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Settlers in Oklahoma overtook a
gang of horse thieves and now there
are five thieves less iu the world two
were shot and three hung
Mr jV P Fife the drummer
evangelist will begin a nieeti ng in
the opera house at Princeton Janua
ry 1
During last year 263 new cotton
and woolen mills were constructed
more than half of which are in tbe
Bouth The textile industries show a
remarkable activity for the same pe
The Uniontown News has
peared and the Telegram rises up
Phoenix like in its stead Mr John
M Crowe and Dr Rbea are the pro
prietors of the new paper The first
issue is as crisp and refreshing as a
new ten dollar treasury note
Mr ileadly Curd has taken charge
of the Sturgis Enterprise changed it
from a four to an eight page paper
and manifests other evidences of ma
terial improvement in tho paper Mr
Curd is a competent man and the
Pkews hopes that he ill succeed
The census office has issued a report
showing that the owners of farms and
homes in the United States are in pos
sesion of more than 90 per cent of
tho wealth of the country Of the
white owners 71 per cent and 89 per
cent of the negro owners are free
from mortgages
Tho lawjirovides that the Justices
of tho Peace may be authorized to
solemnize vJthe rites of matrimony
Four of the magistrates haye been in
vested with this prerogative in this
county and the preachers had better
look to their laurels If however
the ra igistrates will go to work and
increase the volume of business in
that line the preacheia need not
The murderer Beems to have been
abroad in the land Sunday Near
Falls City Jlexas threo wepwe
found on the roadside deidj at Monpn
w u iiMiwnnn iwniiinHL
j i tmJ V
The AdminisfrationV financial pol
Tho ultra
silver melloTJtae west are fighting jt
wua YiMwt9 uif rau Birpci gang
fe doing alTiB its powcrto discredit
the plan and overthrow the Secretary
There ought to bo a happy average
OHMwhera between these two extremes
tad the itlude biilmay be the thing
Dcmoenujo iHouse should support
a Democratic frry of the Irev
y i 1JI
t tt tc 1 -7
We are Closing out
such goods at Cost
v I
R C Walker Publisher
Belgium has declared war against
American cattle
Slaughterville Webster county
will vote on prohibition February
The majority for prohibition in
Trigg county was COO Landslides
are still in vogue
At Harrodsburg Friday Dr F L
Harrod was shot anil killed by sheriff
Vanarsdale without warning
If you want to arouso the ire of the
average East JUarionite mention the
matter of extending the corporate
Wall street is getting exasperated
at Secretary Carlisle Tho bulls and
bears can not hau He tho Trennury to
their liking hence their wrath is now
aroused While they harass tho Sec
retary ami make trouble for the De
partment they are also encompassing
their own ultimate destruction by con
vincing the country that our finances
should be cut loose from every whim
aud fancy of these sharks whoso dis
position to help the government is
measured by the opportunity it all
fords them for addipg more pelf to
ill gotten gain
The boycot of Hreckcnridgo and
his ccture is all right but if it were
a spontaneous natural ci3y effort
cminating from the heart and show
ing itsel without bombast instead
of being a worked up affair it would
show ufi better
Itcfuscd to Pardon
The governor yesterday finally pas
sed upon and refused to grant the
pardon asked for Albert Carter and
Frank Holt of Union county They
are two of the men concerned in tho
famous Oliver Dulaney tragedy Car
ter got seven and Holt two years in
the penitentiary Frankfort Capi
Bob Moore and George East tw o Journal says
Oklahoma bandits were hemmed iu
by officers and upon refusing to sur
render wete killed
Arranging Their Plans
A Washington letter to tho Courier-
Tho members are returning to
town Quito a number arrived to
day Among them was Representa
tive Stone For the past two weeks
ho has been at homo mingling with
his constituents and making himself
acquainted with public sentiment in
his district When asked this evening
if ho would be a candidato for Gov
ernor he smiled but made no reply
It is well known that Capt Stones
friends are at work in his behalf and
they are seeing to it that the Captain
will not be overlooked when the nom
inating convention is held next sum
racr According to a report
eu touay a caucus ot Uapt Stones
friends was held at Paduch somo
days ago when it was ngrecd to
