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The Liberal Use of Printers ink is
Bringing Good Results. Five
Full Pages Last -Week.
The live, merchants of
Marion are reaping a rich harvest and,
too, during the dull season of the year,
and all because they keep the needs of
the people in stock and advertise what
they keep. A liberal use of printers-ink
is not thrown away on an
people. A page add may not
intarest one man when it is just what
the other fellow is looking for. The
good housewife does not feel interested
in one merchants add while she is deeply
so in another, but she reads all of
them just the same.
Montgomery, Ward & Co., and
Sears & Roebuck advertise their goods
else the people would not be guilty of
sending money out of tho State for
gods, that in many instances, they
could have bought cheaper at home.
Keep what these mail-order houses
keep and let the people know you keep
them an they will have little excuse
for sending hard earned money out of
the State for cheap goods. Our merchants
arc entet prising, business men,
who, both want and need your trade.
They buy your produce, giving you for
U in many instances, more than you
could get for it away from home, saving
you the freight, and surely you
should patronize the people that buy
your surplus. These mail-order houses
toll you what they have and very frequently,
as well as unfortunately, you
buy of them. But just send them an
ad., setting forth the fact that yon
have chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys,
butter and eggs for sale and they will
laugh you to scorn.
Stand by your home merchants. They
are your friends and you can be theirs.
How do you think it looks for you to
ask your home merchant for credit and
turn from him to ar. unappreciative
stranger to spend your money? Surely
yru thnul4 not Kfnd vnur mnnev to
merchants who would not credit you
for a dime.
Come to Marion, new things are
happening, a now era is being lived
and the good old town is on a boom.
Crittenden County Sabbath
School Association Convention.
All Sunday Schools are requested
to sond delegates to the above named
convention to meet at Marion Graded
School building at Marion, Aug.
I50th and ?,Ut. Every Sunday
School is entitled to five delegates,
all to be entertained free.
Music for tho occasion will bo finished
by the Marion Sunday Schools.
All workers cordially invited and
every school urged to send delegates,
Jam Alex. Hill, Sec'y.
The law requires me to furnish a
list of all lien and mortgage notes on
record in my office from the first of
Soptember, 190S, to September 1st,
1909. This list is given to the
Assessor, Sept. 1st, 1909. All
parties having notes of this kind that
ha7e been paid and that they have
not released, are requested to come
in and do so before the 1st day of
September, 1909, so that you will
not be put to extra trouble aud cost
after the list is furnished tho Assessor,
Respectfully Yours,
O. E. Weldon,
10 0t. County Clerk.
By virtue of Taxes due Marion
Graded School District, No. 27, of
Crittenden county, Kentucky. I vif
on Monday. September 13th, 1909, k
being the first day'of a $eeular, term
oi tne uruvenuwii upvjf.v(u"'iV
ino uuri. luiuo jjyjji. 5?.""!;v"f Ttv:t
between the hoirfa of 10 a. m., and 2
o'clock p. m., exposed to public sale to
the highest bidder, for cash in hand,
the following properly or so much
thereof as will.yia, necessary to satisfy
the taxes and, ooatff, and assessed in
the following' JiSirrfej. via:
Adams GOO. H.r o'jid house and
lot in Mariom, Ky., taxes for 1909 8.70
Butler - -
ami 1909.rp fV tT W $? $$12f6
Bryant David L. onehouso and
lot in Marion, Ky., taxes for 1908
?' " ' v( vv?r"s?5jt, 5v7
k frl
IV -i
N1 Hf R ti
r fitfonfen fUtmrb inr
I, tf
Of The Tolu District Sunday school
Convention To bo Held At Glen-
V dale August I4th.
10:00 Devotional Exercises, by Kobt.
10:20 Why vc are here, by Cou nty
10:40 Benefits of a Sunday School to a
community, by It. H. Thomas.
11:00 Relation of the parent to the
Sunday School, ly II C. Love.
11:20 The ideal Superintendent, by
Joe M. Dean, f
11:35 The Bible in thjj class by Rufus
11:15 Gffcring3, Pledges and Committees.
