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Mr Albert Wiiborn
II C MiGooilwiu
villo Tuesday
ihe Crittenden Press
local raws
The Sliurlll wnnts your tnx
Goods at cost nt Hart fields old stand
Stock bills printed nl tho Pkess of
Good 3 bout tor Jnt llutUds
old stand
Hubert Stinson was iu town this
v cck
Ask Ttniik M Jones wind he kuows
about tlio dlfforcut Fertilizers
T J Nutiu was lu
Morgnnllold last
bns moved to
went to Louis-
Lai ies shoes at unheard prices
Hartflolds old stand
Tho curly gardeners me beginning
to stir tho soil
Born to the wife uf Hubert Murphy
a bouncing boy
The plow bos will sion boylu to
got in their work
Dont fail to call in and sco the
burg ins at H rttioids old stand
Tin- candidates uro gather chary on
the railroad tax
llcvJ SScobco tho Presiding El
der was in town Monday
Tom Cochran qualified cu deputy
Sheriff Tuesday morning
Tho Suudn School mass meeting at
the Baptist chinch Saturday
E Gregory at Dycusburg will take
ordurs for Homestead feitillzers
S2000 eu ts for 1500 at llartlWds
old stand
Tho wife ot Newton Stallii us of
this county died oi consumption Sat-
Just received a full lino of garden
seed Call and se J 13 McNeely at
Tho March winds were ou timo
Now let us look forward to tho April
Everybody is for tho railroad but
tho tnx wc cnu tell more nbotit that
in SO days
Marriugo licence havo been issued to
Win G Coudittind Miss Mattie L
A number of- young lolks ntteudod
n minstrel pcrformaiife at Post Oak
Monti nljhi
One or Card ills tobacco stemmors
was fined 45 Saturay for striking
Rankin IIhiiiiuoik
A pneiit gate is in operation iu
front ol tho Court house for the ob
servance of tho farmers
Messrs Wash ami John Deboo and
John McCashn have purchased the
right to sell washing machines iu Lo
gan coi n ty
Tliu local tobacco market 5b very
1ho farmers arc holding for h gher
prices Mid the buyors aro very chary
about their offers
Tho church going people v ill bo de
lighted to learn that Elder I M Peay
of Pembroke begins a niteting at ihe
Baptlit church Sitndiy
There will bo a public rending nt
tho Academy Filday night The class
iu elocution will read for a prize Ev
erybody invited to nttend
Preparations arc being made lor an
ample crop of tobacco this season
Tho low prices dont seem to deter the
armors from raising tho weed
Jailer Plckoin and Mr W M Free
man went to Golconda ouo day last
week thinking the burgars wb
broko into Freemans storo had been
enptund It proved to bo tho wrong
man or at least there was no proof
against taoindivfuurlrealad --
Leo Cruco aud Charlie Ual
lard havo gouo to McLcau county to
sell tho Autonm ic Muoro aud Milli
ken to Ohio county Frauu Loyd and
John Woodall to Ilntler couuty All
oftheso gentlemen are good honest
men and ivo takn pleasure- in reepm
mending t licit to the ptoplo of tho
counties to which they havo gone
Homestead Fertilizers
Having purcnasod n Urge lot ot tho
old reliable Homestead fertilizers
for cash we will sell tho same for cash
nt SJcts per lb f r tobacco grower
and SJcts per lb lor corn aud wheat
grower By tho bbl will deliver at
Marion or Dycusburg
Uelng asked by so many as to who
ther or not I am golug to withdraw
from tho race for Jailer I will just
say this t tho votors of Critteuilcu
county I expect to bo a candidate un
til tho first Monday In August 1SSC
seven oclock in the evening
M L Hays
I hivo a good stock of grrcorlca
quecuswnro tiuwaro woodenware
etc etc for sale cheap for cash or I
will oxebauge tor nil kinds of produce
Corn and wheat wantod I proposo to
sell nt bottom prices aud will pay tho
highest market prices for produce
Marion Precinct to vote on tho Prop
osition to subscribe 35000
According to appointment n meeting of
the citizens wns hold nl ilio courthouse
