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Jt 0 WALKER - Publishor
Wo aro authorized to announcu
n candidate for tho Democratic nom-
iittinn for Representative of
ilti and Livingston counties in tho net
ii ierM assembly fuuject u 1110 nuwou
if tio Democratic primary
Wc aro authorized to unuounco
n cindidnte to represent Crittenden nnd
Li itiKston counties in tho next General
Awmbly of Kentucky subject to the
action of tho Democratic party
We are authorized to announce
a onndidato for tho nomination for
Sheriff of Crittenden County subject to
tlie action of tho Republican party
Mrs Nations would jlonblloss
bo vnluable to Undo Sam as a
moonshine raidor
Tho Saturday Evoning Post ris
a to romark that war is not a
gentle businoss But its gontle
rn nly
Tho mountain industry shootin
mon sooms to bo booming along
with tho rovival in other lines of
Tf they must continue to fight in
the mountains wo take this moth
o 1 of notifying them that wo arc
in a condition to furnish thorn all
the lead needed in their business
Tho first nuniversary of tho
loath of Governor Goobel was ob-
srved at Frankfort Sunday An
iloquent address was mado by the
flun Campbell Cantroll at tho
Ab suro as February 2 is ground
hog day tho Bccond Monday is
candidates day nnd thoy will bo
in town nextMonday candidates
nnd candidates prospective pre
sumptive and apparent
According to tho ground hog
winter is over But all havo got
ton so mixed up in politics that it
is dangerous to rely upon tho old
ald horetoforo roliablo weather
Tho uniting of Marion Critten
den Springs Lovias Salom Fran
cos and Mexico with an electric
railway may not be all an
droam Bigger things than
this have been done in loss prom
ising territory
If ox Governor Bradley goes on
the Federal bench Senator Deboe
would probably havo no opposi
The ninwa i1 n i nt hnc
addod so raeiriiy U tin valuo of
our public records that tho iiscal
court may confidently expect jo
hear from tlioso tiro proof docu
ment vaults again Said n strong
uivoente of tho measure tr ho
Press There i not a business
man in Ihoeocnty who would elec
soundy one night with his nlua
bio papers outside of n dro proof
aafo yet with tho intorost of ovo
ry landholder in tho county in
volved with the proporly of ovory
ward uudor care of the courts
jeopardized with ovory record of
tho courts valuablo to private
zons and to the public exposed wo
go right on sleepinifnight nnd
day porfootly oblivious to tho faot
that a fire might occur at any tiiiie
that would leave us in a pandimo
niuin of guess work and no help
for it
Outride of tho elaborate funqral
eororiduios the change of nn ad
ministration in BtiglsTid is ntton
ded with as little friction and as
cnuill n quantity of fuss and fea
thers as tho change of presidents
m Jhw conntry
It is suggested that the multi
plicity of prospectors holes will
mako it dangerous traveling for
tho candidates in this country this
year Thoro aro other holes how
over that most of tho prospectors
for pblie favor aro likely to got
It is claimed ihnti Mrs Nation
was bred in OKI Kentucky
That may bo true but her work
doesnt indicate that she wits train
ed in tho state aforesaid
Liliy Dale School Closes
Saturday Tan 2t was a gala
day in the history of district 17
in old Crittcndon for on that day
elosod one of tho most successful
schools that has over been taught
in this district
Despito the nsud rain and sloot
patrons and friends began to ar
rive at an early hour and in due
timo tho house was filled almost to
overflowing When all wcro com
fortably seated a surprise awaited
the scholars a basket iillod with
candy and after this another one
for the visitors AW or tho bask
ots had boon passed and contents
uotod with caro came tho distrib
uting of prios to those who had
sccurod tho most hoad maths in
thoir respective classes
The prizes were then awaided ns
May and Elva Jacobs Wroathal
Brown Ecklcs llorer Victor and
Allen Young
When this wai done dinner was
called anditt sumptuous table was
t picad loadod with the sweets ami
fat of the land to which all were
invited to partake Diunor now
ovor tho Woodall birk appeared
on tho sceno and rendered some
