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luntlals of tho Roman i iturmlla and tho
I of Junas Ujiliuide of tho four
teenth Century In 1urls When four
Nobles Perlhod ut Court
In spite of clerical protests in spite of
anathemas In spite of the coudomnation
of the inoro thoughtful and tho more vir
tuous Christmas in tho oorlicr days fro
Quentlf reproduced all tho worst orgies
tho debauchory nnd indecency of the
baochanalia and the saturnalia Even
the clergy were whirled into the vortex
A special celebration calid tho fca3t of
fools hod boon instituted in thoir bclialt
with a view said the doctors of tho
church that tho folly which is natural
to and boru with us wight exhale at least
onco a year
If oven among tho clergy heathen tra
ditions survived so stronuously whut
wonder that they survived among th
laity The wild rovels indeed of tho
Christmas jwriod in olden times almost
Btagger Uchlf License was carried to
tho fullest extent of llceatioufiifd Evjn
In tho sevonteouth contmy ulnii tho
festivities had been slightly toned down
Master William Pryuno dLi ovcred in
them tho vostigea of pag inism which aro
apparent enough to tho historians of to
If wo compare ho says in his
Bistrio Mastix oar bacchanalhn
Christmas uud New Vtitrs tiJoj vith
taouHbt of against a nrinco of tho
blood Ho was given his wuy Hothruat
lis torch under tho chin of tho nearest
of the maskers The tow caught fire In
rmtnnent tho wholo group wia envoi
oped ia flames Presence of mind or
common sobriety might lave wived
them But there wits none of the latter
thoroondbut two instances of tho for
Tno yountr Duchess of Ueiry seizeu
i - i i i
weklngamLeuvoiopcu nun iu ner am
ple robe Thus he wuj tuvod Another
wsktr tho lord of Nantouillot uoted
for strongtlmnd ugility rent the silk ii
ropo with a wrench of his Btrung teeth
Vitehed himself lio u iiiunng cumet
through tho Urst window aim tuea inio
I cistern iu tho court whence lie emerged
i and smukink but ulmojt tinliiu t I
At for the othor foar they wliirled
rttheraud thither throuxhe hornfleu
ob strutrgliutf with eaca outer iyni
vith the tumts cursing suriPfciig
rlth pain Women fainted bybcoics
n who had never fullered in a liuur
1 fiirhU sickened at tho lildeoua spec-
Se All V urw was ruuneu u ui r
rand gathered an excited tnob nbont
nalaca All aorU of rciiorU wero
Mit tliat tiio priuced swero engaged
adly strife being the one most nreu
At hut the iUmoalbarnod out
foor iniiilrn Lay a black and
tipoattw flaeronawas a mere
is m
Ra ss
fM r
unuti t iieiumi survneu uti tmy
brcak A third died at noon the next
day Tho fourth no other than Sir
Uugonin himself survived for three
dujs wliilo all Paris rejoiced over his
agonies Dark dog barkl was tho cry
with which the citizens saluted liia
charted and muuglcd corpse when it was
at last boruo to tho grave Now York
A Corruption or the Words ClirUt Child
Now Applied to Santa Claus
In thef o days Kriss Kringlo Is looked
upon as an alternative liauio for Santa
Clans but in fact ho is otymologic
ally and historically n totally different
being though tho two personagee hare
been welded into ono in the popular
imagination A vory small knowlcdgo
of German reveals the fact that Kriss
Kringle is simply a fcormption of tho
word Christfcindlein or Christ child
whoso connection with the Christmas
festival is too obvious to need explana
tion Bat what seems inexplicable is
how the Christ child of the past the
Holy One whoao nativity is tho subject
of commemoration in that feast which
we call ChrHuias should have ovolved
