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hii i n win
The Crittenden Press
R C Walker Publisher
Last week when wo went to press
thcro was evidence of a political
earthquake the- upheaval left tho
political parties oi this country in
tho following shape
Tho following 14 States have elec
ted Democratic CJovornors Legisla
tures and solid Congressional dele
gations viz Alabama Arkansas
Dolawurc Florida Georgia Louisi
ana Maryland Missouri Mississip
pi Montana South Carolina Texas
Virginia and West Virginia Now
Mexico Arizona and Utah aro also
Democratic but their Governors aro
Republicans appointed by tho Pres
Twenty States aro more or less di
fidod as follows
Colorado Republican Governor
Legislaturo and Congressman minor
State officers divided Republican
fnnioritv cicatlv reduced i
or aim uirco congressman jvupuu
lican Legislature and cno Congress
Illinois Republican Governor
elected last year and 7 Congressmen
Democratic Stato tickot elected by
10000 to 33000 majority and 14
Congressmen Legislaturo stauds
100 Republicans 101 Democrats and
3 Alliance men who it is claimed
Will act with tho Democrats
Indiana Democratic State ttcket
by 19035 Legilaturc by Go majori
ty and 11 Congressmen Tho Re
publicans have 2 Congressmen and
the Governor who was elected in
Kansas Allianco - Democratic
Legislaturo by 15 majority and five
Congressmen Republican Govern
or by 7000 and 2 Congrcssmcs Mi
nor Stato officers divided
Kentucky EvorythmgDeraocrat
ic excepting ono Republican Con
gressman whoso majority was cut
down from 10000 to 2500
Massachusetts Democratic Gov
ernor by 10000 and 7 Congressman
Ropublican Legislature and 5 Con
Michigan Democratic Governor
Legislaturo and G Congressmen Re
publicans have 5 Congressmen
Minnesota Democratic Legisla
turo and 4 Congressmen Republican
Governor by GOO and 1 Congress
Nebraska Domocratic Govenor
300 and 2 Congressmen
f minor Stat officers andl Con-
lan Democratic- Alliauco Leg
L u
ow Hampshire democratic
Legislature and 2 Congressmen
Govornor and Stato officers to be
elected by tho Legislature
Now Jersey Democratic Govern
or Legistaturo and 5 Congressmen
two RcDublscan Congressmen
New York Domocrat3c Govorn
or Legislature and 21 Congressmen
13 Ropublican Congressmen
North Carolina Everything De
mocratic oxceptiug two out of ten
Ohio Democratic Governor Leg
islate o and 14 out of 21 Congress
Pennsylvania Domocratc Gover
nor by 17000 and 10 Congressmen
Pcpublican Stato ticket Legislature
and 18 Congressmen
Rhode Island Democratic Gov
ernor Legislaturo and ono Congress
man ono Republican Congressman
South Dakota Ropublican Gov
ornor and Congressman both parties
claiming tho Legislature but pr b
nbly Republican 1
Tennessee Everything Demo
cratic excepting 2 out of 10 Cong
Wisconsin Democratic Governor
by 30000 Legislature and 7 out of
9 Congressman
In nino States and ono territory
tho Republicans carried everything
viz California Idaho Maine Nov
adn North Dakota Oregon Verm
ont Washington Wyoming and Ok
To sum np tho Democrats have
29 Governors 33 Legislatures and
23G CWgssmcn The Republicans
havo 19 Governors 1 of them
nointed 15 Legislatures and 90
The official voto of this congress
ional district is as iollows
Stone Franks Ouril
Hickman G93 115 37
Trigg 79 184 100
Graves 1574 5G2 182
Lyon 483 195 88
WcCracken 894 800 150
Marshall G02 192 1G0
Caldwell 5G5 459 212
Calloway 1043 1GG 15
Fulton Gil 123 G
Livingston G79 275 10
Crittenden 959 951 31
Carlisle 440 81 40
Ballard 514 72 85
Totals 9749 8785 1050
Stono ovor FranKB 0014
Tho President ha issuod his
thanksgiving proclamation Thurs
day Nov 57 is tho day appointed
to bo observed with prayer and
Three Kentuckians havo announc
ieir candidaoy lor Speaker of
v - M1 t
Lome They nro aims oi
i i
Democrats Will Hnvo Over 100
Majority in Congress
Tlioy Also Elect Govornors in Five
Republican States
Rpubllcans Los Six Unltd
Stat s Snators
Tho Parmer Alllnnrn lIurii StroiiRly In
Kuntiia Michigan Kclirnnkn Jlliincnotn
anil South Diikuti Iuilluiiu nuil Wot
Virginia Ucclilnlly Doiuocrntlc Okln
Iiuiiihk Pint CmiKiehUlim Ilt nubllcim
ilcitlon Neua In General
Columbus O
election returns
Nov 1 The latest
received from tho Mc
Kinlcy district
indicate that
John O War
wick bus been
elected by a
tmnll majority
over Congress
ui mm JfcKlulorv
All Wit two
pro o i n c t s in
fciturk county
givo McKlnley
a majority of
700 Holmes
jives 1000 nnd
Wavne 375 for
joire o Warwick Warwick and
Nrdiim 1374 fir McKinley
Lvnn Tho ofiV iul figures givo Me
