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Jp V ) : r ., 't .
On, Chenicrc
d Caminada b
(Oopjrirtta tr ih story i"ab. .)
day the luggers lind
ALI at iwiehor in tho bay, while
the btiHjr fishermen had mended nctn.
The Andro himself, tho
gayest among thctn, had warned
them not to venture from shore.
'There will be u Htorm, 1 ntn nfruld,"
wan IiIh luconlo warning, given every
now and then between tho mirth and
gibes of Itia fellow-fishermen. So, ah
they were to celebrate tho betrothal
of. Andre und of Marie Dlzmi that
night, they remained at shore, In an-'
tlclpatlon of the feast that wnH to
The fflrlM of Chenlere were In a flutter
of exjeetation. Tongues were
not Htlll u moment that day, whllu
the belles tried nnd fitted their
'finery, nml arranged ribbons, In anticipation
of the event. Mnrie Illon
wan n great favorite tin well as iv
great beauty.
" Day wore on, and evening came,
and sunset; suiiNt't, with nil its wondrous
beauty, gloriously golden and
ktrnngely awesome. Strange that
few noted those clouds portending u
storm, for tho fluherfolk were
on tho nlert for such sign. Then
dunk enmo over the Island.
When dome of the guest were still
n thrlr way to llla n's, n light rain
began to fall. "Strange," muttered
Glodc, on he hurried hl family to
the friendly lights that gleamed from
the windowH of the Hi.nns. Hut he
hid hi fear, nnd made merry with
the rest. Tho fiddlers merrily tuned
away, the light feet of the dancer
never faltered nnd spirits rnn high.
At ten eamo supper. Old lllznn
nroso to give the toast. "Friends,"
sulci he, "this In truly n happy
And I nnnounco to you the
bctrotbnl of Mario and of Andre.
You have known her from childhood,
all of you. You have Keen her grow
Into the dear, good daughter she Ih.
You have known Andre, nnd you
know him to have proved himitelf
worthy of my Marie. Friends, offer
There were shouts of "We do, we
do." Then came a call for Andre.
"A speech, n speech," Home one
Suddenly a tottering figure appeared
at the door. It wns old
ttivs finite nun n, who had refused
to come to the fenst. He pointed n
wavering finger at Andre. "Yen,
Ind, Hpoak, for thin In thy lust
Tor a moment Indignation ran high.
But for tho ago of the fisherman he
would liava been unceremoniously
ejected from tho hall. Hut the aged
have ever been respected among the
ftlmplo folk of Chenlere, nnd he wan
tolerntcd as he hnd been earlier In
the day when he dampened their
ardor by dlncouroglng tho holding of
the fenst.
"Oh, atop cronklng. Mnnuel," cried
Alcuo. "Come, give him some wine,
Gnnpnrd, give him Home wine. It will
warm up bin old blood. Then ho will
alng, inHtend of croaking." Higher
nnd higher the music rose, nnd loud
er and gnyer became the guests.
tho wind blew a gale and the
rnln enmc In sheets. And fctlll the
mirth went on.
"Let Manuel give us n toniit," cried
Gnspnrd, who had proffered tho old
fl she rni an the wine nt Alccc's
"Aye, nye," hald th boaiy Manuel,
"a toast it shnll be. And not to your
fair girl. For never will Hhe bo n
bride. Never will the wedding fenst
be known. Tho bells Khali not ring
ave It be for u corpse that has been
taken from the water. For It is
written, my brothers, these two shnll
not wed." Tho cracked voice becamo
high nnd clenr, the tones were even
rcHonant, s& earncRt was the spenker.
"Unhnppy Manuel," Blgbed the wife
of Hian. "lie has suddenly loHt his
wits. Hut why should ho come here?
For shame, to frighten my little
Marie," For Mnrie had grown white
and trembled. Andre, though, snt
with clenched fists nnd grinding
teeth. He, would settle with old Manuel
in the morning.
A ull upon tho crowd. Tho fiddlers
sat ngape, the guests were chattering
volubly. Some laughed derisively,
whHe others quaked with fenr.
"For I say those two shall not
wed," old Mainiel's voice went on. "I
huy It is writ, my brothers, that they
must -He."
Then men jumped to their feet.
Old Mine, lllznn screamed.
