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go upon tho stage
Ex Vice President Levi P Mor
ton has been nominated for Govern
or of New York This means that
the Democrats will have something
to do
The man who cannot see beyond his
own vino and fig tice is a poor
neighbor the man who can not see
beyoud his own sordid interests in po
litical matters is a poor patriot
Sam Jones has been discussing mob
aw and his advice ie Let the courts
execute the law If the courts will
not execute the law and mob3 must
hang anybody let them hang the
judge and jury
If all the evils in the world could
be cured by law as some people seem
to think there would be bur little
need of the many other forces in the
land whose object is to ameliorate the
condition of mankind
The Chinese and Japs had another
engagement and the former were
completely routed more than 20000
being taken prisoners and more than
J 000 Chinese killed A naval en
gagement occurredAug 17th and
three big warships belonging to each
uido were sunk with all on board
Eev Dr W T Paynter of the
Kentucky Conference of tho M E
church will be investigated for dis
seminating false doctrine by asserting
that whatever was natural was
right If the doctor will reverse his
statement so as to make it read what
ever was right was nutural we will
stand by him
If all do not stay at home Satur
day the 29th Crittenden county will
appoint delegates to the Princeton
convention Tho stay-at-homes play
thunder sometimes Do not be one
of them Show your interest in pub
lic affairs by exercising the privileges
that are yours Tho voter who has
not sufficient interest in the selection
of candidates to assist in the work
has no right to complain at the condi
tion of public concerns
Nobody but W C P Breckinridge
could possibly have made such a race
tinder such circumstances Takiug
everything into consideration the old
man though defeatedmay well feel
parent idiosyncrarics but upon reflec
tion the causes aro obvious It takes
intelligent people to o crazy hence
Crittenden may Buffer along that line
We have mora religious worship than
oihr counties henco tlioro ia more of
H toto disturbed than elsewhere
Democrats Called to Moot nt Ma
rion Saturday Sept 25
Pursuant to the instructions of the
Appelate District Democratic Com
mittee the Democrats ot Crittenden
county are hereby called to meet in
Marion Saturday September 29 1894
for the purpose of appointing and in
structing if they so desire delegates
to the Princeton Convention October
5 for the purpose of nominating a
candidate for Judge of the Court of
Appeals The county meeting will be
held at the court house at 2 oclock p
ru All known Democrats of the
county are entitled to vote in this
mass Meeting
P S Maxwell
Chn Dem Co Com
Another one of the old congress
men has fallen outside the breast
works Asher G Unrutk was de
feated for rcnomination by Ed Mc
Dermott in the Louisville district
Tuesday The vote according to
first returns is McDermott 8101
Caruth 5CG2 Athcrton 50S8
The latest returns placo Owens
majority over Breckinridge at 350
The committee convenes Saturday to
make the official count and to declare
tho ollicial result Mr Breckinridge
is out in a lengthy article abusing
all the forces that united in compas
sing Ids defeat He is especially
bitter against the public press and
the pulpit his friends arc slow to
concede his defeat but by Saturdry
they will probably be reconciled to
the idea Tho defeated man announ
ces his intention of supporting the
Casoyvillo and Lindell Precincts
Said to Ho Preparing for
Information from Union county is
to the effect that thcro is a chance
for trouble down there Tho eyes
of the county arc now centered on
Capt Thos U Ulackwell who has
been appointed to collect tho tax
due in the Lindell and Cascyville
precincts on the bond Issued by them
to aid tho building of the Providence
and Shawnectown railroad The
history of the bonds has often been
told in tho columns of tho district
prcs3 and needs no repetition here
