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31 C Walker Publisher
The nomination of Grace gives eu
tiro satisfaction over the entire dis
It was not Yeamau nor Bishop nor
White that said wo aro saved by
Hon Wm L Wilson has return
cd from England and is warming up
the canvass for congress in hU district
Senator Hill will open the cam
5trn in Syracuse this and
tho fight in JNcw lork will
and spirited
bo short
Frankfort Las been in tho midst of
a religious revival tho result of which
is 324 additions to tho various church
es of that little city
Rnmethim liko a dozen men will
want to succeed Judge Grace as cir
cuit judgo of the district composed of
Christian Trigg Lyon and Calloway
Mr Chitwood will be on tho Re-
nublican ticket for congress Over
GOO loyal Republicans have a petition
asking for thu and the law requires
only 400
TheOwensboro Messenger is of the
opinion that the Daviess county fair
is on the decline County fairs in
Western Kentucky are not as a rule
succcsiful institutions
Still they return from the west to
Crittenden county With an occa
sional mob Crittenden is better than
bowline Kansas and tho heathen
Chinee of a Ctlafornia
Paducah has been arresting and
fiuing sonio of her citizens for gamb
ling If al of tho boys who pny
poker in Kentucky were fined 20
each this State could pay oft those
Louisiana sugar planters and restore
peace to tho party
Tho schools all report a full atten
dance and a progressive spirit Our
Superintendent is visiting theso won
derful public blessings and will
through tho columns of tho PiiEee
oflerome suggestions and criticisms
relative to thera
The New York State Constitutional
Convention was governed in many
important matters by party caucuses
Broad statesmanship is n scarce arti
cle Self selfish selfishness is the
way to decline conjugate or compare
all things now a days
A Lexington letter to a Cincinnati
paper says Breckinridges friends are
urging him for United States Senator
If Breckinridge has got any thought
ful friends they are urging him to
keep the back seat recently provided
for him by the people of his district
Blackwell seems to have disappear
ed from Union county but according
to the Enterprise Goode is in that
county armed cap-a-pie We aro not
inclined to the opinion ttiat tuo con
dition of affairs in Union have im
proved but Crittenden feels easier
The numerous successful religious
revivals this fall ought to make Crit
tenden a better county Many forces
contribute to tho moral well being of
n people but the pure undefiled gos
pel ot tho lowloy Nazerene does more
than all other powers combined
An independent Dj in 10 ratio cmd
date for Governor of New York has
been nominated by the Mugwump el
ement Tho regular Democrats claim
this will be of advantage to them as
the Mugwumps will vote for the inde
pendent instead of tho Republican
The Supreme Court of South Car
olina has reversed its decision on tho
dispensary law ami now tho law is
declared constitutional and Gov Till
man can send out his constables
Constitutions now adays aro interpre
ted according to the desires of those
who are chosen to executo tho laws
Constitutions are about as enduring
as good resolutions
Hill has shouldered a big job in
New York and his apparent sacrifice
in this matter at present GfiUVjo a
long way towards mitigatingjhissin
in the Senate in fighting tho t income
tax Let us all hope that Bdnjatnin
will overcome the high priesta of Levi
Any good Democrat can do this be
caueo the road to tho Whito House
does not necessarily lead through Now
York any more It is going to bo a
Western man next time
Of course wo havo no road tax in
this county and a proposition to work
tho roadby taxation would bo snowed
under by a mighty majority of ballots
hut all tho same the roads are to a
a great extent worked by taxation
Tho road tools aro purchased and paid
for by tax tho over enduring claim
for plow and team for publio road
work is paid out of tho twenty five
cents advalorera tax Thus the pub
lio roads of the county are worked to
