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K. 0. WALKER, - Publisher
u g nk rl
I 1 KJ ilk C
j InsuranceCompn
T CASH ASSETS OVER $15,000,000
f Buranco in town or county Uatm
or inntallinont payments, unveal
rates guaranteed. Your busIncBH
promptly ami accurately trammeled.
Your patronage, will bo appreciated.
J. H. MORSE, Agent, HarlonjKy 1
J. W. Pritoholt Ifllill pays 10c.
for eggs.
Mr. W. I). Bnlrd wns in
Mr.R. N. Walkor is still
to his room.
Mr. John W. Wilson was in
lust wook.
Mr. Thomns Cochran wns in St.
L mis Inst wook.
Tho stroot sprinklor hns boon
pnl in operation.
Mr. O. T. Wallnco, of Sturgis,
attondod the Taylor loolure.
Pritchett, nt Olndstono, pays Fo
par pound for old lions.
Mrs. Riohard Crowo hns be on
dangerously ill for Bovornl dnys.
Dob Loo Phillips will hnvo
load of fish at Nunus Saturday
Bring us all your ginsatig.
Ohio Vnlley Produco Co.
Miss Molvillo Glonn hns
from n visit to friends in
Mrs. Harry Dnuiols wns tho
guost of friends in Paducah last
Mrs-S. II. llodgo of Princoton
spoilt Sunday with frionds in Ma-lion.
Mr. mid Mrs. II. 0. Glonn, of
Crnynovillo, uttondod tho Taylor
Mrs. J. II. Ormo and Mrs. John
W. Bluo havo roturnod from Un-i
Mra W. D. Caiman, of Sturgis,
was tho guost of hor frionds horo
t'lis woek,
Don't soil your wool until you
gut our pricoB.
Ohio Valloy Prodwco Co,
Mr. Arthur Sohwab and son Mil.
ton spout Suuiiny with rolntivos
in this city.
Mr. Zed Bonnolt, of Smithlnnd,
came to tho oily Tuosdny to hoar
Gov. Taylor.
Mr. and Mra. J. W. Good loo
sgout Sunday with Mrs Clara Low-
roy of Frodonia.
Mr. Lou Cook and wifo wont to
Paducah last wook and will niako
that thoir homo.
Miss Mabol Guoss ontortainod
hor frionds at hor homo in East
Marion Friday ovoning.
MIbs Maud Ilurloy ontortainod
n fow of hor young frionds nt hor
homo Thursday ovoning.
Don't fail to potronizo tho Mag-not
laundry. Good work guaran.
tood Jas Hioklin, ngont,
Missos Addio and Susio Boyd
wore among tho Salom pioplo that
attondod tho Taylor locturo.
Bring us your chickens and
oggs if you want tho topprioo in
Ohio Valloy Produco Co.
Miss Minn Whoolor roturnod
this weok from Ardmoro, T. T.,
whoro sho has visiting
Rov Jamos F. Prico roturnod
Friday from Ardmoro, I. T., after'
an absonco of sovoral wookP. Ho
conduotod a successful protractod
meetiug in that oity.
lour Choice
-OF A -
Delker Buggy
Corydon Wagon
Walter A. Wood Mowing
Machine and Hay Rake
To I lio person that inakeH the nearest
oh to tho numlxsrof shot contained
n the bottle on display in our show
window, Contest closea July 1th.
A Guess for each One Dollar Purchase.
Cochran & Baker,
Mr. J, E. Chitlondon was in Pa-
duenh last wook.
Mr. Frank Alloway, of Sturgip,
was in town Sunday.
Mr. J. P. Howors of Uniontown
wan in this city Monday.
Mr. Collins Wallor, of Morgnu
Hold, was in town Sunday.
Mr, G. II. Thomas has purchased
a rosidonco in East Marion.
Tako your old lions to Pritoholt
atGladstono and got Bo for thorn.
Mr. J. C. Parson, of Smithlnnd,
was in tho oity Tuosdny ovoning.
