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jv SMtowssk
V C WALKER - Publisher
Vi authorized to annouuce
n rnndMiit for reelection as County
IwUreof tlu UrittoDdcn County Court
Hiilijirt to the action of the Democratic
aro authorized to announce
a candidate for County Attorney sub
ject to the action of tho Democratic
iwirty He will greatly appreciate jour
V are authorized to announce
n candidate for Jailer of Crittenden
County uljtct to the action of ttin
DiMiioeratiu party
Vi are authorized to announce
n candidate for AsMor of Crittenden
ount subject to the action of the
I Muoeratic party
Tlio steel trust seems to have
wm their tight againbt tho strik
tun itnil in doing so lmvo ilonlt or
gnniol labor a sovoro blow
tii Luwtons picturo is to go
on tlio now postage stamps and
now any one who is able to buy a
stamp fan lick the Philippine war
It the natural law of supply and
iloinaiid prevails the Conclave in
Lonisvillo last week should raise
thf market value of mint in Ken
The stories that Rear Admiral
Simpsou is failing mentally are
stoutly denied by his friends
However in coming to this con
clusion they have not considered
his connection with that little San
tiago affair
Airs Carrie Nation has been ar
rested in Now York for raising a
crowd and creating a riot The
old lady rises solely for the pur
p se of getting suppressed Its
notoriety nnre than temperance
she is seeking and she needs to be
perpetually squelched
An old tiddlers convention will
bo held in Princeton today
tonden could send a delegation of
old volorans like LTncle lohn Fow
lor IMat Dean Snruand Bob
Heath Andy Hill R V Wilson
Sam Carriik and loo Stowart who
could talk to thorn in sweet strains
ol the tlal 1 left behind me in
a stylo that would easily win a
nomination for Congress
Democratic Call
All members ot the Democratic
County Committee aro requested
to moot at the oflico of P S Max-
well in Marion next Monday
Sept Uth at 10 oclock a in for
the transaction of important bus
P S Maxwell Chu
C S Niiiiii Secy
Roll of Honor
Sinco our hut issue the follow
ing have paid up and renewed
their subscriptions to the Iukss
Seldon Hughes Marion
1 1 l ranks
lamoti liutlor
W T ElkiiH
Laura Mighniu
W D JohiiBon
A HMcNoeloy
S II Lucas Tolu
d A Worloy
II II Mayes Shady Grovo
U R Milos Kelsey
V ij Mooro Shoridan
W W Wilson Louisville
Job Mason Cave-in-Rock
Wonderful Eight
J res cholera dmnhea Colic cramp
lamenojs sprains lumbago swollings
uuuraltjin rheumatism and toothache
All pain ii tunrd or external cured
quicker with Morloya Wondorful Eight
thau nny othor medicine Sold by II K
YoDdA Co
A Shrewd Swindler Visits Our
City and Finds a Victim
One day laat week a man giving
bis name as Young and claiming
to be n salesman for a wholesalo
groeory housoof Cincinnati came
to this city und registered at the
town He asked Mrs Cameron
proprietor of tho hotel if she
would cash a check for him as he
was short of money presenting a
Sunday aftornoou Mr loorgo
Guessing Contest is Creating a
Good Deal of Interest
Opponhoiniors Guossing Con
test closes on Sept 14th A large
number of guesses have been madu
Willi every 25 ceut purchase mado
at Mr Opponheitnors millinory
Cottage Hotel The day following tore you are entitled Jo one guess
ij i i ni t lnvr into the number of bonus in tlio
ilia nuiini u jjih -
check for o0 on one of tho Cin
cinnati banks signed by a busi
ness tirm of that city Tho chock
was certified by the Cashier of the
Cincinnati bank and Mrs Came-
ron examined tho check and
ded it was good She endorsed it
the man presented it to the Man
on bank and received the money
and loft town at once TIib chock
was sent to Cincinnati by Cashior
Yandell Later ho received a tel
egram stating that tho chock was
a fraud and the signature had boon
forged Tho tiouso Young claim
ed that he was representing stated
that they know nothing of the
man Mrs Camoron loses tho fif
ty dollars Young is doubtless an
