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Ky.. Oct. 3
Editor and Publ edict
Entered ti i i
niar '.'th 1878 ;!
M mtin, Ken'uiKy. . e Ac
i . nirress .f March ! . 1871.
ilu E (j.8ii AppOiiiitu.
.lacii. . i.-s . . .. a- appoili t a
luad vit ei i i .-,., Ar e
Blu and Uu appoiDuuvui ivai
lat ad :. f: - i. kid ;' mac
I Kl'M.l 11111:1,
)- 'inr inte nil over
c, try em 1
most hot .
.;y Th.
New Styles.
Mew Fabrics,
Less Price
Mewest H?fs for
Wen, Bi and
Wc Save You Mohcj
c.j.i:. i',Li7.
greatest crops In ', history of
the United States are prnmisi d
1912 as ner latest official reports, and
traus. I his ,. clor.e toaccotd toahigh!
nant in the fitfht against Roosevelt.
What sincerity is his?
What must he in the man's
heart of hearts0 Here is Wva declaration
as made in 1904 in an
address before the Union
Club of New York;
'"I count it my friends, as one
Teaching Agriculture in the Pub- of the greatest privileges of my
lie School-. Prof. Samuels, life to have been able in that day
Purpose and Benefits of County Borrow, when our I.
Hiirhch'...!. S ipt. E. J. Travis
Honesty in Chlldh I.
intuited President IfcKin
V - Kr
ey was
, ,
Marv Kiniev carried away, to nave Deen anie
The Connection between the Ru to standby and hold up the
r.J Sc.i 10.! . the Kural
IL,: e,
!;'' So
P - mal Habit 1 1
i Irlin rho ninp
hands of his true and loyal sue
or, 1 lew . r Kooaevi 1. Men
say lie is not tafe. lie ii not
for the mi n who u ish to
. itch tes for the
. c d itriment, but I say to
. at
Pi IcKinl ! ath
1 '
A .an of Men.
Mured in every waj
BecaoM our
with such an outlook we ought Judged byeverj standard, Gov-
to be on the threshold of countrj ernor Wilton completely tills the
prosperity. As nation hill of a ma i who should oecup)
W nave tho rewviroes, the high office of i resiiieni
. - th markets and t! e financial
ability to conduct great enter-
nriaea. and with a wonderful ar
the greateai nation on earth. Ca
pable, acholarly, courageous, safe
ray of favorahle factors there nd patriotic, be will make an
are good reasons 1 1 expect ideal 1'remdent whose single aim
ness will soon reach record pro will be to obey the constitutor,
p .rtions. Railroad earning are aml do the roatoftt for th(.
increasing, the steel and iron bu ... . ..
. , greatest number. His majority
lineM Ifl troLrressinr in tine style
ihou,d be liir that il wil1
and lluor toar demand btJ risen
rVII thing! con- laming notice to the inter-
StaZnwV. siuered the country ,s man ex- est. that this is the government
With Kau oveisteis.
spent among tiie little ones.
e-e m
Teachers' Meeting To Be Helu
at Weston Oct. 11 1912.
10:00 a. m. Devotional Exercieea
Mr. Ewell Travis.
Welcome Addreaa, Corda Smart.
Reaponae, Martin Gahatai.
- - . .. a. . r..i
cenent snape w get unuer iuu
The aaiary ia fixed at $1,000. awing once more. Of course a
. ... presidential campaign is on and
R. , . politics and tariff talk will be
a ir'v' factors of more or lesi moment
Monday evening Sejit. 2:rd, '(,r somt' Hut business is
a uii tnuay pait was given ly bound to push alonjf in a way
Luna Little, Grapee, candy, that will eventually be
"feTfeh, S Sitow: ' -' "' th' cuunlrj
Fannie Moore, Bigham, For-i .
est Hammack, Georgia Switcher,
daa Lit lie, Jennie Lee Haruin. ot'. m --
Lnima Lee Hardin. Annie Elixa' Root " LoMC,enc'
beth iiaid. It a Bigham, Dudy Smator Elihu Root, of New
uTi"' 'T York. re8idt'd at the c'nvtnti"
x)tnidn. t uitis Kustiiiik', , . , j
Nuon. William Bigham, HarmTn wWdl Taft for
Durham, Man in BiKham anu president and controlled and di-
Hickman Ifoora, rested the forces accomplishing
An enjovahi eveninn was I ,,! it via h. who war
of the people ty the people, and
not of the people by the trusts.
