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K. L. Nunn. of Rodney,
ing in this vicinity.
5c and 10c
.Jiim at rived the bigire.t
and best line of potals eei
in Marion. ('nine in and
ieo tlicm
3 bars Anti-Freckle
soap 10c
3 bars Buttermilk
soap 10
6 cups and saucers 50c
1 bx paper and env. 5c
" " "
1 10c
Tooth brushes 5c
Graniteware 10c
15c and 25c
6 goblets 30c
Pitcher 25c
6 tumblers 20c
Dish Pan 10c
Half gallon pitcher 15c
Now is the time.
Don't wait. Come in
and get bargains.
M. E. F0HS.
missionary money.
W. T. Fowler, tho sawmill man,
was in Fords Forry Wednesday.
.Master Lonnio Clift was in the
Hobron vicinity Wodnosday.
T. L. Rankin, of Marion, was in
Fords Forry Wednsday.
Will Alvissold a mulo to Sherman
Ford this week.
Allord McDowell went to
Monday dolivering tobacco.
Mrs. Vornio Nickels, of I'rovidonce
is visiting friends and relatives horo
Bubeu Wood wont to I'rovideuee,
Wednosday on businoss. ,
Claronoo Crittuudon went to
Blackford Wednosday on businoss.
Charlio Lamb has sold his saw
mill and is working for
Walkor & Co.
blisses Clyde and Sallio Boll, of
Hondorson, aro visiting friends hore
this wook.
.John li. Wood went to l'rovidenoo
l'resbytory closed Thursday. Had
good attendance and a nice time.
Itev. Thompson tilled his first appointment
at this place Saturday and
Sunday. He preaohod throe fine
sermons to a good congregation.
Uemembur he will be horo every
second Sunday.
Messrs Tom Hill, of Chapol Hill,
and J. M. McCaslin loft Tuesday for
Madisonville to attend l'resbytory.
Miss Uuth Thompson, of Kuttawa,
attended church horo Saturday and
Miss Bertyo Specs, of near
visited Miss Ada Canada last
Mr. Fred Brown's. family arc visit- j
ing friends and relatives iicir View.
"T -
Thursday Night, April 18th
8 O'Clock, P. M.
Photographic Views in Life Size Thrown Upon a Large Screen, Given by
from the Russian-Japanese war.
Manchuriun Brigands Attacking Russian Railway.
Russian Troops camping in the snow.
Blowing up of the Russian ship "Korietz" Feb. 9th 190-4.
Admiral Togo directing a Naval Action.
Japanese crossing the Yalu, (May 1st, 1901.)
Gen. Oku's troops stroming entrenchments at Kin-Chan.
Japanese removing the dead from wire entanglements.
Russian battery shelled by Japanese.
Russian prayer before battle.
Japanese dragging Artillery up mountain side.
Battle of Mukden.
Admiral Togo in command of ship in rough sea.
B -Elephant's Revenge.
An elephant out for a walk.
Thirsty and drinks at lake.
A Native has a shot at him.
The elephant perrues him.
Catches him by the ear.
Gives him a good shaking.
And throws him into lake.
Then suspends him over open jaws of crocodile.
Gives him a bath.
Throws him into cactus bush.
And leaves him covered with thorns.
San Francisco's earthquake.
Yellowstone National park.
Niagara Falls.
Most magnificent palaces of King Ludwigof Bavaria and
of King- Ludwig xv France.
Paris exposition. '
Native belles of Samoa.
Adam and Eve in Paradise.
Noah's Ark in the water.
The babe of Bethlehem.
Crucifixion of Christ.
Rcsurcction " "
Ascension " "
Landing of Columbus 1492.
Elevated train in New York.
Ocean steamer, Kaisor Wilhelm dorGrossc, (oxtorlorund
Battle of Manilla.
South Africa Diamond Mines.
McKinley's last speech in ButTalo.
Shooting of McKinley in 1901.
D--Spanish-American war. (in 12 pictures.)
E-A trip to Paris.
F Mrs. Casey and the billy goat (in C pictured.)
G-And many other interesting scones, buildings , portraits,
Religous Picutres, Comic views etc.
PIANO SELECTIONS by Prof. C. R. Kcincr: SONGS by a Noted
Prima Donna.