12:00 Intermission
1:00 Song and Pr&yer.
1:15 Duties of District Officers, by
James EIqx. Hill.
1:30 How to get the boys interested
in the Sunday School, by Ed Cook
1:45 Value of, good singing in the Sun-
day School, by R. M. Franks.
2:00 The Ueal Sunday School Teacher,
by Ch irlic Thomus
2-40 General Diccussion and Report's
from Sunday Schools.
Every b dy invited especially Sunday
Schools and singing classes. Come
bring well filled baskets in spend the
day in a good cause.
Mission Day And Ordination
Service at tavc Spring Church.
There wero many sad hearts in the
neighborhood, of Cave Spring church
when thev iwnke on Sunday morning,
July 11th, to find it raining. That
being the day set apart by that
church to hold mission and ordination
As the day wore on, the clouds
Vould seem to disperse and then in
Wnw..moraent9,the nyn'would patter,
A very large crowd had been expected,
but owing to the enclcmcncy
of the weather, the house was not
more than half filled. At 11 a. iu.,
the Pastor, W. R. Gibbs. delivered
an iblc sermon on the subject of
"Mission-!," after which icollcetion
was taken, amounting to 530.00,
mt withstanding the small congregation.
At 2:30 p. in., ifter ong and
devotional service, a Presbytery was
ftrganized, composed of Klder J. J.
Franks, mod. ; Elder U. G. Hughes,
Clerk. ; and . B. Gibb, to ordain
to the office of Deacon, Phillip II.
Hughes and Guy W. Myers. The
examination was conducted by U. G.
Hughes, the ordination prayer by
W. R. Gibbs, the laying on of hands
by Presbvtery, the charge to the
candid itc was delivered by J. J,v
Franks, the rharee to the church by
IT. G. Hughe, ong and right hand
of fellowship by Presbytery and congregation.
Notwithstanding the
fact we were principally all Baptist,
wo submitteed to sprinklmg when
partaking of the bountiful dinner
prepared by the sisters of that community.
-Mr. Trail, who had charge of the
song service, rendered excell e n t
musie with his choir.
The day wasenjoyed very much by
all present.
Livingston Echo and Livingston
Banner, please eopy.
The state and county taxes are
now duo and to relieve tho sheriff of
a great responsibility, should bo paid
at once. On December 1, I, as
sheriff of Crittenden county, am required
to settle with tho stale, "and
if 1 should fail to collcot these taxos
it would work a hardship on me as
well as my bondsmen, to have to pay
your , taxes ao come up at
onoe'nnd sertlo your tuxes promptly.
Do npt waitfor,'vtho penalty, or even
a nearnesOo itj.but pay them'
if -you, possibly cau.
IcsjifeAn.eai: ,f duira . I will have
Pyp4&UformWVr pno' "of
myVputiqs for eaoh yrennct and
to meet us at the designated
and place to receive a clear receipt
for your taxes, will aid your
sheriff more than you may perhaps
Now, as my whole desire is to try
to collect the taxc for this year
without a single levy, or even penalty,
I again urge you to aid me in
this by coming to these places or to
my office at Marion and settling
Hoping every tax payer of Crittenden
county will aid me by an early
settlement of the common burden
wresting upon all in proportion as
God has blessed him,
I am yours very respectfully.
J G. Asiikh, S. C. C.
Henderson, Ky., Tho tobacco
growots of the fourth magisterial
district of Hopkins county rccoin
mend t e following changes and addition
to the constitution and by
luw ,,! the Stemming District Tobacco
The annual meeting ol the
of this association my be held
at any place in the district that m:i
be agreed upon by the district board.
That Article .", Section 11, be
amended as follows:
The distr'jt board shall exorcise a
general supervision over all tho
affairs oi the association. Shall take
all contracts for the handling auo
sale of all tobacco. Shall receive
and disburse tho proceeds of all sal".
Shall have power to cmply sub-agents
in the management of the business
as they may deem advisable, except
graders and book keepers. Thcyaro
county,, hoard J
of their respective counties. AH
graders must be tobacco growers.
