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Is tho Rate a Which a Man is
Eating His Hat
Tlioinna P Walls Louisville
pltiinbir who according lo seed
nlo is to cat a si raw lial Lo jmIeo
Iio lie I on tho losingRopublicnn
iiikol in I ho rnnnnt oloctirn snys
lliu is porroriiiing tho foal lit tho
ralo of n hilo n dny Walls I ns
gained nn intonialioiial lopululioti
ly Imh wngor English Fionoh
Jnrinaii and ovon Ghinoso pnpors
hnvn Mimmcntod on it
Dr Paris on Germs
Editok Pmss Lnat wook Dr
W J J lariadid mo tho honor of
jnplying lo my lilllo ecrood pub
lislod in llio Pukss two wook a ago
Tho doctor tako9 occnaion in hia
roply loooiutoouBly iiisinnatothatl
I linvo liod which mny or mny not
h in nccorclrnico with tho olornnl
lllUCBS of things
Tho wholo row occurred borauso
I fclnlod that a nuinborof diildron
dad diod in Camden N J with
luckjaw supposedly cnusod by llio
Mso of iiiiptuo vnccino vims Dr
Paris nrgnoH thnt lolniitia gorni9
may liavo stood rondy to jump in
to tho blood tlio uioinont oauh pn
liont wnsvncninntod A commis
nion of Cnmilon physicians swonrs
it was causod by almospiiorio in
tluunros And thus botwoon a
combination of tetanus gorniB
nnd atmospheric intluoncos it
will rondily bo noon thnt thoso poor
litllo waifs hud no show whatoyor
Lint it is a somowhat romnrkablo
fact Hint this tolanua gorm and
atmospheric inlluouoo combino
only attnekod thoso vaccinated nnd
not tho gonoral community It wns
a gonorous combine n morciful
1 honrtily conour with tho doc-
Mor as to tho necessity and
cial offocla of vaccinntion and am
glad that our cilizonaso gonorally
and promptly yieldod to tho inov
In closing his articlo Dr Pnria
mildly insinuates thnt I virtually
IbrnndoJ tho ontirn modicnl pro
fossion of Marion aa
This assertion is ru
thor too brond As a gonoral thing
Uhoro aro not moro thnn ono or two
of that clnss in a town tho sizo of
In conoluBion I onrnostly invito
llio doctor to got his dictionary
and figgor out tho difToronco bo
twoon tho words epidemic and
ondomio Nemo
Mr R 0 Grny who livoa nenr Amo
hln Duchess county N V says Chnm
borlnins Cough Romcdy is tho best mo
dlcino I ovor used It is a lino childrond
rdnledy for croup nnd novor falls to euro
Whon givon ns soon as tho child bocoms
hinrso or oven nftor tho croup cough
hns dovolopod It will provo it tho nttnelt
This Bhould bo borno in mind nnd a hot
to of tho cough romody kopt nt hnnd
ijridy for instant uso ns Boon ns tho sym
tjma nppor At It F Ilaynes
I C Gets KentuckyWestorn
Tho Illinois Contrnl railroad
i has bought tho Kontuoky West-
om rnilrond and its branch road
connecting with tho Illinois Con
Ural nt Blackford Ky nnd oxton
ding to Dixon a dislanco of twen
ty miles Extensive improvomonta
inro to bo mndo John Gr Willing
first Vico Prosidont of tho Illinois
Contrnl is going ovor the lino in
hia privnto car making an inspoo
of It
Produces 65000 Shingles 12
Squirrels and Other Things
Big Sandy Tenn Dao 8 Mr
S W Busy mnnngor of a shinglo
maohino at this nlaco tolls and in-
Letter from Rov 6 M Burnett
Salt Licif Kv Doct 3 Editor
Pjoss If you will allow mo a
short spneo in your valunblo pn
por I shall bo plonsed to writo a
HUlo toio ling bait tiick nuu vici
Wo havo boon horo axut four
toon months and during this po
riod wo havo groatly onjoyod our
eolves among n Booinblo affnblo
class of pooplo
Salt Lick is ii little own of 800
population bituatod on tho O and
O It It Tho town liii94ono largo
slavo factory ono planing mill
and sovon or night gonoral stores
A groat donl of oil hns boon found
near horo nnd about iivo milos
from town a largo tank is in pro
coss of oroction whioh whon com
pleted will hold 55000 bnrrola of