spring tho Captains name as a candi
date for Governor
Stolen Pork Found in a Church
According to the Providence Re-
cordj J F Young a farmer who
esinear Providence missed three
fine porkers from his pen the tracks
through the snow indicated that there
were others beside four footed hogs
associated with the runaways thev
wero tracked to a neighbors barn
where evidence of slaughter was dis
covered From tho barn a trail led
off to a country church In tho loft
was found the pork packed aud salted
away Leland Watson his sons Isaac
and George and Turner I ox were
arrested and after an examining trial
were held over to circuit court to
answer the charge of kidnapping the
three unsuspecting hogs
with fireproof vaults for tho county
two Mexicans were shot and killeQUJ bdInmit clerks with
nated near Edwards Miss a man
and hia wife wereassassinaied at
Utica N Y a woman killed her
husband AndinWpw Yorka woman
was burned ttf Ufljih aa a result of a
fight r
The new court house at Cadiz will
soon he constructed Tho building
will be 50x50 feet with four octago
nal towers one on each tower the
main tower on the southwest corner
will bo 80 feet high with arrange
ments for a town clock All the offi
ces will be situated on tho first floor
a ten foot
liaTAjunning the entire length of Uo
building Tbe basement will bo ar
raiweuior heating apparatus The
ciriuif court room will be 48x54 feet
and will have a seating capacity ot
nearly a thousand people Princeton
xanner i
I ji I
X know n old soldier who nad
chronjc diarrhea ot long standing to
have been permanently cured by tak
ing Chamberlains Cough and Diar
rhea Remedy says Edward Shurapik
a prominent druggist of Minneapolis
Minn 1 havo 6old the remedy in
this city for over seven years and
consider it superior to any other
cigp now on tbe market for bowel
BompJainta 25 and 50 cent bottles
t thie nsuAj for sale by J H Orme
Tho Saloons Msiko Arrangements
For Uuslness Another
At the regular meeting of the
Hoard of Town Trustees Tuesday
night Messrs J E Doss and John
B Grissom cacli appeared bjforc
the board and mado application for
saloon or speaking by the law cof
fee house license License was
granted each the town tax 500
lr J II Ormc tbe druggist
through his attorney iIr 0 M
James mado application for drug
gists license to sell liquor asking
that the old price 1 50 bo charged
instead of 500 arguing that as he
could not sell in quantities of less
than a ouart except on prescriptions
of a physicians tliut he should not
be charged so much as the saloons
The matter wad postponed to a call
meeting to be held to night
Attorney A C Moore appealed
before the board and filed a petition
asking that the corporato limits of
the town be not extended He sta
ted that the petition was signed by
95 per cent of thoco who might Dp
effected by an extention
Attorneys Moore and James nked
that 1000 be paid into the trcasurv
by Dr O X McOrawas tax on li
cense to sell soap he refused hold
ing that the law was under whfch it
was collected was unconstitutional
The claim was referred to the town
attorney for an opinion
In tho middlo of the- day Jan 3
two men knocked down the cashier of
I the post oiiice in Cincinnati aud es
caped with tho money drawer con
taining This was tho way tho
cashier first told it but when cornered
ho owned up to htcaling the money
Iiit rett McKuight a wealthy farm
er ot Christian county is the defend
ant iu a 820000 breach of promise
suit The plaintifl is Mis Eunice
Jiowies a iiigmy respect uue young
lady ot the GVotton neighborhood
Jireckinndgo at Memphis
Memphis Tcnn Jan 2 Col W
C P Breckinridge lectured m the
Auditorium tonight to i even hundred
people nine of whom were women
The reception nt Mrs J If Rees to
tho Kcntuckian was a very splendid
Livingston County News
From Smithlaml News
Jim Murray and wife of Salem aie
iu jail at Sraithland he for geltin
drunk on Christmas eve and sho for
assisting him to tiro tho Salem cala
boose that be might escape
Charles Hutchlns a good citizen
of this county who lived on tho farm
of Mr Goodloc about seven miles
from trmuhland died on the 27th of
County Clerk O O Lowcry dur
ing the year 1894 granted 17 mar
riage licenses recorded 2118 deeds
and 1G2 mortgages
A HouHtholil Treasure
D W Fuller ot Canaiohario N
Y says that he ill ways keeps Dr
Kings Now Discovery in tho hpusp
and his family lias always found the
best result follow its usn and that ho
would not bo without it it procurable
