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l uV
i An Intercepted Message I
A Story if the New Telegraphy
t II- Cnthcrluo Adams 4
JtirK MUST Intercept that nies
YY fUhe wild Schmidt
1 could only look wv unutterable
ibtonNliucnt Schmidt was the senior
liartnrr in the firm of Schmidt Hoson
Iwrp it Cnrcy 1 tvns nn y the junior
Itnsenbvrg vi seldom saw mid it was
just as well he had no brains but his
iiwnev liutl been very useful when the
llrm vv ns ilrxt launched and os he ne er
interfered with the liiiinnfivmeiit wo
vcro plntl to continue ns wc had begun
For the rest Schmidt Itopenberg
Carey is a Ann of stock brokers well
known on the stock exchange where
its operations are followed with keen
VeHV said Schmidt seeing that I
was all nt sea you scarcely follow
I dont I declared emphatically
That is because you have no imag
ination A better llnaneicr t nexer
knew but you lack imagination Now
I Ho paused
Uatu too much You could well
tpire me ionic Hut what is this
A crisis is imminent There was
Miolliti Hireling ut the foreign oilice
this afternoon
Stale news I gibed Are not all
the papers full of it
Schmidt went on as if I had not
tpoken Within the next 2 1 hours a
message will be sent to Merlin It will
be the message the nil important one
that will materially n fleet the money
market for some time
How do j ou know of this
From the usual source our private
intelligence depart ment
It all sounds tcry pretty 1 can
ipiitc understand how a prematura
knowledge of that message may nlleiM
our fortunes appreciably but 1 fail to
bee how such a happy consummation
is coming to pass
lienlly said Schmidt I thought
you had more sense We shall inter
cept that message I hate arranged
with a trrt cleter electrician who has
Mnivoiiis latest iniprotements at his
fimjers ends to accompany jou and
wyel on a little pleasure trip in the
channel for a few hours In such glo
rious weather what could be more
plcasinl than a jaunt on that charming
little steam jacht the Gladlola
You have reehristcned your craft
Xo ior obvious reasons it will
not do to use my own boat So
Hliek and Sampon two American gen
tlemen will cinbaik on the iladiohi
which will be awaiting them in Dover
harbor When in midehauuel what
more natural than our electrical
friendV desire to experiment with his
apparatus Singular too thut we
Khali take such a course as to be in
the direct line of communication be
tvveen the terminal at Dover and Ant
Antwerp Then the message doc-
not yo direct to Uerlin
Impossible It if tvonderful to
think that it can go to Antwerp with
out a break and thence with only one
other stoppage at Ilruuswiek right on
to Uerlin
Hut how shall we hit on the locality
That will require some fixing up
Liuve that to me dear boj I have
calculated it all to 11 uicetj 1 shall
ever be thankful that my father per
suaded inc to serve in the nun rather
than in the army for inj term of con
you are a many sided man I said
admiringly but have you told the
the message is in cipher Hrace
bridge will bring me the key this even
ing when he will also bring the latest
intelligence nnd the tinio of sending
the message Hesides the oper
ator is an impecunious man and 1 shall
I now how to keep him from asking
unnecessary questions
It is tremendously risky I said
Not at all The only tiling is to
keep mum and dont tell your wife
Mrs Schmidt is discreet said the
husband of that unique ladt but Mrs
tnret well he added diplomatical
ly well Mrs Carey is too charming to
le able to keep a secret
Late in the evening of the same day
I went to Schmidts house in Charlton
place Urncebridgo had nlrenuy been
ind presented the latest intelligence
to wit that the operator at the gov
ernmentH wireless telegraphy oilice at
Dover had been advised to be in readi
ness to receive a messenger from the
foreign oflice about noon on the mor
row Schmidt had wired to the captain
of the Gladioln to have stam up ready
for us next morning The telegraph
operator had also been communicated
nitli My chief then proceeded to glte
me a few instructions regarding our
We shall make a splendid coup
lie 6ald Whichever way the message
runs its early knowledge ouglit Wi
moke our fortunes 1 have telephoned
out agent in 1nris to be on the qui vive
and have wired to our man in Ilerlin
