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' :
Ladies Tailored Suits
Fall Clothing
The Newest In Shoes
The Best of Shoes
building previously mentioned; one j four-in-hands bv Alfred G. Vander
story; brick and stone: apreximately
100 x lf)0 feet: 50 feot high; electric
lighting, vacuum cleaning and
to cost $110,100. The plans were
by Brinton B. Davis, of Louisville
Ashland Ky., has plans for improvements,
including IJ.iGO square
yards paving, 24, tl'O linear foot combined
curb and gutter, with catch
basin, and 4,000 linear feet concrete
At Lexington, Fayette county, a
contract has been let to James Uolan
for three miles of macadamized,
Kearney roid. at $2,500 per mile.
Let's try to have a few miles of
The Illinois Central Railroad have
begun the erection of a new depot
where the old one was burned a few
moot). 3 ago at Louisville.
Maysville Ky., has awarded tho
cntract to Thomas Kvans, of Cincinnati,
Ohio, for additional sidewalks.
bill. Both will be back in October,
reinforced br Reginald Vandorbtlt.
C. W. Watson, .Miss Daily Bedford,
J. W. Harriman and other owners of
show horsos that are famous on bill,
sides of the ocean.
Notice To Tax Payers.
Wc have been making our regular
appointments for the purpoo of receipting
for taxes, and I am orry ti
say, with but poor MicceM, After
riding twelve or fiftoen miles and
spend tho entire day and received
nondollar. Now I certainly would
hate to be forcod to make levies and
tale in order to get the taxes due
this kind of road built in Crittenden 'the State and county, but I will do .
The six recent murders iu Henderson
have opened the eves of her citizens
to their lawless condition to the
extent that they have gone to work
in a genera! clean-up, and it is to
be hoped they will do it.
for I must have the money in order
to meet my scl'lcment. I hope you
will, one and all. appreciate my condition
-and get ready and pay your
taxes right away. I want tho taxes
byNov. 1st, lyOH. After that date
we will levy as wo go. Please take
warning. Yours Truly,
20 2t Jno. G. Akiier, S. C. C.
fllgli tirade Fertilizer.
I have just received a car load r f
Virginia Carolina fertilizer for whoat.
It is in new sacks and in excellent
drilling order. Price as low as first
class grade of goods cau be sold.
20 2t It. F. Uiieklxr
Central Citv has contracted with GIFT.
R. Tj. FTondrints fnr a i'1 fl4n sntinnl (lliipacin Til Sn 7
building. aire Pierson has just annouueed that
MIM, a,
v w ' ' - T
r5r' ""
PW p rr
Novelty Dress Goods-Fall Ginghams
Hosery Novelties
4 . 4 . .fe , ... , . - x
N. E. CALMEs Editor nd Publhher.
The Twicoa'W cek Rccord'P rcss so called Journal of Labor at Louis- ; under the prohibition laws why are
TUESDAYS AND FRIDAYS. ' ville, Ky., and is about as near l such cattle as the authfr of the at.ove
t sacrilege as we ever read and for
! argument, a school boy could have
Entered a. tt.r '' better
oe? at the postoKce at Mariea Kentseky. nnder . r
the Act cf Centres! of Mireb j.
One Dollar the Year n Advance.
3c er inch S C io Foreicn Advrrtuer
Ox. pr ineb b C t Adrertier
Repeated dt one t I rate
Metal bae' -n J Plate aad Electro
LoeaU epr tine
Lecalt ic Per line .n twelre point tn
We are authorized to announce
Judge THOS. J. NUNN,
This man, it is plain to see is advocating
or championing the whisky
interests for the money that is in it
and oof for the good of the laboring
people he claims to represent. Even
1 tKn lKnrinr nitrtnln An nftt hiltc a
he claims too or there would not be
a dry county where strong labor
organizations exist. He has been
raised up to use the word "scab"
untill he knows nothing else and very
as a candidate for Appellate litlie of ,hat
If he was a eeutl
Judge of this, the First Appel-; matl or j evcr been, he would have
late Court District, subject to never renrinted such rot. If the
the action of the Democatic
Party. Primary, first Tuesday
in November, 1909.
a candidate for the office of
Representative in the next Gen-.i
..Li . it. --.... :-.
of Crittenden and Livingston.
Miss Clara Nunn Announces.
Havine been requested by friends
of all parties to make the race for
county Superintendent of Schools for
Crittenden county. 1 have decided
to announce myself as a candidate for
that office and respectfully solicit the
support of the Deople of Crittenden
cmnty. at the Nov. eWtion. lHOit.
The two words. LKjl'OR INTER-ESTS,
form i sentence coined and
promulgated by Yankee fkirs and
srafters of the sanctimonious
stripe." Thi ''nentenee, "' used as
it i in America, forms a slogan for
tb n ol rascality when urging fools
to TOM for "prohibition." And not
uttiified with one audacious crime,
they commit another by forging the
name of Christ to their counterfeit.
Christ turned water into wine, it is
30 recorded in scripture.