into tho vblte hired vhilo bearded
ineny heartel and kindly old pagan
whom wo call indiftetcutly KrUa Kringlo
or Santa Claus
Yet at tho very moment when wo have
come faco to f aco with this apparently
iitolublo paradox wo have reached the
solution which seemed impossible when
thoso eaturuulia and feasta of Janus wo wo strovo to u idrdt md fia much less
ehall find such near iillliiitja between
thctn both in repaid of time they being
both in the ond of December and on tho
1st of January and in their manner
Bolomnisiug both beiu b tut in revel
ling epicurism wantounetae idleuebc
dancing drinking stage plates masques
and carnall pomp and jollity that wo
must needs concludo tho ono to bo but
tho npo or issue of the other
Yet the practices which Stubbcs aud
Prynno condemned were mild and tamo
compared with tho oxcesses practiced at
tho Franoh court for centuries Inebrie
ty ran rampant No wonder that in the
Jeriod of torches nnd wooden l nluccs ac
cidents frequently otenned vhiJi more
than onoo involved provinces iu
MomorabTo above all other episodes of
thin sort wus the cutiutiophe which oc
curred at Puria iu lllJJ The Christ mis
festivities had been partaken of in the
wildest spirit of riot aud disorder Itut
the court was not et satisfied Then
Sir Hutfoniu do Uuisay thu must
lees amopg alltho reckless rpirits of thy
period suggested that as tin ccuso for
prolonging tho merriment u maniigo
should bo arranged between two of the
court attendants This waa oagerly
agreed upon
Tho management was intrusted to Sir
Eugonin himself IIo was well fitted
for anything wild and unusual IIo
-WM loved and admired by the disorderly
as ardently as ho was hated and feared
by the orderly for it was his pleasant
aabit to oxerciso his wit upon trades
men and mechanics whom ho would
accost in the streot prick with his spurs
and compel to creep on all fours and
bark like dogs beforo ho i cleaned them
Such were the traits which endeared him
to tho courtiers of his most gracious
majesty and Christian king of Franco
Tho marriage passed off in a blaze of
glory with on accompaniment of at
tendant Gargantuan pleasantly At tho
height of tho ceremonies Sir Hugoniu
quietly withdrew witli the king and four
other wild ones 6cions of tho noblest
houses in France Wi tli a pot of tar aud
a quantity of tow tho six conspirators
were speedily changed into very fuir
imitations of the dancing beurs then
very common in mountebanks boot lis
A mask completed tho transformation
Five werUtheu bound together by means
of a silken rouo cut from tho tapestry
Tho sixth he king himself led them
into the hall Their apjxiaranco created
i general sensation Who are they
wastuo cry no ono couiu answer
AUtbia moment entered the wildest of
all tho wild dukes of Orleans Who
are thoyf ho echoed between hiccoughs
Well woH soon find out SJoizing a
brand from oho of tho torchbearera
ranged along tho wall ho stuggcrod for
ward Some gentlemen attempted to
itay him But he was obstinate unci
Quwfeuome iuuin iorco couiu nut uj
startling trausfoi motion of St Nicholas
into Santa Cluus
We renieuil er that tha Christmas fes
tival of today 13 a gradual evolution
from times that long untcdated the
Chiibtian peilodj tliat though it cele
brates the mightiest fact in tho history
of Christendom it was overlaid upon
heathen festivals and many of its attend
ant observances aro more adaptations of
pagan to Christian ceremonial
This was no mero accident It was a
necessary measure at a time when tho
new religion was forced on a deeply
