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Occurrences of Interest Over the
State During the Week
Julin Trnbuo n nogro woninn
who killed lior lover was sontonc
od to bo lmtigod in Louisville on
Nov 15th
Tlio snfo of tho Oridor Milling
Company at Crider Caldwoll coun
ty w8 dynnmitod a few nights
ago Tho office was wrecked and
a considorablo sum of monoy was
Judgo S B Vnnoe of Hondor
sou died Monday Ho was ono of
tho leading jurists of this State
and a prominent Democrat Ho
was agod 70 years and had been
ill for some months past
Charles P Grainger was nomi
nated for Mayor of Louisville in
tho Democratic primary last week
defeating T L Jefferson by about
iOOO majority About 14000 votes
woro polled in tho election Tho
election was quiot no trouble of
any kind reported
Mnyfiold had another conflagra
tion Saturday night Sholtons
livery stable and Robortsons gro
cery were doBtroyod and tho Pros
byterian ohuroh and Hotel May
Hold woro damagod Loss 13000
Nearly all tho insurance compa
nies have withdrawn from the
While horseback riding on Tag
gart croek twonty miles from Mid-
dlosboro Mary Sumlnr a V
uirl wafreefopon by two animals
Za h wildcats Her side
breast and right arm were badly
lacerated and she will win ue w
polled to remain indoors several
weeks Tho horso was also cut by
the animal
An army of Kansas
Kaon nnmnincr in the
imu u r
neighborhood of Hustonvillo in
Boyle county for tho past three
weeks and devouring everything
Lotoher of Danville
Dr Wyatt
fine farm near Huston
who owns a
villo lost nearly sixty acres of
have also lost
hemp Other farmers
in a similar manner
Coal and
The Western
ni onnninv nanitalizod at 3-
000000 has been incorporated un
der the laws of tho State of Now
Jersey Tho incorporators are well
known capitalists of New York and
Wosteru Kontuoky and tho oom
incorporated in order
pany has been
der to build a now railroad from
Madisonvillo to Dawson opnngs
to found a town at Richmond and
to develop the coal lands along tho
Mr J B S Ott of Buona Vista
Bovle county Uile hoeing in his
lm unearthed sixteen hundred
dollars About two years
nco ho was told by a gypsy for
tune teller that ho would discover
and shortly
treasure there
a large
afterwards founa z a j
from where tho other money was
found The troasuro was in a box
of two inch plank and was
bly placed there during wo
Senator Deboo whilo in
w week Biiid in an inter-
view that ho had coroo to the con-
ohiBion that ho will have opposi
raoo opposition
tion in tho flonatonal
position ifl not worrying mo said
i T will be tho oauous nominoo
and therowillbo a Republican ma
jority in the Legislature Deboo
said that ho understood that John
W Lewis would bo a candidate for
tho Sonato and that Bradloy would
probably get into tho race Ho
4W everything looked
lovely to him and that ho folt no
unwmw whatever
kH 1
Clara Barnes of Owonsboro was
drownod off tho Knights of Py
thias excursion boat As the ox
oursionists woro loaving tho boat
Miss Barnes fell into tho river at
tho head of tho wharf boat
Tho damago suit of J M Rich
ardson of Glasgow against Dick
Knott editor of tho Louisville
Post and Post Publishing Compa
ny was sottlod by tho Post retrac
ting tho articlo complained of and
rmvintr all costs of tho suit inclu
ding plaintiff attorneys fees all
personal oxponses of plaintiffs in
tho suit and oonfossing judgment
for ono cent and costs
Tho Good Roads Convention at
Hopkinsvillo last week was a suc
cess Tlio attendance was very
large A Good Roads Association
was organized Tho foaturo of tho
sossion of the convention was tho
dofoat of tho paragraph in tho re
solutions calling on tho Legisla
