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Special Agreement Made Providing
lor Their Kelense Frnm Jail
Trials I n. November
Piiion City, Tcno., Sept Ui My I
uprcial agrcewtnt between. Attorney J
Genera) S. ( Caldwell and counsel
rcprr"nting 100 turn undfr indct.
ment in Obion county for night
the cae wi'l be tried tit tbo
Sf octal term of court the Kocond
Monday in November
The agreement permitH tbo accused
to male a botid of 95,000 each. The
list includes eight whose death sen
tenrcs for the alleged murder of
lUnkui were recently reversed
ly the Supreme Court.
Owensboro Men Musi Give Up Homes
to satisfy Creditors Claims.
Owensboro, Ky., Sept. 15. Ac
cording to a decision handed down
by Supremo Jugo Walter Kvans,
the stockholders of tho bankrupt
Owensboro Hank it Trust Company
will have to put up twice tho amount
of their capital stock and rcimbure
depositors in full. The capital stock
wan 11,000,000 and was squandered
by James Parish, the bank president
The stockholders will many of them
be bankrupted by the decision of the
court, which is based on a Kentucky
statuto making stockholders liable
for twtco the par value of their stock.
Among the hardest hit of the stock'
i holders will be K. Rice, the wealthy
J tobacco manufacturer, of Louisville.
He will have to produce about
! $100,000. Large blooks of the stock
were held locally. Scvcarl
'ncnt men of Owensboro and sur-bounding
country will have to sell
Ithcir homes and bo reduced to poverty
becauso of the decision protecting
itho dopositorsr
On tho other hand, many of the
ismaller depositors who had put a
life's savings in tho bank, will bo
iovcrjvycd to have thoir money re
lurnod to thorn.
J, R. Summers Hurt.
Ha. J. II, Summon, a prominent
farmer of Livingston county, a mer
ehont f snletu and the
Kcproiontattro of Livingston
atul Critleiiduu oouikiuh, was
soriously hurt last Saturday' in some
yot, uuacoountablo way, while ou hih
wsylroBi$his farm to his sstore at
Salem. When ho arivod at Sal in.
it plain to to sec that ho wis hurt,
but how, they could not toll nor
could ho enlighten them and up to
Monday his miod was yot a blank at
to how tho" accident occured. It is
generally believed he ws thrown by
his mule. Tho first now to shock
his tijpiy friends at Marien, was that
ho had received a fovcrc blow on tho
head and tht.V foul play was possible.
Uat.S -.'.'H' --
A Fine Entertainment Coming.
Every one remember the "Singin
Skule Heginment" which has been
Buch n big success hero twice, nnd now
comes the good ni'ws, that the ladies
of the M. E. Church have n date for
Mr. WillanlH new entertainment
"Eth opia" a play of the sunny
South, which will be produced in Ev
nnsvillo for two nights just prior to its
coming here. The date for Marion
will be October l'Jth. A larce caRt of
local talent will take part and the conductor,
the same ns will put it on at
Evnnwille, OI be Bent here, nnd he
will take one of the leading comedy
parts. "Eth'opia," like the "Singin
Skule Heginment." is brim full of fun
nnd contains loU of very pretty music,
and though this is its first season, it is
now almost impossible to get n date,
as nil of the dates are taken until after
the holidays. Announcements will be
made In due time and Marion folks
may prepare to have another "good
Fire at Sturgls.
About two o'clock Sunday morning
the Hotel Sturgis was discovered to be
on fire, and dispito the efforts of tho
brave bucket brigade, was, in n very
short time, reduced to ashes. The
building was an old land-mark, boing
the .first house to bo erected bv tho
Cumberland Iron & Land Company, an
organization still in cxistancc and having
proven, barring the West Kentucky
Coal Company, the best friend the good
town of Stugis ever had. Col. Chaa.
Funk was the clever manager of the
noted old hostlery when it burned, but
the house was under a lease to A. L.
Grady, who, it is claimed, had twelve
thousand' dollars on the furnishings
and fixtures, while Mrs. Skinner, only
had one thousand dollars on the house.
Death ol Mildred Carleton.
Mildred Loraine, little two-year old
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. V. Carle-ton,
of Jopfin, Mo., died Sunday night,
Sept., I2th. at their home on 1931,
Va. Avenue, with spinal trouble.
Their many friends showed their
sympathy with a lovely floral offering.
The consisted of four
young ladies of Mr. Cnrlcton's Sunday
School closs. Their many friends ac
companied them to the Fair View
where she was laid to rest.
Mr. and Mrs. Carleton were former
residents of Marion and have many
friends who sympathize with them in
their bereavement. Mrs. Carleton is a
daughter of Dr. T. H. Coasitt.
At Oklahoma Stole Fair
One of the Most
Pominent Men In '
Public Life
The following is a telegram received
by Mr. James from the
Chairman of the Democrat State
Central Committee of Oklahoma
Ollie M. James, Marion, Ky.,
Oct. Gth. Democratic day of
State Fair at Okiahoma City.
