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A life insurance policy in the Prudential is a well- M
spring of comfort and satisfaction to the man insured and J
to his wife. He knows that the wife will have at least an
even start with the world.
She knows that her home and children will be protected
if he is taken away. Now Is the best time to secure
a policy. Next year it will cost you more, or it may be too
Every line In the Prudential Policy is Guaranteed
If I have anything to give you when do you want it?
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you a 15 payment life policy for less money than you can
buy a 20 payment life in any annual dividend Company
represented here.
Send Post-card today for Rates at Your Age.
C. E. WELDON, Agent
Prudential Life Insurance Company,
Phone No. 237, MARION, KENTUCKY.
Excursion for to Mayfield
rctrrrn on account Grand
le of Odd Fe'lows of
itucky. Date of sale
iobcr 10, 11 and 12 return
it October 16th, fare 3.05
hid trip.
evil & Co.
fire Insurance Agency In
you ban tir urtvin the town of
Iki, lot ihrit itiiure it You
havo n 'canons to regret it
-co tu I'- bs Balding, Ilootu 5
L'lcplono '12b.
UlALE -' in How-
i'ltri'll It MI10M I IMWTMtT.
; M JrshiNi,
A Rough Skin.
pn!y lacks beauty, but Indicates poor
nealtn. Alio it U uncomtorttble.
Iber you are a manor woman, whether
care tor Veauty or comiort, you
wini to cci nil ol ion ikid
rarticuiatiT at a touch ikin It nine
i out o( ten the forerunner of Eczema,
:e other iormof a teriout ikin diteaie.
rcur duty to ycuriclf to ret rid of it.
ili'i Liquid Sulphur not only
Ihe tymptom (rough ikin) but the cauae
e symptom, no matter wnat it may be.
itching instantly.
it-Sulphur Co. i
ntieroent I have used your Liquid
bur for Ecxcmaand Prickly Heat and It
lb pleasure that I recommend it
humanity, having severe case of
a and atter trying various remedies
not curca, but after the first applied
your Liquid Sulphur I
ic greatest reucf and am now well;
. the mean time, I used it Jorl'tlckl? ,
and after one application it absolutely
me. I can conscientiously
remedies. Very truly,
Tom. L. Leeper, St Louis.
pie tmttle sent post paid to any address
K. Uo, bt. Louis, ii
Snlc h Jas. II. (June.
' I u r Early Riser?, tho
ti. i.fi", sun, I'lmy little llvur
iut mu n r.y iilwnj doi on
r .si whore you iiood aulvv, i
i"'h larU liz.d Witch Hazel '
cm ood for pile. Sold
II I rin'i
Better Not Get
you can help it. Kodol prevents Dyspepsia, by
Ffectually helping Nature
it don't trifle with Indigestion.
U Krcat many iieonlo who havo a
Itled with indigestion, hnvo been not
Irry for it when norvouB or
Ironic dyspepsia resulted, and you
havo not been able to euro It.
IVso Kodol and prorcnt having
rspcpsla. you
lEvoo'ono Is subject to indigos as
pn. Stomach (lorangomont follows
Dinnch nbuse. Just hb naturally cure
Id Jti3t aa surely aa a sound and to
lalthy Htomach results upon tho
!ng of kodol,
When you experlonco sourness
stomach, belching of gas nnd
fluid, bloated sensation,
tuscatlng pain in tho pit of tho Inr
smach, heart burn (so-called),
nrrhoea, headaches, dullness or
tired feeling you need Ko-1. he
Ironic then tho quicker you tnko
3dol tho better. Eat what you
knt, lot Kodol digest it. Thin
Jrtllnnry popsln "dyspopsla tab- and tie
physics, etc.. aro not likely cent
bo of much benefit to you, In
Heatlvo allmente. Pepsin is only
i',f Jh' - il
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound Cured Her.