ture to pass a law providing for
tho construction of good roadB in
the State Tho argument over tho
quostion was of a spiritod nature
The convention then adjourned
sine die
A iiro near Lobanon Junction
liberated the wild boar which had
boon in captivity the past six
months The boar was captured
in tho hills on Crooked oroek
whore it had been living for tho
past two years or more terrorizing
tho farmors It is of immense size
and would novor food in tho day
time while in captivity Tho com
munity is anxious f or its recapturo
It has alroady killed soveral dogs
sheep and calves
Dllvf - -
Ho was born in Goorgia in 1832
and educated at the University of
Georgia Before tho war ho prac
ticod law and in 1851 entered the
Confederate army aB a Captoin of
infantry Ho roso through tho va
rious grades and Jin 1803 he waB a
Mmnr General and corps comman
der When tho army ot Ijoo sur
rondorod at Appomattox General
Gordon was in command of tho
nrmI Armv Corns During
tilitieB ho was wounded eight times
lnnra nil his face HOW ttn Ugly
scar mark by a Union minnio ball
After tho war ho took a prominent
nlnon nmoncr the progressive men
of the South and in 1868 ran as a
Democrat for Governor of
l 1UHO ita wan n
gia in loo nnu m 101 -
delegato to tho uomoorauo u
tional Convention and in both
Presidential Eleotor
yearB was a
In 1872 he was oleotod to tho Uni
tod States Senate and Boon took
mnlr m nna of tho most brilliant
orators in that body Ho was
ted to succeed himpolf but resign-
od before his term had expired o
that ho could give more attention
to his privato affairs In 1886
and again in 1888 ho was olootod
rnnr ff Goorcia and in 1890
waB again ohoBon as Unitod States
To tho Tax Payors of Crittenden
I now havo my books for 1901
call and sottlo your tax 1 nave
waited on some of yon for two
throo and four years lam now
nrr nn mv business aB flhoriff
and if not paid you will find your
iml nrtvortiBod for tho taxes I
have waited patiently I oan not
wait any longer js air warmug w
all who owo mo taxes This July
16th 1001
2W John T TioKonB b u u
If you want Bomo just as good
I mako it mysolf romody try an
imitation Rooky Mountain Toa
Twill make you siok and koop you
slok Ak your druggiBt
-V S
Tells of the Christian Endeavor
Convention at Cincinnati
Tho Twontioth Century Interna
tional Christian Endeavor Conven
tion at Cincinnati has just olosed
Tho impression wo got tfrotn those
great religious assemblies aro deep
and lasting Wo had a right royal
weloomo Tho State of Ohio gave
us a wolcomo through the Secre
tary of State as Gov Nash waB
not well enough to bo present
Prosidont McKinloy Bent his gree
tings ana wolcomo to his btato
and Cincinnati gavo us a royal
welcome in looking after our wel
faro and comfort
Tho music of the Convention is
improving and uplifting Tho
groat gospel singers Jacobs
lis and others know how to soloct
gospel hymns and then they also
know how to sing them so that tho
congregation can understand tho
words feel the sentiment as well
as appreciate tho music It is soul
elovating to hear this sweet gospel
Tho speeches Jhave boon magui
ficent Tho bost of every denom
ination and of every nation and
of ovory color and of overy clime
havo spoken to us tho oarnest
words of truth and soberness
Almost overy phase of ohuroh
work and christian civilization has
boon disoussed Tho missionary
worlr good oitizenship tho temper
anoo work tho observance of tho
Sabbath tho prayer mooting
giving and other kindred topics
have been ably dieoussed Repre
aontatives from Canada from
tralia from Japan and from China
names as Dr P S Henson J H
Barrows and R A Terry of Chi
cago Bishop Samuel Fallows of
