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0 country lanes white starred w Ith Moom
Whero wild things nestle shy and sweet
Where all jour wavlnt Brasses laugh
And part before my eager feet
Could I forever dwell with you
Letting the mad old world rush by
And Just be glad of wind and sun
Of locking nest and brooding sky
How often In the crowded streets
I dream of jou sweet country lane
And feel ones more our soft breeze soothe
My sordid breast and weary brain
Uvcr above the citys din
Above tlio clink of yellow gold
1 hear a wild birds rlnglngcall
I catch tho scent of leaf strewn mold
Your grassci klfs my fevered cheek
Your hawthorn drops her scented rain
I am a child again and dream
That Heaven bides here O flower starred
Florence A Jones In Criterion
and Edwards are already
ELLIOTT their vacation They
did not stay as long as they expected
and they had one aihenturc which
they have sworn to Keep a secret It
happened the first night after they
reached the lake
Though Elliott and Edwards hate
lived on the shores of Lake Michigan
all their lives they had neer until
this spring been out on the water
When they decided to go to the Wis
consin lake for their vacation trip
they decided that they must at least
learn how to row a boat So they
went up to Lincoln park after oftice
hours and practiced until they felt
that they were finished oarsmen
When they reached the summer re
sort at which they had engaged a cot
tage they wore blue yachting suits
and white jnehting caps and were
made tip in ecry way like a couple
of sad sea dogs Outside of aeatlon
days they were bookkeepers in an in
surance oftice on La Salle street Thcj
weie only n few jears ocr 20 how
ever and it was natural they should
want to cut adash Elliott had a downy
red mustache and both youths wore
gold rimmed pinch nose eyeglasses
After dinner In the big dining room
they decided it was up to them to
glv e an exhibition of their seamanship
Old Tom the man in charge of the
boats smiled when he saw them bare
two pairs of arms which it would take
a wholesale poetic license to call
brawny lie tried to gie them a
broad beamed Jlnt bottomed old skill
which could hardly be tipped oer but
they were too knowing for him They
insisted on having a crankly little
thing pointed at both ends and too
narrow for cither comfort or safety
As the lake was perfectly calm
Tom let them have It and they start
ed out Some one had told them of a
log cabin resort across the lake where
the beer was good and there was a
nice little poker game in operation
The bojs went across in fine style
and made a dashing landing on the
sandy beach of the log cabin resort
The beer they found was cool and
good and after three steins apiece
they sat In the poker game Ucfore
they knew it both boys had made dan
gerous holes in their vacation money
That was bad enough When they
started to go home they found that a
heavy sea was running It was also
true that the beer they had drank had
the effect of making the sea look even
more tempestuous and terrifying than
it really was
But the sad sea dogs from the Lin
coln park lagoon vycre not to be eas
ily daunted They got Into their
cranky little skiff and pushed boldly
off encouraged by the cheers of the
men who had won their money When
they got beyond the end of the point
the big waves sweeping across the
lake struck them and set the Water
Lily to bobbing like a cork Shortly
it got Into the trough and commenced
to ship water Presently Edward and
Elliott found their new white tennis
shoes entirely submerged while the
probability constantly Increased that
if something were not done the rest of
them would soon find a watery grave
They looked back at the log cabin re
eort It was wrapped In darkness If
they ran ashore they would not be
jeered at by their late companions
Then they turned the half water
logged boat and let it drive before the
