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The Bible clas will meet next
Sunday at the V. 1 church at 2:150,
lesson Gen. inclusive. It
is free for all.
Great facts in Genesis: 1 Creation.
1 Fail. 15 Deluge. 4
Nations. ." Abraham. ( Isaac.
7 Jacob. S Joseph.
Great facts in Abraharnfa life-
1 Call. S Kjrypt. I! Lot. 4
Covenant, .") Haaar. (5 Circum-
cision. 7 Sodom. S Gerar. I'
Isaac. 10 Kcturah. 1 1 Death.
Abraham's characters Good
itics: Reverence, faith, common
sense, obedience, love, unselfishness,
generosity. Rad qualities: Fear,
Falsehood, unbelief.
Isaac tvtes.
1 In his name.
(1) Its origin God named
each beforehand.
(2) Its meaning.
(a) Isaac laughter.
(b) Jesus saves us from our
- In his birth.
(1) Predicted.
(2) Supernatural.
" In his sacrifice.
(1) By his father.
(2) An only son.
(3) A willing spirit.
4 In his restoration.
3 In his marriage.
(1) The choice of the bride.
(2) The invitation to the bride.
(3) The meeting with the bride.
1 "What are the principal subjects
and persons of which Genesis
treats? 2 What are thp eleven
great facts in Abraham's life?
What are the principal traits of
his character? 4 What do they illustrate
as to the secret of his weakness
and of his power? ." Why
did Isaac not go down into Kgypt?
U Why did the IMiillistines envy
Isaac? 7 Why did Ksau marry
his third wife? S How many times
did Jacob lie to his father? !'
What kin wa Rachel to JacobV
10 Which woman was the divinely
chosen one? 11 Why? 12 How
many daughter- had Jacob?
Health in the Canal Zone
The hiph wages paid make it a mighty
temptation to our young artisans to
join the force of skilled workmen needed
to construct the Panama Canal.
Many are restrained however by the
fear of feAers and malaria. It is the
knowing ones those who have used
Electric Bitters, who go there without
this fear, well knowing they are safe
from malarious influence with Electric
Bitters on hand. Cures blood poison
too' biliousness, weakness and all stomach,
liver and kidney troubles Guaranteed
by J. H. Orme dauggist. 30c.
Every family should have a representative
newspaper from the metropolis
of a State, in addition to the
home new-paper. The Louisillc
Herald i up-to-date in its news
is clean and bright and meets
every requirement. The publisher
of this paper ha- arranged to club
The Critteniiex
with the Daily Herald and offers the
two papers at 2. 00 per year. The
special price quoted by The Louisville
Herald i; for a limited period
only Send in your subscription to
us before this oiler expire.
Dangers of Pneumonia
A roM at tlii time if ueclecteil is liable t.
Ciuie pneumonia which is so often fatal, ami
etn when the patient has ricoered the lure
are weakened, making them peculiarly
ble to the development of consumption. Foley s
Hone) and Tar will stop the couch, heal and
(trencthen the hint's and prevent pneumonia,
La (itlppe coughs ieldiuickl) to the wonderful
curative iualities of Folev's Honey and Tar.
There is nothing else Just as good." J II Orme
Charlie Robertson was the guest
oi Lawrence Tackwell last Thursday.
Joel Farmer was in our neighborhood
last week shaking hands with
the boys.
Mrs. Highfil has been very low tor"
roinetime, but Dr. Clement says she
is slowly recovering.
J C. Hardin left Tuesday for Marion
where he will spend a short vacation
in school.
Lawrence Tackwell, who has been
j' Missouri several months, came
home last week to spend the summer
with his parents.
Miss Etta Hoover, of Tolu, is
--! rtpsp
and Colds
There is a remedy over sixty
years old Ayer's Cherry
Pectoral. Of course you have
heard of improbably have used
it. Once in the family, it stays;
the one household remedy for
coughs and hard colds on the
chest. Ask your doctoraboutit.
" 1 nave hail pneumonia three time, and
Aver'n Cherry l'ectoritl lias drought meafeljr
through each time. I have lint recovered
from my lait attack, aged nlxtyieven. No
vTouiler I pralae It." E. V. HKioiNs, Stevens
l'olnt Wis.