export swindler EHoits aro boing
made to locate him
Expecting the Road
Mr Joseph Mason ono of tho
loading citizens of Cave-in-Rock
was in town Tuosday Ho like all
othor citizens of his placo is very
much interested in tho proposed
railroad and is very hopoful of the
building of tho road in the near
future Ho said
They aro working night und day
and Sunday too drilling in tho
bed of tho Ohio river opposite out
place and thoy expected to find
solid rock by tho first of this week
From what I can gathor tho ongi
neor is well pleasod with the situ
ation so far Our people are all
very much interested Sunday a
delegation of ton business men of
Equality visited our town to get
information thoy hopo to got the
road and will leave nothing undono
to secure it if it is built in that
When asked for his opinion
about the northern torminus of
the lino he said
It is 47 miles from Mirion to
Eldorado and a straight edge pla
ced ou Marion at that placo tou
ches Cave-in-Rock and tho Sal i no
Minos This is all 1 know Tho
railroad people talk but littlo
Getting Ready
Tho ponderous machinery of tho
electric light plant hns all arrived
and most of it is in position and
roady for raising steam The dy
namos arrived this week and the
work of placing them is in pro
gross As soon as tho polos arrive
tho wiring will bo done Tho Hell
man Machine Works of Evans
villo is putting in tho machinery
and to the pooplo of this section
that means this work will be dono
right Tho Hoilmaii works is ono
of the largest concerns in tho
South and their annual sales of
machinery in this section is very
large Thoy haudlo engines boil-
jar in tho show window
Ten Dollars in gold will bo giv
on to tho porson mnking the most
correct guoss All persons holding
tickets must hand thoin in by Sat
urday Sept 14th The result will
bo announced on the following
Drew a Prize
Messrs John and Gary Wo xls
roaohod homo Saturday ending a
threo months trip through tho
west John was in the big land
drawing and was one of tho 115000
out of 170000 that drew a prize
in tho big distribution he gets a
splendid qunrtor section of lnnd
thirty tive miles from Lawton on
Otter creek Ho will romain horo
until about the first of the year
when ho will leavo to settle porma
nontly on his farm Ho is one of
tho count j s best young men and
whilo we rogrot to lose him wo
aro glad that ho was of the lucky
1 have sold my interest in tho
City Mills of A Dowoy Co to
Mr Albert McConnoll I dosiro
to thank my many frionds who
have favored mo with their pat
ronngo while I was ongagod in tho
business Mr McConnoll is a
gontloman worthy of your patron
ago and I will bo glad to have
you call and seo him
Yours respectfully
Charles I Morgan
Tho Republican County Com
mittoe will meet at court house in
Marion Ky on Saturday Sept
23 1101 at 2 oclock p in for
tho transaction of important busi
ness Every inembor of the com
mittee is earnestly requested to
J FrankCongor Chn
1 lmvo transferred an interest in
my butcher siiop to my son
Goorgo and tho tirm name will bo
J V Uivens Sou and I solicit
the patronage of the public pro
mi sing them prompt and courte
ous treatment All persons in
debted to mo aro roquestod to come
forward und make a settlement as
I need tho money and am forced
to collect all outstanding accounts
J W OH vena
Farm for Sale
Wo have for sale a farm of 223
acres crook bottom land part of it
well timbered about 2A miles of
Roptoti on tho I C railroad and
four miles from Mnrion Mr Abe
Baker will show tho land to por
sons interested
Blue Nunn
Agts for Watking Carrithors
ers saw mills sorghum nulls and w
almost every other machine used 77
mm On account of Newburg Colored
in this section Tho firm is ono -
of tho oldest and most reliable In rJlouBVVpt 2d
J nd Ucqb wU
the South and if any of oHmm111
ers need anything in this lino h
a llord a us ploasuro to recommend
this tirm
be sold to Louisville and return
only on Sept Oth and 7th limited
