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places the machine in which man will
prove to the world the complete prac
ticability and utility of air travel will
be who knows how many hundred times
heavier than the substance filling the un
seen and boundless sea through which it
will shoot with speed outrivalling the
homing pigeons with the steadiness and
docility of an old family horse
And our flight through space will be
in conscious imitation of the flights of
the birds
Every bird every flying thing flies be
cause its flight is based upon the resist
ance offered to the air by its wings
In other words we shall never attain
flight by nlcrely displacing air as we do
when floating in the straight out bal
fte Qrtfttntm t
loon or the so called airship of to day
Further we will fly as does the pigeon
It in full flight raises itself by each
of its rapid wing beats an almost im
perceptible distance and shoots forward
between each flap along a plane of very
slight inclination downwards by just the
amount the wing beat raises it and for
wards a considerable distance the re
sult being rapid flight
Our flight then will be a gradual
gliding down an inclined plane and a
constant recovery by upshoots In some
forms of flight these two actions occur
almost simultaneously So will they In
the perfected flying machine insuring a
delightful sense of safety to the passen
ger nonchalantly defiafnt of the law of
gravitation he knowing full well the ma
chines ability constantly and arbitrarily
to correct the position of the center of
gravity bird fashion thus insuring
permanent stability in the air
The wisest of men declare all this
still you say a dream a phantasma
goria of the brain
Surely not when man has already
flown in or flown machines as the pigeon
Time after time the aerodrome air
runner invented by the late Prof E P
Langley of the Smithsonian Institution
Marion Ky Thursday Oct 4 1906
glided on an inclined plane forward
through the air recovered itself and
glided again Though the public has not
yet seen it In action there are- many
trustworthy men who have testified to
having beheld the flying machine of the
Wright brothers of Ohio gliding
tnrougli tne air like a bird Any scien
tist who has paid any attention what
ever to aeronautics will tell you that
Pilchcrs gliding machine acts in the ail
just like a bird in flight And there
are others
Like a bird in gliding flight have they
traveled overhead for varying distances
No bag of gas lifted them in the air
and kept them suspended therein while
a motor or an engine of some sort fur
nished driving power to a propeller as
in the case of the Santos Dumont and
other airships Like a bird they have
sailed remained in the air by reason of
their own initiative the power furnished
by motors or engines causing the me
chanisms to offer the necessary bird like
resistance to the air with the result of
actual flight
But alas because we do not yet pos
sess the full knowledge of the principle
of flight as does the meanest of birds
and flying insects those flying machines
which have justified their name in part
at least have been wont to play queer
tricks at the most inopportune moments
on their inventors and an anxiously
watching and waiting world And so
though the greatest ambition of the
world to day seems to be to fly many
of us have come to say with a regret
ful shake of the head We wi1
never fly
Right here up steps the greatest
wizard of his day Thomas A Idin
to say that man ought to be ashamed
of himself for not having solved the
problem in all its phases long ago
I was down in Florida and one day
I watched a big bird I think it was a
vulture that floated about in the air a
whole hour without moving its wings
perceptibly When God made that bird
He gave it a machine to fly with but
I Io didnt give it much else I le gave the
bird a very small brain with which to
direct the movements of the machine
hut He gave to man a much larger
brain in proportion to that of the bird
All this is paraphrased in the one word
Here says Edison of the vulture
is a natural flying machine which is a
thousand times as heavy as the- air it
displaces There is nothing but a ma
chine and a small brain and it is not
a very remarkable machine either And
then in self evident disgust Why is it
that man cannot make a Hying machine
as efficient as a bird
A lot of people say that it was never
meant that man should fly that if na
ture had intended such a thing man
would have been provided with the
necessary machinery in his body such as
is now possessed by the bird But you
might as well say that it was never
intended that man should ever have any
light aside from the sun and the moon
and stars which were originally pro
vided for him or that he should not
move about faster with the aid of
wheels because no wheels were supplied
to him by nature
Through further study of the bird and
its method of flight man will discover
how to fly says Mr Edison and all
others who have given the subiect any
serious thought agree with hint fully
But Mt Edison adds somewhat para
doxically he who solves the problem of
flight will find out nothing new Pow
erful motors of wonderful compactness
will be applied to a framework of ex
treme lightness and that will be all there
is to it
Doubtless this framework will be
something similar to the physical struc
ture of a bird I do not believe it will
be difficult because we have many me-
ehamcil deuces now which arc superior
to the devices used by nature in human
beings and animals and I do not see
why we may not put together a con