laree extent by taxation but it is
ot sailed taxation hence ire are
all Ittpp Call It taxation and Uwre
fMwM be a mr lo tite mg
Tho Trieg County Man Heats
Them AH Collectively And
Tho Appollato Court District Con
vention convened in Princeton on
tho otli and was organized with
Judge Itobblus of Mayfield as
Chairman and Mr 0 M Mcachom
or Hopklnsvillc as secretary
Tho candidafes wero each placed
in nomination and tho balloting bo
gao Tho first ballot was Grace 50
Whito 34 Yeaman 28 Bishop 19
Twenty four ballots wero taken with
that result and the convention ad
journed uutil Saturday
When tho convention assembled
at 040 oclock Saturday morning it
was evident that every effort was
being mado by the combined forces
of tho opposition to defeat Grace
The first ballot showed up tho
same old score as tho evening boforo
50 34 28 19 Tho next six
ballots wero just the same After
this the opposition to Graco began to
compliment other prominent men
present wilh votes Various men
wero voted for but Graces 50 stay
ed with him like a stone wall until
tho 29th ballot when an adjourn
ment was had until 1 30
Between this adjournment and tho
afternoon session there was caucus
ing caucusing aud caucusing Yea
mans friends said Whito and Bishop
must come to him ho was tho man
to defeat Grace Whito said he was
tho man and Bishops friends said
he was tho only man who could defeat
Grace No combination could be
mado however that would carry
with it enough votes to accomplish
the downfall of Grace He had
friends in all of tho delegations
After tho first ballot of tho after
noon session Judgo Vance of Hen
derson offered a resolution provid
ing that after thrco ballots tho hind
most candidate bo dropped It was
so amended that a dropped candidate
could be ro nominated
The ninely flrat ballot stood Grace
55 White 39 Yeaman 37
Ninety second ballot Grace 55
White 41 Yeamau 35
Ninety fourth ballot Grace 65
White 3D Yeaman 37 i
The name of Mr Yeaman was
dropped and Judge Bishop was re
Ninety fifth ballot Grace 55
Whito 35 Bishop 41
Ninety eighth ballot Grace 55
White 35 Bishop 41
Tho namo of Judgo Whito was
dropped Mr Yeaman was
Ninety ninth ballot Graco 52
Bishop 54 Yeamau 55
One hundred and second ballot
Grace 51 Bishop 45 Yeaman 3C
The name of Mr Yeaman was
dropped and Judgo Whito
Ono hundred and fourth ballot
Grace 00 Bishop 51 White 35
Judgo W M Reed offered the fol
lowing resolution
Resolved That no candidate
shall be declared the choice of this
convention until he shall havo suc
cessively and successfully defeated
every other candidate
This brought out a hot discussion
between Its advocates and tho Graco
men who denounce It as almost un
precedented and a cut throat mea
sure It would havo passed howev
er if under a ruling of tho chair it
had not been dofforred until tho bal
loting then in progress under tho
former resolutions should navo been
curtailed uutil tho hindmost candi
date should again bo dropped An
ticipating Its passage tho anti Bishop
men prepared to strike a telling
On the 106th ballot Graco received
GC votes and boforo tho secretary
could announco tho result tho Graco
people knew their man had received
tho nomination and began wild de
monstrations Tho nomination was
mado unanimous and Judgo Graco
introduced to tho convention Ho
addressed the audience and was fol
lowed by Mr Yeaman In a short con
gratulatory speech
Tho other candidates followed Mr
Yeaman all uniting Jn pledging
themselves to support tho nominee
On motion the convention then ad
Judge Jolui 11 Graco
Courier Journal
While the field in tho race for appel
late judge in the First district was an
exceptionally good one made up of
four splendid lawyers tho convention
evidently mado no mistake when it
decided upon Judge John R Graco
as tho proper one to honor with a seat
upon the supreniet bench During
tho years ho has been presiding over
tho circuit court of his district Judgo
Graco has mado n record second to
that of no jurist in Kentucky antltho
records in tho office of the court of