yesterday nftcrnoon to cnnldcr the rnll
roail question Mr J W Illuc railed
the meeting to Older mid Uted lis object
Mr Williamson of Kvanmillc addressed
the mcetlnp mnUiifr a Strang and telling
argument for the road He n followed
by Hon Jns Clay of Henderson who ex
plained the causes that dcleited Dr
soys droit two years ago llo uiailo un
anscrnblc arguments tor tins enterprise
and In conclusion paid that fit were In
his power lio would do or say nothing to
drive the peoplu Into subscribing tho
amount but ho was autliorlrnl to say mi
les s the money wns raised the road vould
not come here ilr Clay was followed
by Messrs Thomas Davidson and ltlue
all making enthusiastic speeches for the
roadP Squire Bugg was for tho road but
opposed to the tax A proposition as to
whether an effort should be niado to raise
tho money was submittcc and carried
The report of tho conimlttcceo report iu
another columnwas ndopted and Marlon
precinct will bo asked to subscrlbo 35000
to the road at an election to be held In
the near future
Will We Get the Railroad
jrnlu tho Ohio Valloy llallrond and
Mining Company is before tho pcoplo
of tuis county with a ptoposi ion ah
adnrcis to tho voters of Marion D re
el ct appears in another column and
very plainly sets forth the facts as well
as the figures in tho case Whcu we
consider the present proposition aud
surroundings lojttitjg at it fniu
all standpoints thoTiiiy coiftlnsiou i
that the company means btisinbss and
wo believe beyond nsiiiutow ot clou in
that if tho money is raised nccordlng
to the suggestions of the com uittee
a train ot cars will be steaming into
Marion by tho first ay of January
next It is truo that our faith in Dr
Ivolsoy two years no was implicit
but when the then existing cireiini
s ances are fu ly und rstooil It is rea
dily seen that tho power tc construct
the road at that time was almost au
impossibility Alter we had raised
our subscription tho crash iu financial
Mffairs occurred and men would not
invest their money in new railroad en
terprises however plausible the
scheme might oam W ithout molt
the work was at n tatuNtill and this
enterprise liko hundreds of simlhr
oucr went to tho wab Siuco then af
fairs have changed the company has
obtained a new charter a d somewhat
diverted tho courso of the road a di
version that is greatly to our advant
age ami better still work lias com
menced and Is ratndly tirocrcsslug on
a portion of tho road Thousands of
nollars have been spent several miles
of roadbed has been made rails have
been put down engines and cars liac
been purchased am- a portion of tho
road has been completed Hence the
evidences point as plainly as possible
to tho fact that the company is aetitig
in s ood faith with tho tiest ofiutcu
tlous and with the power to comploto
the toad The counts is not txnectud
to pay a sing o d dlar nor issuo a sin
gle bond until tho road is entirely
cnmplpted to Mar on auothor evi
dence of good faith and a fact that
precludes tho idea tin t the compatiy
wants nn advantage or count get an
advantage of tbo county such as wary
schemers speculators and people of
that ilk have gotten ami used for their
polluted nocL nts The article that wo
bargain for li this iustanco is made
and delivered as it wero boforo wo
pav for it
When wo consider that Caldwell
Lyon Muhleuburg and other counties
voted n subscription of lrm 300000
to 100000 to got n road the amount
asked of this county is not only rcass
oimble but very reasonable It is ess
tinmtcd by the cmimitteo that a levy
of 50 cents on the 100 worth of pro
perty iu Marion precinct each year tor
14 years will nay tho 35000 A man
who owus jfjlOO of taxable property
will pay 50 cctits railroad tax makiu
the sumot 7 in tho 14 years No man