The following to be added to Section
2: No officer of the county or
district board shall hold any other
position of profit or remunerative
agency while serving as a member of
said board.
Dixon, Ky., July 25ih, li)0i.
The changes that the tobacco growers
of the Stemming -District Association
wont make in the constitution and
by-laws of said association.
Article six (l!) shall be amended
and read as follows:
All questions coming before the
district board for settlement, shall
be decided by a majority vote of the
members present and in case of a tie
the general manager shall cast a deciding
vote, and the remainder of
said article shall be strickeu from
said by-laws.
Added to said constitution as
1st. Tint the chairman of each
county shall call a meeting the first
Saturday iu October of each year in
each magisterial district, and let the
tobacco growers who have their tobacco
in the pool set the price they
are to receive for their tobacco.
2nd. That tho committee then
meet the second Saturday in October
aud fix tho prico on the tobtcco
grown in the county by prices fixed
by different magisterial district's
3rd. That the oxecutive committee
then meet the third Saturday in
Oct. and fix the price on tho tobacco
of the Stemming District by the
price fixed by the growers of the
county's composing said district.
4th. That tho buyers of tobacco,
shall bo notified of tho prico set on
tho tobaoco and if said tobacco is not
sold by the 20th, of Nov. it shall not
he sold uutiljt has been put in tho
" J
hogbeai. ' N; Baker.
Quarterly1 Medting.
Qnarterfy meeting wiM be held at
Shady; Grre, .Aug,,14th, and 15fbj
ijhe dedicating" sermonlyyHLbepreaolied
Sunday by Presiding 'Elder S. JJ.
and 1909
BostorTNannie K. one house and
lot in Marion, Ky., taxes for
1908 anchigOO
Brantipy Mrs. D. T. one house
and lot ip Marion, Ky., taxes for
ivvo anil iuu.7 3.1o
Cardw'ell C. B. one tract of
land near Marion, Ky., taxes for
1909 7.S0
Champion .1, B. one house and
lot in Mdrion, Ky., taxes for 1908
and 19'JftI
Casid.7 Mrs. M. A. one parcel
of land f$. West Depot stret, in
MariomivY., taxes for
1909 ' 22.35
Casidy S. II. & Co., one house
andlotiji Marion, Ky., taxes for
1907 amDl03 4.3.1;
GilbeTjTj. G. one house and lot
in MarRm, Ky., taxes for 1906-7-8
and 'lity 27.30
GloreGRube, one house and lot
in Mamn, Ky., taxes for 1907-8
and 190W 11.25
GloralMinner one house and lot
in Marion, Ky., taxes for 190S
and 19" S.80
GuJLC. M- one house and lot
in MarJ5, Ky., taxes for 1908
and lDCy 15.15
Henry James one house and lot
in Ky., taxes for 1901-S
and 1US& 28. lo
JnmiiSjJohn S. one house and
lot in Marion, Ky., taxes for
1907-Sn 1909 12.00
Jamen. T. one house lot in
Mnrion.'Ky., taxes for 1907-8-9 S.60
Beed Sirs. M. p. one house and
lot in Marion,-Kv.. taxes for 190S
and 190J 12.85
Rankin J. L. one house nnd lot
in Marion, Ky., taxes for 190-1-
1908 and 1909 22.90
Rankin W. B. one house and
lot in'Marion, Ky., taxes for 1906
7-8-9 "Balance) 11.00
Rowland E. B. one house and
lot in Marion, Ky., taxes for 1903 5.35
Samuels W. L. one hsuse and
lot in Marion, Ky., taxes for 1909 1.65
Travis T. G. one house and lot
in Mnrion, Ky., taxes for 7.50
VirJvIrs. N. Ef one house and
i...Ar 11, iona .j i(
Walker W. B Walker one
house and lot in Marion, Ky.,
taxe3 for 1903 10
Wright J. T. one house and lot
in Marion, Ky., taxes for 1901-5-0-7-8
and 1909. 3.50
This, July lGth, 1909.
