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Marion, Ky.,
Jim Dumps was a most unfriondly man
Who lived hlsllfo on a hormlt plan.
Ho'd nevor stop for a frlondly smllo,
Buttrudgod along In his moody stylo
Till ' Force "ono day wasservod to him
Since thon they call him "Sunny Jim."
Tht Cerl
a better builder
than a vacation.
Ifvr Tirea ef It.
"I am considerably advanced towards eighty Tears
of age. 1 hue ot late been almost rejuvenated by the
ut ot your very excellent preparation, which you have
rightly deIgBated as 'Force.' Naver Hro of It.
W 1
the Official of ' Long Ago
Were Paid.
uf Frauklin has had no placo on
tho map for more than one hundred
years, and it may be worth
while to explain that it was the
first commonwealth created west
jf tho Alleghenies. Part of the
territory which is included is now
within tho boundaries of North
Carolina; the rest constitutes tho
state of Tennessee. Tho stato of
Franklin was organized in 1783,
by haidy sottlers who claimed that
they were uoglectedby tho govern
ment of North Carolina and by
John Sevier as governor. It had
a stormy existence of something
more than threg years. Here is
the act:
"Bo it pnacted by the General
assembly of the Btate of Franklin,
and it is hereby onaotod by tho
authority of the same, that from
tho 1st day of January, 178S, the
salaries of the officers of this commonwealth
be as follows, to-wit:
"Ilis excellency, tho governor,
per annum, 1,000 deer skins.
"His honor, the chief justice,
500 deer skins.
"Tho secretary of his excellency,
the governor, r00 raccoon
"Tho treasurer of tho stato lyO
racu'iou skino.
"Ench county cldrk .'500 beaver
"Clerk of the house of commons
300 raccoon skins. -
"Justices foo for signing a warrant,
1 muskrat akin." m
"Constable forsorving a warrant
ono mink skin,
Enacted into law the 18th day of
October, 1787 under tho groat seal
of tho state."
As the stato of Franklin went
out of existence March 1, 1788
this salary act was in forco for
only two months. Evening Wisconsin
fathers of the Republic
have had little sympathy
the demand for inflated official sal
aries whioh is so ofton heard at
tho present time. It was a notion
of many of the best men in tho
good old twines that the houoi of
publio oflico was an offsot for slender
pecuniary compensation; they
did not want official salaries to bo
set so high as to tempt men of mor
conary instincts to seek public po
sitiuus for private gain.
Following is the text of a salary
not passed by tho Legislature of
t ho state of iTanklm. Tho -state
Plenty of common soda In the water
lu which linen U washed will leinove
the stulu of perspiration
Buttons should be turned toward the
board when ironing to prevent their
being broken or rubbed off by the Iron.
The moat satisfactory method of
sprinkling clothes Is to use n good
whisk broom kept, expressly for that
purpose. 'S f
Water that Is softened with a Httlo
borax Is useful In the laundry for
whitening clothes and effecting u saving
of soap.
Unironed underclothing Is much the
best wear,, as retaining, the fragrance
and freshness of open air drying. This
is worth meditation by housekeepers.
To preserve the ecru tint of lace in
laundering put it through thin starch
colored with tea or coffee or simply
rinse in tea or coffee water I'or old
lace tea gives the best tint.
Irons should always bo kept In a dry
place. A convenient thing to keep under
the set tubs or lu some other out of
the way corner Is a feoap hor, Into
which mny be placed the tlutlrous,
holders, stand and wax cloth when not
in use.
Woman With Humor.
If you consider tho list of your
friends, it will not take you long to
that the woman you like best Is
the woman with a sense of humor.
She Is thu one you think of first If you
are getting up a picnic or a card party.
If It rains or it shines. If anybody else
is cross and grumpy, the womnn with a
sense of humor can extract fuu out of
the dreariest proposition, and the first
thing you know she has set everybody
to laughing at her droll sayings and
turned defeat into a triumph, for who
cares whether vaur original plan was
carried out or not Just bo everybody
has a good time?