We have sold
Shoes for five
years. We guarantee every
pair of them, and
during all of these years
we do not remember of
ever having to pay one
cent rcclalmation. Do
you know of another line
in town that has such a
record? More style, more
service and more comfort
than you can find
elsewhere. CHftons.
Mr. and Mrs. J. 0. Gray, of
enmo to this city to hoar Tny.
Thoro woro sixty guests at tho
Franklin FIouso Tuosdny
Hon. C. 0. Grassham and wifo,
of Smithland, spout Thursday in
this city.
Mrs L. 0. Porry and son, of
aro tho gnosis of frionds nt
this plnco.4
Messrs Gus Dunn and J. E.
Chipps, of Birdsvillo, attondod tho
Taylor locturo.
Hound trip tickots to Hopkins,
villo Sunday, May 25th, will bo
sold at IK) conts,
Mr. It. L. Ormo, of Uniontown,
was in this city last wook mooting
his many frionds.
Minora! inapa of Orittoudon
county can bo soourod at this office
Prico 10c. onoh.
Miss Eunio Hoorlh, of
Ills., was tho guost of
frionds horo last wook.
Miss Emma Ruttor, of Hampton,
was among tho visitors in
town Tuosdny ovoning.
If you fool liko laying down ono
dollar and picking up two dollars,
just como in and look at tho jobs
wo havo in Mon's and Woman's
lino Shoos, Clifton's.
Tho good work of rocking tho
strools has beon commenced again
This is tho bost way of investing
tho oity funds.
Mr. J. B. Carlor and wifo, and
Mossrs. Olias LaRuo and G. L.
Wilson, of Lovios, woro among tho
Taylor audionco,
Mr T. 0. Jameson, of Guthrio,
was in town last wook. Ho is in-
torostod in somo mining
tics in ibis county.
Wo won't soil you a $15 Suit
for $7.50, but wo'U givo you a
hbttku Suit for $7.50 than you
can get olsowhoro for tho monoy.
Won't cost you n tent to test this
Pritoholt, at Gladstones, is paying
8o for old lions.
Mr. Dan Palton, of Frodonia,
was in town yostorday.
Mrs, S.-L. Rogors, of
is tho guost of rolativos in
Hub oity.
Miss Birdio Nunuh, of South
Carrollton, is tho guost of Miss
Matlio Honry.
MrB. Jonnio Harth, of Sturgis,
camo ovor Tuesday ovoning to
hoar Gov. Taylor.
Mrs. Josso Olivo and childron,
of Eddyvillo, aro tho gnosis of
Mr. and Mrs. R. N. Wolkoi.
Prof. W. 0. Cantorborry, tho
prominent instructor, of Grand
Rivors, attondod tho Taylor
A good, sound family horso for
Balo olioap.
Ohio Valloy Produco Co.
Mr. Harry Wirton, tho popular
druggist, and Dr. Ed Dnvonport,
of Hampton, attondod tho Taylor
Jamos Vick gavo bond
for his appearance at circuit
court, and ho loft with jailor
The swelicst line of
Neckwear, Socks, Shirts
and Collars in town at
Messrs. Robin and Mom
of Elizabolhlown, Illinois,
camo to this placo Tnosday to
hoar Taylor.
Tho Kohinoor Laundry gots tho
patronage bocauso iho pooplo have
found that it does tho bost work.
Kearnoy Bluo, agont.
Mr. Charles E. Dallam, a prominent
businoss man of Hondorson
was in town this wook. Ho is
in mining.
Mr. 0. J. Koys, of Cleveland,
Ohio, was a guost at tho Franklin
Houbo this wook. Ho is looking
over tho minoral Held.
Mrs. S. Hodgo roturnod Monday
to hor homo in Princoton after
sponding soveral days with frionds
and rolativos in this cit.
A good buggy for salo.
J, W. Good loo.
Livingston county's handsome
and popular county attorney, Mr.
0. H. Wilson, of Smithland hoard
Gov. Taylor Tuesday ovoning.
Dr. 0. G. Mcroland. of Fords
Ferry, was in town Monday. Ho
roports health and minoral
both good in his sootion.