Have elected you orator of the
day. Can you come? Answer'
J. B. Thompson.
Chairman Democratic State
Central Committee, Oklahoma
City Oklahoma.
Congressman Ollie M. James
left Sunday for Winchester, Ky.,
in answer to a request to be pres
ent and address the seven thousand
people expected to be present
at a big barbecue Tuesday,
given by the Winchester Com
mercial Club in aid of tho move
omnt to pool the present tobacco
A Card of Thanks.
We wish to thank our dear neighbors
and friends who so faithfully stood by
us during the last illness and death of
our sweet daughter and sister
May God's richest blessings be
theirs. A. B. Cnisi and family.
Notice To A. S. olE.
The American Society of Equity will
meet in the Court House at Marion
Saturday, Oct. 2nd., at 1 o'clock p. m.
All members nre earnestly requested to
bo present as, there will be muoh business
of great importance to be disposed
of and your presence is desired.
Besides, it is a duty You owe the organization.
Don't forget tho date.
First Saturday in October and second
day of the month.
H. N. Lamb, Pres.
B. L. WiLiionN, Sec'y.
Death ol Aina Jacobs.
Anna Jacobs, daughter of Harvey P.
Jacobs passed peencfully away at her
father'B home, six miles west of Top
penish, Washington, Sunday, at three
o'clock p. m., Sept., 5th. 1909.
k nawasjjorn in Crittenden county,'
KV., Dec.', 17.V1B88.
At the age of ten she professed faith
in Christ, and united with the C. P.
Church at Crayne, Ky., and lived a
consistent member. In 1904 she was
granted a letter of dismissal and
by said church and emigrated
with her father's family to Yakima,
county, Washington, where, with the
family, she joined an organization for
a Presbyterian church in Toppinish,
which organization was notconsumated
Anna was an obedient daughter, 'loved
and esteemed by all who knew her.
She has many friends in Washington
who join the family in mourninc their
loss which is her etcrnnl gain. She
bore her nfllictions of typhoid fever,
with patience and Christian fortitude
Her remains were laid to rest in the
beautiful cemetery at Zillah A Friend.
Who Have Been selected TO
November Election.
Marion, District No, 1. Dave Yan-dell,
Rep., and Marshall Weldon,
Don., Judges; Frank Adams, Dem.t
Sheriff. A A. Haynee, Rep., Clerk.
Marion Precinct, No. 2. .J, R.
Postclthwait, Rep. and Jas. G, Gil.
bort, Dcm., Judges; Louis Clifton,
Dcm., Sheriff, II. Koltineky, Rep..
Marion Precinct, No. 3. K. M.
Duval, Rep. and P. C. Stephen?,
Dcm., Judges; Ebb Guess, Dcm.,
Sheriff, W. K. Powell, Rep., Clerk.
Marion Precinct, No. 4 J. Wesley
Lamb, Rep. and R. F. Weeler.
Dcm., Judges; Chas. Hunt. Rep.,
Sheriff, R. 1. Nunn; Dera., Clerk.
Marion Precinct, No. 5. W. A.
Woodall, Rep. and J. B. Kevil. Dem,
Judges; Jno. W. Wilson, Dem.,
Sheriff, B. L. Wilborn, Rep., Clerk.
Francis Precinct, No. 0. Ed
Rep. and W. F. Oliver,
Dcm., Judges; Geo. Whitt, Rep.,
Sheriff. W. O. Wiokor, Dem,
Precinct, No. 7. H. B.
Asbridgo, Rep. and J. A. Graves,
Dcm., Judges; Owen Boaz, Dem.,
Sheriff, Ellis Dalton, Rep., Clerk.
Union Precinct, No. 8 J. L.
Settles, Rep. and Fred Clemeat,
Dam , Judges: J. W. Baker, Rep.
Sheriff, J. B. Carter, Dcm., Clerk.
Sheridan Precinct, No. !. Thos.
Hoover, Rep. and Chas. Donaky,
Dem., Judnc. Chas. Stallions, Dcm,
Sheriff, A. J. Bebout, Rep., Clerk.
Tolu Precinct, No 10. Charles
Taylor, Rep. and W. E. Dowell,
Dcm , Judges; Taylor Guess. Rep.,
Sheriff, Kit Shepherd, Dem., Clerk.
Fords Ferry Precinct, No. 11.
T. N. Wafford, Rep. .and Lee
Rankin, Dera., .Judges; Leslie Terry,
Dcm., Sheriff, Rufus Robinson,
Rep., Clerk.
Bells Mines Precinct, No. 12
John Gifford, Rep. and J. N. Truitt
Dem,, Judges; Rufus Wilson, Rep.,
Shfcrlfr? Finas" fiVackT Dcm. , "CTerk."
Rose Bud Precinct, No. 13 D.
