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Its Importanco as a Factor For
Human Happiness
Published by request
Tlioro is botuity in tomporanco
liko thnt which is portrayod in
virtno and tmtli Jit is a closo al
ly of both and liko thoiu lias that
nlUporvading ossnnco and quality
which ohasUns tho foolings invig
orates tho mind and displays tho
porfoction of tho soul Liko wator
from a rill rain from a oloud or
lightning from tho hoavenly bod
iofl tho thoughts issuo puro ro
froshing unsulliod and radiant
from within Thoro is no gross
noss no dross no corruption for
tomporanco whon offoctually roal
izod is full of loveliness and joy
and virtuo and purity nro tho olo
monts in whicirit lives It is tho
best guardian of yonth nnd the
guardian of old ago tho bost phy
sician of tho soul ns woll as of tho
body But how very very fow of
tho raon bothyourg and old be
liovo this if thoy do thoy fail to
put it in praotico
Young man did yon know some
of your best frionds aro your worst
onemios Woo unto him that
givoth his noighbor drink How
many frionds uavo you that will
divide tlio contents of thoir bottle
nvith you That iB tho way you
can know your onomios They aro
instruments in Satans hand work
ing your ruin aud tho very minuto
you bocomo a transgrossor by yiol
ding to Satans tomptations you
also bocomo a tomptor and begin
-working for him by tempting oth
ers to do ovil in tho samo way your
Yriond tomptod you You nevor
did anything moan in your life but
you triod to got some ono oleo to
do tho samo thing This has boon
tho ciibo sinco tho beginning of
timo Whon Evo yielded to tho
sorponts tomptation and did tho
very thing God told her not to do
bIio turnod right around and tomp
ted Adam
Satan uses whisky as a mark to
covor tho sinfulness of crime Lot
him got you undor its influence
nnd ho has you where ho wonts
you ho can got you to do low im
moral trioks that you wont do
whon Bobor Go to tho county jail
sask tho inmates what put them
thoro and if thoy would tell tho
truth nine timos out of ton thoy
w yf whisky
Tho use of whiBky makes drunk
sards idlors blasphomors gamb
lers and murdorors and how raa
my classes of pooplo boaidea thoao
ifiil tho jails ponitontiarioa and
jgallows And romombor it dont
tatop horo there is a horeaftor it
at loast Bonds tho poor victims
rsoul to di8graco and torment to
1 Hvo and burn in thot lake of firo
And is this all that tho uso of
does No Think of tho
wounds that aro inttiotod upon tho
lhoarts of mothois wboa and chil
dren think of tho homos that aro
wreokod by it Boys yon dont
know what mother suffers you
dont know how fast you aro kill
ing hor if you did it sooms to mo
you would Btop with your wild
reokloss sinful ways and tho caro
less indifforenco with which you
trout hor pleadinga and warnings
you aro Bonding hor to tho grave
and romombor boys remombor
whon tho gravo closes ovor motlror
your bost friond is gono mother
will Bland by and lovo you whon
t all others lmvo forsaken you no
matter how groat your oiimo how
i blaok your Binmothor will shiold
you so far as it is in hor powor
And 1 bog of youj boys lovo and
rospeot your best friend mother
Yon will novor know hor worth un
til you havo to givo hor up
Husbands havo you thought of
the pain you cause that wife that
should be dearer to you than all
else in ifei by tho intemperate life
yon are leading I can tell you
some of the horrors that surrounds
vthVlife of a drunkards wife bet
tiful youth
Who mo happy and freo and fair
Oli girls sho then ploadod oh hood
mo woll
And listen while I my story toll
Too lato I had hoard of my wasted lifo
Tho torriblo fato of ft drunkards wifo
I married n drunkard doar girls sho ox-
And wns giddy andoung and gay
But liko tho mist In the morning my
joys took their flight
And thus swiftly they passed away
I havo learned that tho crown of all sor
row bolow
Which will crush and blight tho hoart
Tho poor wifo of a drunkard is dostinod
to know
And to writho and Buffer tho smart
Though young behold my hair is whlto
Mado so by the scones of ono sad night
Oh tho sight oh tho sight of that terri
bio night
Sho exclaimed in an anguished tono
A3 tho Bceno of tho past sccmod to rush
oor hor sight
As if reason they would dothrono
With hands that wero pale sho hid her
As if to conceal hor doep disgrace
Tho delirium tremens Oh girls havo
you seen
May God sparo you tho fearful sight
Of a husband insane by tho demon drink