If you aro thinking of buying a
Suit of Olothos or a pair of Pants,
it would pay you bettor than any
investment you ovor mado, if
you'll como in and boo our lino
boforo you buy. Wo have tho
varioty to Boleot from, and they
aro right in stylo, right in quality
nud right in prioo. Clifton's i
Mossrs. N. R.Travis, Dr. Grass-ham
and Josso Farris, and Missos
Ada Franks and Duko Haydon,
camo to this oity Tnosday to hoar
Gov. Taylor.
Messrs R. W. Bingham, W. E.
Burk, W. J. McConathy, of Louisville,
stockholders of Wostern
Kontuoky Mining Co. woro guests
at tho Franklin Honso Sunday.
Mossrs Georgo and Robort Fob.
tor, took a lot of mules, and
to Carmi, 111. Tho stook was
purohosod by Mr. A. L. Patrick
during his last trip through this
Mr. Al. Withorspoon gavo tho
Press office a nico troat Monday
in tho shapo of somo largo, luscious
and toothsomo strawborrios,
Al. always knows how to touch a
printer's wonk spot,
Tho trustooB of tho Marion
school hnvo something loss than
a scoro of applications from which
to soloot a teaohor for tho vaoanoy
in tho corps;
I will soil round trip tiokots to
Cerulean Springs or to Dawson
Spriugs for $2; good to roturn Oo
tobor 31st, 1902.
L, Johnson, I, 0, Agt,
Mr, J. B. Hubbard was in Salom
Mr. J, W. Guoss, of Tolu, was
in town Monday.
Mr. Burko Wallaco, of Prince-ton,
was in town Tuosday.
A fow gontlomon boardors wan
tod. Mrs. J. W. Goodloe.
Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Butler, of
Smithland, attondod tho Taylor
Dr. I. II. Clomont and wifo, of
Tolu, woro in this city Tuosday
Wanted, ono hundred pair of
livo equirrols. No fox squarrols.
Ohio Valley Produco Uo.
Judgo Tom Evans, of Smith
land, camo to this city to hoar
Gov. Taylor.
Tho special illustrated odition
of tho Phess will appoar about
Juno 15th.
Rov. J. S. Honry willj preach
tho funoral sormon of Frank
who died soveral weeks ao,
at Crookod Crook church, Sunday
morning at 11 o'clock.
Every day sees some
bargains here. Some
days there are special
bargains. Test the mat
ter for your own satisfaction.
Come in just
any day and get our
prices; they'll save you
money. - CHftons.
Mr. Fred Dyor, of Sturgis, was
with tho party of Sturgis pooplo
who camo to hoar Gov. Taylor.
MiBB Laura Wood, of Piney
spont Tuesday with friends bore
and attondod the Taylor leoture.
FOR SALE A good work
mulo. For cash or on timo.
Goo. M. Cridor.
Mossrs. Will Wallaco and Jerry
McGill, two prominent business
men of Sullivan, were in town yos
Craynovillo was well
at the Taylor looture. Eight
ladies and gentlomon of that place
were among tho audionce.
To euro hoadacho try old J. B.
T. 0. E. Doss.
Missos Nora Board, Sallio Mo-Clusky,
and Miss Smith, throe
pretty young ladies of Sturgis, attended
tho Taylor locturo in this
Jamos Ingram loft Sunday for
Memphis, Tenn. Ho has
a position with the Memphis
& Tennessee Furniture Co. of that
A numbor of nico, largo, well
ventilated rooms, in sooond story,
for rent at roasonablo ratos.
2t J. P. Piorce.
We can show you tho largest
and prettiost lino of Summer
Dress Goods at 7Jo, lOo, 15o and
20o in town. Supposo you como
in ami look at them? Wo'll show
you somo bargains that you can't
find olsewhoro. Clifton's.
Miss Kitty Coram, of Berry
Ferry, ono of Livingston oounty's
bost toaohers, camo to tho oity to
hoar Gov. Taylor, and was a guost
at tho Franklin Houso Tuosday
and Wodnosday.
