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ft 0 WALKER Publisher villo this wook
01ITUARIES Nol exceeding 10 lines
will lo published froo of charge All
over 10 lines at fi cents por lino
Now goods
Tho Dixio Bollos aro coining
Now Roods FoIib tho tailor
Mr John Lovo is vory low with
typhoid iovor
Mr W T Torry will movo to
town tluB wook
Row B H Dnpuy is visiting
friends in Goorgia
Albert Wilborn of Blackford
was in town Monday
Charlos Mooro was in Kddyvillo
and Kuttawa this week
Crobs Patrick tho inulo buy
ers will bo in town Monday
Monday was county court day
nnd a big crowd was in town
Lap robos and leggings a nice
line Bigham Browning
Will Clark attended circuit
fcourt at Princeton yesterday
Mr Robt LoVo of Livingston
county wan in town Tuosday
Mr CroBslntid MHob is tho proud
father of a hnudBoino girl baby
Messrs James Henry and L W
Cruce aro in Paducah this week
Mr H A Millican is arranging
to movo to Franklin county Til
Mrs Dora Melton of Providence
ib tho -guest of relatives in this
Miss Donnio Williams has ac
ropted a position in the post of
tu e V
Wesoll goods to others as
nve would have others sell to
ms Cliftons
Tho rules governing the voting
contoat will be found on the eighth
A littlo child of Will Clement
has been seriously ill for sevoral
Mules wanted by Crebs Pat
rick will bo in Marion Monday
Oct 21st
A Baptist ohnrch will bo built
at or near Bakers school houso in
Bolls Mines section
Buy tho now corn whiskey at C
E Dobs Cos 2 por gallon 50o
ipor quart The best for tho prico
Mr Win T Padon of Livings
ton county was tho guest of
ifriondB in this city tho past week
Ib your favorito loading in tho
voting contest If not work for
liar and get at tho head of tho col
Mrs Lizzie Smith and daugh
t Tor Miss Graco of Sturgis woro
g uostaof Mrs W F Clomont last
wi wt
jTr A Piorce of Salom was
tho guest o his brother J P
Pion A -of MS placo Sunday and
Mont py
t Mr Arthur Fihlejf manager Al
exander Telephono Exohaugo at
Provide noe visitod his parents in
Get oi of onr wator and wind
proof oo U Guaranteed
Woods Fowler
Tho Hi wrflin Now Era published
atOave ii l Rook 111 iB a now ox
ohango tit tat cornea to our desk S
L JaokBo ii is tho editor It is a
bright am 1 nowsy wookly
Good b und mtileB of any size
from 4 to HO yoara old and high
felass saddl o and draft horsos want
ed by Crol w Patrick Will bo
in Marion Monday Oot 21st
For Bhirl of ail kinds nnd un
derwoar seo us
Woods Fowler
Seonre a season tickotfor Tho
Brilliant Constellation Single
tiokets 3 double 5 On salo at
PBKPJ offio fCad at Woods Fow
Ollio JnmoB is in Now York City
1 this wook
Air R P Haynos is in Louis-
Mrs W U Walker of this place
has boon quite ill sovoral clays
Bost line of cook stoves in tho
county Bigham Browning
Mr Will Cain has just finished
Woods it lowlorin now rosidonco on his farm noar
Rov R C Lovo of RochoBtor
Ky is visiting friends in this
Blankets and comforts from 75c
up Woods Fowler
Rov Jamos F Prico is assisting
Rov Thompson in a protracted
meeting at Chapel Hill
Mr Choster Grissom of Liv
ingston paid us a visit Monday
droppiug his subscription in the
Pitcss till
Mr R N Walkor who was so
riously hurt in a fall two woeks
ago is improving and hopes to bo
ablo to walk again
We sell tho W L Douglass
shoes for men The best
Woods Fowler
Dr C G Moreland of Fords
Ferry wont to Louisville aevoral
days Ho roprosonts Zion lodge
at the Grand Lodgo
Mr J W Adams reprosonted
the church at this place at the ses
sion of Paducah Presbytery hold
at Columbus last wook
Rov Hubbard pnstor of the col
ored Methodist church at this
place goos to his annual confer
enco at Louisville this wook
The Loader is tho wood hoat
or that loads airtight givoB sat
Bigham it Brownings
