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Nelle Walker
Stenographer and
Notary Public
Office with UlucNunn in lostoffice
Building Marion Kj
Agent for the Farm
Department of the
Continental Fire Insurance Go
For Crittenden Livingston
and Lyon counties
All persons having insurable pro
perty should protect it from the rav
ages of fire lightning and tornadoes
when they can do so at Mich a low
price Write or phone 225 Marion
Dr M Ravelin
Iractiee Limited to
and Detects of the
Eye Ear Nose and Throat
Suits 10 and 17 Arcade
Uuilding Glas es Fitted
y t
Joe 13 Champion T W Champion
Champion Champion
Will practice in all the court of
the Commonwealth Special atten
tion given to collection Ofilee in
Press Building second floor Boom 0
No knife no pain book free Address
Cancer Sanitarium Harrisbure
Office Suite 3 and 4 Press Building
Special attention given to collections
Will practice in all the court of the
State and in the United State court
Office in Pros Building Boom 7
Phone 100
Marion Kv
Abstracting a Specialty
Office in Press Building Boom 5
Marion - - Kentucky
Kevil Co
Fire Insurance Agcncv in
If you have property in the town of
Marion let them insure it You
hall have no reasons to regret it
Office in Press Bidding Boom a
Telephone 225
Large Slock of Electric
Light Street Railway
and Telephone Supplies
Constantly on Hand
Dont fail to send for latost Cata
I gue No 7
Jas Clark Jr Co
313 W Main St Louisville Ky
Woods Ormo headfiunr is for
school books if
Cltuuti and liuuures h bair
lrooaotc a luxuriant growth
tlever Tails to Bettors Oray
Hair to Its Youthful Color
Ciri Kalp dlMM hair itiha
McaodaUOat Pmtflili
3arnt anli otib of JSrcsrnr
orialtsttc jfcMiemcnt in Smcr
ft rrlrffl
Lecturer on Law Boston University and Author
HE Socialist movement in America is likely to do a great deal
Tl of good and also a great deal of harm especially if the plan
I nrnnnspil hv t1u Snr in1ir climiM ln rnrriiil iiitn i fTVrt in
any large degree In so far as the Socialist agitation impels
people to think about economic conditions and the great
social problems of the day it is good In so far as it calls
attention to the waste of competitive industry the abuses
of irresponsible industrial power and the injustices attend
thc over congestion of wealth that results from our present
industrial arrangements I believe the Socialist movement
is invaluable But in so far as it emphasizes and intensifies class feel
ing ignores the laws of growth and evolution and aims to establish
universal government ownership of all the means of production and
distribution 1 believe that Socialism is wholly and virtually wrong
Industry ought to be organized for the benefit of all and not for
fhe benefit of a part Economic waste should be eliminated Conflict
of man with man beond the sphere of emulation should cease indus
trial conquest should be abolished and man should work shoulder to
shoulder for the conquest of nature for the benefit of all mankind But
this great purpose which the Socialists have in view as well as many
who are not Socialists does not require the methods proposed by the
Socialists nor in fact as I believe could the said purpose be adequately
accomplished through the universal extension of government owner
Public ownership of the great public utilities is justified by the fact
that monopoly excludes the full and free operation of the principle ol
In respect to some vital services that are not monopolies such as
education fire service and so forth a full development through co
operative association does not seem possible as yet because of the
apathy and imperfect development of our people But wherever the
field is open and the motive adequate as is the case in general through
out the fields of commerce manufacture and agriculture voluntary co
operation should be left to do the work of transforming competitive
industry into the nobler forms of partnership and federated cooperative
The path of liberty in human evolution should never be departed
fruin except from clear necessity Legislative compulsion should not
be used where voluntary association can do the work
The true mutualism must be a natural expression of a developed
and ennobled individualism To attempt to jump into the millennium
b a vote for the establishment of government ownership of all the
means of production and distribution is the most stupendous folly ever
Eibe as Exmg as iou
Can anli o ootJ
Atfed Four Score Years and Fourteen Former
Governor of Maine
ihtfhmtr nf vh
nrk mx QJljarartrr
St Louis
Old age is worth
striving for if the striv
er has a purpose be
yond the selfish end of
slothful ease
It is absurd to say
that a man should
work himself out as
quickly as possible
and then be consigned
to the scrap heap He who has that goal in view will get the scrap
heap long before his time
But it is true that a man should work hard and endeavor through
out all his days to be of service to the community of which he is a
member If he succeeds in this he will be all the worthier the longer
he lives
If a man starts out in life with the purpose to accumulate wealth
or power at the expense of his fellowmen if his only purpose in exist
ence is to gather to himself a certain measure of power or aggrandize
ment then it will be very fortunate for his neighbors if he starts early
toward the scrap heap
