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Every Man
is interested in
Good Clothes,
and has been for
many, many years.
His greatest trouble
it seems to be in
Quality and
For the price he
is willing to pay,
We Have
What You
Clothes for Men
Clothes for Boys
Clothes for Children
We Fit and
Suit All.
tSTfjc Crtttcnbcn Prctciorb
S. M. JENKINSIEdaof and Publisher.
GEO. M. GRIDER, Associate Editor.
Entered as matter June 25th. iSro.
at the postoffice at Marion, Kj.. under the Act ot
Concreis of March 3rd, 1879
Single copies mailed ,os
1 month mailed to any address is
" "
1 months .is
' ' "
S months .so
1 year ...... 1.00
' " "
S rears 5.00
Sinele copies mailed 05
1 month mailed to any address is
" " "
S months rj
'" " "
S ?ear 1.50
We are authorized to announce
a candidate for Assessor, to fill out the
'unexpired term of J. Anthony
subject to the action of the Republican
party. He endorses the local
option law.
At this stage of the game, it is a
wise favorite son that knows how his
.state will go at the finish.
Missouri reports are to the effect
that the friends of both Fairbanks
and Taft are doing their best to
show her.
The Houston Post tells of a car
load of Texas hens that laid enough
eggs enroute to Chicago, to pay the
freight on the shipment.
The automobile in which Abe
Hummel went to prison, made a great
record. It took him so far in a half
an hour, that it will take him a yoar
to get back.
All right-minded boys will envy
Mr, Roosevelt as never before now
that he has a gold card entitleing
him to free admission to all baseball
panics in any one of the 23G
American cities.
$12,500,000 Church.
The Cathedral of St. John the
Divine, which is beint; erected in
New York, is about one-fifth completed.
Nearly $3,000,000 have
been exponded to date. When completed
it will be ono of the great
religious edifices of the world,
St. Peters, at Rome; St.
Sophias, at Canstantinoplc.
yt 41,
The New Orleans Picayune recently
gave expression to its astonishment
that the Mississippi "line
on each bank with wealthy States
and populous and prosperous cities"
should be so destitute of water craft
of any sort. It is drawback to the
"trade and commerce that the fact
should be as the Picayune records
but what of the Ohio? Wealthy
though the Mississippi River States
may be, the Ohio River States surpass
them with wealth so marvelous
that the amount required to accomplish
the Nine Foot Stage sinks into
comparative insignificance.
The "Statistical Abstracts of the
United States" for lOO.") issued by
the Department of Commerce and
Labor gives these figures of the
wealth of the Six Ohio River States:
Pennsylvania, $9,313,140,116: Illinois,
$0,976,476,400: Ohio, $5,
019,004,433: Indiana, $2,606,493,
004. Kentucky, $1,365,130,718:
West Virginia, $659,632,351,
ing a grand total of $25,94I,S97,
242; The enormously large propor
tion which the wealth of the Six
bears to the total wealth of the forty-five
States and three territories will
be appreciated, from the fact that the
total wealth of the United States is
$3S,317,300,775 the Six Ohio River
States contributing, approximately
one-third, with thirty-nine States
and three Territories contributing,
approximately two-thirds
For Six States, of the wealth and
the natural resources of Pennsylvania
Ohio, Indiana, West Virginia, Kentucky
and Illinois to demand the
improvement of the Ohio to the
Nine Foot Stage is to demand thnt
which is reasonable but imperative
at one and the same time. They are
entitled to the cheapest possible
method of transportation to a market
and the amount required to give
them the facilities to which they are
entitled is insignificant when weighed
in the balanco with their products.
Unity of action in the Ohio Valley
will bring about the Nine Foot
Stage and the Nine Foot Stage will
bo the greatest possible factor in advancing
the deservedly commanding
position of the Ohio Valley a the
richest Valley in the world, notwithstanding
its present lack of transportation
facilities. With those facilities
supplied by the improved Ohio,
the development and wealth of the
Six Ohio River States would double
within a quarter of a century.