H. A. Haynes, Treasurer,
Marion Graded School District, No. 2
550 Hogheads goto an English
Purchaser at Committee's Price.
Manager William Elliott has closed
a deal with an English purchaser
whereby five hvndred and fifty
of Association tobacco-all put
up at sold to go over the
water. I write it five hundred and
fifty hogheads when for utmost accuracy
I should record it as from five
hundred to five hundred aud fifty
bogheads, the product of two Sebrce
All I am permitted to say in
to the price is simply this:
The price is that named by the Executive
Committco of this Association,
and will yield to holders of
Sebrce warehouse receipts the face
value thereof, plus a dividend. The
EnglMi purchaers stipuiate that
prices shall not be published until
hey have an opportunity to market
their purchases.
The sale will realize for the Association
from thousand
to eighty-five thousand dollars.
It givos mo unalloyed satisfaction
to report this aalo to the good and
loyal jnembcrs of this Association
vwho are so patient aud uncomplaining
Vhon salos are delayed.
'Any prospects for further sales?"
1 plmnped atManagor Elliot.
t T$11 the good, mombpra prospeots
aro .gftqd; he answered. '"', '
Wo aro authorized to Bell tho old
Southorn Presbyterian ohurbh.
and lot in Frcdnia, Ky.
Thoso desiring to purchase will
pleaso mail bids', for same to J. W,
Bluo, J., of Marion, Ky., before tho
15th of Augmst 1989.
Democratic Primary to be Held
at Various Voling Precincts
Sept., 111909.
Salem, Ky., July 31, 1909. -The Dem
ocratic Executive Committee for the
Seventh Legislative District of Kentucky,
composed of tho counties of
Crittenden and Livingston, this day,
in accordance with a call made by the
Chairman of tho said Seventh Legislative
District of Kentucky, assembled
in this city in executive session, being
desirous of holding a Primary Election
under the provisions made and provided
in such cases, to nominate a candi
date for the office of Representative in
the Seventh Legislative District of
Kentucky, do now call and direct and
hereby give public notice that a Democratic
Primary for the purposo of nom
inating a candidate for Representative
for the Seventh Legislative District
of Kentucky, will be hold in said
counties of Crittenden and Livingston,
and the polls for this purposo will be
opened in the various voting precincts
of said Counties of Crittenden nnd
Livingston at the usual votinc places
therein, Saturday, Sept, 11th, 1909,
between the hours of 6 o'clock a. m.
and 1 o'clock p. m., ns required by
All known democrats and nil other
persons who desire to attiliate with
the democratic party at the coming
November election, and who will
abide by the decision of said Primary,
and all young men who are not of age
now but will bo of age and legal voters
at the November election 1909, and
who desire to affiliate with the demo
cratic party, are eligible voters to
SLtTil - f VJ
It is desired by said Democratic Ex
ecutive Committee for said Legislative
District, that all expenses of holding
said Primary election shall be borne
and paid by the candidates for said
office, being voted for, which will be
the sum of $200.00. which sum shall
bo borne equally by each candidate.
If there is more than one candidate
for said office; and which sum shall be
paid to the Committee in cash, by
being placed in the hands of Marion F.
Pogue. Chairman of said committee,
on or before the 20th day of August
Any person desiring to submit his
name as a candidate for the office, to
be voted for in the .Primary hereby
called, for the democratic nomination,
shall not, later than 15 days next preceding
the hold of said Primary, viz,
26 day of August 1909, apprise the
ExecutiTO Committee of said District
of the fact that he is n candidate byj
notifying Marion F. Pogue, Chairman
of said Committee, at Marion, Crittenden
County, Kentucky, that he 13 a
candidate for Representative of the
Seventh Legislative District ot Kentucky;
and, upon his compliance with
the conditions prescribed by this Committee
governing candidates, and paying
the required entrance fee as prescribed
herein, shall have his name
printed upon the ballots as a candicate
for the office of Representative.