Mr H A flaynos wont to Lou
isvillt Monday Ho is a ropreson
tativo of tho Masonic lodgo of this
placo at tho Grand Lodge
A season ticket for Tho Bril
liant Constellation will cost you
but half tho money rognlar tickots
to each ontortainmont will cost
In hoalth drink Cold Spring
whiskey For health drink Cold
Spring Whiskey
C E Doss Co
Those aro tho days in which the
polico court doos a pretty fair bu
siness If it did no business it
would bo cussed on tho one hand
and when it puts its hands to tho
plow it is cussod on tho other
Mr John T Franks has boon
sick sovoral days Ho oxpocts to
return to Colorado in a fow days
No man has moro frionds in this
county than John Franks and
thoy all hopo his return trip will
restore his hoalth
We shoe more people shoo
them bettor and for less mon
ey than any other store in
Crittenden County
For an evening of gonuino on
tortninmont which nppoals to tho
hoart as woll as to tho intolloot
thoJDixio Bollos Concert company
has no equal on the American plat
form In tho novelty and drama
tic arrangomont of its program it
Btands alone
Col D C Roborts of tho Chi
cago Mining Co is prospecting in
Livingston county Ho is woll
ploasod with his outlook Wo
hopo the Colonol will strike a bo
nnnza Ho has done good work
for this soction and dosorvos tho
bost thnig mothor earth has
To tho sinooro rogrot of all Dr
W R Clomont has moved from
our midst Dr Clomont was a vory
popular physician and mado many
frionds Ho will continue to prao
tico his profession at Vfow Orit
tondon county whore his father
lives and whoro he can also man
ago tho farm of his father in tho
lattors declining yoars Prince
ton Chronicle
Limo comont and plaBtorors
hair kept on hand all tho timo at
Biglxim Browpingy
You cannot afford to come
to town and shop around with
out seeing the best stock of
goods in town No difference
whether you intend to buy of
us or not The information
that you would gain by a
single visit would be of much
service to you in buying else
where Cliftons
Robort Hodges is salesman at
Bigham Brownings and will bo
glad for his old frionds and pat
rons to call and soo him
Tho wifo of Mr Pat Slinoy of
noar Hampton sustained a fall a
few da8 ago and bruised one of
her limbs now she is threatened
with blood poison and her frionds
aro alarmod ajout hor condition
Tho Brilliant Constellation
Tho Dixio Bollos Bob Taylor
Henry Wattorson Col nam Prof
Lano Dr Willets Soasou tickets
Binglo doublo Transforablo
Rosorved seats Walter Walkor
1 year old Monarch Whiekny 2
por gallon oOo per quart
C E Doss Co
Saturday morning Jon Dupuy
whilo at work on tho teluphouo
lines foil from tho tall cable polo
in front of Morse Pickens
Piorco dry goods store striking
mo nncK paveinont no was pain
fully injured but his wounds are
not considered dangerous
Our 750 and 8850 suits
and overcoats are just rs
good as you can get elsewhere
for 8900 and 810 Tho bpst
S5 overcoat in town
Gov Bob Taylor says I havo
hoard some of tho worlds greatest
masters play but J havo never
heard ono greater than Miss Joan
Taylor of tho Dixio Belles Con
cert Company Sho is tho superi
or to Romenyi sho isthepqual of
Olo Bull
Call and seo tho now hardwaro
firm Got their prices buying
Bigham Browning
At Piorcos Old Stand
Late Monday afternoon tho res
idence of Dr T A Frazer narrow
ly escaped destruction by tiro A
hunting coat containing loaded
shells hanging on tho wall in ono
of tho rooms in somo manner be
came ignitodand soon tho wall was
on fire However the tlamos woro
extinguished and tho damage was
gy in good condition Apply to
T H Cochran at Coohran Ba
kors store
Our prices aro low
Our goods aro now
Como with tho dough
And got a fow
Woods it Fowlor
Horses and Mules Wanted
Mosloy Gray stock buyors
