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Volume is
aft jj mi
thcrDemocratic nomination for Judge
of the- Court -of Appeals of New
Senator Gormans friends say he is
suffering from Brights disease and
has accepted his physicians advico to
refrain from active political work
The Womans Christian Temper
ance TInibn of Chicago has retained
counsel to begin a crusade against the
exhibition of living pictures and
against objectionable theatricall bill
The Czars condition ia so serious
that the end ia expected in a few
weeks His ailment is now called
cancer ofjiho kidneys and public
irioTsays hd is suffering 1mm excessive
bloodletting at1 the hands of his phy
Tho weekly reviews ot trade by the
Dunn and Bradstreet agencies show
that while no radical change appeared
during the past week the indications
point to continued progress in the di
rection of improvement From several-points
in the South the reports
are very encouraging
The Democratic State Executive
Committee of Ohio has issued an ad
dress asserting that the tariff light has
been won andthat theVtlvcr question
is at present the question of greatest
importance and setting forth argu
ments in favor of the free coinage of
The damage to seafaring craft by
the West India hurricane was greater
than at first reported Every day new
wrppks are discovered Six seamen
are known to have been drowned ofl
Kfiv West and two shibs sunk
-- -
abled vessels are daily being towed in
to the Atlantic ports The banana
crop in Cuba was almost entirely de
stroyed by the storm
Detroit Mich Oct 5 Eire at 7
45 a in completely gutted Keenan
Jans furniture store at Nos 213
215 and 217 Woodward avenue en
tailing a loss of S600Jo on slock and
25000 on the building The flames
istarted in the boiler room and shot up
ithe elevator shaft chaining such a
leadway that thefireraen were unable
ito save nny portion of the building or
contents At 915 tho front wall of
the building fell out and six rii6n
were killed and ten injured all but
two being firemen
London Oct 5 The Daily News
announces that Vice Admiral Fred
mantis rumanding the British fleet
in fihineao waters Has beeiinBtructtid
by feleqraph to draw such reinforce
ments as he requires from tho nearest
vailnlilA nritinh fleet The vacancies
thuifcSjed will be filled by vessel
from distant squadrons or the homo
their sauadrons
i l
f i r 1 tii -- w
same as Great Britain strengthens
Committee which was authorized to
fill any vacancy on the ticket this af
ternoon nominated Judge Charles F
Brown of Ncwburgh for Judge of
the Court of Appeals in place of V
J Gaynor 1
Senator Hid and Representative
Lockwood were then lormally notified
of their nominations for Governor and
Lieut Governor respectively at the
party headquarters All the members
of theNotificatiou committee of tho
State committee and many distin
guished Democrats were present Mai
Hiakley chairman of tho State com
mittee introduced Hon Bourke Coch
ran who made an appropriate speech
to the two candidat s Addressing
Mr Hill he said
This is a time when every man in
our ranks must come to the front As
in time of war the women and child
ren manned the ramparts now tho
Democrats of the State demand that
vou shall lead once more to success
that Democratic party of which you
are a member and which stands now
upon tho same principle that it has
represented for the past one hundred
years Ye appeal to you to come for
ward and lead us now in our hour of
difficulty and danger r vou led us in
our hour of victory We ask you to
head us onco more and iuspiro the
enthusiasm which has before led us to
victory before the first blow has been
Senator Hill in accepting the nom
ination said
Mr Cbajrraan and gentlemen of
tho Committee For the courteous
manner in Tvhich you have notified mo
of the recent action of tho Democrat
ic convention I can only express my
sincere thanks It is unnecessary for
mo to reiterate to you wbo were pre1
efit at tnat garnering mat tiie
nation was as unexpected by mo as it
was unsought and UnJesired
Seven of tho best yfars of my life
Were devoted to tbe service of the
State in the discharge of the high ami
responsible I duties of the great office
tin It is reported that tne ofher
Wo agreed to strengthen rf - q
In Chinese waters the
- t
tremendous burdens While keenly
Eprt Worth Texas Oct 4 Genj
F M Ciarke formerly of fbo United
States Volunteers for two years eec
retary of the Cham bor of Commerce
