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Those goods arc
4 V
bott ia greatly concerned over tho un
inlBtakable sentiment rapidly developing
ill ever quarter of the dominion In favor of
political union with United States Sev
eral of most anient supportrcs of tho
lato Sir John McDonald liavo becomo
forsmoat piomoleia of tho movement
A lender hi Toiy rinlsi wld a8 much
as lie dijhktd toiuako tho admission thero
i sno dbputing that I iioonly recourse to
save Can ula from lutiKruptcy and ruin
appeared to bu political union with tho
republic to tho south
He iointed out tho fnlluro of tho Do
minion government to negotiate tiade
lelations with forehni countries their
mi ions to South America Spain Aus
tralia and tho West Indies having
proved signal failuies while tho restric
tions imposed by tho United States
upon Canadian exports promise soon to
exclude Canada from those markets in
which up to now 4 jier cent of nil the
Dominion had to sell had been disposed
of Organizations in evciy section of
tho country aro being completed to lay
tho we of bankruptcy or annexation
squarely before the people and with
what succei u has been shown by the ie
ceptiou the movement has met with at
VVindsor Bello Rier aud other points
in western Ontnrio
Dr llrlrn one of tho leaders in favor
uf iiliiical union nid when u niemlnr
if tilt Diiininion puli uuriil jmt b tnre
Put i ltttio i that lie wiiati nut and mt
Htiiit xTioiiNt and would leao parlla
mint to anuouukO hU platform As a
Liberal he did not desire to take the In
itiative step until he was free from his
narty and out of parliament so that
Ids action could not tie attached to them
There aro inoro than 100 seats In
pailiament protected and within sit
Ynoliths nliere will bo xrm ttfty to
sovcuty fivo elections In which tho
question of political uulou witli United
Wtatts will bo an important issue
No Trusty Likely to be Xectliitctt Until
tliH lritnt Tory Cabinet 1iilU
rAfeHiUTOK Oct 1U beveral ot
Canadas public men aro quietly drop
ping into Washtngton with a view to as
certaining why it was that tho reciproc
ity conference set for Oct V2 was so
suddenly dropped Tho pi availing opin
ion among thetti is that our authorities
lielluve therj is no xcal desire to have
any confeieuco with tho present Tory
government of Canada and that we are
waiting a chauge of p irty power in Can
ad Thh li the second conference
which his Wu dtchuid oir and thu
Canadian isltm want to tind out if
thtie is not rouui uudirlt ing cau o lot
tiuse leptated tiiiuies
Tin- lriHliU itt InlerpHcil
Thomas 3 Gorman editor of tho Ot
tawa Froo Press is among the visitors
He called at tho White Houso Friday
and had a ten minutes talk with the
president concerning tho causo of delay
and the attitudo of tho government to
ward Canada Tho president nssitred
Mr Gorman that there was nothing in
tho postponement fnither than that It
was not convenient to dlscus3 the ques
tion at tho ureseut time lie had only
cood things to say of our northern
neighbors and in a general way ex
pressed the hope that more cordial rela
tions w ould bo established between the
two countries
lliu Tot lea Illniucd
Notwithstanding this assurance Mr
Gorman and hi- associates bellovo that the
anti character ot the Teuy paity now in
power in Canada is tho leal causo of tho
failure to secme a conference The
ministers who have succeeded Sir John
McDonald entertain that bigoted ani
mosity against tlio United States which
lmslonichetaetfcrliod tho Tory laity
of Cauad t riul tho mother country It
is thuremmait of the loyalist stock
which antedates the lovolution Put Ho
opiitjn in Canada has foicod the Tory
ministers to adopt n pioteuse of reci
procity but It offends their loyalist
views and is merely a surfaeo eiTort to
watd kindly relations with this count y
Hum- Ionc Will It lie
The prcstdeut and Mr Blaine fully ap
preciate this and aro said to be waiting
for thoToiloa to bo turned ont as Is con
fidently expected by public men heio
With a Liberal government In power
pledged to cordial relations with tho
United States tln ie will be little diffi