superstitious population In order to
l CLoncilo heathen converts to tho new
faith aud to inako tho wrenching of the
old ties as painless as possiblo these rel
ics of paganism were preserved tinder
modified externals exactly as tho an
tique columns wero transferred from an
cient temples to adorn tho Christian ba
In courso of timo as tho idea of mun
dane merriment rather than religious
sanctificatiou at tho period of Christmas
becamo tho predominant one St Nicho
las or Santa Claus lost hie asceticism be
came ruddier jollier more rubicund in
aspect while tho Christ child faded
moro und inoro into the background un
til at last tho very name of tho latter
Under the slightly different form of
Kriss Kringle was transferred to his
successor Selected
Yuletldo Superstitions
Whilo traveling at Christmas timo in
tho old English county of Devon a few
years ago I found it peculiarly affluent
In tbeso odd Christinas superstitions aud
customs Every family I visited pro
vided if ablo to afford them a Yule
cheese and a Yule cake for the
Christmas season and it is considered
very unlucky to cut them before Christ
mas day
Tho same euperstition prevails with
regard to the Yule caudle a vory tall
ono specially provided and tho Yule
dog or log a large stick for tho Christ
mas fire Misfortune is regarded as
certain to follow if either candle or log
is uguieu umu just as me lainuy are
sitting down to supper on Christmas
eve and it is also considered a sure pre
cursor of evil for any ono to stir tho log
or eiiuff tho candle during the progress
of tho meal
On Christmas morning no member of
the family muBt stir out of the honse
until its threshold has been ciosdd 6y
the footsteps of eomo male outsider If
a woman or girl is tho first to entor on
Christmas morning ill luck is sure to
follow Another Devonshire supersti
tion is that if the sun shines brightly at
noon on Christmas day thcro will be a
plentiful crop of apples in the succeed
ing summer Buffalo Exprct3
Tho ChrktciHti Stocking
A jolly device to take tho placo of tho
treo ia a big stocking with its top held
open by a circlo of wire The stocldng
is made of striped calico oranynvuilable
stuff and must bo big enough to hold all
the giftj which aro to be done up stout
ly in pasteboard aud paper Each is tied
with twiuo and a long end ia left A tag
is fastened to each string boailng the
name of tho one for whom tho packager
is destined Then all the packages are
put into tho stocking When it is time
for the dishibutiou each must find a
tring with his or her nnmo on it and
take hold At a given signal all pull at
Tho fun will be Increased if it bo the
rule that no ono can get a gift except by
pulling at tho stiiug and that no one
iiniBt uso the hands to disentangle
Btiings It would perhaps bo better to
put in only ono gift for each person at
ouo time Then when nil have uot their
packages a ecceud batch Is arranged
then u third uuiisoon
Dviuvjuksvillu Ky Jon 1 John
tognn who lives in Guy county about
20 miles from hero wo shot and fatally
wounded by his son in Iuw Enor Eyana
who wa drunk at tho time
UtiiHinll Umli r u Saloon
Port Waynb Deo 28 A large quan
tity of dynmnito waa found under the
The ISIoqncnoe of golltndo I Folly
You havo ofton hoard tho expres
sion about the eloquence of solitude
remarked a traveler recently I used
to think I knew what It meant but I
discovered I did not until one day
when I had an alarnlng experience
I have stood on a mountain top and ex
claimed How grand this solltudol
t have been on tho deck of a Pacific
steamer and watched the red sun set