trivance which will at least be equal to
the machine and brain of the bird
So if man flight is such an easy mat
ter as Mr Edison makes it out to be
why have we not been navigating the
air these many years For one thing
we have only recently In our attempts
to fly left off trying to be original and
endeavored to copy the bird the handi
work of nature It is a significant fact
that only since we have looked to the
bird for the secret of flight has there
been built a machine with an indisput
able record of flying ever so small a
distance Only since we have begun to
imitate the bird have the wise men be
come convinced that we will yet fly
And some day some day ah who
would not like his name to go rolling
down the ages as the inventor of the
first machine to demonstrate beyond the
shadow of a doubt the complete con
quest of the air by man
Though man when he flies will fly
like the birds it does not necessarily
follow that the flying machine on ac
count of its structure might be taken
for some long surviving autideluvian in
habitant of the air Indeed not a few
scientists who have been busy with aero
nautics declare that once man has dis
covered the principle of flight his won
derful ingenuity will enable him to con
struct a machine that will incorporate
the principle and at the same time have
nothing about it resembling wings in the
slightest degree Propellors there will
be and a rudder doing the work of
wings and tail But it will be flight
without wings and we have been
taught from childhood that even the
angels need wings to fly Other scien
tist however believe that there will be
great planes two or more mechanically
worked like wings In conjunction with
proplors and rudder
Again in their perfected state pro
pellors and rudder will do more than
to give flight Once more man will im
prove on nature and the mechanisms of
his ingenuity will drive the good air ma
chine through gales that the strongest
bird could not face will keep it se
renely on its course while birds
caught in the swirling clashing battling
currents will oe hurtled miles out of
7 rxSaffll tested 1
Will we yet fly through tfic air as
easily as we Hash across the continent
by rail to day many times more quickly
and far more profitably and economi
cally too
1 he wise men of the civilized portions
of the world are now pretty generally
agreed that we will A few decades ago
they were not Since then in the nat
ural march of events several things
hav happened to cause them to face
about and it would surprise none to
wake up to morrow next week next
year to the certain knowledge that man
is flying at last
Impossible 1 you exclaim in tones
that savor of disgust at such a vision
That is the very word the great body
of people employed when at one time or
another a single man or at least a small
body of men were firm in the belief
that we would yet sail by steam send
messages by dots over wires actually
talk over wires ride in horseless car
riages send and receive messages over
thousands of miles of space without the
aid even of intervening wires And
this is the word that a great many of
us let rise to our lips when we hear a
learned man orthodox in all things
else solemnly declare that we will
yet fly
Fly not float mind you
We can float in the air now The
trick is nothing We have been float
ing in the air lol these many decades
past The balloon is a floating bag
This is true of both the dirigible and
non dirigible types In each case the
thing that gets the balloon up in the
air and keeps it suspended there is gas
Gas as every one knows is a substance
lighter than air and so it is capable
when used in sufficient quantity to float
the silken cloth the ropes the woven
basket and whatever else goes into the
make up of the contraption we call a
Rut the Invention that Is to give us
theSnastery of the now uncharted high
waysVf the air will travel along these
very hythways on its own initiative It
will bevjn active not a passive so
journer jTl the realm of overhead
In this Ifaturc it will be like unto the
bird and gain like the bird it will
be heavier uiany times heavier than the
olr itself vultures body is a thou
sand times heavier thin the air it dis
V - L
v7 rfi ll JjTTCr JfM Jli fl r f vkVb TTL 1 lV lAiWmTWr Xh ftliLOKKKwVll T7VSPcis f CTvVvVWWWviw Yt vuUulUUiniltlVlliifl film mItjIhIIH ImliffPffOfwroOftfglffl Tf J V J tf t fl i
their path to be broug
torn in the friendly
strange country
Will the shell of
steel Certainly of t
material equally sironi
many times heavier til
The shape of the
that of a birds body 3
like structure with onJ
the other blunted sor
taking their cue fircl
have been picturing
years now
What will drive if
nigh miraculous pov
lighter in weight tlft
able of such power
just as the automobile
is infinitely lighter tfi
only a few years at
mighty engines of tt
greyhound arc light
lings of fifty odd ye
And the motors wd
pellcrs so astomshin
will be born of thlsl
motion offering resli
and flight will be sti
the case of the bird m
for a short time wii
irn r u vl
wun mil tviu wc tl
goose with a braht
portion than mans
flitrht nf from Kvn
- w
Hundred miles an hot
not journey through
this speed we whoJ
tne universe A mil
twelve seconds the
a sincle nicht anvj
ore ainner trip bef
Chicago a run of ml
the metropolis to thc3
What will give lifej
chinery There is i
opinion but all are
will be very small jU
a little will go a
haps say the moit
flies will snatch th
power from spactfi
veyances there wffiv3
sembie tne giant
ocean greyhound
When man Am
fought in the Wfj
f -

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