tion for tho Republican most delightful music
tion to succeed himsorf unless Presently tho windows wore dnr
Judgo Prott wanted to run into a konod tlo lamps wore lighted
buzz saw again and an amusing mid instructive
exhibition was givon by the school
After all it is probable that
Dewoy buildod bottor than ho
know whon ho capturod Manila
lie oponod up a placo whoro our
I jys can secure a military train
ing without subjecting thoir health
to tho ravages of tobasco Banco
Another year will omphesizotho
fact that more room is nooded in
tho public school building Six
years ago whon tho large and
handsomo building was finished
pooplo wore wondoring what dis
position was to bo made of tho
eight commodioiiB rooms now tho
proposition is what shnll we do
with all thesoohildion Tho poo
plo of Marion never rush unadvi
sedly into any enterprise but
whon onco they put thoir hands to
tho plow thoy novor turn back
DoubtlosB this demand for more
room will be promptly and satis
factorily met There has been a
suggestion that this improvement
lij made by private subscription
Kocitations speeches dialoguos
and dialogues wore all on tap nnd
tho audionco was highly delighted
Although tho day wasdaik and
dreary outside yet on the inside
light joy and gladness roigued bu
Near tho close of tho day tho
toaohor Mr Perry M Woodall
delivered a beautiful oration and
which was well received and loud
ly cheorod by all
Then camo tho close and amid
warm hand shakos nnd pleasant
farewells wo all took our loavo
And now wo ask for tho tcacliorj
God grant that tho rough hand of
ill fato may novor cliiBp tho bony
fingers upon his young and noblo
Oiio Who Was Thoro
On account of Gouoral Mission-
nry Conforenco M 13 church south
tickots will bo sold to Now Orleans
and return nt tho rato of one
ar first class firo Tickots on
1111 i W AoM 1 Ofl 1
iiim it is statou innc ono onierprn jf i u iiu mu
i ig citizen has offored to hoad thb - continuous passage in each
Hot with quite a handsome doua d n and to May 2 1901 for
ton roiprn T 0 Jameson Agfi
inrnott D Riploy of Ilppry
county was arrostod and lodged in
jail at Frankfort Monday charged
with being nn accessory boforulhe
fact of tho willful ninrdor of Wil
liam Goobel The indictmentlias
boon kopt secrci
Tho Democratic legislative con
vention in tho llickman Fulrbn
district nominatod Mott Ayrcs
editor of tho Fulton Leador for
Tlonry E Youtsoy was sontonc
ed to oonOnomonl for lifo in tho
Stato ponitentinry by Judgo Can
troll at Goorgotown Tuesday last
Youtsny was charged with boing
an accomplice in tho murder of
Gdvemor Goobel No appeal will
be mado
Mre Nation nnd live of hor fol
lowers wrockod a costly saloon in
Topoka Tuesday Sho wns im
prisoned chargod with institut
ing n riot
Tho Commoner now has a cir
dilation wookly of 7000
Tho Konlucky Stato Guard is
composed of 102 commissioned
oflicors 257 noncommissioned of H
1 musicians nnd 1115 onhst
ed mon a total of 189 Tho mini
ber of mon availnblo for military
sorvico is 410000
Tho friends of tho Ship Subsi
dy bill have served notice that
they will ondoavor to force night
sessions of tho Sonato to press the
bill through Thoy say that thoy
will keep this up until tho bill is
Our Roll of Honor
The following havo paid up or
renowed thoir subscriptions to tho
Pitttss sinco our last issue
J F Bruce Clymor Okla
Marion Ford Iron Hill
G D Humphreys Sheridan
J S Dobson Fredonia
II S Hill Craynovillo
Lucy Mott Owonsboro
H K Woods Marion
J II Morse
Dr A J Driskill
S W Taylor Shady Grove
W II Ordway Craynovillo
Henry Gaoll Clovolaud O
Dora Wilson Iron Hill
J A Chandler Iron Hill
II G Fritts Marion
L L Hughes Marion
I N Young Wollsford Knji
In Memoriam
Wheroas it has ploasod Almigh
ty God to removo from our muUt
our most honored and highly ios
paotod oitizon Mr Henry B
Resolved That the Sunday
schools of Carrsvillo havo lost n
devoted nnd olliciont Superintend
ant and workor and tho church n
zealous christian whoso prosonco
and influonco will bo most sadly
That wo oxtondto tho family in
this sad boreavomont our heart
folt sympathy commending him
to tho Groat Comfortor whom ho
sorvod nnd in whom ho trusted as