within ten miles of the road could
make n better investment
This is certoinly tho opportunity of
this gqueration ol the pcoplo of this
county As a pcoplo welinvo long re
veled iu lrenni8 of tho future wo
have watched ottier countries touchs
cd by tho benign influence ot rail
nntls transform themselves from tlio
primovnl forest into tliriviug prosper
ous communities to which many of
cur best citizens have gone and as wo
read their letters telling us hw wo
linger ou tho middle of the 19th cen
tury wnilo thoy enjoy the conyo ion
ccs of modern pcoplo wcaro touched
with a desire to leave n county with a
uett r climato a go ul soil richly la
deticd with timber and whoso found
ation is mineral ores whoso value is
untold ami will remain a secret until
capital which follows in tho wake of
railroads opens our oyes to what wo
are nud wlrt wo have
Tho bill dividing Uumcauo precinct
Into two voting precincts has passed
both brandies ol the Legislature rind
will in duo timo become a law Our
Hurricane friends will find it moro
convenient f vote hero altor
Married Mnrch 13 8SG at the resi
dence of Mr U G Witherspoon by
Rev J S Henry Mr Win G Couditt
to Miss Matllc L Withorsponn May
their I u tu io bo as cloudless as tbo day
ou which thov begun lifo together
Firo destroyed tho leMdcnco of Mrs
L nn together with all its contents
Monday uigbt The folks wero away
from homo aud did uot know of tho
tiro until nil was doMroycd A paper
nskitighelp for tho family wa circular
led in towu Tuesday and sovoral of
our citizens gave llucrnl donations
Deeds Recorded
W L Ku kcndall to W II Towory
lot In Shady Grove for5GS0
W K Brown to Jones Ntsh lot
in Shndy 5 rove for 05
W K Brown to Trustees of tho
Baptist nnd M E church South lot iu
Shndy Grovi for 85
V G Spriugs 10 N Mainnrd 108 n
res for 150
Wm Walker to Xnrcy Yct 28 no
rof deed of gift
JJ Dickeusniid W L Baxtor to
Marion Barnes 32 ncres for 229
J J Dickons to Thos P Barnes 27
acres for 333
J II Clifton to Win J Wolls towu
lot in Dvcusburg lor 160
T M Gill to J B Gill UO acres for
It W Wllsou to C E Dos3 2 lots
in Marlon for 175
T O Campbell to W Leo Travis 3
acrus for 20
Tis Tabor to F M Jones 125 acres
for 1600
jiio G Ilayncs to II E Frltts strip
oi laud
J E Jouos and F 0 Nmi to J F
fion lot aud mill for 750
Wo hnvo an opportunity to get a
railroad All things considered tho
evidences aro nt tills timo stronger
than ever before that if wo do our
part of tho work tho rond is sure to
coino This county is nvked to sub
scribe 50000 to tbo cnpltnl stock of
said road It is not tho purposo of
this circular to ct forth the advanta
ges of rnilronds their great iufluenco
for benefitting tho connitlou ot tho
county aud tho peoplo of tho couuty
is well known by nil mon The
question is will it be worth 50000 to
the county If it will then as a busl
uess Iransaotiou wo ought to invert
that am mut of mouoy How Is tho
money to bo raised is Jtho next ques
Hon Marion precinct will bo largely
more benefitted than any other then
a fair men tho people of this precinct
ought to raiso tho larger portion of
the money After a careful survey of
tho field His thought that this pre
cinct ought to subscrlbo 35000
Thero is about 800000 of tnxablo pro
perty in this prceluct A tax if less
thau 5 ou tho 100 for ouo year would
pay the 35000 atd cost of collection
But it Is deemed advisable that the
precinct should Issuo bonus ptyable
lu 20 years with tho pilvllege of pays
lug them or auy part of thorn at such
jifla8JJ0lireclucLtMuk8 best The
iirnannf nfirifcailln tirrmnrtv m if 1114111
precinct is 719000 with a ratio of
crcaso for tne last five years of 2 per
cent or n ilttlo over 18000 per year
For tho purposo of couvcnlenco wo
assume Ihe taxable value of property
in the precinct for tho next 14 years
