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sssssW Wim Mm
During that trying period in
which women so often suffer
from nervousness backache
sick headache or other pains
there is nothing that can equal
Dr Miles Anti Pain Pills
They stop the pains soothe the
nerves and give to
the relief so much desired If
taken on first indication of
pain or misery they will allay
the irritable condition of the
nerves and save you further
suffering Those who use them
at regular intervals have ceas
ed to dread these periods They
contain no harmful drugs and
leave no effect upon the heart
or stomach if taken as directed
They give prompt relief
I havo been an Invalid for
years I havo nrurulKla rhrumatlara
and piiiw around tho hrt By
using Dr Miles Antl Prttn Pills I am
relieved of tlia pain and got Moep
and rest I think hnd I known of
tho Ialn Pills when I was llrst takon
nlclc thoy would havo cured me I
recommend them for iierlodln pains
Dr Mile Antl Paln Pllli are told by
ymir drungUt who will quarantee that
tho flrt package will benefit If It
falla he will return your money
2S doiee 23 cents Never aold In bulk
Miles Medical Co Elkhart Ind
The Circulation Stimulated
ana me Muscies ana vionTS
lubricated by using
Price 25c 50c 100
Sold by a11 Dealers
Sloans Treatise On The HorseSent Free
Address Dr Earl SSloan BostonMass
Ioko Ki loy is clean uif off tliu
ground in Inn liorso hit for tliu cun
htruotion of u jioint lie will put i
Wavy rook rouniliitiiiii to it n lie in
tends to raise soino lurp li th ticxt
A deep fruit foil litc this woek
tnd made tliu uirtli look very l11y
Tohe Moscleys rooster was caught
out in it but Tobeupon the approach
of the frost had presence of mind
enough to hoist an umbrella over
Sap Spradlcn has learned soiiieihiii
olec during the past few dajh and
will havo to get a larger hat
Fit Smith is fast getting well
train Un Iuh road to recovery he
will stop off atjyriekvillc for a few
Possum time is here At the big
meeting Saturday the deputy con
stable was instructed to tie luntenu
on all the possums on Musket Ilidgi
ho that it will be no trouble to find
After Haz Barlow taken Miss Oon
ol Henstcp out driving in his earl
some horse hairs were seen on hir
coat This looked quite suspicion
as Haz drove a mule
The xunVet one hour ahead of time
Sim Flinders watch the other evening
itnd several of our citi7uiir were
caught out JiT the dark without lan
Fletcher flentep lias broke the
record in sueees fully raiding the
smallest pumpkin it is fully devel
oped having the rich yellow color
and ridnt in it and ii- not quite a
large a a buckshot lie in justlj
proud of it and as mxjii a it was lull
grown he hitched up hi- yoke ol
stiicm and hurried it to the poitoflico
a corner of the room wa cleared and
it wa put onVxhibition
fjjlhe wile nt Joe w hat n hi ninie
living in hollowing distance of Kvo
Straw fixing to entertain with an
owl social tonight in honor of her
husband who has been dead for the
past yeai
Sid Iioeks Kllick llellwanger and
IIiva Barlow took a small jag of
Moonlight Keel Saturday night and
look pofuixioii of a dance at the
home of I uke Mathewsla who lives
in shooting distance of the Kye Straw
graveyard The constable uwashot
through the hat and had to be carried
home The Kxcelsior Fiddling band
got excited and lett tho houso with
mt finishing the tune they were
pliing and will play the remainder
of it at beginning of the uext dance
Hat Smith is busy turning out
some lieker for the Chrismas festiit
ies It will be flavored with the rip
pling waters of Gander Creek and
vill be so strong that it will warp
the letters on the jug
When the cats arc away they make
buy whilo the sun shines
Gam Sims looked into the cistern
yesterday and saw himslf in the wa
ter He will get a ladder and go
lowti and talk to himself today
It is a straight lane that has no
When in uoubt u c a line comb