appeals boar out tho assertion that he
has been reversed lew than any other
judge in Kentucky That too in
the face of tha fact that among the
Jawyers who have praetJetd before
ablest in tho stateOwere quick to de
tect crrow in theTrccoM and possessed
of ample knowldgo to Jiave them
corrected jft
Not only is Judgo Gracean excel
lent judge but ho is a splondid man
in every way and numbers among bis
friends almcBt every man with whom
he has como in contract Amiabloand
lovable in his disposition and manners
ho nevertheless has all tho firmness
requisite for so high a position and is
fully alive to tho dignity and respo
rfibility of tke position Ono of hi
greatest traits is his phinness and
simplicity and a moro approachablo
man can not be found anywhere In
addition to his knowlcdgo of tho law
he bos a most profound eenso of jus
tice and right which after all is the
greatest of qualities ina judge and a
moro scrupulously honest or conscieu
tious man does not live His friends
expect great things of him on tho su
preme bench and itgjes without say
ing that he will not disappoint them
Physically Judjo Grace is a large
powerful man weighing moro than
200 pounds ai d being splendidly pro
portioned atd is capable of doingan
enormous amount of work His en
tire familiarity with tho statutes and
decisions of the state will mako his
labor all the easier and enable him
to do much more than ordinary men
with half tho work and worr
It has been demonstrated that the
Louisiuna sugar planters who are
threatening to desert the Democratic
party because its representatives at
Washington abolished tho sugar boun
ty can make moro money from an
acre of sugar cane without any boun
ty whatever than is reaized by the
wheat corn and tobacco farmer from
an acre of land If there is no mis
take about this those people havo ne
ver learned even the rudiments of De
mocracy They have not reached
baker in the old blue back speller
the idea that money should be collec
ted from millions of people fn tho
form of taxes to support a few thou
sand sugar plantersj makes one una
voidably think of a pour house and
things of that kind but when it ap
pears that these sugar planters aro al
ready makiug more money than the
people the government taxes for their
benefit then tho actual bent of the
mind is to think that tho people who
stfbnnt to such a taxation have not
reached the A B C of common sense
aud never heard of tho Jaw of selfde
fence of self preservation
Tho great power of tho present day
and generation is the injunction It
is becoming more like brute force than
the edicts of equity One Judgo Jen
kins laid down the doctrine that men
may not hitjtrVrinnsatffuct6ry
eraploymJyWen their quitting is
likely to embarrnSB tho operations of a
railroad and that there is no legal
right to strike that the courts may
compel men to continue at work at
unsatisfactory wages Such doctrine
as this is about as baneful as anarchy
itself and it is gratifying to note that
the higher courts repudiate it and
tho ruling of Judge Jenkins goes for
naught Every man is free to quit
his job when he pleases and the fact
that his quitting may inflict embarras
ment in no wy impairs his right to
quit but he must use neither force
nor threats persecution nor intimida
tion towards employes who do not
join them nor any device to molest
hinder alarm or interfere with others
who tako or desire to take his place
Capitalists are investigating the
practicability of building a railroad
from Marion to Smithland and on to
Paducah The investigation so far is
only of a superficial character a
general preliminary survey of the field
at long range Whilo nothing may
ever come of the project less inviting
enterprises have terminated success
fully Such a road would go through
a splendid country a country which
is only partially developed a country
with great agricultural resources and
a country tbatcertainly has great mi
neral possibilities A railroad built
through that territory would make it
blossom liko the rose of Sharon It
