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UNDER A $750.00 BOND
Examining Trial of John 0. Gregory Before Judge Blackburn
At Marion Court House Last Monday Created
A Great Deal of Interest In the County
Ureal dual of intercut wag
mted in Marion and Dyousburg and
'deed all over Orittcnden county
n -I other parts of Kentucky and in
anv lrtn of the United Status, in
hi alleged murderous assault mado
n Cashier Kdgie Gregory of
jrg bank by .1. I). Grogory the ox-
ir!ul of tlio town. Dyruaburg
se among the hills of tho Cum-
r.and river antl is ordinarily a uiet
ti hamlet, made up of good pt
The place hag always beH a
a bumuoM point and first and
omc handoomo fortunes bar
it if ruhiulatcd tlioro. Naturally
a nl is the nuoleu of the buaiNMa
tin plane and one ean imagine
at thrill ef xitoineiit wa mhi
u thv wutiuuHity when it wit
I rt'd that an attmupt had been
! i.. kill the Mohlor and rob the
l.al Mouday whau tht ease wa
( for examination f wilneaius bo
' Judgo Waltor Hlaokburu about
rt of the rojroioutativo sitiien of
'tburg and vicinity were hero to
tify Long before tho time lor tho
al the court hoiiftOWa packed with
Npectators Counl Attorney
and Hon. I. II. Jamoa,
I - arcsl for tho rommouwealth.
' fine ,1a. A. Moore, and City
.John A. Mooro for tho do-no-
The dofondant came into tho
irt aroompaiiiod by his attornoys,
it wan not called for examination
' i nude no statement.
The following is the evidence a
vrn before tho court,
lut witnoss, W. II. Hodge, (Mail
rrier ) 1 drove up near the bank
-I handed out tho mail, also so mo
f buckets, and heard a rumbling
m'c, oino one an in e up and said
'at .1 D. Grogory waakilliug Kdgio
jny Mr. Hoax 'wont up and
' ""V the door tin1 round that it was
Li I also triod the door and
ini it vii looked and look ml in the
"r .tud saw Kdgio standing in the
am office; He oaino on to the door
nd na id John 1). Grogory is tho
an who did tho work."
Cross Kxiimination.
W 1 1 lii it four or five day I went in
he bauV and iaw blood on the tloor
r the vault, also on the safe, also on
shelf in the vault back of the safe.
' had not seen John D. for about a
eek before this trouble. 1 saw Kd-
-Mc standing in the office just as if
' e had come from the vault, about
ght feet from it. I was first at
ractcd to tho bank by hearing a dead-
'ike moan, Kdgio told me thru the
ioor that John D. did the work.
Then I ran for help. I met some
iien going up tho river armed with
to head him. (He was excused.)
Second witness: Kdgar Gregory,
il'laintiff.) I was formerly a farmer
and from March until January the
'th was an employee of the bank;
hen I watt chosen cushion I am not
Mated to John I). Gregory and I
'Tit met him the first of last July,
'Oti. There had beon no difficulty
'"'tween us; I was his friend and
thought ho was raino. Ho often came
"to the bank and road, was almost a
aily loafer. Saturday, tho IiUh of
January, 1907, John I), camo into
'lie hank and asked mo to go that
n'ght to help search for a negro mur
doror. "The reward is f0 and wo
can got it," ho said. No, I have a
position and don't want to tako any
risk. 1 do not want to go. John
I). aid, '1 am keeping scoludcd and
want to sit in tho back room if you
don't oaro, so tho nogroos will think
I am out. About JJ-JIO p. in. Mrs.
Dyeus camo in to got omo flowors
that wore growing in the baek room.
I ent into the room with her aud
John I), got up aud spoke to bar, ho
ennie from behind the coal pilo.
Mrs. Dyeiu loft ho eamo out and
said, 'it looks likt it is going to bo
a bad, stormy uight and 1 don't believe
111 go out and search for tho
negro. I said, no, I wouldn't go
On Tuesday I received a chock returned
from tho Marion Hank whioh
had boon protostod by Cashtor Van
doll. Tho chock of $ If). 00 was made
payable to Mrs. A. K. Khodos, pro-pride
of the hotel. 1 wont down
to the hotel and railed J no. I), out
and asked him to come to the bank
so that wo could discuss tho check
priatoly. He seemed very much
surprised when I showed him the
check and said porhapshis father had
drawn tho money out and that he
would I'ome to town the noxt day aud
fix it up. Hut the noxt day he came
in aud said that he could not go, but
he would go tho next morning. He
oauie in Wodnoday morning and
said he would go that afternoon if ho
had to drive. About 11 o'olock Thursday
afternoon he camo in aud said
that ho could not get a rig for love
or monoy, not evon with tears in his
oyo. I said, that will bo all right,
just mi you attend to it by Saturday.