to bo 4300000 but tho natural in
crense without a railroad will placo
it considerably beyond that withtn the
next 14 years nud with a rnllroad wo
would rstimato that the rnto of in
crease would be at lenst 5 per ceut
instead of 2J per ceut
Now for tho figures
800000 at a rate of 50c per 100
will give each year 4000
Tho interest on 35000 tho amount
asked to be subscribed at the rate of
6 per tent would amount to 210 the
first year Take this amount from tho
amount raised by taxation 1000
leaves a balance of 1900 to bo applied
as a credit on the 35000 u bonds aud
leave 33100 In bonds duo 1 1 the end
ol first year At ibis rate at tho end
of second year tho principal of tho
bonds will bo reduced io 3108C at
the end of tho third venr to 28951 16
at the end of tho fourth year to 20
08822 fifth year 21234 sixth year
21746 soveuth year 19051 eighth
year 16191 ninth jcar 13160
tenth year 9956 eleventh year 6
553 twelfth year 2947 thirteenth
year would pay principal nudiutorcst
ofbouds and leave a surplus of 876
but as wc will havo to provldo tor the
collection aud disburscniout of the
money wo cstimito that it will take 14
years at the same rite to liquidate tho
eutiro Indebtedness A farmer own
iug 1000 worth of tax iblo property
would pay iu 14 years 70 altogether
or fivo doilus per year
It will bo ccn from the foregoing
that this is the most cquitablo method
of raising the amount required ns
each property owner wil pay in pro
portion to the amount of property he
owns nud nothing else
Iho Railroad proposes to Issuo to
our precinct for tho 35000 that wc
subscribe 35000 iu tho stock uf the
rojd This stock may bo worth dol
lar for dollar and it may not bo Iu
addition to this fact the road itself af
ter five years uudor the law would be
taxable and would bo assca cd lu rd
of tliU stioscriptlon and the present
rate of luxation for railroads Is from
15000 to 20000 per mile nnd it
would pass fourteen miles through ur
precuct At tho rnto of 16000 per
mile It would give each yenr 2111000
of faxabli Railroad property in the
R -V Wilson J II IIilijYaud
A II Cakdin T J Camehon
Yf I CnucE J W Blok Sr
G C Gkay Committee
Princeton Items
Ed Phess Monday was a lively
day iu 1rinc ton tho peoplo worohore
nud tho candidates who aro Tcgiou
wOro their benign smiles as thoy wcut
to aud fro greeting tho cons of toll
According lo tio call a mats meeting
wns held to appoint delegates to tho
Appellate Convent m Copt Alien
culled tho meeting to ordor nud Wm
Marble was elected Chalrmau und J
V McChesuoySecretnry A commit
leu ou resolutions wns appointed aitl
reported unanimously fur instructing
tho dolegates to v oto forjudge Jns
well Beuuctt as long as his na no was
nefurn tho convention R Y Darby
C T Allen Capt Duval J G Miller
IIou J E Uridcr J W McChcstey
Alfred Uuckuor John llolcmau Jell
Ashcr 11 Curry J Jenulngs Juo 11
Wnddllugton C W Wood N W Ktf
bert nud others wero appointed dele
Tho good old Iucurgti8 Judge lieu
uett made a happy speech returning
his thanks to the peoplo of Caldwell
Judgo Uyaus of G revuyille who is a
cauditlate for Circuit Judge address
ed the people and hW speech made
friends lor him
Mr WC Glenn ol fcedonla was
mixing ainoug tin pcoplo and making
Tho race for ShorllT Is Ihely one
but at picsent Waltor McOti sney
seems to bo loading the boys
Nice fanning wint her we are uow
Furnlihcd by Glover k DurrcttLouU
vllle Tobacco Warehouse
The receipts and sales thh week hare
been lighter than for semo lime past
the result of Ihe recent unfavorable
weather conditions The market hi
ijecn vorv regular for some days past
with ui table chango in tlio val csof
any of the grades of dark totujecp
Tho recent ofierings havo shown ni
Trice 100 cr bushel
MusSahau Wmyrt
john mm