ting I hbvc wandered over a deserted
battlefield but tho truo feeling of
loneliness and abject helplessness I
never know but once I was strolling
along tho beach at Brighton England
several years ago and was much In
lerostod in my ramble especially h I
had nover before fieu thoso white ollff
which have boon written of so often
So engrossed was I that I did not no
tioo the tide rising rapidly Suddenly
m tho space between the ater and
the cliffs grow extremely narrow tho
fact was forced upon mo and 1 began
to retrace my steps I had trolled
along soven or eight miles and hoped
at least to be nblo to wall back to a
place where I might succeed In sealing
the cliffs Where I vvus they aroso
either iu n perpendicular line or hunt
fur over Then I e una to a point
where the water wiu deep ond knew
that I should have to stop The situa
tion was critical I could neither go
backward nor forward so I oast my
glances upward High up on the rocks
I discovered a lodcro and this if I
could reach It was a fairly well
olevated point although there was
no hope of going higher Well t man
ured to get to the lu Igo ind seated my
elf waiting- the turn of events Swift
ly and uoUelessly tho waters arc se and
and now tho beach was covered I
raised my voice but soon discovered
how usoloss it fras to attempt to attract
attention in that isolated nlace Tho
sun wont down aud the sea in all its
calmness lay beforo me The tide mado
not a sound and all voices of nature
were absolutely hushed A feeling of
great oppressiveness came over ino and
and to my excited fanoy I seemed tho
sole dweller iq tho primal world a
helpless being at the rnorey of stupend
ous foroos tlrvt worked so silently the
only thing of life that had over lived
and which was now to bo eliminated
Slowly the waters crept up uttering
not a sound and yot that sllonoo was
eloquent with unuttcrod menaces that
caused my soul to tremble and turn
sick I should not have bcon so over
whelmed if the wavos had leaped moan
ing at my feot but I was like tho vic
tim of a weird dream chained motion
less to a certain spot whilo tho hand of
destruction was lifted owr me help
less to mova but with my thoughts
and imnginatipn terribly active Then
I found my voice again and called out
loudly Iwasrollovod by tho appear
ance of soveral fishermen on the cliff
above and by tho aid of a stout
rope was soon out of barms way But
I never see tho beautiful white cliffs of
England without shuddering Chlca
o News
Nome of tho Novelties Seen In nambles
Among the Shops
Entroe dishes of polished silver plate
with bcodod odgo aro provided in view
of the hospitable season
The envelopo molsteners will soon
persuado us that it is very vulgar to
seal lotters by applying tho tip of tho
Small- diamonds aro never used to
more advantage than in tho dainty
flower wreathed brooches that are In
The obsolete castor reappears in a
sort of temple on one leg with niches
in wnicn the glass bottlcB aro enshrined
llko geds
Odd pieces of table and toUot silver
aro appreciated such as hot water
Jugs silver bread platters mnfllneers
toast racks and egg boilers
Most beautiful silver bowls for
cracked ico or flowers aro shown this
season Thoy havo waving sholl liko
ridges with richly wrought broken
A curious pteco -was seen tho othei
day It was a botanic cheeso pot
mounted like a brass coal scuttle at an
angle on a standard with a rest for the
choose scoop
Bursting suns the diamond stars of
tho last season are seen in a new vari
ety This can only bo described as a