He sat down and was uiot while I
finished my business. I told him I
had found a mWtako. ho said, 'you
had better look tho door and keep the
people out and thon you can find the
mistake.' He always placed his
chair to my back with his face toward
the vault. I picked up my cash
drawer and books and started to put
them in the vault, he got up and
said 'I would like to cc you set the
time look.' I. wound one side and
stooped to set tho look. Ho camo
down with the hatchet on my head
like driving nails. I was struck
thrcc times before I could raise up, I
didn't know when I rcccivce1 the
fourth stroke. I got up as quick as
I could and we clenched; then John
I), turned loose the hatchet and tried
to smother me. I jorked his hand
loose as soon as I could and scream
ed. He thon turned me loose and
ran out the back door) I followed him
to the door and threw the hatchet at
him. Then I came straight through
the office to tho front doer and unlocked
it and went to Dr. Phillips'
office to have my head dressed. Dr.
Phillips waB not there so I roturncd
to tho bank and finished locking it.
Cross Kxamination. ,
Question. You and John 1). had
beon good friends?-Answer.
We hadj'l was his and considered
him mine. . A
Ques. What time did you go to
Ans. 1 began work in March, but
was clcoted cashier Jan. 7th, 1907.
Ques. Who was cashier prior to
Ans. Hrissoy. (
Ques". Did J no. I), go in tho bank
any timo?
Ans. Yes, any time ho cared to.
Ques. After Hrissoy retired, did he
come at will? j
Ans. Yes. ;i
Ques. What day did trouble occUrtj
Ans. The 24th day of Jan. 1907. $
Ques. What was the date of the.
Aus. Jan. 15th, 1907.
Ques. Do you remember the day of
the week?
Aus. Thursday. r
Ques. WaB he in tho bank every day?1
Ans. Kyery day from Saturday M
Thursday with the exception of Suh-day.
Ques. When did you receive notice!
,, T
oi protest r f
Ans. I received it on tho evening
of the 22nd Next morning I went
down and had him come to the bank.,
Ques. Did you have conversation
concerning samo?
Ques. Was the cheek discussed
every day?
Ans. Only when Jno. 1). said ho
was going to Marion to attond to it.
Quos. What day did ho Say he was
Ans. Ho first said that he would
go Tuodday, but failed, thon
nosday and failed, then Thursday
and failed.
Quos. Did ho go?
Ans. No. ,
Quos. W hat reason did he' give fori
not going?
Ans. None.
Quos. Did ho go to the bank after
it had opened on the
Ans. He did.
Quos. Did he ask about your brothC
or Uharlio?
Aus. Yos.
Ques. What time did ho come to
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To Be Harnessed By Dam At Falls Near
Williamsburg Project Backed By
Now York, Fob. 2. In addition
to harnessing the Cumberland river
falls in Kentucky, the Niagara of the
south, a syndicate has bccii formed
here for the purpose of constructing
reduction works
whioh will be tbo first plant of their
description on tho other side of the
Maon and Dixon line. The Cumber
laud projects will involve an expenditure
not far short or $:t,500,000.
The enterprise is primarily backed
by William V. Cox and associates.
Among tho other raon chiefly interested
arc S. S, Wetmorc. of Philadelphia,
and S. h. Merchant, of Ho
Arthur Geislcr, the Now York consuming
engineer, is now engaged in
drawing up the plans for the construction
. and equipment of the
powerhouse and reduction works.
The initial capaoity of the hydroelectric
plant will be 20,000 horse
power, practically all of which will
be consumed by the chemical works
most of tho balanco being available
for the Louisville district.
The power schemes embraces the
building ot a big dam across the
Cumberland river, which will have a
capacity of over 2,000,000 cubic feet,
of The dam will back the
watcnup to Williamsburg, 25 miles
distant. Included in the storage capacity
will bo parts of the tributary
river between tho falls andWillianiBc
Aluminum, it is said, will be tho
principal production of the reduction
wjrks. It is expected that both the
pjiwer and manufacturing plants will
bo in full operation inside of eighteen
Thoias N. Morgan, Son of John P. Morgan,
of this City, met Instant
Death January 31st
Thomas Newton Morgan, son of
John P. Morgan, of this city, was
instantly killed at Valley Junction
Ohio by being struck by a fust passenger
train Jan. 31st. Tho news
camo to the dead man's parents first
in the shape of a telegram which
however was brief and gave no particulars.
Tho remains arrived here Saturday
night at 1 1 MO o'clock and wcro taken
to the residence of his parents. The
funeral was preached Sunday afternoon
at 2 o'clock at the Haptist
church, Ilev. J. II. Butler officiating.
The members, of the Knights of
Pythas, and Woodmen of the World,
thon took chargo of the remains and
conducted the interment at the now
cemetery. Many beautiful floral of-
feriugs wore placed on the grave.
Thomas Newton Morgan was born
August 30th 1S79, the county near
Marion. He profosscd religion Nov.
ti(h 1897 aud joined Caldwell Springs
church and retained his membership
there until he died. For several years
he has been engineer on the railroad
working prioipally in the north and
i.- - ..- :.: . :..i.
paving mm cxtiuuper annum.