The next Bible lesson will bo Ex.
XI to XVII, inclusive.
1, Announcement of the last
2, The Passover.
3, The week of unlcavcn bread.
4, The Passover made a sacred
5, Destruction of the first-born.
6, The sojourning of the Israelites
in the land.
7, Who shall keep the Passover.
S, The journey from Ramescs to
9, Sanctification of the first-born.
10, Journey from Succoth to Eth-ain.
11, Pharaoh's pursuit.
12, Isat'h s deliverance.
13, Song of triumph.
14, Marah.
15 Elim.
16, The murmuring of the people.
17, The manna.
19. Israel and Amalek.
There will be a special scrvico
of song at the Presbyterian church
next Sunday uight at S o'clock. A
special programme is being prepared
by some of Marion's best singers, and
the service will bo interesting as well
as uplifting. A cordial invitation
is extended to all to attend.
Miss Jessie Croft Entertains,
Miss Jessie Croft entertained a
few of her young friends Tuesday
evening, Juno 4. Refreshments
consisting of grapejuicc and cake
wcro served. Game were indulged
in and a pleasant evening was spent
by everyone.
Among those who attended wcro:
Anna Elgin, Katie 1'ates, Nannie
Rochester, Gwendoline Hayncs,
Marion Clement, Madeline Jenkins,
Emmitt Clifton. Galen Dixon, Orlin
Moore and Jim Copeland.
Coldest May Ever Known,
Lexington, May 31. A heavy
frost fell over Eastern and Central
Kentu ky Tuesda'y night, and it is
feared that it killed all fruit and
early vegetables. This is tho coldest
weather over known in this section
at this season of the year.
Dycusburg School Closes.
On the afternoon of May Jl, the
school at Dycusburg, with Mrs. Sue
W. Rarnos teacher, closod with an
appropriate oxcrcise. The decorations
of the main school room, where
the excrcisos were held, were of
evergreen and rosos. The program
was well carried out by the pupils,
some of whom had never previously
appeared before an audience.
On a short time was allowod
from regular school work for drilling
for the entertainment and the cheerful
acquiescence of the pupils to the
teacher's suggestions, made the
afternoon a success. The thanks of
tho school arc due to Rev. W. E.
Charles, who conducted the devot
ional exercises and rendered a beautiful
solo and to Mr. J. R. Glass, who
delivered a most appropriate address.
Tho "Diploma of Honor" was awarded
to Miss Annie Leon Yancy who
during tho term wan absent from tho
school room only in one rccitatiou.
The. diploma was presented by Rev.
W. E. Charles with thoughts hapily
After tho distribution of rewards
to the pupils and a few comments by
the teacher on the work accomplished
during the term, "God be with you"
was feelingly sung by all present.
The siuccrcst thanks of Mrs. Barnes
arc tendered to tho sweet young girls
and helpful boys of tho school and to
the trus'tccs and patrons for their
co-operation. May tho work bogun
in thisf school find its culmination
not only in the coming years of life
but in the limitless beyond.
Marlon Silver Cornet Band,
The Marion Silvor Comet Band
has erected a stand in tho corner of
tho court house yard and will give
an open air concert every Saturday
evening. They liavo made execding
progress in tho short time they havo
been organized, and if you enjoy
good music be in town every Saturday
Appreciates The Record-Press,
Our old friend, Newt Brookshiro,
sends us a good remittance and closes
his letter as follows:
So please tako us off of tho dead-beat
list, for wo suro want tho paper
continued. Newt Brookbhirk,
Winfield, Kan.
Our Spring Styles
are Very Popular.
If you want the right Style
and Best Value, see
Yandell-Gugenheim Company.
Our spring business has broken
all records and our way of doing
business has done it. Wc always
look to the interest of our customers
by giving them
The Best for
the Least Price.
Our Bi Stock
Seasonable White and Colored
Wash Goods
Consists of all the new weaves
and colorings. Our black and colored
Wool Dress Goods arc entitled to a
We Can Suit You.