left tonightfor New York to conduit
Col Fred Grant his partner inta
deal with the Chinese government
Gen CJarkjoday received a check
from the Cbinone government for 5
000 to pay hUexpeaaea Ho has dis
covered 4tu explosive to be used in
torpedoes which is his exclusive secret
He and Grant are to get one million
dollars for h sole right touso tlte
aplotive Shff CWndMer 01
M00X04anuit4O0WK II
ikt W r YoAHp
appreciating the high honor conferred
in being nominated for a third time
by one party for so import Ant a posi
tion yetI can not but feel that per
sonally I have everything to lose and
nothing to gain bihe Contest to
which you summon me Tho guber
natorial pflice has no longer any at
tractions fbrrlle and psonally I pre
ferred to remain in tho Sonate whero
the duties wera gradually becoming
more congonlal lo my tastes and where
I believed I could more acceptably
sWve the interest of the great State
But penMel ewwtderatlone must
MW in wtljfci fUU i W
I - T
fir 3fc3t -
JR yilv JBs L I j mj
concerned Tho Democratic party
especially in this State is confronted
with a great crisis which substantially
Involves its existence as a political or
ganization Our opponents taking
advantage of their temporary and ac
cidental supremacy iu the Legislature
and in tho Constitutional Convention
are eeeking to pass upon the people of
the State a system of apportionment
which urtually gives the Republicans
control of the legislative department
of tho State for tweuty years to come
a system based upon territorial ana
rather than population founded upon
injustico and inequality and designed
to enable tho minority rather than the
majority of tho people to control the
State Tho very life of our party is
at stake Besides tho control of the
next House of Representatives may
depend upon the election here
Tho Democratic convention having
against my protest selected me to lead
in such a crisis and although I ex
ceedingly regret its action and espe
cially rcgiet that my advice was not
adopted in regard to representation in
the convention itself and while I have
sought during the past week as per
sonal and political friends well know
not only to heal and harmonize polit
ical and factional differences but to
secure some other candidate wholly
acceptible to every one to assume my
place in this great struggle in whose
favor I would gladly retire but which
has not proved feasible and recollect
ing that the Democratic party of this
State has honored mo in the paawjietf
I solicited its favors in the days of its
sunshine aud prosperity I can not de
sert it now in the hour of its danger
and in this great emergency
It is a timo when personac sacrifices
are demanded when individual prefe
rences must bo subordinated to the
general good and when there must
bo exhibited a lofty patriotism Ii
we win this contest it will be tho par
tys victory not mine if wo lose it
will be the partys defeat which will
b3 involved in my own Personally I
am largely indifferent to the
the struggle A duty con
fronts mo and I shall perform it rs
God gives rao the light to see it let
tho result bo what it may
I shall confidently appeal to the
plain people of the State who have
always sustained me iu the past when
I have espoused their cause I snail
present to them the issue of
cy ngainst plutocracy the issue ot no
public taxation except for public pur
poses the issue being the iesue of op
position to tho centralization of all
powers in tho general government
tho issue of personal liberty against
religious intolerance the issue of good
government liberal and just excise
l kws economy in public expenditure
the promotion of the dignity of labor
and protection for its rights munici
pal homo rule and the uprooting of
corruption and tho correction of abu
ses everywhere whether in Republi
or Democratic localities
Gentlemen I accept the nomination
which you in behalf of the Democra
tic party of New Yorlf have tendered
me and relying upon tho undoubted
courage of the Democratic masses
their fortitude under adverse circum
stances their loyalty to their princi
ples which truly represent tho peo
ples cause I enter upon this contest
with tho determination ihafi ho honor-
able effort on my part shall bo spared
to achieve success and with that con
fidence which is au earnest of assured
Representative Lockwood also Bpokje I
uneuy iu iuuuuu umi mu ouy
port of tho Adintnlatralion at Wash
ington could be depended npon
Democratic Majority for Gover