G A Dyckiran druggist Catskill
N Y says that Dr Kings Njw Dis
covery s undoubtedly the best cough
remedy that ho 1ms used it in his la
mily Weight years and it has never
failed to dajl that is claimed for ty
Why not try a remedy so long tried
and tested Trial bottles free a
Woods drug store Regular tho 50o
and 81 r
Did You Ever
Try Electric Bittois ns a remedy for
your trouble1 If not get a bottle
now and get relief This medicino bus
been found peculiarly adapted to the
relief and euro of all fomalo corn
exerting a wonderful direct influenco
in giving strength and tone to tho or
gans If you havo loss of appetite
constipation headache fainting spells
or nro nervous sleepless excitable
melancholy or troubled with dizzv
spello Electric Bitters is tho medicine
you need Both health aud strength
are guaranteed by its use Large bot
tles only 60 cento at H K Wooda
drug store
i nfijfi iinjiiMtaaJMafcafc
R r
Salem Public School Closes with
Interesting Exercise
Good Work ol EIHcicntTeachcis
Mil Kpitou It is with honorable
pride wo hope as a citizen of Sa
lem we write you of an affair which
recently came off in this Splendid old
town and brought additional luster
to its splendor wo refer to the com
menccment exercises of Prof Evans
public school held at the Union
church Friday night Dec 21st last
Salem has always been proud of
Salems own be that own a political
record or her talented sons and
daughters that have been raised with
in her confines aud that talent of the
highest order was displayed upon
this occasion and that it was all of
Salem no one can deny The teach
er Prof Evans was born hero and
has known no other nlacc as home
The pupils weie our sons and daugh
ters the musicians were all ours so
you see it was Salem
Long before 7 p m the hour
for commencing tho exercises tho
church was filled With a cheerful
throng of expectant faces Prof
Evans school entertainments havo
been few but their excellence has
won him morn than a local reputa
tion and people had gathered from
decorations the superb music of Sa
lem nuurtutte tendered at intervals
throughout tho proceedings and
above all aud more than all tho in
telligent faces of these young pupils
who in a few moments would receive
rewards for work well done and who
would show to tho audience by their
short strong original thesis upon
living questions that thoy had a right
to say 1 stand this night upon tho
height of a common school curricu
luin with this to look upon to listen
to and to think about truly it was
enough to fulfill the expectations of
tho most exacting
And we as a man who has attend
ed tho commencement exercises of
high schools and colleges can say
that wo havo at no time witnessed
bettur management heard better de
ivcrcd orations or sweeter vocal mu
sic than upon this occasion
There wero twelve presented with
certificates of scholarship testimoni
als of graduation in common school
their namoi Lai Threlkold Addio
Lioyil Carrie Love Minnie Low
Ucorgo Barnes William Butler Ev
erottButlor Nollio Matlock Sallio
Grassham William Grassjinm John
blevons Alico Morris One Susie
Boyd was given certificate of gradu
ation in high school course and it Is
said that only 14 no higher scholar
can bo found between 0 and 20 years
pfr ago In tho county Yet wheni
Prof Evans camo hero she bad not
entered evpn many of the common
After presentation of diplomas
Prof Evans spoko words of elo
quent congratulation and cheer to
tho pupils and wo did not wonder
ds wo listened Coihis fervent appeal
to thoso young poaplc to be not sat
isfled with this iiftlo victory but on
and oiijasJjiespokcw yords of admo 1
nltioiij and adylco to thorn of the1
manliest soiit I say iffKasno wonder
to us 6t tho aiulicnco why such dis
play of worth and- taleriuhad crop
ped odt that night ln Haleute isohs
and daughters- it f tfv
Aftr hit oloquenfc addresVto hfs
graduating 6 ass ho turned and
spoko h few words of grateful fare
well to1 his patronj who Had known
him nsnn infant a youth and a tea
cher and wo remember ho said he
had dono what ho could with their
educational interest and be hoped
and believed ho could loave the re-
1S11 l IiaIm I AH Ami Hkt nitfaa
iim lutuuii uiiuui umi urn ku nuiior I
We can ay that under his most
excellent mode of teaching the scho
larship of Salem pupils is far in ad
vanco of auv other part of Livings
ton county and scond to none in
this section of tbe Stale He is a
leader and is never led he is a pio