In the event of their being only one
candidate for Representative for this
District, complying with the requirements
of this call, then and in that
event said primary will be called off,
and the Democratic Committee for the
Seventh Legulative District of
will meet at Salem, Kentucky,
on the 27-th day of August, 1909, at
1' o'clock p. m., and will proceed to
take 'the necessary steps to declare
said candidate the nominee of ;he
Democratic party for Representative.
M. F. rGUE, Ch'r. Ex. Conn
WarBlwj to Road Overasflr's.""
Ttielast grjfld ju'jf H'fe.rcd n
dixjtwg o'ttlf jtfveirjceirt ur.Ul l&
pNovcfobcr teiW ?'iiet .w t'hum a
ehaace to get their rods hi ou
condition lor travel, undor section
."143, new Kentucky Statutes it is a
pcaalty of $.".00to G5.00 for any
overseer to fail to keep his road in
good condition for travel, to be recovered
either by indictment by the
graud jury or before the county
The Court will oall the next grand
jury's attention ospecially to th'
condition of the road-, so got you'
tiuds in condition now heforo H '
season expires
Caul IIexiikuson,
10 2t County Atorney.
Birthday Party.
On July 2.'5rd, 1909, at the country
rrsidece of Mr. and Mrs. J. 11. Sum
niervillo. Mattoon, Ky.. their littlo
drtiightor, Mildred, celebrated her
t velvet It birthdaj by orving diuncr
nud icc to several cf her friends
Among thoso present woro graud
lathor and giandinotherSuninicrvilli.',
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Gugenhoim and
"oti, Samuel, Jr., of Marion," Mr
Lillie Shrode, ol Hopkirisvillc, Ruil
Hearin. 0 f Madisonville, Gonea
Daniel and mother, of Marion, l'lor
once Moore, of Repton, and Clara
Barton Woody, of neighborhood.
All kinds of outdoor games were
played, but the most enjoyable one
seemed to be riding Midget, Mildred's
and Eugone's pony, and playing with
Manv nice and beautiful proscnts
were received. All seemed to enjoy
themselves, and altor wishing Mildred
a long and happy life, loft for
their respective homes late in the
One Who Was Present.
, . . BIS fiOINliS M STUKG1S.
Sturgis, Ity., "jury ;r,
two hundred Masons. from
Repton. Marion, Blackford, Sullivan,
Clay, Whcatcroft, Weston, DoKovcu,
Henshaw, Grove Center, Morganficld
and from the four points of the compass,
Henshaw's crack dogreo team,
iu an impicsMvc manner, couferrcd
the sublimo dcgice of Master upon
four candidates. Uncle Mont Quirey,
sheriil of the county, led the singing.
After the work a banquet aud
smoker was had, at which many
talks were made "for the good of
the order." All visitors expressed
their pleasure at being here, and
want to enjoy again the hospitality
for which Sturgis is becoming
noted. --Henderson Jorual.
StrlcKen With Paralysis.
One ol our Ft. Wayue exchauges
Charles S. Knight sustained a second
attack of paralysis a fow days
ago aud is reported seriously ill at
hi home on Spy Run Avcnuo.
Mr. Knight, who was in Marion
recently looking after his mining
properties, has many friends here
who will regret to hear of his
which has already caused him
10 cease operations here.
Marion, Ky., July loth, 1909.
All parties owing me on stop subscriptions,
job worK or advertising
done in tho Crittenden Record-Press
prior to tins date, will pleaso settle
with mo at onco and save troublo and
expense of collector.
S. M. Jenkins.
Seed Wheat For Sale.
We have 400 bushels of extra f ne
rEverett's high grade seed Thcnt fw
sale. This wheat, the past soeson
made 31 bushels per acre. $1.2S per
bushel at farm ner Tolu,, Ky.
J. O. Dripi & Co,
jfeWon, Ky
In order to ntduoo ourstonkof wkoat
luran.viH sejl - at $1,10 pen.cnt., far
the hextvten.dajaonty.. ,
1.Z 5
S-' .
.UiV,, t .Jjvw 'Ow-,

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