nor Ju Georgia 20000
Atlanta Ga Oot C The consoli
dated Vote ot last Wednesdays elec
tion shows Atkinsons majority fir
Governor to bo 20000 Tho rest of
tho State ticket got over 80000 ma
jority The Democrats will have a
majority of 125 in the House and 37
in the Senate Contests have beeb
filed by the Populbts in five counties
They complain of fnud aad tie
oorats eluu fe that Um Fopulieto ye
tt fnt iul n h
SEEN BEFORE Our Prices Are LVj
Qpjrie and Look and you cant help but buy
Highest of all in Leavening Power Latest U S Govt Report
jH l
The Socialist Labor pirty has nomi
nated u State ticket in Misiomi
J Gaynor has declined
Will Make Tlio Third Itnco For
Goiornor of New York
Could Not Hofuso to Servo Tlio
Party That Has Honored
New York Oct C Senator Hill
today accepted tho Democrutid nomi
nation for Governor and will enter
the canvass determined to win The
Democrats lost no time in completing
their State ticket and theynro iiowj
ready for the campaign Tho State
How tho Mormon Leader Joseph
Smith Onco Voted Against
Stephen A Bon loss
Of all the most successful and per
manent new fangled religions that
were ever conceived in sin and
brought forth in iniquity that
of Mormonism heads the proces
sion Starting in the muddled brain
of Joe Smith an idle shiftless vaga
bond then residing iu a little New
York village it has spread over the
whole civilized world and nas emissa
ries and proselytes in all quarters of
the globe In this country it has foun
ded a great Slate Utah and so potent
is their power that the political com
plexion of the next Senate of the
United States may be decided by their
votes and for ten years they have
held the balance of power politically
in the Territory of Arizona The
Mormon hatred of Republicanism on
account of tho passage of the Ed
munds Act which was passed by that
both candidates at onco began coquet
ting with Joe Sniith Finally for a
handsome consideration Smith pro
raised his voto to Streator who of
course thought this meant tho entire
Mormon vote and he went home sat
isfied his eleclibtfBeVt unfortu
nately his vaulting ambition oer
leaped itself and fell on tother side
Douglass and Smith bad always been
good friends and he saw Joo after iiis
interview with Streator Tho day ha-
party maybe the sheet anchor thatt
will save both Utah and Arizona
the Democrats
From the time of tho first crraniw
tionof the Mormon -church at Kirt
land Ohio by Joe Smith and Sidney
Rigdon to its removal to Independ
ence Mo thence to Nauvoo Ills
and finally to Salt Lako City it has
been under the complete control of
shrewd aud unscrupulour men who
sought power at the expense of all
which should be held most sacred
At Nauvoo Ills these people selec
ted one of the most beautiful building
sites in the State and built there a city
of twenty five thousand inhabitants
overlooked by a temple -which for
beauty of design and elegance or at
chitectuie was without a rival And
here and on the adjoining farms of
Hancock county Joe Smith gathered
some fifty thousand followers Among
these were about fifteen thousand vo
ters and Joe Smith controlled every
one of those votes as relentlessly as
the Czar of Russia controls his sub
Back in tho early forties the Whig
and Democratic parties of Illinois
were so evenly divided that the Mor
mons held tho balance of power Both
the parties courted Joe Smith and
the Legislatures lavished upon him all
tho special privileges that ho asked
for including the arming and equip
ping of a largo body of men called
tho Nauvoo Legion In those days
Stephen A Douglass represented the
Quincy district in Congres Nauvoo
being in this district and he was then
just entering upon that brilliant polit
ical career which ended only with his
untimely death
In 1844 au exciting political cam
paign opened and Doughua was a
candidate for re election His Whig
opponent was a pompous old lawyer cf
luacomi named otrcator ut4ouree
fore tho election Smith called all his
followers around him and thus ad
dressed them
At tho election tomorrow I have
promised my vote to Mr Streator and
I intend t vote for him but brother
Hyrum has something he wishes to
say to you t
Hyrum then mounted the stad 4
said -
Brethres jt has heea reyeaJe t
lieicet feeMnMK nv
Ifitrrt iM
i i
This was probably the shortest
imictu peecn on rccuru uut it wiu
effective When the ballots wero
Aniinforl no rfc Hnv Ktrontir linil nnn
JfeLi 1 T 1 II iL ii
jVURJ UIIU JJUUgJUU uu liiu uuiuia JJUl