few others do
That copies of thoso resolutions
bo sont to tho family and to oach
of tho county papors for publica
Mrs H D Ruttor
I Albert Likons
WU1E Noal
Two hustling salesmen to sell
modicino in Crittenden county
Must havo two horsos and hack
Cash for services Apply to
Marion Modicino Co
280 Main at Marion Ky
STRAYED From my farm at
Crittenden Springe about 3 wooks
ago ono mouso colored milch oow
will weigh botwoon 700 and 800
116 Will pay a liberal -reward for
hor roturn Any information will
u ii iiiui j
uu iumnif72 4uiuiYUu
- R Wj WjUon
f I A
l nntliimniiraiuftVTwiyfiHfiwyir HTOJiwmvJtmwiwpWwiTi
The Business Portion of Black
ford Tuesday Night
Tuesday night lire destroyed the
j business homes of L A Wilborn
Thos Talbot and dwell ic Nunn
nt Blackford Tho firo is suppos
ed to hnvo originated from ft de
fective Hue in tho building occu
pied by Mr Tulbott Tho throe
firms carried largo stocks uf gun
oral moichandiso Mr Wilborn
nnd Mr Tnlbntt resided in tho
second stories of their building
and consequently lost all of their
housohold goods Messrs Crowoll
iV Nunn carried 2X0 insurance
and Tnlbott carried 2000 iusm
anco on his stock Mr Wilborns
insurnnco had just expired mak
ing his loss tho heaviest This is
tho second firo that lias visited
this unfoilunate town
two weeks
Filed in Our Circuit Court This
Week by Will Graves
W S Graves hns filed suit in
circuit court of this county against
Ollio Cridor asking for da
mages for injuries loceivod
Mrs Delia Spaikman of this
county has filed suit against Mrs
Jano Tynor of Livingston county
for 10000 damages -Mrs Sjmrk
man chnrges Mrs Tynor with li
beling her
Uncle Josh Spruceby
Tho standard attraction lncle
Josh Spruceby which comes to
the Opera House for ono night
Monday Fob 1 1 is a comedy of
unusual merit No doubt it will
bo remembered from a j
visit here whon a
pression was mado and from
lavish piessnoticof it is rocciin
this season it i bettor than cer
Only cities and largo towns arc
being playod this season and the
production is being presonted on
a -largo scale Now nnd handsome
scenery is used and tho groat saw
mill scone is givon with moro real
ism than over Tho company is
composed of 2o people nnd is ono
of unusual merit Tho musical
features include a splendid orches
tra of 12 soloists A unique street
parado is given at noun each day
by tho big band Tho concert by
the band on thestreotis very pop
ular nnd attracts large crowds
TtV n now mouth a new year
and a now century and it would
bo something now if yon would
como in and settle your account
CO Moroland
Fords Ferry
Countiy Produce Hought
nt llighc t Market Prici
w f4jh
t n lneotinK of tho City Council of tho
tiity of Marion Ky held nt ia coun
cil chtimber on Tuesday evening
lVbrim y ft lH the following
nnucu wns duly ennctel
I t ordnineil by the Aly Council of
the city of Miirlin K in- in view of
tho Ixviptltfl to accrue to tle city nnd
cltisten of Mnrion by the construction
nnd operation of water work with tho
city thereby uivinir greater 11 ro
tiun ltwienitfj iiiMiirnnce nnd giving
safer nnd better facilities for tho irotec
tion of health and property and tho said
city beinx unable financially to construct
niul nppriito Biicli works nnd plnntn
theiefou in consideration of tho necos
sity n4 woll nM tho desirability therefor
the City Clerk 7 C Hourland will on
Monday tho 11th day of February 1001
at I oclock p m oirer for Balo publicly
to the highest nnd best bidder tho ex
clusive ftunchiso niul right to maintain
and operate water works within tho city
of Marion ns now constituted or ns it
in iv hereafter be enlarged or extended
from time to time during tho term of
said cvclusivu franchise nnd right which
1 t i 1 flirm Clinll 1 tit ti Itnriiul nf llinnt
in the last t w
yenrs rccltoned from nnd nftcr said
water works shall have been completed
Said water works privilege shall carry
with it tho sole and exclusive right of
way over tho streets alleys lanes sido
walks roads nnd public casements of
said city for the purixo of placing
taking up or repairing nny of their
mains pipes or hjdrnnts or other struc
turcs devices reijuisito for the proper