Kinley Cl majority in Stark county
und in tho district Warwicks majority
is UOtt
In tiie nbsencoof tollable reports from
half a dozen counties both the Repub
lican and Democratic stato committees
agieointho estimate that Secretary of
Statu Ryun will have u plurality of
atiout 12000 It is believed that tho
figures will not vary 100 either wiy but
the coneot plurality cannot be civen
until tho official count is made by tho
secretary of state
The Democrats have elected congrcts
men in tho following districts
Thiid George W Honk
1ourth Martin K Gantz
Fifth Ferd C Luvton
bixth D D Dona van
Seventh William E Huynes
Eighth Dirius D
Ninth J II Outhwdte
Eleventh John M Puttison
Thirteenth Irvino Dungan
Fourteenth James W Owens
Fifteenth M D Harter
Sixteenth 1 O Warwick
Seventeenth A J Peurs on
Tweniv llrst Thomas L Johnson
Reimblicnns elected congieasmen in
the following districts
First Bellamy Stour
Second John A Caldwell
Tenth Robeit E Doan
Twelfth W II Enochs
Eighteenth J D Taylor
NinetcenHi E B Taylor
Twentieth V O Taylor
Indianapolis Nov 8 Official re
turns from the stato at large aio just be
ginning to come in The Democratic
majority will bo about 18000 Tho only
jUpuuneans elected to congiess aro
Wangh in the Siith and Johnson in the
Ninth disti let Both houses of the legis
tnro aro Democratic with a majority of
C9 in joint session
First district W F Taflrett Demo
crat ty
Second district J R Bnttz Demo
crat fc
Third distrlc4H Brown Demo
crat re elected
Fourth district William B Holman
Democrat 10 elected
Fifth district George W Cooper
Democrat re elected
Sixth district Henry N Johnson
Seventh district William D Byniun
Democrat re elected
Eighth district E V Brookshire
Democrat ro elected
Ninth district Daniel Waugh Re
Tenth district David Patten Demo
Eleywith district Augustus N Mar
tin Democrat ro elected
Twelfth district C A O McClellan
Democrat re elected
Thirteenth dletrict D V Shively
Democrat ted
Detsoit Mich Nov 7 Tho whole
Democratic state ticket is believed to bo
elected by from CoOO to 10000 plurality
The Democrats havo also a majority in
tho legislature by about 3 maiority in
tho Eenato aud by some 15 in tho house
on fusion voto with the patrons of
who hold tho bulanco of power
Thu First Second Fifth Sixth Sev
eiith Eighth and Tenth congressional
districts havo gone Democratic and the
Thlid Fourth Ninth and Eleventh Re
publican The voto in tho Eighth is
very close nnd may reqnlro the official
count but present returns give it to the
Democrats by about 60 votes
Jacksonville Fin Nov 0 Five
counties Duval Putnam Volusia
Alachua and Marion heretofore either
whollv or in part Republican givo liand
soino Democratic majorities The great
est revolution in this county Duval
which has heretofore given from 1800 to
2000 Republicau majority The returns
from Tuesdays election bhow a Demo
cratic majority of from 1100 to 1443
the latter being Mabries for supreme
court This is a Democratic gain of
from 2000 to 3333 for the various candi
dates Putnnm county heietofore Ro
publican is Democratic by an average
majority of 431
Boston Nov C The voto for gov
ernor has now been lcceived from every
town in the state except Gosnold and
the flirurea show on overwhelming Dem
ocratic victory Russells plurality is
0B5a Bracketts plurality in 1880 was
xno congressional uoiegft
tion stands seven Democrats live
Republicans a gain of five Democrats
Kittle Rock Ark Nov 0 Tho
Gazette Democrat eays In Arkansas wo
havo ro ekcted Cato in the First and
Breckinridge in tho Second district and
lestoreda solid Democratic delegation
Returns received at Republican head
Quarters indicate the election of Langly
union Labor in Second district oyer
Breckinridge Democrat and Feather
stone Union Labor in the First district
over Cato Democrat Tho Farmers
Alliauco voted solidly with tho Domo
crutio party If Langly and Feather
stono aro elected they owo their election
to tho Republican voto
Knoxville Tenn Nov 8 Semi
official returns from all counties in the
First Tennessee congressional district
give tho present incumbent Taylor Re
publican 800 majority over Butler
also Republican It was at first thought
that Butler was elected
Official returns from some counties in
tho Second district and semi official re
turns froitt the remainder show that
Houk Itepnbllcan U returned to con
gress by almost 0000 majority This is
a loss to tho Republicans of 8000 votes
as tho district boa heretofore given one
of tho largest Republican majoritiqfl in
tho Uiiilcd States Tho DomocraU