Mr Whistler is prepared to work the
oracle this side nnd by Jove if we
get the message the thing is a dead
When next morning I met my chief
ml the railway station I scarcely knew
him His blue black beard and hair
bad become snow white My clean
shaven face wn now adorned by a
auiKiacne nna imperial
The captain of the yacht and the tele
graph operator met us nt the Dover
pierhiad nnd we were soon in the
j achta boat ou our way to the vessel
Set her engines going ntonee Stcev
en said Schmidt as we boarded the
jjieht We have 11011c too much time
There is your course and he handed
the captain n chart
The captain looked surprised
We are wishing to enable my friend
here to try a little experiment ou his
ovv 11 nccount explained Schmidt He
has 11 telegraph apparatus here and u
friend on shore will try to send him a
message They have agreed upon the
route and we shnll intercept that mes
sage nicely if urn follow tlie course I
have marked and bring us to anchor
there and he iolnted to the place
mirked ou the chart
Within two hours from the time we
left the pier the tiladiola came to an
chor ut tbe spot marked on Schmidts
It was a damp misty sort of morn
ing not at nil like the glorious weather
predicted by Schmidt I shivered In
inj light summer clothing und inward
ly anathematized the whole concern
The captain brought me a rug ami
some hollandr Gradually my frnmc
of mind grew more sociable and be
nignant I turned to the electrician
who tood near me
This is all tery wonderful said I
apropos of the new telegraphy
Tim wonder is that it was not dis
covered ages ago lie replied Think
of file marvels of science that have jet
to be grasped Their name Is legion
The man was 1111 enthusiast and be
gan to talk of his ideas
is that all jour apparatus I
asked pointing to the indicator
no the operator said pointing
to the top of the mainmust Theie
is 11 temjiorary terminal fixed up yon
Cmph said Schmidt this is get
ting a bit too high faliitln for me
How goes the time
Ten minutes to 12 1 said remem
bering with a start what mission we
were bound on
Everything is quite rcadv Mr
Perfectly in order replied the op
The time is pretty near now so
keep a sharp look out
We stood a little apart watching him
anxiously A little curious as to the
matter in hand some of the crew
looked on from a distance
It wanted one minute to the time
Hist said the operator warning
as Schmidt turned to speak to him
There was a faint rippling sound just
distinguishable from the apparatus
then the indicator began to work
We scarcely dared to breathe as the
operator took down the message anx
iously and carefully Schmidt could
not restrain his excitement
Cot it Hair got it he exclaimed
Yes said the operator Walt a
Where is the key to the cipher 1
gave it to you Carey said Schmidt iu
n tense whisper
1 fumbled nervously in mj breast
pocket If I had lot it Hut no 1
held it up triumphantly
Uarr came nwuy from his apparatus
Here it is but it is not in cypher
after all It is very plain English
What from Schmidt
The operator read from the slip of
pnper in his hands To Mrs Dutilop
Hotel Marie Ostein Heturn at once
Hobble very HI with measles
I looked at Schmidt Schmidt looked
at me He recovered the power of
speech first and I shall never forget
the ebullition that followed Sailors
are supposed to be pretty well seasoned
that tvay but even thecaptalu looked
In the middle of his roaring nnd riot
ing the operator put up his hand
Hark What is that
Schmidt subsided a little
There goes another exclaimed
Hair The coherer sympathized
Catc h it catch it cried Schmidt
frantically waving his arms- melodra
matically in the air as If he would hold
up ull the sensitive particles of ether
and restrain tlicin from passing on the
Too Lite sir What a pity you did
not tell me to be on the lookout for
two messages
Iityl roared Schmidt stamplntr on
the deck in nn impotent fury How
snouid i Know that that donkey of an
operator at Dover had a child down
with measles How should I know that
he would send a message to his wife at
Ostend just at the time he ought to be
beeping the coast clear for the foreign
oflice Hy George what business had
he to be tampering with the govern
ment wires
Hut it is best to draw a veil over the
proceedings of the next few hours
With regard to myself the whole bus