He was not married He is the
third child of J. P. Morgan, the one
armed man and was a great help and
consolation to his -father and mother.
He is survived by three brothers,
Jas. Will and Joe and one sister,
Mrs. T. L. Patterson.
Prwipt Payment
The smoke stack, of the Marion
Klcctric Light & Ice Co., was blown
down by windstorm on the night of
January 19th 1907. Tin company
carried a tornado policy in tho insurance
agency of Hourlaud A: Hayncs
and on February tith received a check
covering all los and the damage and
the cost of the erection of the smoke
stack. It pays to have insurance
that insures.
W& S3? II
wN' i Bill
i H mswmsr
1 Hlnl?SVi
I iKuiSHl
juwlL v - Ji
When the
come home
They usually want
omethin from
the pantry
Vou remember the hunger you had
Home cooking counts for muck
" in the child's health; do not imperil
k with km food by the Ue of poor .baking powder.
Hav. a delicious, pure, home-made muffin, cake or biscuit ready when thef
CMC in Tojbc sure of the purity, you must use
A Double Wedding
Miss Nellie Boston, of this city,
and Dr. Walter Travis, of Tribune;
and Miss Hulah Franklin, of Tolu,
and Dr. llobcrt Perry, of Sheridan,
were married Tuesday evening' at G
o'clock at tho residence of liev. J. II.
McAfee in Louisville.
Thoy will reside in Louisville until
the Medical School is out in May
when both doctors will graduate.
Miss Nellie Hoston is the daughter
of Geo. Hoston, of this city, and Miss
Franklin is the oldest daughter of A.
F. Franklin, of Tolu. .Both young
ladies arc great favorites among their
many friends.
Dr. Travis is the oldest son of Mr.
Frank Travis, of Tribune, and Dr.
Perry is the youngest son of J. H.
Perry, of Sheridan. Both young
men have been attending a medical
college at Louisville for some time
and arc promising young doctors.
Their many friends congratulate them
on winning two such bonnic brides.
The Pkebs extends congratulations
and best wishes to both young couples
M, B. Charles Here.
Marvin Charles cashier of the Central
Hank of Brook haven, Miss., was
in Marion a few hours Tuesday. Mr.
Charles married Miss Kilo Cassidy,
of Dycusburf, and was himself raised
near there. He was cashier of the
bank there, afterward cashier of the
bank at Hombolt, Tcnn., and later
occupied the same position in a bank
at Jackson, Tcnn... going from there
to Hrookhaven. Ka'ch, move wc hear
has been in the line of .promotion,
and his triends arc pleased at his
Paducah Nkws Democrat.
Mrs. A. P. Kelly and daughter,
Vivian, have return home, after a
pleasant visit of six weeks to the
former's sister, Mrs. F. J. Frazar, in
San Antonio, Texas., Mrs C. J.
Perry, who accompanied thcra, will
remain in San Antonio for the winter.
Miss Lillio Graves, of Dycusburg,
Ky., is the guest of her brothers, Dr.
W. T. Graves and Eugene Graves.
Layne & Leavell Bros, the
Hopkinsville mule men will
be in Marion next Monday,
county court day, February
11th, 1907.
m your
difference in your
ROYAL is absolutely
William Crawford Died at His Home on
Sunday Jan. 20th, 1907
After a Short Illness
Tho death angel visited the Crawford
home Sunday, Jan. 20th, and
took for its choice the loving husband
and affectionate father.
The subject' sketch was born and
reared in Livingston county. Ho
was borncd in 1843, was married to
Miss Sallic Nash in 1805. She survives
Ho professed faith in Christ in
1893 and has been a devoted christian
ever since. He was sanctified and
joined the M. E. church about one
month before he died.
He is the father of nine children,
seven of whom survive him. Thoy
are Mrs. Geo. Hambarg, of this place
Dr. G. L. Crawford, of Smithland;
William, Jr., of Memphis; Frank, of
Paducah; Itobt. L., Amon and John
are all at home.
Hro. Crawford numbered his friends
by his acquaintances, and those who
knew him best loved him most.
His death is keenly felt by tho
whole community and most especially
by the camp-meeting committee. He
has been a member of this board ever
since organization; for the last few
years he has served as Secretary.
lie was a devoted husband, a
father and a consecrated christian
in the estimation of all who knew
him; he made his home happy, was
heaven's best gift to his wife and
children. He was unassuming in
manner, medest in action, sensible
and charming in conversation.
He had been in failing health for
years-but his death was not expooted,
as he was seriously ill only a few-hours.
He bore his infirmities nobly
to the end.
The funeral was preached-at home
Monday morning by our pastor, Rov,
Robt. Johnson. There was a large-concourse
of weeping friends and relatives
present. His remains
to mother earth in the
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