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Guorgo Williamson Crawford of
Ijirminghara, Ala., a negro, won an
orntorioal prizo at Yale.
Twelvo new producing oil wells
have been shot in tho Ragland
Hold near the town of HaltLlok,
It is stated that there will be
diroot cable communication be
twoon the United States and the
Phillipinna by July 4.
A motnorial tablet, commemora
ting tho signing of the treaty of
cossion of tho State of Louisiana
to tho United States waa unveiled
in Now Orloans.
The potitiou boforo the
conrt for a rehearing of the
Moaohnm anti-primary injunction
Hint was withdrawn on requoatof
Mr Moaoh.itn.
Railway casualties for the last
throo months in 1902 were U3S
killed and 11,872 injured, while
tho poouniary loss was $1,160,.
Tlnrty.tlve hundred employes
of tho Deenug Harvester Woras
in Chicago are on a strike. Less
than two thousand men remain at
The Republican State Central
committee will meet in Louisville
May 14th, to fix a date for State
conventions, whioh will be held
about June 18th.
Frost Thursday night caused
much damage to fruit and vegeta
bloa throughout Indiana. Dam
ngt is nlso reported in West Vir.
giuia and in parts of Kentucky.
Edison has a scheme for
billions of dollars worth of
gold that lie in the "low grade"
quartz gravel beds in lower California,
New Mexico, Arizona, and
Northern Mexico.
Members of the National Livo
Stock, Association have subscribed
$20,000,000 to form a co-operative
company to light the beef trust if
the projected merger is carried
ays tho Jury Stnttncsd to
Life Imprisonmint.
Tho jury returned a verdict of
guilty in the caBe of Jim Howard,
ohargod with the m order of Gov.
Win. Ooebel, and hie punishment
whs fixed at imprisonment for life.
Tho jury reached a verdict after
four balluts. On the final ballot
elovou jutora were for the death
poualty but ono held out against
it and the others finally agreed to
a lifo sentonoe.
Howard was unmoved by the
reading of tho verdiot, and was apparently
well pleased that he came
otr so woll. He has beon tried
throo timos for the murder of Goo
bol. In tho first trial ho received
tho death sentonce. A new trial
was granted. In the, second trial
he was sontonoed to lifo imprisonment.
Ho again secured a now
trial, nnd for tho sooond timo tho
lifo imprieonmo.it sentonco. A
motion mado 'Satprday for a new
trial was overrulod.'f Judgment
was arrested ponding an appeal
to tho Court of Appoals.
Wo'll give quito a bit to know
what a six monttis old baby thinks
It takos something more than
llio ability to give to beoome a phi
A mothor always says that hor
prottiest children "look liko my
Tho syndicate whioh floated the
Unitod States Steel corporation,
has beon dissolved with a profit of
$50,000,000. or 200 per cent. They
are also entitled to participation
in the syndicate to retire the preferred
Neither Cleveland nor Hill is
available presidential timber, according
to Representative A. S.
Burleson, of Texas, Gorman and
Parkor are both well liked, he
says, because they are "regular"
Tho summing up of the recent
decision of the Supreme Court in
tho Alabama suffrage 'case is said
to bo that any state has the exclusive
right to restriot suffrage. Sou
thorn Democrats say the decision
will clarify the situation in the
Russia has issued a disclaimer
of any designs on Manchuria that
will injure American trade. In
faot, Count Caeeini, the Russian
Ambassador, make it plain that
Amerioan goods are needed for the
development of that country, and
that importations there will be encouraged.
Fifty thousand laborers engaged
on subways and other excavations
in New York, demand a minimum
of $2 for a day of eight hours.
percent, of the labor-era
are Italians, who cannot speak
English. The Deering plant of
the International Harvester company
in Chicago was oloeed down
last week booause of a strike. Be
tween 6000 and 7000 person are
locked out.
China's refusal to aooede to the
Rusian demands is said to be
inite and final. Th Russian
Charge d'Affairea at Pekin is ored
ited with saying that the Japan
ese, English and Amerioans oatne
to Manchuria with a political ob
jeot, and that Russia's attempt to
exolude them is in self defence.
Whilo President Roosevelt is in
St. Louis the Cabinet will discuss
the Manohurian situation.
Mrs Fannie Bighau was born
Nov. 20th, 1817. S he was mar d
to W. H. Bigham September 4th,
1867, with whom she lived happily
until death called her home.