But if a man is inspired with the high ideal of service to his fellow
man the longer he lives the better it is for himself and the community
in which he lives
The question then resolves itself into this Is old age desirable
as the conclusion of a life well spent in the cause of mankind or of up
lifting endeavor or is it desirable as the self gratified end of years of
toil selfishly devoted to the prospect of accumulation that will enable
the possessor to lie back and enjoy luxurious ease while watching the
tolling procession of the poor pass by
If it is the latter old age is not worth j
while striving for if it is the former it is jtyv asr Lru
wdl worth all the effort that is required
to secure it
In our work we real
ize ourselves and un
fold ourselves for three
weighty reasons that
are inwoven with the
very fiber of our life
The first reason is
that work is a discip
line We no longer fol
low the line of least ro
sistance That law of mechanics is not the law of men We no longer
seek the easy the pleasant the selfish We are trained to regularity
to industry to usefulness to beading our days together continuously
on the thread of our daily work And we go on through the marvel
ous power of habit increasing momentum efficiency by the sheer
automatic skill of repetition and almost unwitting progress
And so work leads us almost mechanically to develop the highest
moral qualities
Indeed the brotherhood of man is mere breath between the lips
until we work side by side with one fellow workman until we j
nize the material need of cooperation in industrv without which no
making can be nr mental strides nor moral betterment without
which trades have no unions capital no aggregations learning no spe
cialization science no international fellowship of seekers after truth
Yet men work from hunger and lol Selfishness hath become a
prophet going forth into highways and byways and teaching men with
whips of cord with tasks and castigation the lesson they reject from
the lips of love Thus the tasks that sever then uuite them at lust and
the battle for stablishes brotherhood
rctnrcnnne Pnrnile to ninplny tk
Iloaxrliolil Furniture
A typical Breton wedding is ns curi
ous ns it le Improvident So poor of
ten are the young pair that the only
way they can net up housekeeping is
by presents from their friends of food
flax furniture nnd money Tlie youth
desirous of matrimony simply offers
his Imiul to the object of his choice
If sho accept she must confirm her ac
quiescence by drinking wine wltli him
Iler fathers consent is nskwl by proxy
the deputy holding a piece of furze
during the interview The father
usually offers an old woman a young
widow and n child before granting tho
On the wedding day n cowherd leads
round Lie village nn ox wagon laden
with the wedding furniture On tho
top of tills load two maidens nro seat
ed one spinning hemp nnd the other
The bride shows her fine breeding by
making her friends drag her to church
On either side of the altar burns n wax
taper nnd It is expected that which
ever of tlie two Is nearest to the least
brilliant light will tiro llrst
The bride on leaving the church is
presented with distaff to remind iier
of her duties Tripe butter buck
wheat bread nnd elder form the mar
riage foat toward which each guest
pays ills portion
At nightfall according to nn ancient
custom tlie mother gives her daughter
a handful of nuts The happy pair nro
serenaded and are served with soup
containing crusts threaded together iu
symbol of unity
IIimv tin- filaxxrn An- Ground Polldli
ril anil riiilxhcil
Ill tlie manufacture of spectacle
tlie bit of glns to be formed
into u lens is fattened by means of
pitch to n small block of hard rubber
so that It may lie held It Is ground
by being pressed against a rapidly re
volving east Iron disk on n verticnl
spindle and with curvature equal and
oppmlte to that desired in tlie lens
This is tlie rough tool and is kept
moistened with emery and water Sev
eral grades of emery are used in suc
cession changing from coarse to flno
as tlie grinding proceeds
The glass Is thou transferred to tho
flue tool made of brass and com
pared from time to time to n standard
curve in order to Insure accuracy Iu
this second grinding tlie abrading ma
terial Is rough
Finally the lens Is polished by being
pressed against n piece of cloth pow
dered with rouge and fastened to tho
rotating tool The glass Is now loos
ened Imin Its block turned over and
the reverse side of the lens ground
When this lias been accomplished tho
lens Is placed on n leather cushion and
held linnly In position by n rulibor
tipped nrm while n diamond glass cut
ter passing round an oval guide traces
n similar oval on tlie glass below Tho
superfluous glass is removed by steel
pinchers and the rough etlges are
ground smooth on Scotch wheels
Pearsons Weekly
Man nml Ills Money
Almost every woman has her basis
for tlie valuation of n man One girl
who recently broke off nn engagement
to bo mnrrled certainly has hers
I couldnt stnnd him she said be
cause he carried his money lii a fish
scale purse That seemed to mo tho
limit To my mind there is only one
really manly way for n man to carry
money nnd that Is to throw It around
loose in his trousers pockets so that
when he wants n nickel he 1ms to dig
up change by the handful to get it
For bills of course I can stand one