Everybody in town and 100 miles around are expected to
attend this interesting entertainment.
Admission 25 cents. School children under 18 years 10 cts. only.
Beech Valley Items
Harry Ga, our wheelbarrow man
at the Momphis Mines, lias boon sick
for a few days he is improviug uow.
His absence from the uiinos last
week was rogretcd.
Noah Bolt and wifo wore tho guost
of Sarah Bolt Sunday.
The musical at Rial Walkors Saturday
night proved to bo a success.
Geo. Hobortson is omployod at tho
Memphis Minos. Ho said picking
spar is a noblo job.
Lige Curry is contomplatinj
chasing a gasoline launch.
Bud Kirk has la grippe.
The packets arc passing hore in
the day
Galo Ford. Will Alvi. Joo Kirk
aud A ron .Jainc went to Marion last
Charlie Louis, of Weston, wai
visitor at John Whites Sunday.
A. K
W. B. Wilborn has two men from jt M. Wards
Golconda at work making ties for I to Cravneville
him. I
.miss nuia uiomont lias reoiovau a
fine Bible from Hebron church aB
poreevoranco reward for soeurintfl
Brown tin- depot
in Nashville.
I . !
accent i
family have moved
r armors are waiting lor warm
weather to plant corn.
Sunday School at Sugar rroo
was reorganized Sunday. The following
ollicers were olocted Will
Lamb Superintendent, Ruth Mooro
Sourotary, Kdd Dean choir leader and
Dora Walkor organist.
F. 1. Travis is attending eourt at
i'aduuah this wook.
Miss l'oarl Slovens attended
Sunday School at Sugar Grove Sunday.
Aunt Martha Baker spent Inst
weok with relatives in Marion.
County Attorney Henderson was
in our midst Saturday on legal
Sijuiro Mjors and his daughter To-
na Itrazior starts on the 111 tooth on
the noon train for Amarrillo Tox.
Mrs. Ira Hughos and Mrs. J. C.
1 Miooso. woro visitiiiir Mr. I. M.
Hughos ane Kdd Mott Sunday aud
Mrs. Ullio Hughes still has a lot
of nice line of roady to wear hats.
Olpha Spent wont to sou his fathor
last rriday who has typhoid fevor.
Mr. Walters took Mrs. Tabor his
daughter a nice lot a fruit truas last
Mrs. Monoymaker
brother at Frcdonia Monday.
Milton Whitt and .Jake (Jridor
both turned over thoir wagons loaded
with heading last week, but nobody
seriously hurt.
Mis. Moore from Frcdonia was
visiting Mrs. T. .J. Nelson and Mrs.
Geo. Whitt lior daughters last week.
Mr. Moore was attending tho
at Craynovillo.
1 suppose we will have road working
this week some man broke his
wagon down'iu the mud hole opposite
W. J. Bibbs so the bands have boon
warned to work the road.
Courier-Journal Commends the Jury for
Its Intelligence and Integrity.
When the Thaw trial was enter-d
upon the contended
that the crime for whih the young
millionaire was arraigned wa merely
a I'ouimon tenderloin murder with a
typical teuderhon woman in the ease.
After hearing the testimony for weeks
and aftor hearing the brilliant arguments
of counsel for both sides the
iurv readied tho conclusion, and the
disagreement was only upon
of tho defendant's sanity.
Murder committed because of differences
between two meti over a wo
man aro of daily occurrence. The
Thaw ease di tiered from others only
that thou two criminals the slayer
and tho slain were wealthy and
prominent, and the woman in the
case was beautiful, and had at one
time boon on the stage in the capacity
of a "show girl' whose function
was that of wearing handsome gowns,
dancing a few steps to the right and
to the left, and a few step forward
and backwards, and getting $50 bills
in bunches of violets.
The trial developed a sensational
feature of tho '-confession of Mrs.
Thaw That was due to the
of Mr. Del mas, of California.