this treachery an tho part of Smith
vwas the initial causo of his downfall
and subsequent death Tho people
became both alurmod aud euraged at
the tremendous power held in the
bauds ot one man aud sought pre
texts of quarrel with tho Mormons
which culminated in tho muider by a
mob of Joseph and Hyrum Smith in
Carthago jail and the exodus of their
followers to Utah
During tho heated Lincoln and
Douglass campaign of 1857 when
theje intellectual giants were stump
ing Illinois as candidates for tho Uni
ted States Senate I was detached from
the reportorial stafT of the Rock
Island Register and scut to Nau
voo to edit a Douglass campaign pa
per called tho Nauvoo Democratic
Press Douglass defeated Lincoln for
the Senate by six majority on joint
ballot in tho Legislature and this de
feat made Abe Lincoln President of
the United States
At the time I lived in Nauvoo its
population did not exceed five hund
red and there wtre hundreds of very
handsome residences utterly deserted
It was a perfect fac similie of Gold-
smiths Deserted Village I board
ed with Joe Smiths widow who was
then roanftedto8 Major Bfdamonand
r i 1 t a T
was KeepiBgtne same notei u uoe
- L
n um juansion
3eee under tlffo hill She was a kind
motherlyld soul and was Smiths
only wife foralthough Joe Smith es
tablished polygamy as a part of his
religion neither he nor either of his
three sons young Joe Aleck or Hy
rum ever practiced it
Largo numbers of Mormons are
now settled in the Salt River Valley
of Arizona around Tempe and Mesa
City and they arc among the best and
most thrifty citizens of the Territory
They still vote as a unit however
and when Utah and Arizona are ad
mitted as States the Mormons will
hold tho balance of power politically
They Would Bring Higlios Prices
in Switzerland Than rlW
lo Here
Washington Oct 4 In a bpecidl
report to the Department of State
United Stales consul Kemmler at
Horgan Switzerland calls attention
to the excellent opportunity aftorded
American cattle growers by tho high
price of meat in the Swiss market
Beef cattlo sold in September at 80 to
00 francs per quintal live weight 7 to
8 cents per pound hogs at 1 to 150
live weight per Kilo 8 1 2 cents to 9
1 2 cents per pound sheep dressed
130 to 160 per kilo or 12 cents to
13 cents fat calves 1 to 120 per
kilo live weight or 8 cents to 10 cts
per pound young calves aro specially
in demand at bU cents lor replenish
ine the stock sold off last year on
account of the fuiluro of the corn
The consul calls attention to the of
fer of Kirsh and the Handelsgosell
Echaft Zoitung a reputable company
of Zurich to accept cattle from the
United Stntesjon consignment The
consul says the cor a crop while not
meeting the expectations of a rich
yield held out in the late spring
may allll bo called a very satisfactory
Many of the citizens of Raiusviflp
Indiana aro never without a bottlo of
Chamberlains CoughKemedy in the
house says Jacob Brown the leading
merchant iu the place This Remedy
has proven of so much value for coll
and oroup incbUdren thai fewT moth
ers who know lUnrbrth are willing to
t wtthouTit Irsala by Moore A
iflf tf i Vi
u i mn jvtrti i yi n my
After an Absenco of Forty Years
Ho Lores Us Still
Benton villk Ark
Oct 3 1894
Ed Press I herewith send you
ono dollar with which to pay for the
Press one year Your mammoth is
sue was simply immense You and
your staff of correspondents havo fur
nished your readers with an excellent
paper for wnicn wo snouid leei most
You have given us a minute histo
ry of every occurrence except the par
ticulars concerning the only legal ex
ecution that ever occurred in your
county I left the county very soon
after that occurrence and have for
gotten everything except the execu
I left Marion just forty years ago
when we might say the town was in a
pantelett state I would be glad fo
see the old lady in long dress IVhen
I left the town the merchants were
J N Woods Wilson Armstrong
Aj Levy and C C Bigham The
county clerk was Berry S Young
R G Stewart circuit clork and M
B Haynes was sheriff with J II
Walker as deputy Most of the men
I have mentioned have long since join
ed the great majority on the other side
of Use rivrrKnuiet are resting
Wer the daadeXjjgjpk j
I have very great love for my na
tive county and state but the most
lovely spot on earth to me is the log
house about four miles north from
Marion where I was born It is now
owned and occupied by my sister Mis
Emily S Vaughn It was there where