Wllllmiiiitlc. Coun. "For flvo jvara
I nutfiTixl untold nfouy from female
trouble, uaunlug baekhclw), irregular!-ties,
diulneii aud nervous prostnw
tion. It was iunoHsiblo for mo to
walk upstairs
without stopping
on the way. I
triod three different
RSB doctors and
wich told m
different I
received no
from nny of them,
but iu'ciikhI to suffer
moru. The Inst
doctor said nothing
I A j'J. I would restore
mvhfnlfli T lkiivfiti
. " . ""
'.".' ". 'W
lakiug i.yuisi niiKimms vegpuiDio
Compound to ulmt it would do.
and I nin rcstorM to my nntural
health." Airs. Etta Donovan, Box
WO. Wllllmniitlc, Conn.
The success of I.ydla K. Pinklmm's
Vegetable ConiK)uml, math? from roots
and herbs, 1b unparalleled. It may bo
uM"d with jtorfect conlldenco by women
m ho stiller from displacement,
ukvnitlon. flbsold tumors, Irregularities,
itriodlo p.flns. backache,
fdlngi llntult'ijcy.,
dizzimiui, or nervous prostration.
For thirty years Lydla E. llukbam'a
Vegetable C oiiijKHiyd lias Ix'en tho
standard remedy for female ills, and
womi'ii oi it to thriniiolvps
to at least (dve this medicino n ttial.
Proof is abundant that it has cured
tlKiusauds of otbera, aud why tmould it
uut cure you ,
For Sole.
A four room house, good woll.
i;.i.id cllar, stables and out building.",
U aunn il ground, Luting stock
wjtor. Mot of i he land is covered
wiih blueerass lias apples, peaches,
juMrs and strawborrii8. Only ten
minutes walk from town.
Hox 1S1,
U, 1 in p Marion, Ivy.
Itt'iiiombcr It. Ii. Kemp when you
want the best fertilizer. It's llowkcr's
to Relieve Indigestion.
partial digester and physics aro
digesters nt all.
Kodol Is a perfect dlgoster. If
could seo Kodol dlgcstlngovery
mrtlclo of food, of all kinds, in tho
glass test-tubes lu our laboratories,
would know this just aa woll
wo do.
Naturo nnd Kodol will always
a sick stomach but In order
bo cured, the stomach must rest
That is what Kodol docs rests tho
stomach, whllo tho stomach gets
well. Just as simple as A, B, C.
Our Guarantee
Oo to your ilrniorlnt todajr and get a dnt
Itottle, Then after you have uned tb
rntlro contents of tho bottle It you c
honestly luty, that it hiu not done you any
root), return the bottle to the druifRlst aad
will refund your money without question
or delay, we will then pay the drug-glut
for the bottle. Don't heflltnte, all
drufglnta know that our guarnnteo la good.
offer apllii tothelarire bottle only
to but one In n famlly.'TUe Jaro but
rontnlna m tlmea cut much oa tho flftr
Kodol is prepared at tho Inbofa
torlesof E.C.DoWitt &Co., Chicago.
' i
spsrj T, Jipjf aCa1
The beet remedy we know of in all
cues of Kidney and Bladder trouble
and the one we can always recommend
is DeWitt's Kidney aad Bladder Pills.
They are antiseptic and at once assist
the kidneys to perform their important
work. But when (you ask for these
pills bo positive that you get DeWitt's
Kidney and Bladder Pills. Thero are
imitations placed upon sale to deceive
you, Get DeWitt's. Insist upon them
and if your dealer cannot supply you
refuse anything clso in place of them.
Sold by all Druggist. Dl
. Draughon Klvca contracts, lmckrd by chair!
it 30 OoIIkkc. $300,000.00 capital, and 18
fears' success, to secure positions undoi
conditions or i olund tuition.
00KKEEPIN8 iwtllorn, Drauohon'srom by no
P nccftitlnir lili
ropo'HIon. conclo that ho tenches mon
look Lh ni iiK In 'JUKI K months than
WTlto the system of Fhortluinil IirnuKlior
tvachos, Imh'iiusu tlii'jr know It UTIIKJIKrT
FOR KltKI. CSTAL06UE nnd liooklft "Why
LuaruTcK'trraiiliy?" wlilcli explain ull. caD
on or write J. r. Diuuuiion, l'rcsldeut
(WttlmlMck br MilU
Evansvillo, Paducah
Nashville, Memphis, St
Louis or Washington
D. C.
Ijouisvilo, Kv., sept 2-J Cattle mar
ket steady and fairly active.