Capt Blackwell qualified a lew
months ago as collector of tho hated
railroad tax of tho Uaseyvillo and
Lindell precincts in the western part
of Union county This tax was lev
ied 25 years ago for tho building of
tho road that never materialized It
has been tho cause of Union having
no sheriff for many years as no one
would assume its collection Tho
face of the bonds now amount to 25
per cent of tho property of those
precincts Capt Blackwell is getting
ready to begin work by appointing
soma of tho 100 men who are to ac
company him on his collecting tour
Ho is said to havo a strong financial
backing nnd the conjectures as to
his success are mony and divorse
To be forced to pay this lararo
proud of the result Now let us hcacLuuount of money in many instances
no more of him nor bfthe woman
who was equally as guilty as he
mans political life is at an end the
womans theatrical venture died a
bornin and it is to bo hoped that her
book will fill as flat as her attempt to
extremely burdensome to tho land
the o
A reader desires to know why it is
that so many Crittenden county peo
ple go crazy and why there is so
much disturbance of religious worship
Every Press sajs our friend tells
of some unfortunate being bereft of
reason and sent to tho asylum and of
some other bciug put under bond
being tried or fined for disturbing
religious worship Wo have been at
ttolittlle loss to account for theso ap
nojrs to those most interested
mj cruel It is a distressing con
dition and the pcoplo can hardly
under the circumstances bo blamed
for losing their temper
-The-collection of this tax in many
instances will bo worso than a hard
ship it will amount to an absolute
wfplngout of a number of small
land owners If it could effect only
thoso who voted for tho tax it would
not bo so hard but it operates on all
alike This money must bo paid and
thcro is no hope for a railroad and
for this rcuson tho land owners of
these precincts with tho strength of
right rcfiiso payment or compromiso
and who can blamo them Hen
derson Qlcaner
Judgo Chester A Colo who is tho
Populist nomlnco for Supromo Court
Judgo of Iowa was a citizen of
MarioQ from 1818 to 1857
Government Oillcer Runs
Amuck A Distillery Ap
For some days a report has been
afloat to tho effect thnt an officer of
the Federal Government found a still
of tho moonshine order at or near the
county poor house Tho reports dilTer
somewhat in detail and it is probable
that the exact situation is not known
at least a persistent eflort to learn all
the facts in the caso has proven incf
fecuUl so far The first report that got
abroad was that tho still had been dis
covered in a cellar under an outhouse
on the county poor house farm that
it was destroyed by the officers and
that Win Goode tho keeper of the
poor house had been nrrested and ta
ken and taken to Louisville This
story lacks confirmation Persons
from that section of the county have
heard something about the still being
destroyed but do not know whether
Goode was arrested or not Others
are confident that an old unused still
had been discovered and destroyed
but while they had not seen Goode
were satisfied he had not been arres
Some months ago an illicit distillery
on a small Fcale was unquestionaby
unearthed in that section of tho coun
ty tho proprietor was an old man
Iroiu Tennessee He had beeu opera
ting but a short time when some boys
so frightened him that it is said he
loaded his apparatus on a wagon for
parts unknown It is stated that the
worm found ntor ncar tho poor house
was the one he had abandoned and
that it had been picked up and carried
to the place where recently found
Tlio Cumberland Presbyterians
WillLrcct a Handsome Brick
In the illustrated edition of the
Press it was stated that the Cum
berland Presbyterians of Marion were
looking forward to the time when
they could worship in a hoiiso more
in keeping with the progressive spirit
of the town than the neat but small
building in which they now hold ser
vices The first step towards the
