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Barrel Hoops nnd Other Scraps
Changed to Chemically
Pure Sugar,
An proces? by
earnest labors, fervent prayers and
untiring zeal assisted by Hcv. Katon,
of Marion, Through his oarnost
prenching and the deep earnost work
ol the church and united the Lord
descended in power of his might and
spirit and dwelt among us. Sinners
were made to tremble and fool the
power of the Lord and mournors to
cry out. "What Shall 1 Do to be
Saved" and fifteen were made to feel
thev were savod. tho mooting closed
actually on Sunday, the 22nd, from com-inverted
liich wood and water are
converted into the purest and meucement at tho waters ou old Pincy
swoetest sugar is being demonstrated
in a western city. The
which cost only SI, 000 is
composed oi a wator boiler, a furnace
for heating steam until it turn
into hydrogen and oxygen a retort
in which the charcoal is roducod to a
;as nnd mixed with tho hydrogen
and oxygon, a water tank in which
tho combination of gases is coolod,
an air compressor and a set of highly
eharged oloctrodes.
To operate tho plant the invontor
took an armful of pine wood, euca
lyptus, corn cobs, a pioco ol old
buggy and a barrel hoop and piled
thorn into an oven where they wore
made into charcoal.
The charcoal rsady, he put 32
pounds of ia into the retort and
started the fire under his water boiler.
Twenty minutes lator, when things
were getting hot, he started tho air
compressor and a set of highly
charged electrodes. The water, converted
into steam, passed through a
heater where it was dissociated into
hydrogen and oxygen at a temperature
of 3,000 degrees. The mixture
of gases was then compressed upon
the carbon heated to a like temperature.
Then he let the compressed gas
flow past the electrodes and a fine
spray of powdered sugar burst from
the end of the pipe. Thirty minutes
later it ceased. The entire output
was about 70 pounds of sugar. It
is claimed sugar can be produced
eommercially at a cost of only 1 cent
per pound. Popular Mechanics.
Makes Homely Women Pretty.
No woman no mater how regular her
features may be can be called Dretty if
her complexion ia bad. Orino Laxative
Fruit Syrup aids digestion and
clears sallow blotched complexions by
stimulating the liver and bowels. Orino
Laxative Fruit Syrup does not
or gripe and is mild and pleasant
to take. Remember the name orino
and refuse to accept any substitute.
J. H. Orme.
Ed Press. We would be glad to
publish through your columns what
the Lord has done for us. We
jgan a protracted meeting at Black.
brn Church on the second Sunday in
.-September. Bro. Moore pasior, the
meeting: convened in g in the
, first week, without seoming result
i but .the Lord was near shaling his
.hosts, the Christians were allvcd to
the work, as was manifested by their
Creek whore we had mot to attend to
the ordinance of baptism where Hcv.
Katon delivorod a discourse ou its
mode after which Bro. Moore led two
boy and girls into its wators and
buried them beneath its liquid waves.
The ton baptixod wore: Jim Kast,
Goorgo Boyd, Hermon Boyd, tirnost
and Claronce Davis, Miss Nina Fra-lick,
Xannie and Bertha and Nellie
Davis rnd Ivey Boyd. All of them
boys and girls who will come on and
take placos of the old when their
work is done. Wc had a most glorious
reival and the church built up.
showing that when Zion travels she
shall bring fourth sons and daughters
in honor and glory to God.
A Card.
This is to certify that all druggists
authorized to refund your money if
Foley's Honey and Tar fails to cure
your cough or cold. It stops the
cough, heals the lungs and prevents
serious results from a cold. Cures la
grippe cough and prevents pneumonia
and consumption. Contains no opiates.
The genuine is in a yellow package.
Refuse substitutes. J. II. Orme.
Birdie Loyd is attending school at
Marion this fall.
Buddie Dobue is attonding the
fair lit Louisville this week.
School is progressing nicoly with
Mr. Curtis Harden as teacher.
Miss Lillian Dcbuc visited hor sister
Mrs W. R. Brown last week.
Lecmon Stallions, of Fair View,
was the guests of his parents Saturday.