A sense of humor Is said to be lacking
in most women. Alas, 1 have found
this only too true! But I have noticed
that when a woman does have It the
men are the first to find It out, and all
she has to do to acquire a husband is
to pick and choose. The day of the girl
with the doll face is going out, and the
day of the girl with a senso of humor
is coming in. Harper's Bazar.
Value of lfnaaiiKe,
Massage as a treatment for tho muscles
of the face is without a rival to restore
the normal beauty of contour and
expression. No matter how many wlso
resolutions we may make for ourselves
not to pucker up the eyebrows, not to
allow these horizontal lines to form
across the forehead, not to let the
corners of the mouth droop down, etc.,
we will do them all at times In spite
of ourselves. Now, massage comes in
as n vigorous countor influence to the
ravages of time, worry or care. The
skilled manipulator can "plump up"
more tired looking facet in an hour's
treatment a day than most anything
else that is known ns a restorer of
symmetry nnd good looks. A prolonged
course of massage will render the skin
more .flexible and elacrJc than it naturally
is, nnd it becomes even finer,
softer nnd more supple under the
skilled treatment.
Wuuiiua'a Abllltlea.
In everyday life in matters where
mental qualities are brought Into play
the woman, as every man Unonvs, Is
able to take care of herself. On every
occasion she- shows herself as hla
equal in intelligence and wit. To what
end, then, hi all this ado to prove that
womnn is mentally inferior to man?
No matter "what learned (professors
may sny, tho world has pretty well
made up Its mind as to the place woman
Is entitled to hold In it, and deep
treatises on the brain are not likely to
affect that opinion ho long as women
contlirue to show the abilities which
they tllsplny so freely today. Worcester
A IVbftn? nnmmrl Touch.
A pretty finish for a shabby dressing
table Is a coat of white enamel. Two
coats of the paint will make a smooth
nnd shtnlug burfacc. Tho old jalnt
should be removed from the wood nnd
its surface thoroughly smoothed rwlth
fine sandpapor. A. coat of hhellae varnish
applied nnd allowed to dry before
tho enamel goes on is said to improve
the ap pearance of the table. The
' imel is put on with u line, stiff
ii.''i- The metal handles on the
I drawers car; bo brightened with gold
Pftlnt. . i i .
Commissioner's Sale.
Crittenden Circuit Court, Kentucky.
.1. .1. Mv Ai1mr M.. PlnlntllT.
Against (Equity
K. C. Flanary, etc , Dofoudniit.
Hy virtue of n Judgement and Order
of Salo of tho Orittondon Circuit Court,
I rendered nt tho March torm, thereof,
1 1003, in tho abovo causo, I shall proceed
to ollor for salo at luo court-house door
In Marion to tho highest bidder, at
PUBLIC AUCTION, on Monday tho
Uth day or May, lUUJ, at 1 o'clock p m.,
or thereabout, (boing court din ). upon a
credit of six months, a certain tract or
parcel or land situated in Crittenden
county, Ky., on tho waters of Hurricane
creok and bounded as follows:
Ilegiuning on a hickory on tho bank
of JIurricauo creek, second bend of the
creok abovo whore tho bridge now sets';
thoncoS UT E 8 poles to a whito oak on
bank of tho branch; thonco with tho
branch, its meanders S GO K So iwles, N
IIS E 18 poles, N 85 E 30 poles, S 20 W
8 polos; 8 51 E 18 polos to a whito oak;
thenco S SO E, 30 poles to two elm" at
sugar camp spring; thenco N CO E 10
poles to a black gum; thonco N'70 E 30
jwles to a stake! thenco N 85 poles to a
post oak; thenco N 5'sj W 72 twles to a
hickory, S E corner to tho Walker survey;
thenco N 10 E Oi poles to a whito
oak on tho side, of tho big rond; thonco
with said road S 38 W CO poles to a hick
ory near a pond; thence S 18 V 70 poles
to a post oak in Barnes' line, thonco S
58 E 11 polos to a whito oak and hickory
Barnes' corner; thenco a 48 E "0 poles to
a black oak and elm; thence S f W -12
poles to a Spanish oak; 8 To W 02 poles
to tho beginning, containing 1SSW. acres
more or less. Outof this survey to bo
taken a small piece off of tho corner;
thia pioco having been heretofore con
veyed for ecuool houso purposes.