She had been a faithful member
of tho Presbyterian church atOha
pol Hill for twonty years. About
3 o'clock Wednesday evening,
March 18th, 1903, our Father in
heaven aaw pDper to call her to
her eternal home, A husband,
two sons and three daughters sur.
vivo her, all of whom we trust are
proparod to meet her in the better
She was a devoted wife and a
tondor, affeotionate mother. Her
life whb filled with noble deeds of
lovo and kindnoss. Ono great object
of hor life was to make others
happy. She was looked upon by
all as a model of ohrietian charac
ter, Her sweet, gentle influence
will alwaye be remembered and
oheriahod by those who are left
Wo oxtond to tho husband and
children our tonderest sympathios.
"Woop not, as those who have no
hopo," Emulato her example and
be ready to live with hor in tho
swoot by and bye.
"Dourest Kannio thou haat left us,
Hero thy loss wo deeply fool;
But 'tlaGod that has boroft us,
lie can all our sorrows heal.
Yot again wo hopo to moot thee,
Whon tho day of life has fled,
Thora in hoavon with joy to greet thee
Wboro no farewell tears aro shod.
Then do thou guldo our Btops, ohl Lord
Whilo thro' this world we are driyon,
That wo may moot our lovod and lost
At thy right hand in heaven.
A Friend.
r am proparcd to do all kinds of re
pairing on guns, revolvers, clocks and
all kinds of jowolry. Also a general line
of blacksmithing, Also musical instruments
of all kinds. Any one needing
work of this kind call and soo me', or
write to mo. All work guaranteed and
prices reasonable 4wp
L. A. Wncox, Hatteeo, ajy,
KwBVMfl J3UbbbbbLbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbH
Dkar Sir; To you who do not
know me I wish to say that I have
served my Legislative Distnot in
the House of Representatives, afterwards
elooted to tho Stato Senate
and re-elected; was appointed
by Gov. Bookham as the trustee
of A. & M. College in 1900,
whioh position I hold for six years
without pay.
This is tho PIR8T TIME IN MY
lipe that I over aspired to be eleo
ted to an office with a good aalary
attached. One of my opponents
will have drawn from the State
Treasury $16,000, besides all his
traveling expenses, and is now a
candidate for a third term.
It baa been the custom to endorse
a man who has made an
ctScer, but I hold it to bo
undemocratic for any Democrat
to aspire to a third term, (whero
the term is 4 or more years) unless
ho can show that tho State's
interest would raatorially suffer
unless he continued in office.
Should you eleot me I promise
to give my untiring efforts to the
faithful discharge of tho dutios of
the office. May I not oount yuu
as one of my good friends who will
help me? A word from you to
some democratic friend will be
highly appreciated.
Yours truly,
MoD. Ferguson.
Sunday school at Enon every
Suniay at 3 p. in.
Bud Babb took a load of oggs
to Blaokford Wednesday.
Fred Brown and wife went to
Marion Thursday.;)
Mrs. Fannio Walker of Wobster
oounty, is visiting relativos at this
Will Walkor has movod his saw
mill to unole Ned Towery's.
Mack Sutton, of Iron Hill, was
at Enon Sunday.
Miss Alpha Kemp, of Iron Hill,
is visiting her sister, Mrs. Elva
GeewbizI reokon every month
this spring will go out liko April,
I have a stool hay press almost as good
as new I will soil or exchange for good
Btock of any kind. First cost of tho
press was $225; but I will soli or trad
same for $150. This is a bargain for
any one that intends to press hay this
season, L. A. Wilcox,
Mattoon, Ky,
I have a MoCormiok Binder.
good as new, will sell ohoap or
trade lor stock. J. E. Dean,
In V$G$ W Mi
I el I
Shoe for Women 5
Tboiuuid of well drrwd women prefer
RADCLIKKK HIIORj&t fH.60 to any i
tboei they an buy fcipi.toer 31
M7l. comfort and gooa wear. Call and J
enmlno them.
Slid by'Taylor I Carman.
5"b I
For the Democratic Primary on May
9th, 1903.
The following are the oulcorflaunointod
to sorve at the Domocratia primary, in
this county, on Saturday, May 0th.
Marion, No, 1Fraak Adams. Otho
Nunn, judges; Goo. Fostor, clerk; W. II.
Iiigkaa sheriff.
Marion, No. 2 Geo. ITowell. Jim Hon
ry, judges; M. II. Weldon. clerk: Jim
Gilbert, sheriff.
Marion No. 3 W. D. Johnson. W. N.
Rochester, judges; R I Nunn, clerk, E
L. Doles, ehorlff.
Marlon No. 4 Tom Dolllns. W. D.
Brantley, judges; It F. Wheeler, clerk; J
N Clark, sheriff.
Marion No. C-G W Oruco, A M With-
orspoon, judges; Jo B Champion, clerk;
d Mcifco, sheriff.
Francis No, 0-W. F. Oliver. W. O.
Wicker, judges; M F roguo, clerk; C S
Jackson, sheriff.