neer in this kind of school work and
has given to the people of Salem a
foretaste of what they should h ive
year after year Onward and up
ward is his motto and while the
Salem people are loth to give him
up they congratulate Marion in
securing him as their principal aud
predict for Marion with Prof Evans
at the head -of their school one of
the best schools in the State
And now Professor you are Sa
lems own her people arc proud of
you and whertver duty may call j on
there will ever be a tender remem
brance of you at home
Christmas Is a thing of the past
Rev McDauicI filled his appoint
ment at this place first Sunday night
Will Lowcry accompanied by his
sister Miss Nora visited relatives in
Carrsvillc last week
Mis3 Laura Parker left for Shep
ardsvillc Ky the 30th where she
will visit her sistc Mrs Brandon
Cheer up Mr Dunning and dont
look so blue
Mrs Fred Kirk is on the sick list
Mrs Wm Hughes is the guest of
Mrs II D McChcsuey
the adjoning towns and emmtry and George Hughes and wife of
well we know their expectations wcroStmS13 spent Chrhtmas with friends
more than realized for with tho neat an relatives in this county
John Gray and Richard Miles
went to Marion Saturday
The entertainment given at the
close of Prof Evans school was a
grand success and Salum regrets to
lose such a worthy young teacher
and congratulates Marion on having
won such a man as a teacher Sa
lems loos is Marions gain
Mr N 11 Faris and Miss Pearl
LaRuc returned to Hopkiusvlllo the
first where they have been attending
school the past four months
Miss Nannie Kirk of Princeton
has been visiting Mrs Katie Lowery
for tho past week
The annual week of prayer is be
ing observed hero this week
B A Jacobs went to Princeton
last Monday
Tho sudden disappearance of the
deep snow aud tho heavy rains imme
diately afterward havo mado water
more plentiful than it was
Mrs Nonio Myers of Troy Tenn
who has been visiting her parents
Mr and Mis T M Butler for some
time past returned homo last Thurs
day accompanied by Miss Kute
Bennptt who will make her home
The C P Sunday school ducted
oflicersand teachers for tho year 95
last Sunday and hopo to have a
prosperous school
OhrWtwasjias como and gone so
V tuvi Wvi
XT i
Np ilrths deathc ijniarrlagos Jto
rqpqrt tins vfecK
Tho social given by Mr- and Mrs
Hazel Was largely attended and all
present seemed to enjoy themselves
We should not forget the dance
glveq by Hh s Carr it was tho best
Of the season
Misses Eliza Itingo and Rosa Her
ry of Union county visited Miss Lida
Hazel during the holidays
Misses EiTlo Minnie and Lizzie
Monroo of Sturgis visited Mr E
M Lindlo and family last week
Mr Pholps from the Weston see
tion bos rented and moved to Mrs
Rutherfords farm
aadweKay to him lj certainly caa I JofcB8wBBy f -Bell Miam
young men was i con on Tuesday eve
going towards Weston lie wis all
1895 has is name in the paper
To tho Clear Springs Girls
We boy6 hero are very kind to all
and take special pains iu trying to
please the girls and keep on good
terms with papa and wo nsiur jou
wo aic more than willing to meet jou
on the Half way ground if you ivill
only name the place but you may
look for some of us at any time and
as you are so anxious to see us sev
eral may come and then weeau agree
ou terms but will try and let ou
know when we are coming
Well Mr Editor I thought that I
would send you a few items rrom tliic
No black eyes nor broken noses to
There is some excitement about
mad dogs In the vicinity of Hazel
Bend iu Union county there was
one supposed to have hydrophobia
that bit J C Collins little girl on
Tuesday he tore all the flesh from
the little girls arm near the shoulder
and also bit her on the leg the wounds
were dressed by Dr E V Hanley of
Sturgis They also sent to Henderson
and got a madstone and applied to the
wounds but it failed to stict The
dog also bit a horse belonging to Mrs
Amanda Rutherford and one owned
by Cornelius Hazel Crockett HazM
killed the dog
The youngsters enjoyed a nice dance
at tho resideuco of John Imbodeu on
Christmas night
Gus Rutherford paid Princeton a
Hying visit a tew days ngn he took
four game cocks with him Suppose
Gus went on business He culls his
favorite rooster Big G Gus says he
dont know why the old man turned
bis back on him when he caught his
Christmas gift
J H Truitt went home with three
young ladies last Sunday
John Will Delaney has not been
seen since the election Suppose he