Good to choice export.. . $ fi.&Oa G.7
Fair to good shipping 5.00 6.25
Gool to choice butchers. $-1.25 n 4.60
J Medium to good butchers.. :i.50 a 4.00
Good to choice Rtockan .. 3,oo a 3.5
Medium to good stackers 3.00 a 3.25
Common to mediun stock-Heifers.
Good to choice butchers 4.75a 5.50
Medium to good butchers . . .4.00 a 4.M)
Common to medium 3.50 a 4. 00
Good to choice stockers 3.00 a 3.50
Common to medium
Good to choico butchers 4.00 a 4.50
Medium to good hutchem 3.50 a 375
Fair to good Iwilogna ... . 3.50 a 3.75
Common 2.25 a 3.25
Good to choice butchers 4.25 n 4.'6
Medium to good butchers. .3.75 a 4.25
Common to medium butchers
3.25 a 3. M
Canncrs and cutrers 1.50 a 3.00
Milch Cows.
Good to choice milchers. 40.00 n 50.00
Medium to good milchers 30.00 a 35. Oo
Common to plain milchers 15.00 n25.00
Gxxl to choice veals 6.60a fi. GO
Medium to good 6.00 n 6.60
Common 3.5 a 4.00
Sheep nnd Lambs.
Good to choice fat sheep 1.00 a 4.60
Fair to good mixed sheep.. 3.25 a 3.75
Hough nnd scalawags 2.50 a 4.00
Good to extra bucks 3.25 a 3.6C
Fair to good bucks 2.7.1 n 3.25
Choice yearlings 4.25 a 4. 5C
Fair to good yearlings 4.00 a 4.25
Spring lambs 5.00 a 5.25
Hogs steady to a shade stronger. Receipts
light Hoavies, $7.00 to $7.75;
Lights, $7.26 to $7.50; pigs, $f.75, to
Take Kodol at the times when you
fool what you have oaten is not digesting.
Kodol digests what you eat so
you can eat sulllciontly of any good
wholesome food, if you will let Kodol
digest it. Sold by all Druggist. Dl.
Dr. L G. Taylor,
Marion, - Kentucky.
All calls answered promptly
$5.00 In Cash.
Coiuuionoing Saturday, Aug. 2Sth,
I will give a ticket for every ono
dollar purchase, or the satuo paid on
account, entitling holder to a chanco
to win the $5.00 cash prize to bo
givou away ovory other Saturday,
llemombcr this applies to cash on
account as well us cash purchaaos.
A. S. Cavkndkii,
Main street, Marion, K
- ' " UMp
I he tough of
Your doctor will tell you that
fresh air and food food are
the real cures for consumption.
But often the cough is very
hard. Hence, we suggest that
you' ask your doctor about
your taking Ayer's Cherry
Pectoral. It controls the tickling,
quiets the cough.
W pbUh ear formal
VT banlih lohsl
A K from ourmxllalnn
W arc yu la
tiers Diult tfoetor joar
One of Ayer's Pills at bedtime will cause
an increased flow of bile, and produce a
renfle laxative effect ih Av rlinwlni.
Formula on each box. Show it to your
doctor. He will understand at a lance.
Dote, one pill at bedtime.
If ad by la J. C. Xjw C.. Ill. Maiaf" -
Sighted and Will be Hero on Time.
Cambridgo, Mass., Sept 14. Hal.
loy'a comet, traditional since 250
years before the Christin era as tho
forerunner of evil times for the lower
classes, has been sighted again after
seventy-four years, absence from tho
immediate ken of astronomers.
A dispatch received Sunday at
Harvard university obsorvatory from
Prof. Wolff of Hcidclburg, bearing
the news that he discovered tho comet
Saturday 5,1542 in right ascension,
six hours, eighteen minutes, twelve
seconds; declination seventeen degrees,
eleven minutes north.
flVroru l'rof Wolff's reported discovery
American astronomers are inclined
to belicvo that all the large
observatories of the world presently
will be able to locate tho comet with
their telescopes, l'rof Wolff says
only the largest telescopes at his command
revealed tho comet.