occurs to us that Crittenden Springs
Levias or Sheridan Salem Hampton
and drowsy old Smithland would re
joice beyond measure and sing togeth
er liko tho stars of the morning ven
in the contemplation of such a thing1
Stranger things have happened
Messrs E T Frapks and Joe Par
ker Addressed a fair size audience
thq SRflEtihouso Monday Ed ia still
a rrhtrip roaring Republican who
can see nothing good outside df his
own pojjy whjle Joe is a Populjst
whavbeUevea tiere js no guile in tho
partybe represents The -boys are
fair speakers in Jheir wynnd if thq
Press was big enough it would not
attempt to Ppk aDV f thp laurpls
from thoir brows for thoy will be old
er after awhile and get out ot the
two year old class
Mrs Caswell Bennett it is said
will be a candidate for State librarian
before tho next general assembly She
is the widow of tho late Chief Justice
Bennett and has many friends
throughout tho State Frankfort
The anti Tammany element in New
York eaUeted a ticket a few days ago
headed by Col W Strong Re-
publioau for Mayor and Jobs W
Geff theeouflsel of tit
II Sliwdorf Jarvis Sues Tobaeco
Firms of Princeton ami
H Sheldon Jarvis of Owensl
has filed suit in tho
court hero against W
Rico Co
of Frcdonia Ky and J W Stegar
Co Princeton Ky alleging breach
nd viftlitlnn of contract bythenaVnd
25000 damages with inleicst Jjjotn
September 30 1852
Tho petition alleges that tho par
ties sold him all of the crop of tobacco
dt 1892 owned by them and storedin
divers factories throughout tho Green
river country which crop was estima
ted to bo 2700000 to 2800000
pounds which the two firms agreed to
stem and prize in proper order and
condition tor shipment to tho English
market and Jarvis agreed to pay
therefore 11 centsper pound for tho
strips on presentation of bills of lad-
Sixteen hundred and ono hogsheads
of 199771 pounds under the contract
w o shipped and 81978400 wa
paid by Jarvis to defendants boforo
tho tobacco reached England
Tho petition avers that tho tobacco
thus shipped did not come up to that
contracted for but on tho contrary
was mixed with hulk heated mouldy
and unsound tobacco and a consider
able part of it was smalls rati
sweeping and had been carelessly
handled and prized In short it was
much damaged and inferior and was
n6t worth as much on tho English
market as tho tobacco contracted for
by 25000 The suit was brought by
MrjJ G Taylor of Owensboro Mr
Jarvis attorney
A Negro nt Irving Ky Jiung ior
Irvine Depot Ky Oct 9 Latt
night at 1130 oclock a mob of about
100 determined men camo to town
vent to the jail took Alexander Rich
ardson out placed him on horseback
and took him to a railroad bridge ono
mile from town where they hanged
Not a word was spoken either by
the prisoner or the mob until ufter the
arrival at the rairoad bridge when
ho was asked if he wanted to make
any statement
He said Gentlemen I am not
guilty of this crime It you hang me
you will hang an innocent man
When fixing the rope on he told
them not to worry him by choaking
but to hanir him iStMmilntentJmAM
Ho waa hantrwl at 1215 this morninc
and then tho crowd rodeqViietiy off
The crime for which Richardson
was hanged was committed Sunday
afternoon near Irvine Mrs Wiley
White had been to Fainville a dist
ance of about two miles from her res
idence in Estill county and was re
turning homo by a path in the woods
when she was struck from behind
with a club When the woman was
found her brains had been nearly bea
ten out Richardson wa3 arrested
charged with tho murder
Chitwood Will Run
As Paducah is the political Mecca
of tho district whatever news that
comes from there may be accepted as
true henco the following from the
Daily Dispatch is straight goods
Tho Republicans will havo a can
didate for Conqress The necessary
steps have been taken and the name
of Mr W J Cnitwood of Kuttawa
will go on the ballot ut the Novem
ber election
Mr W J Sayer yesterday mailed
certified copies of a petition contain
ing tho names of 540 citizens residing
in eight counties of tho First district
