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The Joplin Districts Production Falling Off A
Boom in Cool and Coke Lands Scores of
Prospects for Lead and Zinc
ff Being Opened.
Tho Engineering nnd Mining
Journal glvos tho following
whioh nro tho ourront
pricos in Now York
Orudo barytos por ton,
Flontod " "
China clay, "
Firo cloy, boat "
Fluorspar, No. 1, por ton,
" gravel,
" "
Ochro, yellow, '
" motnllio brown, "
Slip olny,' "
Owing to the outting of tho
prjee in ziuo in Joplin Inst wook,
n number of operators Uoclinod to
dispose of thoir oro on tho prices
current, and as a consequonco tho
shipment was 010 tons loss, whilo
the lend shipmont was an incronso
of 125 tone, yet tjie valuo was $11),
711) less than theprecoding wook.
The highest price of the woek was
$(1 per ton paid for the Vntulalia
ore assaying 03.70 por cont zinc,
nnd selling on a basis of $37 por
ton for W) per cent. zinc. A yoar
ago fcino brought $31 and load
$1-1 50 por ton. Lend was etoady
all wook at $51.50 por ton
or $51 in tho bin. This ic a
of $5 and $5 55 por tun
from the prioo two wooku ano.
Compnrod with a yoar ago ziuo
sales woro 23113 tons loss aud load
salos 150 tons in oro and tho valuo
$21,077 loss than the past wook.
Frank Nicholson, a well known
mining ongiuoor, who is homo
from an oxtondod trip through Eu-
ruposayB: "Europe wants our zinc
and will pay suitablo prices for it
The foreign Bpoltor market is firm,
with every prospoat that it will -remain
stonily throughout tho yoar,
ns the demand for manufactured
.mo continues to incronso as its
consumption is multipliod by now
uses. In Amorica wo do not know
what tho usosof zinc aro, althoigh
its U808 aro widoning, wliilo iu
tiuropo it is usod for nearly
in tho building lino. Thoro
is no quostion about thu strength
of the foreign motal market, and
it is probablo that boforo tho yoar
is ovor thoro will bo furthor calls
for Amorican speltor,.a fact that
has ocourrod oncq this yoar.
Many minora aro making monoy
in all parte of tho district, in tho
old minoB that woro givon up aa
losing propositions. Some of tho
othor properties that havo lain idlo
many yours, and havo boon oon.
sidorod valuoloss, aro to bo
John N Olnrk and uscaciatos
hho oponod on JBakor's hill w hut
800U18 to bo a superior arliclo of
ohuia clay. Samplos havo bjoti
sotit for analysis, and if
is favorablo, oxlousivo
works will bo ostablishod thoro.
Honry Stratton has brokon tho
will of his fathor, tho Into Win.
Hold S. Stratton, known as tho
Colorado Springs carpontor, who
made millions of dollars out of his
mining intorosts atUrippIo Crook,
The son receives $350,000.
A handsomo samplo of tho Boll
coal from tho opening at Bolls
Minos in this county, and somoll
iniloB from Marion, can be seen at
. i) (q tho Kood Mining company's office.
IS 75 Ir- Syor, who is vory familiar
H 25 with tho coal moasuros of this and
0 00 othor soctions of the Unitod States
I'l 'O Bays that a romarkablo thing about
15 -,0 tho Boll coal is its weathering
IS DO Mlinlitino l., !. i . !.:...
10 00
11) 00
5 OOi
'I' """ lui iiiu jjuoi. iiiii i y
years Inrgo qunntities of slack,
which could not bo utilizod when
tho mino was in operation at that
urno, has boon exposed to all
for thatnumborof yoara and
todoy it is as bright and unohang.
ed n a on tho dny it was 'mined.
Tho splendid earnings of the
Marion Bank, some 35 por cent, on
h capitalization of $20,000, is due
to a numbor of causes. Tho past
ysar has been a wonderfully productive
ono in all brauohes, especially
that of mining. The many
now openings made on our ore
voins has required the use of a
good deal of money, from time to
timo, wliilo the intlux of capital,
tho ealo of oros, etc., oto., has
brought into the district a great
many thousands of dollars. Still,
n groat proportion of tho bank's
oarnings for tho year is duo largely
to knowing how to make money
oarn moro monoy.
