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,4 rA!
Wo are authorized to announco
candidate to represent the First Dis-
jt or Kentucky in Uoncress, suojecc
'Lto tho action of the Democratic party.
Mav 21th is tho dav to voto for
2'sOllie James for congress.
l a r
Fthi If nil the candidates for speaker
rou?of the next House are eleoted the
ftwijaoxt session of the legislature will
,of bo a "battle of the captains."
Lthf Marriage License.
i R H Simpson and Miss Bessie
S E Abner and Miss Minnie A
Granville Lindsey Dead.
Mr. Granville Lindsey died
tho home of Iub son, Mr. Joseph
Lindsey, Friday the 2lBt. The in.
tormont took plaoe at tho Love
graveyard Saturday.
"Undo Granville," as he waa familiarly
known was in his 82d
year. He was well known in the
county: a few yoara ago he was a
familiar figure in Marion on public
days. Of a most friendly, jovial
disposition, a fluent talker, socially
inclined, he usually had a circle
of listonors whom ho delight-
"'fully entertained. He leaves two
sons, Nathan and Joseph, both
, highly respeoted and useful citizens.
MB I p
City Ordinance.
Tho Oity Council of tho city of
Marion do ordain as follows:
That tho amendment to section
eight, of Ordinance 15, of the or
dinances of the oity of Marion
Ky., passed and approved on tho
llthdnyof March, 1902, be and
tho samo is hereby repealed, and
when so repealed tho said original
section is and shall read
.r& follows:
To persons who are druggists in
rood faith, to retail spirituous and
vinous liquors at tho drug storo in
quantities not loss than a quart,
tho liquor not to be drnnk on the
promises or adjacent thoroto, and.
:o soli in quantities less than a
quart, for modioinal purposes only
oil tho prescription of a regular
practicing physioian, two hundred
and tifty dollars por year.
Passed and approved March 24,
J. W. Blue, Jr., Mayor.
J. 0. Bouiiland, Clerk.
Administrator's Notice, ,
All porsons having olniins
rtgainst tho estato of J. E. Arilsck'
A'lII pleaso present tuosamo to mo
it onco, and all parties knowing
chomselves to bo indobtod to tho
cstnto by account or note will
pleaso call and sottlo on or boforo
April 15th. W. H. Arflack.
It Blackford Ky.
Wo have boforo us a lengthy
oiroular issuod by Mr. Sam Cross-land,
who is, anil has boon for many
months, n candidato for tho
Democratic nomination for con-gross.
Tho circular is nn attack
upon tho Domooratio
al district coramittoo, and an ofTort
to discredit tho action ot tho
in tho calling of tho primary
election. Tho committee, it
seems, did not adopt Mr. Cross-land's
plans, and ho attompts to
raiso a groat huo and ory about
and "rascally election
The committoo met in
session, as is customary in
distriot, Btato and national committees,
and this woli known party
usage moves Mr. Grassland to
talk about "locked doors." Mr.
Grassland was at Faducah, and in
the committoo room, aud could
have asked tho committoo for an
audience, had he desired one, and
doubtless would have boon granted
one, but this ho failed to do.
and now seeks to make capital fori
his personal consumption out of touching
tue regularly hold meeting of the
committee. This louks veiy like
the action of a man who, having
no meritorious claims, sooks to
play tho demagogue in an effort to
prejudice the people against tlio
committee. Anothor insidious of-fort
along tho same lino and with
tho same motive in view is his reference
to the resolutions adopted
Wo are still supplying Mr. OroBsland in tlio ..lark
fourths oi tno town ana
with Embroideries. The
reason we
1 1
iro selling
are, is because we
them for about 50
jer cent, less than they can bo
jought elsewhere. Cliftons.
as "cut and driod." Tho rosolu
tions offered by tho gentloman
from Maytiold, who represented
tho ohairman of tho Graves county
committee, were by no moans
damp, and strange to note, they
woro out to fit exactly tho wants of
Mr, CroBsland. Perhaps this was
merely a coincident, and no doubt
Mr. Grassland is very grateful to
tho Mayfiold lawyer for arranging
tho timoly coincidenco. Anothor
objeotion offered is tho timo fixed
for tho primary. It is too early
to suit Mr. Grassland. Lot us soo
about this. Ho haB boon an avowed
candidato for montlu, and
his acquaintance of long
standing in a mini bo r of tho counties,
ho has boon in n numbor of
them, pushing his fight. Two yoars
ago the committoo mot in Fulton
April 17, and called
elootion for Juno 2, only
days intervening between tho
call and tho dato of the primary,
This year thero are seventy days
intervening a month longor. In
a numbor of tho primaries heretofore
held, one of tho candidatos
was in congress and August was
selooted to give him from .'50 to 00
days in whioh to mako tho canvass
ttftor the adjournment of congross.