thrown on the market and closed
within Thirty Days
i r
By ihe direction and instrnctions of the proprietors I
will as agent and manager close out this tock of cleangooda
It is true many goods in stock you will not need perhaps
till winter yet it will pay you lo buy vo So come and
At the old Hanfield Stand
hkw Cupkr tooK Farming Implomsnts J
Hollow ware Willow ware Stoves and
Stoye Trimmings
Saddlers Harness and Harness Leather
Of which wc will out tho rices lower than any othor hous j lu the
county Also keep ou hand n full Hue of
Ho sehold and Kitchen Pnrnitnre and
Coffins Bureaus Bedheads Wash
stands Mittresses Chairs Ta
bles Safes Lounges elc
AIho keep on hand the celebrated Plows and Wago s vit -
We also have on hrnd a fait stock of
And man v other articles too tiiimirous lo mention Oall and examlua
stock before purchasing elsowhoro
Very Respectfully
Land to Is Ui for Imi
J It Frallc 100 acres near Dr for 82-83-15
James S Gass 80 acres nvar Ohester Grlssom for 83-1-5
Nancy G Grovo 50 acres noar Dr W B Travls831 5
Itlchard Lewis CO acrosnear Wm fJrdwoys 83 4S
Jos M NcDowcll CO acres near JVm Massey 83
Jas B Myers 40 aeres near A 0piMo bal 83-4-5 f
Jcsso F Paris 40 acres ncarJohnHJonnlngs 8i4 i
Hutchison VounR 50 acros noar 3 J Franks 83-4-5
District No 2 Wm S Brooks 120 nctcs near F M Olomontj sr82
Isaac Shelby deed 1 hama andltln Dycnabury 83-4-5
Wm J Wells 1 houso arid lot Itrpycusburg 83-1-5
t i y
Jno Lears heirs O Nuckels guardian 7C acres nonrO Humphrey 83
Stoklor Orauder 22 acresnear J L Love 83-4-5
WJ Tackwell 8G acres near B Belt 84 5
n 1 OK T IT Xf i Ol B
m A laoKwou oj acres nciiru n iuun Qi a
Tnnli lTnrrltiftnn 8 ncrod near
Orvlllo 0 Irons 200 acres near J WHughes83
Geo R Jcnklii
DisTatCT No 5 LuolndaJEaton 100 acres nc ar Tlios Aktrs 83-4-5
ns 2 acres ncar JJb Trultt 83t45
Jno A Robortson 21 ncres near m Terry 82-3-4-5
Geo W Berrv 05 ucres near It O Lucas 83-4-5
DismiOT NoG Mnry JBIackltJOacrcs nonr J N
Mallnda Cain 70 acres near Jno White 82-3-45 n
Ilio P Oravos deed 100 acres near Jno EWatson3r 1 5
Thos J Tldwcll 74 ncres near M Walker83 4
District No 7 Hugh FOrowll 37 acres near R Wood 83-4-5
Chas WKInstcr 50 acres near W II
Hugh M CrowclllOO acres noarJ II Tosh
Ino N Roberts III acres near Geo Wllllauu 82-3-4-5
J M Swancoy 140 acres near Wm Prlder 83-4-5
j Towry 59 acres noar Bon Johnson 83-1-5
josph Whltesldes 70 acres noar t LOrowolI 83-4-5
District No 1 john Cruco 1 town lot In Marlon
Lewis FowlorQ acres near Glasgow Lso 83-4-5
DisTntorNo 2 Elinlra iGunIe Baker 15 ajres nearOobh pHce i
DistNo 5 Allen Chapman 1 house anil lot In Weston 833-4-5
Disr No 0 Sam Hughes 83 aeref near G Wilton
Sanford jaekion 5 aero near WIIIUOIarK 8V3 MS f
Willis L Clark 14 acrjs near Elllah Simpson 83 15 v
Prlsellla Hnghos GO aoros noar Wm Wilton 8 5
wash Mlllor75 acres noar 04 L Mints BJ S
By virtue of taxes due tho Stito of KentucKy aud Crlttenilen County for the ycrs
mentioned below I or one of my deputies will on April 13 188G between the hours of
1 ocIock 1 M nnd 4 ocIock P St at the courthouse door In Mnrlou Ky expose to pub
He salo to tho highest bidder for cash In band the following proporty or so much
thereof as may be necessary to satisfy tbe amount of tax due and cost
John T Beard deed 100 acres near If manor for 1883 83 81 85
Chas H Ilird 7 acres near JasTdbor for 188313
David Bird G7 acres nsar J E Stepbonpon for 83 15
Frank E Cridcr 3 acres near John Rectis fnrm for 83-1-5
Somuel M FarmcrSO acres near JblinCanady for
ffl8TMCT No 3 tV
Mrs M A Watson T A Harpehdlngagt 157 acres near It S BinkloyBSf i
MeKcnaey heirs by A J Sunderland guar 00 acres near F Lovelaae 83
Jas Turner 75 acres near J B Carter 83-4-5
Thos White 140 acres near Alllntler 83 J