wind Fortunately the shore where
they struck was low and sandy and
they landed without difficulty
Well leave the boat here said El
liott and walk around the share to
tho hotel In the morning early well
r -A
row over for the boat Nobody need
ever know
Now as sonic people know and as
Edwards and Elliott discovered that
night there are few things more de
ceptive than the difference between
point and point on a lake by water
and by land A journey which may be
made In half an hour by boat may
take three or four hours when one
must follow the ins and outs of a
tortuous shore line Hut the Lincoln
park sailors had no suspicion of this
interesting fact in physical geography
when they started on their trip
It was 1030 oclock and the moon
was full when they started Tor the
first mile the walking was along a
high grassy shore with nothing to Im
pede their progress Then suddenly
everything seemed to happen at once
The moon went under a black cloud
and presently it began to rain The
open shore gave way to a tangle of
underbrush and presently the boy
pitched down into a swamp which in
gulfed them half way up to their
knees In the darkness they waded
around for a few minutes until sud
denly Elliott phiuged at full speed into
a barbed wire fence The rebound
sent him down backwards into tin
slime while his gold nose glasses went
Into the darkness as if they had been
shot from a gun Presently Edwards
had the same experience His glasses
flew off his nose as he tripped over a
root and the next half hour was spent
by both young men in looking for the
treasure they had lost After groping
around In vain for 15 minutes Elliott
became desperate for without his
glasses he was next to a blind man
He went down on his knees in the
swamp and clutched fiercely at the tall
clumps of swamp grass Meanwhile it
was pouring rain and the new yacht
ing suits of both were soaked lly the
light of a flash of lightning Elliott
finally miraculously found his glasses
hanging on the tall leaf of a flag
Edwards was a little less dependent
on his glasses and he agreed to give
up1 the search when Elliott was once
more ready to start
Soaked and dirty dripping with
rain and covered with slime up to
their knees the two joung men took
hold of hands and proceeded to slow
ly grope their vvuy through the inky
darkness Wet leaves slapped them
in the face and fdiarp branches cut
them as they blundered through tho
underbrush but nnj thing was a re
lief nfter the swamp Presently the
big bulk of a building loomed up be
fore them
Thank Heaven gasped Elliott
heres a farmhouse Now well get
a lantern
Their approach to the house was
greeted by terrific growls and the
sound of a running dog Fortunately
a tall board fence was convenient and
they clambered to Its top Then they
proceeded to call for help After yell
ing for several minutes an upper win
dow was raised and a man leaned out
If you drunken wretches dont clear
out Ill shoot lie yelled Ive been
bothered enough by people from the
O mister called the despairing
Elliottwe only want toborrown lan
tern Were lost nnd cant find our
way Well piy you for it
After a talk of several minutes dur
ing which the dog made several vicious
chaiges on the fenee the farmer final
ly came down and plodded across to
the fence with a farm lantern In his
hand Even then he wns doubtful lie
called the dog and Kept it close at his
heels until he had carefully Inspected
the young men on the fence Then he
Pretty wet looking kids he said
Lie down Hover Aint you ashamed
of yourself What you been doin
Tryin to ketch frogs If I give you
the lantern will you run straight
Wet and wobegone Edwards and El
liott were beyond the reach of an in
sult They borrowed the lantern at
the farmers own terms and started
again on their trip to the hotel It
was five oclock in the morning when
they got there Old Tom had got