Made by J. C. Ayer Co.. Lowell, Mass,
aiio manuiaciurere or
Avar's Pills Increaso the activity of
xno liver, ana inus iu reovor.
iting her parents of this place this
James Champion, of Mexico, is
visiting relative- here this week.
The pound supper at F. White's
was largely attended last Saturday
Lacy Hardesty will move to W.
A. Tackwell's farm in the near
Arthur McMaster, Sainmie
and Thomas Curry had a tine
chase with their hounds Saturday
Born to the wile ol Henry
a line girl.
Lawrence Tackwell was in Marion
Fred Lynn returned to hi- home
near here this week from Missouri.
He will move his lamily to Missour1
The paity at F. E. Hoover- last
Saturday night largely attended
and eujoyed by all.
Dt Witt s Little Kail) Kiers scatter tin- gloom
of "'i biliojsne". Sold by J II
Neglected Colds Threaten Life
"Don't trirHe with a cold," is good
advice for prudent men and women. It
may be vital in the case of a child
Proper food, good ventilation, and dry,
warm clothing are the proper safeguards
against colds. If they are
maintained through the changeable
weather of autumn, winter and spring,
the chances of a surprise from ordinary
colds will be slight. But the ordinary
light cold will become severe
if neglected, and a well established ripe
cold is to the germs of diphtheria what
honey is to the bee. The greatest
menace to child life at this season of
year is the neglected cold." Whether
it is a child or adult, the cold slight or
severe, the very best treatment that
can be adopted is to give Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy. It is safe and sure,
The great popularity and immense sale
of this preparation has been attained
by its remarkable cures of this ailment.
A cold never results in pneumonia
when it is given. For sale by
Haynes & Taylor.
That sallow,
terrible headaches,
brain; all these
things spell biliousness,
which is
sLH thetlirectresnltof
a liver which
fails to
in a
natural way.
Before you
can destroy
that bilious
you must
get your
liver in
form and nothing will accomplish this
so qu ickly or so thoroughly as
Dr. Caldwell's
Syrup Pepsin
This remedy is the most valuable one
obtainable for all liver and kindred troubles,
possessing properties which drive
it directly to the affected parts.
Better than pills, oils, salts and nauseous
purgatives which aggravate conditions
and leave the sufferer in worse
condition thnn before.
Former afflicted ones, now well and
strong, pay eloquent tribute to its efficacy
and power.
can be obtained in both dollar and half-dollar
sizes from all druggists.
Your money will be refunded if it does
not benefit you.
Your postal card request will brincr by return
mall our new booklet. "DR. CALDWELL'S
HOOK OP WONDKRS" and free sample to
those who have never tried this wonderful
remedy. Write for It today.
Montlcello, Illinois
I'm Happy.
I'm sitting by the fire tonight,
With baby on my knee.
The coals are glowing hot and bright,
I'm happy as can be.
I'm waiting for the man I love,
Whose footsteps firm and strong
Are music to my waiting ears,
I'm happy all day long.
I'm happy as 1 work all day
And singing as 1 go,
My baby ou my arm sometimes
While working to and fro;
The Kettle singing merrily,
The lamps and windows bright,
And supper hot and tasty
When papa comes at night.
Don't talk to me of "Suffrage,"
Of "politics." or plan;
Give me a fireside cozy,
A baby and a man;
The ancients may have been quite
The modern cry sweet,
But without these requirements
Life is not quite complete.
I hea' the eugiue whistle now
As he goes rushing by,
He waves his lantern merrily,
I hold the lamp up high;
The baby crows and haloos
And wave.- a "how-de-do,"
And papa throws her kisses
And the baby throws one, too.
Oh! monster of the strength and steam
Be careful of iav love,
Protect and guard him kindly
I pray to God above,
From all the ills and dangers
That are in a railroad life.
And sena him home in safety
To his baby and his wife.
Mrs. Agne- Ten Voorde, in II.
R. Trainmen's Journal.
Croup can positively be stopped in
20 minutes. No vomiting nothing
to sicken or distress your child. A
sweet, pleasant, and safe Syrup, called
Dr. Shoop's Cough Cure, does the work
and does it quickly. Dr. Shoop's Cough
Cure is for Croup alone, remember. It
does not claim to cure a dozen ailments
It's for Croup, that's all. Sold by
Haynes & Taylor.
