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R 0 WALKER - Publishor
0I51TUARIKS Not oxccoding 10 linos
7ill bo published f reo of chnrgo All
ovor 10 line nt G conts por lino
Romombor tho Mngnot Lnundry
Schwab soils 17 lbs C sugnr for
Dr Frnnk Crnwford 1ms located
nt llnmpton
15 pounds grnnulnted sugar for
100 nt Schwabs
Honry and Lacoy Mooro woro in
Louisvillo Monday
Marion Bryant rotumod from
Arkansas last week
Dr Morris will bo in Snlom
Aug 5th 5th and 7th
Miss Mattie Honry is tho guest
of frionds in Providence
Miss Carrie Mooro is tho guest
of Miss Lolia Carter of Levias
Mrs T A Woldon of Mayfiold
is visiting relatives in this city
Mason fruit jnrs gallons 75c
quarts 55c pints 55c Schwab
Dr Morris will bo in Hampton
Thursday August 8th ono day
Schwab will pay you tho high
ost market price in cash for your
John A Mooro and family have
moved to tho Springs to spend tho
Rev U G Hughes is ii Lyon
county conducting a protracted
Northern Woods left Friday for
Oklahoma to travel for a drug
Tho midsummer ball will bo gi
ven nt tho Crittondon Springs ho
tel tonight
A C Mooro and family will
spend tho romaindor of tho sum
inor at tho Springs
Two dosirablo lots in East Ma
rion for sale cheap
Albert McNeoley
Rufus Elder boenmo ovorhontod
whilo working last weok and was
very sick for sovornl days
Carl Boutohor is agent and col
lector for tho Metropolitan Life
Insurance Co at this placo
All work sont to Magnot laun
dry delivered one day oarlior thnu
work sent to nny competitor
An infnnt of Mr Joo Barnes
died last week Tho intermont
took place at tho now cemetery
Mr H H Loving and family of
Paducnh wore guests of friends in
Marion tho firstjof the wook
Arbucklos coffeo 10 centB por
pound Schwab
Dr R J Morris the dentist
will bo in Solom Monday Tues
day and Wednesday of next wook
FOUND Bunoh of koys own
er can hnvo same by calling nt
Puess office and paying lor this
Rov W R Gibbs nnd Rev U
G Hughes will bogin a sorios of
meetings nt Bnkor school house
15 pounds grnnulnted sugar for
S100 at Schwabs
Hnmpton pooplo desiring don
tiil work Bhoitld seo Dr Morris
who will bo at tlio hotel in Hnmp
ton noxt Thursday Aug 8th
J B Hubbard rotumod from
Dawson Mondnyj his weoks
creation sot him kto whistling liko
n lark in a dowy olovor fiold
1 gallon tin bucket for ton conts
Messrs Goorgo Thomns of Lou
isvillo nnd Faxon Thomas of
MomphiB nro tho guosts of thoir
mother Mrs Cnrrio ThoraaB of this
Send your shirt waist to tho
Magnet Laundry
Rov T A Conway spont Inst
week at Dawson
Ollio Jnmos returned yostordny
from Atlantic City
Wntor is scarcer now in Marion
than liquor ovor Wns
Mr GFJennings is building n
rosidonco on East Dopot street
Tho oloctric light power house
iB nbout rondy for tho machinory
Miss Grnco Bulock of Fulton
iB tho guost of Miss Muriel Free
Rev L O Sponcor of frlondor
sou is tho guost of frionds nt this
Miss Heen Graves of Dycus
burg is tho guost of frionds in
this city
Rov Gibbs is conducting u moo
ting in Livingston county near
Miss Gertie Hopewell of Sulli
van visited friends in this city
Inst wook
Mr J J Nunn of Sullivan was
in town last weok contracting the
sale of conl
Tho littlo Missos Cinnamon of
Morgnnliold aro visiting Mrs Fran
ces Givens
Albert Boaz has qunlilied ns ad
ministrator of tho ostatoof the late
Geo L Boa
Miss Imogono Wigginton of
Fredonin spont last weok with
frionds in this city
Tho everlasting hustler Schwab
is proparing to build a big ware
house back of his store
Goo M Barnes has boon nppoin
tod administrator of tho estate of
tho lato Bonnott Barnes
Rov B F Jacobs will conduct
services at tho C P church Sun
dny morning at 11 oclock
Wo aro sorry tostnto that Miss
Emma Bigham is no hotter She
is in a very critical condition
Ed Gray returned to Slnugh
ter8villo yesterday whore ho has
charge of a large tobacco faotory
A big public well Jwith a good
watering trough would bo a good
investment for tho merchants and
city council
Tho insuranco adjuster wns hero
tho first of tho wook to adjust tho
R H Yatos loss Mr Yates had a
policy for 300
Tho Mngnot Lnundry is onjoy
ing a largo patronage Its work
is always first class
Roy Giibort Agent
There is somo talk of moving