No Laura hoops arc not worn any
more except on barrels
Kind Kditor Molts I am - years
of age and have a girl who contends
that she doos not love uie yet I be
lieve she doc What would you do
about it Q S X
Well you should not attempt to
marry while you arc 2i that being
tu ill fated numeral You might put
her to a toit however by attempt
ing Miieide Go to the nearest re
liable drug store and purchase a pint
of carbolic auid diluted with nitrogly
cerine and drink it on her front door
stop It she- weeps at the funeral
she loved you
Dear Kditor of Hogwaller I have
had nothing to cat for six days and
have had a intense longing for some
thing Can you tell me what it is
After giving your case much
thought perhaps you are hungry
Mj finance promised to meet me at
the corner in the shadow of the tele
phone polo hist nigt at 718 oclock
I waited until sunrise but sho never
showed up Now why Earnest
Dear Ernest Wo do not know as
we havent had a ehanco to see her
since then
Dear Kditor I have a serious case
I met a young woman a day or two
ago since which time she has treated
me coolly This has terribly upset
me and I cannot sleep at night as
something keeps worrymg me An
immediate answer is my wish M
Investigate the bed closely and if
you find that it is not bugs ormosqui
toss you arc in love
Noll iu eating hickory nuts always
remove tho sholl as they are hard to
Notice to our Customers
Wo are pleased to announce that Foleys
Honey and Tar tor Coucbs colds and lung
troubles Ii not affected by tho National Pure Food
and Drug law as It contains no opiates or othar
harmful druis and we recommend It as a safe
remedy for children and adults Woods 0ralOrmo
Art Anlrrja Story or
Littlfe Folhs
The Discontented Lion
An old lion named Leo who had lived
In n circus tent for many years jrew
very tired of tho life lie led and said
Hpiv I am en Red up with only half
enough to eat und ull these strange
people stnrlnR ut me and tliu men who
rim lliU show make ull of tho money
and have u Rood time too Im tired
of It nnd Intend to escape ut the very
first opportunity Hnd a partner and ro
Into business for myself
So one niomliiR when Uie animal
keeper opened tho barred door to feed
tin Hon old Leo gave one spring
iik was fau our in Tiro countiiv
knocked over the keeper and did not
stop riinuiuR until he was far out In
the country tired thirsty and hungry
The next lnornltiR ho started out to
look for partners hut as soou as
any of the other iinlmaH saw lilru
they would ruu away In terror never
rIvIiir Leo the opportunity to tell of
his wonderful plans
After wandering nhout for several
days without behiR able to And any
thing to eat ho determined to ro back
to the circus but when he reached the
town the circus hud left and ns eery
one was nfrnld of Leo some men form
ed a company armed themselves and
shot him on sight
Moral Dont be too ambitious At
lanta Constitution
Asthma Suffers Should Know This
l loleys Honey and Tar has cured many cases
of asihma that were considered hopeless Mrs
Adolph lluesing 701 West Third St Davenport
Iowa writes A severe cold contracted twelve
ears ago was neglected until It finally grew Into
asthma The best medical skill available could
not give me more than temporary relief loleys
Honey and Tar was recommended and one fifty
cent bottle entirely cured me of asthma which had
been growing on me for twehc years If 1 had
taken it at the start I would been aved years of
sulItrlnK Woods Ormc
A Guaranteed Cure For Piles
Itching Ulind Bleeding Produc
ing Piles Druggist are authorized
to refund money if Pazo Ointment
fails to cure in 5 to 14 das price aOe
Following the Flag
VVhtu our boldipr mant to LiiIm ami tho 1hili
lintm health wa thu most iiupurtaut considera
tion Willis r Morgan ti tiird oimulnr
StirKtiant I S A of Rural Kuulc I Concoid N II
sa I wik two ars in Cuba and two year iu