District No 4 A B Dixon 90 near I 83-4-5
W 0 Farmer 98 acres near Arch Paris 83-4-5
D E Forrisll 151 acres near Geo Watson 83-1-5
Thos J Harris 22 acres near Thos Riley placo 82 3 s
Robt AIlBarrell SUacrcsnear i
Sarah 0 Jackson 150acresncarJil Mott 83
Sumo aeent for J W Naal 150 acres near J II Mott 83
Chas W LUenbce 50 ncres noar G W Foley 83
Jonli D MtDanlel 10 acres nearTno Uaella 83-1-5
Wm W Milllcnn 40 acres near Chas Miller 83-4-5
Annlo EAJJjioG Nation 25 acres noar JnoKornalf 83-4-5
i rfv
J Uv
5000 stock of goods to be
sold for 3000
Improvemnnt in tho goneral ordorof
tho tobacco Tho sales lor tho week
amount to 2507 bhdsnu thesfor I he entire Ben J Hartfielcl stock of to be
ino year amount to zyzvt uuuo ue
29237 buds for tho correspoudiirg po
rlod last ycai The sales for tho new
jrop to date amount to 27218 hhds
and tho receipts for tho week are 1470
hhds Tho following quotrtlous reps
rcsout our market for new dark tobac
Trash 200 to 250
Common to medium lugs 250 to 300
Good lugs 800 to 450
Coitunou to medium leaf 4 00 to 600
Good to flue leaf 600 to 700
Leaf of extra cngtn 700 to 800
Wrappory leaf 800 to 1000
For Smle
At my residence lu the Caldwell
Spring neighborhood Crittenden
couuty 4C0 bushcisof seed sweet
tatock of the vanotjes known asj the
Soutum Queens lied and Ye low
STOP - I w m MIJl
Princeton Ky
u mil mm ni mm
liuy dlrfbftfrbnttha manufactory consoiuently my prioes oannilxll
I have also lately added au elegant Una uf Watches Silverware d I w
la my stock Call and seo mo
W H Maire Jeweler and Optieisn
Dorrs Furniture House
Fourteen years escperionce iu Mirlon exclusively hi tho jParuitw t4
UudcrtukiiiK husiuess and with facilitio i unsurpassed lu the eunty wr MM
ufacturiug I will self as follows
Walnut extcusiou tables 75 e per Wot
Imitation W
Tin safes small sizo 9 36
Tin sales lnrgc sizo I M
Tin safes largo size with -drawer 4 00
Cupboard sates 6 Ti
Iieastosds 2 00 ut M Vr4
Bureaus 7 J A7 M
i i
Aud everything clso in my lino at coriespondiugly low prl
Special Pricea on Large Lots
Mv TTnilnrtnklni Dennrtnifint ia full sail cuinulcte with nil ntvln rmA --
es of woodeu burial audcisUcts also metallic cases aud sketa I t4
make to order any kind of borne made collui from tne finest to th pMM
on short notice aud bear iu mind my cotllus are 1 cheaper tkaa mj ftr
bouso iu the couuty I caro not what their prices arc Prompt aHeatv r
en day or nlghU
Estimates given on sash aud doors nud window aud door frames nt l
pi ices Call ami see me boforo buyiutf cleowLcre and I will laako It to papr
li B OBM
Maiuon Kv Ootober 15 1884
Aud on examination you will llud that I havothe largest xud bet e
lectcd stock ot
In towu and mj house is tho place to buy bargains in
i i i
Which is of my own select ion aud roasted on my order A nloo line of
make a Specialy of
Fresh and nice Vegetables
Bfing prepared to Keep them through ull weathers I always hTa i
bauddotatoes Turnips AppieJetoK etc
Has a largo aud complete stock of
Faints OilsLyo9 Tobacco aud Cigars Pipes Snuff Candies Fraito Ud
Nuts Pens Ink leucils and Paper
Spectacles Notions Dolls Toys and Fancy Goo Is All will be sold m Ayi
as the cheapest Prescriptions promptly and iccuratcly filled day or ftlsklV
My owii prescriptions freo of charge Cal aud see tne
Bow mtar trnttlt actitt
ku ancvUM iuOMai U eai
Balltf Mtr k
et peer
um4 br
kMdackaa i IbU from Ktnoot
vtunatULte eut ntutM br th tw of
KZmAOltttl 1IC W oiat tu Ml
vv wj wvtv which It cart to Kerrotu
J Httdict Wtortltlt Btoowatt icUUe
v im trofumtr MtOiciat bu rrtr
ebUiatd taek ttnkf taaomment om the
meaitt pniina
Rav ami TowaAf j Im mM
EMdMha wiUiraocMs la tntr Iprtaaok
O P KOITOB kt O nUtnaM OMh
noro WtiMifcilf TI - aU
tili i f

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