oil nnd tho rocoiving tanks aro to J
no oracled horo
out in four dilToront diroctions
As to our ohnrgo I only havo
two churchos and I must say it
is ono of tho most convoniont
chnrges in Kontucky Wo hnve a
splondid parsonage of six rooms
nnd wo nro surroundod by plonty
of good neighbors
During lnat conforonco yonr wo
had 53 convorsions nnd reclama
tions nnd something noar forty nc
cossions to tho church Wo paid
about 100 on old indobtodnoss
nnd dono considerable ropnirs on
both church houso nnd pnrsonngo
I think I havo ono of tho most
spiritual churchos in Enstern Kon
lucky nnd wo havo class of peo
nlo who aro willing to dio on tho
bnttlo iiold but will novor surren
Wo nro now in tho midst of a re
vivnl in which wo nro oxpooting
groat things from God While
my health is not Krst olasa this
fall I trust I may hold out to tho
ord of tho year
As ho Press unfolds itself oaoh
wook boforo our vision wo almost
imngino ourselvoa conversing with
tho people of Mnrion nnd looking
into thoir fncos Our dosiroa aro
to somo day shako tho hands of
tho Crittondon pooplo again and
to on joy tho friondly chats with
many whom wo loarnod to lovo
Wo pray os wo havo nlwaya
dono thnt God mny continuo o
lavish rich blossings upon all
Yours respectfully
G M Burnott
Women and Jewels1
JowoIb candy flowors man
that la tho ordor of a womans pro
foroncos JowoIb form a mngnot
of mighty powor to tho avorago
woman Even that groatostof all
JowoIb health is ofton ruined in
tho strenuous otTortn to ranko or
snvo tho monoy to purolieso thorn
If a woman will risk henhoalth to
got a covotod gem thgn lot her
tion Tho road runs through cool torn y uorsoir against mo msiau
nnd timber lands in Wobslor aotin ons oonsequoncos of oougha colds
t land bronchial alTootions by thi ro
J gulnr nso of Dr Bosohoos
A MILLION VOICES inna syrup It will prqmply
Could Hnrdly oxprosg tho thanks of rest consumption in its oarly sta
Ilomor Hall of Woat Point la Listen gos and hoal tho affooted lungs
why Asouoro cold hnd Bottled on hiff nnfi hronohinl tubes and drivo tho
lungs causing nJ dread disoaso from tho system It
Several pnyflioians said ho had
tion but could not holp him Whon nil 10 M
thought ho wa9doomodho began to uso tnin euro for coughs oolds and
Dr Kings Now Dlscovory nil bronohinl troubles You oan
nionand wrltoa It completely cured et Dr j q Greens reliable re-
3mo and saved my me i wwgi mediw at H K A
vJlb8 5 1W uwnuiTW uuwu lor
nniiy mrntt iMar 11 iMi miv
Woods Ooi
From Bryans Paper
Tho Congressional- Record cu n
j tains whit I hoy say publicly jhf
tho oommitloo room doos iftu
Tho nogro problem continuos
in nn anfflnrl 111 llm tirtvlli tirlinrn
torv siin slo v nliout a Jnmhu Bills nf dronms
ut ii co ward
counteracts any tondoncy of la grippo to
result in pnoumonin At Ilnyncs
Secure a Remunerative
Investment at a
Moderate Cost
20Year 5 per ct Gold
Debenture Bonds
Sold in Lots of From
iooo to 300000
For Poll Partloulara Address
kl 2
Mr II II Illnck tho wolt known villngo
I IngUomitli nt Ornhnnwillo Sullivnnco
iVpv8 -Our littlo son flvo yoars old
ml iilwiijH Icpii subject to croup nnd
Nilmilliiio llio nttneks been tbnt wo
Imvo fenrrd nnny timo Iio would dlo
o lino hntl tho doctor nnd used ninny
medicinoa hut Chamborlains Cough ro
ui ilyisnowour
nn i 1
olo rollnnco It bpcius
u u HU umu Jfto dissolve tho tough mucus nnd by
Bpoak of jnjj frcijucnt doses whon tho croupy sym
If ifis trim as slated that many tnw npponr wo find thnt tho dreaded
of llio iiqi ulnr iim nlfl nn Ihn in P curni before it gets settled
rPIlnrti Id nn ilnnitn li
I 1 1 i wiiuuuiiu 111 UIVIIIU 11113
J for it onf nnnlnnhrln
poplar troo whioh he bought in ora in omnia miiBt bo terribly pio juriour chug and mny bo given ns
