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Entered as second-elm matter June 6tb. i9j.
at the pdtorhce at Marion. Kr . under the Act of
Coocreit of March 3rd, 1S7?
SIncle espies mailed oj
1 month mailed to anr address H
J monthf " " 15
" " "
smontbs 50
" " "
T 1.00
6 rears 5.00
SIncle ecpie mailed oj
1 month mailed to anr address is
" " "
j msathi 75
" " "
rtis l5o
The pcojtlc of Marlon will ou next
Tuo'day have a short visit from W.
J. i!r)au, the great Commoner, and it
should be a red letter day in the
of the city. Every one should
try and come out and hear him speak
at 11 o'clock. His train will remain
Thomas Roscoe Rochester.
Thomas lloscoc Bochestcr, son of
N. and Kate llochcster, and
grandson of Rev. It. Y. Thomas,
late of tho Louisville Conference,
was born near Marion, Ky., August
22, 1888 and died in a hospital in
HvaoBville, Ind , July 1G, 1907.
Ho was baptized by his
in infancy; and at tho age of sixteen
ho professed religion and joined the
M. E. Church, South, in Marion,
Ky., of which ho was a member
until doath. Roscoo, as he was
fmiliarly known, was an exceptional
young man. As a son, he was a
model. Ho never gave his parents
an hour's trouble. Thoir desire
seemed to bo his wish. To know
they disapproved of a course, he
would refrain; to desire anything,
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-v. -
Real Style
We are now ready to show
you the kind of style coat
to wear. Sec our styles
before you buy. Get some
of our money-making prices
Ladies Misses Children
Fall Clotlics
Very Latest
Styles for
Fall and
We Fit
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For Men and Boys
3HJC CrittcnbCH 'lc would do it or luakc the attempt
S. M. JENKINS Editor and Publisher.
At school, as at home he gave no
trouble, and his teachers give him a
good name. His praise was on the
lips of the whole community, and
with one accord it was said few such
young men could be found.
His sickness and death was uitc
sad. He had complained for several
days. On Wednesday night ho was
taken suddenly ill, taken home from
his place of business. Thursday
morning it was learned he had appendicitis,
was taken to Evansville
Saturday, an operation wa performed
same day, but he died Tuesday, at
11 I. M. All that could be done
was done by family, physician and
nurses. As was natural, especially
for one of his age, he wanted to live,
and struggled hard for life, but when
assured he must go, said ie was
ready and had no fears. This, those
who knew hi life fully believed.
His funeral servicea were conducted
by the writer in the Methodist
church in Marion, in the presence of
here only one hour and speaking will a large concourse of relatives and
be heard from the rear platform. For
many years Mr Bryan has been rcc
ognized as the leader Of the Demo,
cratic party and he comrs now id the
interest of the Democratic State
Large Apple Crop.
Mr. Jas. F. Cox, of near town
just finished gathering his apple crop
last Saturday. Ninety-seven trees
produced SIOO bushels. He sold f00
bushels at a good price, from the
100 bushels not sold he made 1000
gallons of cider. Carrsvillc Correspondent.
friends; and his remains were attend
ed by a long funeral procession to
the cemetery where ho was laid to
rest. May Heaven's richest blessings
rest upon the bereaved parents,
tho brother and two little sistcss, and
bring them, by this grief, closer to
God. Yiroii. Eu'f,
The Central Methodist.
Young Bookkeepers Wauled.
Young men now have the oppor
tunity of a life time to enter business
on good salaries Thoro is a gonoral
dearth of bookkeepers. Tho Bowl
ing Green Business University,
Bowling Green, Kentucky, is turn
ing away good places every day
because it cannot train bookkeepers
as fait as they aro wanted by business
men. For full information,
write for free catalog and literature.
Fine Farm For Sale.
My tarm is known as the Frank
Glenn farm, on the Frcdonia and
Dycusburg road four miles from
Fredonia two and a half miles from
the tank. Thero are 227 acres, 125
acres in grass and clover, 25 acres
in timber. Well improved and watered,
Livingston creek on one sido,
7 room houso, tobacco barn, stables
and all necessary out buildings.
Mrs. Susak Glenn,
Marion, Ky.
The time has long siuce pasted,
I whon Bible students foared an anta
gonism botwoeu intellectuality and
spirituality. The most intellectual
porsons may bo the most spiritual.
On the other liana, uo person dare
belittle intellectual preparation on
the part of the most spiritual teacher
of the world. The command i explicit.
"GiTc diligence to
thyself approved unto God, a workman
that nctdeth not be ashamed,
handling aright the word of truth"
(IE Tim. 2:1& A. It.) U is to Loop
tho sincere teacher to obey this command
that a teacher training
was suggested for the Crittenden
eounty Sunday scliool work, and
in answer to an earncit desire among
Sunday school teachers, suoh a department
has ben organised, and is
a part of tho work of this county.
A compctant superintendent has been
solcctcd, and he is willing and ready
to do his duty.
It is believed that this department
of the work will guide every
teacher who participates in it in obtaining
a wider knowledge of tho
Bible, of the nature of their work
and the best methods oi teaching.
The teachers will be led in suoh lines
of study as will enable them to know
the Book and much connected with
it; to know the pupil for whom the
Book is intended, and, what is of
most importance, to learn liov, to
bring the Book to inilucnco the
overyday life of tho pupil.
The plan of work for this department,
is to organize a Teacher's
Training class in as many Sunday
schools as possible and get some
Biblo student to lead in the study of
tho Book, aud the est methods of
conducting Sunday school work.
Will the Pastor and supcrinteudant
of every church and Sunday school
take hold ol this important work?
