Lieuten
ant. U. S. Army and was continued in
service until receiving his 'discharge
on February 15, 1919. - ;
Mr. Ellis' is a prominent Hopkins
Ville business" man -and manager of
the Ellis 'Ke and Coal Company. ;
' Pembroke Journal Resumes..
The Pembroke Journal, which sus
pended publication, resumed yester
day "with a card" from the former
owner, C! R. Hancock, announcing
that he has Hold 'the plant to Ira S.
Ferguson. Mr. Ferguson starts out
with 'a good run of advertisements
and quite a newsy paper. The Jour
nal will ho doubt be well patronized.
Another Kentuckian Soldier Back.
Harry Tunks has reached Hopkins
ville with his discharge after a year
of military sen-ice at Austin, Tex. ,
Mr. J. A. Roam, of Pembroke, has
moved to this city, having imvrhr.. J
n ' . ''
the Stork
still wm
The Saloon Men Decline to Accept a
Refund and All Calculations Are
Upset. ' '.-:-
Although the saloon mer,in Hop
kinsville and Gracey closed promptly
Monday night as agreed last fall, the
Pembroke saloons reopened as usual
Tuesday morning and are still run
ning. 'The Board of Town trustees
accepted the full payment for licen
ses and the salon men are within their
legal rights, it seems. The three
owners, Me urs. - Barger, Dougherty
and Ragsdale, it is understood, have
declined to accept a refund of $125
for the next three months
Conferences have ben' held,' but no
way has yet been found to close the
salopns. as the agreement entered in
to had no force as a legal order. , It
gave the board authority to cancel
licenses issued but -this brings on a
legal question that seems to put .the
"dry" side at a disadvantage. Court
proceeding swould necessarily be
slow and the agreement is without a
penalty for its violation.
The refusal to abide by what was
regarded as a compromise has caused
much feeling and indignation among
the 'prohibitionists.
Washington, April 4. Unless par
doned by President Wilson, Eugene
V. Debs, socialist leader, probably
will begin serving in the , penitem
tiary at Moundsville, W.- Va.,,his ten
year sentence for violating the es
pionage act, about May 1. According
to Clerk James D. Maher, of the su
preme court, which on March 10, afs
firmed Debs'. conviction, the mandate
in the "case will be sent to Che federal
district court i nOhio', where Debs'
was tried, about 'April 15.
Henderson, Ky., April 4. Ar
rangements have been made for Con
gressman D.I H. Kincheloe to speak
at Henderson r.xt Wednesday night
on the subject of the "League of Na-1
tipni." , Mr. Kincheloe will also give
an accouhtof his trip to the battle
front before.the armistice was signed
The opera house will be used for this
meeting.: ; ; v.-
Mr. Twyman1 111. . ,
Mr. Joe K. .Twymane-the -grocer,
is suite ill at his home on Eighteenth
Street. : ; . , -
Hopkinsville Music. - - '
Lebkeucher's band will go to
Nashville today to pjay for a home
coming parade '
. , Mrs. Fannie Clardy Prestridge has
returned to Louisville,
Mr. and Mrs.' L. A. Waller, have
moved to Dallas, Tex., to make their
home. " .'""
Mrs. H. C. Moore, ; Jr. j is visiting
her parents, ' Mrs. and Mrs. J. . S
Fritz. ; " ' ' ' ' "' , - - -
Mrs. M. OL. Stockley and little
daughter. ha ye gone to Htfntsville,
Ala., to spend a month with relatives.
Mrs.- E. W. Clark .and son have
g6ne to. Pencraft, N. J., where Capt.
Clark is employed' ih the DuPont
Powder wprks. .
Mrs. Frank H. Bassett has gone to
Florida to visit her, aunt, Mrs. J. A,
Paine, of Pembroke, whose husband,
Dr. Paine, has suffered a stroke of
paralysis. ' ' .
Attory .Robt. A. Cook has re
turned , home from Louisville, where
he was taken ill last '., .week. . Mrs.
Cook and Dr.' J. B. Jacksoi went .to
Louisville and brought him hofne. -
H. A; Robinson has accepted a po
sition "as traveling representative of
a, school supply "house in Chicago and
has goile to that city to take up his
duties. His territory will be Ken
tucky and Tennessee with, headquar
ters here.. f . -.'
Eager -Davis" son of Mrs. Mattie
Davis, has arrived safely rom, over
sees," at the New York port.