Sixth district f this Benton vaiont in monry o ro os
county a fow days ngo Tim troo An administration orn i Ids
cost him 10 nn I v lion cut ami bout tho snvngoh in Sainar and
sawed mndo 05000 shinglo It Ihon cxpiofsoa tho opinion that
wai hollow nt tho top an had ono I hoy aro spurred lo rouowod hos
hundrod pounds of hoiiuy six J tility by rending tho accounts of
coons and two vo hoiiiitoIb iiibiuo Aloft inioy snssnssiimlimi rum con
Innininnllin i
clonth to n bnbo ns nn ndult At IImmios
llinois Central Railroad Co
Tho Board of Dirootors of tho
iiln llt illn ll T 1 1 Itinia fnn 1 Vn I I nl Irnfl ninllin tit
rosult of n ro volution in tho nt a mooting hold July 18 1100
lod Stntoa nvngos who rond adoptod the following proninblo
aro a now product of imporinU nnd resolution
ism Upon tho rocommondation of
Tho administration must not im tho Proaidont tho resolution ndop
ngino thnt tho public hns forgot- tod July 21 1897 authorizing tho
lonMaclny tho famous fro transportation of stockholders
ta wrote Ad1l odrZnShffiooK
kjuuiu muumy 10 annual mootino of stookho dors
reported lo havo said that if tho was rcconaiderod and amended bo
dooision of tho court of inquiry iB as to road ne follows
fnvornblo to Sohloy ho will roviso Resolved That until tho furthoror
hia hi8tory Tho American dor ot thia Board thero mny bo Issued
ench holder of ono or more abates of
pie nro not interested in this his- Jb
n tho capital stock of tho Illinois Central
ory or its rovison Thoj nre
Kuiirond Company as registered ou tho
howovor intorostod in tho books of tho company a tickot enabling
tion Will tho Administration him or hor to travel free over tho com
pormit Admirnl Sohloys lnys lines from tho station on tho liter
inois centrn Knroml ncn9 to 1ifl or
ter to romnin in tho nnvy
her rcRistorcd nddross to Chicngo nnd
rolurn for tho jmrposo of nttondiii in
Amnnrr tlln tnna nt tlinllanti1 J ivlir
person tho mooting of tho stockholders
Such ticket to bo good for tho
havo wi i i i - id journey
used Chnmborlnins Cough
to Chicago only during Iho four days
for colds and tho
dy la Rripim during V
immediately preceilmg nnd tho days of
i ill i
past four yoars to out knowledge not a
meeting and for tho return
single caso hns resulted in pneumonia
rom on tho 1 rac0
Thou Whitllold Co SlOlWalinsh Ave- C1caB onlf
nllnmi IK UIIU nil- iuui Ul hiiuimij -
nun f iiot rnml
Uoinvotwo rnilroarumiing ntreWJra nthat 8 lowing whon properly countersigned
into our townjnnd pikos londmg kiu rocommond nndbtamped during business
Ut between I m and r
is o a p
Chaniborlain3 Cough Romody for tho
-in tlo o1l U f ho Assistant Secro
grip in many cases as it not only gives
i Mr W G Uruon in Chicago
nmmnf nT i vnrv ut un
Such tickot mny bo obtnincd by nny
registered holder of stock on application
Ill tilling u iiv x i amtii u fcu
pnny in Chicago Each application must
Presiding Elders Appointments stntothofull nnmo nnd nddres3 of tho
stockholder oxnetly ns given in his or
Kuttawn at Glenns Nov 23 24 hor cortificnto of stock together with
Dawson at Dawson Nov 21 30 tho number nnd dnto of such certificate
Princeton nt Rock Spring Nov No moro thnn ono Iorson will bo carried
30 Doc 1 reo m ro3loat nny ono kolding of
Eddyvillo nt Snrntogn Doc 7 8
Lnmnsco nt Lnmnsco Doc
Carrsvillo nt Cnrrsvillo Doo 11
DUKI1 lin 11IS1UIA Ull blU UUUllO Jl frlll
Hy order of tho Board f Directors
Tho noxt nnnunl mooting of tho
15 I stockholders of tho Illinois Con-
Corulonn nt Mt Zion Doo 21 Ural Itnilrond Compnny will bo
Canton nt Dyora Doo 21 25
Groonvillo nt Jornignns Doo 2S
Groonvillo 29 30
J W Bighorn
Host in Quantity Best in Quality