Mr. Grassland is an older man
than Mr. James, and ho has had
official prominonco in a largo portion
of tho district, and ho has
had every opportunity that other
men havo had to extend his ac-
Suaintance. In 1890, when tho
aily newspapers dosortod tho party,
and many of tho old londors
stood aloof and gavo comfort and
counsel to tho onomy, there was a
Macedonian cry in oyory dirootion
from tho people for holp, and it
was a warm grooting that tho do-fenders
of tho old faith rocoivod
from tho pooplo, whothor thoy
were now in on on tho stago of action
or the fow faithful lofrof tho
old guard to rally tho forcep uronnd
tho now declaration ji'
onco and tlio greitl leadur
days? Thon again, in lh"') and
1890 tho harvost was grord ind land
ors fow, and tho tesfot ilty
ttui luyolty was tho exortii .i f
eyory powor and talont a l).m..
ornt had for tho cause; thosattii t
called for tho sturdy giants and
-V ' ' '' ' '
JT vr "A
I . "
'Mt l'W &i ,i .,i.r. ,eIIjL ;
. . . . . . . ,
qhw k. k. - w l Aw jM V 2KBK"!BlKtfK'4BnH tfBKcHiB)R an!nn2nn2Unn!UnbBV?nnKi A 0
ELa3n'7 " rr F4rrFP PF9 rP7FFFrFFFFJF Fryiyy " dBUW
HL?PV " m m mr m W .
i m firs. Ofirio. T. Franks' Millindry Establishment!!!
r J -.. mb X kl'i
iflfc I Will be an Emporium of Beauty, Elegance and Loviliness on Thuriday, rnuay ana Saturday, March i W
Lv nTnV Y - JB....l..M.m
27. 28 and 29. when she iill nave ...
1 , 1
El 1 I 'I
u '
1 1
Hi h f
:l '
h r
7 . ,
the sacrifices men make for the
cause they love. Where was Mr.
Grassland then? It was a time for
men to give test of their oourage, J
and tasto ot tliat talent that lito
thorn for public service. Yet with
those groat opportunities, yea,
great duties then at
hatiil, Mr. Grassland, after a career
of public offioe, months of canvas-sing
and soventy days to visit
thirtoon counties, seeks to gain
prominence by an attempt to dis
credit established party usages.
May 24, will be as leisure timo
as thero is with the farmers of this
district until the tobacco crop is
housed. The corn will have been
nlan (an a ri a vtaci A mI m nnl
land, it appears,
his mom and oil
this basis, but
til ft nnintntttna.
hoping to be tl
any discontent
His ory for til
the facts, is as m
services, as shoti
the yoars most
Oirouit court
oitv Monday
Nunn presiding!
began its work.i
the jurors:
J. E. Dean fc
kin. T. 0. Oami
erton. A. J. Dm
J. L. Settles,
that timn is an nanr n InimirA inn. I ' .. .. 8'11
ment as come to our people before
Another of Mr. Grassland's
is the secret ballot. The
secret ballot has always been the
oustom in Congressional primaries.
Probably he has "been
up against it down bis way and
has some unpleasant memories
the result it sometimes
produces. The largest msjoritiu
eror eiren ej the Democrats ot
this distriot, resulted from votes
cast by secret ballot. Were they
rascally eleotion officers in 1890,
Mr. Grassland, when Bryan had
13,000 majority in tho Gibraltar?
Mr. Grassland objects to tho
Bryan and Beckham qualifications.
Ho is ovidontly expooting help
from tho holtors. Does he believe
that tho men who fought
Bryan and Bookham Bhould nominate
the candidate for Congress?