We make it rijf ht for mj r f
niako it riK' with 'W-
Which that you cannot
he loser.
No, w Hun't take any rhanre
by utTtTiriK lu do that.
watcht'H watch
They havf rutation DoMnd
and they likelv U "tart now
U 'im;i."imt
Hut if r e nhould, as 9 we
gfM tO bfl the Iomi f
What Monaco c.ulii you
hiiv than that?
Levi Cook
Marion Kentucky
Governor Marshall.
I that
caused th BjJI imore Ion mention
1 1 1 , rernor 'i '. 'Mas f:
m the ticket th 'I
; . . . .. ion of prop irt: em n V 1 Aa f! ivernor of
K.. ,-v Day Pr tutions in t of Indiana he has d il id his
Bertha Mr.
Ifiscellaneoufl H iness.
A '. Fritta, Pre
AIT Wilborn, Sec.
General Vv I Outlook.
1 .', 1 1 hisinessan i
1 wo lid rather capaCitj ai 1 his public e
,,, 1,.. nt 1 idmire ion 1 before and afb r ; ' n wni
; ;,, our I the na n stamp him as a 'nan that
. the truth shou! 1 be ho lored and trusted.
e honor a d The Governor is a hrm believer
,fTheu Roos ; than that any system of government I
the wealt o tin's which enabh 1 one man to take
The work of . advantage of another
!'.-. .srriai woivi are decidedl i it metropolis.
h hrer t, 1 y were, and ,,!,,, t lhHeveU ha
t fi r ,r -."l in th ! ind th
Coofereoct A
When yon sec and 1 xamine Our
New Fall and Winter Footwear
For Men, women and Children.
You V. il! find I fiat ltio Are AM Matchless, Values
i as to style, a a car
a! we say and are ireiared to hack h in with
I l.e lai esi and fln I si 'k of Fall ' i - shi w n
thin town.
u . know positively tl at nowhere else will
you find iuch unusual va i in n all dep i d ible
fool '.'.car. Such sty leu and e i re
i c . u ith us. From the low ei hi
st, you will fit-.l at leu and I ihnt w ill
- ) our eye open w it): wond
I' ia imposaible to fittingly ,,v the ex
ional slues to be found hei
You must come in and look them
p iv ou to vr't ac luai ah u ai . iur
i" .
&7- .....
Wc shou even style that is good, in
every leather that is Practical, at every
Price that is Popular.
L.iriifs' Shoes. Children's MMCJ It . Shoes. Bey's Sheet
Best School Shoe c Loys and Girls
rirzsBB?ifl& "Ktsesj uu
' 1. V. Jomer. Hartford. ,r
injcmi. nran pnnt Hrw I ! Digram.
The annual Lou - e Co
ence of II, K. Church S il
which adjourned at Morganfield
Monday made the following
amor:.' ; i we
know here.
Rev. Arthur Mather, Elk ton.
W, I'. Gordon, M irion.
I i. V. Will "i Tolu.
.1. A Wheeler, Shady Grove
.1. H. Adams was returt
at Presiding Elder of the
Rufufl Mc.Mican Btudent at
VandorMIt Training School
Ii. T. IfcConnelL Hiaeville.
Ilu lies ran about seven too "If Governoi Wilson is to
nst Smith in M inroe, Ave to any Democratic fotet I have
r and abo il three to to hear of I The
1 Hudson. Sn
ah - it Z 000 and H about ! in view of all I
Providence Enterprise Item .
