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A life insurance policy in tho Prudential is a well-spring
of comfort and satisfaction to the man insured and
to his He knows that the wife will have irt. least an J
even start with the world. M
She Uhows that her home and children will he pro- X
tected if he is taken away. Now i the hst time to secure
a policy. Next year it wfll cos.t you more, or it may he too JJ
hte. X
tery t'nc in the Prudential PqJIcy is Guaraiiteocl. p
If I have anything to yive yoti when do you want it? $
PlioncNo, 237,
Survey calls attention to a recent
report of the Fedora Survey on tho
underground waters of Tennessee
anj4 Kentucky wost of Tennossco
River and of an adjacent area in
by L. C. Glenn, published as
Witter. Supply Paper 104.
The Area onco a Sea
ho surface formations of this
re wcro for the most part laid down
in I a bay of the great prehistorio
seal that onao existed in the Mississippi
Valley, when a huge arm of the
Gw of Mexico extended well to the
noif h of the mouth of tho Ohio and
when that stream and tho Mississ
ippi were scparato and distinct rivers.
InjTcnnc this cmhayment area
thf portion of the State between
Mississippi and Tennessee rivers,
wiMi the exception of a narrow strip
alog the west bank of the Tennos.
sfldjjt In Kentucky it includes all
of tho State west of Tcnncssc River,
will the exception of a narrow strip
along the west bank. In Illinois it
inojhdos a largo part of Massac, Pu-task,
and Alexander counties.
In lflOS thc(iiantity of crude
as mined in the United
State was 34.015 slort tons.
valued at $110,002, a decrcaso in
quantity ol o;.uui snort tons ana m
value of tISl.lir from that of 1907
According to Krncs F. Hurchard,
the author of a report on the
of barvtcs and strontium in
1908. published by the U. S. Geologic!
Survey in its "Mineral resources"
series, this curtailment of
production in 1M0S was foreseen by
many persons interested in the
tes Industry. There was a largo
overpradudtion in 1907, tho record
voars and after the panic the trade
in bpytc products name practicilly
to a standstill.
The total quantity of barytcs reported
as refined by mills hi Ken.
tucky. Missouri, North Carolina,
Tennessee, ond Virginia was 2S.415
short tons, valued at $31 S, 090. an
average price per ton at the mills of
$11,19, as compared with 14,59
per ton in 1907.
Reports from practically all the
districts producing barytcs showed
a decidedly discouraging condition
in 190S, especially as to mining.
Krlv Production of Coal.
Probably the earliest mention of
coal in the United States is con
taioed in the journal of Father Hen
cpin, who as early as 1(579 reported
a "cole" mine on Illinois
Itivcr above Fort Grevccoucr, near
the site of the present city of Ottawa.
It is also proable that, outside
of anthracite mining in Pennsylvania
and the operations of the Richmond
Basin in Virginia, Illinois
holds the record for priority of pro-i
duciion, Coal was produoco. in Jac-son
County in 1810 from a point on
Mig Muddy River. A flatboat was
loaded with toal at this place and
shipped to New Orlenns, but the
quantity is not stated. Again, it
was rcpo.ted thnt iir 132 -over-!
boatload were ient from th same 1
vicinity to the mirket. An- t
other record in loun I Utini: '
Till: H'l'HIOtllM' AdKNCY.
Wc have Ample Faciltics for Gar-
rvina Larue Lines of Insurance
Cut) tul - 5 ;,iw,ww.u Cni.itul
Augots. ui.swviw.w AMotM
Capital ind aft Un-
s,rplr tuiplnJr
autna or HAnrremD PHILAOILPMIA
Coital .. $4,000,000.00 Capital
Assets . i6,ro,7aa.oo AskoU
v it?! OTr Capital nd ill I-l- Sarpli
Capital ...$ 1.000,000.00
Asuts 4,J5,C2G.OO
1 1 Vi' 1 11 talr 1 I 1 ' '
b '11 -
a J mm .
. ..$ .000,000.00
. 12,006,903.00 ,
C .ii'iul .d ullt ii- .
bilmek i kii I
150,000 bushels was mined in 1833
in 3t, Clair County and hauled by
wagon to St. Louis.