"Shnmc, shinnc," cried some, while
others tried to still tho wild-eyed
"It 1b useless, my brothers," he
N cried. "Not ony they, but wo nil
uhall die, must die, und to-night.
Even now It Ih ton Into to return to
your homes, You, Unptlste, think
you will go I'"1''4 to Grand Isle tonight
In your luggngqV Alas, noer
nguin ihull your eyes behold Grund
isle. 1, tell you the storm Is upon
lis. It Is too lntc, too late." Tho
voice rose and then fell, and died
away In n moan.
It wiih too late. And, too late, they
realized it.
The gueats had risen from tho
table. Tho women clung together
m frightened groups. The wind
roared higher and louder than tho
angry surf, The rulu foil Id torrcntB.
The men laughed, tinenMly, but wltk
a show of braggadocio. The womca
must not be frightened, anyway.
Marie sat rigid, her hand In Andre's.
"Courage, courage, Mario,
lovol" ho whispered. "1 Knew, too,
tho storm would come. 1 miIiI It nit
day. Hut It will pnss nwnj. Don't
mind thu gibbering old fool, Manuel.
To-morrow It will bo mcr, the sun
will shine, tho birds will sing and I
Hhall eomo for you In tho evening nnd
wo will take tho lugger and cross
to Grand Isle. Wo will take Glode
nnd the wife, for only this evening
she said she was longing to visit tho
Fctrlcs." And so he cheered her, nnd
she smiled nnd comforted (llodc'a
wife, nnd smiled nnd cooed to the
frightened bubo lying In its mother's
Then a fenrful thing happened, for
a benm shot by the window, onWhlch
rode a humnn figure a stark,
figure. Gaspard, who hntllbccn
watching nt the window, Haw i and
Marin saw it too, nnd so did An Ire.
"Heavenly Mother," wailed tliclglrl,
an she sank to her knee. "Oh.lpity
us, pity ub, and protect us this dltnd
ful night."
Old Manuel hnd seen It too, re
vealed In a blinding Hash of lighting.
"Sec," he cried, with skeleton llibcr
pointing. "Tho sea Is all about jus.
We nro bclnir swent awav. I tell jou
Dm houses are cone. This will fco,
too." And he pointed to the lie
There. In n trickling little Htrci
wns the water, and it camo In fa
nnd faster, through the cracks of
doors and the fireplace.
"To tho attic, the women firRt," cnll
Hlznn, pushing his wjfe to the stu
"To tho attic," he thundered. "It
the onlv chance." He drove Olode'
wife, with her bnbe, up the stair, th
others following. Mnrie hnd flown t
Andre's side, nnd clipped her bead
over liis wrists.
"If we die, we die together," hh
When the worst enme, It wns soonl
over, "inc ooni, Alitire, ine ooai,
gasped Glode. "Save yourself with
Marie. You are both young nnd
strong. You must fight for life,
Quick!' He grasped Andre by the
rj JE j
' A
BKnr iik cniED.
hand and shook him off. Mnrie was
clutched In Andre's arms as the little
bont put forth. Glode saw them go,
anil he was glnd that he nnd the wife
nnd the babe were to dlo together,
since die they must. Out on tho water,
Mnrie and Andro snw sights that
must hao turned them gray. Hodies
Hew past them In the seething blnck
water, while shrieks nnd moans rent
tho nlr. Wild echoen flew over tho
whtors to the lonely figures in tho
boat, Kvcry llaHh of lightning revealed
horrors afresh.
Morning dawned, clear und beautiful.
Tho sun, n fiery disk, sent long,
glinting lines nerosK the water, nnd the
Iridescence wiih a mockery of some
of the hideous objects floating on the
waves. A strange stillness hovered
over nil. Life seemed strangely, suddenly,
Interrupted. Only the
cry of a cat bird wns heard. No
sound of lowing cattle, no early matin
by the noisy swnllows.
See, there lie two bodien, side by
side, with faces upturned to tho sunlight.
Serene in their Inst sleep, tho
unhnppy and luckless lovers lie, enst
on the bench by the receding waves.
Old Manuel wnH right. "For It la
writ, these two shall not wed. Tonight
they shall die."
And there, In tho graveyard of
nre among tho many new graves
two side by side, with a single cross
above them.