bursting gun struck by lightning The
rays ore jagged with sharp angloa Th
effect la novel nil even pretty
West Point butkles aro reproduced
in silver and sllVcrWgilt These are
eolld and frequonfjy plain except fo
the engraved monogram which how
ever is made highly ornate Navy
buokles on the other hand havo same
appropriate Ipsljfnla
Tha Oldest Pension Claimant
Lebanon pa Pec 8r Congros6nian
B MWoomer of this dlatrictwas rwiuest
fH Tueada by Mrs HairlofEaldns a col
ored woiniiu aKed lOd yoars to look Af toy
Vir ix rwloa She rtsiUca witliher daugh
c lira Key Harriot Baker in this
olty and her application la ponding in
the pcnaloh oncetat Wtsniiigton In
Congreeaman WoOiuera tipinlon she U
the oldest living claimant for a pensipn
ApaoRAj Ind t falter Btod
man aimed aahotgun at Fred Kaseobnum
aged 13 in order to frighten him He
had removed tho cap but tho gun dia
charged notwithstanding the load tak
ing effect in the lada face lie willloaa
the alaht of one eve
MucwDoc 8 Wflltam Thorton
of Hartford ty whilo on ono of Mun
oiea principal atreetawaa slugged Ty
highwaymen and rendered HacoBMlrma
Whca ho recovered ho akcovered that h
oiih saloon hi Obslan and it ia supposed
it wua to havo becu bloru np wa bom robbed ot tip
During tho rpkleniic ot Iiiippo
Chamberlains Cough Uemedy took
tho lead here and ivas miicli hoi to
-liked than other cougb niacliiueM If
M Bangs druggist Cliutsfforlh 111
Tho grip ia much dm samo ns a very
severe cold and requires precisely the
samo treatment This Hmnr dV In
prompt andeflcctual nnd il prevent
any tendency of tlio dimiso toward
pneumonia For sale by Mpdtt k
Otinc Druggist
Walker Oliver
Dealers in
meroiB urnm
v I
TomlistoiiOo Cemetary fences asslat4
Thoy do tfi54bese workateh lbw
Ht prices Dont buy until 3 in
t c id v i ti tu money
J Spring Scliool i
I will teach a foumonros 11 ra
r niiil nii ii rAi iJfjlir itJ t
morning wear havo tho merest eflgo ol W PBi lf
silky blaok rerslan fur with Ukids ol rlay Jlarch Special alt Jufiou
tho same ond a minlaturo hoail of the
animal tied on with Eatln ov gcos grain
vibVon Hurpora Baar
giyeOj to thoio who vish to- jii cpari
for oxvminatiblf Boor1caMe Mijl
at vory reasoiiitblo AtMt Ti liiioh
moderatoi Tor othorlhfor3d ation
address V Ji iGnsy Marlon K i i V
Tliomugbly taught by jrisJit att UtOr
vcrylivet rate Eajy tg luiMUVvn1 r
pleasant profession And Bfjp Atyf
Hend ettjnlp forjtorms aud sUortilma dj
PriPrqvMljgnce gy xw oJ
SiivnuiL umuan flul b
iff - lfW
TW a f JL
IV a arawlo rnln AlllnTniii
4 t
11 11
braadMOrhUky l oknrv
ij Jknoaxjrtson Vo
pNv F
Ulnll nnnnr lflfmrriii G1ifiinn B
9Aiffla reyg hbriihiiw1 BBHifrex run
Will Continue Business at ttie Old stand DORR 8TA
All kinds mid all grades of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE at tho LOW
EST PRICES Woodon and Metnlic Coffins -
See us Before Buying Remember the place The Dorr Stand
ST i i si -
tjp i
aoiG WESp
-Knit -
Ar iltities i Msil
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frto an- tS4iKrrvt
Cm aortitis t
s 4aaai4AafV
- tlU
-- GbiNGv east
Ar Henderson 715 a m
Lv JiQiiISYiUc 100 r1
No 51
3TI0 r m
OilOi1 M
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jjc isonirij s r K
I Sr
i t
- -
- aMiiaiiiaJiaiiiiJiJi
rWk - Vhirfif ill iiMiN
yKil3Cl - fial to you and your children Such is Scott s Jsmulsion Nminininiincmnii
S00imm ure Norwegian Cod Liver Oil and
slk jBFffl phites of Lime and Soda It checks wasting in the ill VIS B i jf a rvrpcv v mm a an M
fflzBZ children and produces sound healthy flesh It keeps II Jj
g win h