Haynes & Taylor's Faith in Hyomei
is so Strong fhey Sell it Under
Haynes it Taylor back up their
faith in Hyomei as a cure for catarrh
and bronchial troubles with a posi.
tive guarantee that if it does not
cure the money will be refunded.
Hyomei is based on nature's way
of curing catarrh. It coutains
healing oils and gums of
the pine wood, prepared in such
form that they can be brought into
your own home though you lived out
of doors in the Adirondacks, and in
this way you can be cured of catarrh
and affections of the nose, thaoat and
lungs while at home or at work.
The complete Hyomei outfit costs
but $1.00, extra bottles, if needed,
may be obtaided for 30e. With
catarrh can be cured pleasantly
and at small expense with no risk of
the treatment costing a penny unles
it cures.
Beware o oMinents for Catarrh
that lontain Mercury
As mercury will surele destroy the
sense of smell and completely derange
the whole system when entering it
through the mucous surfaces. Such
articles should never be used except on
prescriptions from reputable physicians
as the damage they will do is ten fold
to the good you can possibly derive
from them. Hall's Catarrh
by F. J. Cheney & Co , Toledo,
O., contains no mercury, and is
taken internally, acting directly upon
the blood and mucous surfaces of the
system. In buying Hall's Catarrh
Cure be sure you and get the genuine.
It is taken internally and made in Toledo,
Ohio, by F. J. Cheney & Co.
Testimonials free. Sold by druggist.
Price 75c. per bottle.
Take Hall.s Family Pill for
Sam Howerton and wife arc in the
market this week purchasing their
spring stock of dry goods and millinery.
Tom Kasley aud Tom Bugg arc
ou the petit jury at Princeton.
J. R. Robinson, of Dycusburg,
was here last Thursday.
Tom Bugg lost a two hundred dollar
mule last week. The animal ran
against a pole and stuck it in its
side, which caused its death in a
short time.
Rice, Young & Co. finished shipping
tobacco Monday.
Byrd Hughes was in Kvansville
several days last week.
Miss Mamie Henry, of Marion,
was the guest of relatives here Monday.
Several from here were in Marion
Miss Rosa Jackson left Saturday
for Toledo, Ohio to visit her brother,
Clyde Jackson, who is in the insurance
business there.
Mr. Kevil, of Princeton, was here
Do not Crowd The Season
The first warm das of spring brine with them
a desire to get out and enjoy the exhllirating air
and sunshine. Children thut have been housed
up all winter are brought out and ou wonder
where they all came from. The heavy winter
clothing Is thrown aside and many shed their
flannels. Then a cold wae comes and people say
that grippe is epidemic. Colds at this season are
even more dangerous than in mid-winter, as
there is much more danger of pneumonia. Take
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, however, and ou
will have nothing to fear, it alwas cures, and
we hae never known a cold to result in pneumonia
where itwas used. It is pleasant and safe to
take Children like it For sale by J H Orme
the leading diuggist in western K,
There is quite a lot of sickness in
this neighborhood at present and
plenty of rain and mud.
Alex Roland and Lone Travis
went to Marion Monday.
W. B. Stembridge is slowly improving.
Miss Nannie Davis spent Friday
night with Miss Frona Stembridge.
There is a mad dog scare in this
Mrs. Nona Travis is better at this
Mrs. Bcttie Davis is on the sick
. Mrs. Ollic Rowland and Lottie
Davis spent Tuesday with Mrs. Tom
John Mayes, of Shady Grove, was
in this community Sunday.
31rs. Nannie is no better
at this writing.
W. II. Moore failed to (ill his appointment
Saturday and Suuday.
Hunting tor Trouble
"I've lived in California 20 years, and
am still hunting for trouble in the way
f burns, sores wounds, boils, cuts,
sprains, or a case of piles that Bucklen's
Arnica balve won't quicKiy cure,
writes Charles Walters, of Alleghany,
Sierra Co. No use hunting Mr. Walters;
itcures every case. Guaranteed by
Haynes & Taylor's 25c.
