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Judge Albert W Barkley, our Democratic nominee for Congressman and Hon. Gibney Oscar Letcher of Henderson, Ky., Assistant Democratic Hector
2nd congressional district will address the voters of Crittenden and surrounding counties at the Opera House in Marion, Ky., County Court Hay, Oct 14.
no m it
Will Continue; DistrictBoard
Met Oct., 3.
ter 1 ho Canvass More Than 7b
Per Cent of 1912 Crop o!
Five Counties is
I following statement wai
t,i by the hoard Thursday
. the Member! of the Stem
I it net Tobacco
ntlemen; Wo your district
I mel in Msooiation office to-
i tf t and r.iuv.'iRHcil
Hi u of the 1912 erop as
ted by the i ii i 4ieiton fl
. (lll(l III J U I I' l
t full j 76 per cent f the
i of the five 'Hi. ' I has
. pool 'I with tl Stemming;
i . i . r on,
. tu dad be time for
if (he I . ifca to Octn
l . ..ii mi it n tl
: i inanimous
thei ol o ir neigh
il one . t nut enabling
il one ui ' I and i
i .-(fully.
l ;i ii chairman anll
i rittendei county
nm, chairman ti
m II- i '! r" " county
s ii ,-, .-i rman and
n Webster coui I
-i chairman and
1 1 I Fnion count
1. Krown, chairman and
:r .in Hopkim county.
Appeal to K?nrJ iVen Reile
Ky., Oct T. Kind
We feel sure that you1
i a th a small space
il papar.
-. of thii "nan
: country" haw organ-'
, and pledged our-!
a breve effort to
' orhip. Wo are
m In memberahip
therefore wo
-.I led assistance.
w. thins great iaat
will heln and t -
nder fully. Weare
r a modeat place
. i regularly ai d
that will help the
nf ourselves and
and all. let us
Ir I uir churches. u e
!. el infl aid from
ilar ones we have
illy, w. K. Gibba,
T i . , r Rnbt LaKue. J. J.
Ik ' K Miller, T. A. Con-
Th r. are many prcichtri who
I1'1 lear through relationship
I al acquaintance, so
I In In us if vou ean.
Thanking you, kind Editor, for
th II -I, , mi k,ifi an UluifmMv
k' . trusting the many w'ho
r,':"i th - will favor us with
h, ..-., ..-., vmir friends
our Subscription.
Here are
m m m d v -
! i
frig . 'V" . C:
$1. to $1.50
.MUIU.. - ""r"" r
She is survived by
Till snrEne and that uafMJ airos nn
Wen will
HERF. are overcoats that will give many
a Winter's wear. That's because the
foundation is right all wool thorough"
ly shrunk fabric; and because these suits and
overcoats are Hand-tailored into shape
They are the famous Kirschbaum
clothes, and we have them at popular
$10 to $18.
O ercoats, $10 to $18.
--in asso; tments of patterns and models to meet every
man's taste The iamoils
Kirschbaum Specials at $15, $20, $25
a made from the highest cosi cloth put into any clothes
A at tin- c prices.
It yon covet absolute leadership and have the nerve
to wear tyle a year in advance of the average man, we
baTC it ior you In our special models of
"YuM'Mo" itylec are inspired by the swollest dressers in
America Thai are made m the "YoungManV department of
the Kirschbaum factory by voung men's tailors, and have an
not poneaead by any other ready-made clothes produced
in America. Whatever Style vou choose -conservative or ultra.
the Kirschbaum label 00 the clothes, guarantees all-wool and hand'
. iflHmmauieBeiei
e e
Rev. Lore and Wife Only 28 Counties of 120 Have
Move to Greenville. Forwarded Trees to Date.
Rev, I! ('. Love and familv Frankfort, Ky. Oct. 3.
Sadie Threkeld Drops Dead bade u i pie iodbye teeter county judges have
Salem at The Home of I terday. after having been here titled State Foreater. J, K. Bar-
Her Son, l.djjar. tw years. k" . - ton that they will send the trees
ville. Iv . an.i proimuij .. j.
Rood old brother will not
.. ....... t.......l..m . s,st,r
.Air-, ...'.. ..,..., v ,hIHM far vear
1.1 .lllilll i H'l 111' II U'lilllll ,- HF
c , .. I.' I! :,n, S. I. I"'11" ' "' . -..- ..f )ko ...,; ',nm.
'" mvmmwm he ,l '"' "- ---i. -" :...-
and in t he meantime
r more
Franklin, of tbto city, and Mrs. J (ppnrtlnitv ()f bar, W. as follows; Adair. Allen.
Lucy Davidson of the Levi I h jmeIf of mud fid Bpo Botirlmi, Caldwell, Cal-
Mction, dropped dead at the recreation during his jjway, Campbell. Carlisle, Floyd.
borne of her son. Ldgar. in a- ,v,.ca I Hardin. Hart, Lawrence. Leslie,
lorn .Saturday mglit . 7..W1 vacation. ,, nBreKrenww""", , ..... .4...., ca)9 Lewis, Livingston, Mad'son. Ma-
loek. She was not ill ami her , .1 . muitobey. The com- gotta, Mercer, Mason
death Wt caused by heart that is so fortunate as to; 0ni0i t.rry, Pulaski
ore She win years get them, naa maaea mv eou.u
.lames Threlkeld
She was a member of I'nion
Baptist church, and her inter
moot took nlace there
afwrnon, Rv.