now house have been taken in the
purchase of the beautiful lot at the
corner of Main and Depot streets
opposite tho residenco of Mr G C
Graj Tho lot is one of the prettiest
in town and is centrally located nnd
the site is in all respects a splendid
oho for a church During the life
of tho lato John Lamb it was his
hope to see a church on that spot
and his heirs in deference to his well
known wishes about tho matter pro
posed to tho church to contribute
500 towards the enterprise if steps
would bo taken at once Tho church
gladly accepted tho conditions and
the lot wns purchased It is too late
in the season to begin building this
year so everything will be gotten in
order for the work next seasoD and
by this time next year a large brick
building will have reared its spire
towards tho sky in that neighborhood
of our fair little city
Mrs Adhno Gill Dead
Sunday morning at 2 oclock Mrs
Adline Jill died at tho residence of
her son Mr JfB Gill on the old
Gill homestead a few miles north of
Marion Sho hacl been visiting Sa
turday andrelurned in tho afternoon
feeling as Werts usual In the
night she aroulecHue family asking
for tho remedies10 Bhe usually used
when occasionally attacked by smoth
ering spells Trlereraedies did not
relieve and ihafew moments sho
ditd a struggle Thp ro
mains were intcred ai Crooked Creek
cemetery Sunday
Adline Gill was 77 years old sho
came to this county with her husband
Francis Gill in 1838 ton years later
ho died Sho was the mother of five
children four of whom survivo her
Mrs J B Gill of this county Thos
Gill of Texas Mrs A E Brown of
Vernon Tex and Mrs A Popo of
Livingston county
Mr Binkley blacksmith at View
Bays Ono doeo of Bkoltons Internal
Liniment oured mo of hoarthum and
pains in tho stomach and I cheerfully
5 The TARIFF BILL Has Gone into Effect
Tley Scy i Uecis Lcn Prices e le te Lcrv Prices oq
Local Correspondence
Tho revival meeting Baptfstlcall
church is still in progress Soveral
have professed faith in Christ and
great interest is being manifested by
both christians and sinners
Mrs Giles Evans of Eddyvillc
returned to her homo after a weeks
visit to relatives here Miss Laura
Grove accompanied her home to re
main several days
Prof B M Boyd of Kuttawa and
Hugh Glenn of Star Lime Works
were in town Saturday
Messrs S H Cassidy T J Yeat
and Henry Mitchell went to Marion
Hlienk the youngest son of Wm
Davenport living near town is dan
gerously ill with fever
Mr Will Wadlington and family
of Kuttawa visited here Saturday
and Sunday
Mr J II Clifton and Mrs Malt
Johnson went to Southland Mon
Misses Nannie Clement and Ella
Cassiday visited relatives in tho
country Saturday and Sunday
The Baptists intend erecting for
themselves a new church here in tho
near future
Tom Clifton is now home on a vis
it and no one is having more fun than
Mrs S II Ramage is visiting here
this week
Rev II B Fox and J W Oliver
closed a very successful rovlval ifr
this place Monday night with about
20 conversions and 14 additions to
tho church Much g od was accom
plished among both christians and
sinuers lie v Fox did some excellent
Mr Steve Benncll and wife of
Princeton visited here Saturday and
llev R II Roe preached his last
sermon at tho Methodist church Sun
day night for this conference year
Miss Ilellen Boyd visited at Salem
Saturday ond Sunday
Dycus Brown have sold their
stoek of hardware and groceries to
Wm Mayes for his interest in the
flouring mill at this place
Rev J B Garrett preached at tho
Methodist church Weduesday night
Rheubo Davenport tho youngest
son of Wm Davenport died Saturday
night of fever nis remains were
intcred at Caldwell Springs Sunday
Tho river is rising but not enough
for boats to run regularly Our
merchants have been hauling their
goods from Kuttawa
Rev J W
of is out shaking hands with tho
Now that Billy Breckinridge Is
beaten for congress wo think that tho
boys ought to shako hands nudetop
E 8 Wright of Livingston comi
Tho tariff bill has passed congress
has adjourned tho camp meeting is