galnedlslightly in tye legislature from
East TAiul sgco
City Nov
ton givo Wilson Republican for
grcsa lBUuU uirrou democrat 13
P Tho official
lias progressed tar enough to show that
tho entire Republican state ticket has
been elected with tho exception of A B
Kollogg who is defeated for election
as attorney general by Ives tho Farm
ers Alliance candidate Tho Republi
can majority is placed at about 10000
Tho Kansas delegation will stand two
Republicans and live Fanners Alliance
Tho legislaturo is still believed to bo
Farmers Alliaucc
Wilwaukke Nov 8 Official returns
from tho First district show tho election
of Clinton Babbitt Democrat over II
A Cooper Remtblinin This Vaves
oniyone Ropublicaa congressman in
Wisconsin Haughtii iu tho Eighth dis
trict who lfas about 1000 majority and
Bailoy tho Democrat candidate threat
ens to make a contest Tho legislaturo
will probiidly elect ex Htcietnry Vilas to
succeed Senator Spooner Feck Demo
crat for governor has a majority of
Oji viia Nov Returns from eight
nve out oi fiirntv nino counties
Nibrnskn givo following totals on can
di0uteslor governor Richard G02JU
Boyd 73W Iow1 s 7114 The total
voto of tho state oxceods by tally 15000
tho vote cast for president in 188S nn
increase which in an oft year is extra
ordinary While tho contest is very
closo a careful estimate gives Boyd a
plurality of nearly lOftO Estimates
give tho Republicans mopt of the stato
Smith Ciirnllui
Charleston S C Nov 0 Tho total
voto in this stato will not exceed 13000
Tillman is elected by not loss than
25000 majority The election hw Kcn
absolutely devoid ot incident or excite
ment Neither whites nor blacks weio
enthusiastic and thousands absented
themselves from tho poll
Columbia S C Nov 0 Six of tho
fcvon congressmen in this stato aro cer i
tainly Democrats and tho seventh in
WiLMixaTON Del Nov 0 Com
plete returns from the whole stato givo
Reynolds Democrat fur governor 143
majority and Cauioy Democrat for
congress 01 1 majority
Tho legislature will stand Senate
Democrats G Republicans 4 houo
Democrats 14 Republican 7 There is
no United States senator to Ikj elected
lite Prohibitionist who hod a full
ticket in the Held polled about 130 votes
in the whole stato
Denver Nov 8 Unofficial ttato
turns give Townsend 3CS3 Routt
804 1 The Republicans elect theiest
of tho ticket except treasurer tuporin
tendent of public instruction and at
torney general
Tho legislature on joint ballot will
htaud 40 Republicans to 20 Democrats
a Democratic gain of fourteen This
insures Mr Tellers re election to tho
United Stiites enati
Clulmeil by the rUulilloan
CONCOltD N H Nov 10 Chairman
Churchill of tho Republican stato com
mittee makes tho following fctatoment
The claims of the Democrats that they
have a majority of the legislatinc is un
founded in tact Ulio lepubUcaus havo
a good worlting majoiity
They will
organlzo the hone and gemato and eieci
a governor and Unitetl States
nutor to
bucceou tno Jioii iiemy mair
lHiLADEHiUA Nov 0 The latoat
rfturtu from the twenty eight con
gressional districts of the hfute show tho
election of eighten Republicans and
ten Democrats Thu present delegation
from this state stand twenty one Ro
publicans and seven Democrats
New MainpAhlro
CbNConD N II Nov 7 Returns
from all but nino tunal towns givo
Tut tin Republican fur governor 40
WOiAmsden 40000 Fletcher Prohibi
tionist 2272
There is no choice of governor by tho
JToit Vurlc
New Yonic Nov 0 Returns show
tbat thp Deiuociata have elected
seveu ussfiublyruen Iu this btate and tlio
Republicans fifty nine Two districts
are still somewhat in doubt wit ijba
bllity In favor of tho R pnbHiarm To
socuro a majority on joint b illot the
Democrats rapiirw sxty oight tho Re
publicans sixty two aj tho Republicans
have nineteen renntors the Democrats
thirteen It looks tlioreforo like u tie on
joint balltit A United Stales senator
depends on tho rosult
In New York city Tammany Demo
cratic fought a fusion tickot and elect
ed everything by 22000 majority Every
Domocratio candidate for congiess in tho
city wao elected
St Paul Nov 8 With all but threo
counties heard from most of them offi
cial the voto on governor stands Mer
rlain Republican 82220 Wilson Dom
ocrat 8050o Oweu Allianco 021101
Mornams plurality 1007 xne other
counties and tho official figures from
some of tho counties already included
in the count may change this a little
but not materially
Vent Virginia
Whcelin W Vn Nov 8 Complete
returns from tho stato gives Lucas
Democrat for jndgo 7202 majority the