nhicaoro Dr Wayland Hoyt and
Rnr Androw Shaw of Philadel
phia Rev Dr J A Worden of Phi
ladelphia Charles M Sheldon of
Toueko Col Geo W Bain of Ky
and forty or fifty other colobratodJ
sneakers indicate what a feast ot
pood thincs wo enjoyed The able
disoussions on The Homo of tho
Twontioth Century What It
Ought to Be and How to Make
It So woro simply grand i no
Twentieth Century City tho
Twentieth Century Church the
Twentieth Century Citizen wero
tonics ablv disoussed Oh I wish
you all could have hoard thoso
good things Jas F Prico
In Memory of Thomas J Yandell
As it has pleased God in His
all wiBe providence to remove from
our midst our beloved companion
and brother Thomas J Yandoll
we bow in humblo submission to
tho will of Him who doetn all
things well But we sadly miss
hia kindly presonco and deeply iooi
Ills loss anddoairo as a sohool to
put on record our high approoia
tion of hie companionship and
kind and pleasant ways
It was with Bad hoarta tiiat wo
looked for the last time upon his
face as ho lay quietly and peace
fully in death We said tho last
goodbye to his still form as we
MA him undor tho aod whoro wo
had Bpont so many happy hours
Wo dosiro alBo to oxpress our
hoartfolt sympathy with tho fath
or mother brother and sistor of
our departed friend May God
oomfort your noarw uour inuuuu
and koop you unto otornal life is
our oarnest prayer
JNOW WO Bay uy oiuur ui v iuojjvii
Hill Sunday aohool
J Alox Hill
O A Adams
Maud Hill
Several Prominent People Pass
Away Other News
Miss Julia Newman a well
known young lady of Hampton
diod last wook aftor a long ill
Marion F Roach ono of tho
most prominent citizens of Smith
land died in Paducah last week
Tho lato R C Doom and Geo
W Marrs of this city woro both
consumptives About two months
ago both started out in search of
health in distant lands and neither
found it Mr Doom went to Ti
tusvillo Florida about 1200 miles
in n Southeasterly direction from
Grand Rivers Mr Marrs went to
Donver Colorado about 1100 miles
in an opposite direction from tho
course Doom wont thus locating
thomselves about zoUU miles apart
The stern cold hand of death was
laid upon ench about tho same
time and on Juno 30th 1901 two
corpses woro taken from tho east
bound train at Grand Rivers Ky
They woro tho remains of R C
Doom and Geo Marrs Mystori
ous and strange indeed are tho
workings of Providence Banner
Capt Wm R Gupton tho well
known steamboat pilot diod nt
Southland last week Ho was
about 59 years of age and had
spent his life as a pilot Ho was
one of the bost pilots on tho river
and his services were always in de-
What most people wnnt is something
mild nnd gentle when Jin ncod of a
chamberlains stntnftc ana tiivor
boro tho greetings of tho workers Tablot3 flU tho bln to a dot They aro
in those iar away iaima ouuu caSy to taKoanupieasuui mum
sale by R F Hayno3
A Poor Millionaire
Tntnlv starved in London liocuuso ho
could not digest his food Early uso of
Ds Kings New Life fills wouui nao
saved him Thoy stronfithen tho stom
ach aid digestion promote assimilation
improve nppetito Price 2oc Monoy
back if not satisfied Sold at Ormos
drug store
Eat What You Like
When you tako Morloys Liver and
Kidney Cordial for then dyspopsia diz
ziness and tho long trnin of similar
troubles will disappoar aud your cleans
ed and awakened systom will demand
fnnl Rounn ditrestion and sound
titogo together and both follow tho use
of this timo tried romody Soid by Agts
in overy town and by J II Ormo
Is duo thousands of soldiers and 3
518 Fifth St Washington D c
months extra pay to oiucors
or their heirs
How It Is Done
Tbn first obioot in life of tho