ness hud turned out so quaintly that I
vvaa chuckling inwardly I will not say
that I was not chagrined at the result
of our enterprise but as I had not been
so sanguine as Schmidt my disappoint
ment was proportionately smaller He-
sides he had been so beautifully sold
It was a mean advantage perhaps
but I could not resist dialling him as to
the accuracy of his chart
You said we were placed exactly In
a position to Intercept a message be
tween Dover and Antwerp How could
one to Ostend reach us
Dont you know geography he
growled Look on your map nnd you
will see that Ostend and Uruges too are
in the line of communication with Uer
lin That is why they are obliged to
change the cipher so often
All right I said severely you
need uot lose your temper again If
you had put more restraint on yourself
at the time we should have caught the
second message too It was simply
lost in an exhibition of vocal fire
And it might have made our for
tunes he said sadly
This is how it happened thatour fore
warned agents in Paris nnd Ucrlin did
not get their expected instructions thrt
day neither did a certain pair of nstute
flnaneitrs become millionaires nt tiit
particular juncture of their career
Slnny llnynl lernoim Hnvr Mmle In
vestments In Atiirrlcitu Se
vii rl I lea
Emperor William owned ut one time
7000000 of American securities
About two years ago his holdings
were transferred to the name of the
Ilerlin banker so it is impossible to
tell accurately the amount of bin
holdings ut the present moment It
is estimated hotveter that they ag
gregate 3000000 and his yearly in
come from them is 150000 So far
as the records here show the em
peror never speculated in Americans
nor invested in industrial securities
Ills holdings have always been rail
way bonds or stocks nnd his favorite
issues are Louisville Nashville
Atchison Topeka Santa IV Union
Pacific Southern Pacific Missouri Pa-
Inillnnn Mnke Toy
On one of the Indian reservations in
New York state is n toy factory which
employs several hundred Indians all
the year around The toys manufac
tured here are shipped all over the
New Klnit of lnbrle o be Mniinfnc
tured by he Mill la
If the plans of certain English cap
italists do not miscarry it will be pos
sible ere long for the economical par
ent to purchase a suit of clothes which
may be passed along among his scini
for a fifth of a century says the Chi
cago Chronicle Mills are now being
built in England for the manufacture
of this kind of long wearing material
which can be turned out in almost any
color wanted Think of getting a suit
of clothes that will last for 20 years
that will cost only a third more than
a suit costs now and that will be abso
lutely waterproof without appearing
to be so itevolutlonie is ruther an
overworked word but It fits this case
exactly Instead of singing Papat
iiffe KhH
Mr Clapp who tvni chosen by the legislature to All the senatorial seat left
vacant by tho death of CiiMhmnn K Divli Is -19 years of age He wih born In
Dilphl I111I When he was seven years of age his parents moved to Wlsconjln
Ho graduated from the Wisconsin law school In 1873 Seven years later he
moved to Fergus Palls Minn whole he took up the practice of law In 1S31
ho located permanently at St Paul Ho was elected attorney general of tho
state In lsv 1SSS anil liW and has always been prominent In politics He was u
candidate far tho republican nomination for governor In 1810 but was defeated
by Gov dough
cific nnd Illinois Central The em
press of icriunny Is the individual
owner of about 500000 of American
securities These are in her own
name but the dividend payments are
by her order made to 11 firm of Iler
lin bankers
Other members of the German
royal household says the Minneapolis
Journal are owners of American se
curities but the certificates are most
ly in the names of their individual
bankers The securities so held
amount to about 4000000 The enr
of Hussia holds 0000000 in Amer
ican bonds nml slocks principally
the former Those include Issues of
the Pennsylvania railroad New York
Central railroad Northern Pacific
Canadian Pacific Southern Pacific
Xett York Xew Haten Hartford
nnd New Jersey Central Ills hold
ings arc registered in the name of a
Pants Will Soon Fit Johnnie the re
frain will run Johnnie Soon Will