greatest Dcinocriitio majority for fifteen
yeara iour uemocrnno congressmen
are elected by majorities ranging from
700 in the First district to 4i00 in tho
Third Tho legislature is Democratic
on joint ballot by 05 a gain of thirty
Montatiu4 CongreMiiinn
Helena Mont Nov 10 Although
tho election returns are not yet com
pleto it is tattled that W W Dixon is
elected to congress over Thomas IL
Carter Republican Dixons majority
will bo flliout 160 Carter concedes Ids
defeat Tho official count will bo re
quired to dotermino the complexion of
tho state senate
Michigan Cougifssinon
Dbtkoit Mich Nov 8 Tho First
Second Fifth Bixth Seventh and Tenth
districts return Democratic congress
men and tho Third Fourth and FJov
cnth Republican congressmen With
boveral precincts to hear from in each
tho Eighth shows a email Democrutio
majority and tho Ninth a Republican
PiiiLADExniuNov 8 Slight changes
in tho official count brlug Pattiaona plu
rality xip to 17258 Satres Republican
for lieutenant governor has 18605 pluT
rality and Stewart Ropublican for sec
retary of intornal affairs 10120 plurali
ty The legislaturo will be fifty Repub
lican oil joint ballot a loss of fifty two
AVBTET Tex NoV C Tlid Loifi Star
re eiecuKi every ieuipcrttccni
railroad coiiimixsioii wtui carried
SaS FiiaMCWCO Knv R 110111 a
fvoih liMfl iiiecincts in this stato includ
ing 2M pifcinrts hf this city give Mark
ham Repnblicanrfor governor OiJO
Pond Democrat 80559i Markllunis
plurality 14034 Thoso figures repre
wnt the voto of about two thirds of tho
precincts of the f tato
Now Mnxlco
AuiUQunnQun N N Nov 0 The
t litor of The AlbiKiuerquo Democrat
wys the indications aie that Josephs
Democrat has carried ten of tho four
teen counties in New Mexico and that
tho Domorcats will havo a majority of
the scnato and hou o for tho iirfct timo
in twenty four years
Nnw Oiiikai s Nov 0 Following is
tho vote in tho Firstand Second
Mimal districtfl with tho exception of a
canvass is being mado at Topcka and Kw precincts in tho country parishes
LliMUUltU irtiw Avtliuil
i nob mninvr
licans 0107 Second district Demo
crat 10000 Republicans 0910
St Louii Ircv The Democrats
have elected their stato ticket and a
majority of tho legiilatuio inuring a
successor to Senator Yost
They claim n srlid dr legition to
u Dcmourntio gain of four mem
Mlwlx liiiil
Jackson Miss Nov rt Tho Demo
cratic state eomiuHtwj has lecelwd re
i inis at uiidiiigiit which iissuiostbj
cction of a poljd Demtjcrac coiigro
Kjnal delegation by majorities ranging
from 200 to 1000
Reno Nov Nov fl Advici from
v rious points of Nevada indicate tho
election of Col Cord Republican for
governor nnd Bartine Republican for
c ingress by majorities between 5000 und
Alllniico Vlctiry In South Diihutn
JIlnneapolis Nov 8 Latent leturns
fMin South Dakotn sliow that thu result
i an Alliance vletuj and that Loucks
is elected go vei nor The leffilaturo will
abo bo Alliance the Republic ins con
ceiling tiie defeat cf Senator JItody
Helksa aiont Nov I With all tho
tf jnties heinl troni mivo two nnd al
lowing the Republicans tiie nmo major
ities they had last year Dixnu Demo
cat is elected br congress by 450 over
Carter Republican
Kansas Citv Nov J -Returns from
Oklahouii tosritory an to theeTvt that
Haivey Republic u is elected delegate
to congiess by nlKiut 1000 maiorlfv over
IiCov Republicin und Civcmi Fann
era Alliance
Kuith Cunillim
Wiiminotov Nov C Ri publicans
concede tho state to the Democrats
Democrntc claim eight of th nine con
Kivwmeii RiMiiibliniis caim two
rho Democrats cliiim thohtate Vy 20000
JIacov Ga Nov 0 Blount is re
elected from this Sixth district without
ippofition Turner Demociat is re
elected in tho Second district Crisp
J democrat in tne intra
Jacksonville Nov C The Demo
tiitic ttato tickot is eft imited elected
1 y -over 13000 majority Both Demo
tratic congressmen hre eieeteu by laigo
ly iuciviiAud majoritiii
IIviiTroRD Conn Nov 10 The ic
tnins from every town now received
at the seciotaiy of sUto office un
official footing givw Democrat
populir mnjiiritj of 7
ace of rehinr and
tmntot uU KttiutlKim
imt in one ward
lecatteo of tho word tor
This is by the
makej no
Iflinlvii iu aterbun
CiiiCAdo Nov 10 The returns fi om
ho stato of Illinois havo bo jiue sulli
ciently complete to nuneuueu deci ively
tho lcvalt on the state ticket The
orals have won and IMwin S WiNon
ot Oiuoy is elected stato treasuier by
11430 nnd Henry Riab of Ilellovillo
superintendent of public instruction by
J8144 and tho leturns leave no doubt