DycuBburc No. 7 J. R. GIbbI. John
Koon, Sr., judges; Gun Graves clork;
Owon Boaz, shoriff.
Union No. 8 Joo Paco. Green Bolt.
judges; J B Carter, dork; G B Taylor,
Sheridan No. 9-T. E. Griffith. J. W.
Stallions, judgos; R E Flanary, clork,
It. M. t ranks, sheriff.
Tolu No. 10. G. B. Crawford. P B
Croft, judgos; L A Weldon, clerk; Edgar
Bozeman, sheriff.
Fords Ferry No. 11 Ilenrv Wood. T.
JT. Bracy, judges; 11 O Flanary, clerk;
Gabo Wathen, sheriff.
Bella Mines No. 12 J. D. Ashor, J S.
Newcom, judges; W. C Hamilton, clerk;
E. L. Nunn, sheriff.
Rose Bud 13 Bon Thurman, A. L.
Lucas, judges; V. F Summervillo, clerk;
Tom Woody, Bhoriff.
Pinoy No. 14 Hugh McKee, T. J. Mc-Connell,
judges; Ed. Dean, clerk; Murray
Travis, sheriff.
Shady Grovo No. 15 John lirown,
Marion Ford, judgos; Fred Lemon, clerk;
Fred Oasner, shoriff.
Certain it is, and many yearn
of careful experience aro back of
the statement, that hay fever, and
kindred annoying and troublesome
Bumraor affections distress
ing to bo many thousands all over
the country, xeourring as regular
ly as July and August, aro absolutely
unknown in the "Highlands
of Ontario." Thousands of people
go to MuBkoke, Georgian Bay
or the Lake of Bays overy year
for nothing elso but to avoid hay
fover, and rind porfeot immunity
from the ailment, and many by
going there regularly for a period
of a fow years are said to bo permanently
Hay fover booklet may be had
free for the asking by applying to
Sou. Pass. Agt. Grand Trunk Ry.,
124 Woodward Ave., Detroit.
Confsdsrats Veterans Reunion at New
Orleans, La., Hay 19 to 22.
For the above oooasion the Illinois
Central Railroad will sell
tiokots from Evansville, Ind., nnd
stations upon thoir southern lines,
to New Orleans, La., and return
from May 16th to May 21st
at very low rates. Tho round
trip rate from Evausvillo wille bo
$14,90. Henderson, Ky., $13,95.
MoiganBeld, Ky., $13,60, Union-town,
Ky., $13,65, and
low rates from other stations.
Through ooaohos without charge.
For full information oall upon or
address F. R. Wheeler, C. P. & T.
A., Evansville, Ind., John A.Soott,
A. i G-. A., Memphis, Tenn.
XteamtlM f Lv.
Margaret," he began, "I bare SS.TSO
ta the bajsk. I own half lnterort In a
patent ckora company that clears SI,-700
a jmr. Mr salary to $20 a week,
with prospects of a raise to $22. I havt
an aunt who win leave me
shares of a railway stock now quoted
at 68, Tell me, Margaret, will you
"Wait,- she replied, till I get a pencil."
For abe never bad beea good at mental
arithmetic Newark News.
The Btka of CureUIm.
The Booaans appear to have been
well off In the matter of bathing places
In the first and second centuries. In
the hatha of Oaracalla 1,000 bather
could be acconunodaled at ono time.
The lackaed area was 300 square
yards, tat It ladcded a coarse for foot
rmctef. Tabatalng esSabllshnientwas
M0 ysjBJc Ik tsstn by 134 wide. Tho
nmaimi ef tsa w1bb are 8 aai 10 feet
ttlck aa4 la mmm mteees) as much as BO
w Tnr,
1 Be ecrtalniy
ssa Isva kar far all W worth.
lTesl Iwr even more
TssjBwi nawvO yes
sasc her a ten douur
sackroaaakBia ksBTOBMdtheprlce
Makes teething easy, regulates the bowels and stomach, stops crying,
cures summer complaint.
Myor Yewell of Oweiuboro, Ky, . "Our baby wa waMinr awiy while
tecthinr HU txiwtlr teemed bernnd control 'Itiree physicians cave him up
Owen; Tick Mixture sired his life I cannot say enough It saved our baby "
Het diIm wUbtut till
tit tilireoicrtr? pick e
Th Tno Men Seprtlr "B ibm
Ttto la Om Bibs.
ArlstotK' ras an extraordinary man.
Plato was an extraordinary man. That
two men ench severally so extraordinary
should bave been living at the
same time In tbe same place was a
very extraordinary tblng. But would
It diminish the wonder to Buppose tbe
two to be one? So I say of Dacon end
Shakespeare. That a human being possessed
of the faculties necessary to
make a Shakespeare should exist la
extraordinary. That a human being
possessed of the necessary faculties to
make Bncou should exist Is extraordinary.