will return in 94 with an olive branch
in his mouth
A A Casper our school teacher
went to Marion on Fridaj last so he
Died suddenly January 5 1895
at the residence of her husband Geo
C Kirk Mrs Kirk She had been
in feeble health some time prior to her
death but ivns not thought to be in
serious danger She leaves a husband
and five little children and a boast of
relatives and friends to mourn her
untimely death Mrs K has been
ready many years for tho summons of
her Master She was a good chris
tian woman a kind wifo and loving
mother Mr Kirk has the heartfelt
sympathy of bis friends in this the
hour of his soro bereavement The
remains was buried at Tyners Chapel
od the 5th
Unolo Jakey Shreeves is visiting
relatives and friends in Davidson co
Mrs Q M Conyer is visiting her
tiuher s laraily near View
W O Tyner spenPpart of last
hasjNcw Yean we t hould alt cet
a i n -
f h
T ijuiili if week- in Uuincrntnn iWinnlv nn Ima
now almanac and bejiiii with tho new i
01 ni uub
Miss Myra Stevens of Salem is the
guest ut friends in this section this
MiesCarrio Hurpending Bpout last
week with friends at Levias
Henry Brouster spent last week
with friends at Crayneville
There is no tobacco sold in this sec
tion yet and we dont think there
will be any 2 cent tobacco sold soon
Wood Garnett has been ou the sick
list for the pait two weeks
The ice crop has been bathered by
those who have ice houses
Ayers Cathartie Pills Stimulate
the petite and regulate the bow
els Try them Have you Avers
Commissioners Sale
J II Hillyard etc Notc3 ff
VH Sale in
G M Ciider etc KQUITY
By virtue of a Judgment uml nidt r
of sale of the Crittenden Circuit
Court rendered- at the November
term thertof 1894 in the above stjl
ed cause the undersigned will on
Mnndny the 14th day of January
1895 between the Iioiih of 10 oclock
A M and oclock P M ut the
C urt IIoufo door in Marion Crit
tenden County Kentucky being
count v court day proceed to expose
to Public Sale to the highest hiilder
on n credit of six and twelve months
tho following described property viz
Lying and being in Marion Crit
tenden county Ky on Main street
and known os the Porter Hill hotel
property lipgiuning on Vain t treet at
the corner of the T J Cameron brick
stoic house thence Southward 79 feel
thence Fust 148 feet to the back line
ot this lot and line ol If W Wilson
llicnce nurse -with Wiltir
line to V CiiHnlmnri line Ihenci
with Liiimliins line a westcoursR 14fi
feet In Main street thenc o witli Mnin
street 8 feet to G W Terrys
thence East 100 feet thenct
South to T J Camerons line thence
Enst o0 feet thence a South inurrp
22 feet thence 120 feel o tho begin
Less however the following boun
dary beginuitig at the corner of the
Carnahan property on Main street
thence South with sanio street to G
W Peirys corner thence with G W
Perrys lino East 100 feet there
North S feet to Carnohans line
thence with Carnahan line West to
the beginning
Or sufficient quantity thereof to
produce the sum of 421780 tho
amount of money po ordered to be
made and the cost thereof
The purchaser will be required to
give bond with approved Eecuiity for
the payment of tho purchase money
to have tho lorco and effect of a judg
ment bearing i per cent interest
from day of sale with a lien reservfd
upon said propei tv until all the pur
chase money is paid
A Wiinous
Master Commissioner
Dec 18 94
Commissioners Sale
J P Pierce et al Notice of
vs V Sale in
By virtue of a judgment nml order
of sale of the Crittenden Circuit
Court rendered nt the Novembei
term thereof 1891 in the above
styled cause the undersigned will on
Monday the 14th day ot January
1895 between the hours of 10 oclock
A M aud y oclock P M at the
Court House door in Marion Crit
tenden County Kentncky being
county court day proceed to expose
to Public Sale to the hiirhest bidder
on a credit of six months the follow
ing described property viz
First House and Lot Iu the town
of Marion Ky situated on Ford
ferry street and on tho K ist sido of
said btrect nnd known as lot No 34
on i ho orijinal pi it of said town anil
known as tho D C Flanary house
and lot fronting on Fords Ferry
street 79 feet and 1 inches nnd run
ning back Eist 148 and 7 inches
Second House and Lot Situated
in Marion Ky ou the West side of
Fords Forry treet nnd fronting on
said street 117 feet and 0 inches and
running back West 200 feet and in
what known as Hoovers addition
io bhiu wwn anu neing tne same
house and lot occupied by H T