How much wj true aud how much
fabrication may novor be known
The probabilities are that at least
enough w as true for the statement to
have contained no substantial slander
of Stanford White. Of that distin
guished New Yorker it may be said
"Died Adner ae the fool dietk. "
He may not have been the ogre he
wan painted br the young woman
who testified a to her relations with
him, but, however we may disagree
a to the degree of hit guilt, there
ran be mo (Mention aa to bis having
led a life that tended logically to
ward a violent end, and to hole! hie
executioner guilty of murder it not
to seek to wllinie the oiieuees of tho
The essential difference from the
spectator's jtoint of view, between
the Thaw trial and many others resulting
from the sumo crime, origin
alius; in the same causes, was that
it ossessed a theatrical element not
common to such trials. With a millionaire
defendant, a venerable heartbroken
mother, a girlish-looking, but
much-experienced wife, sister who is
the wife of an Knglish peer, and dis
tinguished lawyers from opposite
sides of the continent, it was staged
in a manner calculated to dazzle the
juror. It is greatly to the credit of
all of the members of the jury that
nono was overawed by the speetalce
aud swerred from tho line of his duty
under his oath. Tho only disagreement,
it seems, was ae to whether
Thaw was sane or insane, and to the
everlasting credit of u really intelligent
jury be it said, disagreement
as to his sanity wag not based upon
tho statement of lured alienists, but
upon leUors written by the defendant.
The question of wronged
mauuoou ami mo 'unwritten law
were lightly considered and rightly
put aside as having no bearing upon
the question of the defendant's guilt.
In speedily narrowing down to a
consideration of the responsibility of
the defendant at the time of the killing
the jury manifested intelligence
which should go far toward making
tho "intelligent jurj" jest absolete
in New York. In disregarding the
almost purely emotional ' appeal ol
Mr. Dolmas virtually an appeal to
tho jury to disregard tho law ami
find a verdict upon sontimcut the
jury manifested a spirit of
aud an appreciation of the rcspuiiM I
bility of jurors that should be an ix j
ample to all mon called for jur) scr
vice. It is . extremely unfortunate
that no agroomont was roaclicd and
that the trial must be gone
through with again, but the
moo who sat in the jury box deserve
the highest commendation fur iutelli
g neo and integrity. They stripped
the trial bare of what might be call
ed its 'secnie investiture," to adopt
the phraseology ol the theatrical
press agent, and tried to decide it
upon its merits, as if Thaw had been
a logshoreman, White a coal heaver
and Kvclyu Ncsbit a woman of tho
gutter. If Mich juries woro tho rule
instead of the exception the judical
system would rest upon a more M)ltd
foundation and ll majesty of tho
law ' would be oii.t'lhiiig more than
a mocker). Courier .Journal.
Herbert M. Chittenden to Succeed His
Another change has been made
by the Kentnekj Bonnl or Kir-- IV
deruriters. The first was msdo nt
Henderson and this lime it e Heels
Hoptinsville. Mr. J. It. Chittenden,
who has been inspector here
since last fall, is to go to louisTille
as rating superintendent. He ha
met with general approval and did
his work satisfactorily all round.
Mr. Herbert M. Chittenden comes
here from Mt. Vernon, Id., to take
the place ef hu brother.
Peel Grateful.
Mr. Jenkins We desire thrnugl
the columns of your good paper to
thank the miiuy kind friends who extended
us so tnsuj favors during our
recent misfortune in the loss of our
home bj Ire. In adversity a friend
in need i a friend indeed, and our
hearts will ever feel thankful for
such friends and neighbors. Our
prayer is that you maj never be so
unfortunate and that on the contrary
Hod's richest blessings may rmi
upon yon.
Mil. Miv HitKUN .vi rAMii
L etler. From the West.
Okmulgee. I. T.. April 2. 1SM7.
KlUToR ItH'Olli I'ftKftH Just a
feu lines. Wp arrived here on schedule
time. Are located three and one-half
miles Northeast of the above
city of fits thousand inhabitants
Thi is a verv pretty country. I
am veil pleased with the prospects
here. Sorry bat thi must be all for
thi time. So here s to all old friends,
R. !!. BtTi.tm.
Sam Burton nnd family, of Harris-burg,
III., are spending this week
with relatives at this place.
Mr. and Mrs. VY. K. Nation are
the proud parents of a lae girl.
leo Morgan, a fireman on the I.
C. Itailroad. spent Svnday Miih his
is rents here.
(J eo. Nelson was at Nunns Saturday
Arthur Nuno, of Applegate, was
in this section Sunday.
0. D. Summerville aad wife Mere
in Marion Tuesday.
Bice Duncan, of Hodney, was
here WedHcsday.