wJMMSfHMl tIieni fo taKS cod and it will do the same for you h li K P fllJI Q
vv KJyM zZeb j jr Scotts Jlmukjaa cure Cough- Rf I Ting
TVsS - Mmti sSS ctew ccKnBpa scroflji t and iftflTa BEST MADE BEST FITTING BEST WEARING
- ZJsJ WMmMEv LrZZZLr all Anaemic amrWasUnffDisc3es AHlSB 1
t t i ij
imr r5 Prevent vastlcjr in chlldroo Al- AJfSff 4 U J
Wl4Wl Wmfrf awn iliw v y - ljtUwTOroStfIii rn A SJ Sv
M v I Kim 1 ffikge
The nw civil acmes ommifu ii n oCiful Hnt Kuiti iiy fr trn r
twelve esH Mom recwnlly h ofHcltodmA Jifdraifl a m J nl i nunc depart- Aflv Sfev II8r 1x7a Wg3tP
montof Hi World Fair He succonUd OioifgJLJ Job stab of Uiusioin jt CSfti fe ifjrW ItfT
re- U finfinU i fTATIimfl fil
ni3ed by President Clay md riiiilliCl S ilii UUUJVhi uLUlliUiu
and n uuv tliq ooiiijalsvani prcs J r r etf TST VS fij Wij
T s - i fptfP V
0JSS3tKSCS G I IVWk H Sdr XfeitiSj JP Prof KW Smith PrlnT Commercial Collese
tgagSCnTtql I i 7 i ZlS S1 k VfSi V PM F 1 Ky University Islington Ky ma awarded
T- jt - Ov I VyKX v f rJ At For arlnt ofBook Ueeplnr eoid General
- r ii AJ5TftUJ V f J iL - Jlntneae Kducntlon etc Cost to completo
tgg 1 I
- - i - f0 t -it lluloeaCoureaboutrjOlcladingtultlonboo
P fidS r Til d board Phonography Type Writing and
liHtSej - s Tlerraphr UuRbt For circular addri u
1 Mk v V 54 w BJimt Iraldcnt IxlntloM Ky
i - rSL 1 1 VVw wi i i ft i I V - - i -- -I--- i r - - i
-V-ill irPW - - -
rew - r - rt i t it
i -- 8T VS H n 8 STB SE H
1 -a WiI - - OkifJ - tUSI t5c2iinai I
Mci vmmtmw
- P 3v tw 5V a 0vJx5VNsx V j i u a t
Vv Wi
xr -- rczzntdfwz l rr
Ur -
The now cniisor Olyiupia pictured In tho upper cut recently dUplay ed roarvelous
peed nnd I a atruif1 rival of tlie Columbia the fastest waj hrp afloat Tlie cruiser
Marblchead aliowu below has developed an overage recd of 1894 knots ove a 72
rado course
Clirl tmus Hells
How many numerics jathtr round the sound
Of bolla thoso flhcr monitors tn usl
Whilom thoy pial diro dancers nnd the
Trmblc to tramp of feet fear furious
thllom thoy toil nboe tomo burial iround
Araln tho j summon souls to praj0 or prayer
Thoy mlirslo in with muilo vtPon it pUjn
Mtlodioui to thut all of Ufa tcLms fair
Or tinkle dimly In tho coert wj s
Whero wethers load tho flock that ti thotreare
Whilom at sea thoy lioarscly bocm and fright
Tho Rood ships from tno rocks on land they
Tho timo o d j by mornlos noon nnd night
Chtmo oer tho sleeping city all U well
Or bid the folk bo up with early light
But whcio bo bolls so buijant svieet and
Upon tho air as theso of Chri tmas tlm
Ko fraught witli piotious mtaulrss Is their
Bo swelling with a hopo and Joy sublime
Christs bells to ou all beuisons btloni
Iticbani llurton
Kinill Toiiilcv
The toquo Is row moro
ly a bonnet without stt Ingrs and often
has the brim turned up In trout lu the
fashion of Nnpoleon hatri This last
touch gives greutchlcto a protty toque
of brown felt with tho i oiled up front
covorod with omlnouca velvet which
also extends arouni the riyht side to
tho bach meeting a small brown sablo
tall which covert th3 loftsldoof the
brim Otherablo tails- aro orcct In
front araldVelvctWda Koboux mnUca
blaok velvet hats with lirlm inftt
front resting- on whlto point do Vnlse
iuuu urrnntruci iiko a cap against tWj hah-
and showing both Jn front unA halt
Two black plumes and a hfpb algrottt
aw tha trimmings Tho supLsr felt
ami uoaver nnis lor
NOTICE Taken tip as a stray by 1
v it UiOlH living a nnlef Konth o
Aunora iu Crittenden Seii
tucky ilncl on tho Annont auil Dy
cusburg roat ouo Bmall bay max
nupposcd to bo nbout twelve yeprs old