That two such human beings
should havo been living In London nt
the same time was more extraordinary
still. But that one man ahould have
existed possessing tho faculties and
opportunities necessary to make both
would have been the most extraordinary
thing of all.
Great writers, especially being contemporary,
have many features In common,
but If they are really great writers
they write naturally, and nature l
always Individual. I doubt whether
there are Ave lines together to bo found
In Bacon which could be mistaken for
Bhakespenro or live lines In Shakespeare
which could be mistaken for
Bacon by one who was familiar with
their Beveral styles and practiced In
such observations. Junies Speddlng's
rh?Biolotslrl Aatosmpbi.
Every humnn being carries with him
from his cradle to his grave certain
physical marks which do not chango
their character and by which he can
always be Identllled, and that without
shade of doubt or question. Theae
marks are his signature, his physiological
autograph, so to speak, and this
autograph cannot bo counterfeited, nor
can he disguise It or hide It away, nor
can it become Illegible by the wear and
the mutations of time.
This autograph consists of the delicate
lines or corrugations with which
nature murks the Insldes of the bands
and the holeri of the feet. If you will
look at the balls of your Angers, yoa
that bave very slmrp eyesight, you will
observe that t lies' dainty curving lines
He close toge.h 1. like those that indicate
the f oceans In maps, and
that they form v.ulous clearly defined
patterns, hwIi h hi flies, circles, long
curves, wlioils mil no forth, and that
these patteniH differ on the different
Angers. "riHld'iilie.ul Wilson."
Strain" t I'or Mirror.
The celel i.ititl Bcmi Hrummel during
the first ,esiin of bib exile, whilo
yet his fame u a daudy was
had the leHluj; of his bedroom
covered with minor: so Hint even while
at rest lie rnild Htndy eleguuce and assume
a graceful pom' for such a purpose
a gliihs eellliiK lr. however, not
unique, mid the notorious Duchess of
Cleveland had Mich another constructed
togratlf. her vnnlt.
For a far different reason a certain
Yorkshire gentleman or the last century
had his celling paneled with mirrors.
Arde lly devoted to the sport of
cockllghtlug. he continued to the last
to enjoy lib faxorlto pastime and even
when on bin deathbed his room waa the
scene of many an exciting tight, which,
lying on his back, lie saw reflected In
the glass oveihead.
A Tetulrr llusbuud.
In connection with a slight affection
of Mrs. L'lysnes S. (Irant'a eyes a
very pretty story Is told Indicative of
General Grant's tender devotion to her.
When he was president, she became
somewhat sensitive about her eyes
she suffered from strabismus nnd con-,
suited a specialist to see what could bo
done for her. The specialist told her
Uo thought he could" Improve her eyes,
but the operation would be painful.
Bhc consulted her husband to learn
whether he would advise the operation.
"Don't have It done, dear," said tho
general, pressing her checks with hla
two hands. "Let thoso dear cyea stay
Just as they are. If they were changed,
I might not recognize my sweetheart"
A Yluable accomplNlirrrnt,. g.
W woman. Jc
IN Learn It Ilo ?
W We teach all bustucis branch tp
BH es. Correct metlind ' r
VI vre. r.tur nv i'i V
ID coon :.um mm s - " .v
v. r...ii. Wen i ..'.- s. "
Lockym'i Businei.3 Celtue. i..n..n..e, ma
Mooejr bick it got satisfactory.
and City Judge.
Reguler term of City Court
first Monday in each month.
Miss Nell Walker
typewriter and Stenographer
!Blue & Nunn's Office, ARION, KY,
. Tvnowritton conies of manuscript
Pmade at a reasonable price. 3
James & James
MARION. - - Ky
Champion & Champion
Will practice in all the courts of tho
Special attention given collections.
Lcvias, Ky.
Dealer in
Rough Lumber
Of all Kinds.
. .LAWYER. .
All Business Promptly Attended to.
?T0erMVrronn,lBSak MARION. KY
Marion Bank,
Established 1887.
Capital fully paid .... 20,000
Stockholders Liability 20,000
Surplus 10,000
Wo offer to depositors and patrons
every fwntty.yhich their balances, business
an&raMonBibility warrant.
J W. BLUE, Pnar
T, J, FANDELL, Oaahler.
For salo bj
CImbmi and. Uatint the h!r.
HHHllllrlH rrououi lozniuni unjwuu
HTr ralla to Ueitoro Oray
llvlr to Ita YouUiful Color.
Cum tcJp diwtwt hilr ItUlcj. ,
HLZbSS too, nl mitt Uniqlm J
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