As ho stnggors towards home at night
Oh tako them away I hare heard him
It scorns liko a sad and awful dieam
On that night I was sitting bosido my
sick boy
And my two llttlo girls at rest
Whon a filing of fonr that thoy both
word unsao
Of a sudden my soul potosscd
I rushed to thoir room and on tho bed
I found them mangled cold and doad
By tho hand of thoir father thoy both
wore slain
And with knifo with thoir blood still red
In the frenzy of drink and madnoss of
Ho still raved with his reason fled
O mo ho thon glared his wretched wifo
And thon with a thrust ho took his lifo
Then I foil to tho floor nnd was borno
from tho room
A wreck sinco that night Ivo been
And tho boy that was loft had passion
for drink
Tho sad mark of his fathors sin
It chained him though young a
loss slave
And early ho filled a drunkards gravo
I beg of you girls as you valuo your
Prom tho drinker to turn aside
And givo hood to no plea whatovor it bo
Of tho drinker to bo his brido
To savo from such sorrow as wrecked
my lifo
Oh nevor bocomo a drinkors wifo
There thoy are judgo for your
Tho whisky doalors aro a class
of pooplo that havo my prayers
thoy aro mon that havo lioarts as
woll as you and thoy havo souls
to bo saved Thoy aro Gods oroa
turos spending thoir livos in tho
service of Satan who haa so blind
ed them with sin as to mako thorn
think thoro is no harm jiu it and
that it is as good a way as any of
making a living But do you sup
poso they know what thoy aro sol
ling whon they soil a barrol of
whisky Do you know
A barrel of hoadaches a barrol of woes
A barrel of cursos a barrol of blows
A barrol of sorrow from a weary loving
A barrol of caro a barrel of strifo
A barrol of hungor of poison of pain
A barrol of hopes all blasted and vain
A barrol of povorty ruin and blight
A barrol of tears that flow In tho night
A barrel of crimes a barrol Qf groans
A barrol of orphans most pitiful moans
A barrol of eorponts that hiss as they
And glow from tho liquor at tho top of
tho glass
A barrol of falsehoods a Jbarrol of erica
That fall from tho maniacs lips as ho
You knowhifl fato but what
dooa ho loavojbonind Listen I
Will road his will
I loavo to sooioty a rulnod char
actor a wrotohod oxamplo and a
momory that will rot I leave to
my paronts as much sorrow as thoy
can in thoir fooblo stato bear I
loavo to my brothors and sisters as
much shamo and mortification as
I oould bring on thorn X leave to
my wife a broken heart a life of
ohame I leave to each of my ohil
dren poverty ignoranoo a dishon
ored name and tho stinging mem
ory that their fathor fills a drunk
arda gravo
Girls did yon know there id a
f w7
V r
Inthemtdstof a mooting a woman atoso I will havo in slnnrt boforo tho It Happened In a Drug Store
And a wnrning sho uttered thoro jndginont bar of Woo nml givo nn i One dny Inst wintor n ladycnmoto
For tho Rirls in the bloom of their accout 0f tl0 jf0 Wl Iir linn drug storo and naked for n brnnd of
ii iri it It in cough medicino that I did not havo in
stock sajs Mr 0 R Grandin tho pop-
tended for us to spend it in his boi
ulnr drugtg of 0ntnr0 Now Yorki fl o
llow many ol ua aro uoing was disappointed and wantod to know
this How many of us aro doing
what wo can io savo tho fallon mon
of humanity Some will say O
T -
what cough preparation I could rocom
mond I said to hor that could freely
recommend Chnmberlalns Cough
t n 1- li uuji uu viiiu suu luuiu umun UUH1UUI
I havnt influence don t say
any tho romcdy Qnd aftof gving t n far
that for we all havo our influence i lf 8hodid not find it worth tho mono
either for good or ovil Whon Sa to bring back tho bottlo nnd I would ro
tun tempted the pair in tho Gar- fund tho prico paid In tho courso of a
tho or two tho lady camo back in com-
don of Eden ho templed
I pany with a friond in noed of a cough
man farel for ho know if ho cculd
mcdicinC nnd ndviscd horto buy n bot
get hor to yield hor iniluonco over to ot Chamborlains Cough Romcdy I
tho man was bo grout that using considor that a very good rocommonda
hornsa tomptor ho could oasilyjtion for tho Remedy ForsalobyH
got tlio man to sin
tan using hor
A 1 T niat IV WOOUS X J0
say this world today to a great
extent is whnt the woinon havo
mado it Wo girls nro to blamo
to a groat oxtont fur their boing
so manydrinkors among tho young
raon of this community A sinful
wiokod woman in tho hands of Sa
causo can drag n man down to ru
