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V R.'rWft.
Simply the visible sign that baby's tiny bones Q
are not forming rapidly enough. t9
Lack of nourishment is the cause. V
Emtifaton nourishes baby's &A V
entire system. Stimulates and makes bone.
Exactly what baby needs.
ALL DRUGGISTS i 50c. AND J 1. 00
Attempts to M Turkoy Hen in Her
Maternal Work but Gets Wrong
A fine Turkey gobbler bolonging
to Mrs. Arnold Livers, living a few
niilos above here on a farm, has built
himself a nest and is setting on some
gourd eggs which ho procured himself
by going to the viuos, tearing
them off and carrying them to the
nest. The gobbler evidently thinks
be has the right kind of material to
manufacture young turkey? and is as
busy as a setting hen. Mr. Liver's
fathor, Mr. Hous Piland, and a number
of others have witnessed this
strange sight which is attracting
great attention in that community.
Several days ago Mr. Livers in a
spirit of fun attempted to place some
kittens in the nest but was frightened
away by the gobbler who showed
fight and refused in any way to be
interfered with. Several rare instances
of turkey gobblers setting
have been related to this office, but
we have never heard of any that had
the tenacity of this old gobbler with
his gourd eggs. Uniontown Telegram.
Doctors Said He Would Not Live.
Peter Fry, Woodruff, Pa., writes:
"After doctoring for two years with
the best physicians in Waynesburg,
and still getting worse, the doctors advised
me if had any business to attend
to I had better attend to it at once, as
I could not possibly live another month
as there was no cure for me. Foley's
Kidney Cure was reccommended to me
by a friend, and I immediately sent
my son to the store for it, and after
taking three bottlos I began to get
better and continued to improve until I
was entirely well." J. H. Orme.
Fools Mother and Weds.
Pittsburg, Pa., Sept. 25. "Zach '
Crukshank, eighteen years old, son
of a millionaire pickle manufacturer
of Allegheny, whose mother sent him
to Michigan to manage a pickle farm
and break him away from the Pitts,
burg girls, has startled her by marrying
Miss Laura Childs, practically
the first girl he met in Millwood,
Mich. The wedding took place several
weeks ago. The couple will
settle in Millwood and the boy will
try his hand at being a useful citizen
and applying himself to managing
his father's pickles.
Notice to Our Customers.
We are pleased to announced that
Foley's Honey and Tar for coughs,
colds and lung troubles is not effected
by tee National Prue Food and Drug
law as it contains no opiates or other
harmful drugs, and we reccommend it
as a safe remedy for children and
adults. J. H. Orme.
Frightened By Snakes.
Tuesday while gathering tomatoes,
Mrs. John W. Waller, of near Mor.
ganficld, was badly frightened Uy a
black snake coiling around hor ankle,
which she experienced much difficulty
in shaking oil. On her return to the
house she encountered another snake.
These two unhappy incidents of the
day greatly shocked her nervous system.
Mrs. Waller is the daughter of
John Riddle, the Henderson grain
inspector. I'nirntown Telegram.
Napoleon Bonaparte
Showed at the battle of Austerlitz,
he was the greatoat Leader in the
world. Ballard's Snow Liniment hus
shown the public it is the best Lini
ment in the world. A quick cure for
Rheumatism, Sgraits, Burns, Cuu otc.
A. C. Pitts, lUiodoeea, La., says: "I
used Ballard's Snow Liniment in my
family and find it unr wiled for sere
chest, hedachu, con,, in fact for anything
that can ' i '.ached by a liniment
Sold Lv J H. Orme.
)i 1 1 1
Follnn Fell Into Water in Garage Cel-
ler That Was Charged With
(By Associated Press.)
Now York, Sopt. 20. Shouting,
writhing, sufforini; agouy, unable to
rise from four inches of water, Pierre
Pollum was slowly shocked to doath
by electricity in a Williamsbury cellar
Pollun, twenty-four years old, first
went to work as a machinist in Cbas.
Reilly's garage, No. ."GS Graham
avenue, yesterday morninc. Toward
evening Pollun wont to the cellar to
get a piece of steel shafting. Immediately
Riclly and his employees,
John Foley and another heard
cries, unintelligible save that
they told he was in mortal danger.
The three, Foley leading, ran down
the cellar stairs, which are woodon.
They saw Pollun, his face distorted,
fighting desperately to rise from the
fallow water, squirming like one of
the damned whom Dorc drew.
As Foley jumped from the last
step in the water, Foley shrieked:
"The water's charged."