of those tint leather pocketbooks They
have n businesslike aspect and do not
detract from u mans dignity But to
see a big strapping fellow who has the
appearance of a real live man draw a
little purse from his pocket nnd fish
around for a dime is too much for me
Xew York Sun
rtonirfi Crvnt PI re
In A D il ten of the fourteen mu
nicipal districts of Home were destroy
ed by a conflagration Instigated It is
laid by the lCinperor Nero The num
ber of lives lost Is known to amount up
mto the hundreds but tlie value of the
pioprty destroyed cannot be estlnint
fd By the emperors command thou
sands of Hoinaiis rendered homeless
md destitute were employed Iu re
moving tlie debris and rebuilding tho
minied city Nero to divert tho odium
jf the crime from himself charged it
tipon the Christians and thus began
jne of the greatest persecutions In tho
ilstory of the early Christian church
The World Co il
The total known coal proiruetion of
the world Is something like 70000000
tons per annum Experts state that
even at this rate of production there is
sulllelent eoal to last for thousands of
years Some faint Idea can be gath
ered from these figures- of the enor
mous quantity of coul there Is on this
planet At the same time there is the
statement made by Sir Robert Ball
hat nil the coal on the earth would not
supply tlie suns heat for oue tenth of
it second
lie ClimiRPtl
Oreymnlrs wife brought him homo
i suit of clothes but I understand ho
mustered up tho courage to tell her
that ho had mado up his mind to
change It
Did ho change It
Oh yes ho changed his mind
The first smllo of nn infant with Its
loothless gums is one of tho plnsant
Ht sights In nature It Is Inuoceuco
dalmlug kinship and asking to bo
overt in Us helplessness Dr D Llv
IMunti Tucker
i Our
N e w
Bed Room Suits Parlor Suits
Sectional Book Cases Rockers
Dmnig Room Suits Iron Beds m
wurroniers Maeooaras
Reed Rockers Writing Desks
Paints Oils Varnishes
Coffins Caskets and Burial Robes
FinefHearse and Funeral Car
This well known Mill is now in charge of John
Woolf of Salem Valley assisted by M A Wing of
Marion and is turning out the best products it has
ever done
The Flour is par excellent Meal fresh and sweet
Graham Flour Ship Stuffs Wheat Bran in fact
everything made in a First Class Mill
Give us a Gall Satisfaction Guaranteed
We now haye some Excellent Wheat
and our Flour cannot be Excelled
John T Woolf Co
Situations Guaranfei
v i
Wa do not euarantea situations to pro
jective students In order to eet their patron
age Schools of merit do not resort to such
dishonest practices
Fake schools truarantee situations in
order to secure students because they haa
no other Inducements to offer
Our work is so thorough that a guarantee
Is superfluous Business men are so eager
to set competent help here that a large per
cent of our students take positions tefore
they graduate
See us before making arrangements for
your business and shorthand education at
some Inferior fake school We will take
pleasure in telling you all about the loop
holes In the position guarantees of
hone schools catalogue iree
The Original
Foley fc Co of Cliicnp riLina
tcd Honey and Tar i a throat ami
lung remedy and nn account of the
great merit and popularity of Foleys
Honey and Tar many imitations are
ottered for the genuine These worth
less imitations have similar bounding
names Howarc of them Tho genu
ino Foleys Honey and Tar is in a
yellow package Ak for it and re
luse any suhstitue It is tho best
ifliucdy for coughs and colds Woods
t Oriue
Hot Springs
Special Summer Tourist
Rate to Hot Springs Ark
and return 1560 Tickets
on sale June 22 to Sept 30
jood return Oct 31
W L Venner A
Diarrhoea Remedy
Is a reliable pleasant and safe
remedy for bowel complaints
both in children nd adults Buy
it now U may save life
Tho pnuy who borrowed my ex
tension Imidor will pciun return
same and ave trouhle
S M Jfnkixs
The action of the heart de
pends upon the heart nerves
and muscles When from any
cause they become weak or ex
hausted and fail to furnish
sufficient power the heart flut
ters palpitates skips beats
and in its effort to keep up its
work causes pain and distress
such as smothering spells
short breath fainting pain
around heart arm and shoul
ders The circulation is im
peded and the entire system
suffers from lack of nourish
Dr Miles Heart Cure makes
a heart strong and vigorous by
strengthening these nerves and
I had palpitation nnrl pain around
my heart and the doctors said it was
Incurable I dont believe It now for
after taking six bottles of Dr Miles
Heart Cum thiee bottles of theNervino
nnd three boxes of the Nervn and
llver Pills I nm entirely cured and
feel better than I have ror fivo years
and it Is all due to these remedies I
wnnt you to knew tVat your medicines
cured me It relieved me from tho
flrrt dose and I kept right on till tho
pain in my chert was Rone and I kept
on forlttr better v n after I quit
takintr H JOHN H flURPMAN
Beldlng Mich
Dr Miles Heart Cure It od by
your druoolat vsho will guarantee that
the frit bottl will benefit If It falls
he will refund your money
Miles Medical Co Elkhart Ind
See our lOo assortment of granito
nnd tinwaro We nie t T when it
comos to prices Hioklin Bros
Bucliiens Arnica Salvo
Tho Best Salvo In The WorM
tt i

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