United Geological Survey
At a meeting of the Democratic
Executive Committee for the First
Railroad Commirsion District of
Kontucky, held in Russelvillc, Ky.,
Tuesday, Oth, 1JI0D, on motion it
was ordered that a district delcgato
convention be and is hereby called
to meet in the city of Owensboro,
Ky., at 11 o'.-lock a. in., Wednesday,
September 1, 1901), to nominate
a democratic candidate for the
offico of Railroad Commissioner for
caid district, to he voted for at tho
November election, lflfttl, to fill the
unexpired torni of the lato Hon. Mc
D. Ferguso, and that mass conventions
be held in the various counties
of said district, at the county scat at
2 o'clock, p. m., Standard time, Sat-
urday, August 28th, 1909, to select
delegates to said district convention.
In counties having more than one
legislative district, the places of
holding said mass convention shall
be named by the local democratic
The basis of representation shall
be from each county, one delegate
vote for each 200 votes or fraction
over 100 votes cast for the democratic
presidential elector receiving the
highest number of votes in said
county at the election held in No
vember, lUUb.
All known Democrats and all
young men who will be legal voters
at the election to bo held Novembor
1909, and who will affiliate with tho
democratic party, shall be cntitlhd
to vote in said county mass convention.
A. G. Rhea, Chairman.
H. L. Evans, Secretary.
My virtue of the action of the
Democratic Kxccutive Commi 1 1 c e
of the First Railroad Commissioner's
District of the Commonwealth of
Kentucky, notice is hereby given
that a Democratic Mass Meeting will
bo held at the Court llous at Marion
Ky., upon Saturday, August, 2Sth,
1)09, at '1 o'clock p. m. for tho pur
pose of sending delegates to a District
Delegate Convention which is
to be held in Owcnsboro, Ky., upon
September 1. 1909, for tho purpose
of nominating a democratic
to be voted for at the November
election 1909, to fill out the
term of the Hon. Mc. D.
for Railroad Commissioner iu
-the First Railroad Commissioner's
AI1 Democrats are ursfcd to at
tend thi mass convention.
M. V I'oouk, Chairman.
T. II. CocnUAX, Secretary.
You will noti.'P it'ut Fnhs ad is
upside t.wn but I'iiIis aiu t. He
is ritJn side up with the miodi.
Bourland & Haynes,
ANCE CD or .-..,
$ 3,750,000.00
S 2,00(),0l0.00
T h e Organization Well
Time Is Expected.
The Institute went into organization
yesterday at at 10 30 o'clock
with a full representation from all
portions of tho county, and complimentary
to the Institute and characteristic
of "Old Kentucky" the great
number of tho most beautiful type of
voting womanhood was the crowning
feature. Altogether the body was
one of tho most intcligent it has
been our pleasure to sec anywhere.
Unfortunately for us this body convened
on the day we go to press,
precluding the possibility of giving
the Institute news in this issue.
But when Friday rolls around wo
hope to be able to give to the public
a report from one of the best and
rn ost profitable Institutes ever held
in the county. Io our Friday issuo
we will publish a column article on
"Women as Teachers." We do this
in protection to the women, young
and middle aged, who, in many instances
arc bearing men's burdens nt
a salary far below what they deserve.
God bless the women of our great old
State, and may they soon be given
these prominent positions at an unstinted
Charlie Burgctt, Jr., while painting
J. H. Ormc's residence last
Week", fbirfrfinf the ladder and" fofi
time it was thought his neck was
broken, but aside from a stiff neck
and a few severe bruises, he will, in
s few days, be all right again. Ho
had truly, a narrow escape for tho
great distance ho fell.
Chas. W. Fox, of Dycusburg, has
been appointed by Gov. Wilson a
delegate to the Farmers' National
Congress to convene at Raleigh,
N. C, Nov. 4. This is quite an
honor. conferred on a deserving man.
L. C, NuDn, who we are proud to
claim as a Crittenden county boy,
now Cashier of the Olla State Rank
of Olla, La., is here on a visit to
his parents Mr. and Mrs. Eli Nunn.
Ho looks well and is wen" pleased
win his position.
Tobacco Growers Association
Meeting Largely Attended.
J. G. B. Hall, of MinNsonville,
and Louis Hanccok, of Providence,
made two heartily enjoyei speeches
Saturday before the largest and most
intelicunt body of farmer and tobacco
lrrowcrs over coming together
in Marion. The Asiociation meet
was a harmonious ono and secinirvgly
01 toyed by every farmer present.
KMTAlll.lKIIICD 1111)2.