that the KTiilt is that the entire Demo
ratio st Jte ticket Is elected
The returns which furnished this
are official fioii all the counties in
tho MaU oxivpt eight whMi have al
iiys given DeiiiiK ratieiiiiiioiitis The
congressional hUgatiou row Illinois
tand Democrats and blx Re
If the indication do not point to tho
election of Gin Palun r to smctsl Sen
ator Farwell they do not jioint to tiio
of n Republican Tho
iuis have 101 votes ou joint ballot tho
emocnits 100 and the Farmers Alll
iico 3 JIooio Farmers Alliance of
Tha Forty fourth district boot a Demo
ciat in tno race for tho legislature while
Cockeiol of the Forty fourth and Tail
Jjcrneck of the Fotty fitth toat Demo
Cliiciao Nov 0 A personal mcM ago
as been ietved herefioiu Mr Cam on
rou Duiivillef Hi in wluji he hajif
Dnhee s majority will bo -it J00
li IIlllSUUO
Boston Nov 0 A spedal to Tko
ellobefi oia Niuwiu N II saj s there Is
ho doubt tho Republicans v ill have a
bpccial Minion of tho present legislature
called for December It is now
lican by 8o majority and tho term of
the members do not expire until Janu
ary Thoy will thou officially recognize
the census returns ntid will adut the
new members giving them a majority
n tho legislature A conference of tho
leading Republicans is being held on the
IlUnoU Next Honator
CillCAfio Nov 7 Judging from tho
latest returns Senator Farwell says ho
will not bo tho next senator trom Illi
nois but that John M Paluior will suc
ceed to thobO honors
Drinni rnt Wiint u Kccount
WoitccsTEii Bluss Nov 8 The
Democrats will petition for n recount of
tho city voto in this congressional dis
trict in which Wulkor was declared
elected ovor Pratt
lrclilbltlon Voto In OIilo
BrBiNonmjj O Nov 10 Tho New
Era estiinatca the Piohlbition vote in
Ohio lost Tuesday at 21U00 a decrcaso
of 22W tw compared with the btate elec
tion of 1880
Richmond Va Nov 0 Chnirman
Ellistkm of the Democratic state com
mittee claims that hU party has carried
nine out of tho ten congressional districts
lu tho state
IIniEKA Mont Nov 8TI10 Jour
nal Hopublicun now concedes the elec
tion of bison Demociat to congress
The atuto senate is Democratic by 1 ma
ltlmile Islam
ProvimtNcit It I Nov elec
tion in this state resulted in the election
of a Democrat to congress from tho
Unit district and no selection in the Sec
ond r
tyUclul SlnJurltltM In lolnnaro
WlMINOTON Dol Nov 10Tho
cial majority for Reynolds Democrat
for governor is B iUi that for Caiwey
Democrat for congress is CCS
MoNTflOMEnvAla Nov 0Tlp en
tire Democratio delegation is elected to
congrcsd in Alabama
6 ti Demo
West V
con- itogiiUiemTOrnlitifllhhtororSoVrfll
021 1 rJtn behind hh ticket tT
lUUlt ernor 1111 UVJ1I11U JUT UVItl V 111V tTJ - JV
Tho rarmfrA
Aa tho voto throughout tho htato woa rtitutionnl iimeiulment providing for
light this is thought to bo considerably
more than half of tho total vote
sons majority in tho stato will probably
bo between 7000 and 8000 In 1SS0
Wilsons ma jorit y was 00 i7 Tho
laturo now Btandst Senate Republi
cans 81s Democrats 2 doubtful 1
Houso Republicans 01 Democrats 17
South Dakota I
PiERnn S Dak Nov 10 In South
Dakota tho Independents have conceded
tho election of tho Republican stato ticket
and tho latest repoits indicato the elec
tion of a Republican majority in tho
legislaturo llerro lias won tne perma
nent capital Chairman Peemifter of
tho Democrat committee concedes tho
election of both Republican congress
man and most of tho ntato ticket but
claims the governor nnd enough of tho
legislaturo to give the majority to tho
Alliance and Democrats
Alliuncehnvo tho
ttu e and two congrepunen and most of
the county offices
jg lUurjliuut
llAirfiMoiiK Nov 8 Marylands con
grewblonal dolegatlon will bo wjlidly
irglnli 2 2
is m saw
Wh lf mtinw r of incnibcrH W2
lit tn Rhode Island not one elected
Apinrent Demoritic lnijoriv llV
A number of Alliaiite meinKrs are
counted for eouwnh M e v h tlK
In mot iiii Uuiv the Alliance
men nio Democrats but fiv in Ivan as
one In Minnesota and two iu Nebiaskn
were elected over both Democrats and
Republlcan i i
Tio hf Kcpiibllrnn Delegation
Tiie Democratic victory not only
assun s two thiids of tho house but it
tecures for them a Largo majority in tho
delfrgAticus of the Etates so that in the
ItiiiipHutn Misoiul Nebiaska NeMda
New Hampshii o New York North
Cuiolinn Nortli D ilcoUi Poutli Carc
liiin South Dakota Penns lvania Ten
mec Texas West Yirginin and
cousin Montana and Now Trrsey elect
ed ii leglslatuie but no tato officers I