Illinois Central Railroad Go
Tho Board of Directors of tho
Illinois Centrnl Railroad Company
influoiico for his at a mooting hold July- 181500
adopted tho following preamble
in quicker than anything under and resolution
tho sun Had you tlionglit ot uiau
Its as true as you Hvo
And now girls lot us go to work
and do what we can to sove tho
drinkers of this
Lot thorn know wo
with God and thon Hvo right and
always take Gods lovo as our mo-
tivo powor and with that sook to
Udoii tho recommendation of
the Prosidont the resolution adop
tod July 21 1897 authorizing tho
froo transportation of stockholders
neighborhood01 lU0 omPa nV mZl
cago and return at tho tinio of tho
aro anxious lo unl mootjnf 0f stockholders
havo thoir souls saved If wo aro J Wa8 rooonsidered and amended so
not right lot us first got right as to road as follows
ResolvkoJ That until tho furthor or
dor of this Board thoro may bo issued
to each holdor of ono or moro shares of
tl l l nnn1 nt tlift Tllinnta fnnfrnt
savo tho drinkers For whon tho oa n thn
true nrmoiploB of tomporanco are
bookg tho comDnny a ticket enabling
ostnblishod in oarly life and mado him or her to travel freo ovor tho com-
the controlling powor through lifo pnnys linos from tho station on tho II
they insuro health froodom from tools Central Railroad nearest to his or
p i hor registered address to Chicago nnd
usefulness atd
pain honor virtue
rcturnor tho purpo30 of attunding n
happiness all for which n true man por80n thomeoliDg of tho stockholders
livos or hopos for in this lifo Hnp such ticket to bo good for tho journey
py would it bo if they wore goner- to Chicago only during tho four days
al and evory youth would put immediately preceding nnd tho days of
th lK and or o turn journey
thorn in practice Thon would
7 from Chicago only on tho day of moot-
hgion assort hor mild and gentle ing nnd tho four dny3 immediately
sway rpoaco plant hor olivo wreath lowing when properly countersigned
in every nation wisdom divino nnd stamped during business hours
and time honored shod that is to say between 0 n m and 5 p
of mon and women full oE rosy guch Hckot may bo obtnlned by any
health strong active symmotrical rCBistorcd holder of stock on application
beautiful as tho artists mould in writing to tho President of tho Corn
pure virtuous wise nfToctionato Pny in Chicago Each application must
Lni i i iUa stato tho full nnmo and address of the
timu ujr wTr stockholdor n3 given in his or
would grow up imo cuiiiaiuiuuw her certiUcato of stock togother with
and nations and tho oarth would tho number and dato of such certiUcato
bloom and rejoico witli moro than No moro than ono person will bo carried
Eden clndnoss So girls lets say freo in respect to anyono iioicung oi
will establish st0CK 3 8
with Gods help wo
those prinoiplos so far as it is in company Diroctors
By ordor of tho Bonrd of
our powor a G IIAOKSTAFF Secy
May God tako you all out of this Tho noxt nnnual mooting of the
city of Gomorrohs wiokodnoss 8t00kholdors of tho Illinois Con
may Ho tako you out of this tral RniiroUi Company will bo
penta arms out of this soa of ovil MOu nt tj0 offic0 0f tho company
and rogenorato you all in your full jn Chicago Wednesday Ootobor
manhood iB my prayer NS 1901 at noon For tho
This address was delivered by pose of this mooting tho stock
transfer books will bo olosed from
t xt t
Mies Linnio Nunn at RP
l 21
cl08o of business on Sept
Sunday sohool I to tho morning of Oct 17
CARD Cuts and Bruises Quickly Healed
-it 1 tf TlnSn TYnlvtv n rlnl tfl O
County i wU in3tantjy Uuay til0 pnjn nnd wi heal
At tho solicitation of many tho parts in loss timo than any other
friends of tho various political
partios and having rocoivod tho
nomination of my party without
opposition I tako ploasuro in an
nouncing that I mil a candidato
for ro olootion to tho oflico of
oounty court olork and hopo that
you will givo my claims duo con
sideration and nny and all favors
shownmo in this matter will bo
duly and kindly appreciated and
if ro oleotod I promiso a faithful
and impartial discharge of tho du
ties of said oflico as I have over
triod to do in tho past and permit
mo to roturn you my hoartfolt
thanks for your many acts of
kindnoss oxtondod mo and for tho
confidence reposed in mo aa your
public sorvant and friond in tho
by gono yoars and during all of
which timo I havo ondoavorod to
bo faithful to tho trusts confided