For tho purchase price tho purchaser,
with approved security or securities,
must execute bond, bearing legal inter
est from tho day of salo until paid, and
having the forco and effect of a
Bidders will bo.ropared to com
ply promptly with these terms.
L.W.CHUOE, Special Commissioner.
Commissioner's Sale.
CtncciT Coust Ky.
M. J. Moore, Ex'r etc, Plaintiff ,
AgainBt Equity.
AmandaF.Kutherford, etc D7t
By virtuo os a Judgment and Order of
Salo of tho Crittenden Circuit Court,
rendored at tho March term thereof,
1003, in the above cause, I shall proceed
to otfor for salo at tho court house door
in Marion to tho highest bidder, at
PUBLIC AUCTION, on Monday, tho
11th day of May, 1903, at 1 o'clock u.m..
or thereabout, (being court day,' upon a
credit of six months, the equity and redemption
in and to the following
tract of land, viz: Being Lot No.
7 and bounded as follows: Beginning at
a stake corner and lot No. 0, ruuuing
thence S 2 W G3 poles to a stake thonce
S 7G E 78 poles to a dogwood, thenco S
39 W 30 poles to a small black oak,
thenco N 70 W 110 poloa to a stake,
thenco N 1 V 88 poloa to a stake, thonco
S 78 E 87 poles to the beginning, containing
5G' acres Including tho dwelling
house. Said tract of land situated
in Crittenden county, Ky., near tho old
Bells Minos and being the same tract of
land bought by R. L Moore at Public
Auction on the 23 day of March, 1003, at
commissioner's salo. Widow's dowor
and coal privileges reserved.
For tho purchase prio tho purchaser
with approved security or securities,
must oxecuto bond, bearing legal'inter
est from tho day of salo until paid, and
having tho forco and effect of a Judg
ment. Biddors will bo prepared to com
ply with these terms.
J. G. Hocuestkr, Commissioner.
Commissioner's Sale,
Ci'.ittknukx Circuit Coikt, Ky.
R. C. Hill, Plaintiff.
ltobt. Hughes, Denf
By virtue of a Judgment and Ordor of
Sale of tho Crittendon Circuit Court ren
dorcd at the March term thereof, 1003
in tho abovo cause for the sum of 9102,05
with Interest at the rato of C per cent,
per annum from tho 11th day of May,
1903, until paid, I shall proceed to offer
for salo at tho court house door in Marion
to the highost bidder, at PUBLIC
AUCTION, on Monday, tho 11th day of
May, 1903, at 1 o'clock p. m , or thereabout,
(being court day), upon a credit
of six months, a certain tract of land sit
uated in Crittendon county, Ky., and
bounded as follows, viz: Beginning at
a Post oak, running thenco S 35 W 41
poles to two dog woods, corner to Thos.
Truitt, thenco with his line S DO E 91
poles to a Spanish oak and hickory,
thonco N 71 E 18 poles to a stake, thonco
N 1 1 poles to a stake, thonco 37 W 42
poles to a stake, thonco a straight lino
to tho beginning, containing 30 acres.
For tho purchase prico the purchaser,
with approved security or securities,
must executo bond, bearing legal interest
from tho day of salo until paid, nnd
having tho force and effect of a Judgment.
Bidders will be prepared to comply
promptly with those torms.
J. G. Kochkstkb, Commissioner.
insurance fl'aa Ita Iltimor,
An enterprising Insurance agent induced
an Irishman to take out an accident
policy for hla wife. A few days
later while conversing with a friend In
hla office he was startled to ace the
Irishman rush in, brandishing fiercely
a stout cane.