Ohio choM1 minor stato officers but no
Tim lUiiUcrshlp
fcprhigtfr of Illinois Clisn of flroigio
Dj nnm of Indiana MoMillmi of Texim
Uuhwaito of Uhio and L ekwoinl a
new inemiKr fioin New York aio men
L tioned for tiie Fpenkershin Milli of
Texis wiys he would mther be known
os the leader of the lou oand leuiain
fhniniiHti of the committee on wujv aid
No lixtrii Sea lint
It la stated upon good authority tint
tlu re ill benoextia session cf con
Tho Si nntn
Nnw YORK Nov 8 From
8S0 fulr I o medium il752J common
IIous Selected butchers and heavy
tiinrijnrti Moiaijo xair to gooa pnexm
I iniiimmi io r
v j ij
iiAMii3 yi75aaisp
Ilotton Wool
Ohio X a j i7cohin XX nraiiWc ni
Ohio X WVo Ohio Vo I rq Mo Mfch 1
ignn X 6Ilc Mlullwn N l 4afrc Wf
- 1 init ilutntnltlii fihlii u tiLYs No 1fMoliiti
w ifinwy Ohio l2IVNo 1 combing Mlrhlgan Ja nn
TniacTQW N J Nov 0 The Demo- uiuvnuheil Ohio - 2ia3e do Michigan 21c
ciats gnln two cOngiewnien in New ft01l1lUP1J XMW
blcHxl comhlng
Jci sey
LiUrrUrtnrn Indloiitu H Urinorintlo
Jorlly of J tS aho Alllmice Jli n
WAWSOTJ Nov id The late st le-
tnnu shvnTapjiarQiit Duniocratic ma-
of l4fTn
jcrity the of tho Fifty-
fecund congress For comparison tho
delegates as they now stand and as they
have len ehcted are given as follows
Flfty ilrst
StifiM I
Alabama 7
Arkansas 3
California 0
Colorado 0
Connecticut 1 -
Delaware 1
Floilcla 2
Gi olgtu 10
Illinois 7
Itilltaniit 10
own 1
Kaniii 0 7
Korithcky O 2
IoiiUIhii1 1
Main- 0 4
Mjrylaad 8 n
UunjiicliisttA 2 10
ruimu iot i o A
MlMlMlppI 7 0
JMissoutt J 1
Moutnna 0 1
Nebinska 0 -
Nevada 01
Ne v Hiiinisliirc 0 2
Now Jcrey 3 - 4
Nu v Yoil lo 13
North Car rflim 0 U
North Uakbtn Q 1
Ohio n Ii
Oiegon O 1
Pennsylvania 7 21
Rhodo lMlmit 0 2
South Cui olln C l
South DiXota 0 2
Ten lussvu 7 l
Texas 11 0
Yermutit 0 2
YlriuiH t 4
ttashlnutun 0 l
1lfty secM
0 It
1iuniL inv rwuiuiHjJty
2Tc MK onil ji lilotxl
eiuiiuiiiK sv uu m oKHiu eomiiing tc
Tetns lino t vrtvt montha UP ale do six
to eight months 21c Texas meilium
Stoves Stoves Low
Ciider Crider
See our hist warning
Pierce it Son
Ladies heavy winter shoes at 75c
at Clement Crofts
Tolu Ky
Bust calico Gc per yard at
i Clement t Crolt
Tolu Ky
nltl KitllMi 44- yin iam til
I Clement Crofts
Tolu Ky
ififTs iietivy wiutcFDT5olsiif SlbU
t Clement Ciofts
Tolu Ky
A Bengali razor is tho best on
earth sold and guaranteed by Cri
der Crider
E C Moore Stone Ky has a
choice lino of tiio best boots and
shoes Seo them
Axes wedges shot powder saws
saddles stoyes and all kinds of hard
ware at Crider it Cis
Tolu Ky
Buy you shot powdor caps wads
loaded bholls cartrdges belts and
hunting coats tf Cridorit Crider
HJiioto lifter Jlurch 4 1801 will utand ilake tlln83 warm tIlls lntcr b
jrtv two Dcmocrota to fortyfivo using a little Poarl stove For salo
iHiimi uuM wiiii ono teiu uom New i
Hmnrwhii o in doubt Tl houv will J
have u DcintK ratio majiity of 1 1
A Colli rtloii nl 1itcie Iluj Items nn Vur
a Snljti ci illy fuc
tlm lIiiHty 1- uilrr
irover Ciwvohiud
IM it
says tiirilf tofoiui
riiglih Ilencli h rmau
mi nufneturera of the old
nnd Aunt rtiiii
world nrc
lighted by the news of MiKtuloyn defeat
lilovaunl Snccl hn3 begun a lorty ilvu
diiyV fust in New York city
the Canadian cabinet council him de
cUUd that ltircfanll will bo executeel on
Nov 14
Th Democrats In congress will renew
the tmiir ugltntion in tho Iiojhi thrtf
crtough support may bo had from north
western Kepnhlicau bcnutors tosccmea
modiiicntion of the MoKlnlcy bill
Stnutor Gorman gays it was Republican
opiithy which did tho business
Cfuimisl timt Indiana farmer Ilopub
lfcauk woie too Iniby husUlng corn t
Iu two djys Dillon and OBrion havu
collected flO00 iu Philadelphia for thu
irun cuum
Crider it Crider
All kinds of hartUvnro at
Ciider Gos
OurItull cautle uiddle ii a dandy
Crider A Crider
Take a look at our stoves
Pierce Son
All cloaks jackets and wraps of
any kind at cost at A Wolffs
Doublo width plaid dress flinncU
reduced from 35c to 25c at Wolfls
Hats fates styles best grades nnd
lowest prices at E C Moores
Stone Iy
Plankets filuwa cloaks heavy
boots and shoes at cost at Wolffs
Dross goodj in plain striped bro-
Covors havo been ordered for 1000 for caded and nlaid at creatlv rodiifipil
tho birthday binquct lu honcr of
atcr Thnrman prices ai ir 0111 fl
Tho Inman and Whito Star Steamship
pompanlon havo agrood not to do any
oceqn racing after Jan J
juu iirtbiui nt oamrunv ibsupji nm ii im
Overcoats and winter suits at L5
per cent less than former prices at