bothliind feet white braudpA with n
letter S on lell liiii Aald apprafe
en uymo at ioriy vv dollars
TJiw the 20th day of October ri893
C W R Gibbs
Statebf Kentucky County of Orit
tondenp -Swum to ibo rbovo bv r
K Giljbs i la O SCrtl3
ijsu j a ji k jr v c
-- k
mn i
Adl nidt i ordure
proniiitlv itfendtd to
a - a n - a
ai - friBvJ
I fJ I JCf i
njsii si s i
Wsale Baiters aiiiSMppts m
fi i bliptnent
For further
infonnntiou address
O S a
207A acres 8 miles South west of
film ion on Claylick Creek 100 acres
in good state ot cultivation ou acres
in grass and clover 60 acres of bottom
The farm well improved good fencing
plenty of stock water young orchaid
goodldwelliug one fennant house tlireo
cisterns two stock barns ami other
buildings necccssary lor conveniencies
IV na 39 Min ilnuiii thn hnliuicfl in
three eaual payments ono duo in 12 As a remedy lor all forms of head
mouths from date ono in two years ache Electric Bitters has proved to bo
and ono in three years Tho notes tm3 very best It effects a permanent
drawing 6 per cent from date with a t0 most dreadcd habitual
can on the land until purchase money
is paid Apply to W A Lewis on
Thn Baby vf aa rioi ft ga0 er Ovoria
When she w as a Child sho cried for Castorla
When sho becamo Miss she clung t Costoria
Vhcn she had Children she caTe them Costoria
Children CSry for
Sltchps Castorla
- - i n -
n Ei
v x
ii -- ratamra jnnuB
M k H tnraexinx
aa cyk feivn sarfla
Vi V iA iv J P earofulhivS
ravwwg rH i ny ana tho tn
lXAmii t - I m I -
v J a jcV jc rt rt at
wmmmw nvoiisi
riOiK47Sl LU7 VI
-V - pJUinllnli BrMftffA
wneiner todicm are ior xopacco juorpuuiu ut
Liquor Habit r t
DO NOT RB pECHVEDlnto purchasing
nnyoj uoariou4Utavruinn m wn iwiuy
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sick headaches yield to its influence
We urge all who aro nfilicted to pro
turo a bottle and give this remedy a
fair trial In cases of habitual consti
pation Eleetric Bitters cures by giving
he needed tone to tho bowels and few
cases long resist the use of this modi
cino Try it once Largo bottles
fifty cents at H K WojjV drugis jt
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and Invito tho mot
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tncrl ts of our Tablets
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Curo to r IleiKla
from persons
who have boon
cured by the use of
Hills TaMets
The Oato Chemical Co
riEn Him -I tiara boem ttsinir vour
cure for tobacco habit and found It would
da what vou claim for it I used ten cents
worth of tho strongest chowlnir tobacco a day
and from ono to flTo cliran or I would emoko
rmm tjin to lortv nlrjoa of tobacco liare chewed
nri nmnlrBd for twentvdve vears and two nackacca
- - - -- - -
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Of your TUD1CM ooreu no so i nave no oesira ior ii
TJM JAVLOUD Leslie Mlcll
THOHtO Obem ICAt Co H3BfitEKM Some time aso I seat
for aixo worth of voar Tablets for Tobacco Habit I receln
uun all right and ihmih I waa Rotu a neovy smoker ana cnewor
they did the work tn leas thaa turoo days I am cured
Pn rannnarr PA
give tne pleasure to peak a
nnl of nratae for vour Tablets Mr son wu otrongly addicted to tne use 01
r llquorand through a frlondl waa led to try your Tablota Ho was a heavy and
constant drinker but alter using your Tablets but three dayabeoutt drinking
and will not touch ltnuor of any kind I havo waited four month Deiore writing
yotaordwtotaorr the euro wMpomaaent uSXHErEN H0RR1S0W
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