Mrs. I. ns II I ind littl
on, Bo .
city, Mondi
thi otl
him a c
1 1 Wilson
rat r than os My
' Elva R-,1 rts, of A ' lhat th(
.1. rJ. Koberts.
at' acher in I ;
.. a hi .., ' ' man and
lip and
n.t a the main p ing to i luce the II I 1
goods will sat-
... :.. . ;i
im yon in every way,
come und see the ex.
cellent values we shou
New Dress Goods
New Silks
New Costs
New Hosiery
M P m
new irin!Sims
We Save You Honey
ireel) , i lol. s pt. lT. Bi an
poke hi re t da) ind charad
' i t i -.i log he "wi nt into
office wil h k plurality
milli"n and will go ..n
imoui ;;t, "
New York, Oct. 2. Jeaae
(IV. I .
i i ' 1 :
S. K. Breeding, afanntvilla Grant waa appointed membrr
J. O. Smithaon. Litchfield, of the finance committee of the
Rott. Johnson, Vine drove.
B. L. Yataa, Cerulean
' .1 II. Walker, Cloverport,
NewJYork Democratic atate com
mittee today. Julian v
. i- appointed tecretani
Virgil Elgin Jeffersontowa President ('rant, is or..- of the
J. K. McAfee. Franklin. most enthusiastic supporters of
Rev, R, E. Bailey, Salem Governor Wilson.
Mission. "I am going to do all in n,v
.. power to oririi arourui ine . -e
,,-. pyitem under which a Democrat- high cost 01 living Start M , ,. ,-
1 e condition of life can thrive, the initial point YOUR RAN- I an thai t will nevei
. nv score, 1 1 his de an i life tim ff IS
GE, Si e Our ad t in l'ii
Set our great stock ol I
siyiisn Mjuanri adiei
Misses and C lildren,
u. iBOft an MBrr IkiBgi tb
rrmedf tor xkW. wttlrd rkil
Vra. Il noui.bf. nd S . :.
tiem ap bei rdmary lood g
UoUlrN toll Be urt to I
gtt SCOTT'S. u... I
ntino I tr ! I'bk
many buildings bj
movemenl a (k.-. 4
"nt and sane Fourth
h:n progressed to huvIi a .
Booty, th ,t the yearij death
I Us in Americai
(irant, who is a son of have been eat down to .1
rrsction or what t wi re in
former . 1 in This res ill
rates ths possibilit)
that He in concerted effort I
! ,; . ,r.. j mi beginning 1
tio,, of Governor Wilson," sad hl ' aargtJt ol
vlr. Grant "I know of no one
better equipped t grace the
Wfn'e House 1 ban Govmr Wi
r . .
aite in the I ;.;: il M iti
Whi 1 1 1 . an- thorougl '
ed to action they will tae t ; 1
Hm Mew, ,, the tariff tc' r,'h,"' "
tare appealing to the subaUnl 1 uui jr wt ptepie 01
Trenton. N. J. Oct & Today and sensil buaines m 1 luck !':,hl oul ""'" '
returns from the khe conntry. ' ' ' ,ir,,'r nHl11"
marv in New Jersey shows over- I think he it gi Ing to reei ive t. insanos and the eompaniei
whelming defeat for James greatest number of Republican paid out more than thn
Smith jr. in the Democratic pri voUbe ruivenl a! m xai llf milHojis in looses rhii
mary contest for United SUtes candidate . eoaws takes no account
Senator, and victory for Gover
nor uilm's choice,
The forces U'ti,', i Wilson rolled
ui more than 31.000 plurality.
,im"'MM 01 iir" "
i goin (draw .. , -trove.) on which there . .
'" " ' '" i"'"' tbts .0... a dollar of insurance."
sound like a remarkable stale losses in ths eountrj
rri.r. t . out I believe it is true) smount to more than fL'"11"1"
hut In- if 1 :ilm. i'..ini' t.. .1. -. . ii"'. a v. ar. arvla lniriKi
Essex county supported Smith the ranks of the old Hne Repub
I Mils Oeav V Olll IS (HI
I . r ' I . r. . , I. . t . . f ft... 1. .
by about three to one, but the re- licans until they will present on tail to take the prot
!ountiea went election daj a might) weak and t fire !
. e much oroterf
timely di
up da.i should I
should the 1
". e .!' 1 'Id I '
il ( A PI AN '
W, Ki '
. How the follow- ifl 1 u
i r s !.
I .

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