to all tho county clerics asking that
Mr Chitwoods namo be placed on the
official ballot as a candidate for con
gress under tho Republican emblem
These petitions aro in accordance wilh
tho provisions of section G5 of the
election law and are equivalent to a
Mr Chitwood is a well known cit
izen of Kuttawa and a prosperous
mercuant oi mat place Jao was in
the teyonuef eerVice for a timo under
fiollecttar Felands administration
Personally he is very popular with tho
masses of Hho Republican party and
wjll ipolUijtlnbst the entire strength
of the party io ri
It is understood that he will make
an Jifcti vexan vasa of the- district b
tweeh now i aadtfhe election A i
n p va iiif iiunt
Atpnianlio Cnusp
HonueJrspn Oot O rTwo farmer
Raymopd Martin and Kobprt Ryeafl
Hebardsyille Ky fourteen miles
from her quarreled yesterday about a
woman Martin got two axes Hand
ing one to Rye he proposed a duel
Thoy fought until Rye had had both
arms sovorcd and fell dead Martin
received horrid gashes about the head
and breast and is dying
Ho might sin for his party never
forhispocket saya the New York
World of Davkl B Hill
Do not Allow the accumulation of
r T i wrrwjyyi y v
Col Thomas Q Lawler of Rocliford HI who was recently elected Commander
ot tha Grand Army of the ltepnblio was born in Liverpool England in 1844 nnd
came to Oils country with his parents when a child At IT ha went to tho front with
i tha Nineteenth Illinois Infantry and fought throughout tho w ar
Alice to nncle invited out to play tennis Uncial What has happened to you
Undo Well they have repealed the law which required dogs to he muzzled and
I met with a few on the way from the station Texas Sittings
Jack Frost is -with us
Died Oct 5th an infant of Slice
Coleman Its remains wero ilonosltcl
at the Shady Grove cemetery Satur
day Friends weep not for infants
sweet for they in Jesus sleep
Revs Henry and Gregston closed
their meeting tho 3d with great suc
cess Eight joined tho church and
were baptised Thursday
Married at the residence of the
brides mother Lee Wilson to Miss
Ida Hubbard Rov Gregston olflcia
ting wo extend congratulations
Married at tho residence of tho
brides father Z F Davis to Miss
Etta Itiggs Rev Henry officiating
may joy and peace be with them
Marion was well supplied with the
Shady Grove boys Monday D J
Hubbard S A Frazler R II Word
and James Edmonson all on import
ant busincssj
W M Asher of Weston -is in
town today
J K Beard went to Weston Mon
day last on business
Rev W H Archey remains on
this circuit wo are glad the work is
committed to him again
We havo two interesting meetings
Bros Blackburn and Gibbs aro hol
ding services at Deer creek and Eros
Millikan and Murphy were at Glen
dale There has been several conver
sions at tho latter placo and the inter
est is great
G A Terry is able to bo up again
but his daughter Miss Maggie is dan
gerously sick with typhoid fever
W R Thomas has a new boy at
his house and while tho little fellow
does not weigh tho traditional nine
pounds he is a jolly little man and
Weighs just 8 J lbs
We havo had frost but we have no
slow farmers and no tobacco was
Mr A M Paris is with his Bick
brother Dr Paris of Levias -The
latter can live but a few days- no is
enjoyable bvonts
tliufrliaaJ occurred in this neighbor
hoodifOrsomo timo tvaBa nlco birth
day dinner at tho rWdonco of W S
Uuamplon in Honor of Mrs JJclI
IJtz Mrs t Champions sister and
Miss Venia ToIIoy At noon a sump
tuous repast was served which was
enjoyed by all present Mrs Cham
pion presented her sister an elegant
silk quilt besides other presents giv
en to each of tho ladle to whom tho
dlnnor was in honor of
Thoso who onjoyod the hospitality
of the host and his wife wero Mos
d Moes Geo Masoncup Jeaslo Brant
ley Tom Seniors Fannlo Barnes
pJraecia Drlskill Wm Wayland
Areker Hawkins Sarah fcJpeer Jamet
Myriok Bell Utz Lauri Paris and
Swrf oc wlruff wka it om M MUnhm LIkIb Boyd nnd Venia Tolly
tWljr UivWiwt a tWitM of AyV i kmUog party M t LoU on
jr W N Davis S Morris Charlie
Mnhan and Lawson Franklin they