the happy happy hours of childhood
glided swiftly and sweetly away Of
all my boyhood playmates I know of
of but two now living They are
your worthy farmers Wm Fowler
and Geogre W Howerton
You havo two worthy women liv
ing in your city with whom I attended
school from 1848 to 1853 They are
Mrs Carrie Crow and Mrs Doc Gil
bert and they are the daughters of
two of the best people your county
over produced T James M Fowler and
wife In my boyhood aud young man
hood I always went to J M Fowler
and W C Carnahan for sympathy
and advice and they never refused it
It was W C Carnahun and C C
Bigham who gave me my first lesson
in business and I entertain for them
a parental affection
Hoping you and the Press may
lye long to battle for your town coun
ly and Grover Cleveland I am
Very truly etc
R H Morris
Tho Grave of Lafayette
Washington Post
While in Paris a short timo ago
said Mr W R Potts of St Louis
at the Normandie it occurred to me
that it was a fitting act to make a pil
grimage to the tomb of that illustri
ous Frenchman dear to tho heart of
all American patriots tho Marquis do
Lafayette I asked a number ot peo
ple before I could find any ono to en
lighten me as to the spnt but after
repeated inquiry ascertained it- loca
tion The grave is situated in old Pa
ris within the grounds of a convent
which the ancestors of Lafayett had
founded and where repose tho ashes
of many of tho French nobility
The first thing tbat attracted nv
attention in connection with thbiiers
tomb was that above it floats a silken
flag bearing the Stars and Stripes It
seems tnat a good many years ago an
American gentleman left in his will a
buiu of money to be used for the apo
dal purpose of keeping an American
flag forever flying above the grave of
Latayette It has done without in
termission from the day the will went
into e ffpet and whenever through the
wear of the elements one flag becomes
upaerviceable a newt one takes its
ilao7TflrbuzU unlold eenturie tile
Mahlesa of ike ooiiBtrr which la its
u i j r
We have just got back from the East and Hye received therticesfrairdnobbiest line of
Dress Goods Olol
I 1
tiina Qfioes Etc
W DOWN and We Want To SELL YOU
LV2 dwA
for Infants and Children
Cat torla Is so well adapted to children that
t recommad It na superior to oaf prescription
known to me IL A Ancncn JL D
lit So Oxford St Brooklyn N Y
The use of Costorla U so universal and
IU inorits eo well known that It seems a work
Of supererogation to endorno It Few ora tho
intelligent familial who do not keep Costorla
within easy reaeh
Carlos lUnrrK P P
Kow York City
Castorla cures Colic Constipation
Sour Stomach Diarrhoea Eructation
Kills Worms gives sleep and promotes i3t
Without Injurious medication
For several years I havo roc jramendod
your Custoih and shall always continue to
do so as it has invariably produced beneficial
Edww F Pjuides JL P
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F iHic14tBi
Almost in Despair
But Finally
By Taking-
For fifteen years I was a great Oj
I erer from Indigestion In Its worst forms g
t tested Uie skill ot many doctors but o
new worse and worse until I became o
to weallcould not walk fifty yards g
without baring to sit down and rest My o
stomach llrer and peart became affect-
ed and I thought I would surely die I 0
tried Ayers litis and they helped mo oj
right away I continued tbelr use and
am now entirely well 1 dontjknowol 0
anything that will so quickly rellere o
and cure the terrible suffarlng of
pepsu as Ajtrs run uuiiw u o
rniTCHAHD Brodle Warren Co N a oi
Received Highest Awards
e 4
Ifypti will only lako fivo miuutcs
lima when vou are in town and let
ihb thow you the Empire Wheat Drjll
asM what it will do matters not
uy kreggttt tr MWrty had k4e I wUUtW ye jraat to buy or sot
Itf isiilinl - w T0kv M ytw wW J t my
To tho Springs and Mountains of Virginia
To the tales and Woods of tho North
To the Seashoro and tho Ocean
Pleasant Spots near Home
famous for their Social Healthful and Economic
are on sale between all stations withlu a dis
tance of fifty miles and
villc MctnphU and raducah from ioints In
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a trip In any direction will be furnished on apiUi
cation to any ojent of tin 7
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any of the following t
J iuuttUTAFi nn k i
rut um tkuc Art m
rveAH kt aKMniH faux
GmI Im At

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