cluioatlon sottlng aimrt Tliuiuluvr Mii I Jri
27 ia Thauktalvlng D iy J
Tle Product Exchange of New York 10 lIrSt byiliptomsoi Dculll
has luldrcsscil Secretary IJlaino in favor o 1
fn r
leclproclty with Newfoundland I Tired fooling dull headacho pams
The remains of Abraham Lincoln son of in various parts of the body sinking
Minister Lincoln woie Saturday deported at the pit of the Stomach loss ot
in tjjo crypt ol the Lincoln monument at ajpotjt0 fqverishness pimples or
ThBBlrawlng oil of tho water ftom wrcB Broal positive evidence of
pearlier ilver California exposed gruvel poisoned blood No mattor how it
lich in gold and the piescnt exiH iutlon became poisoned it rorst bo purifiod
U that the yield will bo millions of t0 dV0r Jenm Jr Ackors English
jLohA in Blood Elixir has nover failed to
Wood tho attendant tho
catern InBano asylum Richmond lnd movo scrplulous or syphilitic poisons
who kicked T J Rlount to death has Sold under posjtixo guarantoo
boaii Indicted for murder iu tho second do- fj Hillyard
Pvory house lu Wlnslow lnd wok do-
stroypd by lire Four hundred people ttro A Duty tO JLOUVSOlt
y Jft I8 wrprisJng that peoplo will
WW MARKET REVIEW Mml ordinary Till whon
yuotalioiw from Cincinnati uuil UiMuhcra Jjoy can SCCUro a Veluttblo English
for ffovomber lo m0 for fa BavaQ monoy Dc
SSsc now 60 era English pills art positive euro
Wooif Unwoauoa fine merino Hjifio forsick lieadaoho und all liver troui
k blooel combing SKftoOc incdlum dor tlpS ThoV aro Small BWOCt Ca8lly
jftlnoand clothing 23foMc braid lT318c J103 i iVnf L inV
medium olothiug 23Wc fleccwasiiea baken and do not gripe
mo merino a una u mwwc mouiuin
Cattix Good to choico butchers WOOa
r ipUd Tnfcwittmi lillmunoiB DvincTiaia Muft
rUKryoiieiiBndOnral PMbllltr
I Jl8 LiroorHi Llvlnff
Not ii you eo through tho world n
dyspeptic D Ackers Dyepepsia
ablotH aro a pocitivo euro for the
worst forms of Dvsncnsin liidines
nlai9uyehiVralno fio Ilatulcncy ard Consumption
Very Ucst Icoplo
- t i m
v oiiurin our statement vwicl we
tinuc iiioatiiH im iv ijo rix to laht I sa that Dr Adkors English Itemedy
Months SMVl leis fall flnu W0iic ia I fitiJt 1 i
Texas fall riiisiium sciio aJoigiu W xVn VT VV ruptrlor to any und
2sc tall otheT iaeiiitationsfoi the Throat
Hotu Llcht
event of tlw nest presidential election And still that
Demg tniown into tho lioiihO of itl
Feiitatives tho Democratic candidate for a unpaiu
president would bo chcen The only
states which tho Republicans would con
trol in a voto hv states are California
Colorado Idaho JliiK Nevada Noith
Dakota Oievon Pennsylvania South
Dakota Vermont Washington und
Wyoming Since the clow of tho wu
imil the return of the Kuthern thites no
partv ln Lad srch n prepunderance in
the hoiibo as tho Demociiits will hwe in
tiie iixt rongrcHH
Congiesrfmen were no e tid in
Idaho Oregon Malno Vcrincut and
Wyoming having ahead v bit n choten
htHteofllcew and u Icgi latme wei o
chiv Hii Jr Culifoinb Coloril Coiiiieet
Krtf Delaware Fhlrlda Ulmnla T
Wiii if i -
- Chh io
aJf rs 85 uilxrd WfiOft
810 10
CAT1 Li Kxlin lieei fclliRMiO twr
t27CQIui mixed Mtt 017ri
siiBW tnsffccia
Lamds wk qt
Ncu urli
WlIKAT No 2 led ulutur
ccmlicr 4
Culix MlxidfiOWc
lia 2 Mlxisl 4le
tlOl Do
Notwithstanding tho incroaRc in
prices ot all Dental materials I Viill
yet for a limited time make full
Double seta oi Teeth for Fitccn
Dollars and either upper or lower
acts for Eight Djllara I use exclu
sively tho fine Philadelphia make of
artificial teoth and tho Bret
ved Rubber for 1Iatca 1 warrant
a perfect ft ertTy time aafirlelyiiii
irlicl and as good work Jose in bo
made in thin country regardless o
price Eveiyboiiy in this country
knows tlu 1 am an old experienced
and sale liaid to extract teeth and I
use the lkst Ancstlietcs to prevent
pain in which ihcre s nodjngcr nor
damage I Fill and Cean teeth
without pain nnd cure Scurvy at
very rrnsonahlc pi ices Lot tno
know if jou wont Dental work done
OlTicc refitcd up but st the emia
old 6tnd at tiio bck ol Vc ssitt
tos Drug Storo in M ui m Ky
T Il7 C sjitt Dontiat
E U Mooio St no keeps pure
fresh drills
Dry Gords in best qualities at
E C Aloorei Stone Ky
Ciider Crider keep first class
hardware for littlo money
Dont fail to see our stoves bcioro
buying Crider Under
and Luiiffs iu Whodninc Couch
and Croup it ia magio and icloiyes
at once Wo oflcr you a sample bot
tle free Remember thir remedy is
sold ou a po fcitivu guarantee J II
Go jrilIyaniiWiodsTorC 0 O
Certain Cough Cure5 it cures
coughs colds and all throat and
ung diseaseF