Wear Pas Pants for when pa once
begins to wear these extremely usefu
articles before Jilinule has got out ol
dresses he may continue to wear them
for the next 20 years and by that time
Johnnie will hate grown up to them
The same with little JItj and her
mothers skirts Instead o riittlno
down the garments for the glr
mother will wear them for a genera
tion or so and then turn them over tc
her daughter
Tilt Ill pill IllclMIK
A recent letter from Koine in the
Philadelphia Ledger states that the
popes income for PJ00 amounted to
4375000 nearly two thirds of which
was Income for securities and Peters
pence The expense account of the
holy father for the same year is fig
und at 1090000 of w liieh 4S3000 rep-
The wonderful Japaneso Image here Illustrated Is supposed to be a represent
ation of the god Kwnnnon The central figure of tho group shows one of the
thousand handed gods there are a thousand others very much llko him In the
samo temple seated In a full blown lotus the sacred lower of Uuddhlsm The
Imago and Its magnllleent pedestal uro mado entirely of beaten brass or bell
metal When a worshiper makes an offering ho strikes a bell In front of the
statue to direct attention to his accompanying prayer It Is believed by the
faithful that the original statuo was sot up In tho middle of tho twelfth century
St Petersburg firm to whom nil com
munications regarding them are sent
Vlir He Doesnt Get Weary
The wonderful physical endurance of
Gen Fukusbima who Is in command
of the Japanese troops in China was
thus explained to Frederick Palmer the
other day by an officer who is over six
feet tall and rather thin No wonder
Fukushima does not get tired his
heart has to pump blood only about
half as far as mine It Is the difference
between supplying wider to a two nrpj
a four story building
resents salaries The remainder of
the account includes the expeuse of
keeping up the Vatican the repairs at
St Peters charities and contingent
expenditures and losses The most not
able item iu this account is the per
sonal expense of the pope himself
which amounts to 250C showing that
he lives a simple life There will be
a balance of over 3000000 to be odd
ed to the contingent fund which now
amounts to over 30000000 a large part
of which is in American securities
The satisfactory condition of tho pa
pal income shows that Leo XIII is a
more thrifty man and abetter flnuncler
than his predecessor
Chlnua Silk Crop
Tho ordinary annual crop of silk in
China is estimated at about 21000000
pounds of which over CO per cent Is
consumed in tho country where It ii
rrojcrci In Mciltclne
Medical science Brows apace with civilfra
lion and nmong the leading remedies one
thai combines all the results of scientific
study up to the present time nnd is put up in
convenient and economical form easy to
take easy to carry is the famous Cascarets
Five years ago marked the time of the sale
of the first box Last year the sale reached
tho enormous total of over six million boxes
In this hustling every day busy life of ours
people need just this kind of a medicine to
stimulate their bowels and keen them reg
ular Caicarets act on the liver just enough
to help nature without causing that awful
sick weakening feeling that usually follows
the taking of Calomel and violent purges
Headers who have never tested the merits
of Ca sea ret 6 should give them a good trial
IVJIs Moat Uarful Hook
First Passenger What book has helped
you most in life
Second Passenger The city directory
The city directory
Yes Im a bill collector Syracuse Her
The woman who is in the habit of telling
her troubles makes more calls than she re
ceives Town Topics
And Rest for
n AcrfllJiaraaoat atartllmr ti
Via Vlctarln ftano Horrrl
mo worm oror le nod
isiKjuai urowiwnon
ii outers mil una bum
op from axceuire heil
and lick or ulcjcnl
molituro Qrows when
Jl otken winter kill
oa f reezo out S to 1
tons of marnllcnt hr
per aero awl lots of pa
turaga beudes
8120 and up a j
Larottt pout and I
mtablo crowors
CboloMt ranxt I
CoUlagna Tolls I
Fur II Cants and this Nstiot
n aatoclsblna CM buibel por aero
lnU otc In all 10 packages
fully worth 110 to ct a
tarcror luolnstaaipa
OOJOf tiAjpr
W 5
Lnylnir or Him
One of the clerks employed at the Bead
ing terminal who is something of a prac