Astronomical authorities agree
that oven if tho observatory telescopes
reveal tho comet distinctly, it
will not be visible to the naked eye
until next April or May.
Haley's comet was last seen in
ISiJfi. It was, perhaps, first seen by
any astronomer competent to record
it, 2,500 years ago, or 250 ycar9
beforo tho Christian era. That is
the farthest date to which the patient
labors of tho astronomers havo carried
it back, and it was then seen
and noted by tho Chinese astronomers,
who Han: it again in the Au.
gust of II. C. S7.
VOU'LL feel
better for work,
play or rest if you
eat Ouaker Oats
at least once a
In Mnmury oi Little Corcan Miles.
The child ol .Mr. and Mrs. Richard
Miles, departed this life, Sept. 1st,
1!)0!. Ag nVl5 years aud four days.
She has left this dark and gloomy
world tn a homo where darkness is
no more.
The child has left its mother s arms,
A mother's tendor enro and love,
To bo an Angel with God,
In Heaven up above.
Too pure was she for oarth ho vilo.
Where nnn doth mako his brother
Whoro deeds aro dono with deceitful
And ovil seeds aro cvor sown.
Too swcot was sho for tho flowory
Whero thistle and thorn trees grow,
Whoro satan hides in haunted dens,
To spring upon his foe.
Hut far beyond in distant days,
Thero unseen by human eyes,
Sweet Corean dwell in tho home
of God.
Beyond our summer skies,
Far heyond the portals, ' '
Of the sun the king,
That gives us day o'er loved onos,
Lives in sunless beauty,
Where the light of day fades not
And should wo wish to meet littlo
In her home boyond the skies,
Kver may our lives bo perfect,
Until wo say to earth goodbyo.
We miss thco irom our homo
Wo miss thee from thy place,
A shadow o'er our lives are oast.
Wo miss tho suoshino of thy face,
We miss thy kind and willing baud;
Thy fond and earnest, care,
Onr homo is sad without littlo
Wo miss thco every where.
Writen by a friend,
Ci.aba Lofton.
Young Girls
Jut otwfaag into wocBanhnod.
often suffer much sola and
mlMiy during tha ckangeof
mtt phyaicAl organization.
Many wooms will tell you
their tonal troubU atartad
during that trying parted, and
has clung to tbera ever since.
Cardut Is a friend to young
gtrU, as wel aa to women of
all ages. It has been found
to help women during their
trying period by relieving
pain and restoring disordered
organs to health.
Mrs. Mary Hudson, Eastman,
Mlss writes: "While
staying with me and going to
school, my young sister was In
terrible misery. I got her to
take a few doses of CARDUI
and It helped her at once.
MI have taken Cardut myself
and believe I would have
been under the clay had It not
been for that wonderful
Try CarduL ft wfll help
you. For sale everywhere.
At Least Not Fast Enough to Intercept
IIIsS Runaway Daughter Lost
Wheel In Pursuit Webster
Stirred as Never Before
Kvanvillo, Ind . Sept. 15. Au
cxcitca farmer in pojamas, a broken
buKy wheel and a blind horse, were
defeated by Dan Cupid in tho most
exciting chase known throughout
Webster county, Kentucky,
As the result Herbert Curry, 21
years old, and Miss Effio Marks, lit
years old, aro chucling ovor the defeat
and willing to advise any young
couples who wish to get married to
do so without listening to advice
from the father of tho girl.
Drosscd in a lavender princess
gown, Miss Marks led her future
husband, Roy Curry, to tho marriage
licene counter Wednesday morning
Tuesday evening the young lady informed
that sho was going to a party
at a girl's house
This her father did not object to,
as he recalled to his mind tho good
times ho had when a boy.
True enough, there was a party.
And her father had heard thoro was.
Ho told his daughter sho might go,
but to bo homo early. Tho danco
wont on fine. Not evon a soul at tho
party, with the exception of tho witnesses,
knew the intentions of tho
Old Man Auxious.
Eleven o'clock came. Father
Murks grow anxious. When ho was
a boy ho had never stayed at a country
danco aftor half past ton.
Ho thought tho matter over. His
daughtor was in company with tho
same young man who had boon an
Dr. Black's
Urn PfBs
Ib m km4y tar A
Eye forma m4
of it0 Eye.