have gono to tho Arkansaw swamps
to look for large game yo scribe has
the promise of somo venison steak
they will stay about four weeks wo
expect to hear of some thrilling sto
ries when they return
Mr Amry Davis and Miss Addio
Tyncr wero united in marriage on
Oct 9 th Squire Browster perform
ing tho marriage ceremony
Sept 20th at tho residence of the
brides mother near Carrsville Mr
John Slaydon of this place and Miss
Clara Garrett were married tho hap
py event was witnessed ny many in
vited friends who wished them a
happy and prosperous life
Tom Rankin is sticking close to
school and Democracy
Misses Minta Wilborn and Ada
Bracoy aro visiting friends in Evans
John James saw mill is being put
up for business on Lee Cooks land
Tho lumber will bo shipped
Wo have about half a corn crop
117 T 1ITMI
it u ttiioorn is running our
steamboat business Ho is a trood
man for tho place ho is tho business
hustler of Fords Ferry
We havo a now and splendid ferry
boat tell all the movers and others
who desire to cross tho Ohio river to
come this way Jim Johnson Is our
ferryman and a better boatman nev
or swung oar or paddlo wreel
nubbard Clements mill is cut
ting lumber near our place for ship
ment it will go to Chicago
Calety Johnson of Louisvillo is
sawing baseball bat material at this
place Ho will buy all tho ash tim
ber ho can get suitablo for his busi
Fords Forry is humming
R L Yeakoy and D A Flanary
aro candidates for magistrate
- MerchantTailor
Jost received fino lino of Fall
and Winter goods Pants to Order
400 and upward Suits to Order
1800 and upwards Fit Guaran
teed Goods Isold by tho yard
Taken up as a stray on the 1st day
of September 1804 by J M Phil
lips living about two miles east of
Hurricano church near the road lead
ing from Tolu to Fords Ferry and in
Crittenden county ono red heifer
about four years old no marks nor
brands which I have appraised at
cloven dollars This Sept 2 1 189 1
J O Stephenson J P O O
When catarrh attacks a person or
scrofulous diathesis the disease is al
most sure to become chronic The
only efficacious cure therefore is
Ayera Barsaparilla which expels aero
fula irom the system and Um euttarrh
soon follows Miit Local irsatwuat k
esiljr k wnsif of tfss
We Lead
I n Our Line
Fine Millinery Goods
And invite inspection Wo carry tho handsomest
lino of and latest paterns of
Hats Bonnets Baby Caps and Trimmings
That could bo found on tho market See our pattern
hat3 our millinery novelties in ribbons laces hair
pins belt pins sido cojibs handkerchoifs etc Do
not buy until you see us
Mrs M L Barnes Go
We also havo a completely equipped Undertaking
Department carrying the completest stopH of
Coff iris ad Qaskets
mil tho sizes wooden and metallic Any grade trW
ed to order on short notice We hav burial
robes and clippers We havo
For funeral occasions and givq pur special person
al attention to ovory detail of this department All
calls promptly answorod at any hour
Wo aro ono of tho fixtures of Marion here to 1Hy
It is our purpose to sell you goods not only kh yf
but for yearn to como henco it is to our interest m
woll as yours to treat you right in prices and Ijire
you at all times 1 in good Tionost goods for every
100 cents you spend with us Wo will bo gld to C
haye you call
If you are thinking of building or need any material for
your houses such as
Flooring Ceiling Siding
SiiinlBS allis Doors and Sash
Come and get our prices Jk N Clark will tako pleasure
in making yon prices cheaper than you can get anywhere
Give us a trial Place of business Marion Roller Mills
WalkerOlive -
Unquestionably carry the Largest Best Assorted
and Prettiest stock of
In Crittenden or adjoining counties Tho buy ith
an eye to keeping in stock such a variety in qualities
and styles as will meet the wants of the greatest num
ber of people Again they will unquestionably sell at
The Very Lowest Prices
Bed room Sets
Parlor Sets
Folding Beds
Sofa Lounges
Tables Chairs
Safes Sideboards
Baby Buggies
Etc etc

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