worried at their absence and had
rowed across the lake to the log cabin
shortly after midnight There he was
told that they had started to row
home Close bj he had found the
empty skiff where they had beached it
Naturally he had come to the conclu
sion that they had been tipped over
in mldlake He had rowed back and
aroused the hotel Steam was up in
the little steam launch when they got
back to the hotel and several parties
were already out searching
Fortunately there wns an early train
for the city that morning Edwards
and Elliott took it They did not even
wait for breakfast Fortunately they
had enough money left to pay their
bill and bus fare Return tickets
they were wise enough to bring with
them Chicago Tribune
Shaffer Says They Are In Store for
Manufacturers When
Time Comes
Snn Slinfli r mill IntlmnteH Thnt
Tlicj are In n Condition to Stnnit
n Iiiiik MIpko A Iliiinor dint Inr
iulinr of Hip lntlimtrlnl oiillilln
mIoii VI uy Tiikc n Ilnnil
Pittsburgh Pa lulvV 122 The Htrike
situation is piactically the same as
on Saturday Wellsville and McKees
port being the points around which
the interest confers and any new de
velopment will no doubt emuuate
from these places
When seen President Shaffer was
in n good humor lie had recovered
front his slight indisposition of Sat
urday and wax at his desk nt an
early hour He would not discuss his
plans for this week Much depended
on circumstances The general plans
of the Anielgainated association were
of course laid out and would bo fol
lowed to the letter
Startling Surprint it
There are sonic startling surprises
in stoic for the manufacturers when
the proper time comes for springing
them he says Our people said he
have been saving and have fortified
themselves against such an emergen
cy for three vtnr At present we are
pimply taking our much needed vaca
tions When the cooler weather nr
rives wo will be in shape to settle
down for the winter undisturbed by
tho conditions Lontfronting us for we
have everything in loadinoss for just
such it winter as will icsult If this
strike is not si tiled
KiMMttm Notlilnur Alinnt Inninlinr
With refeiciict to tho statements
of John X Im qijliar a member of
the industrial cGiiimi sion which were
sent out fioiu Washington in which
it was inferred that there might be
u movement in progioss by the offi
cials of that loinmlcsion to bring
about mediation in the pioscnt strike
Mr ShalTc said
If Mr laiiuhiir is quoted eorrec
ly nnd is eiiiUnvoring to biing about
mi adjustment of this strike I Ivelievc
that if lie puts tho same assiduous
efforts into his task as ho did when
he questioned me dining the sessions
of the commission ho will accomplish
some pood losiilts I do not know If
ho is attomptiiig any such movement
as ho has not ommunicatod witli me
or any of the of tho Amal
gamated association
Not llii n Viiroiiilnil
While still hoping lor an oaily set
tlement of the stiike Mr Shaffer
would not say that any stops had been
taken in this direction and so fur as
the general osiers of the Amalgam
ated association wore concerned they
all deolarod thnt they had not been
approached by anv person or poisons
on this subject
Among the mi iiufnttiirersthere was
the siiiiie goneinl silence preserved re
garding the situation and concerning
prospect ivo plnns for operating the
now idle mills ot the three companies
VI en Strike
Lancaster Pi duly 2 The ton
nage men of the Penn Iron Co have
struck befalls thej weie refused 54
a ton While the other mills in this
district were paying 1 n ton the
Penn workmen weie leeeivlng n50
Recently the other mills increased to
3 and last week ft notice was
posted in the mill that a L3 cent In
cioaso would be giunted On Satur
day the men made n demand for 4
which was lelused The strike fol
lowed Over 400 men are affected
A Toltilo Villi to ItcNtiiiie
Toledo O lime 21 The Toledo
lolling mill ot the Republic Iron nnd
