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Oakland City Lad Dragged Through
Lumber Yard Skull Is Fractured,
Oakland City, Ind., May :10.
Bcnnic Boone, aged nine years, son
of William Boone, a well known resident,
is lying at the point of death
as the result of injuries sustained in
an accident here. "
Tho lad was driving a cow to
pasture when he decided to tic the
rope around his body. He had not
been lashed to the cow in this manner
long before she became frightened
and began to run through Molly
Crawford's lumber yard.
Tho boy was thrown violently
against a post and lumber stack and
his head was badly bruised and his
scalp torn away. A piece of the
pcalp as large as the hand was torn
from his head and he was rendered
unconscious. Had the rope not been
broken in two it is likely the boy
would have been killed outright.
Immediately after the accident
young Boone was taken to his home
and Dr. 11. S. Mason was summoned
to dress his injuries. There were
no broken bones as far as he could
discover, except a bad fracture of
the skull.
The boy has not gained consciousness
since the accident and practically
all hope of his recovery has been
Dontl I I
Don't let your child suffer with that
cough when you can cure it with Ballard's
Horehouud Syrup, a sure cure
for "Coughs, Bronchitis, Influenza.
Croup and pulmonary Diseases. Buy
a bottle and try it.
B. B. Laughter, Byhalia, Miss.,
writes: "I have two children who had
croup. I tried many different remedies
but I must say your Horehound Syrup
is the best Croup and Cough medicines
I ever used." Sold by J. H. Orme.
Recovered After Three Years.
I'aducah, Ky., May 2!). An im-collie
valued at $3,000 was stolen at
Paducah three years ago from the
Gentry .Bros.' Dog and Pony Show.
The proprietors sent a negro ahead
nine months ago to locate the dog if
possible. Ho spotted a puppy and
Paducah detectives located the dog
on a farm near Paducah. She had
been stolen by a prominent
who had given her to the farm
er, a relative. The dog is of the
finest Scottish breed, and was returned
to the show men at Mayficld.
A circus hand assisted in the theft
for ten cents. No prosecution will
A Happy Mother
will see that her baby is properly cared
for to do this a good purgative is necessary.
Many babies suffer from worms
and their mothers don't know it if
your baby is feverish and does not
sleep at nights, it is troubled with
worms. White's Cream Vermifuge
will clean out these worms in a mild
pleasant way. Once tried always used.
Give it a trial. Price 25c. Sold by J.
H. Orme.
Little Girl Drowns.
Uniontown, Ky., May 1251.
Maud Miller, the four-year-old
daughter of David Miller, fell in a
cistern and was drowned. The little
girl and her brother had been playing,
fishing in a puddle with a small
pole and bent pin for a hook, but
later the little girl ventured to fish
in the cistern and fell in.
Every Man His Own Doctor.
The average man cannot nfford to
employ a physician for every slight
ailment or injury that may occur in
his family, nor can he afford lo neglect
them, as so slight an injury as the
scratch of a ptn has been known to
cause the loss of a limb. Hence every
man must from necessity be his own
doctor for this class of ailments. Success
depends upon prompt treatment,
which can only be had when suitable
medicines are kept at hand. Chamberlain's
Remedies have been in the market
for many years and enjoy a good
Chamberlains Colic, Cholera and Diar
rhoea Remedy for bowel complaints.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy for
coughs, colds, croup and whooping
Chamberlain's Pain Balm (an antiseptic
liniment) for cuts, bruises, burns,
sprains, swellings, lame back and rheumatic
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Tablets for constipation, biliousness
nnd stomach troubles.
Chamberlain's Salve for diseases of
the skin.
One bottle of each of these five preparations
costs but $1.25. For sale by
J. H. Orme, the leading druggist in
western Kentucky. Haynes & Taylor
the enterprising druggist, of Marion.
The Southern Baptist Convention.
The selection, election and collection
of the Ohio River Association
enabled me to attend this great convention
in Richmond, Va., May 10-21.
What a privilege, combining
so many attractive foaturos. It is
worth the trip to Richmond to see
it. historic monuments. Then you
are permitted to sec the Jamostown
Exposition, the attractions of the
sea and greatest of all to sec and
hear the great mon of the South and
receive strength from "the touch of
the hem of their garments."