Crooked Crock Baptist church
from its prosont sito to n point on
tho public roal somo two miles
north of its present sito The pro
bability of removal howovor is
not very strong
Monday morning Robt Enooh
n young man while handling a re
volver which ho thought was emp
ty discharged tho wonpon shoot
ing himself in the hand inflicting
a painful injurv the bnll passing
ontiroly through tho hand The
accident occurred at the residence
of Obo Paris in the country
STRAY A red sow weight
nbout 80 lbs crop nnd split in each
oar strnyed from mo nbout July
Kith Information as to hor whoro
nbouts thankfully rocoivod
Marion Thurmond
The old frnmo poultry house on
Main stroot has boen removed and
the work on n now briok building
is in progress The poultry busi
ness of tho O V Produce Compa
ny is temporarily located in the
small framo house formerly used
as a tin shop just above tho Piorco
livory stable
Nows ronohos horo that during
sorvicoB at the ohuroh at Mounds
n few nights ago rooks nnd other
missiloB woro thrown against tho
houso greatly disturbing the wor
shippers Such conduct deserves
tho Bovorost punishment and no
pains should bo spared in an ef
fort to discovor tho miscreants
who threw tbo stones
Mrs Jacobs of Sturgis enmo j
ovor Tuesday to boo hor father Dr
Eldor who has boon vory ill for
sovoral days at his homo south of
tho city
Bluo Nunn soom to hnvo tho
only bod of enrbonnto of zinc in
tho county Tho othor prospect
ors In that vicinity aro roluotantly
All laundry rocoivod on Monday
by Roy Giibort ngont for Mngnot
laundry will bo dolivorod Thurs
day lnundry sont on Tuesday will
bo delivered Friday
Persons who hnvo frionds buried
at tho Kilpatrick gravoyard aro ro
quostod to meet thoro Snturday
Aug 10 for tho purpose of clean
ing off the grounds
Jas Carroll camo ovor from Web
ster county Monday to answer tho
charge of bronking tho poaco and
dignity of tho commonwealth Ho
was duly acquitted of tho charge
With threo or four public wells
its difficult to got n drink whilo it
used to bo when thoro woro no sa
loons n wink according to logon
dnry information would got two
Tho tenchors institute ndjourn
ed Fridny nt noon Tho session
wns n very interesting ono Tho
attendance this yonr was not as
largo as usual thoro being only
soventy throo toachors onrolled
Tho wife nnd daughter of Mr
Uron Suporintoudont of tho
Bluo Nunn mines enmo from
Mineral Point Wis last weok
and will romain horo some time
Dont nbuse tho follow who goes
by your front door driving nt full
speed rnising clouds of dust just
for pnstimo divorsion and amuse
ment Dont nbuso him throw n
brick nt him
Mrs Tidwoll nn old nnd woll
known lady of tho Pinoy neigh
borhood died Wednesday and was
buried at Pinoy Thursday Sho
wnB soventy ono years of ngo Sho
lived with hor son-in-law Mr
Richard Gass
J H Morse has sold 00 bush
eU of corn to bo delivered at his
farm tho Carter placo at gather
ing time at 40 cents por bushel
He has also contracted sixty
tons of pen hay at GO cents a hun
drod to bo dolivorod nt Mnrion
Mrs Lemon Missos Louiso Lo
mon nnd Mnrio Jameson nnd Mr
Alex Thorpe nil of Hnrt county
aro tho guests of Mr T 0 Jame
son and family Tuesday ovoning
Mrs Jameson ontortainod a few
friends most charmingly in honor
of her visitors at her pretty homo
on Dopot street
Rov W R Gibbs has sold his
largo farm at Sheridan to Bon
Grny of Livingston county Ho
has purohasod a residence in this
city on North Main street from
Mr J H Morse and will proba
bly move to town in tho near fu
In tho toaohors instituto last
weok Miss Alico Browning made n
motion that tho gontlomon bo al
lowed to attend tho institute with
out wearing thoir conts if the suf
fering gontlomon so dosired Ev
ory lady teacher voted for tho res
olution nndfit was unanimously
adopted and it is neodloss to say
that tho coats disappeared Every
nialo member of tho instituto car
ried homo with him a tondor ro
gard for the author of thnt resolu
tion and tho bravo voluntoors who
rnlliod to tho support of that in
Sinoo tho doath of hor daughtor
Miss Emma two weeks ago Mrs
T A Harponding has boon in n
precnriouB condition nnd hor
frionds aro alarmed Miss Emmn
was ono of tho mainstays of this