Mrs. Mina Crucc, of Marion, attended
sorvicos at Craynevillc Sunday.
Mrs. Maud Dobue and children
visitod at Mrs. W.K. Brown's Thurs-day
Bro. Oakley fillod his rogular appointment
at Craynevillc Saturday
and Sunday.
Kd. Thomason and family of Piney
Creek, wcro the guosts of relatiTes
here Saturday and Sunday.
Take something now and then to
help the stomach. Kodol will do tlua.
It is a combination of natural digest-ants
and vegetable ackb and contains
the same juices found in a healthy
stomach. It is pleasant to take, ft
pigeata what you eat. Sold by J. IL.
Robert Gregory is done housing
Mrs. Walter Enochs was calling in
Marion, Monday.
Our road recoived a good working
last week which was badly needed.
Our trotractcd meeting will begin
the third Sunday in next month.
Mrs, Ed. Simpson and Miss Gwcn
Ford visitod near Frcdonia Satvrday.
Mr. Jim Butler and wife were
pleasant callers near Freedom, Sunday.
J. A. Clark and wife spout last
Friday visiting relatives in this
Mr. Tom Enochs and wife visited
Mr. Bob Gregory's family Sunday.
Bro. Cypos filled his regular ap.
pointment here the third Sunday in
this month.
Mr. Lummic Fritts and wife havo
moved to thoir new home near the
Columbia miuos.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Gasi wore
guosts of relativos near Memphis
minos last week.
Mrs. Johnnie Fritts of Salem, was
the guest of relatives in this neighborhood
last week.
Mrs. Ollic Ford, of Memphis
mines made a short oall on friends in
this vicinity Monday.
Mrs. Albert Travis and children
of Marion was the guest of relatives
near Freedom, Sunday.
Little Sylvan, the son of Mrs. Ira
Clark, who has been ill with typhoid
fever, we are glad to hear is much
Tho Eclipse minos is doing a good
business, they are running both day
and night shifts and putting out
some very fine ore.
Mrs. Clay Fritts who has boen vis
iting R. C. Fritts family, happened
to quite a painful aocident last Saturday,
her buggy turned oer and
bruised her shoulder, but she is improving
and has returned to her home
at Sulphur Springs.
Trial Catarrh treatments are being
mailed out froe, on request, by Dr.
Shoop, Racine, Wis. These tests are
proving to the people without a penny's
coat the groat value of this scientific
prescription known to druggists
everywhere as Dr. Snoop's Catarrh
Remedy. Sold by Haynes & Taylor.
Eczema is Now Curable
ZEMO, a scientific preparation for
external use. Stops itching instantly
and destroys the germs that carntc ekm
disea."es. Eczeina quickly yi Ids and is
permanently cured by thin remarkable
medicine. AIIDrugjru'tx. Writ forwui)
pie. E. W. Roue Med. Co.,Sc. Louie, Jlo
A man can run a store without advertising
and he can wink at a girl in
the dark but what's tho use?
Tr wv iu?r ...
IK IKnVN . "j.
.w - "iA t L
i -.-!
.'v tiiv
ifn 10r
'' MfiKf
Don't Ruin Your Best Horse Goisig for a Doctor
Bowel complaints arc always more or less prevalent during the Summer
months, nnd many a man has ruined his best horse going lor a t!iccor
when some of his family was suffering from cramp colic or cholera
morbus. Be prepared for such an emergency.
Chagjfelain's Cpjic, Cholera agd Diarrhoea Ren-
Is the most successful medicne yet produced for these dins-always
be depended upon. No doctor can presenbr a ...
It is almost certain tc be needed heforc the Summer 1, o-
$?&SE Do, noH suf fer Jfa&
fgvi1h severe wl
Jmm m Headaches
Will Cure You,
Tho liver Ih tho for tho vrholo hodv. 1Y nxrrr
good health, ono must keep tho liver In good order. To dt
n. rogulutor Is needed. ticrblno will pur your llvor in tho coh
dltiou itHhould bo and you vlll not Buller from hijuiaihed.