Special Prices on House Furnishings
Another new Stock of
Carpets, Mattings, Rugs,
Druggets, Lace Curtains.
That fit all Feet
That wear a Long Time
and look u ell-all the way.
For Less Price.
State Fair Notes.
thouiaml dollars i
being offered b) the State Board of
Agriculture in premiums and puri
for the Kentucky State Fair to U
hold at Louisville, Spt.
Tho Stato Fair oilers to tho hrodr
of all classes of live Mock au
opportunity to bring his stock
to tho publio's attention in a way
that no othor occasion offers. If ho
is hunting n purchaser, ho will find
at the lvoutucky Stato Pair many
pcrsons in tho market for just uoh
stock as ho may wish to show and
sell. Ho, thoroforo, stands tho
ohanoe of getting premiums as woll
as a better price for his stook.
The personnel of the State Board
of Agriculture, Forostry ami Immigration,
which is directing the Kentucky
State Fair movomont is a
guarantee that tho State Fair for
1907 will be ono in every way in
keeping with tho progress of Kentucky
along tho linos of lic stock,
agricultural and horticultural
Hubert Vrooland, tho
State Commissioner of Agriculture
is Chairman, and his n.ssociatos on
the Board are Prof. M. A. Scovell,
Director of the Experiment Station
at Lexington, G. N. McGrow,
Bayou; W. R. Moorman, Jr.,
Guthrie M. Wilson, Bards-town,
Lawrence Joiios, Louis; illo,
Desha Breckinridge, Lexington,
William Adams, Cynthtana, and
John C. T. Mayo, and he has establish
headquarters on the second
floor of the Commercial Building, at
tho southeast corner of Fourth Avenue
and Main street, in Louisville,
where ho will wclcomo all visitors
interested in makiug tho State Fair
a success.
Negotiations aro now on with all
railroads entering Louisville, whore
the Stato Fair will bo hold Sept. 16-21,
to announce very low rates with
liberal cxtcntions as to time.
Taxing Bachelors.
Bachelors should not bo taxed.
Tho poor devil who has nevor tasted
the sweetest of matrimony, who has
never known what it is to havo her
waiting for him, who has never gathered
them about his knee; and listened
to them sing such sweet and
tender melodies as "Everybody
Works But Father," who has never
been called upon to heal tho injuries
Walkover Shoes
For Men.
Bright Head Dress
In All New Shapes.
T.' VJ
0 fl
of the wounded doll, who has n r
neu in the night to furnish a
for the aching interior of tl
lilipntian anatomy, who ha inur
had his eollar and shirt front mu ;
by the Milod hands of loving j r
gotiy thin chap ought not to I
taxed. In lonlinets, lie ih cvtt,
day exprating hit failure. In -i
tude, he is hia own wort enoint
In all that life hold, ho U an out
law with a price upon lu head
Pity tho poor bachelor don t tax
him. Gallatin New.
Summer Excursions.
Operating tho Rtoamers, Joo Fuw
ler and John S. Hopkins, tho sum
mer excursion season will open uii
the Ohio river, botween Etansulle
and Paducah, on Juno let and con
Untie to Soptomher lot.
You should tako advantage of tho
oxtra low rates now in offect and ou
joy the most pleasant trip offorcd ou
inland waters. Boats duly furnished
and havo all appointment. Orchestra
on board.
Tho fare with berth and tuoaU,
from Fords Ferry to Paducah and
return is $2.50 for tho round trip,
and from Fords Ferry to Eansillo
is $3.00 for tho round trip.
Make up your parties and if any
further information is dosircd, apply
or wnto to W. B. Wii.noii.v, Agt.
Fordh Ky.
Rooms 2 and 1 Jenkins Bldg.,
Marion, - - Kentucky.
All work guaranteed. If any
work proves unsatisfactory, please
call at my office at once.
. . New . .
Barber Shop
North side of Public
Square, next door
to J. L. Rankin & Co.
New Tools, clean
Towels, give a home
boy a trial and you
won't regret it
Hair Cut 15c. Shave 10c.
Rufus Robinson.

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