. Christ partook of a banauet, gi?en
to. Him oy a "publican"
it is o recorded in eripturo.
There is the evidence !
Are not these infamous prohibi
tioa liars and hypocrite'
the name of Christ? The
"sentence" "LIQUOR INTERESTS,"
at u;ed by prohi fak'rs and
grafters, U a misnomer; or. in otlior
word, a falsification. We never
hear these eoofoiptible falsifiers
talk about the -'Bread Interest," or
the "Moat Interest,' or the "Vegetable
Interest," and yet these thrco
interests are essential allios, usod at
the dining table io conjunction with
each other in all "Christian countries."
It is not a "moral wave" that is
sweeping the country in the name of
"prohibition"- it is the "wave of
hypocrisy" prostituting the banner
of Christ. Would to God there was
a "moral wave", we need it bad
enough in order to check the impos
ture and hypocrisy of "piohibition,"
There are many Christian preachers,
thank God, who arc standing true to
'he "Christian doctrine," which is
"temperance, not "prohibition."
The Patrianh.
The above was reprinted by the
people who advocate the extermination
of the liquor tariff are hypocrits,
they are in a large majority and will
We are authorized to announce never bum in the everlasting hell,
that is surely prepared for his
type as his filthy tongue is not fit to
be heard even by the ass or the ox.
A Kiit all mn fin1 r !
that he is trying to teach the proud
people of Kentucky the defiiition of
"scab ' and how to drink liquor.
One thing for sure, is, that the laboring
people do not agree with him
and the sooner they get rid of all
such grafters the better for them.
The following is another of bis
paid articles:
The following story is told by an
Episcopal Clergyman, in the Balti
more Labor - Trades August 21st,
190I. which shows the effect of prohibition
as a breeder of rank hypocrisy:
About four years ago, shortly
after a certain town on Long Island
went "dry", a hotel kooper in this
town received a letter from a whole,
sale whisky concern in Kentuckv,
reading something like this: "Will
you kindly send us the name of any
persons in your town who, you think,
might be likely to purchase wet
goods. We have a very fine brand
of whisky (naming the brand; that
wc should like to introduce in your
town. We shall be glad to extend
to you the usnil courtesy of 10 per
cont, commission on all sales that we
mav make through the list you send
us." Well, the hotel man thought
he would have a little fun, and so he
made a list of about 35 of the most
rabid prohibitionists in the place and
sent the list to the whisky firm. He
thought it would be a fine joke on
the prohibitionists to have thorn deluged
with whisky circulars. And it
turned out to he a better joke than
he thought. For, at the end of three
months he received a letter from the
whisky people thanking him for
what he had done and inclosing a
check for $27.00 commission. This
story throws light on the curious
circumstances already referred to,
that as the prohibition movemcut
spreads, the consumption of liquor
Now if there be one word of truth
in the above why do these scoundrels
object to prohibition? Every time
you hear a man argue this you know
just how much of it to believe It
the people arc drinking more whisky
against it? lie says prohibition
makes liars of the people but fail to
add that whisky makes drunkard of
them. Hell is full of such as he and
will be fuller
Circuit Court oonvened in the city
of Henderson on last Monday with
Hou J. W. Henson presidinc.
Presumably this will piove the
most noted essioa in Judge iicosons
experience as circuit judge, as there
are six murder cases docketed besides
the attempts at murder, the robberies
and other violations of the statutes,
and when his court is adjourned it is
to be hoped that a just punishment
will have been mceted out to those
deserving it.
The American flag to be seen waving
proudly from its perch at the
north pole is now for a certainty,
the most highly recognized flag of
mv KUIIU, 1J 91U9C
God has so abundantly and unsparingly
blessed our nation as that of
Madisonville is constructing
sewerage system
Horse Show to be Held at
Leulsvllle, October lllh.
Announcement comes from Louisville
to tho offset that the Louisville
Horse Show v. ill be held this year
during the week of October 11th.
It will be held in the First Regiment
Arnnrv, which U unsurpassed a a
show place for horse The
has been completed, and the
amount to be awarded will run well
over f 12.000 The horsemen of the
State and the country at large, who
his last bcjuest before he uils philanthropy
will be IlliO.OOU for Hcrea
He has been watching tho
of this institution for "omi time
and had previously iatinuted th.t
some day he would do somethieg for
Should W IvIiImII) Mnn
lug lit Marlon Tluiti
TtMiiiiony from lltir
Slriingfr. r
Th statement whkrh follow, lifctf
ail that prvcedt'd It on ttali Ih
Ject. I from Marten It Is hoi fmifi
homo dUiant corner of th I'nlon.
Marlon iotI cannot tlUpttle
regard tne liOUisvtlle show .is the I monj hm
" . . ... ,, Thomaa I. Hlllinnl. U.illron.l gt..
equal of any in the country, will j Murlon. Ky . say "Doan'a Kidney
have something worth while to con- IMIls came to m relief aftor I had
test for this fall.