David O. Stf ar ha arrived home
f.om Camp Taylor."
Dr. J. A. Pa'u.e, of Pembroke, v. ho
is ill ' i Florida, i improving tnd
ho: to return hor soon.! '
Jn?. T. Wade, i-
of Christian
been rolyasr-d
' ' ' ' '
Purely Personal
Menu To' Be' tne Most Elaborate
Several Years,-Wits, Five
Keeping, up' f..-ith its exc
work of the year,, the Athena
had a most interesting program Ti
day night. .v , ., ..... v - . I i
. H. W. Linton wrote on Joan t
and his historical paper'was" oe (
the best of the yeari He was f
lowed by G. C, Koffman," who wro,
on "Railroads After the War." T1
paper brought out-an animated di
cussion on government ownership t
the roads, the sentiment being a!
most universally against it. .-; Prof.
Koffman himself strongly, onposei;
ownership.-" His paper wa3 an'excc!
lent one. ; i, . ' . v ; -,
The annual election resulted in tho
election of J . A. McKenzie, Presi
dent; L. E. Foster, Vice President,
and H. W. Linton, Secretary.
The annual banquet will be he
May 1, at Hotel Latham with plates
for 120. Those on the speaking pro
gram will be Pr'ident McKenzie,
Dr. R.-L. Wooda jlra D. 'SrrCth,
Frank Rives, Rev."Eyerett: S. - Smith
and A. H. Eckles. . : " ; : , -: .,
. ' - , - T
After a Continental'' Search For
. . Nice Quiet Place. ' , . v
D:'R. R. Bourne, of Los Angeles
County, Calif., has sold his ranch and
is back in' Hopkinsville for the first,
time in 11 years." He was' formerly,
a leading dehtistf and may Ipcate here
again! Dr. Brown left here the day
after the Night R. s .raided I the
town, to hunt a quiet'plac',e and the'
report came back from California -that
soon after ' his arrival there a
barbed who was shaving him was
killed by a man "who rushed into his',
shop gunning for. him. Dr. Bourne
at ; once went. to ' the country ' and
bounght a'ranch, 'but'denies the truh
of the story that he has tigVer been "
in a barber shop since. But he looks
like it was true. ' ..- ' ,
. orks By De Whistle.
I ai'nt gwne pay no.'tention to dis
hew time,". ft colored woman w'as oy-r
erheai;d'to say as sVe, wended hr way
an hour earlier . than , usual, "Vq
gwine to work by de whistle like I
been doin U de time A J
Unofficial Returns Indicate His Plur- '
altijr. Is 15,000-i-City Votes" J .
Overwhelmingly1 "Wet." 'l
Chicago,' April 4 William ,; Hale '
Thompson. jrepublican, was re-elected
Tuesday in one of the most exciting ."
political struggles thecity ever wit-,
nessed; the incomplete official '. re-.,
turns late tonight indi'eet'ng that hia,
plurality would, be'in t. J neighbor-'
hood cf 15,000. His nearest oppon
ent was Robert M. Sweitzer, dfemo
crat, county clerk whom the mayor
defeated four year ago by a plur- ;
ality of more than 147,000. '
Much of the big vote hich the' '
mayor received four-years ago but"'
lost Tuesday, w.en to States Attor-
ney Maclaye floyne, a democrat who.,' '
ran as independent by- petition.
The election, in whicb six-candi- ;
dates ran for ntayor, fell on an ideal
dayfvand the total vote cast was esti-
mated at about 700,000.
City Vote. Wet. , V 'V
The city voted "wet"' by a sweep
ing majority, the first time the ques-
tion had bee"n voted in Chicago. '
Virtually all interest ir! the elec- '
tion was centered" in the mayoralty
fight, although other city officers, in-,
eluding one alderman for each .of the
35 wards was elected. 1 The mayor
made his campaign , on his record in
office and on pleas for republican
party support on the basis of nation-
ai partj lines. THe mayor's refer
ence to Chicago as "the sixth German
city," his refusal to issue an invita- '
tion as ma,yor to Marshal JoiTre, of '
France, and his promise of police pro
tection to a gathering of members !
of the Peoples' Council for Democra
cy and Terms of Peace, all were
used against the mayor by his oppon
ents. Democrats Elect Treasnrrr.
! f
c c"
; 7
ir.t --:t in the h:-r !.'
J-:-hn M.-.Ca:k'y.

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