No mattar
whethet a caM Water
of common red
sore eve of
only a few dart, or a caae of gnaulaW lidi of
twenty yean' (tandog.
For acute conjuactintM (common led tote eye)
no remedy ia the wotU equal Dr. Black'
Eye Water. Th moat astarated caie aw
often cured m hour$ by tkk celebrated
remedy. It can be uaed n
with Jetr for tore eye fHTlCGf
n yajytc. im. mem muw uub
J. R. BUCK MEDICINE CO.. bluett, Mf,
a taTTta raoM onb of our ccstombs
to A raiBXD,
Mr. T. M. Kanua, Yetkriae. Traa.
DtarSif; Rrphriaa to raf Unrel tix 4th iatf., b
to Myth JVR. BttiM5d.Co. i. mSorumdh tJUbU
and roosaaU. and theii Dr. DUck'i Ejr Walcf tk mot
BtmAr a ipeoac let mttm rtm cl mar Naaadr I r htajiai.
You BMd not hoiuto to rccoinaMad h. IfM aaarfy two
wmlmimoaaaditdBothTtorAadeaa aal.
lU. SJ aad taataatcc it. cod if rl rT i r trt
a tcruad. do to, aad they vnl pntoct yea. Ycun truly,
ardent admirer for years. The farm,
or had ofton been pleaded with by
his daughter to bo allowed to tell
Curry she ceuld be his own.
Slipping a pair of overalls over the
pajamas , Father Marks hitched up
tho first horso ho could lay his hands
on. A shabby buggy was the only
one outside tho shed,
In the mcantimo tho couplo and
tho two witnesses had loft the danco.
Father Marks stopped at the party
He learned that the quartette had
been missing for at least half an
Wheel Came Off
Never before had tho old horse been
driven as ho was Tuesday night. After
fifteen minutes of driving, Father
Marks heard what he believed to be
his daughters voice.
As ho called to her ho noticed tho
quartette start into a run. The evidence
was sufficient. His daughter
was running away to be married and
it was up to him to keep her from it.
Next thero was a orash and Father
Marks bit the ground. The elopers
also heard the crash and saw the left '
hind wheel running on tho highway.
An outburst of laughter followed.
The quartette then quickened their
paco to Clay, Ky., where thoy caught
a train to this city.
Father Marks was disgusted. To
think that his daughter bad outwitted
him was unbearable. Ho then turned
around towards home, leading the
horso and leaving the demolished
buggy in the road.
'Wo will now go home and try to
square things up vith father," said
tho young man, after the ceremony.
"I just cau't think that we did
wrong," laughed the bride.
"I think papa just wanted to keep
us from marrying for stubbornness
aud when he finds wo have outwitted
him, why it'll be all right. At any
rate, lot us hope so," said the bridu
on second thought.
Brings the Forests of Pine nnd Eucalyptus
to Yonr Home.
Germs cannot live when Hvomel(pro
nounced Hi-o-me) is used. You jast
breathe in this soothing yet most powerful
antiseptic nir and relief is immediate.
It is exactly the same air
as you would breathe in the forests of
pine and eucalyptus of Australia where
catarrh or consumption was never
known to exist.
If you have Cotarah nnd are constantly
embarrased because you must
hawk, spit and shuflle, surely you will,
give Hvomei the attention it deserves,
when Hnynes & Taylor will guarantee
this pleasant remedy to cure all this
distress nnd humiliation, or will return
your money.
Hyomei kills catarrh germs, it relieves
the soreness and distress in five
minutes. It stops hawking ard snuffing
and makes you feel like a new
man in n week. It is the surest and
must satisfactory catarrh treatment
known and gives comfort and relief to
A complete outfit, including inhaler,
co3ts but 1.00, and extra bottlss if needed,
costs Jnit 50c. A few minutes'
time each day is all you need to quickly
cure the most chronic case. Hyomei
is sold by leading druggists. 19-21
KELLthi cough
and CURE thk LUNC8
WITH Dr. King's
New Discovery
fob 0UGHS aad EOc&Sl.OO
OLDS Free Trial.
Surest andQulckeit Cure for all

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