L. Travis, Rep. and Alva Ncwcomb,
Dcm., Judges; A. H. Mctz, Rep.,
Sheriff, J. R. Summers, Dem. Clerk.
Pincy Precinct, No 14. R. S.
Edwards, Rep. and Hugh McGcc,
Dem., Judgos; Ed Dean, Dem., shcr.
iff; J. M. Walker, Rep., Clerk.
Shady Grovo No. 15 W. M.
Babb, Rep , and Marion Ford, Dcm.
Judges; J. C. Clayton, Rep., sheriff;
Kelly Simpson, Dcm , Clerk.
C. S. Xnxx, Sec'y.
JohnG Asheb. S. C. C.
Rout F. Haynhs.
September 1Mb. 190!)
His First Term As Chief
Justice of The
Frankfort. Ky., Sept., 20. -In the
presence of two hundred lawyers, women
and laymen, the Court of Appeals
began its fall term to-day in the splendid
new courtroom in the new Capitol.
Judge Thomas J. Nunn presided and
began his term at Chief Justice of the
Stats. He dropped into the harness of
Chief Justice as naturally as if he had
been doing ttiat sort of work all his
life. Besides, he looked the part, his
square shoulders and fine features reminding
one of the typical Chief Justices
who always command the respect
and admiration of the people.
Enjoyable affair.
In company with R. M. Franks
we attended the barbecue at
on last Saturday, civen by Prof.
J. W. Rascoe, for the benefit of his
There was a goodly crowd prcseot
and altogether, we spent one of tho
most pleasant days of our life. There
wafe an abundance of nicely barbecued
meats and the nice things prepared
by tho ladies to make tho meal com.
plote, such as bread, pickles, coffee,
cake and ico cream, added tho finish,
ing touches. Every body present
seemed to enjoy the day and none
more than the Editor and good Bro.
One feature of the trip was that
This is the day set apart tor the representative from the Great Tailoring House of Kahn Bros., to be here and conduct the sales and
'f to take your measuce foia Suit of Clothes that will Look Weil, FiUWell and Wear Well. This is an Opportune time for you to be
JS. measured by some one that knows what he is doing.
I - -
)sk While vour Father. Husband or brother is coming to have his measure taken for a nice well fitting Suit
r? . 77 w
i, or uiotnes, tins win ue nicocst lime toi you Lames 10 come aim iook at my line or Shoes, Dry uoods, and Ladies
3 and Gents Furnishing Goods. ' YOURS TRULY,
v , rn Ati. s?.y , irv -Wirt.- ..ft. :a
vrJirfcwj: &w.J4i lw jy j sw r. w:j BwaraH?
jflj ,ca ara ;t c
MariOn, Ky.f
R. vK:, y'fOs Tlf 7!Rv 7!N N nt 5!Rv 7)ff Vl"Cv !. ptv .RSVC?
vtwry;wy: rfcw;rirTWtf irswdfl wawawsf; skiss kks5 szmsza
wo found the roads in better condition
than was expected and having
heard the Crittenden county roads"
spoken of as "wretched,'' wo were
agreeably surprised. On our way
we passed through the nico little
town of Crayne and met while there,
our old friend N. J. Bishop, who is
Postmaster and proprietor of a
-merchandise business, also no.
ticcd the vast amount of heading,
logs-and fluorspar -"ready for shipment.
At tho barbecue grounds wc
were pleased to see quite a number
of pretty women, girls and children
and a creditable numbcr'of handsomo
they - were not candidates
cither. And last but by no means to
be overlooked, was a number of fine
horses and mules for which Crittenden
oounty becoming noted. Among
them, tho fine span of horses driven
by W. E. Asbridgo. While there
quite a number honored lis with subscriptions
for which we feel thankful
and our whole effort will be to make
it the best dollar they ever spent.
To the good people of Enimaus we
will say you made our trip a pleasant
one and we are truly glad we were
Will have my opening Friday and
Saturday of this week. Sept. 24th,
and 25th. Have a full and completo
line of millinery goods, for the Fall
and Winter trade, carefully selected
and in tho latest fashion. If you
will come and see my stock I
sure I cam please you and at
same time save you money.
Mbs. B. C. BinouriKM),
Shady Grove, Ky
WANTED Success Magazine wants
responsible man or woman in Marion
to collect for renewals and solicit new
subscriptions during full or spare time.
Experience unnecessary. Any one can
start among friends and acquaintances
and build up a paying .and permanent
business without capital. Complete
outfit nnd instructions FREE. Address,
"VON." Success Magazine, Room 103,
Success Magazine Building. New York
City, New York.
Who Was Three Times Elected
Governor of Minnesota
Passes Away.
Rochester, Minn., Sept. 21 Gov.
John A. Johnson, three times
Governor f Minnesota, candidate
for the Democratio nomination
for President of the United States in
1988, and looked upon by many
throughout the country as the
Democratic national standard
bearer i 1912. diod at St. Mary's
hospital at 3;25 o'clock this morning
following an oporation last Moadaf .

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