I cheerfully testify that after tak
ing Microbe Killer lor fifteen days
I am entirely etnbdnfter boingsick
two years with malaria fever and
during which timo I conlrocted oth
er diseases llux etc I was attended
durin this timo by three of tho beg
doctors i the city witiFout being
benefited ta Dohcrty
10 Celeste St Now Orlean
1883- For Bale by
U C C Certain Chili Cure th
most plcaFant to tako of all fever and
ague remedies Warranted to cure
chills and fever Sold by Ililfynrd
it Wcdd
Ft Worth June 7 18S9
Mr Robert C Stockton
Agent Vxn Uadams Micobc Kill
er Dear Sir I have been suffer
ing for four veils with dm and fi
ver and inihra fever Ono jug of
yoi r Microbo Killer has stopped tho
chills nnd I am much hotter but am
still taking tho medicine
Youisr spcctfully
J E Danioh
Photographer 010 Houston St
For sale by Hillyard Woods
Another child killed ly the uso
of opiates given in tho form of Sooth
illL svrutl Wliv rnnthora own flinir
j children Mich deadly poison is sur
prising when thoy can rcleivo tho
of yours child of its peculidr troubles by using
ur ackers liatiy soother- It con
t tins no opium or morphine Sold
by Hillyard k Woods
Tyo makers Steady work Oood
pay Apply to
J R Finley
Marion Ky
My deputies aro now
Dr Ackers English Pills
Aro active effective an 1 pure For
iek headache disordered stomach
sss of apotite had complexion and
liousncss they havo never been
oiuuled in Amorica or abroad
I or Sale
A good Smooter in good shape
belling buckets etc attached
Will soil very cheap
v JHliSMitchcll m
iiuiiican ivy
House and xot in Ma
rion fop Sale
The houso and lot adjoining tho
Piptist church in Maricn owned by
Mrs M A llussoil is for sale Tho
lot is 100x175 feet is beautifully lo
cated in central part of tho city
Frame dwelling of 5 rooms in good
repair Oood well good stable and
other ontbuildings Price SCOO For
furthor particulars call on or address
Wulkor k Rochester Marion Ky
This property readily rents for 7
por month and is a good investment
for speculative purposes
Miliaria pronucts uoaKnofs
oral Debility Bjlliousness
Appotite Indigestion and
frtnri OfAvad Vn jf ttlnaaC
Tonic is
iw uiviv a 4 i3iuiVygjy
niirii font Arfflnh nyalar111 atl
removes tho cau8o4ich proJCM
these troubles omoyes BiHwm
nosssthout paging ns lorgo
nii Tohlo and totalis for
50c Is Js pleasant as Lemon
ed Thoro aro many imitiitlons
To get tho gonuino ask for Gitc VEs
Nevr fails to euro Chills Sold by
all Druggists
JlobortToiT ii Jones Jonesboro
Ark write 0 O 0 Certain Chill
Curo gives universal satisfaction
Pleasant to take No cure no pay
Sold by Hillyard Woods
If 0 O O Certain Cough Curo
is not tho best remody you havo ov
er usod for coughs and colds your
monoy will bo rofunded Sold by
Hillyard Woods
Aro you sick If so you can bo
rostcred to pcrfoot hoalth if you use
Jladmons Microbe Killor It puri
flos the blood thoroughly and wheii
that is dono you are a vfell roan
The sucocbs of the medicine is sim
ply wondortul
out for tho
pui Dose ot colloctirg tho taxes duo
at the places heretofore- nppomtod
must pay or wo will levy without
further delay
A J Pickons S C 0
Coal UodsShovels Pokers
vtk ti i
Or anything in the
j We viU make it to your
interest to examine
ft our Goods be-
I fore
B ing
Only one more
Left over Some one can
get it at a
I Our Stitch - Dq Roll
tfCantle Saddles11 nt be
rlrvwnpfr i fJrice or ouali
dty Girncl animunition
JjTunements shotpotic
annate Oelts hunt
sts and coats Wp
li fll I Iirtlr ifnAw 1 f x
ri rzr mivtiog
sirnn n wpII nc n finh
Sloadinjr eun wTOlf
u5TTnder Lamanan s wjpi
-- -
- r
-- J J ft- - f r
Irona Heating Stoves and all kinda
seasonable goods cheap as you want
them Pierce Son
Malarial fcVcr is caused by Mi
crobes Tho germs arc in iho air
youbreatho Tako Radmnns Mi
crobo Killer and that will kiil the
genn and you can not have an acho
r pain For salo by Ililliard
Woe ds
Worth Knowing
Hughes Tonic Tho old limn
liiblo romody for Fever and Ague
Reputation earned by thirty year
success iou can depend
Try it Dituomsr
IcIinlBv Bill
gllas raised the price on j
some tilings but i
Iu ajjcr than ever before
All kinds of Stoves
at rock bottom prices
Ijlrcpare for cold weather
k i
IV1L1I il
iYim S EM
ii ii in mnTT
Have a numbor of dcsirablo tracts
of Livingston and Crittondon county
lands for salo
W jak
IJrawnor will handle both Com
mercial Point and DoKovon coal
tbU season Save youf contracts
until you try the Commercial Point
and be couyinced that it is as good

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