Steel Co will lesumo uftur several
oars innctivitj about August 1
Pour bundled men will be employed
with a lnonthlv payroll of 1rooo
Tho Attorney flenernl Hefner to
Ittiitlt r nu Opinion on CVrtiiln
lorto It Ion ll Untie
Washington Inly 22 Attorney
General Kno has declined to render
nn opinion which wns asked for by
the secretary of the treasury on the
question whether or not under exist
ing lnws the secretary is nutboiied
to l Tumi the duties collected on
goods imported from Porto Rico be
tween the date of the ratification of
the Spanish treaty and the date that
the Foraker act went into operation
I he attorney general says that inas
much as the comptroller of the treas
ury lia8 given his decision on the sub
ject It is a matter for him the comp
troller nlone and he therefore can
not give a decision as requested
It is authoritatively stated at the
treasury department that the govern
ment will proceed immediately to re
fund these duties acting upon the
decision of the comptroller of the
treasury which was to the effect that
the treasury department had authori
ty under existing law The duties
amount approximately to 2000000
Shot Fnnner nnd Wife
Indianapolis Intl July 22 Mrs
Mary Schufhlzer the wife of Michael
Schufhlzer a farmer living sya miles
west of the city was Bhot in the fore
head by Herbert SIckingcr a farm
hand living in lien Davis Sickinger
then turned his revolver on Schuf
hlzer inflicting a wound in the arm
Sickinger then fled and is being pur
sued by a posse
At tnthngo Mo Dr IMinonston
has In ought suit foi fidOOO against
former Msivor W Calhoon for
tilloiintlng the affections of the dot
tors wife
Mr and Mis Jacob P Klein of Cur
linvlllo 111 celebrated their fiftieth
wedding anniversary
Martin Knhns an aged oltlen of
Edwin dsille 111 died from the ef
fects of a fall
Tar melted nnd run from roofs in
St Louis Suudnv
It is refreshing this weather to
know that the const of Labrador is
blocked with let
The death of Mrs Kruger may have
some iiiflu Mice in shortening the war
Mr Krugor is loportcd to Ihj very
Oil is icjiorted stiuek nt licnrden
Ark at a depth of 1150 feet
The livorv barn of J C Sparks at
Versailles Mo was burned 12 horses
Tito finding of pearls in the Osngc
river has stiried up a pearl hunting
crae in Miller county Mo
Mis Alice Smith aged 24 killed
herself bv taking juris green at Ia
porte I ml Domestic trouble
Gov Allen of Porto Rico spent Sun
day with Pisidont MoKinley
A liot bioke out at Indianapolis
between a crowd of white boys and a
erowd of colored boys The negroes
retreated and sivcial people by
stiiudois were injured Fifteen po
licemen wore called out
Miss Ora J Tiillmnn of Valparaiso
hid died at Iniveisity hospital Kan
sits t itv being the twenty -third victim
of tilt Chicago Alton tiain wreck to
succumb She was on her way to the
Epworth league convention at San
Priinoisfo win n injuied
A hiiivv freight train on the Dig
Ioiu road inn into a lienvily loatled
passenger train nt Columbia station
18 miles west of C lev eland Five train
men weie niirt but not seriously
John Holland aged a of 2130 Glas
gow menuo St Louis a fli email at
Fairbanks Soap Co fell 10 feet
breaking his niek nnd dying instantly
Dot Itliiek who satvs she was em
ployed until recently in the w nip
ping department of a St Louis dry
goods bouse swallowed morphine at
Chicago with suicidal intent She is
not opeetetl to leeovor
Washington university St Louis
has been bequeathed 21000 by the
late ioo E Leighton
Hit nl ViitrH Irlnti il Ironi I lie
nil Ilntis of it VtH JiTMi y
llniiK In Clriiiliitlnii
Washington Jnlv 22 Chief Wilkie
of the seeiet set vice has leeched a
number of bank notes printed from
the oiiglniil plates used by the State
bank of New Piuiiswiek X J over
llftj ears ago The bank went out
of existence some time in the s nnd
It was suppostd t Itii I the steel plates