to me in the discharge of all of
my official duties roqnirod by law
but how far short 1 have como
you aro to bo tho judges and
knowing that your judgmont will
be just I submit uiy ontiro case
with you and whatever decision
you may render next November
will be ohoerfully accoptod by mo
Respectfully yours
i Woods Oo Clerk
A never failing cure for outs
barns scalds ulcors wounds and
sores is Do Witts Witch Hazel
Salve A most soothing and heal-
inn vamiaHit ri i nil alrirt nrranrmna
m a j Antl vri f
jhBuomw ujf opming xuu didjJfpt qqiy ine genuine a t
vdu Know inai on inaiaav rmi nnn ihm
V t by uing the word of one who I judgment day
treatment Unless tho Injury is vory so
vero it will not loavo n scar Pain Balm
also cures rhouraatism sprains swoll
ings and lamoness For salo by Kobt F
The Commoner
Mr Bryans Paper
Tho Commoner has attained
within Bix montliB from dato of
tho first issuo a circulation of
100000 copies a rocord probably
novor equaled in tho history of
Amorican periodical litoraturo
Tho unparallod growth of this
papor domonstratos that tlioro is
room in tho nowspapor fiold for a
notional papor dovotod to tho dis
oiiBsion of political ooonomio and
social probloms To the columns
of Tho Oommonor Mr Bryan con
tributes his bost offorts and his
roview of politioal ovonta aa thoy
arise from timo to timo can not
fail to interest those who study
publio questions
Tho CommonorJs regular sub
soription prioe is 1100 per year
Wo havo arranged with Mr
Bryan whereby we can furnish
his papor and The Press togethor
for ono year for 175 Tho regu
lar subscription prico of tho two
papeis when subscribed for separ
aUly it 1200
Womans Home Companion
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printed on fine paper and pro
fusely illustrated It gives 40 to
54 pages a month each page 11
by 16 inches and a new and
beautiful cover in colors every
issue Its editors and contrib
utors are the most popular
American writers in snort it
is the ideal family magazine
magnificently illustrated Its
departments are edited by ex
perts and are full of interest
As a home magazine it has no su
periors and few if any equals
600 Pages 1200 Pictures
Hundreds of thousands con
sider it a family necessity It
is clean pure and inspiring
Its contents while varied are
entertaining and of the highest
nrilnr If rrnfin5 npilhpr
Btklr 40 t M lk II bj 10 nnr nrovincialism
It already has 340000 subscribers and this number is constantly increasing
A Live Agent Wanted la Every Community Most Liberal Terms
Subscription Price 100 a Year Tea Cents a Copy
Qam1 TVn Cni c for a sample copy and we will send you an elegant
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Address WOMANS HOME COMPANION Springfield Ohio
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Succossor to J II Ormo
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Sole Agent for the Celebrated I W
Harper and Old Hickory Whiskies
Special Attention to
Mai Orders
Finest and Best 100 a Day House
In Kentucky
New I Richmond
Lumber For Sale
I koep oonBtnntly on hand rough
lumbor of all dimensions and am
proparod to fill bills on abort notice
Lbvias Ky
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8 half breeds good mother registered
bull 3500 each
1 full blood 1100
Thoy will ploaso you call and boo
1 registered Poland China Doar weight
ISOorOOlbe S10 if taken before 15th
UU Kfi
Office over Marion Bank MARION KY
DR H F RAY The Osteopath f
Treats all chronic dist ascs 6
Without Faith Drugs or nife S
Osteopathy is THE DRUGLESS SCIENCE Consultation freo nt 0
ofllco Charg03 only 2500 por month Money duo when tho trentment j
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II F RAY D O Mauion Ky
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Slippers Fine Hearse for funeral occasions Prompt atten
tion given all orders day or night
Picture Frames flade to Order Marion Ky
Typewriter and stenographer
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Typowntton copies of nmnuseiipr
mado at n rcasonablo prico S
W J J Paris M 0
OFFICE Room 5 ovor Marion Bank
TELEPIIONE Onico 25 Rosidonco 27
T Atchison Frazer
and Surgeon
Offlco Room No 0 Marion Bank Biff
James James
Dr M Ravdin
Oflico with Dr A J Knapp sulto 17
Arcade building EVANSVlLLE IND
Practlco limited to diseases of the
Eyi Ear Nisi aid Tkritl
r I
o -
7 M
f v9fl

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