Grea'test meeting in its history the
officers declare and the reports show
this to be the greatest convention on
its history of sixty-two years. It is
a democratic body composed of messengers
from the churchos of the
South, Virginia, Maryland, North
Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia,
Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas,
Missouri, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee,
Kentucky, Texas and Oklahoma,
representing 200,71)4 churches
with a membership of 1,952,0515.
The contributions to missions by
these churches last year amounted to
$1,002,135 and to all purposes
$7,10S,9:M. The Foreign Board received
last year $403,811, a gain of
per cent, over last year.
2231) baptisms on the foreign field
last year. The Home Board received
during the year $231.81)3, a gain
of thirty-one per cent, over last yeir.
Its missionaries baptized 1S,7!)S and
received into the churches 33,005.
The Sunday School Board reports its
Saddle and Harness
I have opened a saddle shop in Marion in the
room formerly occupied by Hardin's saloon, next
door to Taylor & Carman's, Masonic corner.
I will make and repair
Harness and Saddles
And also carry a full line of
Saddlery, Harness, Collars
Chains, Bridles, Fly Nets,
Lap Robes, Reins, Snaps.
Your patronage is solicited. My prices are
moderate, and I shall endeavor to please you.
most prosperous year. It contributed
out of its income $41,734 to
Homc'and Foreign Missions. The
Woman's Missionary Union raised
$125,000 for Homo and Foreign
Missions. The committee on education
report a property value of
with 1237 instructors and
205,29s students attending. 'Behold
what God hath wrough. " It
is an encouraging outlook. The
future is as bright as the promises
of God. The evangelistic movement
launched a year ago has been wonderfully
blessed of God in winning
souls and enlisting workers.
The Laymen s Missionary Movement
inaugurated this year for the
purpose of a more complete offering
of an adequate proportion of time
and monoy for the evangelization of
the world gives promise of a mighty
revolution in the matter of "giving"
throughout tho South. Even our
own Ohio River Association has
caught the spirit of missions and
more than doubled its contributions
last year. May we not do even more
mis year: uur increased prosperity
brings increased obligations.
"What shall I render unto the
Lord for all his benefits unto me?"
R. A. L.
Do not Neglect The Children.
At this season of the year the first
unnntural looseness of a child's bowels
should have immediate attention. The
best thing that cas be given is Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera nnd Diarrhoea
Remedy followed by castor oil as directed
with each bottle of tho remedy.
For sale by J. H. Orme, the leading
druggist in Western Kentucky, Haynes
& Taylor, the enterprising druggists,
of Marion.
A fast life makes a loose charac
Colic And Diarrhoea.
Pains in the stomach, colic and
are quickly relieved by the usoof
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
remedy. For sale by J. H.
Orme, the leading druggist in Wcstorn
Kentucky, Haynes & Taylor the enterprising
druggists of Marion.
No amount of practice at leaping
legal fences here will give you spring
enough to clear the walls of the oity
there. Chicago Tribune.
There Are Few
people who know how to take care of
themselves the majority do not, The
liver is a most important organ in the
body. Herbine will keep it in condition
V. C. Simpkins, Alba, Texas.,
writes: I have used Herbine for Chills
and Fever nnd find it the best medicine
I ever used. I would not bo
without it. It is as good for children
as it is for grown-up people, and I recommend
it. It is fine for La Gripiie."
Sold by J, H. Orme.
France Would Reprieve Slayers (or
Use In Laboratories to Test
Pans, Frauce, May
famous remarks, made twenty years
ago, when experimenting with the
propgylaot.c serum os rabies upon'
animals, that if he were king, em.
peror, or president of the republic he
would reprieve prisoners condemned
to death on condition that thev un
derwent inoculation tests has beon
revived by a I'arison doctor, who
sees in the idea tho solution of the
problem bf what to do with murderers.
Cured of Bright's Disease.
Geo. A. Sherman, Lisbon Red Mills,
Lawrence Co.. N. Y., writes: "I had
kidney disease for many years and had
been treated by physicians for twelve
years; had taken a well known kidney
medicine and other remedies that were
recommendod but got no relief until I
began using Foley's Kidnoy Cure. The
first half bottle relieved me and four
bottles have cured me of this terrible
disease. Before I began taking Foley's
Kidney Cure I had to make water
about every fifteen minutes, day and
night, and passed n brick-dust substance,
and sometimes a slimy substance.
I believe I would have died if
I had not taken Foley's Kidney Cure.
Sold by J. H. Orme.