culty in having tho president nnd Mr
Blaine arrango a conference with the
Canadians Mr Gorman and his asso
ciates who aro here aro ami ng tho
most conspicuous Libcials iuCiuada
They have not only talked with tho
preJldent but with Senator Morgan
Roger Q Mills and other Democratic
leaders On all hands the exprcs ton Is
ceueral that the fall of tho old Tory
bigots iu Canada will remove tho lust
oLstaclo In tho way of extended trade re
lations between tho two coun tiles
The fur tlie Itmuunr v Wreck
netta on the Ciiiiliiutur unit Uncvieer
Kent O Oct 19 Coroner Sher
mans verdict In tho liiquest of the re
cent Llio wreck Is out at last He takes
about 2000 words to review the accident
and then sums tho matter up briefly as
I find that Kuruost Uelgrrt conductor
of the freight Is guilty of ross careless
ness ia allowing himtclf to sleep while on
duty and also or allowing his train to
leave the depot without his orders ami for
till further neglect liuiot noticing whether
the passoncer trulila cnrrled signals or nut
IaBO llnd O E Drown engineer of tho
freight guilty of carulessueHj m moving
tti train before he got orders from the con
ductor and In moving his train In viola
tion ot the companys rules aud In trust
lug vatiroly to uls own judgment iu the
Ordered Not tn Minn Cniil
PiTTS imo Oct 17 The officers of
the United MiuGAVurkersiof merltw
fin V pauiM I VUblimi iirMUn v
thousand river miners in the PHtsbnrg
district not to mine anr more coal for
railroad shipment This order was prr
cipitated by tho officers of the organiza
tion on learning that tuo operators were
filling tho places of the striking railroad
miners with foreigners If thu rher
Biiuers decide to strike tbe entire Pitts
burg district about twenty thousand
imi w him eitwv
- --
f Colonel Jliirphy pi
nlnolrv nrnrefitlfitTto
lticlrullj lint So n instrnotloiia a
No Hop oi obtniiitne It hh the Torlt fh0rt tlmengo lnoiderto takomlvniitngo
sumi in tuo sain nua tuo 0f tbo present Miortago of tuo ccrcnl cropa
Tt it Youk Oct 10 A special
I of iurojo by presenting to tho attontlou
to i n PTOP J1
iv iv ir of
Tho Sun from Ottawa gays Premier Ab
and valuo
American Indian corn as a cheap and
nutritions substitute for other cereal
foods Colonel Murphy writes most en
couragingly reporting his cordial recep
tion by Minister Phelps aud tho readl
nossof that gentleman to forwasdhls
mission and further states that ho haa
been able to produce broad compoted in
part of ryo and part of corn which has
been highly comm lded by nd thocc to
whom havo been nubmtiteel as a
most patUCaetory bnbstitute for tho oidi
miry ryo bievd in gtuer tl use among
certain civs In Germany and this at
a coit based on tho present price of ryo
Hour and corn uuhI in Gtimany les
than the cost of bread exclusively of ryo
Hour aud now retailing in tint city
Should special concessions in the matter
of tariff duties bo cecured fiom the Ger
man government on Indian corn the
outlook for a large Inciea6o iu our ex
ports of that troduct to Germany
wonld in theopiniouof Colonel Murphy
bo most promising
Kx Mlnltcr Ilnugl m DrMorlbci It n tlio
flllirultur uf tin- Carilbo in
Wasiiinotov Oct 15 Frederick
Douglass ex minister to Hayti delivered
a lecture on Hayti Tuesday night at the
Metropolitan African MoMiodist church
in thN t tj Ik fine an
I trgely of hut ineitmiiu many
iif ihe lhigli li deli gatfe I i ill 1 i Uu n
icil Iliiineil Mr Doii la lopl tii
feeling to the criticisms of his policy in
tho Mole St XirholHj affair and inado
tho suggestive oinionncemeut that if hu
had done any man an injustice in his
etory of tho matter he stood leady to 10
tract but if driven to tho wall ho wid
he had it tn his power to put befoie tho
whole world all tho coiie pondcncu
about the arfnlr iu a d liferent light aud
a light some gentlemen wonld not like
to see
Ho described the Molo as the Gibraltar
of the Carrihean sea and said tho nation
that would hold this stronghold would
bo mistress of the sea Mr Douglass
denied that Hippolyto was atyiaut and
ho also defended tho character of Pi evi