American people is to got riolr
tho second how to regain good
hoalth Tho Brst can be obtainea
vw nnnrtrv honostv and saving
tho second good health by using
Groons August lMowor onouiu
you bo a despondent sufferer from
any of tho effects oE uyspopBin
t nmTlninf Annondioitis
Indigestion oto such as biok
TTonrlnnho Paloitatioil of tllO
j a
Hnnrt Sour Stomach IlaDituai
Costivonoss Dizziness ot mo
TTnn d NorvouB Prostration JjW
Spints etc you need not suffer
another day Two dosos or mo
well known August Flowor will
rnlinvn vou at onco tto to das
tt n 1UV W TTnwnnn and
i 1 Kitla frnn Rftfflllnrl
gOl U bUUipiu UUHIU WW o IT
nl7o 15 conts Got Groon8 Prizo 1 2
A Gentle Hint
In our style of climato with its
sudden changes of temperature
rain wind and sunshine often in-
tormingled in a single day it is
no wonder that our children rela
tives and friond8 aro so frequently
taken frum us by neglected coldsj
half the deaths resulting directly
from this causo A bottlo of
jutw uoimr Tyi Syrup kept about
provoiir smiLUiuUaia npn u
lnotors bill and perhaps deatli
by the use of three or four dosos
For curing Consumption
rlmtrna Pneumonia bovor uougns
of Throat cr
Croup or any disease
Tnnfrs its succoss is simply won
derful as your druggist will tell
you Get a sample bottle troe
from Jas H Ormo or Robert F
Haynes Regular size 7 conts
Got Greens Prizo Almanac
Stung by a Centipede
Mrs Thos Sander Ulutlton Tevni
centipede A doct was
was stung bo n
sont for but before no nrriveu t oiuu -
siblo friend wet a piece 01 urowu i im
with Moreleys Wonderful Eight i d ap
plied it to tho wound Tlio aocior Wi
llis sorv ces wero not neeueu iui
son was nouiraiizeu u v ----
Wondorful Eight Mrs S am not suuur
from the wound Sold by agent in overy
lown Free trial bottlo at Ormos
drug store
WKWWWHwwvi a
Chill Tonic
SBottor than Calomel aud Quinino
Excellent General Tonic
As well as
n suro euro for
Chills and Fever
Swamp Fovore
and Bilious Fevers
Just what you need atthis season
Guaranteed by your Druggists
Dont tako any substitute Try it
SSOct and 1 Bottles
Prepared by Roblnson Pettet Co
NO 6
I Young Man Young Woman g
Get an Education
Marion School
Monday Sept 16 190
Common School Branches High School Studi
Reputation established Management same as
preceeding seven years
Work tried by hundreds of resident and now
resident pupils
Practicality tested by time
Tried tested and found true
Expenses low Write to
Best Remedy for Stomach and Bowels
I havo been in tho drug1 business for
twenty years nnd havo sold most of tho
proprietary medicines of noto Among
the entire list 1 have never found any
thing to equal Chamborlainrt Colic Clio
lera nnd Diarrhea Kemedy for nil stom
ach and Uowel troubles says Mr O W
Wakefield of Columbus Ga This
remedy cured two sivpr fTes of chol
era morbus ii my fimil nc i jmc re
commended and hold huud it of bottles
of it to my customers to their sntiifac
tion It ntrordi a quick and sure euro
in a pleasnnt form For
Littlo Liver pills for Bilious peo
ple because thoy aro small look
and taste like candy and do not
eripo nor sicken thorn Sugar-
coatod Ono a doso
H Onne
Sold by J
QitmhijMji c
Id Medal
i Paris
Wonderful Eight
Cures cholcrn diarrhoa Colic crirai
lameness sprains lumbago swelling-
nouralgia rheumatism and tootlmehi
All pain internal or external cure I
quickly with Morcly Wondorful Eight
than any othor remedy lor snniit
II Ormos
Effective March J 0th J
Announets the Opening of a
Red Rive- Division
Denison and Sherman
Texas -
Throogh Train Scn lcc vll hw
he cUablithcd Irom S- Louli an- Kr
J ever thn v s
Skil Line io 7

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