Flanary and wife as a homestead and
the same lhat H T Flauar built
Third House and Lot One house
and lot at Crittenden Springs Crit
tenden county Ky and known on
tho plat of Crittenden Sulphur Springs
as lot No 8 in block B and beiffir 50
feet front nnd 150 feet deep and same
lot upon which the eaiU ri T 1lanaiy
erected a cottage
Or sufficient quantity thprof to
prodhce the sum of 175348 the
amount of money so ordered to be
made and the cost thereof
The purchaser will bo reuuired to
give bond with approved security for
me payment or me purcnase money
to have the force and effect of a judg
ment bearimr C percent interest from
day of sale with a lien reserved upon
said property until all the purchase
money s paid This Dec 17 1894
A Wiuiorn
Muster Commissioner
Assies sale Notice
my virtue oi a
to roe from the
Crittenden Circuit
nru o nunnotal ai
Mmtas exlditora I wi
er which issued
jfhec of tbe
irfiurt is
a case
ftflralnftf Tofe
oa the 14
9 Bb wm m WW
to the highest and brst bidder at the
court house door in Marion Ky the
following nnmed property to wit Be
ing a hoiifc mid lot in the town of
Dycuf burg Ky nml known ns tho
Tom P Mootc storo house and being
a part of lot No 4 on the plat of said
town and beginning mi the corner of
Walnut mid Main streets running
with Walnut stieet 00 feet to Jacobs
line thence with Jacobs line 30 feet
to corner N Gregorys line thence GO
feet to Gregorys corner on Main
street thence with Main street to the
beginning including one 6toro room
thrcon 40 feet long by 20 feet wide
ind one warernom 40 feet long by 10
feet wide nil situated on said lot
Said property will bo 6old on a
credit ol i and 12 montlip the pur
chaser to execute good and sufficient
bond for famo with approved personal
security and a lien will also be re
tained on the properly o si cure tho
pnyment cf same Said bonds to
draw i per cent inteivKt from dato
until paid nnu to havo the force and
etlect of a judgment nt law upon
which execution may itsuo when clue
O S Nunn
Assignee of Tom P Moore
Hy virtue of taxes duo the State and
County for lie car lWlt ami HI I or
oih of my ili putic will on Monday tho
JSlh day of January I tJ between tho
hours of 1 oclock A M and -I oclock
I M at the Court House In Marion
Crittenden county Ky expose to
Iulilic Sale to tho hlirheH Mddcr for
rash In hand the followlnir property
or so much I hereof as may be necessary
tosttlsfy the amount of taxes due ns
aforesaid and coas to wit
J II llalcs tol 2 lots In Marion
IJIIJah McCain 1 lot In Marlon
Lewis Fowler cM 1 lot In Marlon
Giles Hamilton uol I lot In
Abraham Harvey col 1 lot In Marlon
Frank Iovll col 1 lot In Marlon
AVllcy McCain 1 lot In Marlon
Richard Naddell 1 lot In Marlon
W II llriptts I lot near Marlon
Emily I Hrown 1 lot near Marlon
Joseph M McDowell 70 acres near J
It Woodall
John Crucc col I lot In Marlon
Mrs Laura Adams Bl acres near
Gqrden F Pickering 3 lots In Dy
W M Dennett TM acres near D
John Heynolds 150 acres near Me
Thomas S Wade 50 acres near S C
Mills Crlder col in near Jos Clifton
Saml Williams I lot In Weston
John H Htirton 1 lot In Weston
Mrs Nancy MuColllns 74 acres near
Moses Waldcr
Mrs Nancy Farmer 13 acres near
It L Lucas
James T Morgan 22 acres
John W Clark col -10 acres near
Andrew Young -10 acres near Marlah
Edward J Allen 150 acres
a Hazel ICO acres near Bells Land
J F Birch 1 lot In Shady Grove
Frank E lioytl 50 acres near Albert
D Manso Hubbard 11 acres near It
II Kemp
u J Williams 10 acres near Shady
Mrs Plom U0 acres near Towlicad
Isaac II Trabno t30 acres near P C
Mrs II E Nesbltt 00 acres near 1 C
I havo opened n boarding liouso lit
what Is known as tho Hays house near J
tho school building Everything llret sw v
ciass lame suppucu witn tne best tho
inurxpt aflurds rooms comfortable clean
and tasty HateB very reasonable II
solicit your patronage
i Mrs Dbcu McCfoiiD
Again I call your attention to the
fact that you must come and get a
right to the wire loop patent fenco
you are using I do not want to
brine suit acainst you but as I
bonght and IAin for tho right to this
county I can not afford to haveVQU
infiingeon my right Mr W 8
Perkins is my authorised agent
J P Fierce
Stray Sow
A black tow marked swallow fork
hole and slit in each earj has been at
my place since November The owner
can have same by paying fur this Ba
ilee and expense of feeding and pro-
I 111
i W VB -

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