He had been severely shocked by
electricity, but he survived, this gives
the best idea of what Pollun must
have suffered, as ho swallowed in
that hideous electric bath. Foley
regained the steps, ran up them and
got a pair of rubber gloves. lie and
the others got a thick plank, carried
it down and extended it from the last
step into the water.
Polluns cries were growing faint,
his struggles weak. The three men
stepped cautiously along the plank,
were badly shocked as they lifted
Pollun, but they did raise him and
carried him upstairs. He was limp
and unconscious then and soon died.
An olectric cable runs into the
garage cellar, from it the batteries of
the olectric motor cars are charged.
Investigation proved that the insulation
on part of the cable had been
scraped off how, nobody knows.
So the current escaped into the water
that had loaked in in and, as everybody
knows water is a good
Pollun's home was at No. 71
Greene street, Williamsburg.
Quinsy. RprainS And Swellings
"In November 1901, I caught cold
had the quinsy. My throat was
so I could hardly breath. I applied
Chamberlain's Pain Balm and it gave
me relief in a short time. In two days
I wa3 all right," says Mrs. L. Cousins,
Otterburn, Mich. Chambe.lain's Pain
Balm is a liniment and is especially
valuable for sprains and swellings.
For sale by J. II. Orme the leading
druggist in Western Ky, Haynes &
Taylor the enterprising druggists of
Masons Inherit Million.
Philadelphia, Sept. 18. Under
the will of the late Thomas II. Pat-ton,
treasurer of the Grand Lodge of
Masons of Pennsylvania, who died
recently, his estate valued between
$2,01)0.000 and is do.
visud to the grand lodge of Pennsylvania
for the education and support
of male orphans or Masons. I'oter
Boyd, an attorney of this city, is
made sole executor ol the estate.
"cn we arp n" niore or ,eM
Eczema and Kimnlps
dna I
rimpies egt(Ki for th(. :..,.,. ,,, ,
are quickly and permanently cured by
i.',..,,.i ..'
y.p.Mfi r. ni., f,.. ...i
ZEMO draws the to the purface
of the ckin and them, leaving
a nice clear healthv skin. Writo K. v.
-" -- "
ltote sam Pie. ' All A&gfi. -
Kennedy's Laxative Cough Syrup it
n snfo, sure nnd prompt remedy for
coughs and colds and is tfood for every
mojnbor of tha family. Sold by J. H.
Contributions to Union Cemetery Previously
Now contributions not horotoforo
L A La Rue 2.00
Ray Hughes 1.00
Ace Davidson 1.00
A Jones 1.00
J L Settles 1.00
Mclvin Burris 50
Hill Biuklcy 1.00
0 (i Throlkold 2.50
T M Conycr 50
J II Tumor 50
W A Allison 50
Clarence Rranham 1.00
Mrs Ktta Holt 50
Mrs. Nancy Relt 50
S H Price 1.00
Mrs Nina Williams 1.00
Mrs Marthy Franks 1.00
Ron Franks 1.00
Joss Franks 1.00
John Franks 1.00
Norvcl Franks 1.00
G W Conycr 1.00
Monroo Allison 2.00
R M George 1.00
Andy Henley 1.00
T A Throlkold 1 00
Rufc Park- 50
Sam Wolford 50
Rush Hughes 1.00
K R Brown 50
II H Kirk 1.U0
J R Hrown 25
T W Davonport 1.00
W T Suggs 2.00
D C Lovelace 1.01)
Bud Butler 50
Mrs Kbbio Hodgo 1.00
Mrs Catharine White 2.00
William Uisco 25
Q M Conycr 2.00
Henry Thrclkeld 1.00
Jackson Hodge 1.00
L F White 2. 00
Mrs Rcttic Ann Oroson 1.00
Mrs Mary Lovelaae 1.00
B F Lovelaco 50
Mrs M C Fuller 1.00
II C Bclmoar 1.00
Total $120.25
Total Expenditures 1 1 1 HO
Bal. in hands of Committtcc 1-J 35
Further contributions ean be'Ved
to advantage and will be acknowledged
W. II. La Rue, W. J. Franklin,
L. F. White, Committee.
A Remedy Without an Equal.
Try Yucatan Chill Tonic, is a sure
cure for Colds, La Grippe and Rheumatism;
will euro you, acceptable to the
most delicate person, results are positive
and you feel better after taking
one dose. Guaranteed under the Pure
Food and Drugs Act. Price 50c. For
sale by all druggists.
Smallest Deer In the World.
The "mouse door'' is the ehovrotain,
one of the smallest of hoofed animals.