Missos Nettio Grassham,
Alvis, Pearl Glassgor, Ruby
Glasco, and Mossrs, J. H. Stovons,
J. 0. Piorco, Goo N. Groon, J. B.
Piorco, J. G. Guoss, J. M. Piorco,
W. M. Grassham, prominent
of Salom, hoard Gov. Taylor
Tuosday ovening.
Tho Hopkins county grand jury
roturnod indictments against 47
physioiaus of that county for failing
to make official reports of
deaths and births, Orittonden
county doctors aro not tho only
physioianB that havo failed to
comply with this law.
Rov. Conway was oallod to Now
Bethel last wook to uolomnizo tho
marriago of Mr. Aiken Book and
Miss Lavina Young, popular
young peoplo of that neighbor-hood,
The wedding took plaoo at
the rosideuco of Mr Taylor Young
tho brido'j fathor. A largo number
of friends were present,
Mr. Hi Wallaco, of Sturgis, was
in town Tuosday.
Miss Lona MoNooly has
from Nashvillo.
Miss Emma Hammond returned
from Paducnh Sunday.
Mr, Ely Nunn, of Rodnoy,
tho Taylor locturo.
Miss Anna Flnloy visitod hor
frionds at Moxico this wook.
SorvicoB woro hold at tho Christian
church Sunday morning and
A numbor of pooplo from hero
attondod tho baptizing at Ropton
Mr. Ed Doss and family havo
moved into their new rosidonco on
South Walkor stroot.
Toachors' examination was hold
in this city Friday nntf Saturday.
A number of applicants for certificates
woro examined.
Tho Paducah Elks' carnival was
a groat succosss from a financial
standpoint. Tho Elks chared
about $7,000 above oxpensos.
Dr. W. T. Daughtory has ronted
tho Olivo rosidonco on East
stroot, and will again bocotno
a pormanont citizen of Marion.
Some days ago Horaco Wathon,
son of Mr. G. 0. Wathon, of tho
Hobron neighborhood, loft homo
to go to Cavo-in-Rock, 111. Ho
intended to cross tho rivor in a
small rowboat. Sinco leaving
home nothing has boon heard of
him, and his frionds aro alarmed
about his absence Ho oxpoctod
to roturn tho day ho loft. It is
fearod that he was drowned.
Deeds Recorded.
E. M. Lindlo to Lulu T. Rooso,
land oi Trade water.
J. T. Davis to A. T. Davis, land
on Tradowator, $145.
H. L. Culloy to R. N. Grady,
22A acres near Ohio rivor, $507
Five por cent, penalty will bo
addod to all unpaid school tax on
Saturday, May 24th, 1902. Poy
your tax and save trouble and cost
H. A. Haynes, Troas.
Big Damage Suit.
Maok Edwards, of Hopkins
oounty, has filed suit against Mrs.
Honry Cameron, of this oity, asking
for $10,500 damogos. Tho
plaintiff allogos that without sufficient
reason Mrs. Cameron had
him arrested on tho charge of forgery,
and had him confined in jail
Edwards was arrested on tho
charge of forging a name to a
ohook and scouring Mrs Cameron's
endorsement last August. Tho
caso came up in tho last term of
oourt for trial, but tho caso was
dismissed by tho Commonwealth.
HII -. I I I
Linen Shower.
Mrs. R. F. Haynes gavo a handsome
roception on Tuesday afternoon
in tho form of a "linen
shower," in bohalf of hor friend,
Miss Jennio Boll, ono of the May
brides who weds Mr. Carr, of
Sturgis, Ky May 21st.
After a lavish and replenishing
shower of linen, tho guests woro
delightfully ontortained by most
excellent musio rondorod by Mre.
Jonkins and Miss Lily Doss.
Reoitations were indulged in by
Misses Rosa Sohwab, Bettio Big-ham
and Sadio Rankin.