the Philippine and buiiu subject to colds 1
took Ir Kltuh Nuw liscoer lot Consumption
which kept hi in pt rlert health And now in
New llainphhiin we hud it the hot inc Heme in
thewuiM for couchs cohls liiouchial trouble
and Iiihi diiifc iiiarauteed at Wood-
Orine drutfitiHis Price vx mrt M trial
bottle fiee
An one wiahiiiL to buy renle tate
ii the new state of Oklahoma can
get cheap lauds good titles and fiee
tianspotatiou by calling onK V
Moohk llopton Ivy
How Diptheriais Contracted
Ono often hears the espression My child
cnuuht a Meiti cold which dow loped into dip
theria when the tiuth was that the cold bail
simply left the little one partlcuHily susceptible
to tho uauderine diptluria norm When Cham
betlaius Cuuuli Remedy is elcii it quickly cures
thu cold and lesstim the dauber ot diptlieria or
any other iterm disease liulin contracted Tor
bale by Woods A Ornie The lendlni DruE bton
in Western Kentuck
Local Time Table I G Railroad
Noimi iiounii
Ltao Marion rot am
Leave Marlon 17 inn
Leave Marion to pin
Leave Marlon tiiopui
Arrive Kvansullegis aiu
Arrive Kvausvlllo if pin
Arrive HansilloCo tun
Arrive Mattoon 030 pm
Arrive Kvansvillu 150 am
Artiu Cbicaeo 030 am
Leae Marion 6 am
Leae Marion 1117am
Leave Marlon Jtopm
Leao Marion 735 pm
Arrive Princeton zoo am
Arrive Nashville 810 am
Anhe Princeton 121s pm
Arrhe Princeton 450 pm
Arrive Nashville uis pm
Arrive Princeton 83J Pin
Ar Hopkinsvllle qts pm
Makes the Liver Lively
Orlno Laxative Fruit Sirup gives permanent
reliuf in cases of habitual constipation as it stim
ulates the liver and restores the natural action of
the bowels without Irritating these organs liku
pills or ordinary cathartics Does not nausratu
or srlpo and Is mild and pleasant to take He
member the name Okino and refuse substitutes
Woods Orme
No hunting or fiahing on ray farm
Trespassers will bo prosecuted Sec
ond notice Joiin Coohiun
B II DcWitt Co of Chicago at whose labor
atory Kodol Is prepared assure us that this re
markable dlgestant and corrective for the stomach
conforms fully to all provisions of the National
Pure Food and Drug Law Sold by Woods ft
Groves Tasteless Chill Tonic
has stood the test 25 years Average Annual Sales over One and a Half MUBon
Dottles JDoes tnis record or merit appeal to your No Cure wo Pay due
Enclosed with every bottle Is a Ten Cent package of Groves Black Root Liver Pffls
Princeton Ky Nov 2S 1SMJU
Marion Ky
Dear Kir Will Hay in regard to
iilrcrtiNciiicnt placed in your paper
several weeks ajo by M U Ollara
that I am still at Ollara Ky com
monly known as Cedar Hlulf Ky
and intend staying hero for a number
of years I am at present doing the
practice for the employees of the 1
Katterjohn Construction Com
pany under contract also most the
practice in the surroundini country
and will aKo state that the practice
in the surrounding country will not
justify the service of another doctor
N ours most respectfully
Will T Hicklin
Suet esor to
Orriway Bros Guess
Livery Sale and Feed Stable
North Main St Marion Ky
The patronage of the
Public is solicited
The Old Blue Bear and the Rabbit
An unpublished poem by Eugene
Field is a rare literary treat for both
old and young Tho wonderful sym
pathy and love for his children shows
strongly in these verses from the
poem published in the December
number of the Womens Homo Com
panion for the first time
A big blue Hear came up one day
And to the llabbits ma said he
Ive come to take your child away
To roam the lields and woods with
Then Rabbits mama said Oh no
You big blue llaor you shall not
My little Rabbit wandering o
Unless youve lots of jelly cake
Tho Rear replied you need not fear
To letthVRabbit go with mo
For I have lots of goodies here
As you yourself can plainly sec
And saving thus the old blue Rear
Rack from his bag the cover threw
And mamma saw the goodie there
The jelly cikeaiid candy too
f f UUMMY Mm
A Pclightful Reverage