from which its notes were printed
were destroyed It smiis however
thsit thM plates have fallen into the
liiiis of nirtios who have print
ed from them large quantities of
notes which have been put into circu
lation from -New ork to San Fran
cisco A verj huge percentage of the
notes are 2s nnd some Ss and 10s are
being sent in Inasmuch as the notes
are not counterfeits of any United
States or obligation the makers
and passers can not be prosecuted
under the Tinted States laws but it
is said they can be punished for fraud
under the state laws It apjiears that
the notes iiidily pass along the Ca
nadian frontier as the takers think
they are the notes of the Canadian
province of New Hiunswiek the
words Xew Jersey biing pi luted in
small letters The notes are printed
on bond paper rnd are quite as good
in every way as the original It is
said that possibly 2000000 of these
notes are in circulation
I lit- Ti oplrnl 1 1 cut Itlpeneil the
i nil n Knrller Thii Iaunl
Coiiilltlon of tlio drain
London July 22 The weather har
vest has begun in eastern Kent Tlii3
is an earlier commencement than
usual the tropical bent having rapid
ly developed the grain
Estimating the wheat prospects
the Mink Lane Express sajs the
wheat will bo line both in quantity
and quality on five per cent of the
area sown nverago on 25 per cent
but the remaining 70 per cent of
area sown will Inevitably produce a
short crop The straw crop will be
the smallest since 1803
In its preliminary trade estimate
the Mark Lane Express puts the Hus
slan wheat crop at 58000000 quarters
against 50000000 in 1900 On this
basis tho export surplus should be 18
000000 quarters
Shot a Girl nnd Then Illnmelf
Spirit Lake la July 22 Charles
McClumsy a liverystable employe
shot Mamie Heed au employe of iv res
taurant lie then turned the revolver
on himself and fired three bullets in
to his own head Tho girl was not
fatally wounded but McClumsy will
probably die Tho couple ore said to
have been engaged for some time but
late the engagement had been broken
Appointed by the lreslilent
WashlngtonJuly 22 The president
niado the following appointments
Itichard L Sprague Massachusetts
consul nt Gibraltar Spain
II S Reynolds Hitt Illinois thlrd
secretary United States embassy at
Paris France
Jesse C Moore Danville III In
dian agent ut tho Colorado Kivcr
ugency Arizona
1 1 in i a
The Breakfast Was Late and a
Mother Poured Oil on the
Fire to Hurry Up
Th llnnhnnil anil Fnlhrr Token to
the lloDiillitl Ilnilly Ilnrned The
Incident Occurred In n Tenement
IIoiihc nnd the llTplonlon Was
Heard Throughout the Structure
Pittsburgh Pn July 22 An entire
family was burned in a Penn avenue
tenement fire shortly before eight
oclock this morning The inotlfcr
and three chlldien lire dead and the
husband is badly burned and is now
ut the hospital The explosion of au
oil can was the cuuse of the fire The
dead arc
Mrs Sophia Kiti aged 30 years
mother of the children
Viola ihitn aged 8 years oldest
Kishner llntzi u boy aged 5 jenr
Wabock n boy aged 3 jears
Joured Oil on the Ilre
From what tan be learned Mrs
Hata was prcptuini breakfast in iter
apartments on the third floor of the
tenement house in the lear of 2710
Penn avenue shortly he ton eight
oclock The flic in the kitchen stove
was not burning as quickly ns she
wanted it to and she took an oil
can and poured some of the oil on
the file In a moment a blae from
the grate of the stove ignited the
oil in the can and nn explosion which
was heard tliioughout the house fol
Iliirulus Oil Senltered Oitr Itnom
The buniMig oi was scattered over
the loom setting fire to the clothes
of Mrs lata and the children
The husband wait in an adjoining
loom and his injuries wore sustained
while trying to save hie wife and chll
Tho house in which the Hie oc
curred was n two and one half story
frame It was owned bv Mrs Itai
hari tinkle who conducted a bake