Telephone 32
Marion. Kentucky
JANUARY 1, 1909
2,000.000.00 LONDON. ENGLAND
S.SH.272.00 ! Assets $ 4,011 Hi. 00
ami all Li-
I Surplus.... 1,23S,23:.00
CO . Ul. rictuiY a CAfUAifrr Co
Assets . $ l.ooo.uao.oo
700.5G5.00 Surplus. 8;049,!(5.00
3.7' i'', V)
Capital .5
Awstrt. .--
SutpViut oer Capital
Inline. i 1
20,104.409.00 I Assot?.. ... $
over Captwi aud all Lia Surplus
ASbNBT I iijRAti
:u .. .
J-'-i 1 s
MARION, Sh may cooperate MI 1 M . 1' "! .ill ' 2 '.,' n-o Grots Assets S10H.13J.37G.00
) It'
KW52::ocKMHKK::;uK'with the ricd st..M'GcoioPiMi'l - ' -"
Twice-a-Week Record-Press
The Tobacco Situation The Good
to Come Clearly Proven during
the Last Few Years
Tho llccord thinks there is a ureal
opportunity for tho Tobacco
Tho f?ood to come has boon
clearly proven tlurmi tho past few
years. Of course, some mistakes
havo been made, and soino who have
sever beco iti real friends havo taken
advantage of this fact to broak up
tho Association, hut tho tobacco
growers of the Mack Patch needs no
further proof of the ood it has done
tho produoinn masaos of this territory.
There ar differences to settle,
but this should bo done alonj: tho
lino of tho most ;ood toOio roJtcst
number, aud no man should permit
prejudice or narrowness to guide his
action in the matter. The dostruc
Hon of tho Association at this time
mean worse conditions thin existed
when he Association was organized,
land we know the people want no
mrt o tint So if troubles arc to
be settled, let them bo settled fairly
for tire pood of all. No bittornoss or
spirit of animosity should be in
dulped in when one farmer is dealing
with another farmer. This fiirht is
a common fipht. What is iood for
one is od fir all, and eool sober
judgment should be exercised in the
tctl.cmenl of wrongs that may exist.
Wo know the farmers of this county
want to do right and what is best for
them and their neighbors, Like other
people, they may lose their heads
at times aud nay things that should
have been left unsaid, but in tho end
ill things will be righted, and what
is good for all is sure to prevail in
the cud. We aro sure our farmer
frjeods see this clearly as any one
else, and that the Association will be
placed on a true business basis, and
that great and lasting good will re-
lull from it in the years to come.
Whatever may happen, boys, by all
means stand by tho organization that
Kfor you and yours.
The sheriff and deputy sheriffs and
Itates atturnc) of Union county, Kv
lo iped down on HUckhurn blind
iger keeper Sunday and as a result
joe Feehrer i in jsil at Mori: an field
KMiik' mno charge of illegal selling
intoxicating litjiiors nod the other
ontlrggrrs hive all gono.
For several months parties htavo
en sen.ng w.usiy .no uoer .0 par-
rs from Illinois onlv. that I
i " i
lould be sufficient protection but
icy gradually got a little bolder
T :.. 1.... . ....!,.. t
J1IU11, Ul 111 IWUIVC IIIUMhlin. I
om a 1") payment life
bu a 20 payment life in anj
n prt sented hero.
Send today
with their (tolling and for tho past
few wocks tho place has boon practically
wido open and Foehror and
othorH have been doing a big
Tho Union county authorities
havo been notified Hoveral times about
tho matter but had nht paid any
attention to it till last week. Shaw
ncctown News Olcanor.
This is tho way they treat the
wilful law.brcakor in Union and tho
way they should ba treated in every
countv where the people havo said
so emphatically that the saloon must
C. S, Knight Dead.
Fort Way no, Ind , Aag. Ill, 'Uf.
Mr. Can Hondcrson,
Marion, Ky., of
Dear Sir:
I am compelled to advise you
of the fact t h at Mr. C. S.
Knight died last Saturday evening,
Aug. 14, from Hrighl's disease and
other complications. Ho was taken
worse shortly after our return and
was confined to his bed for four
weeks It was thought ho was
going lo got iii again, for a time,
but ho was taken worse a week ago,
soon lapsed into unconsciousness and
died without rogaining
Ho suffered a good deal.
We did not think when south he
would be taken so son. and after
1 year of association together, I
am lost, to ay the least, and can
not make it seem possible.
Yours very truly, in
Miss I'olhamui.
Mr. Knight was interested in the
Marion 'Am Company nd was a
highly respected gentleman.
Grand Barbecue.