"Yo rascall" ho yelled, springing toward
tho agent "Ye wantcr cheat
Fortunately tho enraged man wus
disarmed and held fast by tho agent's
friend, who was a powerfully built
man. The Irishman, struggling to get
free, shouted:
"Lot me git at the spalpeen! Think
ov It, chargln' me folvo dollars for nn
neshident ticket fer me ole woman, nn'
she Jest broke her leg down
shtalrs! Wot's the good of tho tickot
"L ...JBWH.I1 IC, taws
High Qjwlities
Pow Prices!
Is the basis of our business standing. Wc make it a point in X
buying to g the best possible for our money, and in selling wc sec X
that our patrons get the best possible for their money. nat we A
succeed is evidenced by the fact that our goods are constantly moving,
our stock always new, fresh clean, and the lastcst things the
factories make.
Bed Room Suits , Parlor Lounges,
Odd Dressers, Sofa Lounges,
Extension Tables, Folding Beds,
Iron Beds, Wardrobes,
Everything in tho Way of Furniture
Window Shades.
Wo have all qualities, all
tho popular colors. In fact
wo havo the largest and
best assorted lino in tho
Wall Paper,
Wo havo a groat lino
of Wall Paper, and our
now patterns aro univer
ally admired. No
to show theso goods.
Wire Screens.
Tho season for screening
tho flics out of your houso is
here, and wo aro fixed for
it with the best lino of door
and window screens on tho
-Two great brands wo guarantee to bo puro lead and zinc
and lindseed oil. Tho liighest grade goods on tho market. It cost a Httlo moro
than others, but steel costs more than iron; silk costs more than cotton. A gallon
of this covers more surface, stays on longer and looks brighter. IU tho beat and the
best is the cheapest in the end always. Ruchtcrs Durable Fire Proof is afino
Paint, a puro lindseed oil paint, (you put the oil in yourself and know that it is
pure.) It stays on when put on. We also carry Load, Oil, Varniihea and everything
else in this lino.
Boston, Walker & Co.
IIt Mule Carrlraqneaa Mar 1'rnrr
Coatlr t" Hip Partner.
It Is the common practice of fanners
In this locality nnd prohably lu all lo
calltlcH to themxclrcri attend to the
castrating of their yoouc animals,
writes W E. Crulg of Ohio lu Stockman
and Parmer. Sometimes the young
thing dlcx, nnd It la said that the opcr
aUon was performed at the "wrong
time of the moon " There 1 no douht
that often the bungling unslilllfulnesa
of the operation in tho cause uf death,
yet we have known lnstanccH when
the unclean condition of the knife used
was the cause, and we think this 1m
frequently the catuic of trouble thut Is
unjustly laid to tho moon.
Two ycara ago a neighbor castrated
forty young lambs nnd ono calf for us.
We had employed him for yeara and
knew him to be Bklllful, yet In two
days after the operation fourteen lambs
were dead and Uie rest were stunted
for life. There was much dlscusHlon In
the neighborhood ns to tho causo of the
trouble, but when It was Jound that
the "sign was In the heart" that settled
It Wo were not satisfied with this
cxplanaUon, and It took us two weeks
to remember thnt the knife thnt had
been used In tho operation had been
lu contact with a small but virulent,
sore found on the llrst Iamb caught
Blood poisoning killed the lambs, and
the smnll amount of virus that re.
malncd on the knife from the sore had
done the business.
The knife hnd been thoroughly
wiped, but wiping does notanswer. Always
before nny instrument Is used
surgically on an animal it should be
.held In tho flamo of a lighted match.
This Is a simple and convenient means
of cleansing thu knife or Instrument,
and doing no mny save conaldcrable
loss uiiinv tlmos.
f$ Dobt io n do op liolo, onsy to fall
into and haid to ornwl out of,
i.umi uut
The Old Reliable Hoosier Corn Drill, both plain
and fertilizer. Sold by
8. It. ADAMS
Mining Machinery, Steam Fittings
of all Kinds, Etc.
Sole Agents for THE SULLIVAN MACHINE CO, Manufacturers of
Repair Work of all Kinds Given Prompt Attention.
Phono 105. MARION, ICY,
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