Tnat is tho logical conclusion
from Iub' "kick." Let them nil
return, but first give us evidence
of good faith by a good, square
Democratic voto at a regular
Tho exponso of a primary
troubles Mr. Crossland, and so it
does all of us. Tho Press heartily
wishos it could bo oliminated, but
it is a thing, it seems, that has
como to stay. Tho committee
mndo the bost provisions possiblo
for this foaturo, and practically
asks tho Democrats of oaoh
to hold tho olootion without
chargo for officers, and each committeeman
assured tho committoo
tho primary that this would bo dono, except
the gentloman who roprosentod
McGraoken oounty, and no is one
of tho two who supported Mr.
Grassland's resolution. He tells
tho committoo that tho election
officers in his county must bo
paid, unci then supports Mr.
Grassland's resolution whioh
makes no provision for payment.
A littlo consistency should be
mixed up with these matters,
ovon if Mr. Grassland's opportunity
for buncombo is reduced a
Mr. Grassland's gratuitous
of tho ten members of
the committee who did not see tho
matter ss tho lawyor from
and tho mo moors from
saw it, 'is amusing. These
mon havo character and standing
at home: thoy woro the men who
managed the fight for Bryan and
Bockham; they havo boon trusted
in party councils, and tho results
in 1899 and 1900 show that their
pooplo aro with thorn. Mr. Gross-land
iB the first man to denominate
them politicians,"
Lot tho fight go to the people, lot
the olootion officers be selected, as
provided by tho committee, from
tho frionds of oaoh of the candidates.
Lot ability and fitness for
tho oflico, faithfulness and creditable
party sorvice be the cri
terion to govern tho voto, and all
will bo woll, It was hoped that
the canvass would bo pitched on
this high plane, but Mr. Grow-
W. Walker am
The followii
it jury:
a. R. Grimi
Jas King, R, p
Brantley, T.
Grimes, Chas
T. A. Minner,
G. H. King, W
Brown, Hugh 3
nnnaa w ml
kin, A. DeaHj ' I
The followini
disposed of:
ruiiBon. ?
by comma
Irs. Kittm
dopant a
st lish millin
hi frionds to
an look over j
lo itod in the
ot uoor so
sb 0, A cor
ac to the at
ly tore. The'
R h Thomai
tllHonry a
Sloial ntton
dnsmaking. f.
H ikin He
p )o Thursd
d . Evorv
t to fittendf.
v y pupuiar m
tl 1 oity and
r. R. G.
1 aday for
t ) homo.
t host wish
a neigunon
li in the
L'arcati UIP
3st j (notes'
jfera t ftt'
btise prejiHi'O,
Iwnet 'my
ftJ a' wn y
Ipty as wore 'is
by MsliM
ijjveneu n iu
me, lua ". J.
I The gran 1 jury
bo foil jwir nro
nan. 0 L Kan-
ill, 0 W How-
J, L E C -k, jr.
JL Harfx'dmK,
;,() n IVia. T.
G Jacuia.
mposa tie pet-
H I bullivan,
Flanarr J. G.
Wotluni J, W.
kn, t I Brown
' flanunding,
c. J. W.
W. D,
. Ran
cajejhre boon
Tom and Din Todd, aialioious
shooting, contilied bjdofonso.
Loonad Hnrjlfurnis ng liquor
to minor, finedJpJ
J. O. Brown Jorecrv dismissed
Gid Woodslgal Jting, dis.from t10
urrel SiecaKediirDn. contin
rtas.st rocoivod
titeuivo lino of
g'jot'iand dosiros
adu soo hor and
r sick, one is
i Caueron stand,
of Hnynes' drue
fprety assistants
bom of her
e issos Bryant,
AlIiBarnos, Mar-
nnnio Wilcox.
a w.l bo crivon to
Tbs department
wi bo underijie hargo of Mrs.