Never again in the days to come will
the Island be Its former beautiful
self. Such scars drlvo too deep. Time
may never change the nwful, drendfu!
memories nbmit the land which once
smiled in plenty. Little children piny
ngnln nbout tho vineyards, nnd other
youthful lovers whisper ns they wnlk
hand In hand along tho beach at twilight,
but if spirits wnlk nt tho mystic
hour among tho lonely grnccH in tho
mnrshes nnd In the humble little
cemetery, then you will hear of that
dreadful night, when the nngry wnven
rode over tho Islnnd, nnd robbed It
and murdered It. llestful spirits will
keep watch, nnd If tho waves Insh
again Into fury, they will be Boftoned
nnd hushed, nnd ho instead will only
wush nway bitter memories. The
I peace of God Is ngnln upon the Islnnd,
and In song ami niory, vncniero is
again the land of mirth and
Once more the red sailed luggers
rldo nround Chenlere Cnmiuada.
Author's not.
Tho facts of this story are essentially
true. Thu Htorm rimed nll night on Sunday,
In October, 1W3. On that nlicht,
2,000 or moro lost tholr lives on thr Island
at Clilnvre Cntnlnndn. Tho Island
lies adjacent to Grand Isle, noted ns a
summer resort on tho extreme Houthern
coast of I.oula!nna. Ono of thu f.sher
men nctiuilly predicted the storm, nnd
his own death that night, though low
i;ave faith to what Uiy termed uls
thh uulsh
- .
"Hard work rowing." "Wowl A sharkr
Irr .
"I'll jun make him help
Miners IlrliiK Tliclr Hunt or NuRRtli
to (lie An- (unreal llrlena,
Gold in rich, dull bars, not glittering,
for tho rml gold in large masses
does not glitter, stacked up in bars
that weigh n king's ransom that Is
one of the nights hi tho United
Stntcu nssay office nt Helena, says
tho Anaconda (Mont.) Standard
Since tho office was established in
1R74 it hns handled nltout S3ft.000.0no
,,, ldi Ti,IIlk of nll Umt wcnUi,
,,nlf from th mnilont. llnl.. hrloW
building there on n hillside street
in Montana s capital city!
It is a dignticd little building of
n style of
arc, set In the middle of a terrace
it, whose lawn plots nro well-kept
nd trimly enrd for. Iron bars are
n the wlndov and doors, but yet
iey do not giv a prison effect. Tho
air of the pine is of quietness and
jet Importance It Ih a little bit of
n department jiiildlng at Washington
transplanted to the soil 'of Montana.
V'hU Is one u' tho seven nssay
Jncle Sam owns In the country.
( M comes to it from nil parts of
thfl northwest. Now nnd then a little
from tho Kbndike or Capo Nome
comes in, but lice the establishment
of Uie nRsny oflie nt Seattle the shipments
have cencd.
An ashoy ollce is nn ngency
through which Uncle Snin buys the
met 11 he ukcs i making coin. Once
the jlllce bougbNgnld and nihcr, but
now I cold nloneiis miruhnncd. Still
Uncll Sam is ndnrbitrnry, so when
a bniof metal ontnluing both gold
nnd liber nrrivjJs, lie will pny for
the hluT it couainH.
IMnW miners small nnd lnre,
bring 'their dust and nuggets to the
olllce, nunrtz miicrs nnd mining
bring ticirs in hart.. When
the g.M is first received it it carefully
weighed m tho delicately adjusted
"hen it goes to the
meltiiij,' room, vhere it is wlighed
ngnln. '.The meler hns in hiso(Tlce
a hugelMnlc wluch will respid to
the weight of a -my bit of tlssu;
and Irom up to 10,000 owices.
It is onelnf the sights of the bulling.
When Ihe gold ins been meltetilnto
bricks tiv eliipj. nre taken oil two
corners 1( each brick, nnd theVthcn
go to thciiisKaying room, one tij'nch
of tho tl nssayrrs. With the fnest
Instrumeilts and the most
pllnnecs Itiey assay tlie saipios.
rhcir woit must check. If Itaocs
not the 1) ir goet. back and is
eu over n P nnd other unifies
taken. In Itlii s nv a true nssy Is
obtained, : d on it tho deposit 5 of
the biilllonlis paid.
hvcry wek or n shipments o yld
linrs arc to the I'linnin acua
mint by expVtss. The bars nre iced
in tight little boxes, made as stmg
ns thick bolrds nnd lots of siftWa
1 uj
WUlllU JS LOllbli,
n i
"Hurrah! Away we go!"
can make them. In each bonrd nnd
nt ench junction of boards there aro
little circular Indentations, where,
nfter the bar has been screwed In,
scaling wax is placed and stnmpcd
with the government senl. It might
be stated that there never hns been
a robbery or an nttempt nt robbery
nt the nssny office and no bullion over
hns been lost in transit.