dent Harrison whom he descxibed as
conscientious and humane nnd whose
ndvico to Mr Douglass when tho latter
went to Hayti tho speaker gave as fid
lows Doinlasj do all you can to help
tho Haytiali peoplo aud persuado them
to blot out as much 113 they cau tho re
pioaches bulled at them
Ixplmlin Willi rliil UoillW III I Init
ial Ohio
Fimia Oct IT A serious accident
occuue d at tho foundiy of llc ck Mini
slow Sr Company about 0 oelojlc Triday
morning w hich resulted iu tho probably
fatal Injury of two men The foico w
engaged In taking off a heat John Stu
baugh and Henry Colley tarrying about
a vat of molten iron and pouring it into
tho various molds While engaged at
this ono of hu mollis at which they wcro
woikinir exploded with a loud reiiort
scattering tho white hot metal in iill di
rections Both men received the greater
part of It Stnbangh bciug struck about
tuo lace anu siioumers xue oiuer iimii
was badly burned about tho chest Tlio
burns are e y serious onejaud tho men
werecouveyed to their homes where thoy
aro suffering intensely with llttlo hope
of recoveryj
i IIio Neiv sVIcoliollo Ilocecs
n by tlio OUI
Washington Xtlo Sccretaiy Ilusl
has a number of i unphy of sorghum
sugar mcunfdutuioil bj a ne iiocis
by which ho says about 00 iiounds of
sugar is obtained troui a ten of soigimn
cane Whin asked what tho iipv pro
cess is he Bidd It is called the nlcohollo
prociS3 Alcohol is mixed with tho
soiglium synip and afte r tieatment the
former Is recoveied by ledUtillation ro
that tliere is no appicclabh lo d The
sugar Is nearly white and It is strong in
saccharine qualities above 00 degrees
I havo received a dispatch from Mr
Swenson who has been trying the aleo
holio process nnd he eava that about
twice as mueh crystallized sugar per ton
of cano can bo obtained as can 1m ol
tained by tho process horetofoio iu uje
Tho World Tnlr to Ifnie 11 lower Ove
I10O lent 111
Kiuim Not Iliali uvil
Wasiiixotox Oct 10 General Itauni
has not refignod from his e nramssonjr
ship of pensions tho rijort to tho cii
trarv iiotwlthstmdlng He has told tho
president howoer that should his
resignation bo desired at any timo It
woum oo iorincoimng mm inn ueeu as
sured that his administration was satiu
factory nnd thero was no desire to ilia
pviiso with his services It is likely that
General Kaum will retire troui tjie pen
sion office next- mouth volant trily and
with tlio best wishes of tho president
Tho general has become very weary of
tho attacks being made upon him per
Made y An Old otillur to Clt HU
leniloil IMjicrn
Columbus Ind Oct 17 nenry
McDonald aged eighty two an old sol
dlor of tho late war arrived hore Thurs
day from Tennessee barefooted and
peuuljess having walked all the way
coming to seo Comrade Henry Palmer
to got his signature to pension papers
IleuUlon llrtrunlliisr Ami rlcnn Pork
Paius Oct 10 The customs
f committee of the senate met in session
Hatuiuay ju xuuoi minister oi tor
eign affalro aud M Uoacbe minister of
the colonies defended tho governments
proposition for raising the prohibition
on American P01 lnl t0 substitute
therefore a duty of twenty fiancs
Jto determination was reached
Jrw Farlne lliltcr
Londps Oct 19 A dUpatch to The
Standard from Odessa says Order
have been tecelvod here for tho suspoiu
lion of the operation of tho anti Jewish
measures Emigration from South
Russia U dlmhiUujng
Whole Stock back and front 150 Shoos Solid 95c
r - 7 rij i i r
lions point to serious troubio Donypp
tuo w UHO nuu coiuruu luiuci il aivi
An Onen Count ICeiitui Uy Doctor
ShooW n Nelchbol
GuonaiTow Oct 11 A fearful
tragedy took place Saturday afternoon
just over the county lino in Owen coun
ty tho paiticnhiraot which aro about as
T L Mas Ie who hv lxtn for
sever d jearn a woaltln alil n imtablu
lihy iopiii livlig at ann il
with a melie ttf ritU winttntuo
hiui f Ti Hoiiakii a mUhli 1
mid calling for him was Informed by
Honakers wife that her husband liAd
gono to a neighbors to which ho re
Madam you will never boo your hus
band alivo luain and turning Ula
horse 1 ode uway
About a mile from Ilonakef s hnuso hu
met hiin and his on tho