shop on the first floor The loss is
placed at 110 partly insured The
house was occupied by three families
but the onlj persons injured were
the Katas 1 lie bodies of the four
victims were lemoved to the morgue
Col Allien Vrtlit
Los Angeles Cak Jul 22 Col Al
bert Jenks a well known artist
dropped dead on the street in front
of the residence of his friend Mrs
C 11 Uruhii Heart disease was the
cause of death Col Jenkins was born
in Xew York 77 years ago Early in
life he removed to Aurora 111 and
embarked in the banking business He
also studied painting but nt the out
break of the civil war entered the
army In the army he had attained
the rank of lieutenant colonel He de
voted himself to portrait painting
after the war Among the distin
guished persons whose portraits he
painted were President Abraham Lin
coln Itll Phil Sheridan and Gen
John A Logan
Other Deaths
Mrs Margaret liobinson widow of
Capt E liobinson at Chailestou
111 aged 75
Jacob Ilomack aged 03 at IJroek
ton 111 Ho was one of the wealthiest
farmers of Edgar county
The aged mother of Col J T Hef
fennnn of lllconilngtoii minority
representative from the llloomington
district in the legislature She had
been a resilient of Illinois for 50
Iuther II HlohnrilHiiii
Grand Totks X D July 22 Lutln
er U Hlehnitlson c major of this
city and formeily territotial secre
tary died here He had been prom
inently connected with the political
history of the state for the past 25
j ears
Henry KIiik KlUlnn
Chicago July 22 Henry King El
klns n pioneer lumber merchant of
Chicago and one of the first directors
of the board rf trade died after au
illness of neaily n jear
Simon J Scliernierhorn
Schnectady X Y July 22 Former
Congressinin Simon J Scliernier
horn died to night at his home iu Rot
terdam of apoplexy
Hetemed hy the Iloime of Lords
London July 22 Tlio house of
lords has reversed the decision of the
ppenl court dissolving the Injunction
rendered August 30 1900 by Justice
Farwell in the high court of justice
which enjoined General Secretary
Hell of the Amalgamated Society of
Hallway Servants and Organizing Sec
retary Holmes from watching and
besetting the Great Western rail
way stations and approaches with a
view of inducing non unionists to re
frain from taking tho places of Taf
fvalo railroad strikers This action
of the house of lords restores Justice
Farw ells judgment
l rlneo Teamatcra Strike
San Francisco July 22 Tho whole
sale and retail business houses are ex
periencing great difficulty in having
their goods lutuled owing to the
strike of the teamsters
noil I en of Hlx VI en found ut l Pnlait
Xenr Cnpe ItiiiiinnolT Perlnlicd
In n Storm
Xoino July 10 via Scuttle Wash
July 22 A tragic story comes from
St Michael A party of men en route
to Xome recently found the IkxIIcs ot
ix men at n point near Cape itoninn
ufT Itis presumed they nil froze to
loath during some one of the terrible
blizzards that prevulletl last winter
The bodies were scattered at inter
vals five of them about n quarter of
a mile npnrt They were outstretched
upon the tundra and each was found
wrapped in blankets Each had somu
camp equipment near him but no
food One of the dend men evidently
had been either wounded or sick n
lie laid on a cot constructed of a pair
of oars nnd a canvass sheet It would
seem that a storm must have over
taken the men carrying him Evident
ly becoming exhausted they aban
doned and wandered oft and each for
himself to perish where found
Gen Itiiudall was notified nnd hns
oi tiered out a party of soldiers to
bring in the lodics and every effort
will be made to identify them Gen
ltaudill thinks that thoy were n par
ty of prospectors who in an effort to
reacli St Michael lind run out of pro
visions nnd perished from exhaus
tion and exposure
Cniiiilr VonlliN stirred Ip Over n
iiurLN Mm do Aicitlnnt VonuK Wom
en Hnve n Iltoly Iluht
Clinton III July 22 At Dewitt a