to Sept Uth for return at rate of
22 for round trip
T 0 Jameson Agt
Helps young ladies to withstand
Uivous and Miss Susie Uingo of tl 8ock of M proposals
Marion were married at tho Uoso thlB wlmt Kooky Mountain Ten
Hotel Elizabethtown Ills in tho8 Uono M0 muUo by Wadl
presenco of a number of frionds
from this place
son Medicine Co
Mr and Mrs Qivons roturnod to Lock Jaw
this city where thoy will reside K II Hardin China Springs Texas
Tub prolty brido is a daughtor says Ono large dese of Morleya Won
drfu Bight cured of
r u i a ik m wi ray
b It is a wonderful cure and saved mo a
The groom ib a sou of Mr J m anlmi For flaie by Hi Ki Wooda
W Girens tho popular btitohor Co V
The meeting still continues at Urother
Lees barn and is well attended Uro
ferryman assisted by llro Crowe is
Katheriug souls for thoir reward
Will Cartor began his school at Post
Oak Sept 2d with tfowl attendance wo
wish him success as this is his llrst
LifjoCullen tho popular coal mino
owner and lumber dealer of Wheaturoft
last week visited tho families of S 1
Hradhurn and V S Jones
Wo hear that a bank president and
other capitalists were in our vicinity nl
few days ago prospecting for zinc anu
other minerals and wish thorn success
lluek McGoo and famil of Sturgis
visited W S Tonos Sunday and Monday
It is generally considered a beam in
tho oye is tho most ditlicult to contend
with but we bellovo a Mote gives Squire
Stanley tho mo 4 trouble m
Wo learn that W K Powell will teach
a select school in a room of K 1 Nunns
Health is unusually good in this vicin
ity not even chills
John W Woody returned home from
Providence Thursday
Mrs lierta Xunn and Miss Ilorta
Schoolcraft returned from Sullivan Mon
Working Night and Day
The busiest and mightiest little thing
that ever was mado is Dr Kings Now
Llfo Pills Theso pills change weakuers
into strength listlessness into energy
brain fag into mental power Thoy aro
wonderful in building up tho health
Only 2k a box Sold by II K Woods
Our school began Monday with Miss
Mallio Vinson as teacher
Miss Crittenden of Jracey county is
visiting friends and relatives here
Miss Kitty Kemp of Tunica Miss
spent last week with her sister Mrs Fo
lio Drown
Fred McChesney is visiting his father
near Kelsey who is very ill
Miss Ada Dirchtield h visiting her
Littlo Cora McConnell is able to bo
up again
Cuts and Bruises Quickly Healed
Chamborlains Pain Dalm applied to a
cut bruise burn scald or like injury
will instantly ullay the pain and will heal
tho parts in less timo than any other
treatment Unless the injury is very so
voro it will not leavo a scar Pain Dalm
also cures rheumatism sprains swell
ings and lameness For sale by Kobt F
I lay nes
Theros money in it
Threo to tivo thousand dollars a
year thats what ourgradutos do
Theres honor in it it is noble
to do good
Thoro is pleasure in it restor
ing tho maimed holploss and af
tlicted is inspiring
There is purpose in it it is foun
ded on the simple truth that tho
perfect machine runs perfectly
Thpro is unexampled opportuni
ty two hundred thousand prac
titioners could be put to woik to
Thou theres tho cost twenty
mouths course at half tho cost of
other professions
Tho Southoru School is at tho
top graduates equipped for thor
ough sorvico momber Associated
Collogos tino faculty ovory facili
Tho graduatoB wo lmvo sont out
get results Thoy euro pooplo
Thoy aro established for lifts after
a fow wooks of meritorious work
Wo appoal to you from their re
cord Thoy have won succobs
And you can do it
This science is revolutionizing
drug medication Olot back to
nature is tho Blogan of progress
Osteopathy is natures method
Ask usany question Wo want
you to know what this now sys
tem is that is nil well will trust
your intolligonco for tho rest
Southorn Sohool of Ostoopathy
Franklin Ky
If you havo a weak nervous debilita
ted wifo do not scold or become impa
tient with hor Givo her kind treatment
loving words and Morleys Liver and