Health of the community is very
good, but plenty of rain and foul
Albert Babb and family, of the
Fredonia neighborhood, are visiting
relatives here.
Miss Annie Sigler, of Shady Grove,
visited her sister, Mrs. Belle Calvert,
last week.
Miss Ada Riley, of Piney Fork,
visited her cousin, Miss Daisy Riley,
Tuesday night and attended the debate
at Knon.
Mr. Woody Calvert and wife visited
his father of the Rufus neighborhood
Saturday and Sunday.
Most of the farmers arc through
delivering tobacco and are hastily
preparing for another crop.
We congratulate our Flat Rock
friends on their nice exhibitions, but
just wait awhile, you can enjoy the
same pleasure and save your dime.
Misses Aggie Traylor and Pearl
Riley called ou Miss Ruby Wilsou
Wednesday evening.
Clay Drennon, ot the Liberty
neighborhood, is staying in our section
and giving us some good talks
at our debate.
O. H. Woodall and family attended
the marriage of his sister last
week. ,
Mrs. J. L. Brown visited her
daughter, Mrs. Willie Taylor, of the
Dogwood vicinity, last week.
Mr. McNcaly will preach at this
place the fourth Sunday iu this
month. Come and hear him.
Billy Riley is contemplating going
to Illinois soon. Luck to you, Bill.
Miss Janic Calvert, of Rufus, visited
her brother Sunday night.
The New Pure Food and Drug Law
We are pleased to announce that Foley's Honey
and Tar for coughs, colds and lung troubles is
not affected by the National Pure Food and Drug
law as It contains no opiates or other harmful
drugs, and we recommend it as a safe remedy fo
children and adults. J H Orme
We have a complete
goods on hand and our prices are right.
Studebaker Wagons
Vulcan Chilled Plows
Blounts's Steel Plows
Field Seeds of all Kinds
Red Clover, Sapling Clover, Alsike Clover, Al- Q
falfa, Timothy, Red Top, Blue Grass, Orchard Grass.
A fine lot of seed Oats. 5
American Field Fence, Smooth and f
Barb Wire and Staples cf
Campbell Corn Drills and Disc Harrows
Pratt's, Black's, International, B. A. Thomas
Don't fail to examine goods and get our prices
T. H. Cochran & Co.
Dealers in
We have opened a new stock of Dry Goods, Notions
Boots, Shoes, Groceries, Hardware, Tinware,
Queensware, Etc. Look at these prices:
Men's work shirts 39c, worth 50c
Men's 50c heavy underwear, 39c
Men's heavy gloves 39c, worth 50c
Men's heavy sox 19 cts, worth 25c
Ladies' heavy hose 19c, worth 25c
Flannelette 8 cents, worth 10 cents
All Winter Goods in Proportion
Try Us for Bargains
Marion Milling Company's
The makers name on a food article means a great deal to the
consumer also to the maker of the product if it has merit.
The name Marion Milling Co., stauds hack of it it means
that the maker is proud to use his name in connection with the
The names "ELK" and "CKOWX" is on all the Hour products
of the Marion Milling Co , because the makers are positive
their flour is cleau, honestly made, wholesome and satisfactory and
that the product is a credit to their name.
When you buy the Marion Milling Compauy's flour product
you Know what you are getting, and you know that iheir guarautee
behind it means something.
When you order from your grocer specify the Marion Milling
Company's Flour and help a home industry, and same will be appreciated
by your friends.
r'7 tmf
sE s&
line of the following
ikki: is.
We do not guarantee situations to prospective
students in order to get their patron
age. Schools oi merit do r.ot resort to such
dishonest practices. ....
Fake schools "guarantee" situations In
order to secure students, because they have
nootherlnducementsto offer.
Our work is so thorough that a guarantee
is superfluous. Business men are so eager
to get competent help here that a large per
cent, ol our students take positions before
they graduate.
See us before making arrangements lor
your business and shorthand education at
some Inferior, fake school. We will ttke
pleasure in telling you all about the
In the "position guarantees" of
f schools. Catalogue free.
Always Remember the Full Nome
Laxative Rromo Quinine
V4rr k&S&z

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