Moroleys Sarsaparilla and Iron Is a
tonic a blood purifior nnd a blood mak
or It does not stop with moro curing
cortnin diseases liko scrofula soroB ab
scossos otc but cleanses nnd builds up
tho wholo systom All who hnvo tried
hold at tho offico of tho company
in Ohicngo Wednesday Ootobpr
15 1001 at noon For thpjpur
poso of this mooting tho stook
trnnsfor books will bo olosod from
tho closo of buainess on Sept 21
to tho morning of Oct 17
Greatest Hodicino is
Hoods Sarsnpnrillnbccausott pos
sesses unequalled curntlvo powers nnd
Us record of cures is GREATEST
Cuts and Bruises Quickly Healed
Chambctlainfl Pain Balm applied to a
it say thoto is moro euro in ono bottlo of cut bruise burn scald or Ijko injury
Moroleys Sarsaparillajand iron than in will instantly ullay tho pain and will hoal
si of any othor kind Sold by II JC
Woods k Co
SFor two yoars nil ofTortsJto euro cczc
ma in tho palm of my hands failed
w itos editor II N Lea tor of Syrncu
Kansas thon I was wholly cured by tho
Bucklon Arnica Salvo Its tho worlds
boator for oruptlons soro nnd skin dis
oases 25c at Woods Cos
Magazines NovelsflSNewspapers
Creed Taylor
News Agent
R F Haynes1 Drug Storo
Loulavillos Three Big Dallios Courior
Journal Timos and Fost always on
ln In Innn fii tlinn IF Slllim
U1U Jtll tn III IUH3 bllllU HIUI MJ VIVU
trontmont Unless tlio Injury Is very so
voro it will not loavo a scar Pain Balm
also euros rhoumntism sprains swell
ings nnd Inmonoss For salo by Robt F
The Commoner
Mr Bryans Paper
Tho Commoner has nttainod
within eix months from dnto of
tho first isouo a circulation of
100000 copies a record probably
novor oqualod in tho history of
Amorican poriodical litoraturo
Tho unparallod growth of this
paper demonstrates that thoro ia
room in tho nowapapor field for a
nntionnl paper dovotod to tho die
otiBsion of political economic and
Booinl problema To tho columns
of Tho Commoner Mr Bryan con
tributes his boBt efforts and his
roviow of politioal ovonts bb thoy
nriso from timo to timo can not
fail to intorost thoso who study
public questions
Tho Oommonors regular sub
scription prioo is 100 por yoar
yjo havo arrangod with Mr
Bryan whoroby we can furnish
his paper and Tub Press together
for ono year for 175 Tha jegu
lar subscription price of the two
pajii what ittbaoriUd for aapwr
Pianos and Organs
Kimball Pianos
and Kimball
Organs are
sold on easy
monthly pay
Call on A J
den at R C Haynes
Grocery I door west of
Pierces Hardware for
terms and prices
Finest and Best 100 a Day House
In Kentucky
New Richmond
Lumber For Sale
I koop constantly on hand rough
lumbor of all dimensions nnd am
proparod to fill bills on short notico
Levias Ky
Red Poll Bull Calves
3hnlf broods Bod mothor roglBtcrod
bvllj 33500 onch
1 full blood 100
Thoy will plonso you call and boo
1 reglaterod Poland China Boar weight
W 0 00 lbs 10 if taken before 10th
T wm
jjBv j 1 11 miOXVJJiA l11 ttl
W ir
Evansville M
A J CHITTENDEN Local Agent Marion Ky
I 1L 1m jUOBIUS 5
Office over Marion Bank
Wm Harrigan
Successor to J II Ormo j
Pine Wines mhinWjn I
anrl HUlOHIUOfc
5 Sole Agent for the Celebrated I W
Harper and Old Hickory Whiskies
Spccinl Attontion to
Mnll Oitlors
i tsii uiii
miss men vyciikbi
Typewriter and Stenographer
Blue Nunns Office MARION KY
Tyjwwritton copies of ninnupcripj
i mndo at n rensonnhlo prico
W J J Paris M D
OFFICE Room r over Murion UnnU
TELEPHONE 2 Rosidonco 27
T Atchison Frazer
and Surgeon
OIHco Room No 0 Mnrion BnnU Bklfr
Phone 115 MARION KV
James James
Dr M Ravdin
Ofllco with Dr A J Knnpn suite 17
Arcndo building EVANSVILLE IND
Practice limited to diseases of the
Eva Ear Hose and Thnt

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