It stands loss than twolvc inches in
height at the sliouldor. The prevail,
ing color of the fur is brown, finely
speckled with yellow. The spots arc
large and somutimos run into each
other and form stripos. The under
parts of the body are white. It possesses
the peculiar habit of walking
on the tips of its hoofs. This lends
a stiffness to the legs, which has
gained for the chevrotain tho refutation
of haviug no knee joints. It
has no horua or antlers. Rut as in
thu case of the musk doer, the male
is provided with large canine teeth
or tusks in the upper jaw. It n of
exceedingly timid disposition, and
lios hidden in the jungle throughout
the day and only ventures to le.-i jD
the early morning and aftor in
the evening. In captivity this tiny
native of India is gontle, quite ' imc,
but always shy.
How to Cure a Cold.
The question of how to cure a cold
without loss of
unnecessary time h one
! i-1' in 0f the less tlio Hunger of nntjinn.
!nm an" otherus diseases. Mr. I5i
! ! Hall, of Waverly, Vn., has iinod
Phn l.nrlnin'.. p.,.,i. ,...!..
...---- im a vuuk itumuv ifir nm
! i.T "! " " ar,.,;r:
....... ...
' lnin'e Pniicrh l. I.. i... i
' .... I f """' lo uo "osointely
,vmi prtrimrauon on tfte market for
coins, i navo reccommended it tc my
friends and they all trree vkh m.
EV- l l... i
m .uu uy ,i. u. urm the leading
drogRist in Western Ky, Hxynes
Taylor tha enterprising drugjtfts of
Death ol Mrs. Nannie Hughes.
The subject of this skctoh Sister
Nsnic Hughes, who was born Sopt.
15th, 1S3S, died Soptcuibct 10th,
1907. Aftor U9 years had coino and
gono, tho good Lord called her to her
homo beyond tnc river, where well,
novor say good.byo. Sho was con.
vortcd in hor ISth year. Sho joiuod
the Methodist church t Mount 'ion
in 1S151 with tho writer and 14 others.
I am the only survivor of the 10, tho
Bnstors, Heaths, Hughes, Williams,
Toatsand Walingfords. Tho proaohor
in charge was Rov. J. J. Ruddlo
Alderson was tho presiding elder at
tho time. Sictor Nannie Hughes was
.i daughter of Frank and Susan Simp
son, her maiden name was Lucas, a
sister of R. C. Lucus. She was married
to Lawsou Hughes near 10 years
ago. To this happy union live children
wore born, A. R. Hughes, Kd.
win Lawson,.I.F and Zilpah Hughes.
The oldest and youngest arc still living.
Sister Hughes was a quiet,
good Christian and mother all through
Her home was tho preachers homo
and resting place. Sister Hughes
took delight in this part of the work
and the church lost a good friend
when she went to hoavon, but our
loss was her gain. She was a groat
friend of miuc. Sho often said to
me; wo are the only two left of tho
1G. Now she is gono and I am loft
She had boon striokou with
some years ago and had not been
stout since, so whon the second
stroke came she never rallied but
went out in a few hours. Sho was
put away by a host of friends in the
Mount Zion comctory. Bro. R. C.
Love condnotcd the funeral scrvicos,
The old song. "How Firm a Founda.
tion," was sung by the friends. A
lesson from first Peter and it was
road and commented on by Bro.
Love, then wo put her body away to
rest until the trumpet shall sound to
wake tho sleeping dead, and bring
them up to tho groat judgment day.
Now reador whore will you stand
in that day. Oh, that God would
lay his hand on the two children that
is loft and make them useful in thu
church and the world, children don't
be sad, mother if living in a mansion
and singing with the angols. Glory
to God, lets go and soo her again,
will you? Your cousin,
W. J. Hiu..
A Certain Cure For Cronp Used
For Ten Years Without a
Mr. W. C, Bott, n star City. Ind.,
hardware murchant, is enthusiastic in
his prnise of Chamberlain's Couch
Remedy. His children have been
to croup and he has used this
remedy for the past ton yearn, nnd
though they much feared the croup,
his wife nnd he nways felt Bafe ujon
retiring when a bottle of Chamberlain's
Coufh Remedy was in the house. His
oldost child was subject to severe at
tacks of croup, but this remedy novor
failed to effect a speedy euro. He has
reccommended it to frionds and neighbors
nnd all who have used it say that
it is unequaled for croup nnd hooping
cough. For sale by J. H. Orme the
loading druggist in Wostern Ky, Hoynos
& Taylor the enterprising druggists of
Victorious Girlhood.