It takes but a little tvi.it to the
eye of conscience jvhen you look
with complacency on things crooked.
Hyomel is Guaranteed by Haynes & Taylor
to Cure Catarrh.
Thousands who have been cured by
call tnc inhaler that comes
with every outfit the "Little Pocket
Physician," as it is so small that it
can be carried in the pocket or purse.
There is really no excuso whatever
for anyone having catarrh now
that is so readily obtainable.
If you have any doubt about
its value, Haynes it Taylor will lot
you have a complete outfit, with tho
undemanding that unless it cures
catarrh it will not cost you a cont.
The complete outfit consists
of the "Little Pocket Physician
and a bottle of Hyoinoi and
cots only $1.00, making it the most
economical as well as the only guaranteed
treatment for the cure of
catarrh. Remember that
cures catarrh without stomaoh dosing
applying tho medication and hoaling
where the disease gorms are prosont.
The State Normal Summer School.
The Summer Normal School of tho
West Kentucky State Normal will
open June "1 0th. and continue oight
week. A gront Kducationul Chautauqua
and many strong Coursos
of Study havo been provided for. I
havo quite a numbor of free scholarships
that will bo awradod to thoso
persons desiring to take adrantago
of tho Summer Normal. Many persons
in our county should use the
great educational opportunity afforded
them by our State Normal Summer
School which is located at
Bowling Gron, Write or call on
the undersigned for full information
relativo to froo tuition. Persons
desiring litarature explaining the
su nun or work should write President
H. H. Cherry, Bowling Green, Ky.
.John B. Pari, Supt.
Crittenden County Schools.
A Real Wonderland.
South Dakota, with its rich silver
minos, Iwnanzn farms, wido ranges
and strange nntural formation, ia a
veritable wonderland. At Mound City,
in the home of Mrs. E. D. Clnpp, n
wonderful case of hoaling has lately
occured. Hor son scorned noor dontfi
with lung and throat trouble. "Exhausting
coughing spells occured every
five minutes," writos Mrs. Clapp,
"when 1 began giving Dr. King's New
Discovery, the grsut medicine, that
saved his life and completely cured
him. "Guaranteed for coughs and
colds, throat and lung troubloa, by J.
H. Orme, druvijist. 80c and $1.00
Trial bottle free.
The way to hoop swoot and pleasant,
and to make tho other follow do
so, too, is to speak in a low voioo.
Von cannot speak low and loso your
tempor, and if you koop your tompor
you will win in the ease.
must win rospoot, and, best of
all, .elf rospoct. It may not he
easy, hut what is there that is worth
attaining that comes easy. All good
things come hard.
There is no case of indigestion, no
matter how obstinate, that will not be
speedily relieved by the use of Kodol.
Kodo! contains the same juices found
in a healthy stomach. Conforms to the
Pure Food Drugs Law. Sold by J.
H. Orme.
We change time at noon Sunday, May 26, trains
arrives at Marion as follows
No. H:iL' 8 a. m. Kvaiisville
Ii0(5 1 :2f p. m. Mattoou
IW2 fi:fi) p. in. Local
2U 10:1a i . m. Chicago
Mail arrive H'villc SrfiO p. m.
Limited urrrivo (,'hioatro !l:lfi a
, w
i-Ti -1 :-10 a. in. Chicago Limited.
V 1 !::, a. in. K'ville, Nashville .Mail arrive N'ville li::iL
li()5 :;-' p. in. K'ville Ilopkinsvillo Kxp. arr. H'villo l!:'2f.
5!ll 7:!5f p. m. Princeton Accommodation arr. Princeton H-.'M).
Lore Is Em Young.
Nothing preserves tho physical
charm and comlincss of both sexes so
well as tho mutual admiration of one
another. Naturo arranged this subtle
It is a great pity so many women
with lovely minds aud sweet hearts
should allow themselves to run to
seed so far as beauty culture is concerned.
Thoir influence on the
world is thus largely lost.
Many spinsters bolievc themselves
to be absolutely superannuated at
thirty. To accept fate and decide
that "all the tomorrows shall be as
today," and that no knight will rido
along to roscuo a ludy, although a
lady is thirty-live, from hor
is to embrace a gospol of
wrinkles, gloom and gray hairs.