Kidney Cirdial to renovate regulato
aim strengthen her system and she will
soon bo your healthy happy best half
Prico 1 Sold by II K Woods Co
Town Lots for Sale
I have a number of choice buil
ding lots in Marion for salo
Charjea Evans
Wall Paper
Our Slock is Inrtfc and we will
sell you paper at my price that
you want
0 TT
School Books
Of every Etitifl nr the very lowest
r T
TMfr oniUnco i r
l DRUGS- complete
J Your Prescriptions will be in competent
1 hnnrls If entrusted to us
t Our aim i nunlif v nl Imvpel nrirr a
r m - vwr wmuv w ww -
Successors to J H Orme
-4 4
DR H F RAY The Osteopath
Treats all chronic dis ases
Wit hout Faith Drugs or nife
Osteopathy is TI IK DliUGLKSS SCI KXCK Consultation free at
ollico Charges only tVX ier month Money duo when the treatment
begins Further information gladly given either in person or by mail
2 II F KAY D O Maiiion Ky
Complete slock of Collins Caskets JJurial llohrs and
Slippers Fine JJearse for funeral occasions Prompt atten
tion given all orders day or night
Picture Frames Hade to Order Marion Ky
To the Votkhs of Chittenden
At tho solicitation of many
frionds of tho various political
parties and having received the
nomination of my party without
opposition I take pleasure in an
nouncing that I am a candidate
for ro oloction to tho oflico of
county court clerk and hopo that
you will givo my clnims due con
sideration and any mid all favors
shown me in this mailer will bo
duly ami kindly JappUM mied mid
if re elected i prniiihti a luilhftil
and impartial disuhaige ot the du
ties of baid ollice an 1 lmu over
tried to do in tho past and permit
mo to roturn yon my hoaitfelt
thanks for you many acts of
kindness extended me and for tho
coniidonco roposod in mo iib your
public Borvant and fiioud in the
by gon o years and during all of
which timo I havo ouduavored to
bo faithful to tho trusts confided
to me in tho discharge of all of
my oflicial duties required by law
but how tar snort J lmvo come
you aro to bo tho judges and
knowing that your judgment will
bo just I submit my entire case
with you and whatever decision
you may rondor next Novombor
will bo cheerfully accopted by me
Respectfully yours
1 Woods Co Olork
A Shocking Calamity
Lately befell a railroad laboror writes
DrAKillett of Wilford Ark His
foot was badly crushed but Arnica Salvo
quickly cured him It is simply won
derful for Hums Holls Piles and skin
eruptions It is tlio worlds champion
healor Cure guaranteed 25c Soldjby
II K Woods Co
Lots For Sale
Somo nico lots on Morgan field
road botwoou Judge Rochesters
and town 1 or -1 acre Jot on same
road oast of Hay wards also two
or throo olovatod points to build
residoncos north of town between
my now rosidonco and tho farm of
Judgo Piorco will soil in small
lots or i to 0 acre lots to suit pur
ohasor Somo lots in corporato
limits somo in suburb all couvdit
B N Walker
II I rTwirTn ivTflMgm
1 WzBfi JiwwrroPi VSSmwr
if hi i j in ff
ffilitmis rtSrzfgsaJwfi
a Fn
Tho colobratod Kimball Organs
and Pianos aro sold on easy tonus
or a liboral discount for cash
For sale at It C Haynos groeory
Call and see one and got prices
Does it Pay to Buy Cheap
A choap roinody for coughs and
colds is all riglitrbut you want
something that will rsliovo and
euro tho most sovoro ami danger
ous results of throat and lung
troubles What shall you do Go
to a warmer ami more regular cli
mate Yos if possible If not
possible for you thon in oithor
caso take tho only romody that has
boon introduce 1 in all civilizod
countries with success for throat
and lung troubles HosoheeB Ger
man Syrup Itfnot only hoala
and stimulates the tissues to de
stroy tho germ disease but allays
inflammation onusos onsy oxppcto
ration gives n good nights rest
und cures the patient Try qua
bottle ltocommonded many yoars
by all druggists in the world or
salo by R IT Haynes and Jaa H
Urmo Got tiroon b irlze Almanao
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