Refreshments woro served in a
beautiful maunorby tho congenial
hostess, after which long and
hearty toasts woro drank to tho
brido. Tho following was oiforod
by ono very oloquont friond:
"May your 'Carr' of matrimony bo
loaded with tho riohost froight;
may it bo drawn by tho locomotivo
of Truo Lovo; may it bo superintended
by tho conductor of Poaco;
may its brakosman bo ono of Joy,
and its ongineor guido by tho oyo
of Faith, while tho throttle of
may bo closod forovor;
may the provido for a
rato that movos lo tho timo of
'Sweet Bolls' always in timo.
Mill for Sale.
A 20 horso power portablo engine
and saw rig; out off saw ami
sdgor, making a good saw mill
and outfit; all praotioally now. A
bargain, For particulars addross
J J May,
Gw Oarrsville, Ky,
Plans for Obtaining the United
States Geological Survey.
Roforonco was mado in last
wook's issuo of tho Press to tho
groat advantagoB that would
from a and export
examination of this minoral district
by mombors of tho United
Statos Goological Survoy. Mr.
Ulrioh, who had the matter in
chargo somo yoars ago, and wlioso
work has proven to bo
corroot, so far as our
voins aro mapped was uppoaled
to in behalf of tho district for n
fuller and moro complete examination;
his reply follows:
Department of tho Intorior,
United StatoB Goological Survoy.
Washington, D. 0 , May 10, 1002.
Mossrs. Bluo & Nunn, Marion,
Ky. Dear Sirs: Tho mattor cf
completing my goological work in
your district is under advisemont
and if you and others will
and off or to tho Director
(through somo official source, or
suggested in my lottor to M .
Win. Marble), soy fivo hundn tl
dollars, I havo littlo doubt tl a
work will bo undertaken this
Bo in a hurry about it,
Tho work, as I shall rocommoi.d
It, will embrace (1)
of goo'ogical mops of tl.o
counties of Crittenden, Livingston
and Caldwell, each on a scald
of 2 miles to tho inch; (2) tl o
services of myself and ono of i ur
load and zino experts in tho fiVd
during ono month; (3) tho study
of spocimons and notes and pn
of full geological roports
during about two months of iis.t.
winter; and (4) tho publication f
results as a spooial bulletin by II o
If my plans aro carried out tho
results will, I believe, satisfy nM
roasonablo wants for somo timo tc
come. Trusting that you may
succeed in raising tho rolativc'y
small sum necessary to seouro our
co-operation, I remain,
Sincerely yours,
(Signed) E. 0. Ulrioh.
Crittenden county, through Mr.
Ulrioh's work, has benefitted vory
largely during tho last two yoars.
Tho amount of monoy paid for
mining labor having incroasod to
nearly $20,000 monthly, while tho
shipment of zino ores and fluor
spar has been in a corresponding
Caldwoll und Livingston counties
wero not so systematically exported,
and honco havo not li'id
that dogroo of prosperity in a mining
STho mapping out of the minoral
bearing voins in theso throe counties
will bo of inostimablo bonefit
to tho businoss men, landowners
and mining operators of theso
counties. Tho Press most earnestly
desires that the same dogroo
of prosporily that Crittenden on-joys
should extond throughout
Livingston and Caldwoll, and this
proposition of Mr. Ulrioh marks
the basis for such an onviablo stato
of affairs.
Crittenden county will quickly
raiso its proportion of tho $500
montionod, either as ono third,
ono half, or tho entiro amount; in
tho latter caso of course thoro
would bo a cortain indiiferonco as
.to tho survoy going boyond its
I bordors on the part of tho
What would bo tho bost method
in evory rospoot would bo for oach
t county to subsoribo its propor pi r
.tionofono third; 15 to 20 into--'
ostod pooplo, and thoro aro co.-
tainly a greator numbor iu oach
oounty, would quiokly mako tho
amount in $10 subscriptions.
Tho Press will rocoivo theso
subscriptions, and hopos to bo
ablo to announco in its noxt issuo
thdt tho $500 has boon fully pro-
vidod for. Aot promptly.
Writo W. W, Kimball Co.,
Ind., for catalogua and
copy of "Tho Notion's Songs"
fiee, ot

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