OMiing will take
'.Frdayand Satur-e
it cordially
Ms Kittingor is
ttl "tho pooplo of
rtjand family loft
norma, tuoir in-e-
take with thorn
0 their old frionds
They woro
t.i neicrMbornood.
vn ro they havfrosided fur many
s, ana as tliiy left thoir
gav tuarx an ovidonco of
r apprtoiautn in thn nhnnn of
per beVinI testimony to tho
1 worm V tin doctor nnd fnm.
sooially, ohlly and as
iles and
will bo at MARIW, SATURDAY
IIL Cth, to buyitinda of nn!o8
adds high nnd ovora horsoH lffito
hands. Will pay hlAgt caah
mo to Plorco'u StabI
Ichted nt
Lights and Shades jj
Why can't our hons lay Knstor
If wa must havo mora winters,
let thorn 1)0 short.
Potronioiis Clifton, it is
will pnrtioipnto in tho Old Fid.
dler's contest. .
Orittondon oounty hoof would be
A Spring Pootn
"Stick to your llanuols, Johunio,
Until thoy stick to you."
Borne of tho buttor rotailod in
Marion must havo got mixod up
in that limburghor choo.io raokot
at Nashvillo.
It is not known whothor "Noro"
is to bo in tlio Old Fiddlors'
or not. Ho is cortninly
so far as ngo is concornod.
Whon Ollio Jnmos rises to a
point of order in tho House of
Roprosentntivos Bomobody will
havo to sit down.
Tho gontloman who stucks up
against Ollic Jamos in tho forth,
coming olootion ought to havo a
bump of hope largo enough to
hang his hat on.
Gapt. II. M. Cook, who rotirod
stirring occupation of
.; i i ..r ii... f: tiii
tn ..l.li tifinliill rnol .1.1. 1 4lln4 I a
"" Minwii huwuh ' "' cent, on
(iiiiot ronoso so often and so abso
lutely nocossary for ovorworkod
porsons of norons
has grown roalivo, and insomnia,
produced by unaccustomed inactivity
warns him of tho danger of
sod'uitary habits, and ho has
to work his Ohio river hot-torn
farm this yoar.
Ollio Jamos stood at tho cash
ioi'o window of tho Marion Bank
tho othorday, whon tho outordoor
oponod and ono of thoso littlo
skinny, fourloon to n do.on mon
blow in, Looking up at tho
figuro of our fuluro
and taking in his large,
woll put up form ho asked:
"Say, Miator, how muoh do you
"Two hundred and
pounds," wns tho rathor abrupt
oT Mr Jainoo.
Plaoing his hand on tho woll
filled coat sloovo nnd slightly pressing
tho roundod muscular
skinny said:
"Woll, I boliovo I'could put you
"No doubt," sayB Ollio, 'Tvo
soon mon that thought thoy could
tip ovor tho court houso, and yot
thoy couldn't mako a living."
Look at
A. M. Henrys Prices
I shall continue until furthor
notico to sell for cnsli only nt
pricos quotod
21 pound brown Hugnr for 81.
20 oumls (,'rnnulntcd sugar for 91.
Three Can . Toumtocn for 25c.
Throo cans Corn for 2.1o.
10 pounds EvnjiorntcdPcAchos for WXs.
5 gnllons ConrOIl for OTic.
, 0 pRckngon Arm nnd Ilmnmor Soda
tor 25c.
1 can Chipped Hoof, worth 15c, at 10c.
Codnr Water Iluukut for 25c,
Ono 7 Inch ProBorvo Stand, worth Il5o,
for 20c.
One sot Tumblors, worth 25c, for l&o.
Everything nluo in tho Iiouho nt tho
yory lowest pricos. Roinombor, nothing
nt ttitso pricos go on tho books.
a- r LA j,. K"
"" I'J At-
ifW J Z iMi
: ra i i ... w
M fik :: Mrs. Franks and Miss Ina Woods have just returned from the Eastern Marlets where tney remained two weeks gathering iL
r "i a s m . ma ill s i 1 t'tti
li: ' All the LATEST and BEST "things ill tne iri"ery Line. f
M : s 4 . . -TH I W
i: Imported Pattern Hats,
j; Ready-to-Wear Hats,
$ 3: Ready to Trim Hats,
j 9bc9M
fi. O.WALKER, . Publisher
OBITUARIES: Not oxcooding 10 linos
pill do puDiisuca i roe oi cnarge. ah
ttn 10 linrui f nnnfa nAV linn
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of Every Description,
Large Line of Notion
Pretty Stuffs for Neckwear.