Tho Crittondan County Lead,
Ziuo and Fluorspar company, at
thoir Thurmond mino on tho Klon
dyko load, havo u splondid show
ing ot ziuo blende or Jack at 100
toot. At tho prosont dopth a drift
of four foot caught tho side of tho
voin and furthor drifting will
its width and values, whioh,
from tho prosont indications,
to bo of vory considerable
Tho company locally known as
tho Pittsburg Combiuo, operating
tho DoKotoii coal initios, havo in
oporatioti a dcero or moro of coke
ovous, and aro adding to tho
as rapidly as possible. This
indicatos that most of our coal,
particularly tho Southorn ond of
tho coal moasuros, will produco
good coko, as it' is (undorstood the
sulphur is loss horo than
Absolutely Pure
MosBrs Sayro f& Steinmotz, of
Marion, have locntod the coal and
the place for thoir new opening
at tho Old Davis mino west of
SturgiB, and as soon as the papers
oan bo signed the new company,
will begin operations on the property,
which promises to be in a
vory short time ono of the most
productivo oolliories in tho
The unwatering of the old Bell
mine is so far advanced the upper
part of the mine is now dry. A
force of men havo been put to
work day and night driving an on
try and taking out coal, and by
noxt week tho produot of this old
mine that had a national reputation
in nnto helium davs will again
be on the market.
On tho Eaton tluor spnr showing
seven or eight teams with
plows and serapors are uncovering
the splendid vein o' fluor spar and
galena for 800 yards. It is understood
that an opon stope will be
run the entire distance. This will
produce a very great tonnage and
keop many leans hauling to tho
Articles of incorporation woro
filed in tho county olerk's offico,
by tho Globo Spar company, capitalization
$100,000. Incorporators,
8. M. Rice, Louisvillo; O. A. Stur
tevant and Kov. J. R. Halswell, of
Fredonia. Their property is tho
Eaton fluor spar ground recently
The Harris mining company
have opened a strong fluor spar
proporty some four miles southeast
of SaJem. Fully 100 tons of
merchantable tluor spar is now on
uio UumD ready for shipment. It
will be delivered to the Illinois
Central at Mexico station.
tflerous paracrrnDhs of now work
commenced and to be oommtnood
throughout the entire district, the
season -will likely be a very busy
ono and many large bodies of ore
will very probably be brought to
Messrs MoClolland and Steele.
of Golconda and Elizabethtown.
III., wero in the eity last Saturday
Mr. Stoele represents the Pittsburg
syndicate who made
purchases of mining land in
Hardiu oounty the first of the
The lead deposits of the Black
Hills is found in fissure veins and
in mineralized Zones in mien and
schist. The reins aro from three
to five foet wide, tho pay streaks
On tho Jotnoa Farmor land, just
north of the Salom road, some
four rhilos from Marion, a good
opening on fluor spar was mado
last summer. Mr. Farmer is satisfied
that by drifting on thisvoin
a good big production can bo
mado. The land is open for purchase
or option on reasonoblo
terms, tho aorengo being 1)0,
It is nowgonorally admittod that
the Joplin district is not
anywhoro near tho amount of
zinc oro demanded by tho
Around Potosi, Mo., a boom in
barile lands is on. Over 150 mon
are at work mining on vorv rich
Mr, Ed MoFeo and others are
prospering a very good showing
for ore some two miles and a half
from town. The voin they will
likely open is ono that passes under
tho Read land.
In Now York city an attempt is
being mado to interest tho trade in
the recently discovered fluor spar
deposits near Rome, in Smith
county, Tonn. About 200 tons
wore shippod in April.
For 1903 tho production of copper
in tho Lake Superior country
will be increased 15 por cont.,
whioh means nearly 25,000,000
pounds, tho total for last year
The Marion Coal company,
Sullivan coal property
are now shipping their produot to
consumers. It is an exceedingly
good coal and is being marketed
as rapidly as produced.
The Commercial Mining
are sinkinc throo shafts on
As will be noticed by the tho Tnbb vein, near what is known
as uio Todd mine. Tho old doen
on this proporty is still
Major ClotllOnt will lot n tnn
J trat t"'8 wook for sinking
mo.i . i j i on
Nearly two hundred minors and i m ... .. . ,
nfimr ....nin.... i.- v -...,: wwu"ul I,uo "i unuenaen
P. ' TZrCi: L. " ?""T Springs.
- ...w. ,,.
wumpauy pariioipaieu
in tho monthly pay out of that
ojmpany last Saturday. This
force will likely be doublad from
uow on until cold woathor again
strikes us noxt winter.
Messrs Fostor of Muncio, Iud ,
and Rosenbaugh of Indianapolis,
will soon oommonoo work on tho
150 aorofarm of Mrs Bennett, in a
prospecting way.
A wall thirty foot high and thir
toon foot broad could bo built all
around England with tho coal
minod in that country.
companies owning
gold, silver and load mines in
different statos havo declared
dividends of $1,002,899.
Tho output ofjzino in Leadvillo
shows a marked
tons of zino was marketed
that district in Maroh last.
vary from six inches to throo Mr. O. J, Koyos, of Akron, O.,
foot. is working ten mon on tho Cam
Hardon farm at Lola, prospeoting
A Now York grand jury has
a mining promoter for ma-king
false representations about
1 1 valuo of slock sold bv him.