No bullion is received nt the office
that is less than .500 fine, nnd no deposits
of less than $100 nro received.
The safe where the gold bars or
bricks nro stored is in the office. It
is not large, but it has hclclas much
as $500,000 in metal at one tiwe. Tha
other day when a Standnrdtman visited
the place the officials brought
out and stacked up on n window
ledge bars that had a total value of
$20,000. They seemed small enough
to ndmit of one carrying them nway
In n small gripsack. There wns a
marked diffcrepec In color. Sonio
were very light nnd some, containing
considerable silver, were dark.
Smoutlirat of 1'lckpocketn.
"You can talk about your smooth
pickpockets, but nbout the smoothest
I ever snw wns in New York," said
the man who hnd traveled. "It wns
when I was up there a couple of summers
ago. No, the story hns never
been printed, because the pickpocket
was never nrrestcd. I wns a victim
myself, nnd 1 didn't 'holler,' either.
An Italian with a grindorgan nnd a
monkey stopped in front of the hotel.
The grind organ man ground and the
monkey danced. The monkey then
took up n collection. He was the most
playful monkey r ever saw, nnd ho
jumped upon the knees of every mnn
in the lobby. After he left I noticed
that I was a dollar short. Several of
tho other fellows were also short,
but we were In New York nnd expected
It. The next dny the Italian
nnd the monkey enme again. The
mnn ground out the snmc old tunes
nnd the monkey cut the same enpers.
A woman wus In the lobby, nnd tho
animal jumped upon her hip. Then
there was nn nwful scream, und
Jocko fell dead. In his right fore-paw
he held a half dollar." Louisville
Itrnmlnn of .Man anil Mammoth.
M. Hedelin has discovered tho
of a mammoth associntcd with
palaeolithic remains of man near
llrignoles In lower Iroence. In n cave
under rocks there were found four
chipped flint implements nssoclatcd
with a portion of the molar of Elcphas
primlgcnius, pnrt of the frontal bone
of a human skull with the jaw bone,
teeth, etc. Tho discovery comes to fill
a blank in the prehistoric records of
Provence. N. Y. Sun.
An tiplcurcan View.
First Epicure Oysters should be
doubly good in February.
Second Epicure Why?
"Because it has two r's In It."
i,,r r
The silhouette is in nrt what tho pun
Is in literature Indianapolis News.
To win success, ono must be nble to
fix his mind absolutely upon what he
is doing, und to apply himself rigidly
to the tusk. Success.
"Is it winter or summer in South
Africa now?" asked Mrs. Darlcy. "It
seems to me thnt it Is Dc Wet senson,"
replied Mr. Darlcy. N. Y. Sun.
"Yes, I see he Is a good talker," Bald
the customer. "Is lie n good parrot
otherwise?" "I can't any he Is," replied
the conscientious denier. "The
only good parrot Is a dead parrot."
Chicago Tribune.
Mra. Hunt "I suppose Jane Porter
is the most truthful person in town.
Why, I verily believe Bhe would tell
tho truth even nbout her age." Mrs.
Pike "Thnt wouldn't be truthfulness;
it would simply be eccentricity." Boston
You shouldn't be selfish, but you
will be; therefore remember that real
selfishness isn't so very bad for you.
It Is to your own Interest to
nnd stendfastly practice all the
different phases of good conduct.
Atchison Globe.
Indefinite. First Messenger Boy
"Hello, Thirty-four,' got n message to
deliver?" Second Ditto "Yep." First
Messenger Boy "How f er is it? Second
Ditto (taking out his dime novel)
"On'y nbout six chapters o dls, 'Feud
o' do Scarlet Banger, or de Man Wid
de Bed Flannel Eye.' "Philadelphia
In the Proper Mood. "Mr. Writcn
cannot work to-day," telephoned the
wife of the drnmntic nuthor, "because
he has the grip, nnd the medicine he
hns taken has affected liis brain so that
he cannot utter three words that show
any sense or connection." "All right,"
answered the impresario. "Tell him
to write me a libretto for another comic
opera, nnd sketch the scenario for
a dramatized novel before he recovers.