Fine Dress Trimmings.
K I Remember the days of the Easter Opening. if A Cordial Invitation is Extended to all
To Till lisirlif Public.
Tho result of Uw Fire iMurc&ca
bunineM in the Ualted 8tt
the Beoamttr ot a marked kerM i
in the lira preaiHBM ob UBpreftUbh
cIammm. On umlerwritlntf account hh
jwtrativoly few companies bars for Uw
juiHt ilve year made aajr profit. TMrn
h onfjr one millionaire Company iWis
ltualnctM In Marlon, Kr., that made an
underwriting profit during the Tear 1901.
Kuch profit a has bees earned haa n
earned Iim befl from lafeetmeut account,
which would have bee more
curUinlr earned had the Taai aoumu
latlon which haa ba held to secure tin)
capital boen exempt from the dasger of
conllaarraMoa hazard.
Capital iQreated and havlwr h Wal
niiua can dahij wuauraw irom
nnnrnninlorl iNlmi. wnnlil Inl "0n, W" ,r9 UUproataWej ami B the
moro npproc otod if tlioy would lot ,oxefcJj(eof thla w m yui tmwnto
tho cow roally dio boforo cooking J caplUl, In tho aggregate, haa be with-it.
I drawn not ooljr from our State but from
other otalee, and aouxht iBveetment
where I Li tecuritr la not ImperikKl. If
capital does not yield a profit its invest
mont will not Im coatinuod. Thle has
Iran emphasized in Marion, Kr., by tho
retirement from this field of lee com
panics, or about 37 percent, of the wnoIa
number doing business here. Some of
thceo companlM Wtour town and our
8Ute and the United g tales); after a
eerieit of diaastrous ezprteci eeverinK
a period of ten years.
Wo have had addd to tne ordinary
danvors with which coninva4ss), Jum
Icarktd to deal, the ever yresswt ami
hidden danm of eiectricitf. It M cer
tain that ioeee bare been vastly in
creased by this danger wltk which con
panics are not as yet able to akxiiately
contend. Kvcrythlng making jwwer,
heat aud light fa con trolled by tan fire
underwriting organization because itw
li not permitted until scientific lavestl
Notions are made and jreneral safeguards
roiualrcd, but the electric danger kuwt
yet fully ascextained.
unucr insirucuons Irom our com
panirs, in pursuance of the recent action
In ;sow lork City increaaing fire in
suranco raUw throughout the Ualtml
Statwieast of tho Rocky Mountains, tho
members of tho Marion board of Flrn
Underwriters have advanced rates jier
risks In this dtr. uhtrt tn
certain exceptions. The companies, in
doiuanding this increase, explain that
theso matters are forced upoa them by
the enormous and unparalled Iomm in
tho last three years and the first two
months of thfa year. The aRgnvato
louse of 1000 were $101,000,000; in 1901,
1G7,000,000; and the first two mouths
of lOOa, 17,000,000, which would be at
tho rate of the appalling total of $410,.
000,000, for he present year.
The Marion Hoard of Fire Under
writers has used, in adjusting the in
creased rates, such latitude as was left
in their power for the conservation of
tho interests of their customers, in making
exceptions to the general inenwe.
exempting, among others, dwellings and
tnolr content, private stables and contents,
brick mercantile buildings,
churc ids, school house and othor public
building buildings.
Marion lloard of Fire Underwriters.
J. S. Hknkv, President.
T. J. Yah niu.t.,
Jno. II. Moksk,
Tom ahu Lkvi Cook,
.1. R. Fihucv.
UKO. M. Cuidkk, Socrotary.
Call Early Before Supply
Is Exhausted.
Every $1 worth of Medicine, Toilet
Articles, Perfumery or other Druggist
Sundries you' buy and pay for at regular
market price wo give you 11 of tho
Every 50c worth you got 0.
Every 25o worth you get 2.
Our lino is comploto and up-to-date. '
Wo will appreciate your trade.
R. F. HAYflES.
Now open fcr engagements,
High olass music furnished at
reasonablo prices. A good Or
ohestra in connection,
For particulars, prices, etc., cal-v
on or write
C. P. Ngl

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