small town ton miles east of here
Warren Hrowster shot Ed Taylor
who died instmtlv and Clay Cornier
Hiewsters partner shot Fred Taylor
brother of the murdered man in the
artn Fiod Taj lor Fred Wilson and
others were badly cut
A few weeks ago Urewstcr and Con
dor had trouble with the Taylor
bi others who resented remarks they
hud made about some of the voting
ladies of Dewitt nnd llrcwster was
knocked down by Ed Taj lor They
met the Tijlor brothers and began
shooting Hrcvvster and Cornier ar
in jail
A Doctor Who fronted fieri led
Testlllrn thnt lie Knew Ilert
CS Ion Wns n VI nn
Parkersburg W Va July 22 In
the Glenn ease Dr W A Howard tes
tified that Utrt Glenn hud been treat
ed bj him and that he knew he was
a man
Isalali Tucker nlso testified thnl
he knew that Lcrt Glenn was a mun
Other witnesses stated that there
was no doubt in their minds of the
genuiiineness of the limp of the de
fendtiut ns thtj had seen her im
mediiitely upon hei arrival In the
city The case will probably not close
before the last of this week
At the Old Itute of Wnsrea
Scranton Pa July 22 The strik
ing boiler makers machinists and
foundrymen nt the shops of the Del
aware Lackawanna Western Rail
road Co have leturned to work at
the old rate of wages
lllver Xevva
I I Chaneeillatnfll
Stations GaUKe2 hourslnl hr
Pittsburgh I 11 02
Cincinnati 111 0 0
St Louis 112 0 7
St laul 5i 06
Davenport B 2 4l
Mempnls 7 1 06
Louisville 59 05
Cairo 129 09
New Orleans 1 5 U 0 0 31
Fall Trace
MONDAY July 22
Crnln nnd Iroi Uloim
St Louis Flour Patents 30ft3 1S
other trades i10l3 3u Wheat No 2 red
GOJtuTc Corn No 2 mixed 51H555C
Oats No 2 JWjSTVsc Hay Timothy f 16 04
filTCO new timothy V wfH piaiue
11 00415 W clover J13 00yi3 50 llut
tor Creamery HWfce dairy 130CVc
iKS Fresh CfiTc Lard Cholca steam
Slij New mess lii Dacon
Clear rib 9iC Wool Tulvv ashed 15
I Missouri uuu Illinois medium comblnir
It it lit- other grades Ufiljic angora
KOU hair Mi 13c
CIiIcuko CIjsIiib quotations Wheat
July 14C St number SljTJic October
T3ve Corn Julj JTnC September 69WI
WKe Oats Julj Jie September 3SVrf
jsijc Poik Juls HUT1 September
til 37j Jnnuarj 15 ui Lanl July VS b3
September ST0 Oetcber JS72V4 Nov cm
ber S0 Decembei J iCJ January S t7lj
iS70 year s uo Short ribs July 7924
September 3v0 October 4 02V2 January
Live Stock Mnrkcta
Bt Louis Cattle Fancy exports 3 7511
6 10 butchers 4 tfl w 50 tot 2 Ctf
4 25 cows and litlfer 2 00fl0 Hobs
Packlnc 3M6 07Vi butchers 370jB 80
Ill lit 1 00H5 824 Sheep Mutton sheep
2 503 00 lambs 3 73W1 00
Chicago Cattle Good to prima stes
3100 20 poor to medium 1 25G25
stockcrs and feeders 2 504J4 35 cows and
heifers 2 504 90 canners 150W2 35
bulls 2 50fr 410 calves 375ff6 00 Texas
steers 3 40ffl 40 Hors Mixed and butch
ers 5 fcOSO00 good to choice heavy 4 00
016 17H rough heavy 5 6086 85 light
3 650 90 bulk of sains 38Hi5 95 Sheep
Good to choice wethers 3 90Q4 50 fair
to choice mixed 3 WtjOPO western sheep
3 50 100 yenrllngs 4 00Q t75 natlva
lambs 3103300 western lambs 3751
5 00
Kansas City Cattle Native beef steers
47M6O0 Texas steers 375440 Texas
eras j steers 3 0003 90 Texas cows 254
3 20 native cows and heifers 25041
4 75 stockers and feeders 27504 25 bulls
2 mii 00 calves 2 5035 25 Hogs Heavy
5S5ft6C0 packers 5 556685 mixed 5 604
5S5 light 5 403510 yorkera 5 38670
pigs 1 2385 50 Sheep Muttons 27541
4 00 lambs 1503500 stock Bhecp 17
Quotations for middling rang as fol
lows St Louis 8U0 New York S7 lo
Memphis Mic
New York July 22 Money on call
steady at 2V403 nor cent prime mercan
tile paper IV1O6 per cent sterling ex
cliunge firm with actual business In bank
ers bins at 4vmi4H5i4 ror aemuna ana at
4504S5U for 00 days posted rates 4S5tt
and 4SS commercial bills 484484H silver
certificates unquoted bar silver BSU1
Mexican dollars 4CK Government bona

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