And sny, give him another dose of that
medicine if he becomes rational before
the work I finished." Baltimore
It la Not "Die Wocht am nheln," ai
la Supposed by n Great Manx
It is remarkable how very few people
in this country, even musicians,
know the national song of Germany.
There is a popular impression that
It Is "Die Wacht am Bheln." Such la
not the case, however, as was learned
latelj by Prof. MacLeod, leader of
the band of the District national
guard, who applied to the German
embassy for information on that
point, states the Washington Star.
Be thought it was the "Watch on tho
IUilne," but wasn't sure. Tho national
gunrd band took part In the
ceremonies attending the welcon e to
Prince Henry, and it was intended
that his royal highness should hear
the national song of the fatherland
on Hint occasion.
In response to his inquiry the bnnd
leader was informed by n representative
of the German ambassador that
the nationnl song of the Germnn empire
is "Hell dlr im Siegerkranz," the
music of which is precisely the same
ns thnt of "God Save tho Queen,"
the national song of Great Britain,
and "America," or "My Country, "Ns
of Thee," one of the patriotic songs
of the United States.
The same information is contained
in "Nntlonnl and Patriotic Airs of
All Nntions," a volume compiled by
John Philip Sousn when bandmaster
of, the United States Marine bnnd,
which compilation is accepted ns the
ofllcinl guide of the navy department,
and is followed in nll naval functions.
In nddition to the cases already mentioned,
it further appears from Prof.
Sousn's compilation thnt the well-known
music of "God Snv the
Queen" is also the national air of
Switzerland under the name "Bufst
du ineln Vnterland" and the national
song of Davnrln under the title "Hell
unserm Ivonig, Hell."
Prof. Sousa denominntos "The Star
Spangled Banner," "Hail Columbia"
ind "My Country, 'Tis of Thee," ns
patriotic songs of the United States,
and docs not attempt to name the national
song of this country. He
ihows, however, that the practice in
the navy is to play "The Star
Spangled Banner" nt morning colors
snd "Hnll Columbia" nt evening
on nll ships in commission nnd nt
naval stations where there nre
A W'arnlnK from I,o.
"We nro absoultely sure," said tho
western man, "that Germany thinks
ever and ever so much of us, and
tvouldn't do a thing to harm us for
the world."
"How do you know?" asked the Indian
"Because Prince Henry is coming
over hero to present our leading
nnd officials with beautiful cigarette
cases ami sleeve buttons and
other vuluuble souvenirs."
"Listen, O white man," said the Indian,
earnestly; "listen to the voice
of snd experience. Do not be too
trustful. When the Europeans first
(sited our country they made us
beautiful jiresents of glass beads nnd
lackknlvcs. And now they nro trying
to make us cut our hair nYid wear
tuspenders!" Washington Star.
;iv- llliu a Chance.
"Felix Barnwell wants to run for
ongrcKS," snid Farmer Clayton, looking
up from his paper.
His wife ncurly dropped n pau of
dough. ,
"KunJ" she exclaimed. "Land snkesl
jny liyie be wants to run he oughter
have the ehnuce, He's so lazy he can't
even wjnlk f ast moat of tho time." Chi
:ugo Post.
A Lecture r Celenel Jarllfjc
Wm Nat KMilrelr '
Clilldraa. - J"
"Well. now. my cr h'ral j
friends." suavely began PIhkJc' 3m
lick, u moss-grown Arkansaw, mtt"
tlclnn. who had dropped In tu rMfr
tho school nt Polkvllle, relate PadC
"I have been nsked by your Iti L
nnd, I may say, intellectual
sor. to edifv you with a few
choscn words, nnd I don't see' kdir I
can do so in any better manair
by tellin' you n little
young friends, which is strictly; p
and lias a moral appcuueu.