It is the uirl who is full ol vitality,
keen and eager about all sorts of
things, happy, healthy and sure that
the globe on which she resides brims
over with entertaining facts, who
carries all boforc her. The middle,
aged and the aged bow to her opin.
ions, admire, spoil and forgiva her
ovorything. Bystander.
Tho Passing of Summer.
The harvest h paied, the summer
is ended, the wheat N sold and the
money i. sponded. The corn in the
fiohh it npeii"! and rustlos, while the
jaded old Inrmor got up and bust!??.
The coin are weaned and soon loam
to eat siid thu funnor eotnmencos to
drill in hi wheat. The calves in
the orcliaid tnnd sadly and boiler,
. but beoause they are weaned there is
more milk in the cellar. Tho golden
rod flinirs its jrsy Winner aloit and
tho peers and the penobes are both
uotting soft. The victims of hay
lover sniffle and sneeze, while tho
thistle dow'n Hrles on the Sentember
Open Every Night,
8 to 10:30 o'clock.
Moving Pictures, Illustrated Songs.
Special Attention Given Ladies and Children.
John S. McCorkle,
Manufacturer of
Doors. Sash, Frames, Mouldings,
Blinds, Flooring, Ceiling, and
House Patterns.
Cor. Walnut and 8th St. EVANSVILLE, IND.
All large salaries are earned in
We train young people for profitable
employment. Our own "copyrighted" oyotem of
'bookkeeping meets modern requirements. Over
500 students annually. Fifty typewriters
for instruction purposes. Eight teachers.
Write for
Evansville, Indiana
Hundreds of graduates in positions.
Bookkeeping, Penmanship, Arithmetic,
Spelling, Business Law, Banking
Shorthand, Typewriting and Telegraphy.
Indiana's Greatest School of Business
That llyomcl Hill Cure All Forms 01
Catarrhal Diseases.
Testimonial! could boprintod by
the thousands, many of them from
Marion and nearby townc. that 1 1 y o
is an absolute euro for all catarrhal
troublos, but tho bast proof of
its unusual curative powers is the
guarantoo that Haynos A: Taylor give
with ovory outfit that thov soil.
"Monoy back if Hyomoi does not do
all that is claimed for it."
Hyomoi is not a soorot remedy.
Its formula is given frooly to physicians
who want to know what thry
uto whon they prescribe Hyomoi. It
is guarantood tinder the Pure Food
and Drugs Law by serial Xo. 1 II h.
By breathing Hyomci, the hoaling
medication goes directly to ovory
nook and corner oi the air passages
where the catarrhal germs may lurk,
and disinfects and heals. To bo con
vinced of this you havo only to givo
it a trial, remembering that if it
does not cure, Haynos & Taylor will
refund your money.
The complete Ilyomei outGt costs
but $1.00, and in most cases is
to euro tho disease, making it
not only a (eiontific treatment but
ono that is highly economical. (Jet
an outfit today from Haynos fc Taylor
ii you have any catarrh.
His Dear Old Mother.
"My dear old mother, who is now
years old, thrivos on
Bitters," writes: W. B. HrunHon,
of Dublin, Ga. "She has taken them
for a bout two years nnd enjoys an excellent
appetite, fools strong and
sloops well." That's tho way Kloctric
Hitter nffect the god, nnd th' snmo
happy results follow in nil cases of
fomslo weaknosg nnd general debility.
Weak, puny childron too, nro grestly j
strengthened by thorn. Guaranteed
hw for stomach. Jiver nnd kidnevi
'troubles, by Hrvhob A Taylor, and J. f
II. Orme dniKtfits "u cents.
I En
AurviiSdiun iu uonis. m
OB 1131 IeU
Write for
Parlor Barber Shop
and Bath Room.
Everything Clean, Neat and
First Class.
Jenkins Building. MARION, KY.
For Chills, Fevers And Malaria.
Try Yucatan Chill Tonic; it cures to
stay cured. Insist on having it. Get
thu genuine. Guaranteed under the
I'ure Food and Drugs Act L'ricc SOe
Sold by all druircists.
Mark Well What You Buy !
Oliver Typewriter.
Wo know somothintf of the
beginning- and ending of the
OLIVER typewriter.
The beginning is pleasure.
The ending is joy and satisfaction
over work well done.
Thirty-three OLIVER machines
sold in the town of Marion
to date.
No other typewriter here
has such a record.
Crider & Woods
lelopliono IB. Over Potollico
Marion, Ky,

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