pike coming fioai Moutcroy Massle
stojipcd them and said to Hounkei
You havo been lying about me and
I intend to kill you now
Houaker said I havo srld nothing
about you except w hut I can prove
Honakers brother-in-law begged tho
doctor not- to kill tho defenseless man
but In vain Massie dehboratoly leveled
his rifle at Honakcr aud fired killing
him instantly Massle then lode away
In the dhection of Frankfort and Is stul
at largo though ofllccra aro In pursuit
It Is inmored that n woman was the
cause of tho ti ouble
The lit id of lho K nllUUj Iitfllo loift
lo III Ileum
IoriM n 1 1 Oct I Tliellov Father
Francis Wuvts ecclisiaiticil superior
of tho Lorcttoans died at II oclock
Wednesday morning at Loietto con
vent in Marion county Father Wuyts
was a nativo o Belgium and tho early
years of his life were spent there Ha
arrived in America in bi i nnd came to
Kentucky being sent to Loretto From
that place ho had charge of tho Holy
Cross Chicago nnd St Vincents congre
gations in Marlon Washington and
Nelson counties always keeping his
residence at the com cut Ho was a
man of piofouud learning At tho timo
of his death ho was sixty six yearn old
Snitched Ily VWilto Caps
HorxissviMr Ky Oct 15 Nows
has been received from Sobreo City a
station north of hera ta the effect that
a gamblinar house tiicie was inided last
nijht ind threo riAtitms and threu
men prrs itr i by Wutto Cqnini takeu to
the v oinls ct mo atetnce from tuo town
and whipped into a stataof invasiMHtr
nttei whvh thev wamel to k avu
the cointry JJoticui weio then posted
callltu on other paities by nasii loK ave
the country or shaio tho camo fate
lheio 13g v1t excitement oter tho al
fnir nnd there uro grave tears of further
trouble over It ia that community
To Wind I ji Its Affairs
LotnsvuTy Oct 10 At n meeting of
tho directors ot tho City Fire and
Marino Insuiaito company it was de
cided to wind un its affairs The rUt
and murines will bo reinsured lu tho
Coinmcicial Assuranco company of
England for a bonus of SoVGnO The
stockholders will receive moro than
for what their stock calK
it cot iiiin iu
CoitiKTH Ky Oct II Dr J L
Massoy of TruesviUe four miles froiii
Monterey shot aud instantly killed
John Hoghnicker yesterday The causo
that led to the tragedy was a remark by
the mnii shot to tho effect that Massey
was on faniiliur terms with his Masjtys
own niece
Suicided lit Scvnnly
GEonarrrowN Ky OcUv 7 MiUina
Burley nged toventy colored widow of
Ben Burloy suicided heio by hanglii
herstflf wlth a rope tied to a cherry tree
She had been sick for some time and
committed tho deed before she was
missed from her room
Iou Weddlngton of Uatlettsburg Ky
was kicked in the breast by a mule and
will probably die
At SbelbyllloInd Halph Edwards nnd
Artie Wilson boys qiinripled and fought
Edwards cut Wilson suverely In tne bach
Fire destioyed Forbes Urotheru livery
stable at JIopklnsUHc Ky together with
eight head of horses Loss 110000 In
AtOweusboro Ky Dave Piultt col
ored of Calhoun shot nhd1 probably
fatally wouude 1 lien Adams OJd quar
rel lioui nuu ut un uouMuii
B Splro whoso warehouse wo burned
at Mlddlesbnro Ky had ancncounter
with James Powell the Insurance adjuster
from Lexington which resulted ip both
men being badly Injured j
It Is reported that tlo English backers
will throw another inllt0ii iuto the Mid
dlosboro Ky town scheme
Three prostitutes and their men were
tnken from a gambling Iioubc at Sibill City
Ky by White Caps and whipped into a
stato of Insensibility A puraber of warn
Miss Hattio Grimes has sued Thomas
McCarthy at Vanceburg Ky for breach
of promise and wants 810000 damages
At Ban Autonio Tex W L McGbeo a
defaulting collector suicided by lauda
num Ilia home wo iu Owousboro Ky
f tliln nlipn ni tlio fiwunaimro nmll On the edco
Vnlt1tA votlrnn1 J J J attl Mill nci
w vniloet
when thero Is not n regular xun fo
ones who fill the cars oiVUlo days for
tho trains to be held buck tho first day
thero Is work until all the others catch
up with them This Is dono that all
may have an equal h iw
Last week oue Idle day Georgo Fitz
gerald Will Chaudlor and Sam Shem