"Once upon a time wj
weddin' nnd durin' the fettTHiPtr,
which follcrcd immediately aftr, tha
hnppy couple hnd been made one,
to describe the Intcrcstln' protean,,
n brother-in-law of tho bride, who
hnd shamelessly sneaked a large fag
of whisky Into tho house, accua
brother-in-law of the'gmom 0f
the said jug from under the betl.j
whur lie hnd hid it and craftily
In' It In nnothcr place unknown to V
the original and likewise Infuriated
owner of the jug; for he whjj em
pliaticnllvthat kind of a man, chil
dren, nnd had red hnir!
"Thnrupon they fought! ,They
fought like catamounts over that
thar mizzablc jug of whisky! Every
body present took sides before long,
nnd for a spell there was one of tho
prettiest little fights that I ever had
the pleasure of witncssln'. Hoees
were broken and heads skinned; ihe
fiddler of the occasion had his instrument
broken on his skull IHte a
gourd, nnd I reckon the lodies palled
hair enough out of each other's ,
bends to have stuffed a
The dogs got tromped on and retorted
by bltin' people, and the hou
caught fire from the overturned
stove and one whole end was burst
off. Of course thnt stopped the festivities
for the time bcin'; but it watt
mighty near two years before aiasae
of the gents ceased to shoot aT eaek
other whenever it came handy. Ad
nll over one mizzable jug of
1 rom this we should learn but, who
enn tell me what I am tryln' to sjit
"I can!" chirped one
lau, close up in froht. "You wa
to guess what finally became oj
jug!" J
Some lloonia Are Kept Mncfc
"Warm While Other Are Net
Warm Unoturh.
Much of the discomfort experiep
In our winter home life is due t
extremes of temperature foun
various parts of the house. S
rooms are kept much too w
dnnrK 111 1 I'll f nflntl Vl lff nnon
tween rooms, thus communicating u$ '
as to equalize matters. It Is Pt'll
economy to shock our bodies by nd 5' ,
hing from 75 degrees in the Bittff.
room to 00 degrees or less In tho pas-,
sage and dining-room or bnthroomS.
says the Popular Health Magazine.
The floors of many dwellings are 5V
never comfortnble, nnd special footwear
is desirable to bo used on arising.
Woolen slippers or overshoes,
galoshes, etc., may bo worn for thi
purpose, and will keep the animal
heat in the body at this point of contact
with the cold, cold world. He-member
the first impressions are
very lnsting, and our bodies ate
grateful for a little protection and
encouragement offered In the morn
ing hours, when the life forces are
awakening for their task. .A little
tontion of this kind often determines
iuu uimospnero oi ine wnoie clay. r
an an weainers ine
should be at a lower tempera tu: rSt
than the living room, and moro fresh'
air should be allowed to enter. la
the very bitterest weather there an
often enough cracks in the windows
to nllow of fairly good ventilation,
even though the window be closed.
It is specially when double casements '
ami weather strips nre used that allowance
for air entrance should he
made. This applies only to the very
cold seasons, when the thermometer
shows a temperature of zero or thereabouts.
I'lnm Pnddlnic Croquette.
Plum pudding croquettes is a form'
of dessert in which the shortening'
nnd Tinstrv Ingredients nro lifk nut:
A pint of milk is heated to the tcnidjj
stage unci nuo it is crumuieci a large
cupful of stale bread crumbs from
which the crust has been cut. Cover
and let stand where It will keep hot,
but not cook, for half an hour. Add
to it one well beaten egg, two
of sugar, of a
tenspoonful of salt, one-eighth of a
tcaspoonful each of nutmeg and
cloves, one-quarter of n tcaspoonful
of cinnamon nnd one cupful of
chopped fruit raisins, citron nnd
currants. Mix nnd set nslde until
cold. Lightly flour the hands and
form the mixture into tiny cro
quettcs. Dip ench Into slightly
beaten egg, then roll In fine cake and
bread crumbs. Drop into smoking
hot fat and cook golden brown.
Srvi with vnnilln snucn. N. Y. Pnf
Turnip Charlotte,
Boll white turnips until tender;
drain nnd pass through a fine sieve.
To one cupful of turnip add
of a teaspoonf til of salt, a dash of
white pepper, a grating of nutmeg and
one-quarter of a cupful of thick cream,
and, lastly, the whites of
three eggs. Bake in a buttered mold,
standing in a pan of water until the
center becomes firm. Turn out nnd
serve with n hot Miuee made of two
tublespoonfuls each of butter and
Hour and out- cupful of stock (white)
well flavored. Observer.
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