will bo at Piorcos livory stable in
Marion Saturday Oct 19th and
will buy good fat horsos and
mulos from 1 to 12 yoars old
Tie Hands Wanted
I want a number of good tio
makers at onco I havo four or
five thousand ties to mnko Ap
ply at my residonco two miles oast
of Toln on tho county rond lead
ing from Pleasant Grovo church
to Goloonda road
John F Watson
Tolu Ky
Secure n Remunerative
Investment at a
Moderate Cost
20Year 5 per ct Gold
Debenture Bonds
Sold in Lots of From
1000 tO 300000
For Full Particulars Address
Tho second count of tho votos cast in our voting contest made yes
torday morning shows that Miss Clara Nunn is now in the load She
has recoived forty sevon votes fourteen more than any other young
lady Miss Salho bummers of Livingston county is second in the
raco Miss Carrio Mooro last week tho seventh contestant in the
raco is now fourth in standing Miss Rosa Duly of Livingston coun
ty is a now entry in tho oontost
Tho interest is rapidly increasing and tllo friends of oaoh contest
ant aro determined that their favorito shall win tho suit of furniture
Tho standing of tho contestants as shown by the last count is as fol
Miss Clnrn Nunn 47
MissSallio Summers 11
Miss Mnry Maxwell 11
Miss Carrio Moore 22
Miss Allio llutler - It
MNs Zula Eaton 10
Miss laleen Graves 10
Miss Alice Drowning 8
Miss Maud Ronoy fi
Miss Lolio Wilborn 4
Miss Mamie Doyd 4
Feeding Wheat
iMr T E Griilith is fooding six
ty head of hogs on wheat and fig-
ures that his wheat will bring him
1 porbushel
The Meeting
The mooting at tho Baptist
church will continuo throughout
this wook and perhaps longer Ser
vices at 230 and 7 p in Rov W
Cpiorce is assisting the pastor
Ho is an able proachor
Marriage Licenses
Oct 10 J L Sullivan nnd Miss
Eftn Nunn
Oct l J G Wood and Miss
Mary E Williams
Oct 15 J B Cardin and Miss
Mary J Hankins
Going to Mexico
Mrs Lillio Flanary of this
county will loavo next wook for
Mexico whoro sho will join Miss
Alioo Griffith who went out as a
missionary two yoars ago Miss
Griffith is now at tho head of a
mission school and MrsFlanary
will tako a position in tho school
Cannot Live
Wo loam with rogrot that Mr
Sam Hoath ono of tho pioneer oi
tizons of the Weston neighbor
hood is dangorously ill and but
littlo hopo for his rocovory is on
tortniuod Mr Hoath is in tho
oightios and for that many years
ho has been a oitizen of this coun
ty -
Sullivan Nunn
Thursday ovoning at tho resi
donco of Mrs E M Duvall noar
Rodney Mr J L Sullivan and
MiBs Etta Nunn woro unitod in
marriago Rev T V Joinor of this
city officiating A largo number
of frionds woro prosont
The brido is a beautiful young
lady and is vory popular with all
who know hor Sho is a daughter
of Mr WI Nunn
Mr Sullivan is a prominont
young merchant
Tho Equitablo is tho strongest
Lifo company in tho world Its
policies aro the Government bonds
of Lifo assurance For full par
ticulars sooor address
L W Cruco Agt
I nood 700 dozen ohiokens will
pay fnnoy prices to get them
Miss Maggio Moon 4
Miss Ada Howdrtoni 4
Miss Ncllio Walker 4
Miss Ida Duvall 4
Miss Addio Boyd 4
Miss Mina Wheolor 3
Miss RubylJehles 1
Miss Ebba Pickens 1
Miss Duke Hayden 1
Miss Fannio Finley 1
Miss Pearl Cook 1
Miss Rosa Duloy 1
Independent Candidate
Mr T A Harponding filed a pe
tition Monday for placing his
nnmo on tho ballot as an indepen
dent candidate for magistrate in
Union procinot His nnmo will
go under tho picture of Thomas
New Machinery
An engine and complement of
hoisting machinery has just boon
put in at tho Hodgo mines and
this company is pushing right
along getting ont plenty of fine
spar At a depth of a littlo ovor
100 feet is a vein of spar thirty
foet wide and its depth is of
course unknown but thoro aroi
thousands of tons in sight
The Dixie Belles