mcll wero tho white men uud Boh
Cullltou and Osboin Hadca tho coloied
men to fill the cats lor trains
Uw iueiitij tte next oil day
Henry t aught tho head driver held
each bf them back until nil the miner
cauirhl tueui At this the two negroei
laid m tbi ir complaint to ChwlcD lien
diie the bank boss and Hendrio entered
Faoght the drivernotto hold their turn
back but Faugh t it fused to do thlssay
Ing ho wonld call a meeting of tho meu
to sottlo tho matter This ho did
Tho whito mn went into an agree
ment not to work according to general
rulings At prevent the mine is on a
standstill una it it eeemn that very so
rious trcnbli and piobably bloodehed
is iuiminont as lives havo been threat
Inspect These Figures
Mens Boots Solid 125
heavy 100 heavy solid 60c Calicoes 5c Cotton Shirtings 5c
- Gomo in wo -mean business thesogoQds must go
Of thu Notorious Cllltlmid
found them still thero nnd prepared to
defend tliemsencs at any cost as tue
ruaiilt Rhnua -
Further serious trouble may rosulr
irom IIU3 as ino community is iiiorougu
ly moused about tho matter
lhe Howatds were nromlnout nnd the
trouble grow out of tho alleged attempt
of Cnppq nnd his wife to decoy a gul
from home Cupps will surrender to
tho authorities at Oivlngsville
Tho death of tho Howards esnooiauy
Oeoree Ii not a matlernf surprise as
tiny liav liguiii ll mole inanoiie
cdv tin Nov 1 IS- luniw Ho
then n Mcie bin mill ibieilJ in
oiiiil eltvmat shll of Mount Meilli
toinertot ICjr
Somehbut Oct 10 Thuraday night
as Adam Calm of tho livery firm of
Tato Calm was driving to his fathers
romo ten miles oast of town he was at
tacked near the Gilliland residence aud
assaulted by two marked men Ho was
hit with the butt end of u revolver and
knocked scnselosa He was found some
fivo hours later lying unconscious lu the
bottom of hs buggy
Moinbcro of tho Gllllland gang are
suspected Considerable indignation Is
being expressed and it Is feared that tho
repetition ot last nights conduutwill
causo serious trouble A effort will be
made to have Mr Cahn go before the
grand jury now in session It will be
remembered that a few nights ago
James Blnkloy one of the present grand
jurors was attacked in the samo lo
A Child Hurried to Death
Hopkinsyillk Ky Oct 10 Lizzie
Gray aged about four years and daugh
ter of Jackson Gray colored was
burned to death at her fathers home lu
this county Saturday Sho was playing
with hor little sisters during tho absence
of her parents from home when in boiuq
unknown manner her clothing was set
onfiro Eve7thlng was burned from
hor and hor body burned to a crisp be
fore assistance reached her Both her
sisters wore also badly burned but will
nrakeuiuu IuaUntlr Killed
SVehbails Ky Oct 10 Late yes-
iterday afternoon John Welch brake
man on the Georgetown branch of the
Louisville Southern railroad wi run
over and cut In to by mixed train No
29 At the time Welch was endeavor
ing to uncouple a car from tho tender of
tho engine While standing ou tho tool
box his foot slipped causiug htm to fall
between the car aud tonder of tbe en
gine Welch is a reiident of Pewee
Valloy aud has tocu hero about two
OH old iexigkh price
id Decide tor Yourself
Congress 105 Boy tfJoots 10 to 13s 75c Boys Boots 1 to 3s 100
A 1
i a in i i ii n j n nt m m rnr
r 1 - k aui it w rtt
-- r - i 31 TJ 1 ljyf 11 HI
r a Mwwi - -- ii - - umiMJin
L j ----- a
f I - j J 1 fit M I T mF 7 - M saga
VR ni Art S Y 1 WHITE CA9 WORSTED rflVnEMaRn HBWS - All T i i
U Vevilns WHU Much
fia Alnnwlrilcs
LIUernU 1iivur
lndine Toiy Tha
ili hi recoUrt of a oouimunicaMftn
UQinJiColijuC J 3iuriUy ftiflpeciul
i gentln Kuwpo on WMt of
m ju in mm - i i i w iCHIi - J I 1 I i a IB J
Ooal Strllio Ot Iloler KiTwqKIIIoa iiITirrWoun 11 A ATI J 10 A I M Ell 4P 1 A tlni
Pitv K tSrlliLlnVnH Motfk lsiteit Likd ltv Oct l6 12 -- rfl 5 181111 B I SIl f I I I A Wlf IIHNI
Tuesday niglibinbouttitl oclock Isome Sf hePeninlylValila leglslotnrt Is lu extra
r a oven or eigut masKt u menweni wine Session a
a thriving mlnlilg town fourin les south Jioifiyoreortf0 xHfm wue HWjiust
llwo raUsihurst