over nnd tho long looked for rain
has coma at last
Tho drooping spirits of tho farmers
have revived and most of them are
busy plowing for wheat
School commenced at this placo
last Monday wltji about ono hund
red pupils on ttie
Sorghum makinLir6tht3 otdor4 of
tho day ik oq nm
Robert Easloy is tho trappiest man
in town- Another tchViprJahd malo
Democrat made its appcjirnrAo athls
house tho 13th u n tuiWv i
Our postmastor is oh1 tfcei invalid
list this week owing td repeated at
tacksof tlfotloaf arid difrtfb cllllls
upori his frail corpus hirhuii
Tolu nCCfla n 1nr ln til 11 IK
b iun t iu uu ma
living thcro is hope only thoro is no
iiuiju mm a uving town dog will die
W D Wnllaco tho tonsorial nrt
ist has added a nico stock of confec
tionery to his razors brushes etc
G B Crawford candldato for she
riff is cither lost strayed or stolon
ty ban moved to pur town and gon e sold
into tho grocery business Every
thine new and client Uivo mm a
Thcro is but little being said about
tho race for judge Your correspon
dent is for J II Grace and now who
is for tho correspondent
Carrsvillc was blessed with a fine
shower of rain yesterday
Tho com crop is about GO per cent
of an average in this neighborhood
Potatoes promise to yield a full aver
age crop the wheat and oat crop was
fully up to the standard
Our public school under the man
agement of Prof Wright is progres
sing finely and perhaps would be
doing bettor but for tho illness of tho
assistant Miss Jessie Thompson
who has been quite sick for the last
two weeks however she is improv
inz at the present writing and it is
to be hoped that very shortly she
will be enabled to again be at her
place in the school room
Miss Snllie Wicclcr trom near
Marion who has been visiting her
friends in Carrsvillc is to start home
W B Brewer who holds a posi
tion under the revenue collector U
having a nice residence built in our
town which will add another mite to
tho property value of the place
Dr Allen Lowcry he only prac
ticing physician of the town is in
tho saddle almost continually
Tfj K Hendricks should brlelec
ted to congress and doubtless he
will be Smithland will be planted in
pumpkins next spring
Good Luck
Geo Kennedy died at the home of
his father the 12th iust after an
illness of over a month his rcmnins
was interred at Hopewell and was
followed there by a largo concourse
of friends and loved ones Peace
to his dust
Prof Hawkins resumed his school
Tuesday morning at tho old Mitchell
Married at he resideuco of S II
Jossage the father of tho bride Mr
Joe E Johuston to Miss Mary Gos
sage Wednesday Sept 12 Rev
Gibbons ofllciatlng M iny friends
of brido and groom witnessed tho
pleasaut nffair and after tho cereiuo
ny the company were served a sump
tuous repast The next day Mr and
Mrs Fred Johnson father and mo
ther of tho groom made a splendid
Oliver administered 1Dllcr to tuc couple and their many
the ordinance of Baptism to 13 Tues
day morning at this place
i friends which was enjoyed by all
Look out for moro reports of sim
ilar import Anon
J B Carter rejoices over tho arri
val of another girl at his house
A largo flourishing school at Un
ion this year
Farmers are sowing a largs crop of
MrsJanoJIcnsloy and son Andy
visited IrfPbpo county III last
week 0u i
WA Davfosrjh11 is canvassing in
Livingston countJy
Other their base
ball club their jiASkey olub their
loafing club etc1 Hot we want it un-
derslood that wo ctilfn tho champion
ship when it comcsyWrdaTblo play
ing dubs Ont mdraWship aro
strong carries going men
that havo forsaken home crops fam
ily and everything of valuo nnd gone
into it with o determination wirthj
any cause
O 0 McUlure our roliablo cooper
is busy making sorghum barrels
Lalluo Bros aro still here with a
large and woll selected stock of dry
goods boots and shoes groceries etc
Anthony Davidson was around last
wook bidding farewell to his many
friends and rolatlvcs boforo leaving
for Loulsvillo
rTTtilf havo an iramonto quantity of
smooth galvanised wire that must be