The woman who has had a real
love story in hor life, even though
it endod in tragedy, though her
romantic tuoti.orios retains her youth
far'beyond that of hor sister whom
a cruel futo has eoudomod to a blank
page in tho book of love. Imagination
and romance are the twin souls
which keep mon and women young,
while materialism and unspiritual
naturos produce an oarly and ugly
middlo ago.
The main thing is for a woman to
havo the courage of hor conviction..
Say boldly, "Somo women of thirty
five choose to rogard thonisolvo' as
withered might-hare-boon. Strike
out a diilnreut line and assort our
right to be attractive, charming and
There is uo excuso for falling a
victim to that worn-out, old tyranny
of tradition that a woman of thirty-five
is past her aemtU. The women
who havo influenced history through
their beauty, wit and power hare
been mostly over forty.
Aliraeuvefieec is an art. It doe
not grow wild, and really "charming
girls" art rare. Charming women
are extremely oommoH. Analyse the
average girl, and yon will find her
a MHiewhctt crude, hojdonish product.
See her ten years later and
the improvement sometime seems
little short of a miracle
A Thousand Dollar's Worth ofGood.
I havo boon alUlctotl with kidney
nrwl hlnddor trouulu for jroare, imming
gravel or stones with excruciating pnin,
says A. II. Thurnoa, a well known coiil
operator of Hutfalo, O. "I got m
relief from mmlicino until I began taking
Foloy's Kidney Cure, than the
result was surprising. A fow doaes
started the brick-dust-like substance
nnd now I have no pain across rny kidneys
and I feel like n new man. It has
done me ?100 worth of goal." Foley's
Kidney Cure will euro every form of
kidney or bladder disease. Sold by
J. H. Orme.
Railroad Men Wanted.
The demand for telograph operators
wag never as great as right now.
The Howling Groon Husinoss
has turnod out more oporators
than any other school South of the
Ohio river, and still tho demand upon
it is as groat as ovor. Its
aro wanted by twenty-three
railroads. This is conclusive evidence
that the training it givos i
satisfactory. Young mon dosiring
information concerning tolography
positions should write to the
I'ni vcrsity at Howling Green
Ky. Hookkcepers and stenographers
are in equally as great demand.
iiccoiuiiiodatinii arrive IC'ville 111: l.r).
vxpross arrive .Mattoon ;":.
p. m.
. in.
-.,. .-
Yours Truly,
W. L. VBaVNKK ARont.
Summer Dryness
Thirsty, parched, dry as a bone,
the heat seems to penetrate to
every part of you. That summer
languor steals upon you anl
makes every ellort a labor. How
nice, how refreshing a glass of
our cool, refreshing, satisfying
ice-cream noda, egg phosphate,
cherry sisters, mint julep or nut
sundao ' Sparkling, fizzing,
cooling and thirst-quenching '
Come in and Cool Off.
Sanitary hoila Fountain
1 -I SKIN,
a powerful liquid
for eiternal use, has proved by
its many cures i i tx) "The world's greatest
iure for all disrjues of tho skin noil
Kilp " Pont sutler when a cure
so near at hand
Fwtniie Mo., Mar tb. isr A
B. W Roa Vlrr.it ii to .
hi Loi. M
I Ml ar tfc tfea
on1 ilttii rat erf ma. Km ataal
la. utbt I cajM not ub mr Utl ber fata.
Bf tat ! preneanreJ lawwiaWa
Sin toilt of ZrMO baa faiHtlr rotJ
aJ I am flaaini mull all mflwualo
2XMO It too waul In r cwnI ot !.
Yort rMiifillr
11.00 Leadlnf Drutfltts or by Exprrsi
PatraatoOlT llr
3032 Oil. Sif.tl. ST. LOUIS. MO.
MMiHMB OairtalrtJ aai Sail Bf i
Over Marion Bank Building
All Work Guaranteed
It Dulii t Hurt a Hit"
Free for Catarrh, just to prove merit,
a Trial size Hox of Dr. Shoop'H Catarrh
Remedy. Let me huihI it now. It ia
n snow-white cream, hclninir, antiaepic
balm. Containing such healing ingredients
as Oil Kucalinlus, Thymol, Menthol,
etc., it gives instant and lasting
relief to Cntarrh of thenoso nnd throat.
Make tho freo test and see for yourself
what this preparation can and will
accomplish. Address Dr. Shoop, Racine,
Wis. Large jars CO cents. Sold
by Hrynea & Tnylor.
Makes Kldnoys and Bladder Right

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