when the masks were lcmoved the
ml 4 Iw Tl A mSBA leal TXlkl TlAfHrt 1
iu ou cuiju ou uiiii iiunutn
irotliera and cons of P A Howard a
mguiy rcpecieii cuicn ui una uuuuiyj
iiiroo otiiei s or tuo uanu uie saiu to vq
badly wounded
The Cnpps family about three wceka
Jlln ScptohiWr Wo exported a0O0ftO00
ago wereMsiteu ry wmte yaps in tua where the tointieraturu in
night and some of thcin sonndly threshed iWjU fts u0 In tll0 bluuk
mill uiuuicii iu icavu iu uif uiie iuu
timo ezTiirea weancsaiiy
- j n
arles Hanio l
skuii wilii a
opuurjioi uov i pHvyirofl I
7ina rusneu trr upon CTinps ana VAJiewUBoInwbcon found for tho
his family who were in bed Ctippe it Wive eugiW Kansas City a big
seems had a suspicion that thoy were iable was put around six houses of
coming was prepared to defend himself xjuattors on the right of way of the
and fnmUy and when three masked JUnlon Pacltlo railroad uud alocomotUe
men came turougn ine aoor ne nreu ultcucd to tho cable pulled the houses
upon them as also did his wife who id down
tho fight got hold of the pistol of ono of Snow in the mountains of Maryland
tho mxnund began shooting Tho re jt it is said that Italy will raise the oui
malndcrbf tho band fled iMirKO against our pork
AVllCn Cum3 ClllUO OUt hO fOUnd One 1 Mnttmu nrn - limlli Itl in ilmmln
man dead near hi3 door and nnother just CUM
ontsido his yaid in tho big road dead J storms on tho New Jcrsoy aud Long
The two dead men woro masked and Telautl coasts did treat daniaee
T Tho Louisiana statu lottery has estab
lished a branch ofllco in Montreal
j Tho province of Montieal fears a repeti
tion of the smallpox epidemic of 1V
Many cases reported
The San Carlos Indians want to bo
moed from their
reservation iu Arizona
summer goes as
Indianapolis Democrats elected tho en
nigut out lrB clty tickJt by from 150u g000
on thu sheets A general fight eusued
with Howard and his bi others on one
tide and a posse summoned by tho ofij
cers on tho other An innocent by
stauder was killed
Georgo Howard himself wasHespef
ately wounded and two or three others
recoived slight wouuds Georgo How
nid recovered from his wounds and es
caped with a two yeais sentenee in UtS1
pcuiteiitiiiy He has always beeuw t
garded as a desperate bad man and lite
death causes no rogrot His brother
James has been living Iu Missouri fofc
several years aud only returned to Mile
county about threo weeks nco -
He was also regarded as a bad maiw
while Cnpps ia not regarded as aTlrtf I
clnss citizen
The Sliti r of the Head lloivaid llrntli
ui Sio lhrm In tha Co HI on nnd Dies
Mt Sycumno Ky Oct 10 At tho
funeral of George and James Howard
tho two brothers killed by George Cnpps
on WidnesMV the pmcussiou passoil
thu Iioubh ot Mrs Iec Frisbee sister of
the mnidirt d mm who was unable to
attend thu s
The coiluia weio opened to allow her
to look upnn tho features of her dead
brothers Tio shock was so great that
sho went into paroxysms nnd gave pro
mature birth to a child from the effects
of which she died soon after The
mother of tho murdered men is pros
trated aud at the point of death
Alleitou Winn Threo Strntsht HonU al
Itxlnulun Ky
Lkxinotox Oct 10 Thursday broke
bright mid cool and it was an ideal Octo
ber day Tjo track had been carefully
prepare 1 under the supervision of C W
Williams of Independence la and
tho great stallion race between AllertonJ
200 1 1 and Delmarch13 1 21 was the
all absorbing topic among tho thousands
of horse men haio The betting on tl
noU d contest was fast and furious Del
maich bringing six fifty aud Allerton
one thousand Tho small end of it was
eageily taken by tho nervy Kentncklans
who know the merits of Dtluiarch and
All the morning and noon trains were
loaded to the guards with horsemen
from all over tho Union to see tho two
best racing stallloii3 of tho year In their
battle tor supremacy
Fiist heat Dclmarch led from start
to well in the stretch when Allerton
under n tow taps of the whip drew
away and won easily by a length
Timo 213 1 1
second neat Aiierton iirst iimo
Third heat Allerton first Time
21311 1
tliiiij Meur
Major siilmau ran 1000 nucad of his