most oxcollont family nnd hor
doath was a torriblo tblow to nil
hor many frionds nud ospeoinlly to
the mother Miss Emmn wns n
lady of refinement and with hor
manv personal attainments that
enabled hor to make nnd hold
The County Blessed With A
freshing Rain Tuesday
Tuesday ovoning bolwoon 7 and
8 oclock an omnious looking cloud
roared its angry head nbovo tho
northwortoru horizon nnd moved
ncross tho country liko charging
squadrons of cavalry Ordinarily
tho nvorngo denizen would hnvo
boat n hasty rotront to his storm
collnr but this time ho stood at
his threshold ready to extend tho
glad hand to a cyclone or to re
ceive a tornado with opon arms
A refreshing showor enmo nnd ro
liof from tho swoltering heat and
long drouth was at hand
Tho rain extended over this sec
tion pretty gonorally as show by
tho following lelephono messages
received by tho Piirss Wednesday
Fkancts Wo had a fino rnin
Into corn will mako it- Farmers
t I r r
LIUU3 fllU IIUl OU 1U11 M M
Dycusburg Yes sir wo had a
vory good shower
Kolsoy It was a splendid rnin
Everybody fooling good W E
Tolu Everybody here rejoicing
ovor tho good rain Mrs T A
Matloon It was groat extend
ed o or nil this soctiou Pros
poration has given away to smiles
on all faces J R Summervillo
Logins A splendid rnin
Snlom Tho Hub was in tho
weather clerks calculations and
his bonodictions aro upon us
A splondid rain and its train of
blessings aro horo W R Gibbs
Irma It como just right and
plonty of it Wo aro happy J
B Sullongor
Tribune All sinilos out horo
It was n good rain Dr Hodgos
DoHavens A big rain in tho
Shady Grovb section Havnt tho
timo to talk nm fixing my lines to
fish in tho puddles of tho roads
Will DoIIavon
Yiow Two good rains in as
many days Who can boat us
Will Binkloy
Marriage Licenses
July 21 James B Dillard and
Miss Corn Littlo
Thos 13 Boswoll nnd Miss Lillie
Stock Law
Mr John R Mnrvol informs us
thnt tho court will shortly be pro
perly petitioned for a vote on tho
stock law Sheep nnd hogs will bo
included in tho petition
Oil Inspector
On Juno 25th Mr A J Duvall
was nppointod oil inspector in nnd
for Crittondon county and exeou
ted bond in tho sum of 1000 for
tho faithful dischargo of duty
Camp Meeting
Iho Hampton camp mooting
begins today Rov J J Smith
nssistod by Miss BortioCrow of
DeSoto Mo will conduct the ser
Residence Burned
Tho rosidonco of Mrs G T
Croft nt Snlom was dostroyod by
firo Saturday Only a smnll por
cont of tho housohold goods woro
Coal Fields
Wo undorstnnd thnt two strong
companies nro investigating tho
coal fiolds of this county with a
viow to investing in and working
the same on nn oxtensivo sculo
The oponing of tho iron furnncos
at Grand Rivors which is now as
sured ought to dovolop our coal
and establish tho coko industry
friends bIio had a cood iudemont Tho fiolds nro oxtensivo tho coal
in business matters and koon fore- Qf lino tirade and tho haul to
sight and wob a companion to hor Grftlui Rivora jB vory flhort nni
mothor and an assistant and
108 tl r0 loints should trivo us
sor to hor father Tho family has J
tho sympathy of n largo oirolo of tho load of the world for the bnsi
frionda in tlrij groat nllliotion ness of thoeo furnaces
Blocky Mules from 4 to 7 years
old in good flesh 14 to 16 hands
high We will be at
Sturgis Tuesday August 6
Blackford Wednesday August 7
Fredonia Thursday August 8
MARION Friday and Saturday Aug 9 10
We also buy good horses
We always pay the highest prices
Charles Wheeler
Fiscal Court Convened
On tho 2th tho county coirt
made an ordor convening the 7
cnl court on Sntnrdny July -111
to receive tho sheriffs doliii iue
tnx list for the yonr WOO Jo
four of tho justices woro preset
Snturday nnd thoy adjourned un
til Friday August 2 when full
court is expected
Boswell Myers
On Wednesday afternoon uy
21 at tho rosidonco of Rev J S
Honry Mr Thomas Boswoll and
Miss Lillio Myers woro united in
marriage Rov Honry officiating
Tho bride is tho hnndsome d iug li
ter of Mr J A Myors of Moxitj
nnd tho groom is a thrifty young
farmer of that soction Tho Press
extends congratulations
New School Houses
Six now school houses aro buil
ding in tho county and when com
pleted will bo fitted up with com