Grand Rally and Harbccuc at
(lodge Cave on Salem, Dyeuburg
and Frcdnnia roads Saturday, Aug
'JSth, I'.M'.I. Musio bv fine band all
day, Itilloon ascension, foot race,
Soft Drinks and other refreshments,
Doom Hros gallery, Harbccucd
meats of different kinds. There will
also be a grand meeting of the T. K.
and C. U. of Amorica, who will
bring Hon. K. H. Carter of Ter.
ncoscc. and Hon Sam Jones, of to
Hickory Grove, Ky., to make some
enjoyable speeches.
The directors of the Farmers' Union
Warehouse Co., Salem Ky.,
cordially ivitcs all parties, who have
taken stock, given loans or otherwise
interested in growing tobacco,
to be present at said barbecue as
thorc wiP bo important business to
a'ttend to.
S h S: II. It S1iKi.n1.
K C. A- II. M. HtJTI.Klt, Managers
T. L. Waiuikm.
Juaj jwiuui uuiiiluiiuii.
The fifth district Sunday School
convention for Crittenden county
., ..nn,K. VrtlV I iiMll cl .
iUU I I'ilU.I nvM. 1 "ill ".11
for less money than you can X0 urn
annual dividend Company 2
for Rate at Your Aie. N
C. E. WELDON. Agent
Prudential Life Insurance Company,
was held at Glondalo Saturday, Aug.
14th, l'.IUU, in tho eighth district of
the oounty under the charge of Bro.
Thomas, Supt., and llobt C. Moore,
assistant Supt., which was one of
tho best conventions held ,in tho
county. Tho following aro somo of
tho details. At 11 o'clock tho convention
was called to order by K. F.
Dean, our county president. The
dovotional sorvico was led by ilobt
Moore, scripture read from Mathow
seventh chapter, prayer led by K, F.
Dean. Tho first topic "Why wo are
hero," led by It. M. Franks. Tho
topics were interspersed with tho
finest of music rendered by tho Glen-dale
choir. "The benefits of tlje
Sunday School to a communits" hy
Hro. H. H. Thomas. -The relation
the parents to tho Sunday School"
C. V. Love.
The afternoon service began with
songs "Reapers Needed" and "Not
empty handed would I go." "The
value of good singing in tho Sunday
School'' by H. M. Franks.
The report of the nominating
committee was called for and the
following persons woro nominated
and elected for the district: Chas.
Thomas, president , and Miss Addic
Kraoks, secretary. "The duties of
ditrict officers'' wcro discussed by
.lames K. Hill, county secretary;
next tho "Ideal Superintendent" a
paper prepared by Joe M. Dean,
which ha appeared in the
as ordered by convention.
After this tho song, "Thero is glory
my soul" was sung. "The real
Sunday School teacher" by It. II.
Thomas. "How to get tho boy interested
in Sunday School" by K. F.
Dean and others. Song by the choir
"Tower in the blood." Collections
for the Sunday School work wore I
taken with good results. bong
"Count your many blessings."
A good dinner, good ice water,
good people and a good uplift to the
Sunday School was tho final conclusion.
It. M. Franks.
For Sale or Trade.
A cottaire in Kvansvillc, Ind., in
iwm1 condition, rents for IS. 00 per
month Will cnnidcr proportion
trade for Marion property. Address
until An;. 20th.
Dei.i.a McCauuoi,,
are of J. H. Goisaii, Marion, Ky.
Flossie A. Holt, daughter of It.
K Melt, of bulem, Ky., was born,
March 19th 199 Died, A up C.th,
1909 Dear friends, 1 know how
impossible it is to silence jour prief
with word. The heart pleads for
utterance in team and let it speak
thus, we bow in sorrow at the taking
of your little one, feeling that while
the ripenod fruit may be gathered.
It seems cruel that the bud should
be taken beforo it has oven
to unfold its blossom. Mut in
nature, fruits fall aad so does blossoms
nod buds. In the ways of
kind nature this perhaps and
in tho taking from our arms of this
Pttlc one we will try to accept the
eros and hear it, bohoving that the
bud will vet hlosMun and beai fruit
in the auirel land whither the
of litis pure child ha sn early flown.
A Friend,
Mb. M. T. Jamkh
In order to reduce our stock of wheat
brim, will sell at $1.10 per cwt., for
the next ten dnja only.
Undcnjroiuiil Water Supply In
Feslern Mucky ami TonniiiHfin
Tho recent acfon .uTennossto in
providing for tbe est ibliahmont next
'" eteS
Geo'ojjicn1 Survey

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