iftlcket The campaign was tho
citmg ana outer in the History oi mutiici
llU JllOllBUU I OOUVU tkiUllll WU
let sent up for assault made his escape
jpjid bunting up Ills wctlm cut oil uotu her
Tho stories of damngo from w ct weather
in tlio northwest hae been gieatly eaier
f Tho Canadian nnd United States author
ities will it iiiu oiiifoilalile for the
iMlrd fvcl agis uoM suudiiig litleiH lulu tin
j r f Uaten from uii tin- ImiiiU i
nlll f liM li llllMllllI
to establish tLiit thiLo mllesof bjulu
Lvards from 100 to 200 feet w Ide orua
iinentcd on the Parisluu iilan The cost is
estimated fiom i300000J to 10XX000
It Is now proposed to dam tho Magara
river and thus inuunso thu depth of water
Injthe great lakes The level of the water
has been falling for several j card aul Is
very dutrlnuntal to navlgatioi
posed to raise it severnl uet
Kato Field bays Lnclielors over fort
should bo taxed to support maids over
Allerton won the match with DelmarcL
at LexluKtou leV iu threo straight heats
ffimc 2iI3f 213 215J
L rptan it flnirtrtn Afllla nf Tome nnd
MrMUIanqf Tennessee are tbe Demo
cratio caudidates for sra aVcr -the house
- At Toledo F J Smith soti9900 ems cor
rected matter on a Mereutlialcr linotype
type Betting machliio In elKht houm
breaking the worlds record He took tho
regular ruu of copy
PeuusylTanla has a sensation The state
auditor and stato treasurer aro charged
with liaiug deallngi with Ilai dslej tne
of JMillmlulplihi mn In
prison mil m liesllatloii Is lu proims
Colonel Wib r of tin- Immigration
lommlssloii si nt abroad lo le aiu the e-au-e
of the flocking of so many Euiopeans sajs
It is due to poor crops desire to escape mil
itary service high taxes poor wagos and
the good reports seat homo by rulathcs
already luthe United States
The Now York Itocorder has published a
statement retracting tho charge that Gov
ernor Campbell of Ohio was in debt It
was the republishing of the assertion by
thu Cincinnati Commercial Gazette that
caused libel suits nggrogatlug 1000OJ to
be brought against the last named paper
Crloio aud Cumultle
James Turpln crushed Lewis Martins
skull with a stone at Clurksvtllo Tenn
The row resulted from a quarrel oera
game of marbles between the children of
the two men
Johu Hoey president of tho Adams Ex
press company has been ousted as presi
dent and trustee by tho unanimous vote
of the full board of malingers Mr Hoey
was chaigcd with malfcasauce lu ofllce
It is show n that he had sold tlio comtflrzy
for 850000 property which cot SIIWOUO
and juckctcd one fourth of the profit Mr
Hoey has been with tho compmy half a
century As pronldoat he has bcea
a s ilcry oi WJOOO a car
Tho boiler iu tho shop of the Ohleaxn
St Paul and Kansas City at South Pur
St Paul exploded injuring cluon niuii
three of whom will die Tho le coinothe
had just been repaired and a tet of the
boiler wus being mode
At Scranton Pa Stephen DAynla shot
and killed his wife Jealousy
Frodorick G Tioutman of Baltimore
hnd a tooth pulled out and died from blood
At Omaha tweuty ono people have been
arrested for participating lu tho mob
which hung Kaplst Coes
At Capo Charles City Va George Dyer
killed Mrs Faunlo Fiiddea for hor money
and was lynched by a mob Ho confessed
Parnolls widow is Improving
Russia is pushing with vigor the lu
crcoso of her navy
From Constantinople comes tho account
of more outrages ou tho Christian Ar
Mr Parnells parliamentary colleagues
have issued a maulfcsto to the Parnellltos
to keep together nud carry ou tho contest
on the Hues that Paruoll laid down
Spurgoon Is better
Boulangcra daughters will contest his
The closing of tho famous Klcfi univer
sity in llussla and arrest of 500 students
was due It la said to a conspiracy discov
ered thero against the life of the czar
The office of tbe Nashville American was
destroyed by flre Losa 10000
Another Derrick lb the Reservoir
St Mabys O Oct 10 The Empress
Oil company Wednesday drilled in
another big oil well in the bed of the
reservoir that is good for several hun
dred barrels The great body of water
ia gradually being dotted with derricks