Has Done A World Of Good,
Mrs. C. I). Philley, Marblo Fall. Toxns. wrlten: "I Hnvo
used llerbino and duel It tho boat liver corrective I have ever
tried. It dono my family ns well an mynt'If a world of good,
and r recommend It to all my friends. I uover autlur from
hoadachua auytnoro."
i i i i i
Ballard Snow Liniment Co.
500-502 N. Second St., ST. LOUIS, Mo.
Sold and Recommended by
James H. Orme, Marion, Ky.
Throws Shoe at His Wile.
New York, Sppt. she
stayed out too lato at niyht, Arch-mar
Siver, of the Kabyle
Northern Africa, today tried to di.
vorco his wife, after the custom of
his race, by throwing his shoe at her.
The result landed htm in the Tombs
court on a charge of assault.
Siver admitted that ho had thrown
his shoe at his wife, but said that her
conduct had passed all bounds, and
he had lost patience.
If I was in my own country,"
said Siver, "I would have known just
what to do, but here in America I
could only throw my shoo at hor.
That moans diroroc in my couutry."
Annie said she would stay at home
if her husband would increase the
weekly allowance
Magistrato Dorgc sent the pair
home. Siver who was chief of the
Kabylo tribe, which is now giving
the Kronen so much trouble in Mo.
rooco, aame to America to make his
fortune. Shortly after hia arrival ho
fell in love with Annie, a Bohemian
Catholic, and doopito the differoncos
of religion ano race, they were
Stomach trouble, Heart and Kidney
ailments, can be quickly corrected with
a prescription known to druggists
everywhere as Dr. Snoop's Restorative.
The prompt and surprising relief
which this remedy immediately
brings ia entirely due to its Restorative
action upon the controlling nerves
of the Stomach, etc.
A weak stomach, causing dyspepsia,
a weak Heart with palpitation or intermittent
pulse, always means weak
Stomach nerves or weak Heart nerves.
Strengthen these insido or controlling
nerves with Dr. Shoop's Restorncivo
and see how quickly these ailments
disappear. Dr. Shoop of Racine, Wis.,
will mail samples free. Write for
them. A test will tell. Your health
is certainly worth this simple trial.
Sold by Haynes & Taylor.
John Sullivan, of Tribune is going
to move on the farm of Judgo Blackburn
near Knon.
Moody Calvert was elected Superintendent
of our Sunday School at'
the grove Sunday, the old Superintendent
I). W. Vinson, having
Our farmers aro still joining tho
Union and there will soon be none
loft out. There was religious
at Livingston gravo yard Sunday.
Preaching in the forenoon by
Bro. King and in tho evening by Bro.
Wo arc having bright, fair weather
now, the farmers arc making good
use of their time winding up with
housing and curing their tobacco,
Ileal th of the community is good and
ovorybody is happy at present or
ought to be.
DeWitt's Carbolized Witch Hazel
Ralvo Is good for little burns and big
burns, ainnll ucrntches or bmiscs and
big onea. Sold by J. II. Orme.
Mrs. Mamy Waddcll was visiting
near View last week.
Mrs. Mary Minncr, of I'nion, was
visiting in our soction this weok.
Jorry Uarnos, of Caldwell Springs,
was visiting Kd Young last wool.
Mrs. Nannio Young of Marion, is
visitiug in our section this weok.
Will Adams has his third crop of
strawberries for thin year now ripening.
I. N. Vouug and wife of Kansas,
is visiting relation in our soction
this week.
Mias Carrie Cridcr has gone to
Frcdonia to stay with Tom Ordway
this winter.
Will Adanis and wife and George
Stirall and wife was visiting near
Tribnne Sunday.
The protractod meeting losod at
Craynovillc Friday night with ID
proftssions and 18 addition to the
Vm Throlkold, of Livingston Co.,
was singing for the mooting at
Craynovillc and spent several night
with our peoplo.
Hard Times in Kansas.
The old clays of gnirahoppcM and
drouth are almost forgotten in the
prosperous Kanwas of to-day; although
a citizen of Codoll, Earl Shamburg,
has not forgotten a hard time he encountered.