Big Real Estate Deal
l)r George W. Stone has sold
M. i;. ad residence near the
Scott, Trigg, Union and Wood
Cumberland Presby 'n Delegates
A large delegation of Cumberland
Presbyterians from Union
and Webster counties in autos
.. , Ail. city to James Seth Henry . .m(jotu,r carriages, accompanied
MeTm.Wgar. Anthony, 16000.00. The place contain. 42
in.l lint, ,,ri madedaar through pnu.k and Glad Threlkeld, all of acres and has 1
ItRi r ' -1 ihin nl I wt (l.it ' Viu nml
tiii',', , 1,11.., 1 1 1 1 . ......
Livingston couniiea, j,nee and stable
barn, new resi
e we ask this of you. Md Meadamea Ne w. 01 . n hfa t(iU1 hilll
l' .1 ,- 0 liardv Pavson oprings, anu u
raithfullj ryoura. Bof Arkanaaa. J.nd will occupy the suburb
Mr.and Mrs. K K. ( lark. 1 ij,,. Threlkeld recently visited acquired in abore mentk
Cone. hart and was entertained al atone eontei
Dr. Stow
i'nion County. N. M. (family reunion b her niece, led purchaas.
Mrs. Kate Yandeil. wiie ' '.' plates locating in me w
Yandell. cashier of the Marion ' ., g
bv Revs. Price of Providence and
Barbae of Greenville, passed
Mr. Henry through Marion, Tuesday, en-
west, but
route to attend I'reshytery at
Hopewell church in Livingston
county. They distributed themselves
to the Gi'l House and other
boatleries for refreshment and
returned their jounray, expecting
o return Friday.
Wear !
mttchbaum Cothes.
H Hwy?iLuEk3
IBt ' vt i a
Off'. . '.
W 1
I .-: ;. ,,'.- T
' Pi
2 ; yt
- ATk
Positively the
latest things
25c and 50c
For Marion; Judge J. B. Kevil
Elected By The Council
Tuesday Night.
At the regular meeting of the
City Council. Tuesday evening,
the resignation of Mr. T. H.
Cochran, was handed in and was
accepted. Councilman Venner
nominated former Judge J. Bell
Kevil and he was elected unanimously
to fill the vacancy during
the unexpired term of Mayor
Mr. Kevil needs no introduction
to our people. His integrity
has never been questioned and
his fairness when Judge was generally
recognized. His qualify
T M," ", TT v vr - w r' k Toestlay Morning at the
MTSiHino mr sprvme aaam ivp.vt rDi o Frankim mik
w "O "v" v vv -3-..- ,-v,.,, . ...
KMtOJftll(MA 1
Accident Occured When A Fi.lling
Timber or The Tu ) Ft I
Killing Him Instantly.
Ray Hughes, secoiid son of
Mrs. Alice Hughes of the Levias
section, was accidentally killed
in the "Franklin mines" Tuesday
morning at 9 o'clock, by the
falling of the tub or a niece of
timber which struck him.
He was 21 years of age and is
survived by two brothers, Rush
and Roy besides his mother who
is a widow. He was a good bov
and a great help to his mother.
Mrs. Hughes recently purchased
a lot here in the Pierce addition
and contemplated building
and locating here where her sons
would have tho Advantage! of
the city. Thechockto In r was
terrible and her friends are in
deep spmpathy with her. Mrs.
Hughes is a sister of J. II. Ellison,
the well known farmer of
the Levias section.
Rev. Yates Visits Sitter.
Rev. B. L. Yates of Lafayette
c&me Monday to be the guest of
his sister, Mrs. Newt Wright.
Sturgis News Democrat.
The New Road Law.
The new road law makes it a
misdemeaner for ary one to obstruct
the public highways by
cutting trees, leaving carcasses,
wood, logs, fences or material of
any kind in ditch or waterway
along a public road. Any person
who shall kill a tree and leave it
standing within 50 feet of the
road, destroy a footlog across a
stream, or deface any guide
board, shall be fined not less
than tlO.OO nor more than $50.00.
Any person who shall ride or
drive faster than a walk on any
bridge, shall be fined 5.00.
The fiscal court fixes the number
of stock of any kind which
may be driven over eny biidge
and notice of same musi be posted
on bridges. Any person who
shall use on a public road not
covered with ice a vehicle with
a chained wheel unless the same
n. st on an ice I hoe, at least six
inches wide, shall be fined no
more than $5.00.
Any person who shall draw
upon the road any log or stone
so that the road, shall be injured
thereby, shall be fined not more
than $5.00 in excess of the cost
of repairing said road.
Any driver of any vehicle who
is overtaken by another vehicle,
who desires to pass, shall turn
to the right for that purpose or
be fined $10 00.
If any horse race be run upon
ing for Mayor just at this time is anv public road.
at) parties in-
opportune, as the city is soon to terosted, will be fined not less
build water works and no man than 10. 00 nor more than $50.00.
could plot the city in a more sys The County Road Engineer, if
tematic way for streets, water he shall refuse to prosecute for
works or any engineering enter- anv penalty provided in this
prise. He is accurate almost to chapter, knowing the same to
a fault and his official life will have been incurred, shall be
bring honor to the city as well as liable to a penalty of 25.00 for
to himself. every such neglect or refusal.
m The public wid please take notice.
Hve U Pd vour Subs'tion Corr.ti Ro?d Engineer.

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