and a few years hence will probably
find oilrWells from One bank of the lake
to the other The territory lying under
neath the reservoir ia too valuable to ro
main undisturbed aud it would ulso oc
casion little surprise to Had the largest
artificial bodv of water in the world
drained for oil purposes in a short time
Governor Bleelalteslcna
Arkansab Citv Kan Oct 10 The
Traveler has received information from
a reliable source that Governor George
W Steele lias tendored his resignation
ai governor of Oklahoma His most In
I luiuto frleiuls Wore Informed of his in
tentions several days ago bnt tho mat
ter was kept a profound secret
1T I
1 in t ir
Ladies Button Shoes 75c better 95c Whole Stonk
d Domestic 62 c Mens Suits 375 Mens Cotton Socks 40c per dozen
Respectfully a a m r - fl
X 7 - v
TJiglie33 will not tb iu those tini33 when the
wvnlthty cannot aunl to waste their money
jti I tho pDr rjTuiae double duty of ovary dol
Iumii I ereiy pjiiny Wj cm 1111113 yjupncis
tint will teach you in tin silent loic of truth
b itwjr1 dnliug with live and with
b3tv33ii cish aud credit system b
freight and low freight system
Reviow of tho Oruln niul Cittlo MnrkcU
for October 10
Wheat 3g0e
CoilN New iliiM old WSCOc
Woo I- Unwashed lino merino 1731Ho
tf bbod clothing 2l33Js braid UttilSe
meillum ciiubhli 22Cl2Je Ileece Whed
Hue merino X and XX Uii2Te medium
clothing 2tilic
JATTIE ioou to cnoice initchers ft CO
SH 60 fair to good ii 00J 83 common 1
tl Mi 25
IIous Selected butchers nnd heavy GS
hipping W JiiSii i fair to good mixed 1
U SJQl 50canimon to rough 3 50 I 00
rair to goon ugut c wi pigs w
i w
siiEEP ja ssas CO
7SJ 2a
CATTU Prime 5 a05 50 good H 60
25 00 talr c3 tl53 2o bulls stags aud
fat cows 2 00J b5 fresh cows 20 00
15 00
Hoos All grada ft J01 70
Sheep Extra to 00515 J eood f 1 C03i
i 80 fair W 5O0t 20 common 81 5033 00 I
yearnims m mmi w
LASIES 43 5080 00
WHEAT December CoyVo
Cons November 48fc
Hoos LIabt 0JO4 43 mixed 1 00
01 hcay J I 3304 b0
CATTLE Extra bcevesK OOflO 23 Bteors
3 25S3 05f mixed S3 0033 6a
Sheep sM 253 ft
LAMUS W 6tg5 23
Now York
WHEAT No 2 red winter tl 0X De
cember tl 07
CoitK OIKc
OATfl 34KC
Cattle l 7565 85
Sheep 3 155 50 -
LAUBS 5 000 50
Cons Casli 66c
OAT8 20c bid
CLOVEiaKBD December U C2
Cleveland Oil
Petroleum S W 110 deg OXc 7 deg
gasoline 7c 66 Cvg gusollue 10c C3 dbg
naphtha OKc
A Ulltchlevous bclioolciri
Commodore P Vcdder whllo a young
man teaching school had occasion to
punish it mlschlovous girl and us was
usual In that day and locality was about
to resort to the f erulo To tho offending
maid ho said Mlsa give mo your
hand one dropneu ncr iienu aim
blushed Again ho said sternly Mlsa
1 1 aay glvo mo your hand Slowly
lifting her eyes sho remarked Mr
Vadder this ia embanaseing for me
You should not wake such proposals in
nt nakgiV pqft
dead men
tweon high
iAPBMmd to Win
p P opca
Wo shall ofroi such unanswer
ttblo aiiyuincnts us no house
can match Leaders and spe
cialities at quotations that no
othor can oiler 3tem aud
stubborn tacts that will levol
yiiuvlicads on tlio sulijoct of
Xcw advanced ideas crowding out old Pluck instead of hick Cash
instead of credit Experience instead of cheek Science and abililv
beating back and crushing into oblivion these high freight merchant
with their tough and unlimited long time prices
I Sj -
s S4
What is the use of wasting a dollar when can you
save hy buying your goods from
NT Tou Ky
a il wr j
r to me lvmie
At Crayneville Ky
AlLU 1
r lamara x h
m iinaaii v m h 1 1 i
sm wm
i vXbo i
nif Prices
ottom Reached
The Top Gomes Off
The Sides Broken
The Record Smashd
I must havo it My business requires it Come in
and get tho bargains Lots of Now Goods Fino lino of
Boots and Shoes Comoatonco and whonyou get heae say
Money makes tho mare go and tho old maro cant go any
futher without moro money Bring your produce it is same
as cash with me I will give you cash prices for it Toll your
neighbohs that for cash WOODS is soiling lota of goods
Ttuniung youtoryquriiDorai patronage m tho past 1 am
J -

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