fortablo nnd convoniont appoint
ments Other Jistriots are arran
ging to build next year and the
pooplo and t wstees aro taking
groat interest in their houses and
schools The closing months of
Miss Wheelers second term as su
porintoudont aro demonstrating
hor peculiar fitness fortius impor
tant olfico Sho hns proven that
n woman can bo trusted with pub
lie oiiicethat sho is equal if not
superior to tho lords of creation
in somo phases of official work
Becks Superb Orchestra
Tho oponing attraction of tho
fall nnd winter season at tho opora
houso will bo n brilliant concert on
Friday evening Sept 13th rend
ered by Prof Cnrl Bock nnd his
orchostrn of St Louis This or
chestrn stands among the host of
tho country Its members nro nil
musicians of romarkablo ability
Prof Beck tho director is an art
ist of tho highest rank and has
had an extondod oxporionco in
somo of tho best musical organiza
tions of Amorica Tho manage
ment of tho Crittondon Springs
Hotel woro fortunate in socuring n
portion of this noted orchostrn for
tho ontortninmont of thoir guests
and tho daily concorts hnvo given
universal sntisfnetion Mrs H A
Ingram Missos Cnrrio Mooro nnd
Mnud Ronoy will assist in tho con
Window stiados all sizos nnd
colors nt Boston Walkers
Stray Notice
Strnyed from my farm 1 idlos
west of Salom on July Hth 100
ono Bay mare nbout 15 htindr
high with brand on loft shouldor
scar on right hind log 8 or 10 rs
old star in Jforohoad will pay for
return nnd will npprooiato infor
mation loading to hor where
A J Curry
lw Salom Ky
Dowt Be Fooled
Take the genuine original
Mide only by Midlion Medl
cine Co Midlion Wis It
keep you well Our trade
mark cut on each package
Price 38 cents Never ol
In bulk Accept no aubftl
ftmawMuiim w ak your aruggiH
Its Handsome Catalogue Jut
Issued by The Press
Tho Press hns just turned out
tho 1101 2 cnlaloguo for Mar
Graded School His the hand
somest edition over issued for tlio
school In his report printed in
tho catalogue Mr tivaus tlm prin
cipal says
Tho enrollment this year was
or 117 par cont of census list
This is thcsurond highest pa otii
tago of enrollment wo have mndo
Session of lMIS lI wo enrolled lH
or V2 por cont of census enrol
mont Of courso this wonderfi
per contago is maintained by
closo attendance given 1
pupils and tho very goner
ronago of tho
Tho number of non res
pils onrolled tu year
which is within 20 of iio t
of 1SS SI our highost onro1
This report would not ht
ono if 1 did not call attoti
our library growth From
brnry in 18 to ono thousi
nines in IIOl is a short but u
toresting story Ono thout
good woll solocted and woll ui
volumes used day nnd night
studonts of every grndo If m
could mensuro tho benefits of such
contact with tho greatest minds I
tho worlds past tho broadening
of tho childrens horizon tho
quickening and birth of splendid
hopes and moro you could got an
idea of tho worth of this library to
school and vicinity but on can
not measure such things Lot mo
thank you for all aid extended in
tlio buying of cases etc and ask
that you will still mainiaiu the
same interest in future
Does it Pay to Buy Cheap
A cheap remedy for coughs and
colds is all right but you want
something that will rsliovo nnd
euro tho most sovero and danger
ous results of throat nnd lung
troubles What shall you do Co
to h warmor and moro regular cli
mate Yes if possible If m
possiblo for you than in oithor
caso tako tho only romody that has
boon introduced in nil civilized
countries with succoss for throat
and lung troubles Boschoos Jor
man Syrup It not only bonis
nud stimulntos tho tissues to de
stroy tho germ disonso but nllnys
inflammation cnusos oasy oxpecto
ration givos a good nights roef
and cures tho pationt Try ONt
bottlo Rocommondod many yoart
by all druggista in tho world Fo
salo by R F Ilaynos and Jns b
Ormo Got Groons Frizo Almnnac
Onlv 50 Cents
j to make your baby strong and I
1 wen a nny cent oumc ui
Scotts Emulsion
wlll chanee a sickly baby to
I a plump romping child
Only one cent a aay winx
of It Its as nice as cream
Send for n free nample nnd try II
Hrm i Kr nnwNK Chemists
409 415 Tearl Street New Vorl

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