mt ice of water Tho terms of said bale
hall be ca hnndhnll tako place nt tho
police court room of the city of Marion
Said City Council shall hnvo tho right
to reject nny nnd all bids J C Bour
lanil Clerk of the City Council will
duK advertise tniil sale the terms and
conditions thereof in tho newspaper
Crittenden Iukss and will rejwrt his
acts theicundor with n copy of said ad
vertKctiUiit and the result of said sale
to the City Council nt its meeting on
Tuesday evening February 1 1001
The purchaser of said franchise shall
Ixgin active work iu good faith to build
said water works plant in sixty dnjs
fiom the granting of wiid franchise nnd
shall havo sune completed nnd in work
ing order by the first day of January
1002 otherwise all rights granted to him
shall be forfeited The highest bidder
shnll deliver to tho Clerk making said
snlcn certified check for the amount of
his bid nnd if his bid is rejected by tho
Hoard the check shall bo returned to
said bidder
Ml parties interested will take notice
f til nheMacni ililj
he Glib
Il 1311
t p
I IJUl KIjAMJ in a
Clerk Council City of Marion
shed 1887
Capital paid up 20000
Surplus 5000
Ve offer to depositors nnd patrons
every f cihty which their balances busi
ness and rjHHieihilitv warrant
T 7
L Cimhicr
For Scc
A dvollin house of four rooms
nnd good outbuildings and threo
building lots in Tolu Ky Will
sell cheap for cash or on time with
good noto and approvod security
J N Shaffer Tolu Ky
having boon issued it now remains for
his lpynl subjects throughout tho conn
try to proceed to tho festivo city of Now
Orlonns nnd pay tribute to His Mnjesty
by participating tho fostlvities of
which for tho yenr 1001 will bo on Feb
ruary 10 For this occasion tho Illinois
Contral Railroad Company will toll tick
ots on cortnin dntea to Now Orleans from
stations on it lino t ono faro for round
trip Your local ticket ngent will tell
you tho dntes of snlo special rates and
limits of thoso Mnrdi Grns tickots
Slcoping car scrvico for tho entire dis
tnnco from Cincinnati and Louisville
nnd from Now Orleans via tho Illinois
Contral to Hot Springs via Memphis in
connection with tho Choctaw route
from Memphis nnd tho Littlo Hook nnd
Hot Springs Westorn U It from Littlo
Via New Orleans
in connection with the Southern Pacific
Through Bomi weokly Excursion Sleep
ing Cars lonving Cincinnati and Louis
villo on I C R R fast Now Orleans Spo
cial train ovory Monday nnd Friday for
Los Angeles and San Francisco without
change Tho special nlso connects nt
Now Orlenns daily with express train for
tho Pacific Const nnd on Mondays
Thnrsdnys nnd Saturdays with tho
STNSET LIMITED of tho Southern
Pacific giving special through service
to San Francisco All Round trip Tou
rist Tickots to California reading via Il
linois Centrnl R R pormit of stopover
in New Orleans Tickets nnd full infor
mation concerning tho nbnvo can bo had
of agents of tho Central nnd connec
ting linos
Ono hundred mulos nnd ono
hundred bond of horsos Will pay
highost cash pricos Will bo at
Piorcos stablo in Marion Ky on
Thosday Fobruary 12 1501
Crobs Patrick
Mirth Mimicry Music
Tho Worlds Loading
Monploguo Entortninor
Ralph Bingham
Porsonator Humorist Violinist
Vocalist Raconteur Excolling
in each dopnrtmont
Opera House
Friday Evening Feb 8
Most vorsatilo ontortninor on
tho platform today
Sccurod by Messrs Taylor nnd
Walker undor a largo gunrantoo
Bigham noeds no introduction
to Marion people for thoy havo
listonodto him with delight boforo
Prices 25 35 and 50
Extensivo Lino of
Fino Candies
ert Grocery
Mr A M Gilbert has purchased tho stock of Groceries owned
by G- E Boston and has just recoived
took of New Goods
For anything in tho drocery lino call on him for his goods aro
tho Freshest his prices most Reasonable
Staple and Fancy Groceries TinwareGlassware
tJCsFor a short timo Canned Goods of best quality will be sold at 3 cans for 25 conts
You aro cordially invited to call and seo Mr Gilberts stock
Apples Bananas and other fruits always on hand
At Old Stand of The Boston Grocery
53rGoods delivered to any part of tho city

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