The protracted meeting is still in
progress and Rev Archey has been
preaching some excellent sermons
J Kelly Beard has sold his inter
est in the drug store to John G Asn
cr the old reliable druggist
The Baptist meeting commences
Dr Todd reports two more new
comers that will be cligiblo to tho
common schools in six years
Tom Land the tonsorial artist
shaves mankind tho cleanest
Tho writer sojourned a night last
week with Dan McDowell the Demo
cratic candidate for coroner Dan
his a pleasant home on a high eleva
tion surrounded by beautiful forest
trees and overlooking some fine far
ming lands nil around him Besidis
being a good farmer Dan can once
in a while be induced to make a lit
tle trade
J G McCain is a full Hedged con
stable and his acts and doings as such-
are entitled to full faith nnd credit
He bears his honors gracefully
No news worth dividing
Rev Walter McDonald of Tennes
see will preach at Bethlehem next
Sunday and here on the oth Sun
Lynn Cox of Madisonvillc will
sell a car load of well bred maics
and geldings some draft saddle and
bavncjs horses combined at Frcdonia
Ky October C 134 A special
order for a pair of dark iron gray
horses weighing 3000 lbs Dont
forget time and place
Lynn Cox
Eighty seven pupils in school this
week and several more expected
A nico carpet was put down in the
new Baptist church Tuesday
Bugg Loyd have come to stay
and hence they carry a full stock of
general merchandise and at prices
that will pay everybody to palionise
them as they operate on tho live and
let others live plan their goods are
all new and first class and they rsk
an examination of their stock and
prices their trade has been increas
ing over sinee they commenced busi
ness they deal fairly with everybody
and want your produce at tho high
est market price and will sell their
goods as low as auy firm that handles
the same class of goods
Wo are having fine rains lately
which have greatly benefitted pasture
nnd tobacco and softened the ground
so that it may bo prepared for wheat
Bugg Loyd havo tne Lest line
of pants in town and will not bo
Best indigo prnts 5 cents
Bugg Loyd
Just received at Cassidys a largo
stock of goods bought cheap and to
bo sold cheaper than ever known
See Cassidy at Kelscy beforo buy
ing largo stock to select from and
prices that defy competition
For bargains go to S 11 Cassidy
boots shoes etc cheaper than ever
was known
Cash buyers can save money by
going to Cassidy for anything to
Found Dead in tho Ilond
Dan Utley ofr Providence was
found lying dead in a lenco corner
near town Friday VigMl Ho had
been out riding on a mult which wns
found Jiitched Jn ono cornec of tlo
fence whilo tho dead man wasjound
in another Mr Utloy nod Veen in
bad health for somo time and when
found it was discovered that ho had
died of a hemorrhago of tho lungs
It is supposed that ho was taken ijl
while riding anil that he got down tn
rest and wliilo there died Madison
villo Hustler
While in Chicago Mr Charles L
Knhler a prominent shoo merchant of
Dcs Moines Iowa had quito a scrinuB
time of it Ho tork such a severe
cold that hocculd hardly talk or nav
igate but the prompt us of Cham
berlnins cough remedy cured him of
his qold so quickly that others at tho
hotel who had bad colds followed hm
example nnd half a dozen persons or
dered it from tho nearest drug storo
They were profuso in their thanks to
Mr Knhlor for tolling them how to
euro a bad cold so quickly For ealo
by Mooro Ornie
Qjir stock is now complete and we intend to make prices to suit the time
Clothing is cheaper than ever before and our house is the LOWEST PRICE of all
i s ix hod
QRp bs
R C Walker Publisher
Come out to the mass convention on
the 2tb
Christian county has had twelve le
gal hangings
Business is reviving in all the com
mercial centers
The Louisiana sugar planters prob
ably never heard the story of the bull
nnd the gnat
lbe Kood old fashion doctrine of
Eq ial rights to all exclusive privi
leges to none should be incorporated
into our school books