Kentucky saddle horses arc as
famous as Kentucky
and the Louisville show has always
made a large place for them. This
year there will be many classes for
KniK th and
saddlers, and thev promise to be unusually
well filled. The best tha
Abraham, making it the greatest in'1"0 Lccn deeped 'luring the fair
the world, let its appreciate it to the
extent that we do nothing to bring
His curse upon us. Other great nations
have done this, and we could.
But will we? God forbid.
At Bowling Green, Kentucky,
the Board of Regents of the Western
Kentucky State Normal School,
awarded contract to Jacob Bornstein,
of G43 Third St., Louisville, Ky.,
for the erection of the administration
season and at the State Fair will be
shown, and real championships will
be awrded. Mat Cohen, the Bell
Bros., the Gay Bros., Lawrence
Jones and others who own blue-blooded
saddle horses will be among
the exhibitor:.
National attention was attractod to
the Louisville show last fall by the
fact that Judge W. H. Moore,
to have tho finest stable of
show horses in the country, was an
exhibitor, and by the exhibitions of
JBuSvrw! a Kroat deal nl had uvnt
tnueh money for mmllrlno Httbont
rlvng any benefit Two runr aco
ii ttikt'ti with ad attack, of ty
phoid for and upon rwrovrlnK
found that my kidneys wort badly
disorder!. Th uala In my baefc
wore no never' that freointlr I had
t. ttnr mv unpb .! 11a .tMu fAr I .
Gen. J. M. SbackeltsN Near Dei
Luuikvillr, Kv , js
; ", .":.. r " - ""iwurro he a.
"'"i llru .if iir excretion
and on thin nrronnt I wn
obliged to Hrte wrn tlmon during
the nlgbt Tb were
highly color.il and the pacmeS
Mere attended nitJi paiu j often
became dlxiy and w spcka rioatliig
before my eyes , relative, hearing
about m conditions, advtcd me to
Kle Doan'B Kldner IMIto n trial I
procurwl a supply m Uayne & Taylor's
dnitr tore and they curod me
In hn than two month For oter
two Twars I bav tuul no retnrn of
tny oW complaint I an hound to
look upon my cure a permanent
For ale br all dealers. Ir1c 5C
cent Co Huffalo.
New York, sole acentu for the
l'nl ted Sutea.
Remember the
and take no otber.
name - Doao'
ucam ui wen uaiues .'J oil if 'J
one ol the most illustrou Gvt
the civil war. a native of Kr
and the captor of (ten John M
ji useiy io occur ai any mjjtent
Gratiot Beaeh. in Michigan
liou shaokrlford wa born l.j
oln county, Ky., on July 7
II- .!.. - I . 1 .
no was me son 01 r.umuna ica :
nn Shackelford. After rcc bj
aeademie education at bfr,np6(l
Ky. and graduating in law
thereafter, he wa admitted
Irar in W I Previously he 'tji
hi pum in the Mexican '
married Misn Henrietta R
Kt. Owenib '
Gen Shackelford was well lei
in I'nien county and in cnmtitll
the Federal forces at the nert t
forgotten battle of Gcigcrs LI
) nearly oppomtc
wnuoded n
i. . .
. -1 -i .
an ou irnopt rouicu, w am
the lake and throwing the!r r
away, tome of them being i
from the talc evon to the rv
day. Tho writer, then but i
witne.sd bis retreat and wi. r
forgot it. They were timo c
be forgotten. Gen. ShacVc
known a a great and fcar!r
and wo arc orry to hoar ta'
abonl to pass away Thcc
war veteran aro answering
roll call only too fat
Columbia Electric Laar
fccM made On ..nlc at 1 i
I graph Cable Offioe.
Tho Kind You Have Alwnjs 1 Might, ami uhlch has been
111 U.M3 for OMT J50 .it- 1i.ia 1. t. .. ...
,,. ., .... , ,,,,, liU i.uU nifjMJliiirii ui
ami i.ai heu Hindu titulor hlrt jic
fC(Af7 h,,,'1 "HlionLslim hlnro Itslufitiiii.
' AlloU'nooilii Ioilliilti. vim In iiu.
All CoiinUTfViLt, imitations ami but
KxptTiiiiciitK that trills wilh nii(leulitiiKirth health of
jumiiu, ami Children-1 A agulii. Kxpcrliiunt.
CoMorla Is a Imnnloss Mtlmtltuta for Cantor Oil, Pare
Korle, llrops ami Sunthixi;; Sirups. It Is IMea.sant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other .Vnmil.'
MibsUiiirc Its ago is its guarantee. It Worn..
and allays Feveri.shnrss. It cures Dlnrrhtva nml A Iml
Colic. It relieves Teethlnjr Troubles, Coiistlpat.n
and I latiilency. It Hsimllnte.s
tho Food, reKulKtes tli
btommh and Bowels, Kh injc healthy and natural shei.
Tho Children's blather's Friend.
Bears tho Signature of
The KM You Have Always Bougli
m Use For Over 30 Years.
""",TT U,.T.tCT. t.o...lrrT

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