A Safo Stimulant
A Good Medicine
For sale by
Eberle Hardin Co
Marion Ky
round trip rntes
il greatly reduced ratos on tho first
and third Tuesday of each month
from points on tho lino of tho
Illinois Central R R
in the North Vour homo Tickot
Audit will eivo vou full particulars
as to ratjs conditions audtrain tiiuo
IUIX PARTICULARS concerning Home
seeders Excursion Rates can be had of agents of
the Illinois Central and connecting lines or by
addressing etlier of tho undersigned
F W HARLOW D P A Louisville
j NO A SCOTT A G P A Mcmpbl
A H Aahson V T M Chicago
S G Hatch G P A ChicaKO
For chapjwd and crackrd hands get DeWltta
Witch Hazel Salve Sold by Woods Orme
The Old Hickory Distilling Go
MOVED UP TOWN On account of the city coun
cil refusing to grant us new quart license at the distillery
we were compelled to buy out a place up town or let our
friends and patrons go without Old Hickory which is known
to be the best purest and cheapest in Marion Nobody else
in town has our Old Hickory Call and see us We have
a full line of Whiskey Wines Beer and Cigars Prices on
Old Hickory same as at the quart house
Billart Stand Opposite Post Office
Old Hickory Distilling Company
By T H LOVVERY Manager
CFMT FRFF HooHottltlolrnnqhonii
Olll inLLjVlilir
yon thnt Irniinii h oil ip x ran lirt lit irSL
IEIUUIt und lOPYItlUHTbU 01 ttiodH tuwlt
WOOOOOOO c ipitJi 23 Collefies
PfilTlllW cvnrrd or tnonny rcfuuditt
1 WOIIIUIHO Written ntriirtKiveti JVr
rntalotnnilKviOiiiiiT rallplione orwrlto
Juo b Urimlioii lli sident ultheridaoo
i A Complete
Kidney Cure will cure kidney xni bladder dlseaso
In eviry form and will build up and strengthen
these otgans so they will perform their functions
properly No dancer ot llrlghts diseaso or dl
botes It Foleys Kidney Cure it taken In time
Woods Ormr
yrmmnroIinfiliWr npinTninn
month tbim otti is win In 1
mid that lirnurlK n - 1 mil thu
lil ST HyuUms ol buurtkuud
In 10 KUites 17 j ears Hiieeess
LLAIIW Tawnno1liTpinRfihort nVlIillt
nrniiniliipOrnwDI MAIL
lit Arltlimitli litis Im Nil Ktj
Sattstucttou ULAIt AXTiiii Write for priooa
Evansvillc Paducah Nashville St Louis Memphis Little
Rock Atlanta Dallas San Antonio etc
White and Red Oak
Sound Green Timber free from knots windshakes
checks worm holes and other defections Must be barked
and well quartered Also buy Standing Oak Timber for
Heading Bolts where there are available facilities for get
ting it ont For Prices call on
Marion Kentucky
StOGk Of
Dry Goods Notions Hats Caps Boots Shoes
Hardware Tinware and Groceries Prices
tent with Quality
I Buy and Sell all kinds of Produce
9 Give me a call
2 Chas Larue
J The Leading Merchant Lcvias Ky
Always Remember the Fid Name
I axative Uromo Auinine
Cures a Cold in One Day Grip in Two
Q ft ox 25c
iarber Shop
Walter McConnell
Clean Towels and Good
First Class Hot or Cold Baths
Press Building
Will Interest Many
Kvcry person sbould know that good health Is
Iraposltilu if the kidneys are deranged Foleys
A Home Made Happy by Chamber
lains Cough Remedy
AUuut iv uiontliH iuti oui hihv girl I111I the
liiBiiles uliicll stltlul un lici Iiiiiki ami it last
ruMilted 111 a wiuro attack of bionchitio We had
two doctors hut no rtlict na oliuined Hvery
body tliouulit slui nuutd diu I went to u in lit dlf
ftrvnt btorts tuTind acrrtalti remedy uhich had
been recniniiiuiuled to mu and failed to get it
when one of the storekeepers liislitcil that I lr
Cliainljeclalns Cough Hemedy I did iu and oar
baby is alive and well toil a W SrKNCE
Holly Springs N C Tor Sale by Woods Orme
Farm and Fitcsido twice u month
one jcar freo with each subscriber of
tho PresH We have Hcnt a Hample
copy to each subscriber
Have you tried the new Cream
Crisp breakfast food A ten cent
packnpo and hotter than many of tho
fifteen cent sellers Morris Yatca
The best in the world
i k

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