He says. "I was worn out
and discouraged by coughing nigth nnd
day, nnd could find no relief till I tried
Dr. King's Now Discovery. It took
less than ono bottle to completely cured
me." The safest and most reliable
cough and cold remedy nnd lung and
throat healer ever discovered. Guaranteed
by Haynes & Taylor and J. II.
Orme's drug stores, 50c and $1.00.
Trial bottle free.
I WILL on Thursday, Oct. 10th,
ou what is known as the H.H.Woods
place, four and ono half miles South
of Salom, will oxposo to Public Salo
to tho highest and best biddor, the
following proporty
Household Furniture, Growing
Crop of Corn. Somo Hay, Live Stock,
Farming Implements. I also have a
farm for Salo of 175 acros. Any ono
wishing to buy a farm cheap, will do
well to look at mino at once.
Terms mado known on day ol salo.
Hknry IIodok, Salem, Ky.
To check a cold quickly, get from
your druggist some little Candy Cold
Tablets called preventics. Druggists
everywhere are now dispensing
for they are not only safe, but
decidedly certain and prompt.
contains no Quinine, nor laxative,
nothing rash nor sickening. Take at
the "sneeze stage" Provcntlra will
prevent Pneumonia, Bronchitis, La
Gripp, etc. Hcnco the narno
Good for feverish children. 48
Prevention 25 cents. Trial boxes 6 cin.
Sold by Haynes & Taylor.
Bourbon Poultry Gun,
A superior remedy and tonic
for fowls. Used throughout the
famous Blucgrass region of
Cures and Prevents
Cholora. Limborncck, Roup
Gapes, Blackhead, Diarrhoo and
other destructive blood and
gorin diseases in turkeys and
chickons or Yotnt money iiac k
Adds tonic and medicinal qual
itics to tho drinking water or
food, whioh destroy all germs
and poisons and provcuts dis
case. Price fiOo for largo bottle
will bo sent by return mail,
prepaid, if you stato how many
fowls you keep. Address
Bonuio.N Remedy Co., Inc ,
Manufacturing Chemists,
Lexington, - Kentuck)
R. L. Flanary's
Insurance Agency
Representing tho Farm Dnpartmrnt
of tho Continental Firo Iusurau 0
Co., of N. Y., for Crittenden, Lj a
and Livingston counties, Tho Pi"
nix Mutual Lifo Ins. Ro , of Hf
ford, Conn., Tho Standard Accii zi
and Health Ins. Co., of Dctr
Mich., Indiana and Ohio Live ht k
Ins. Co., of Crawfordsvillo, Ind
Call on or writo
It. L. FLANAR Y, Tom. C Cook
Marion, Ky. Frcdonia Ky
S. P. HKtiRY, Southland, Ky
Kevil & Co.
Fire Insurance Agency in
If you have property in the town '
Marion, let thorn insure it 1
hall have no reasons to regret it
Office in Press Buiding, Room 5
Telephone 225.
Miss Nell Walker
and Notary Public
Office with Blue & Nunn.
Special attention given to collect!' n
Will practico in all the curts of tl e
Btate and in tho United States court
Office in I'ross Building, Room 7
Phone 207. Marion, Kt
Abstracting a Specialty
Offico in Press Building, Room 5
Marion - - Kentucky
Lirm Sltvrk of EUcirle
Mfht. Slrrtl Kallwtr
and Trltpbont SupplI
Comtintlr on Hind
Don't fail to send for latest Catalogue
No. 7.
Jas. Clark Jr, Electric Co.
313 Y. Main St. Louisvillo, Ky.
Byl r M 3Tk ii
W.V Ia
i.' &
&" ' ci.vp
Be fore You Purchase Any O'hor Wrlta
t ORAtiaU, MAiiS.
Many Sawing MflUilnrs aro rrndclo
quality, baf ti "fst iv lltnif" It mail
townr. Ou' citra.ity r w runs "ut
We make Sewing j.'ict Ii o, tc s i'i condilfcmj
cfthetrndiS. Tlia "JToir lloiwv or ' .afh
head ol all m.. 1 hiocs
Hold hf iiutlrlzil ilixilrrM inly.
nui s f. v
Nunn & Tucker.

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