Iter. K. C. Ioe, of Marion, passed
here Thursday en route to llosehud,
where he conducted the funeral services
ol Mrs. Maggie Woodson.
Claude Nel-ou, of Sullivan, spent
Sunday with his parents at this place.
There is talk of organising a Sun
day school at Moore school li.iusr.
Pepper For Mice And Rats.
lephiha Coleman, of Atchison,
Kan., get rid of mice and rats by
wrapping cayenne pepper iu a doth
and sUilliug it into the holes where
the animals pass in and out. They
gnaw at the rags aud first thiug they
know they have n dose of the pepper
that makes them wih they had not
1.. :i .. .. .. I
Sale For School Taxes,
By virtue of taxes due Marn.n (
Common School Dhitrict No
trtnil.m nimtitv Kniihi.Li, i
Monday Muy Blth, 1007 , IrU
hour of 10 o'clock a. m. and
p. m. expose to public unle,
highest bidder for cash m , ,
following property, for ho imu
of ns may no necessary, to s,t '
amount of tho taxes due atv .
usuotiftcd in the following nan ,
Brown Kmily, ono house an. 1 1
in Marlon, Ky., taxi i
11)03-1-6 and (1
Board (loo. A. ono house aim 1.
in Marlon Ky taxes for l'K
and UKM
Boll John W. one house nnd 1
in Mnrion Ky tnxes for 1h
1-5 and (1
Cilore M Inner, taxes for Uo: i
ft nnd t
Woldon S. M. ono house ami 1. 1
in Marion Ky tnxoM for 'MH
Whltohouso C. II. one hous
and lot in Marlon Ky on t).
north side of Carlisle St. nnt
known ns the Record buildup
taxes for 1WW
Wntaon W. Hugh one house nno
lot in Marion Ky tnxoa f..r
Dolllns Nolle house nnd lot
Marion Ky tnxv;for 11HM .
(tivens J. W. house and lot it
Marion Ky taxes for UKM '.
llonrv Jamos S. house and lot
in Marlon Ky taxes for lx.
Henry Allxjrt M. house and lot
in Markm Ky taxen for l'J
Henry S. N. house and lot in
Marion Ky taxe for
II. A. Hayniw Tn-Hi-.-.
Marion C!rndol Comm"ti
DlsL No ?T
11ns April 1st. 1107.
uuuii iu iiiiiiiiirnniK. .Mr. I nimuii ...... . -.n.
, , ""i uul "iic usiieciam i'
does not know I..
i.) sneeze Mirmg. The mviiiks of a ..f.t
' ( r I
Ihem.eMe, topicen , hike
ma) -wept away at au n,-.
lo the neighbor, Wow Yu
tl..y sceurr
disappear - hx MllilI1 ,.0sl fro1 0ri!mj & la1
Readily Yield to Soothing, Hti ;g
Treatment of Hyomel
Hronchial troubles an- u
They cannot be beled )
dosing. They are eavd t
in the air ftaaenge and ran
ed n cured by mediratrd
In this lies the secret of tl
sjecoae of in ihr
of orenehial tmuhlae.
The first kreaUrof II y w
eated air sooths the i nil m
stops the cough, and -comes
permanent and a rur
has made man
hie euros in the worst and uo.i
cal forma of hrojchial trtu
old bf Hsynes A' Taylor
same guarantee aa they l;
is purchased fm
that is, to refund the tuon.
remedy does not give
The complete outfit eosu )it
Liilngslon County Boys.
Word has reached n
K. B. Hardin, for the paot r
r practicing dentist of Mortal, -Ky..
and Dr I.. 0. 1U. l
been engaged in the prartin
islry at U Center hae fr
partnershin for the if
sonville. They are two of 1 1
best boys that ever went out
county, and that cla m ir.
here, and their friends I i
them a large "hare of th.
in that thriving little
thing sure, whether the) !
much of the practice in II
oottMtr, they deserve and qi '
all they may get.
Tornado Time.
Toruudeos and windstorn -likely
to eecur at auy seaon '
I April 18th to 22nd
Clearing Sale of Hats
To Make Room for New Shipments.
hlvv lurtrv iviiLLIIMCKY SlUKt g)
Jenkins Buililing Ncar Post0fncc (J)
li i

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