It seems we are to have some speak
ing of our own The weuther and
crop3 will not supply the long felt
want for more material about which
to talk
ixsl nsLLmB QlP tos17 sseS
J mnn
Over IfLOO
M and 6 ML
in Premiums
Three to Five Speed Rings Every Day -
PSA special invitation s extended to tho ncoiiiil of Cr
lYiien count v irilrr rt tn n
-- r t ill jiuuil II II1U VI rail
i iiimii iii hi iiiuuaiiimiucnon entertainment will look afte
every visitor Vrlte torn catalogue to
Princeton Ky
If you are thinking of buildii
your houses such as
gh DBB
or need any material for
Ufa IB
binelas letlis Doors and Sash
Come and get our prices J N Clark will take pleasure
in making yon prices cheaper than you can get anywhere
Give us a trial Place of business Marion Roller Mills
An Old
A New Firm
The old reliable groceryman W
II Gopher has foitned a partnership
with C C heeler ami the Copher
stock has been moved into the house
next door to Pierce
Co and a big addition has
been made to the stock Yc cany a
fine assortment of groceries all the
best grades and will sell nt the very
lowest prics We want your trade
we want your produce nnd it it is
fair treatment is what you want we
arc tho people for you to see
Wo keep on hand California fruits
such as peaches pears apricots ap
ples grapes oranges etc Wo also
keep a first class Restaurant servo
meals and lunches at nil hours for
locts and up Fresh oysters in nl
Flour by the barrel or sack cheap
cr than i ny house in town W
keep tho best candy in town
Closing Out
Look at these prices I am
now offering
Best American Prints -lets peryard 1
rr t An mn a ii
Mens Hats worth 250 for 8iMO
150 yfonj
iio 7Uni
Broad Axes worth 8300 for 3150
Axes worth 8100 for 50cts r
Oliver Chilled plqw i
Bujrjry collars 50cts
Clocks worth 150 for 8200
z quart colli0 nits lOots
3 lficts
8 buckets 15cts
6 lOcls
Patent dinner buckets 25cts
Tin- Wash Boilers 40cts
Boots and Shoes nt your own price
H K Woods priies on Schorl
BorikBetc are tho lowest in town
He depends on tho quantity Bold for
tho money he makes
A red and whito tpccklod cnlf
about 15 months old marked with
a liolo in eaoh car strayed from
mo about n month ago Will
compouwfor its return to mo
O Barniby
II K Woods always leuds in prico
and will not allow himself tn bo un
dersold by anyone
A Juarlor Century To t
Foraquailer of a century Dr
Kings New Discovery has been tested
and the millions who havo received
benefit from its use testify to its won
derful curative powers in all diseases
of throat che3t and lungs A remedy
thai has stood the tost so long and that
has given so universal satisfaction is
iio experiment Each bottle is posi
tively guaranteed to give relief or tho
money will bo lofunded It is admit
ted to be tho most reliable for coughs
niid colds Tiial bottles freo at II
K Woods ding store Largo size 50c
and 3100
Oiiiiinntccd Cure
We sutliorie our advertising drugs
gist to sell Dj Kings New Discovery
tor Consumption Coughs and Colds
upon this condition If you are nf
flic ted with a cough cold or hjng
throat or chest trouMc nnd will
thUremedy as directed giving it a fai
trial nnd experience no benefit you
may rftnrn tho bottle and havo your
money refunded We could not make
this offer did wo not know that Dr
Kings Now Discovery could bo relied
on It uover disappoints Trial bot
tles freo at II K Woods dlug storo
50c andLargo size 8100
vr j dkbok
Affnrnauc si haiti
j Marion ky
i -- s
Willi practice in all courts of thoaix
stat Prompt attention civon to all i
business entrusted to their cure
Oflio in brick building on public
Nnro Your PIk
By regularly feeding Dr Ilasa Hog
land Poultry Remedy Used nnd en-
d iriod by leading breeders nnd feeilers
I the p ist 18 years Prevents nnd
rosu disease stops cough destroys
wornn increases flesh nnd liastons
maturity Prices 25 lb cases 81250
Puokagcs 8250 81 nnd 50c each
ro I For sale by Mooro Ormo druggists
Marion ly Ask lor testimonials
and uiBuranco propisithn

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