Ho was arrested in St. Louis.
It is roporlod that Eastern men
hove Booured 15,000 acres of min-oral
lands along Quicksand oieol:,
Knott county, Kentucky, at $20
por aero.
Mr. James Henrv commannnrl
prospeot work last weok on the
for carbonate of zino,
Tho motal markot in New York
last week was quiet and unohane.
od. Load in moderator demand at
$1.,T7; spolter $5.75.
Tho Unitod Statos Stool
havo secured options on
sivo tracts of iron ore and ooal
lands in Alabama.
Extensive traots of valuable coal
lands in tho Indian Territory linvn
wav . 1 -- JW
THEM IS NO SUBSTITUTE wdrwmf ' optioned to fl. 0. Friok of
rFMJf '
v f"" T'TTJP'
.i) at.
r - 6e irlJfenit tt 'i
High Class Mineral Rights !
About 3000 feet lineal of same vein as the Riley
mine and joins Riley mine. Land owned by J. C.
Kinsolving. The rights cover everything but the
farming privileges. Owner will show vein. Experts
say there are four or five locations for shafts that
promises as much as the Riley mine. 500 feet of this
vein cannot be worked out in a life time. Club
together and buy this good property. Will pay a
commission for sale. Address
Price $7,500.
Geo. C. Hughes,
613 Broadway, PADUCAH, KY.
The Reed
Have a few choice building lots directly adjoining
the city of Marion.
These lots aro part of the 123 acres purchased
John P. Reed.
Eyery lot owner participates in the values of the
great veins of mineral that undorly this land and
which out crop on the 23 acres deeded absolutely to
the Company for its mining and separating plant.
On and after the first of June the price of one of
these lots and $1000 shares of mining stock will be
advanced to One Hundred Dollars.
The recent improvements on the land and the strong
showing of mineral make this increase in price just and
right to the original purchasers.
The stock in tho Reed Mining Company is worth,
based upon the minerl showing alone, 20 per cent, or
200 for each certificate of 100 shares.
The lots 60x150 feet, back to 15 foot alleys, and
and fronting on 40 foot streets, are worth in themselves
in any part of the city $100 at least.
Until June 1st the few lots remaining with the 1000
shares of stock will be sold for $50,
Tho Nanoy Hanks shaft is now
Ho feet in dopth. Seven men Bre
Sinking in the Oullen mine has
been resumed.
Prominent Newspaper Man Passes
Away at Smithiand.
Mr. George T. Harris, editor of
tho Cumberland Courier, died at
his homo in Smithiand Friday
oroning, aftor several month's illness
of tuburoolosis. The funeral
sorvioos wero held Saturday after
noon, and the remains were laid to
rest in tho Smithiand oemetory.
Mr. Harris was a native of Crittenden
oounty, born on a farm
noar DyouBburg thirty-sis years
ago. His oarly lifo was spont at
Dyousburg. Though his ohanoes
for obtaining an education wero
moogor, ho mado the boBt of the
opportunities affordod him. Ho
was truly a Beit made man. xq
ontered the nowspapor business at.
an oarly ago, installing a small
printing outfit at Dyousburg when
only a boy. He started a poper at
Smithiand fourteon years ago, but
was unsucotasfuj ant rsmored to
Mining !
Paduoab, where he was connected
with different papers durmg a period
of many years. Eighteen
months ago he returned to- Smith-land
and began the publication of
the Cumberland Courier. The
paper was suspended a few weeks
ago on account of Mr. Harris' con
dition. His wife, a daughter of
Oapt: J. W. Bush, of Smithiand,
and five obildren survive him.
George Harris was a man of
splendid oharaoter and a journalist
of brilliant talent.
Real Estate
Wo havo a small farm for salo near
Salem, Ky., on tho Marion-Salem road,
suitablo for a man with small family,
who wants s desirable homo, containing
21K acres, good log house, frame stablo,
cistern, a splendid young orchard in full
bearing. This place is in tho center of
the groat mineral belt, and has a min
eral vein running through it with no
loasos on options on it; near good school
and church, and iu one of tho best nei
ghborhoods in tho county. Ono-third
of farm in creek bottom. Price $300.
For particulars call on JS. A
ing, 2 miles east of Salem, or on J O.
Bourland, Marion, Ky.
A desiral tie -home in East Marion, together
with. 14 acrefl of ground that can
bo Bold as building lots, Prico reasonable
A splendid investment. For particulars
call on or r ridreM J. O, Bourland, Mar-
on, Ky. '
I- f
- l
I fl
if ir.
I, ,, ;

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