Tho first attraction of tho so-
Dixie Belli
The most famous musical
organization in tho South
A program unique in its
conception and thrillingly in
Story and Drama
Combined with Music I
A Charming
Quartette of
Dixies Sweetest Singers
The first attraction of The
Brilliant Constellation
Seat sale Monday at usual
Advance Prices 25 50 75 els
Call a man a mule and ho is af
to kick
A now remedy for biliousnuss is nmv
on salo at K F Hnyuos drug Il
is called Chamberlains stomach and II
vor Tablets It gives quick relief and
will prevent tho attack if Riven as rm
as tho first indications of tho
pears ic per box samples free
Many a man falls ovor himself
is striving to get ahead of - lt -ors
When you cannot sleop for consilium i
is hardly necessary that a iy one should
tell yon that you need a fov doses of
Chamberlains Cough Remedy to allay
tho irritation of tho throat and nut i
sleop possible It is good try it At Ii
K Woods C os
Lovo and a silver dollar aro
tod by tho ring
Tot Causes Night Alarm
One night my brotherV baby vih v
jkon with croup writes Mrs J C Suiitcr
nos of entortainmonts known asl
j of Crittenden Ky it scorned it would
j uriiiianiuousieiiauou
od by Walter Walkor manager of
tho opora house will bo tho Dixio
Belles Concert Company which
will appear at the opora houso Sat
urday evening Oot 2ith This is
tho most famous musical organi
zation in tho South and is soour
od under hoavy guarantee Tho
company is composed of a gifted
quartotto of oharming ladies Tho
following is the personnel
Miss Shatteou Mitoholl dra
matic roador
Miss Joan Taylor violinist
Mrs Josso Brown Millignn so
Mrs Mary Elizaboth Kellaud
Tho programmo is of a dramatio
and musical nrrangomont Tho
company is ono of tho loading ly
coum attractions in America it is
first class in ovory particular
Seat sale will bogiu Monday at
tho usual place Advance sale pri
cos will lo 2oo f0o and 7oo Sea
son tickets for ontiro course of en
tortainmonts 3 singlo doublo
entitling tho holdor to rosorvod
soats On sale at Woods Fow
lers and Press office
Dont wait until you booomo
chronically constipated but tako
Do Witts Little Earlv Risers now
strangle beforo wo could got a doctor fo
wogavoitiDr Kings New Discovery
which gavo quick relief and permanent
ly cured it We always keop it in thn
houso to protect our children from croup
and whooping cough Itcured mo of a
chronic bronchial trouble that no other
remedy would relievo Infnlliblo for
coughs colds throat and lung Uoubli
50c and 1 at II K Woods Co
Koopiu tho straight and nnrrmv
path and avoid the crowd
Cured of Chronic Diarrhea
I sutfanxl for thirty yoars with diar
rhea and thought 1 was past being cured
said John S Holliday of French Cnnip
Misa I had spent so much timo ond
money and sulTorod so much that 1 had
givon up all hopes of recovery 1 was so
fooblo from tho effects tof diarrhea that
I could do no kind of labor and could
not oven travel but by accident I won
permitted to Ind a bottlo of Chamber
lainu Colic Cholera and Diarrhea IJem
ody and after taking sovoral bottloa I
am entirely cured of that trouble J nm
bo pleased with tho result that I am
anxious shat it may bo in roach nf all
who suffer as I havo Fo salo by K
F Haynes
Most women who nnglo for com
pliments dopond upon thoir curves
Mothers writo us that thoy havo
solved tho problem of keeping tb
ohildron woll Givo thorn Rooty
Mountain Toa
and then Thoy will koop vour If tho Sood didnt dio young i o
livor and bowols in good order ono knows how bad thoy might b
EaBy to tako bafopula Robt F i
Brown domostio 40 50 anfj 7
Woodi Fowler
For sprains swelling and lamono
there is nothing so good ia Chnmborlaii
pfo Baty Try it At Woodp Coa

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