tical joker had the tables turned on him
tho other day by a shrewd newsboy Know
ing that two afternoon newananers had re
cently suspended publication it has beea
his custom upon leaving his office in th
evening to call a newsboy and say Heres
a nickel Keep the change and give me
Call quick 1 lie thought it great fun to se
the eager hands clutch ineffectually for thi
nickel and then to note the disappointed ex
pression of the youngsters face Hut hi
tried it once too often He greeted a boy at
Twelfth and Market streets on Wednesday
evening with his usual witticism and much
to his astonishment the little fellow shaved
a Call into his hands and grabbed the coil
before the astonished cleik knew what wt
up Then there was nothing for the jokei
to do but take his medicine Ive been
layin fcr dat guy remarked the boy Hi
wanted a Call an he got it Dat paper wai
six monts old Philadelphia Record
Alrrnja Camicht
If a young man goes into a jewelry slort
to look at ladies rings the worst gossip in
town is sure to step in and catch him at it
Atchison Globe
Sleep for
KID I Qriursu
Tired Mothers
In a Warm Bath with
IK - - FSOtn jn 1 bJ
And a single anointing with CUTICURA
purest of emollients and greatest of skin cures
This is the purest sweetest most speedy per-
manent and economical treatment for torturing1
disfiguring itching burning bleeding scaly
crusted and pimply skin and scalp humors
rashes irritations and chafings with loss of
hair of infants and children and is sure to
succeed when all other remedies fail
Millions of Mothers Use Cuiicura Soap
A sslttod by CUTlcuiui Ointment tho great ski n core for preserving purl fylng and beau
tlfylog the skin of Infants and children for rasher ltclilngj nnd cliafinge for cleansing tho
scalp of crusto scales and dandruff and tho etupplngof tailing hair tor softening whiten
lojr and healing red rough and sore hands and for oil the purposes of the toilet bath and
nursery Millions of Women uso Ccncinu Soat In the form of bathifornnnoylng lrrtta
tlonilnflammaUoDS nnd excoriations for too free or off entire perspiration In tho form of
vrashes fornlceraUTeTrcakneases and formanyBanatlveantlscptloporposcs which readily
suggest themselves to women especially mothers No amount of persuasion can lndoco
those who have onco used theso great skla purifiers nnd beautlflcrs to uso any others espe
cially for preserving and purifying the skin Bcalp and hair of Infants and children Cun
cuiu Boat combines dollcato emollient properties derived from Cirncuiu tho great skla
cure with the purest of cleansing Ingredients and tho most refreshing of flower odors No
other medicated soap U to bo compared with It for preserving purifying and beautifying
thoeUn scalp hair and hands No other foreign ordomestlo toilet soap however expen
elvolstobo compared with It for alltho purposes of the toilet hath and nurscryj Thus it
combines In One Boxr at One Ibjce viz Twentv five Cents tho best skin and com
ploxloa soap and tho best toilet and baby soap In tho world
Complefe External and Infernal Treatment for Every Humor
Consisting of CtmctntA SoAr 21c to cleanso tho skin of cnuU
and scaled and soften tho thlclenod cuticle Coticuka Ointment
rut apt nt nw louuiwinsianuy aaf cuing innammauonanu irritation and
I Hr r I Sil Vh ootho nnd heal and Cuticura Kesolvent 0cto cool and
IIILUIli PliU cloanso tho blood A S1NOLE8ET costing but 123 Is oncnsufll
dent to euro tho most torturing disfiguring and humlllnUng skin scalp nnd blood
humors with losa of hair when nil olso lalU Sold throughout the world
OfMleit Pcrmucat
Orau of th
Nothing Ilka it on etrth
to di tutt we Vnw of
nd v Iivo tcourad I
k Throe Dally Train
Indian Territory
Two Dally Trains
Pullman Sleepers and Freo ReoHning
Chair Cars all the way without chanso to
TEXAS and the WE8T The voey beat
of connections Cheap komo seekers tickets
oi sale first and third Tuesdays each month
aiemphU Ticket Office 13 Monroe Bt
Chattanoiuta Tcnn
Fiunk M aiiu rrni T P A
MrmpUa Tcnn
GEO H Lix Gen P AT A
Little Keek Arlc
Thy pay on ail creps I
Und Write forlieolc
on IT nr VrifllT
free Largest fsitlllzer company In tbe world
JUOlupiUB ichq
i uest iugn oyrap
All ILbt f AILS
ruici uooa uso
In time br dnnriltta

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