I think it is a part of his duty. He
might Bay, "there is not a membor
of my church or Sunday school who
is qualified to conduct a Teacher's
Training class. Do not look tor the
ideal teacher of the Training class.
Ideal teachers do not exist, secure
the best teacher you can.
Hundreds of Teacher Training classes
are now being suocossfully conducted
by women and men, who at first,
because the were not trained
shrank from iho
Their l'astors and suptrintendants
encouraged them to make the ctlort
and were successful.
Willingness to study ari work in
better than groat knowlege and capacity
without th4s. The church
and Sabbath school have nvore young
men and women oger and able to
study than is roalized.
Speak to the heart and touscionee
of young poople concerning being
recruits for the training o)as ana
you may be surprid at the rosponse.
Xow, as for toaclicr of the- Teacher
Training class. I would suggest the
l'astor of the can do work needed to
load the class consistently with his
other duties. If not, then solect
some tnc will agree to act as lender.
A good, faithful spiritual leader is
almost what olassos nooded.
Tho- county Suporintendant, Mr.
It. L. Moore, will take the matter
up with the l'astors and
in the town in this county
about the first of Outobor and I kind
ly ibk your with him
It. M. Fkankh,
County Pres't. S. S.
Two Hearts Joined as One.
A pretty wedding was solemnized
in the home of John Hoifmau, on
South Broadway, Thursday evening,
at 7.30 by ltov. Goorge Mayer, of
the Evangelical Church, when Roy
Y. Hughes, of St. Paul, and Miw
Emma Elizabeth Hotluan of this city,
were made man and wife. Tho parlor
was handsomely decorated with
asters and king ferns, of which a
bower was ruado in the corner of tho
room, whore tho marriage ceremony
was performed, tho couplo standing
under a suspended bell of asters.
As they approached their position
Mrs. Adolph Burmeistcr, played the
Mcndolssohn wedding march on the
piano. The bride was gowned in
embroidered swiss over white
silk, and tho groom wore tho customary
black suit. Tho bridesmaid,
Miss Frieda Hodman, a sister of tho
britlft, wore n gown of pink print
silk tissue. Tho host man wasTienry
Hodman, a brothor of tho bride. A
bouquot of white roses was carried
by tho brido, and tho bridesmaid
carried a bouquet of sweet peas,
After tho ceremony the fifty to
sixty guests of relatives and intimato
friends were served with a bountiful
wedding feast in the dining room,
which was overhung with wreaths of
asters and evergreen twigs.
This store has keenest
inducements to offer,
for our stock and attractions.
You'll note a new
tone and autumn effect
to the stock, and
not least among the attractions
are the winning
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and Winter Trade
And we know the way to
secure it is by right quality
flanked by right prices.
Both await your approval
We Show a
Dress Goods Line
That (Iocs us proud. All the ucu
weaves in all the leading colors
Brouns, Blues, Burgundy Blues arc
good. We shou oti a hig range of
shades of all.
Silks, Plaids, Ginghams, Dry Goods,
and cotton goods backed by the low
est prices money can get.
Shoes that Wear
Shoes With Style
Don't miss an opportunity
to see the greatest
stock of
Good Shoes ,
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You have had for a
long time.
Shoes for Men
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We Stand By them All
Yandell-Gugenheim Company.
The bride rccc,vl many valuable
evidence of esteem from friend in
the city and fro k rolativo of her
husband is Kentucky, his tarly home,
ia silverware, ehrnawaro and fine
household furniture.
The bride if tho third daughter of
Me. and Mrs. Hfrtfman, was born
and cdueatrd in New Ulm, and is a
popular and ostcaajed yoang lady,
who has been a talephono operator
in both companies horc, and Mr.
Hushes is an elorVriei&ti of high
standing in St. Paul and man of
sterling oharacter. They departed
forSt. Paul yesterday thero to make
thuir future home. New CVu.Minn.
finite FlelfT
Klkton, Ky. Sept. 2S, Potor
Shelton, a young fnrmor, residing
ucar Koysburg, is dead by poisoning
from Paris green. Young Shelton
wa treating his tobocco plants with
the poison to destroy worms, and
disregarded the precaution of
placing a sponge over his mouth and
nose He inhaled a lare quautity
of the drug, and before he Itad completed
his patch, died is the field
Mr. Solton was 1JJ years of aye.
Main St.
ft Aft. 1ft S1"vV 51!T 7!NV rfffv 7!f?k vlfSV 7lKV 71TT'RV 7)fT Kf 'Vlvv ?1K 'V?. Ak. fv ?i!e. 2fV .H 3.. 7fCV7
I have decided to continue i,
harness and saddlery buinoM
Marian, and have ecurud a
leather worker to do the l ;
work. Persons having left oid"
or repairing will please call and
Uiai. Thanking yeu for past favir
aad .eliciting a coatinuanoe of mh i
1 am Yours truly.
H. I) SiJt
iKmws A Good Thing When He
Sees II.
Wc roaoscnizc In jour papor a splen
slid advertising medium. We dosirc
to thank you sincerely for your loyal
support of our Institution. Oir at
tendanco, at thin time, is by far tho
largest m have ever had aad our
School if doing tho best work in Us
Thanling you for all pas favors,
and wishing you unbounded success
in all your otloits, wc are
Bowltnsc Green Itusinots rnivjrsity
. . . GO TO . . .
Window Glass, Putty, Paints, Oils,
Varnishes, Floor Stains, Brushes,
Wall Paper in Endless Varieties.
School Books, Tablets, Pens, Ink,
Pencils, Paper, Etc.
vE) PurA PrAch nrnoc
icals, Perfumes.
Our prescription department is up to date in all
respects, and wc solicit your patronage. ,
M Main Street, - - Marlon, Ky.

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